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Becca finds a way to make more tips
My school had just let out for the year, and I needed to land a job. I wanted to save money so my boyfriend and I could get an apartment when we went to college. I saw an ad in the paper. The local golf course was looking for a girl to drive the beverage cart for the summer. "Perfect," I thought as I dialed the number. I arranged an interview that afternoon and called my best friend, Amy, to share the news.

"Oh my God, Becca, that's amazing; with your body, you'll make bank," she said excitedly.

"What's my body got to do with it, Amy?" I asked, clueless.

"Baby, the course will be full of dirty old men eyeing you up as you sell them drinks. The more of your charms you show, the more tips you'll make," she explained.

"Really? I had no idea," I replied.

"You can make two hundred a day in tips, I'll bet," Amy continued.

"Holy shit," I replied, really excited now.

I hung up, jumped in the shower, shaved, died off, and stood in my room before my mirror. I smiled at what I saw, firm round breasts with firm puffy nipples sitting on top, "star gazers," my boyfriend called them. My slender but firm body and curvy hips held my mini-skirts just right. A tight little camel toe tucked up between my thighs and legs that went on forever. At five foot nine and one-hundred-ten pounds, I was what the boys in school called "A smoke show."

I arrived at my three o'clock dressed in a red plaid mini skirt and a white halter blouse, my hair in pigtails. I walked up to the man behind the counter at the pro shop.

"Excuse me, sir, I have a three o'clock interview with Ted," I said softly.

He turned around and looked me over head to toe before smiling broadly.

"Oh yeah," her laughed as he handed me an employment application.

"Where do I go?" I asked.

"You can fill this out in the bar and wait to be called," he informed me.

I walked into the bar and was shocked to see five other girls sitting there with applications in hand. A bit anxious, I sat down and filled out the application as the girls were called in individually for an interview. I looked at their outfits, and they were all dressed pretty sluty, causing me to unbutton two buttons on my blouse to expose my titties a bit. I wasn't feeling very confident when a man stepped into the bar.

"Rebecca," he called out.

I walked through the now-empty bar and followed him down a hall to his office.

"Have a seat on the couch, Rebecca. My name is Ted, and I'm the golf course manager," he stated.

"Thank you. It's nice to meet you," I smiled warmly as I went to sit down.

"Oh my!" I exclaimed as I sat down on the couch, my butt sank down into the cushion, and my legs spread involuntarily.

Ted was standing over me, peering between my legs at my barely-covered bald pink peach. He sat in his chair and wheeled it out from behind his desk so he was right in front of me, my face crimson red in embarrassment.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry," I cried.

"Rebecca, it's fine, no harm done, he smiled while viewing my privates.

If I had closed my legs at this point, I would have been in a ridiculous-looking position, so I swallowed hard and left them open for his eyes to gaze at. Ted read over my application, scratching his chin.

"The other girls are much older than you and have experience. Tell me why I should consider you," he asked.

"Um, well…. I'm a fast learner, a hard worker, and very polite," I fumbled my answer.

"All the qualities I look for in a cart girl," he said as he looked at my pussy.

"Thank you, I said, still unsettled. He was staring at my suddenly stirring pussy.

"Even though you can't drink, in this county, you can serve liquor," he said, licking his lips.

"Yes sir, that's good," I said, fidgeting in my seat, hoping not to stain my thong.

"When would you be able to start?" he asked.

"Right away, sir, my school let out this week," I answered quickly.

"All right, I'll give you a shot. We have a thirty-day probationary period here as a park's employee," he added.

"Yes sir, thank you, sir, I understand, I said excitedly.

"All right, let me get you the paperwork to fill out. We'll start your training tomorrow," he replied.

"Yes sir, just tell me the time. I replied.

I left the golf course on cloud nine, calling everyone I knew to share the good news. I was so proud of myself, although I wondered how much letting Ted look at my pussy helped me secure the job.

I was so excited the next day when I woke. I ate breakfast, showered, shaved, and looked for a nice outfit. Ted said I didn't have a dress code, and it got very hot during the course, so I should dress accordingly. I picked out a white tube top, a black denim mini-skirt, and gym shoes. I put on a thin zip-up sweatshirt for the early morning hours. I arrived at the golf course on time and was handed off to Jennifer to be trained.

She took me through the sales process and taught me how to use the chip reader if patrons wanted to pay with a credit card. Our only mixed drink was a bloody mary, which she showed me how to make. Jennifer took me out to the cart and showed me where everything was before she rode with me on my first loop of the course.

It was early, and although a few golfers were out, I only had one sale.

"Rebecca, I know it's your first day, but you need to loosen up a bit when you stop for a group. I hate to say this, but the more skin you show and the bigger a flirt you are with the men, the more money you'll make," she said after we finished the first loop.

"Oh, okay, got it," I answered.

I set out on my own, determined to make some cash. I was flagged down by a group of men coming off the green. I took off my sweatshirt to show them the size of my boobs and smiled at them as they approached.

"Hi guys, how's your game going?" I asked, getting out of the cart.

"Not bad, sweetheart, an older man in his fifties answered.

"What's your name, cupcake," another older man said, putting his hand on my bare waist.

"My name is Rebecca," I answered, removing his hand.

I filled their order with four beers and four cigars, a sixty-dollar order, and they left me a four-dollar tip. One of the men in the group, a handsome thirty-five-year-old, stood back and studied my reaction, sensing I was unhappy with my tip. And then, before I got back in the cart, he approached me.

"Hi Rebecca, my name is Jerry. It was nice to meet you," he said, gently patting me on the back.

I smiled at him, somewhat unnerved. He had a dominant aura; he smiled back, and the men drove off. I put my tip in my jar and drove on. I didn't feel much better the rest of the day, making only sixty dollars on my first day. I went home, discouraged that it wasn't as lucrative as I thought. I had a long, hot summer of being a low-paid server ahead of me. I called Amy when I got home, and she told me to raise my game and show my tits. She said the money would flow if I gave the men a peep show.

The next morning, I looked for an outfit to make me money. I put on a push-up bra and took a t-shirt and cut a slit from my neck to my bra, and put a piece of thick tape used to fix the skirt and pant hems on each side of the slit. The result was that the fabric of the t-shirt peeled away from my body and exposed the top half of my breasts. I gasped as I looked in the mirror. I found my Daisy Duke shorts and wiggled into them. The bottom of my butt cheeks stuck out, and a thin worn strip covered my pussy. I looked obscene. I wore the sweatshirt again to avoid making my plan obvious to my co-workers.

I got to work, loaded my cart, and took off, shedding my sweatshirt shortly after. At the third hole, I encountered my first customers, a group of four younger men, probably in their twenties.

"Hi guys," I said, jumping out of my cart.

"Woah," one of them exclaimed as they took in my long legs and barely covered mid-section.

The men walked up, ogling my body, and discovered my barely covered tits as they circled me.

"Wow, nice rack, what's your name?" one of them asked.

"Oh, I'm Becca, I'm the new girl," I said, acting ditzy.

I felt a hand cup my bare butt cheek, and I jumped back.

"Don't," I yelled.

"Oh, you're one of those teases. Show it, but don't touch it. We get it," the guy said.

"Give us eight beers," another said.

I took out eight beers and handed them to the men; they gave me forty-two dollars on a forty-dollar tab. They walked away mumbling, and I wondered if I needed to let men feel me up to get a decent tip. Around eleven, I pulled around the corner and saw a single man on the tee-box. He walked off the tee box and toward my cart, and I noticed it was the guy from yesterday, Jerry. I went to jump out of my cart, tripped, and launched out of my cart and onto the ground. Jerry grabbed his golf towel and ran to me. I was dazed and not sure if I was hurt or not, lying in a pile of dust and dirt. He grabbed my arm and lifted me as I tried to focus.

"Are you all right, Rebecca, Jerry asked excitedly.

I didn't answer; I was stunned and confused as I surveyed the damage to me. My breasts were hanging free outside my t-shirt, covered in brown dust. My t-shirt and shorts were also covered; one of my knees was cut, and I was a complete mess.

"Don't move; I'll get you cleaned up," Jerry said, taking charge.

Jerry reached inside my t-shirt from the bottom, pulling it away from my body. He then brushed the dirt and dust off it with his towel. Being dazed, I didn't think anything of it. He tucked his towel in his back pocket, grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt, and pulled it over my breasts.

"No, wait," I mouthed.

"Here, hold this," Jerry ordered.

I don't know why, but I held my t-shirt up around my neck, exposing my bare breasts to him. Jerry cupped my breast from the bottom and rubbed it with his hand, knocking off the dust, and then did the same to my other breast. I stood there in shock as he took out his golf towel and wiped off each of my breasts. My nipples were as hard as they could be. Then he grabbed a breast and fitted it back into my bra, so it sat up nice and firm. He did the same with the second breast, and when they were in my bra secure, he grabbed both nipples, twisted them, and then stretched them upwards; my tits bounced, and my nipples pointed towards the stars.

Then he brushed off my shorts, grabbing my butt cheeks and shaking them. My eyes shot open when I felt him unbutton my shorts, and my zipper was pulled down.

"No, no, I whispered, not finding my voice.

My feet danced in protest as he pulled my shorts down, revealing my white thong. Jerry pulled the front of my thong away from my body, looking at my bare pussy, before blowing on it to free it from dust, I guessed.

"Looks pretty clean down here, Jerry said.

He quickly got behind me, and I felt my thong being lowered to mid-thigh.

"What?" I mouthed again.

Jerry spread my butt cheeks and blew on my bunghole, causing me to jump.

"All clear here, Becca," he said as he pulled up my thong.

Jerry pulled up my daisy dukes and zipped and buttoned everything back up.

"Good as new," Jerry stated proudly.

"Thanks?" I uttered softly.

Jerry sat me on my cart, cleaned my knee, and bandaged it. I was beginning to regain focus, and my face turned red in embarrassment at what had just happened. I looked at Jerry in disbelief.

"That was some tumble you took. Are you sure you're all right?" Jerry said, concerned.

"I think so," I said.

We sat there for a few minutes as I caught my breath.

"Would you like something today," I offered.

Again, he looked me up and down, undressing me with his eyes.

"Yes, very much so, but I'm sure it's not on your cart menu," he chuckled.

"We have lots of stuff," I said, his intention going over my head.

"No, Becca, I'm talking about your private menu," Jerry said, breaking a smile.

"Oh," I answered again, not getting the drift.

"I'll take a diet coke," he said.

I walked to the back of the cart to get his drink, and when I returned, four one-hundred-dollar bills were lying on my cart. Jerry handed me a ten as I stared at the pile of cash on my cart. I gave him his change and looked at him. Jerry gave me a five-dollar tip as I stared at the money.

"That's to pay for items off your menu," he smiled, and when I didn't respond, he put the bills back into his wallet.

Jerry smiled at me and walked back to his golf cart.

"Don't be a stranger now, Becca," he said, driving off the tee.

I got in my cart feeling very unsettled. I thought Jerry believed he was doing me a favor, but I felt somehow assaulted by the incident. I drove off and continued my day, but my mind was on Jerry and the four hundred dollars he laid out. "What other menu" was he talking about? I could sure use the money. I wasn't making a ton so far. I decided to ask him when I saw him next. I was driving the back nine when I noticed him putting and decided to wait by his cart.

"Well, hello, Becca, how are you doing?" he said warmly.

"Um, I'm all right, I guess," I returned a weak smile.

"I'm good right now," Jerry said, putting his putter away.

"Oh, but how about the other menu?" I said, trying to find out what it was.

Jerry stopped, wiped off his hands, and looked around.

"Sure, I'm interested," he said, looking me over again.

"So, what on the menu do you want today?" I asked, hoping to find out what this was all about.

"Well, today maybe just a quicky," he said calmly.

"My eyes opened wide as his meaning became clear.

"Oh my God, my personal menu, you meant sex," I hollered.

"Well, yes, what did you think I meant," he said, laughing.

"I had no idea, oh my God," I continued, agitated.

"We've had a cart girl or two that could be talked into it," Jerry stated.

"Well, I have a boyfriend. I could never," I continued.

"What's having a boyfriend got to do with it?" he said calmly.

"What? Well, I'm faithful to him," I said proudly.

"Oh, so because he stuck his cock in you, he owns your pussy now?" Jerry asked.

"Something like that, yes," I told him confidently.

"Oh, so you've fallen for the age-old lie men tell," Jerry laughed.

"What's that?" I asked, clueless.

"That your pussy is not your own but controlled by the man you're with. God put that between your legs to decide who you can share it with. If God had wanted men to own a pussy, he's a put one between our legs," Jerry explained.

I thought about what he said, and it made perfect sense. It was mine; my boyfriend wanted me to share it with his three roommates on a drunken Friday night, but I had said no. So, it was mine to control. After all, my boyfriend was getting enough of my pussy to make him happy.

"I'd never thought about it that way before," I told him.

"Most women don't and live sexually unfulfilled their whole life," he said.

Jerry took out his wallet, pulled out four one-hundred-dollar bills, and offered them to me.

"I don't think I can. I've never done it like for money before," I said nervously, looking at the bills.

"The act is the same no matter the reason. If you feel it's okay, then it's okay," Jerry reasoned.

"Yeah, I guess," I said, staring at the cash.

Jerry pushed the money forward more. I looked around, closed my eyes, and reached for it. When I opened my eyes, the cash was in my hand.

"Oh God," I sighed.

"Okay, up past the next tee-box, there's a big clump of bushes. We can go back there and be out of sight," Jerry explained.

"Um, okay?" I replied nervously.

I followed Jerry around the bushes, and we were hidden from view. Jerry got out of his cart while I sat there, frozen, before Jerry motioned me out of my cart.

"Okay, Becca, we can't do it with your clothes on," Jerry said softly.

I slowly undressed, taking off my t-shirt and bra, wiggling out of my daisy dukes, and peeling off my thong that had a large wet spot on it. Jerry looked at me, his eyes darting all over as he drank in my nudity.

"Fuck are you fine," he whispered, motioning me to his golf cart.

Jerry laid me on the seat of his golf cart, my legs dangling off the edge. He lifted my legs, put one on each shoulder, and leaned into me as his face disappeared between my legs. My pussy was boiling when Jerry's tongue split my lips apart.

"Oh, oh," I moaned.

No one had ever done this to me before, my boyfriend telling me it was meant for his cock, not his tongue. My back arched as Jerry found my clit and masterfully manipulated it.

"Umm, um, oh, oh," my body responded to Jerry's tongue.

I was moaning and withering on the golf seat as Jerry drove me wild with his tongue. My hand found the top of his head. My thighs quivered as Jerry brought me to orgasm.

"Oh, oh, yeah, yeah," I moaned as I came on his tongue.

I lay there trying to recover as Jerry pulled his face out from between my legs. His face glistened with my love juice.

"Fuck, baby, you taste just like honey," he sighed.

"That was amazing," I moaned.

I watched Jerry drop his pants, and I gasped when he dropped his underwear. His long fat ten-inch cock stuck straight up.

"Holy fuck is that big," I cried.

Jerry stuck the head into my wet pussy and found the opening quickly, and gently pushed the head inside me.

"Oh, go slow, you're huge," I cried, trying to back away.

Jerry had my legs over his shoulders so I could escape his cock, and I felt it stretch me open as it slid slowly inside me. My pussy strained to fit Jerry's cock, which was twice as big as my boyfriend's.

"Oh, it's too big," I cried like a baby.

"Shh, shh, your pussy is really small, but it will be okay, give it a minute," Jerry said as he worked his meat deeper inside me.

Jerry had half his cock in me when he started to fuck me. My body rocked back and forth as his cock slid in and out of me.

"Fuck are you tight," Jerry moaned, pushing more and more cock inside my straining cunt.

My tits rolled in tight circles as Jerry picked up the pace of my fucking.

"Oh, oh, oh," I moaned on every thrust.

I felt Jerry's cock hit my cervix, causing a slight pain, as he began pounding my pussy.

"Oh, I'm so full of cock," I moaned as I neared a second orgasm.

Pop, pop, pop, Jerry drove his monstrous rod inside me.

"Oh, fuck is your pussy dope," he moaned.

My body stiffened, and I looked down, seeing his cock sliding in and out of me on the skin of my stomach. I dropped my head, covered my eyes with my arms, and screamed.

"Fuck, fuck, I'm coming," as pleasure ripped through my loins and short-circuited my brain.

"Oh, holy shit," Jerry cried out.

I felt his cock swell and jerk inside me as he emptied his balls into my belly.

"Oh, oh, oh," I cried as he pounded my super sensitive pussy.

"Oh, fuck, that was good pussy," Jerry moaned, pulling his failing saber out of my well fucked cunt.

Jerry wiped off his cock and pulled up his pants as I lay there panting, realizing I just had the best sex of my life on the back of a thirty-five-year-olds golf cart. I got up and went to my cart, wiping Jerry's cum out of me with a napkin, and started getting dressed. Jerry pulled his golf cart up.

"Becca, that was awesome, thank you. I'm part of a twenty-five-man golfing group on this course, so I'm always out here.

"Oh, nice," I said, putting my thong back on.

"Okay, baby, don't be a stranger," he said, laughing as he rode away.

I drove back on the course and finished the day with four hundred eight-five dollars. But I had a hard time reconciling fucking a man for money, even if the sex was amazing. When I pulled my cart into the pro shop area, I noticed my boss talking to Jerry. He saw me and waved me over. As I approached, I saw that they were both smiling broadly. Jerry immediately grabbed me around the waist.

"Rebecca, Jerry said you're the best cart girl we've ever had," my boss said.

Jerry's hand slid to my butt cheek, which he helped himself to, squeezing it. I jumped, feeling it, but let him have his way.

"Oh, God, that's great," I said.

"Yeah, Jerry's one of our longest-playing members; he knows everyone who plays here. When word gets out about your great service, you'll be a busy girl," my boss stated.

"Great," I replied, not knowing if he meant serving drinks or fucking guys on golf carts.

Jerry left, and I put my cart away and headed home, playing the day repeatedly in my head. I started thinking about what Jerry said about my pussy being mine and how I could give it to anyone I desired, and it made so much sense. I showered and lay on my bed rubbing my sore pussy, thinking about how big Jerry's cock was compared to my boyfriend's. I realized how much I was missing being in a relationship with a guy who didn't please me sexually.

I drifted off to sleep for a moment before my mom came and woke me for dinner.

"Rebecca put on some clothes. Your door is wide open. What if your father or brother walked by," she admonished me.

I didn't care if they saw me, and they always did so. I loved being naked. Every time I knew my mom wasn't home, I'd walk around the house naked. My dad never told me to put on clothes. And I gave my brother a vision to jerk off to. I put on as few clothes as possible and went down to dinner.

"How's your new job, baby?" my dad asked.

"Um, not bad. I'm not making a lot yet, though," I said, disappointed.

"Give it time, kiddo. It will work out for you," he said.

I ate and went back to my room, feeling a bit like a whore. I figured I'd call Amy and talk it out with her.

"Hey baby, how's the new job?" Amy asked excitedly.

"Um, it's okay. I'm not making bank like I thought," I responded.

"Oh, I'm surprised. Your body is rocking," she replied.

"I know, I did something really stupid today, though," I began.

"Oh my God, what?" she asked.

"Oh God, a guy gave me four hundred dollars today, and I let him fuck me," I whined.

"Rebecca, you did not!? She yelled.

I did, Amy. I'm so embarrassed about it," I cried.

"Was he at least cute?" she asked.

"Well, yes, he was very handsome and over thirty," I continued.

"Was the sex good?" she questioned.

"Oh my God, Amy, it was the best sex I've ever had. It was amazing," I continued.

"Wow, what's the problem then, Becca?" she asked.

"Well, doesn't that make me a whore or something?" I asked.

"No, I've had a sugar Daddy for almost a year. He pays me for sex. I think it's fine," She stated.

"Oh, wow, you never said anything," I continued.

"No, he's a friend’s, Dad, and he doesn't want anyone to know," she told me.

"Oh, wow, that's crazy," I answered.

"Becca, if they pay four hundred a fuck, I'd say fuck them all; you'll really make bank then," Amy advised me.

"Yeah, I guess," I said.

"Didn't Matt want you to fuck him and his three roommates last week?" Amy asked.

"Yeah, they were all drunk. I almost let them," I replied.

"See, you would have done that for nothing," she said.

"Yeah, true," I ended with, understanding her point.

I went to sleep without an answer to why I did it other than for the money. I wore a tight crop top, a T-shirt without a bra and a red micro mini skirt with a matching red thong. I put my hair in pigtails and spritzed on some perfume, and I was out the door for work. The course was a bit more crowded today, but it was still reasonably early, and the men weren't drinking yet. But they were getting an eyeful of my body as I stopped to ask.

When I got to the sixth hole, I was stopped by two guys who were part of a foursome.

"Hey, are you Rebecca," One asked me.

"Yep, that's what the name tag says. Can I get you guys something?" I replied, laughing.

"Oh wow, I certainly hope so," one said.

"Okay, something to drink?" I asked, smiling.

The men both looked me over and looked at the beverages I had to offer.

"Um, I'm not really seeing what I want," one said.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I said,"

"No problem. I'm Tom, and my partner is Ben. Can we get something off the other menu?" Ben asked.

I froze for a moment, and my head swirled. They knew about yesterday.

“Um… what…. What other menu? I asked like I had no idea what they were talking about.

They each pulled their hand behind their back and had four hundred dollars. I stared at the money for a moment and looked at them.

"Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about," I said, alarmed.

"Oh, we were told by a friend that you may have some items for sale that aren't on the cart menu," Ben said

"Oh, Jerry told me what I did?" I asked.

"Yeah, but he wasn't sure it would be a sure thing," Tom offered.

"Yeah, I don't know," I said, looking around.

"Okay, no problem; we just thought we'd check," Ben said as they walked to their carts.

My head was spinning, and I didn't know what to do.

"Both of you, then?" I blurted out.

Ben and Tom returned to my cart and handed me the eight hundred dollars.

"Yeah, both of us, sweetheart," Tom said softly.

"I've never done two guys before," I said, afraid.

"We'll be gentle and go one at a time," Tom offered.

"Okay, where do I go," I asked.

“Down the fairway to the left, there's a grove of trees pull behind it, and I'll fuck you, and Tom will fuck you on the next hole," Ben said

"Okay," I agreed.

I drove to the place wondering what I was thinking of agreeing to fuck two grown men. Their cart pulled in, and the men got out and approached me.

"Okay, Becca, why don't you take off your clothes," Tom asked politely.

I stripped, putting my clothes on my cart.

"Holy fuck, look at that body," Tom cried.

"She's a fucking goddess," Ben added.

Both men walked up to me and cupped my butt cheeks and breasts, dipped their heads, and sucked my nipples into their mouths.

Umm, I moaned softly.

Tom's hand found my quivering pussy and began to rub my blood-gorged clit.

"Oh, oh," I moaned softly.

Ben, let's get her on the cart; she's ready," Tom said, sensing my wet snatch.

They led me to the cart, and I crawled onto the seat, lying on my back. Tom lifted one of my legs, putting it over the back of the seat. I then spread my other leg and placed my foot on the floorboard. Tom immediately attached his mouth to my wet cunt, sucking in my pussy juice and causing me to arch my back in pleasure.

"Umm, oh, oh," I moaned.

Ben walked around the other side of the cart, and I watched as he dropped his pants and underwear. A fat seven-inch cock stuck out from under his shirt. He moved over me in the cart, his cock in my face. I grabbed it and began stroking it before kissing the crown of it and opening my mouth. Ben put his hard cock in my mouth, and I stroked and sucked it for him. I thought, so much for going one at a time.

"Ummm," I moaned loudly as Tom's tongue found my clit, and began abusing it.

I was kissing and licking Ben's cock, while stroking it, the site of it bringing him close to coming.

"Oh, fuck, Becca," He cried out as he watched me make love to his cock.

Tom sucked my clit into his mouth, squeezing it between his lips, and that pushed me over the top.

"Oh, oh, yeah, yeah," I cried as I came in Tom's mouth.

My body wiggled and twitched as pleasure coursed through my body.

The minute I put Ben's cock back in my mouth, the tip of his cock exploded and jerked in my hand as a tidal wave of sperm rushed into my throat.

"Oh, fuck, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah," Ben cried out as he came.

It was too much, too fast, and I gagged on his cum. My mouth opened around his pumping cock, and tears rolled down my cheeks. Ben pulled his cock out of my mouth, a volley of cum hitting my upper lip and rolling down my cheek. I managed to swallow his huge load, and his cock entered my mouth again to finish the job. Meanwhile, Tom had his pants down and was hunting for the entrance to my pussy, which he found in short order. Tom's eight inch cock, through a series of short strokes, discovered the depths of my wet pussy, and he began to fuck me.

Oh, oh, oh," I moaned on every inward stroke, as I licked Ben's cock free of cum.

"Oh, fuck is her pussy tight," Tom let out.

"Yeah, yeah," I continued my ride to ecstasy.

My body rocked, and my tits swirled in circles, and Tom laid his pipe to me, my poor pussy clinging to his cock for dear life.

"Um, oh, oh, oh," I cried out in pleasure as I was fucked.

I could see on Tom's face that he was pretty worked up. He was sweating, huffing, and puffing. His long fat cock was driving me toward another orgasm as he worked his meat in me.

"Oh, oh, fuck, I'm going to cum again," I squealed as my thighs quivered and pleasure coursed through my loins.

My body twitched like a live wire, and I brought Tom off with me.

"Oh, oh, fuck, yeah, yeah," Tom cried out as his sperm filled my belly.

I could feel his cock jerking violently inside my stuffed snatch as he emptied his balls into me.

"Oh, fuck, that was amazing," Tom let out as he pulled his cock out of me.

Ben and Tom traded places, and I began to lick our love juices off Tom's cock as Ben prepared to use my pussy.

Ben's cock quickly found the bottom of my cunt, and began fucking me. My body and tits danced as he lunged forward.

"Umm, um, um," I moaned as my super-sensitive pussy entertained a second cock, for the first time. Ben was fucking me hard, and I could feel how stuffed my tiny pussy was.

"Oh, oh, oh," I responded to his thrusts.

Tom had dressed and was waiting for Ben to finish.

"That's some fine pussy, isn't it, Ben?" Tom asked.

"Oh, oh, fuck yeah, it is," Ben said out of breath.

"Yeah, yeah, fuck me," I hissed at Ben.

Ben doubled his efforts to get off as I saw the light at the end of my orgasmic tunnel. Ben was fucking hard, and I felt his cock swell in my pussy before I felt the familiar jerk of his cock that signaled he was coming.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah," He cried as he unloaded in my welcoming pussy.

"His coming sent me over the edge, and I came again, my body convulsing underneath him.

"Oh, oh, oh God, yeah," I wailed as I came.

I laid there completely spent, having just been fucked by two men for the first time.

"Holy shit," I exclaimed.

"Yeah, you can say that again," a struggling Ben agreed.

I walked back to the beverage cart and cleaned out my pussy while the two men drove off after cleaning the cart seat. I took a deep breath and headed out on the course, peddling the course's wears and my own. I began looking for good places to hide my cart while I fucked, and that's when I knew I'd continue to sell my pussy. It was a warm afternoon, and I sold more drinks than I had in previous days, but the tips weren't outstanding. I found eight new spots where I could entertain the golfers, noting where they were.


2024-07-07 03:21:39
More more MORE!! This has so many places to go…. Can’t wait for more.

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