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In the afterglow of sex, my lady Veronica and me always confide with each other, telling each other about our sexual preferences, what we like, what we would like to have, who we would like to have it with and what we find erotic without any embarrassment, our sexual inhibitions non existent now.
For a few weeks Veronica and me had been watching erotic porn videos, trying to ascertain exactly what erotic sex is for us, experimenting with what we find erotic, trying to make our sex lives even more erotic, pushing the limits of our eroticism.

I do like to please my lady sexually, prepared to forgo my sexual pleasure for hers. Often times focusing on pleasure over orgasm. To that end I have organised a night of sexually erotic pleasure for her, based on our feedback, hers especially from watching the erotic porn tapes.

“Can you tell me me what you have organised? Is it for me or us?,” my lady Veronica asked at eight on a Friday night, while we were sitting in the foyer of the local five-star hotel. I had warned her, or was it promised her, I wanted her and me to explore and create some eroticism, high-class pornography that night.

An hour earlier in her dressing room she had asked me what I wanted her to wear. “I want to make this an erotic night for you, so wear something that will showcase your best features, your thighs and magnificent ass,” I told her cryptically as I enjoyed ogling her naked body, running my fingers over her ass cheeks as she clenched them for me, before I watched her holding a range of dresses for my approval.

“Can’t you tell me me what you have organised? Just a clue? Is it for me or us?,” she asked.

“I want us explore and create some eroticism, high-class pornography,” I have a room booked at the Hilton for us.”

“Can’t you tell me some details about what you have organised? Just a clue? Is it for me or us? How we are we going explore and create some eroticism, high-class pornography tonight?”

“Part of the eroticism is keeping you in suspense, and it’s for us both. I want to watch you with the the two boys I have organised for your sexual pleasure. I want to watch you exploring and creating some eroticism, high-class pornography with them. I want you to feel incredibly sexually aroused and sexually empowered. I want you to focus on your pleasure over orgasm.”

“Oh wow, that sounds so exciting. Will you be comfortable watching me with two boys?”

“I don’t want to be comfortable watching. I just want to be really turned on watching you with two boys, incredibly turned on, new levels of eroticism for me, with a throbbing, rock hard erection, another of my sexual fetishes. Your pleasure before mine.”

”Can you elaborate some more?,” she asked again while we sat in the foyer of the hotel just before what Veronica assumed was a female hotel employee looked knowingly at her. “I am Kailee, I am here to help cater to your every request tonight,” introducing herself before she whispered in my ear, “The boys are ready sir.”

My lady Veronica is in her early forties, me James in my late thirties. She a little taller than average, shoulder length blond hair, attractive facial features with a wonderful body, legs, ass, hips and tits. After we fucked on our first date she told me, “I thought you would be well hung, and thick, you are huge, I do like a man who shaves his cock so it looks even bigger .Your erection must be close to ten-inches and so thick.”

After a few weeks we quickly discovered we were both sexual voyeurs and exhibitionists, sexual deviates even, when Veronica commenced introducing me to some of her friends. Initially female friends, from early twenties to fifty. She loved showing them how big I was when erect and telling them, “I promised you he was almost ten-inches,” before they had me and I had them while she watched. Even better when she joined in and it became obvious to me Veronica was bisexual with a strong sexual appetite. Then she started introducing me to some of her male friends.

The first time she watched another man giving me a blow job was a tipping point for both of us. The previous week I had watched a man tongue fuck her while I watched his lady partner give me a blow job. Both of us always eager to make our sex lives even more erotic. “You are a pornographer’s delight, always an event, Veronica,” I take delight in telling her almost every time we have sex.

Lots of sexual tension, in the elevator while Kailee took us to level thirty, knowing she was to be part of our sexually erotic pleasure, though Veronica didn’t know yet.

“Does my ass look big?,” Veronica asked looking directly at Kailee as I had a hand on it while we tongue kissed, both of us already playing the game, out to create new levels of eroticism for me, for each other.

“You wanted eroticism and high-class pornography, enjoy, your turn on is my turn on,” Kailee whispered to me as she tapped on the door, Veronica not quite catching the conversation, though suspecting something.

“The boys are in the main bedroom,” Kailee told us as she showed the way with a huge smirk, before she departed with a long lustful glance at Veronica who assumed Kailee was also acting as room service.

“Buzz me when you are ready,” Kailee whispered as she handed me a tiny buzzer, before she brushed her hand over my groin. Unbeknown to Veronica, Kailee’s side hustle was organising sexual liaisons for the hotel’s customers.

“Oh wow,” Veronica muttered as she looked at the two boys, both with toned, slim, six-pack bodies, topless, oil smeared torsos, both wearing low slung skin tight leather slacks, so low they were deliberately showing their pubes, their large cocks obvious. “I am John and this is Mathew, we are here for your erotic pleasure Veronica. They were almost identical, attractive twenty-year old young men, moonlighting while studying at the local college.

“Your man wants to watch us to explore and create some erotic, high-class pornography with you. Your wish is our command, and your sexual pleasure is our sexual pleasure. Huge pleasure with a voluptuous sexy body like yours. A cougar sex object for us to share, Is your man going to watch? Or join in? Perhaps masturbate for us? Even more erotic for us if he did.”

“Eroticism is hard to pinpoint, though three men and just one woman all seeking erotic pleasure is a good starting point,” he continued as Veronica was drinking in his every word while ogling their bodies. “Mathew and I are both sexual voyeurs and exhibitionists,“ he smiled as the two men slowly slid their leather slacks down to their ankles to flaunt their good size flaccid cocks and sexy, toned ass’s for Veronica and me.

“Now that is erotic,” Mathew smiled as Veronica and I tongue kissed while he helped her remove her dress. “And that is even more erotic,” he told her as John and Mathew knelt behind her and licked and kissed her ass cheeks spilling out of her tiny, black thong while I tongue kissed her. “Your ass is magnificent, excruciatingly magnificent . And that is even more erotic, just beautiful the way you shave your cunt,” he told her as John slid her thong to her ankles.

“And that is erotic, so fucking erotic, a huge cock, a bonus turn on,” he told me as I slid my erection, then my balls out of the opening in my slacks and teased the underside with a fingertip for them. “We are envious, you must be almost ten-inches, and so thick. Are you going to masturbate for us while we pleasure your lady?,” he asked as Veronica tongue kissed me, really getting into the eroticism I wanted to create.

“Would you like me to?,” I replied, excited, hoping and wanting him to say yes. Even more excited, my exhibitionist streak in full play when they both said yes in unison, as Veronica watched them ogling my erection while she was tongue kissing me. So erotic showing two much younger boys my erection with my lady watching.

“I love being licked and teased. Two men while my man watches, so erotic,” were almost the first words Veronica had spoken since we arrived in the hotel room.

“Worship my ass, lick and kiss my ass cheeks, I love it with my man watching. So does he, look at how hard his cock is while he is kissing me while watching . Do you like that boys,” she asked looking over her shoulder as she clenched her ass cheeks for them.

“You are magnificent Veronica, just fucking magnificent, thighs to die for, wonderful hips, flat stomach, sexy nipples and the clincher your incredibly sexy, beautifully shaved cunt,” Mathew told her as he stood and expertly removed her g-string while running a hand over her naked ass.

“Incredibly exciting,” he told her as she stood, legs spread and arched her body forward to soak up the pleasure of the boy’s tongue on her clit.

Just as Kailee had asked, I buzzed when I was ready. So pleased you are bigger than my two boys James,” Kailee told me with a wicked smile as she entered. “Look at that boys he is huge.”

As John commenced licking and sucking Veronica’s cunt lips Kailee walked up to her and commenced tongue kissing her, the only contact the tip of their tongues.

I had long fantasized about Veronica standing with her back to a wall, legs spread, wearing nothing more than heels and perfume while a talented toyboy gave her a tremendous tongue fuck, his hands grasping her ass, pulling her towards him. a second boy licking and sucking her tits, while I was sitting opposite watching while she watched a talented woman provide me with an equally tremendous blow job.

“Is what my boys are doing to your lady erotic enough for you?,” Kailee asked as she stood behind me and teased my nipples with her ice cold fingertips. “Let’s make it even more erotic, keep on masturbating for me and my boys, they are sneaking glances at us. So is your lady. She is a pornographer’s delight, her ass is to die for. I would love to have her. Would you like to watch me have her?,” she whispered knowing that was exactly what I had organised with her.

Then just as I had arranged the second boy commenced sucking my erection, so good with my lady watching as the other boy kept on tongue fucking my day, while Kailee was teasing my nipples, exquisite erotic sex, just as I had organised.

Veronica and me looking at each other, without a word spoken, wanting to orgasm in sync. Her body was trembling, her breathing almost as laboured as mine as her boy inserted a long thick finger into her as my boy teased my balls. I am still not sure who shouted, “Now, now, right now,” as we orgasmed, Veronica moaning “Oh fuck yes, so good.”

The two boys didn’t wait around while I ran a bath for Veronica, their erotic task completed. The first stage of some eroticism, high-class pornography, I wanted Veronica and me to explore and create that night.

“You are a pornographer’s delight Veronica, your sexy body, your ass is to die for. I would love to have you. I want to seduce you. Would you like your man like to watch me seduce you, have sex with you? Some more erotism for both of you?,” Kailee asked her as she and I sat on stools watching Veronica in the bath. Veronica still fully dressed, me naked after I had showered adjacent to the bath, both of he women watching. More eroticism for me, stretching it.

“Would you Veronica,” she asked again as she stood and raised he skirt high enough to tease Veronica and me by sliding her black thong to her ankles, lifting her skirt even further to flash her beautifully trimmed black pubes for us, before indicating to me to remove her skirt, Turning to show Veronica and me her naked ass.

Not as voluptuous as Veronica, though still a wonderful half naked body, my groin responding.

“How could I resist, I love being seduced by another woman while my man watches. So pleased he set this up for me, for us, Veronica whispered as Kailee helped her out go the bath, tongue kissing her as she helped dry her off.

“Tell me what you are going to do to me, do for me, for us Kailee?. Veronica asked, as she often does before a sexual encounter.

“The second stage of even more eroticism, high-class pornography, your man wanted to explore and create for you. After your man watches me worship your beautiful big ass I am going to tongue fuck you while your man watches, new levels of erotic sex for you, for him.”

So erotic for me, How many men get to watch another sexy woman worshiping their ladies big ass, watching with an absolute boner?

Just as I had planned and organised with Kailee, she was going to tongue fuck my lady while I watch, more eroticism for us.

Some soft night jazz piano music to set the mood. Veronica standing, her favourite position for cunnilingus, it enhances my blood flow she told me the first time I gave her cunnilingus, Kailee had her hands all over Veronica, both of them kissing passionately with their tongue tips. Their sexual desire for each other so obvious. Carnal lust.

Whole-body massage for Veronica. Legs, arms, and breasts, teasing each other. Kissing and gently touching Veronica’s inner thighs, kissing her way up and down her naked body, building desire.

Combining finger and palm massage. Circling Veronica’s vulva with her tongue, the same with her fingers, light, moderate, then deep pressure, testing Veronica’s preferences.

Using the tip of her tongue, then the flat of it, exploring her vulva, subtly different sensations for her. Spreading her labia, focusing on licking the area of the front commissure, just above her clit, using her index finger interspersing horizontal finger strokes across her glans with vertical tongue strokes.

Touching her breasts, gently squeezing her large, erect nipples, caressing her stomach, persistent licks. Under her hood, licking it, so sensitive. Sliding it back licking it, licking her clit directly, slow and gentle.

Kissing all around her thighs, Licking around her Venus mound. Stimulating Veronica’s corollary nerve endings with gentle kisses, using warm, gentle breath as she moaned, “Fuck yes, so good, fuckamycunt.”

Edging her, taking her time. building anticipation, building more anticipation, teasing her, teasing me just by looking, creating even more pleasure for Veronica. Bringing her close to orgasm, so close, then backing off a little, teasing her edging her, delaying her climax, her orgasm.

Watching Kailee grinding her crotch against Veronica’s, both of them oblivious to me, intent on their shared sexual pleasure. Their hips thrusting, using their movements to guide pressure and speed, both of wanting to increase their intensity for each other’s pleasure.

Kailee using her fingers, fingering Veronica while licking her clit, wanting to provide intense, explosive sexual pleasure her, a finger brushing against her g-spot inside her vagina.

Talking to Veronica, an incredibly sexy conversation, no inhibitions. “I love to tongue fuck another woman while her man is watching, even better when he has a huge, rock hard erection for us. Tell me what else I can do for your erotic pleasure Veronica?”

“Write some of the alphabet with your tongue on my clit. I love capital T, now capital U. You are so good, Some mouth suction on my clit while you use your tongue, create suction, but don’t lose the seal, That is so good, so fucking good, it takes lots of practice.”

The wonderfully strong dynamic between Kailee and Veronica is even more erotic than I had hoped. My erection throbbing as I continued teasing it with just two fingertips, standing alongside the two women.

Tongue kissing Veronica, while Kailee is licking her, so slowly almost in slow motion. Placing one of Veronica’s hands on my erection, her other hand on Kailee’s head, pushing her into her. Veronica’s hand softly sliding along my erection. Then another hand, Kailee’s hand joining Veroinica’s hand on my erection. A completely new sensation, so erotic.

The women’s hands were moving independently of each other along my erection, sometimes their fingers intertwining, passionately tongue kissing my lady, her breathing laboured, my breathing even more laboured, her body trembling, tensing, both of so close to orgasm, wanting to orgasm in sync.

Kailee teasing Veronica with her tongue, both of them edging me, running their hands along my erection, Reminding myself again, that night this was exactly what I had wanted to enjoy, eroticism and high-class pornography with my lady Veronica, two boys and another woman, her turn on, my turn on.

Now down to me and the two women. Veronica and me kissing so passionately, we had never kissed as passionately as that before. And never had a night of sex quite like this before.

Not sure which of the women was teasing my balls, while the other kept teasing my erection with her hand. Then suddenly much harder, as Veronica’s whole body trembled, almost screaming, “What a fuck, a tongue fuck. so erotic, so fucking erotic,” as we orgasmed in sync, Veronica and me still passionately kissing.

“Next time I could make it even more erotic for you if you want pursue your eroticism further. Perhaps me and two girls? Or me, a boy and a girl. Or so many other erotic combinations?,” Kailee asked us she kissed us both goodbye. “What are you going to do tomorrow? Let me guess? Fuck each other stupid?,” my smile confirming her guess, wishing she could watch.
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