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Simon had returned home after a run to find Pip, the 17-year-old strawberry-blond schoolgirl he had enjoyed earlier in the week. While leaving him with a promise of fun in the future, she greeted him and gave him more to wonder about...
"Later, Simon," she said with a smile full of promise.

Part 3 Amy's Story

I decided to shower. Why was I worried? Miranda told Pip what had happened and wished she could have had the same. And Pip encouraged her to take the opportunity. Or did Pip suggest beforehand, because she said I would have much fun before today? Well, I certainly did; she was right about that. As I dried myself, I felt that familiar feeling of my cock hardening and rising for attention.

I finished drying myself, trying to keep the girls out of my mind, my cock refused to settle down, but flashes of Pip's breasts and Miranda's lets kept flashing into my mind. I used the door that went straight to my bedroom and heard a familiar voice.

"Is that for me?"

I looked up, and Amy was standing by the other door.

"You know how it is, thoughts stray," I said, trying to stay neutral.

"But where, too?" she laughed and walked to me. Amy looked good—she always did. Her dark brunette hair tumbled down in curls and was highlighted just the right tint at the end. Her skin was an almost honey bronze, and her brown eyes had me sinking into them from the day we were first introduced.

"I am taking Pip back home," she told me, "so you'll need to save this for me."

It seemed the promising smile of Pip would have to wait, but then I felt Amy's hand stroke my cock, and she smiled as she looked into my eyes.

"So don't let that mind wander too much."

With that, she left me hanging.

Although there was not likely a link between what I had done and what she was saying. There was a part of me that thought I deserved it; I had cheated on her twice in the last week with two teenage girls. They were gorgeous teenage girls, but it was not as if Amy was not beautiful herself. Small, tiny, even, 5'1", tight body with A Cup Breasts, soft honey-coloured skin and deep chocolatey brunette hair, which he kept long. We shared movie interests and gaming interests, as well as our love of sports. Most of my male friends envied me. Yet, If I had the opportunity again, I would be all over those wonderful young girls. Only after I accepted this did I ask myself a simple question. Who did Amy think my mind would wander to, and why?

When Amy returned, I was still wondering about this, but she didn't give me time to say anything.

"At last, some hours with just the two of us." As she spoke, she removed her blouse and looked at me intently. As I have already described, this woman is beautiful, so if the offer is there, who am I to refuse?

We both stripped, and then she threw herself at me like some possessed animal; this took me by surprise; she normally took things slow and sensual, but she was all over me, and I fell back on the couch I had been sitting on. My cock rose to the occasion quickly, which was not too surprising as all the time she had been out, I had either been thinking of her, Pip or Miranda. She pushed me to the end of the couch so I was sat up against its arm, and she took my cock into her mouth. Amy knew her way around a cock, her mouth and tongue waking it up, and yet, although she was so hungry for it, she knew how to slow down and not take me too far. I realised then she was edging me, something she knows I enjoy. Taking me close to the brink and then calming me down, never letting me have the release but making a wish for it. Amy kept this up for some time until she realised that I would lose control, so instead, she moved me back down so I was lying on the couch and moved up so she could lower her beautifully trimmed pussy onto my face. Amy had decided it was my turn to pleasure her, although she knew I could lick pussy for a long time. I can't get enough of the smell, the taste and the feel of a pussy. I enjoy all of it. Exploring around it and taking in her scent, the taste of her juices as she began to get wet, and the texture of her vagina as my tongue probed in and swirled around. It was also easy to edge her, and I knew if I did this long enough, I could take control of the situation. I alternated between her clit and pussy, and soon she was getting close, so I took it down and notch. I continued with this until she closed close for the fifth time, and I got what I wanted.

"Please", the word was elongated by her excited breathing ", I so need it. You owe it; you know you do."

Instead, I pushed down and left her where she was, but not for long. I stood and quickly moved, picked her up and flipped her over the arm of the couch; now bent over their legs astride, I slid my hard cock deep inside her. She cried out as I entered her, and I rammed my way home. Holding her shoulders and pulling her back, I fucked her hard and deep and fast. She cried out with every thrust, and she was trying to speak, but it just became "yeah, yeah," and "Oh please fuck me." I could feel my balls about to burst; I knew it wasn't going to last long. I just wanted her to feel the passion. She began a long cry as I gave her two thrusts and called out myself as I filled her pussy with my cum. I lifted her and turned her around, kissing her deeply; she returned with passion.

Breaking from the kiss, she spoke.

"Oh, wow; I did wonder what your experience with the girls would do to you, but I am glad it hasn't killed your desire for me".

I looked at her

"Oh, Simon, I know what's been going on; who do you think set it up so you could have naughty fun?"

I looked at her and was about to speak.

"I know everything, Pip told me straight away, in detail; I have to admit I was surprised about your little uniform fetish, but she enjoyed it, which is all that matters."

"What did Pip say?" But Amy just let that go and continued

"Now Miranda didn't open up as fast, but Pip got it all out of her; wow, I would say that was more than just pure lust."

"I can explain," I said lamely.

"I know you can, and so can I" she replied. "Simply, you were provided the opportunity to fuck two beautiful teenage girls who both desired you; of course, you were going to use it."


"Of course," she told me. "I'll explain".


This is Amy. I need to explain this part of the story. Simon is clever, but his observation skills need attention. I will keep this short as you want to return to the fun stuff. You may like how I came to the idea, as it was as enjoyable as it was surprising.

Simon came with a reputation for not settling down; I had decided quickly that I wanted him to stay with me, but what did I have to offer that the next girl didn't? Simple, as long as he stuck with me, I would be happy for him to have his fun with one condition. I controlled who he had that fun with, and I would choose women who would move on. But where do you find those? It took me two events to figure that out. The first one was overhearing a conversation between Pip and Miranda.

Normally, I would have ignored it; at any other time, I would never have thought it was anything special, just your typical teen girls talking. Pip explained why she had dumped her boyfriend.

"He just looked after himself, cuts over my stomach and then got up and dressed; I was hoping for something more," she said

"Over your stomach?" Miranda's voice rose; being younger and vastly more inexperienced with boys, Miranda always found Pip's stories fascinating. I knew some were made up, but there were a few that I was sure happened. Pip was no Virgin; I think she had her first experience early with an older boy from her school. She also told Miranda about when she was away at camp with school when she had a lot of fun with her tent partner. I had always believed she had made out with the girl, but I was never convinced it was more than kissing and fondling each other's breasts through their pj's. Still, I thought it was enough to excite her. It certainly excited me. It took me back to my first school experience with my best friend.

"Oh, I am fine with that; it is the fact that it was only really getting exciting. I tried to get him to slow down and talk about it. Shame, but the best ones are beyond us, unfortunately."

"That's because they are too old for us", Miranda replied

"Oh, some college boy?"

"I can't say," she started whispering at this point, but at stage whisper volume as whoever it was excited her. I wasn't surprised that Pip found a way to get it out of her. But I was surprised by some of what followed.

"I will tell you my secret fantasy if you tell me who he is."

"Fine!" said Miranda, in a tone that said resisting was pointless. "Simon, remember when we heard them both? You said yourself Amy was having the time of her life."

The girls descended into fits of giggles. I can't remember when they could have overheard us, but I let them use Simon's place as if it were theirs, so it was always possible.

"Tell me then" Miranda demanded

"Well, I want both of them; I play with myself, imagining Amy holding me whilst my legs are open and Simon enjoying everything I have to offer"

"Oh my god", Miranda was shocked and excited by her friend's revelation. "I just imagined him holding me, and I asked him to be my first, and he is so good to me, tender and careful."

"Trust you to be so romantic about it, just enjoy the fuck!"

At that moment, I decided two things. First, I was going to seduce the strawberry blonde minx that was Pip, and second, I was going to nudge, making both girls enter my boyfriend's dreams. No man would turn down fun with cute teenage girls, and as I had their trust, I knew I would reassure them that their fantasies would come true. They would head off to university in a couple of years and find their fun. The fact that they went to a girl's school and had other friends meant I could probably have them invite quite a few of their friends around, too.

It took a few days as I had to wait for Miranda to be picked up early, so I was left with Pip. She is a very pretty girl and popular, not because she is controlling, but because she is sweet and nice to just about everyone she talks to. It is hard to find anyone with bad words to say about her. And, of course, her face is as cherubic as her reputation. I wasn't surprised she was secretly a little minx with her boyfriends and fucking all the time. It is always the so-called innocent girls you find most fun. As I had started my seduction from the day I had decided I wanted her, I had noticed new things about her over the last few days. The subtle freckles she had on her nose and under her eyes, she was always tactile, finding reason to touch you or be touched. We were similar heights; she had a few inches on me if I wore flats. However, I liked the opposition in her look, her fair skin against my honeyed tan, her strawberry blonde against my chocolatey brunette. It was her make-up routine that helped me find my way in. I would give her time off her homework, take her upstairs, and have a make-over session.

After she showered and washed her hair, I helped style and dry it. She was sitting looking into the mirror in the room, and I ran my hand through her hair before applying the brush. I knew it was something she liked, and on this occasion, I told her how wonderful she would look and how pretty her hair was—anything to make her feel good. I changed from that to massage her shoulders and whispered to her.

"Let's see more of you."

I loosened the towel she had been wearing, and my hands moved over her breasts; I saw her face turn a mix of shock and excitement in the mirror. I turned the chair she was in to face me and immediately kissed her. I caressed her breasts and enjoyed her lips on mine. His hands rested on my thighs, and she reached around to squeeze my ass; she didn't stop me or say anything, just went with the moment. As we were kissing, she tugged down the leggings I was wearing. I helped her, but still, we did not speak; I just removed my clothes, held her, kissed her, and then removed more. Soon, we were both naked. She had grown into an attractive young woman who was unafraid to try new things. She stood, and we embraced. It was easy to fall onto the bed, and we lay on our sides, positioned in a way where we could kiss, enjoy each other's breasts or stop and savour what we saw. It also allowed us to masturbate each other, but I was not allowing that until we were both close to orgasm. She enjoyed my breasts, which were only a little larger than my own; her inexperience sucking and licking them was made up for by eagerness and her ability to respond to my sighs and moans. I did speak now, but only to say "yes" or "more". While she sucked on my breasts, I kissed the back of her neck and allowed my hands to run over the youthful skin; she felt so soft. After allowing her some time with my breasts, I moved her and returned the same to her. It had been a little while since I had enjoyed another woman, and I was not going to pass up everything I could enjoy. Soon we were excited enough to lie looking at each whilst rubbing each other's pussy; she explored my pussy and instinctively understood what I liked, taking two firings and swirling them around my clit. I rubbed up and down on hers. Our breathing increased, and our moans became louder; I realised I was going to cum before she did and held her close, kissing her neck and face as I collapsed on her, calling out her name as my orgasm took me. I don't know if it was me calling her name or just how close she was, but soon after, I felt her body shake as her orgasm rippled through her.

We didn't stop as such; we just went from that to more kissing and cuddling, and soon, our bodies were wrapped around each other.

"That was lovely," I told her, "I think your parents will stop approving of me" I couldn't help but laugh.

"That's why they won't know," she replied. I didn't think it would be you."

"Your first girl?"

"Yeah, and I thought it would be different."

"Well, this is just me seeing if you were interested and not just trying to excite Miranda," I said. "I was not going to start by presenting you to Simon..."

She buried her head into my breasts, which still felt good, even as I was calming myself down. I kissed the top of her head.

"No need to hide yourself; overhearing you is why we are here."

"In that case, I am glad you heard us." We kissed and caressed again, falling back into enjoying each other's bodies. I moved her around and straddled over her, my pussy lowering to her face; she didn't need to be told and took hold of my thighs and began licking, sucking and kissing my pussy. I called out again. It was heavenly, the feel of her little tongue on my pussy, licking around it, along the slit, dipping in me and then using her mouth to suck my clit. I enjoyed the sensation for a while, letting the excitement take me, but I eventually lowered down and began to give her the pleasure she gave me. Her pussy smelt and tasted so good I devoured it, kissing it as if I kissed the lips of her mouth. We stayed in this position, licking, sighing, sucking, panting, drinking each other, and calling out. Our orgasms followed each other again; this time, she came a little before I did.

"Amy, that was amazing," she gasped as she was able to speak.

I moved so we could look at each other again. "That is because you are an amazing, beautiful girl," I kissed her nose. She giggled.

"So, something between us then?"

"I want you to share your wonderful body with Simon now." This scared her a little. "You don't have to; it would just help me if you did, and you get to have your little fantasy, eventually."

"I don't think he would"

"Oh, he will; just get him to notice you, especially in that school uniform; he will pretend it is all passing him by, but it's not. I will drop enough messages that he will soon be unable to ignore you."

"You want him to fuck me?"

"Yeah, and not only you."

"Oh my, Miranda," she shook her head. "He wouldn't. She couldn't."

"Oh, he would if we had him see how pretty and sexy you both are. I know what I need to do, but I should warn you one day, it will hit, and he might just let his lust out." I told her, "And I could tell by Miranda's voice the other night she does hold Simon taking her virginity as her most hopeful dream, whereas you, well, you just want to fuck my hot boyfriend."

"Of course I do; I know how hot you get", she laughed.

We snuggled back up and kissed again, staying there until it was nearly time for her mother to collect her. When Simon came back, my time with the teen minx had made me so hot I gave him a night to remember.


I could not believe what Amy was telling me; although my cock liked it, now it was hard as a rock.

"And since then, every time I pointed one of them out, it was when I knew that part of you buried down that knows the girls are attractive got a little wakeup call."

I didn't know what to say.

"I always pointed out Pip when I knew she would be a mix of girl and woman in the way she was behaving, and for Miranda, it was just simply letting you see her at hockey more often," she paused and leant in. "I know about your secret Emma Radacanu crush, so a strong, tall, sporty younger teen isn't a stretch, is it?"

I had to agree she had me there; although they were by far identical, my attraction to Miranda grew out of those lonely evenings I jerked off to the young tennis pro.

"So why?" I had to ask

"I want you, but I know some other woman will be a long time away, so simply put, you stay with me, and I will let you enjoy any woman or girl you want as long as I provide her. No, looking for yourself, I will tell you."

"So, for instance, this week, you are going to have more fun with Pip, and although you were going to apologise to Miranda and tell her you really shouldn't, I am telling you, you really should".

There was nothing I could say, but my cock was still hard, which meant I answered the only way I could. I kissed her, and very soon we were fucking again. Based on how she cried my name out, I think I was doing exactly what she wanted.


Coming Soon Part 4- Miranda Calls, and Pip lives her Fantasy.
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