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And you thought the CIA did evil things.
Llisanya dropped a grocery order at Copperpots for two lobsters, two steaks and various other groceries to be delivered to her apartment tomorrow at six o’clock. It was the only pleasant part of the evening; this was the night Llisanya was dreading.

She would be glad when this business was over. If she was able to pull it off as planned, Vishra would be paying a tidy sum of coins as a reward. If the plan did not work it would all be really embarrassing, even humiliating. She took a deep breath and resigned herself to getting this whole sordid performance started.

In the darkness of the late evening, Llisanya walked through the residential area of South Qeynos and found 7 Tranquil Way easily enough. She tapped on the door. A middle aged woman answered, looking annoyed to be disturbed by strangers knocking on her door in the dark. “What do you want, Half Elf?” she asked abruptly.

“Good evening.” Llisanya curtsied obsequiously. “I am a working girl, just starting to work this neighbourhood. If there are any men who would like to avail themselves of my services I would be pleased to offer an introductory rate of four silver for an hour of my time.” It was the most ridiculous business promotion she had ever suggested to a possible client.

The woman had no patience for prostitutes bothering her in the late evening. “Well, I am sure my husband would find you very much to his and available” she snapped cuttingly.

Llisanya held her breath. The last thing she needed was someone actually taking her up on her offer.

“...I am sure my husband would find you very much to his taste...” she repeated “...but I have not seen his fat ass in six years.” Then she sneered. “Now piss off, Slut!”

The Runaway Husband Lady slammed the door in Llisanya’s face. “No wonder he ran away” she muttered.

Llisanya knocked at 9 Tranquil Way. A large Barbarian woman answered the door. She smiled kindly at Llisanya. “Is there a problem, Honey? It is very late and in this part of Qeynos a nice girl like you is not safe out in the dark.”

Llisanya bowed. The woman’s words were so kind she was sorry to be bothering her but she continued with her performance. “Good evening. I am a working girl, just starting to work this neighbourhood. If there are any men who would like to avail themselves of my services I would be pleased to offer an introductory rate of four silver for an hour of my time.”

The Barbarian smiled at the polite little Half Elf. “Oh, Sweetie. My dear guidman is busy giving me all I can get and I am therefore unable to share him. Though I am sure he would agree with me that you are just the cutest, big-eyed thing, I am afraid we are unable to use your services. But please be careful with the men out there; not everyone is a good person.” Llisanya found her kindness touching.

At 11 Tranquil Way a slight man answered the door. His hair was perfectly coifed. His finger nails were painted and manicured. He wore expensive pajamas. “Whatever you are collecting for, we gave at the office” he snapped impatiently.

Notwithstanding his curt greeting, Llisanya bowed and recited her lines. “Good Evening. I am a working girl, just starting to work this neighbourhood. If there are any men who would like to avail themselves of my services I would be pleased to offer an introductory rate of four silver for an hour of my time.”

Before he could respond another male voice from upstairs called down. “Who is it, Honey? Tell them to quit bothering us and come back to bed.”

The man at the door turned and yelled upstairs in a rude, derisive tone . “It’s some tart, Armand, wants us to buy her body for four silver an hour.”

The voice upstairs was equally rude. “Inform the cheap trollop that that would be fine as long as she has a big ten inch dick for us to suck on. Otherwise, tell her she’s not worth four silver and to fuck off. Now come back to bed, Sweetie.”

The man, his back still to Llisanya, closed the door without a glance at her nor a further word. She stared at the door that had just been shut in her face. Llisanya had not inherited the Elven ability to see in the dark but her hearing was as acute as any High Elf’s. Through the closed door, she heard the male yelling to his partner as he walked upstairs “Imagine bothering us like that. I hope her pimp slaps her around good.”

Llisanya had had worse things said about her, but she made a note to remember that Gay Asshole’s face.

Three doors would be enough, Llisanya calculated. She did not want to take the chance that she would eventually have someone she knew answer the door. She turned and walked down the path toward where she was to meet Vishra’s clerk. She saw Penley and her guards standing quietly way over by some trees, well off the beaten track, ready to play their part as soon as they heard Llisanya’s hysterical scream. She was sure the tall one was Vishra.

She found the clerk right where he was told to be. He was obviously excited to be having sex with Llisanya again.

Llisanya smiled at the homely fellow. “Are you ready?” she asked. “Marshall Vishra told you to be sure to cum inside me, right?”

The clerk replied in the affirmative, a little offended that she had doubted his ability to follow clear instructions. He had no idea why he needed to meet Llisanya in this dark corner of South Qeynos nor why he specifically needed to fill her up with a load of cum. He was just happy to perform the needed duty and get paid overtime for the performance of those duties. It sure beat jerking off home alone for no pay.

Llisanya let him take her into his arms. As horny as he was, he made sure to perform proper foreplay; his father had taught him to show a lady the respect due to her, especially whores who deserved more respect than other women. He showed Llisanya that respect. He started by caressing her then gently fondling her breasts through her blouse.

Llisanya liked how she was being treated. She reciprocated his caresses with her own. She was sorry a decent, considerate lover like the clerk had to be so physically unattractive. Some girl out there would do well with a male like this one.

He was hugging her and running his hands on her ass. She could feel he already had a stiffy yet he continued to take it slow. He was actually being too considerate considering things needed to happen rapidly tonight and Vishra was probably wondering what was taking them so long.

“I think we should consummate our tryst” she said, starting to undress him. She allowed him to undress her, as she had already learned was his preference. Her breasts bared, he spent a long time sucking and kissing them. They were possibly the loveliest he had ever beheld. Maybe only Cadwarra’s could beat them for beauty. Maybe.

The clerk quietly buried his face in her cleavage and kissed her sternum. Some men liked to kiss feet, others navels. The clerk liked to kiss the bottom of a woman’s cleavage and that was fine but he was taking too long. Llisanya aimed his prick at her snatch and pulled him close to hurry things up. Naked in the dark just beyond the lights of those homes where people were still up, they had sex.

He used his penis well and Llisanya had a nice orgasm. It was nothing world shaking, but it was nice. The clerk continued fucking after she had cum. He was most competent. Llisanya liked the feel of him pushing it in and pulling it back out to push it in again.

They did not converse, finding nothing to discuss, but it was a pleasant half hour with only the sound of the clerk’s cock disturbing the silent evening as it pumped in and out of her slippery cunny.

He had dutifully ensured he had a lot of jizz to shoot, having been forbidden from having sex or otherwise blowing his load until he was able, for mysterious reasons unknown to him, to deposit his big volume into Llisanya on this night and at this specific spot.

At last the clerk quickened his fucking. He whispered “I’m close, Babe.”

“Enjoy” she urged him, sincerely. He had earned it. As his quick thrusting abruptly slowed into a series of a half dozen hard, deep cock-rams he whispered “here it is, Hun.”

Llisanya murmured “go for it!” She felt his cock twitch and warmth flooded into her. He kept moving slowly back and forth inside her as he pumped his cum in several wafting bursts. “It’s a fuck ton of’s a fuck ton of slime...” he boasted to her twice and made a couple more thrusts. A few more salvos shot from his penis. He was not sure how much he had deposited into her but he was proud to think it felt like an entire fucking pint.

Seeing his obvious pleasure, Llisanya had a second, mini-climax. Notwithstanding, she still giggled at his silly utterance. A fuck ton of slime? Men could be hilariously proud of their quantity when they came.

When she worked at the brothel, in the early hours of the morning, after the front door was locked, Fiona would serve a nightcap for all the girls to unwind. Occasionally she would entertain them with a journal full of quotes she had written down. It listed all the crazy things customers had said while climaxing and the girls got to giggling as they read through it. Llisanya thought “it’s a fuck ton of slime” surely deserved entry into Fiona’s book.

At last the clerk was finished and his glistening cock slipped out of her and flopped there between his thighs.

They got dressed. “Thank you for the use of your body” he told her “anytime you need more assistance...”

“...I know where to find you.” She kissed him thank you, pressing hard against his lips, grateful at how he had treated her. “I’ll let Marshall Vishra know your duties were performed to the utmost satisfaction.”

Llisanya and her cum-slathered twat headed to 13 Tranquil Way. According to Cadwarra’s intelligence there would be two males inside.

The sign on the door said NO SALESPERSONS. She knocked anyway. After a moment a gruff male voice on the other side asked through the unopened door “Yeah? Whaddaya want?”

She had to shout her prepared speech through the locked door. “I am a working girl, just starting to work this neighbourhood” she told the voice. “If there are any men who would like to avail themselves of my services I would be pleased to offer an introductory rate of four silver for an hour of my time.” No doubt Penley and her guards could hear her over where they were hiding, offering herself for the humiliatingly low cost of four silver. She was never ashamed of being a whore, but she resented being a cheap one.

The door opened a small amount and a man peered at her through the crack, giving her entire body the once over. He never showed any sign of friendliness nor kindness as he studied her tits for several seconds, perhaps ensuring they were large enough to hold onto while fucking.

“...Sec...” he grunted and slammed the door.

Inside a second voice demanded angrily “What are you thinking? Sprockfuddle said never answer the door unless we heard the secret knock!”

She stood there hearing every word spoken by the two men inside. Humans never realized how acute Elven hearing was.

“Screw that angry little asshole, she said she’s sellin’ pussy and I’m so horny and bored I want a piece of what she’s sellin’. Four silver is a good deal. You’ll agree when you see how pretty she is.”

“We don’t have four silver, moron. Sprockfuddle took all our money to hide us away. Did you think of that?”

“Well...yeah...I did...sure...sure I did. Listen. She doesn’t have a pimp with her. Here’s what we do: we invite her in, take turns fuckin’ her all night long and toss her out in the morning without paying a copper. What’s the slut gonna do, yell for the Guard?”

“Sprockfuddle said no one enters. He didn’t say except for pretty little cheap tricks.”

“Sprockfuddle also didn’t say we would be stuck here for ten days with no word from him and nothing to do except fuck the widow and her five daughters. Let’s get some poontang tonight!”

There was a short silence. “Alright” the second voice relented. “I’m tired of waking up in the middle of the night to hear you choking the chicken and I guess I could use a fuck, too. Let her in. But before you do, let’s flip a coin to see who gets her first.”

“I doubt either of us will be getting her first.” They both laughed derisively then one voice called “heads” followed by the other voice saying “I win! Tough luck, Loser!”

Despite her anger at their conversation, Llisanya smiled adorably as they opened the door and moved aside to let her in. “So glad to have you visit us” the first man spoke, failing to sound friendly. “We’re very much in need of a whore’s company tonight. I am Williams, this is Bartrall.”

“Hello boys. Ready for some fun?” She stepped forward and stood a little in from the door. Williams closed it behind her. She heard the harsh ‘click’ of the lock.

The front hall was dim but she could see both men were lightly dressed in indoor clothes. Except for the dagger Williams wore on his rear hip neither man wore armour. Perfect.

Bartrall stood in front of her, clearly giving her tits the once-over yet again. Seeing where he was staring, Llisanya began to strip. “If you wanna take a look, Sir, let’s let you have a real good one...”

She dropped what few clothes she was wearing on the floor. Naked, she turned to the door. “I’ll just lock the this behind me. We don’t want anyone disturbing us.” She was already jiggling the lock. “How do you work this?”

Williams stepped forward and angrily brought a huge arm down between her and the door. He stared at her breasts while he spoke, amazed at how they did not jiggle while she fiddled with the doorknob. “It’s already locked, Slut. Never you mind playing with any complicated mechanisms. ”

She jiggled the lockset one more time, letting Williams continue to stare at her chest, her nipples just sitting there asking him to suck on them. “Why, yes, it is locked” she soon agreed. “Silly me.”

She let the door be and put her arms around Williams. She gave him a big naked two-armed bear hug then, with one arm still around his waist, walked him back towards Bartrall. “So tell me, do you boys like to party a little before lovin’? Get to know your girl? Or do you prefer to get right down to business?”

“We’ll be gettin’ right down to business” Bartrall told her. “It’s been a bit since we dipped the wick so we’ll dispense with the obligatory ‘you-sure-got-purdy-eyes’ garbage and get to fuckin’ right away. I’m going first so you need to take your mitts off Williams until it’s his turn.”

Bartrall nodded down at the floor and continued. “There’s no laundry tub in here so no one’s gonna be messin’ up the bedsheets with dried pussy juice. You can spread your cunt wide open right here on the floor.”

“Alright” Llisanya let go of Williams and stepped over to hug Bartrall around the waist. “A fuck on the floor will be okay as long as you don’t ram too hard.”

“Yeah, sure. I won’t ram too hard.” Bartrall laughed coldly.

Llisanya did not much worry how hard Bartrall intended to be ramming her since neither of these two apes was actually going to be fucking her tonight. Nevertheless, she pulled Bartrall in close and gave him a nice smile as if looking forward to some hard cock.

“You look like the kind of gentleman who would like it if I sucked your prick first before we screw” Llisanya told Bartrall. “ know, to get you in the mood” She raised her right arm up toward the back of his neck while her other arm held his waist tight to her body. She pressed her femininity into his erection.

Enjoying Llisanya’s embrace, Bartrall grinned. “Well, now yer gettin’ the hang of your duties, Whore. A blow job is just how I like to start off.” He undid his leggings and pulled his big Human penis out. It was a scary one, standing there at full salute and much too big for Llisanya to want inside her. She guessed it had not seen soap in several days.

Bartrall gripped his unwashed dick by the base and proudly waved it around. “Yer gonna like this in your mouth” he boasted. He waited a moment then, seeing that she was not getting down on her knees as quickly as he wanted, he growled impatiently “what’s stoppin’ you? Kneel on the floor, Fuckgirl, and suck on this!”

“Why don’t you suck on this instead!” Llisanya hissed angrily. Right hand still behind Bartrall’s neck, she drove Williams’ dagger through Bartrall’s spine just below his skull. She reveled in a surge of sexual arousal to feel the blade slide through soft flesh and scrape against bone. Is this the exhilaration a man feels when he stabs your vagina with his erection, she asked herself, not for the first time.

Bartrall’s lecherous grin of anticipation turned to a look of agony on his face as Llisanya drove the dagger further in. His body slumped to the floor, the dagger still in his neck, hilt deep.

In the dim light, Williams stared dumbfounded at Bartrall wasting time on the floor while the naked whore was just standing there ready to be fucked. “What are you doing?” he snapped at Bartrall impatiently. “Hurry up and fuck her! I want my turn.”

Llisanya did not wait for Williams to figure out what was happening. She stepped quickly to the door and pulled it open. Still uncomprehending of what was going on, Williams could only wonder how that door had become unlocked. He had definitely locked it.

Llisanya stood naked in the doorway and yelled at the top of her lungs “Help, HELP!!! They’re killin’ each other. HELLLLLP!!”

She had hardly finished her cry for help when Penley’s guard charged through the door on cue. In the mad rush to enter, they knocked her on her ass over toward the wall and there she stayed. They surrounded Williams, weapons drawn.

Penley came in last. “What’s going on here? Who’s yelling murder?” She took in the scene. She saw one man dead on the floor and another just standing there, not understanding what was happening.

“Well, it’s clear this is homicide” Penley told her guards. She pointed at Williams. “Arrest that murderer!”

Williams was still confused “I...I did nothing.” He pointed at Llisanya. “It was her, doin’ all the yellin’.”

By now, Llisanya was crying softly on the floor; a poor little thing traumatized by the violence of violent men. “I was just doing my job being a whore when they started fighting” she sobbed. Penley watched her performance and mentally paused a moment to admire how well that low-life Half Elf could act.

Vishra appeared in the doorway, his clerk beside him. “Penley, what is all this commotion? Can my clerk and I not just enjoy a quiet stroll through the city on a pleasant evening? The whole neighbourhood is awake.”

As if to confirm his statement several faces suddenly peered over Vishra’s shoulder as he stood framing the door. Llisanya could see the Gay Asshole, the Kindly Barbarian Woman and the Runaway Husband Lady among them.

Vishra looked at Llisanya as if he had never seen her before. “What happened here?” he demanded. “What’s your story, Whore?”

Llisanya gestured from Williams to Bartrall to Williams. “They were fighting over me!” she explained. “He said it was his turn to fuck me and he said it was his turn. He pulled out his knife and stabbed him in the back of the neck while he was fucking me. I did nothing to make them mad. Honest! They were fucking me for the last couple of hours and everything was fine. I was serving both of them over and over and they did not need to fight. Oh...Bristlebane...!” She went back to sobbing.

“She’s lying!” Williams retorted, still confused over what was going on. “She just got here.”

“She did not just get here!” the Kindly Barbarian Woman spoke up, contradicting Williams instantly. “She has been working this neighbourhood for at least two hours. Poor mistreated thing. You’re the kind of male I tried to warn her about!”

The Runaway Husband Lady added “she was banging on my door about that time, too, selling herself cheap.”

The Gay Asshole corroborated the women. “I also protest that she implicitly misgendered me!” he added indignantly.

Penley answered the Gay Asshole impatiently. “It’s not illegal to misgender someone...Lady” He shut up after that.

Williams was desperate for someone to believe him. “Look, Bartrall was my friend. I wouldn’t hurt my friend.”

“You wouldn’t hurt your friend?” Penley repeated acidly. “Yet your sheath is empty and your knife is in the back of his neck.”

Williams felt for his dagger. Only then did he realize it was gone. “She....” he gesticulated toward Llisanya “...she musta lifted it from me when she hugged me. She musta stabbed Bartrall!”

“Sure she did.” Penley answered. “You expect us to believe you? Look at how tiny and weak she is! Such a helpless little naked whore.”

Vishra looked down at Llisanya as she sat there, unclothed on the floor, holding her knees together for modesty. “Is this all true, Whore? You’ve been here for two hours fucking this murderer and his victim?”

“Sh-she just got here” Williams sputtered “we never fucked her...not even once.”

Llisanya answered, contradicting Williams. “I’ve been here for about two hours, Sir. They fucked me a bunch of times.” She was too ashamed to look the Marshall in the eye. She stared at the floor. She went back to quietly sobbing.

“She’s lying” Williams shouted.

Vishra seemed to give credit to Williams’ assertion. He turned back to Llisanya “The murderer here says he never fucked you, Whore. Do you still avow he in fact did fuck you? And several times?” Vishra wondered how did she manage to cry real tears.

“Yes, Sir, he did” Llisanya answered. “Look at how much they put in me.” She leaned back and opened her legs. She pushed. A huge gloop of the clerk’s semen dripped out of her. Everyone in the room saw it flow out and onto the floor.

The Kindly Barbarian Woman felt sorry for her. Penley was disgusted. Her guards were titillated. The Gay Asshole was envious. The clerk was proud to see how much he had shot.

Vishra summarized the situation. “Three people plus this whore avow she has been here two hours. This murderer claims that’s not true.” He pointed at Llisanya’s crotch. “Look how much cum she’s pushed out. That’s got to be five or six loads right there. Plus, you will all observe the deceased victim’s phallus is out, clearly he was rutting the whore when he was murdered. The murderer’s dagger is in his neck This poor little slut appears to be telling the truth.”

The Runaway Husband Lady sneered at Llisanya on the floor. “Look at all the trouble you brought to our neighbourhood, you annoying little tart.”

Vishra hid his annoyance at the woman. He waved a hand at the neighbours and announced “all these people have agreed to sign affidavits that this little slut was in here for at least two hours. My clerk will collect them first thing tomorrow morning. I think this is an open-and-shut case of cabin fever. Two men cooped up together get to arguing over some cheap piece of fluff and out come the knives...”

Williams was desperate to prove his innocence but his only defense was to repeat “I never stabbed Bartrall, the whore did it!!”

Penley waved two of her guards toward Williams. “Gag that felon; he is disrupting the official investigation.” She then looked at Llisanya “and for Marr’s sake, close your legs; no one wants to see where we all came from.”

Vishra turned and herded the neighbours away from the door. “Folks, we’re sorry for the disturbance. As you can see the Guard was right on the ball and has already made the proper arrest. Please go back to the comfort of your homes. The peace of this neighbourhood has been restored.”

As the neighbours gladly left the unsavoury incident to be handled by the Guard, Vishra turned to Penley. “Good work tonight, Captain.”

“Thank you, Marshall. It was a good thing we just happened to be passing by on our regular patrol.”

“Exactly, Captain. Take the prisoner to jail. Make sure Armstrong puts him in one of the private cells so he cannot interact with the other prisoners. We don’t need him talking to anyone. I will ensure someone will get this whore home and I will summon a mortician for this murdered man.”

Penley saluted and left with the desperately struggling Williams gagged and bound.

Vishra closed the door, leaving him alone with Llisanya and Bartrall. He examined Bartrall to confirm what he already knew.

“He’s still alive” he snapped angrily at Llisanya. “Are you losing your touch?” It was one of the few times he had ever showed annoyance with her. “If he had been able to talk, he would have debunked your version of events; it would have messed up the whole plan.”

Llisanya neither apologized nor made excuses. “I will take care of him, Lord.”

“You certainly will. I’ll send a party of undertakers here within two hours. Make sure they find a corpse.”

“They will find a corpse” Llisanya asserted firmly.

Vishra calmed down. How small Llisanya looked naked with her eyes red with crying. He pulled a linen handkerchief from his pocket and kindly dried them. “How did you fake these tears?”

“They aren’t fake, Lord. I did not like the things these two men said about me nor how they treated me. This whole thing was so distasteful.”

No longer angry with her, Vishra gave her a hug. “Yes. It is distasteful work, Llisanya. Protecting Qeynos is not always a pleasant task. If I could tell you the reasons these two need to be silenced, you would understand that this had to be done such that everyone thinks it was nothing but an argument over a trashy tart. We need to ensure that no one suspects Cadwarra ever pointed out this hideout to us.”

Llisanya nodded her understanding. Vishra gave her an apologetic kiss. “Forget I yelled at you. I am just worried about some trouble with Gnolls out in Antonica. Diamander, Amber and Cadwarra were attacked and forced to take refuge at the docks. I sent a squad of soldiers out there a few hours ago to bolster the defense so I am sure they will be fine, but I am still worried. ”

Llisanya stopped worrying about herself. “Yes, I am sure they will be alright, Lord.” Despite her words, Llisanya shared Vishra’s concerns. “How bad is the situation?”

“The docks are now safe so I am sure Corporal Peckett will send our little band home by ship as soon as he can. Captain Eitoa has banded the farmers together to protect Sayer’s Cabin. Windstalker Village is on alert but reports there are no Gnolls in their area. The Sabertooths are the largest clan in Antonica and no bad news from Windstalker means that they are being quiet”

Vishra sighed in relief as if reviewing the situation reaffirmed that the situation was not as critical as it was several hours ago. “I believe we have the problem under control. No doubt some new Darkpaw chieftain just came to power and stirred up the clan to prove his daring. It happens every five years or so. In a way it’s a good thing; it kills off the more aggressive Gnolls”

The clerk deferentially opened the front door. He had taken the liberty of getting all the necessary affidavits before the witnesses went to bed. Vishra was quite pleased by his efficiency. “Excellent, Clerk. Let’s go file these then head to our homes.”

Llisanya was alone with Bartrall. She knelt in front of him and admired her work. The knife had rendered him unable to move but he was still able to breathe. It was a delicate bit of knife-work she was proud to have mastered.

She slapped Williams until he awoke. His flaccid penis lay there shriveled and useless and unwashed. He stared at her, paralyzed.

“I made sure you did not die” she explained to him. “That’s because you needed to learn one final lesson in your life before I end it. Just a lesson you should have been taught long ago.” She grabbed his chin and forced him to look at her. “For the record, Asshole: when you hire a whore, you pay her. The price is very little for what she is giving to you.”

Llisanya could see where Bartrall’s secret pocket was. He was very clever at hiding his coinpurse but she was very clever at finding coinpurses. She reached in and removed the weighty pouch. “I thought you said Sprockfuddle took all your coin? I guess this isn’t your coin, then?”

She opened the purse. It was packed full including several plat. It was a goodly sum, enough for Bartrall to start a comfortable new life in Freeport if only Sprockfuddle could have gotten him there.

“Let’s call this my payment” Llisanya suggested “since I really did fuck you tonight, didn’t I?” Llisanya tucked the purse away in her own pocket. “My fee is a little steep but it makes up for the fact you and Williams planned to cheat me.”

Llisanya was straddling Bartrall’s leg, still naked. Her clitoris was pressed hard against his thigh. She began to move up and down on him. “Never cheat your whore” she reiterated as more of the clerk’s cum oozed from her and drenched Bartrall’s leggings. He lay there, silent, unable to move.

“There is nothing more sexually arousing than the power you have over a man you are about to kill” she explained to him. “Nothing...not even giving him a smooth shave.”

She laughed at her private joke, her nude body driving her clit against him. She put her hand over his nose and mouth as she continued pleasuring herself, looking into his eyes. The clerk’s cum on his leg made a wet sound as it smeared all over her shaved vulva.

“Ohhh....Daddy” she murmured lovingly to the suffocating Bartrall as she approached climax. She came as she watched the life leave his fearful, pleading eyes.
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