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A chance encounter in town leads to an 18 year old girl realising that she has a beautiful body and that she likes showing it.
I discover my body

by Vanessa Evans

In fact I would now say that I am really proud of my tiny tits, larger than average nipples, small areolae, flat stomach and bald, flap-less pussy. And what’s more I like people seeing what I am proud of.

I discovered this about myself just after I had turned 18, I was walked through a quiet part of town when this young woman came up to me and asked me if I’d like to earn some easy money. What 18 year old wouldn’t so I asked what I’d have to do.

“All you have to do is pose for some photographs.”

“What sort of photographs?”

“Slightly erotic photographs.”

“Me, erotic photographs, are you serious, there’s nothing erotic of even beautiful about me, I’m just your average, boring 18 year old girl.”

“I beg to differ, tell you what, come with us and let us take a couple of shots then you look at them. I’ll give you £100 just to let us take 2 photographs of you.”

“Come with you where?”

“That bikini shop on the high street.”

“Bikini shop! Would you want me to put a bikini on?”

“One for each shot, and as well as the £100 you can keep the bikinis.”

I was silent for a minute or so then I said,

“So, just to be clear, you want me to come to that bikini shop on the high street, put on a couple of bikinis and pose for just 2 photograph, and you’ll give me £100.”

“That’s correct.”

“Who else will be there?”

“Apart from you and me, a photographer and maybe a few customers.”

I was silent for another minute or so whilst I thought about it.

“£100 and a couple of bikinis for a couple of photographs, in a public place where it’s expected that girls will try on bikinis, that sounds safe enough.”

“Okay,” I said, “when are you thinking of doing this?”

“Right now, it’s only a couple of minutes away, shall we go?”

As we walked to the bikini shop the woman said,

“My name is Carrie, the shop belongs to my boyfriend Chuck and he’s the guy who will be taking the photographs.”

“I’m Ella.”

“So are you a student Ella?”

“Yes, at the local college.”

“So the £100 will come in handy then?”

“It will, the student loan covers just enough for me to live on bread and beans.”

“If you ……... no, I’ll wait until we’ve done the photos then I’ll ask you Ella. We’re here now.”

I’d never really noticed the bikini shop before, possibly because I’d only ever worn a one-piece and I didn’t have any money to spend on frivolous things like a bikini.

I was quit surprised by what I saw, racks and display of bikinis of all shapes and sizes, and one girl walking out of the changing room wearing a very skimpy bikini and asking her boyfriend if he liked it.

“Ella,” Carrie said, “this is Chuck, my boyfriend and the photographer. Chuck, this is Ella, she’s volunteered to model a couple of bikinis for us. What do you think?”

“Wow Ella,”Chuck said, “my girlfriend really does know how to pick them, you look perfect and I’m sure that you’ll look totally awesome in a bikini. Lets’ have a look for one that I think will do you justice. Size 8?”

“Err yes, I’m still not sure about this, maybe I should just go.”

“No, no,” Carrie replied as she got the £100 out of the till and put it on the counter, “£100 for just trying on a couple of bikinis, what harm could there be in that?”

“None I guess.” I replied after a few seconds of silence.”

Chuck handed me a bikini and I held it up and said,

“This!? It’s tiny, I’ve never worn anything this small before.”

“Please Ella,” Carrie said, “I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed.”

I followed Carrie’s eyes that went to the counter and the £100 then said.

“Where do I change?”

“The changing cubicles,” Carrie said, “oh, they’re occupied. Tell you what, go in the back room. You can bolt the door if you want. Give us a shout when you are ready.

I went into the back room and I did bolt the door. Then I looked around. The room was obviously a store room and an office but it had one wall painted green which looked a bit odd.

I took all my clothes off then looked at the bikini, It was really tiny. The bottoms were just a tiny triangle of thin, silky fabric and some strings which were challenging to tie on me. When I’d got it in place I picked up the top. It too was tiny, just 2 tiny triangles and strings.

“This is obscene.” I thought as I pulled the fabric this way and that trying to cover more of my flesh. Okay, it covered the vital parts, but very little more.

I looked for a mirror but couldn’t find one.

“I guess that I’m technically covered,” I thought, “covered just enough to not get arrested.”

I again thought of the £100 then took a deep breath and stepped out of the room.

“Wow,” Carrie said, “you look even better than I imagined.” Ella said.

“Magnificent Ella, your skin tone, your breasts, perfect, that bikini really suits you. Have you ever been a model?”

“No, I’ve never even considered it because I don’t think I have the looks or the body for it.”

“Oh Ella, you certainly do.” Chuck turned and said to the customers, “Ladies and gentlemen, please come and look at Ella, help me convince her that she looks amazing.”

I was quite surprised by that and somewhat embarrassed as the 6 or 7 people in the shop turned and looked at me.

The comments soon started, and all of them were complimentary. As they kept coming I started thinking that maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t that bad looking. In fact, by the time they had stopped I was actually starting to think that maybe they were right. What’s more, my embarrassment had gone.

“Some photographs,” Chuck said, let me take some for you to look at Ella, then you will see that everyone here is right.”

By then I’d forgotten that there was only supposed to be 2 photographs and I happily posed for quite a few, both Chuck and Carrie telling me how to stand and what expressions to put on my face.

I was in quite a happy mood when Chuck stopped and said,

“Please change into the other bikini Ella.”

Carrie handed me a little cellophane bag and I went into the back room to get changed.

I took off the first bikini then opened the cellophane bag. As I pulled the bikini out I thought that there must have been a mistake, a manufacturing error because there was no fabric, just strings. As I started to put the strings back in the bag I saw a label on the bag.


I stopped and thought,

“Jeez, I never even knew that these things existed. Are they even legal? Do Chuck and Carrie really expect me to put this on and go out there?”

My subconscious was working overtime and when it finally came to a conclusion I opened the bag and sorted out which string belonged to which part of the bikini. When I’d sorted it into the 2 parts I dropped the bottoms and put the top on.

As I was doing that I looked at my tits and saw that my nipples were as hard as they ever have been, and I realised that they were tingling.

“Jeez,” I thought, “not now Ella, wait until tonight in bed.”

But the tingling didn’t stop and my nipples stayed hard.

I sorted out the bottoms and put them on. I’ve worn G-strings before and found them quite comfortable, and these bikini bottoms felt very much the same, except that my pussy wasn’t covered. When I looked down I saw the black strings framing my vulva and bald pubis. I was pleased that I shaved, hair would look horrible in that frame.

I cupped my pussy and thought,

“Shit girl, you’re all wet, what’s wrong with you? Stop it.””

And I realised that it wasn’t just my nipples that were tingling.

“Oh my gawd Ella, you can’t go out there like this.” My brain was saying, but my legs were already walking to the door.

My heart was pounding as I opened the door, looked round the edge of the door and was overwhelmed by all the comments that started. Everyone in the shop was there waiting for me to come out of the back room so that they could look at ME. ME, these people want to see ME in this bikini. I wonder if they realised what sort of bikini I had changed in to.

As I fully opened the door Chuck stepped in front of me, picked up my right hand and kissed it.

“My dear, you will never know how perfect you look. Doesn’t Ella look perfect Carrie?” Chuck said as he gently led me to the middle of the shop.

“She certainly does Chuck. I’m pleased to see that you shave Ella. It would be a big sin to have lots of ugly hair spoiling that view, and I’m sure that you are enjoying the feelings that I’m sure you are getting.”

“I, I shave every morning.” I replied.

“I used to,” Carrie said, “but then I discovered laser hair removal and now I will never have to shave again, Chuck loves the feeling, don’t you honey?”

“Yes, a smooth pussy is the best, and Carrie has got me to have mine removed as well. The feeling when we fuck is amazing.”

I filed that statement away for later in my life.

By then I was feeling relaxed, happy, contented and aroused, very aroused. So much so that I could feel the insides of my thighs getting wet. When I thought about all the people looking at my bare tits and slit my arousal seemed to get stronger.

“My gawd, I’m enjoying standing here virtually naked, this is amazing.” I thought.

Then the photographs started. Of course I knew that my nipples and slit were being photographed and not only didn’t I care, I was starting to like the idea, the fact that my slit and pussy were going to end up on a computer somewhere was making me feel even better about myself. Then I thought about the possibility of those photographs being posted on the internet and I got really horny.

As Carrie and Chuck directed me into different poses, Chuck said,

“I love the expressions Ella, you look like you’re just about to be fucked”

I was about to reply with,

“I feel like I want to be fucked, it’s been way too long since I had a cock inside me.”

But I just managed to stop myself.

Chuck finished taking the photographs then led me over to the sales counter. As he was loading the photographs onto his laptop Carrie was serving customers who were stood right next to me, and I was still wearing only that strings only bikini.

I couldn’t help feeling nice, really nice. Not only was I not at all embarrassed, I was thinking that maybe I’d been wrong about my body for all those years.

The first photograph appeared on the screen and I have to say that I was impressed. I even had to check the face on the screen to make sure that it was me. I looked amazing.

Chuck scrolled to next photograph and I looked just as good. On it went until the first photograph of me in the second bikini came on the screen.

I gasped a little at the sight of first my nipples, that looked much bigger than I remembered, then my pussy. I gasped again as I saw my clit sticking out. I looked closer thinking that maybe my body had sprouted some inner labia, but no, it was definitely my clit.

“Oh my gawd,” I said, “I never realised that it stood out that much.”

“Well you were really turned on at the time.” Chuck said.

“Yes I am, err, was. Oh, all this is making me so horny.”

“Let’s finish looking at the photographs then we’ll talk about what happens next.” Chuck said.

I was too absorbed, shocked, impressed, turned on, whatever, as I looked at the photographs, to think about what Chuck had said. I really liked what I saw.

When the slide show came to the end I realised a few things. Firstly, I did have an attractive body. Secondly, I was proud of my body. Thirdly, I wanted other people to see what I was proud of. I remembered what I was wearing and I turned and saw that there were still a few people in the shop that were staring at me. They’d been staring at my bare butt all the time that I’d been looking at the photographs, and now they were staring at my little tits and pussy - again.

Fourthly, what did Chuck mean about what happens next?

I turned to Chuck and asked him what he meant.

Not saying anything, Chuck took my hand and led me into the back room. There I saw that Carrie had setup some lights and cameras in front of that green wall.

“There you are Ella,” Carrie said, “We thought that you might like to make a video while you’re in such a good mood.”

“What sort of video?” I asked.

“Well,” Carrie continued, “everyone can see that you are a very happy and horny girl, and you said that you don’t have a boyfriend so we thought that you might want to have Chuck fuck you.”

I should have been shocked and told them to fuck off, but both my body and my brain were stopping me. I needed to be fucked, I needed a cock inside me. My newly found confidence about my body, and my desires were telling me that I needed Chuck to fuck me.

“But Chuck is your boyfriend Carrie.”

“That’s okay Ella, we have this sort of open relationship, we can each fuck who we want but the other has to be there watching.”

All the previous times that I have had sex with a boy it has been in the dark, but here I was seriously considering having sex with Chuck, another girl’s boyfriend, with her watching, in a brightly lit room and her videoed what was happening.

The old me would have been way too shy to even think about it but today, the new me, the enlightened me, did something that I have never done before, I put my hand on the bulge in Chuck’s jeans and said,

“Let’s see just how big this is.”

“Keep going Ella.” Carrie said.

So I did something else that I’ve never done before, I unzipped Chuck’s jeans and took a hold of his cock. It looked mighty big to me, but there again, I am not an expert on male genitalia, it could have been quite small for all I knew.

Anyway, I then did something else new to me, I dropped to me knees and started wanking his cock which was only a few centimetre from my face. After a minute or so Chuck said,

“Lick it Ella, suck it.”

So I did. Natural instinct took over and I was soon bobbing up and down on that cock, taking tit o the back of my mouth.

After a minute or so Chuck backed away and, putting his hands on my arms, he helped me get to my feet.

“Turn around Ella and bend over, touch your ankles.”

I did, and knowing what was about to happen I spread my feet wide. Then I felt Chuck’s cock slide up my butt crack while his hands went round me and cupped my tits.

“That’s nice,” I thought, “it’s been too long since a man held my tits.”

As Chuck played with my nipples I felt his hips back off me, then his cock sliding along my slit.

“You’re so wet Ella, you really want this don’t you?”

“Just fuck me Chuck, I’ve nearly forgotten what it’s like.”

Ooh, it felt so good. In and out went his cock and I could feel my orgasm building.

I really must have been desperate because I came within a minute. Chuck didn’t stop and his cock and his fingers on my tits soon brought me to another one. I felt my pussy muscles contract and Chuck’s cock swell a little before he stopped thrusting, went as deep as he could and then held it there while he unloaded deep inside me.

By then my hands had moved to the floor to help me balance and when Chuck finally withdrew I was looking back through my legs and I saw Carrie move between my legs and then Chuck holding the camera.

“Stay there Ella.” Carrie said and when I did I felt her hands come round my thighs and start playing with my clit. Then I felt her mouth on my pussy.

I soon came to another climax and when I returned to normal I stood up straight and saw both Carrie and Chuck smiling at me.

“Thank you, thank you,” I said, “I really needed that.”

“That was our pleasure Ella. Those photos and this video are going to attract a lot of attention and we’d like to know what you want to do about it. Do you want to go back to your boring life of explore some more, exciting options?”

“You mean making porn movies?”

“Not necessarily porn, erotica, dressing provocatively, flashing your tits and pussy. What do you think Ella?

“Good question, to be honest, I’ve realised that I got really turned on wearing that strings only bikini and I really enjoyed those customers looking at me. I’d like to try explore that avenue for starters, being a sort of exhibitionist, then see how it goes.”

“Well we can help you with that Ella, we can invite you to parties where you can dress in as much or as little as you want, even nothing. We can also put you in public situations where you can show off as much skin as you want. We can arrange castings for movies where you can get videoed stripping and / or fucking the director or a well endowed male actor.

You can make a lot of money doing things similar to what you have done today Ella.”

“I’ll admit it, I am interested. I really liked the modelling and the people watching me, and looking at the photographs that you took Chuck. Can you fix up some of those things that you mentioned please?”

“We sure can Ella,” Carrie said, “but before we do that I think that it’s best that we give you a ‘grace’ period, a ‘cooling-off’ period, say a week for you to think about it. Then 7 days from now, if you are still interested, come back here and we’ll put you on the road to stardom.”

“Okay Carrie, if you think that’s best, but I’m 99.999999% sure that I’ll be back next week, and Carrie, is it okay if Chuck fucks me again next week?”

“Of course it is. If you want to come back before the 7 days are up, for a reminder fuck, just turn up here. I’m sure that Chuck would never miss the chance to fuck a girl as amazing as you Ella.”

I put my clothes on, picked up the money and left telling Chuck and Carrie that I’d see them in a week, or less.

As I walked I tried to remember where I was going before Carrie stopped me, but I couldn’t. All I could think of was next week at this time and the opportunities that Chuck and Carrie had said they could make happen.

My whole outlook on my body and my life had changed and I was a much happier girl I couldn’t wait to get home so that my fingers could get busy. Or maybe I could find a place in public where I could do the deed.
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