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Jim's birthday is just around the corner and some of his lady friends take it upon themselves to make it a memorable one for him. The lucky gal to deliver the surprise is one that he had not spent time with intimately up till this point in time, making it a surprise indeed.
All characters in this story were of age of consent or older at the time the story takes place.

It’s the late ‘80s, the internet was still in its infancy, cell phones were but a concept. A simpler time for many things, at least looking back it seems that way most of the time.

Surprise Birthday Party

As I stuck my key in the lock to open my door, I could hear the phone ringing. “What the hell?” I asked myself out loud as I pushed the door open and removed my key before shutting it behind me. I dropped my lunch bag on the dining table as I rushed past into my little kitchen to grab the phone off the hook.

“Hello?” I answered, still wondering who would be calling me this early in the morning.

I’d just got home from working all night at the plant. I was tired, grumpy and only thinking about a quick shower and then a bite to eat before I laid down to sleep the morning away. It was barely seven thirty in the morning. Hopefully it wasn’t work calling with some problem or another.

“Jim! Good! I caught you before you went to bed.” I heard a giggling voice on the other end of the phone respond after I had answered.

“Yeah... What...” I began to ask but was cut off by more giggles and an all too cheery voice, a familiar voice.

“Susan? Shouldn’t you be in bed sleeping too?” I asked with a wry grin as I relaxed a bit, turning to lean back against the kitchen counter.

“Well... I guess, but I need to eat too. I know you just got off, and since I caught you this early, you’ve not eaten yet either.”

“Right...” I admitted, a little suspicious that Susan was going to ask for... a booty call... It was not unheard of for her and I to fool around some mornings after we both got off shift from working nights.

“I was talking with a couple of folks on Night Friends before I left work. They were up late and we all thought it’d be great to get together for breakfast. You up for it?” Susan asked a little more calmly.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. We shared a lot of friends online at Night Friends so any get together was usually fun. However, I’d been getting an odd vibe from Susan and a few others the last few times I’d been online at Night Friends myself. I had to wonder what was going on. That age old truth that keeps coming back to me time and time again... women talk, kept nagging at the back of my mind. I wonder what they have been talking about? And was this impromptu invitation really... impromptu, or part of a plan?

Those thoughts, and wondering who else was going to be there, flashed through my mind in the blink of an eye, and didn’t pause the conversation one bit. My stomach growling, however, did sway me towards joining Susan and whoever else was going to join us for breakfast.

“Sure, why not? I don’t smell too bad, I think. Where are we meeting? And, who, are we meeting?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Where, would be Frisch’s... Who... well, you’ll just have to wait and see... besides me, that is. You want to see me, don’t you?” Susan informed me and then teased with that little pout in her voice that made me want to growl.

“You know I’m always happy to see you... tease. Okay, one more question, when?” I asked with a grin on my face.

“Right now. If you leave right now, you’ll likely get there the same time I do.” Susan told me, again with a giggle, yeah... something was up.

“Okay. See you in a few minutes.” I told her and heard her hang up on her end before I stood up and reached over to hang my phone back on the cradle.

I stood up straight and stretched my arms toward the ceiling hearing my arms and my back pop and crack. I ran my fingers through my hair and rubbed my face, feeling the beginnings of a five-o’clock shadow. Looking at the clock on my microwave on the counter I realized that I didn’t have time to shave, but I could at least wash my face and brush my teeth before I left my apartment.

Five minutes later I was going back through my door, locking it behind me before going down the steps to the building entrance and out that door. The skies were a little cloudy but it only made the hot air feel that much more humid. It was August, and even at eight o’clock in the morning the air was muggy already.

Pulling my Ford Escort into the parking lot at Frisch’s, I did see Susan pulling into a parking space as well. I did almost beat her to the restaurant, even after taking time to wash my face and brush my teeth. I parked next to her and got out. I was greeted by her cherubic smiling face and a mischievous look in her eyes. Oh, and a hug. A nice big ol’ squishy “titty hug”. I so very much love those!

After I set Susan back down on her feet, after the hug, we both went inside. Susan asked the hostess for a large table for six. Hearing the number, I turned to look at Susan questioningly but she just grinned at me and shrugged.

“I’m not sure if everyone is going to show up or not, but if they do, we’ll have room.” Susan explained as we both followed the hostess to the table.

It was one of the tables they make by pushing two regular tables together, chairs got shuffled around. Soon, we were sitting and placing orders for something to drink before we ordered our food. I ordered a glass of orange juice, a glass of milk, and a glass of water. Working in the plant in the summer time, if I didn’t drink plenty of water I would easily dehydrate. Heat cramps are not pleasant. Susan ordered juice and coffee.

The waitress had just brought our drinks when the first of the mystery friends showed up. Sarah! I hadn’t even seen her come in or approach the table. The first I knew of her being there was the quick flash of recognition on Susan’s face across the table from me... and mischievous smile... then soft arms encircling my shoulders and neck from behind and warm soft lips kissing my neck.

Oh, God! What a way to be greeted... especially by someone very near and dear to my heart. Sarah and I shared a little history. A complicated history, short lived but it burned hotter than some relationships ever achieve. I wasn’t sure how much of that Susan was aware of, and I wasn’t one to kiss and tell to begin with so I minded my manners and played it cool.

That’s not to say I didn’t welcome Sarah to join us for breakfast, it really was a treat to see her, anytime. I stood and turned to give her a proper hug, though I didn’t pick her up like I had Susan a little earlier. Sarah smiled, knowingly, secretly, but she too minded her manners and kept it “friendly” after the hug. She had a seat to my left and joined us at looking at the menu, and talking.

I kept getting those oh so subtle questioning looks from Susan. Looks that turned to smirks, just shy of irritation because I wasn’t being forthcoming with anything regarding Sarah and myself. For all Susan knew, we were just friends on Night Friends and not much else. I’d just as soon keep it that way too. Not that I was ashamed to be around Sarah, hardly! But Sarah was married, and happily... now, and I would not rock that boat. We’d already been down that path and I still had guilt issues over our... fling.

Sarah and Susan were chatting about something that another user on Night Friends had said online earlier, last night, I corrected myself. Yeah... girls talk. I excused myself to run to the restroom for a moment, both sets of eyes turned to me and both ladies smiled and told me to hurry back. There it was again... that feeling that something was up. I bit my tongue and headed off to do my business. My bladder was screaming... too much water I suspect.

When I returned to the table, I noticed we had been joined by two other people. I knew one of them by sight, having met her in person at a couple of other Night Friends get togethers, Lauren. The other girl I hadn’t met before. After I sat back down, introductions were made. The other girl turned out to be Lauren’s younger sister Eve.

“Hi Eve.” I said in way of greeting, with a friendly smile.

“Hi Jim, or should I say, Frodov?” Eve responded with a wink, that made me give her a puzzled expression.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” Eve asked with a wry grin. “We’ve talked on Night Watcher before, at least in the trivia room anyway.” She elaborated a little further, still leaving me to draw a blank.

Susan and Lauren both laughed at my puzzlement. Lauren, who had seated herself to my right, placed her left hand on my thigh under the table and gave it a light squeeze. I didn’t exactly jump at the unexpected contact but I was still a little surprised. Surprised enough to turn and give her a look. To the others it might have been seen as me looking at Lauren for further explanation.

“Eve is ‘Winny’ on Night Friends...” Lauren explained and gave me a surreptitious wink.

“Ah... okay. Now I know who you are.” I said, smiling at Eve, who grinned even bigger than she had been already.

Eve was Lauren’s younger sister. While Lauren was in her late forties, Eve was in her mid-twenties and just coming out of a bad relationship. Something that I had picked up through conversation chatting on Night Friends. I really hadn’t talked in depth with her, but not because I was unwilling, but rather because we seemed to be on different schedules coming and going online. Lauren, on the other hand... well... we had talked in depth about many things, mostly her adventures with other users on Night Friends.

Lauren was a teacher, currently teaching at college level in mathematics. She was very intelligent, but at the same time, very... well...uncertain. Uncertain about relationships. Lauren couldn’t get into the whole bar scene and dating within her field of work was pretty much a bust. However, like so many others, myself included, Night Friends had opened up a whole new world for her.

Meeting new friends and exploring possibilities was exciting. Not that it didn’t come with its own pitfalls and drawbacks, nothing is ever perfect. Lauren, like most women and girls online was pursued by quite a few guys when she signed onto Night Friends. She was flirted with, yes, by me too, and hit on by several guys who were regulars there. Only thing is, she didn’t know their stories so she had to learn the hard way.

Not everyone online was single. In fact, more than half the guys on Night Friends were married or in a relationship. That didn’t stop them from perving though. They would pursue any female who got on the site. At first, Lauren ate it up, like a someone starving and then being offered an endless buffet. She chatted and got nasty with several guys. But when she found out about the ones who were seeing other women in exclusive, supposedly, relationships, she dropped them. There was one guy, however, that was married and somehow convinced Lauren that his was an open marriage, and he was free to play with others.

This was new to Lauren and it intrigued her. I lost count of how many times I had spoken with her in private chat about the subject. Yes, I knew the guy and his wife. Not to be too blunt, but I thought Lauren could do much better. There’s a world of difference between being open and being sexually indiscriminate. They got around, a LOT. Honestly, I was afraid that if Lauren ‘played’ with him much she was liable to contract something nasty.

I told her ultimately the choice was hers, but I did advise her to be safe when she fooled around. I think that one of the reasons she liked talking to me was that I didn’t judge her, and I certainly didn’t tell her business to anyone else. There are some things she told me about her rendezvous with this man that I really wished I hadn’t been told. But it is what it is.

Lauren was not some spinster, far from it. She had been married for many years and had an adult son who often crashed at her house because of a multitude of reasons. Partying too much, drinking too much, being broke, or pissing off his girlfriend or roommates etc. etc. I met him several times. To me he seemed to be like most any other 20 something year-old part-time college student. He was smart, as well as smart-assed, but he really did love his mamma and I knew for a fact that she loved him.

Yes, Lauren often talked to me about her son too. Trying to understand him and how he thought, she would ask me to help her understand. I did what I could, but I told her only he knew what he was really thinking or feeling. Lauren would also talk about her younger sister Eve, from time to time. She expressed how jealous she was of her younger sister and the ease that she had finding guys. Meeting Eve in person, now, I understood better just how that might be a reality.

Eve was a younger version of Lauren, to a degree. They both had the same color hair, dirty blonde. They both had similar or at least familial facial features. They shared a similar laugh whenever they were amused. Another thing they shared was that look in their eyes... they were on the prowl, hunting, checking out all the guys, including me.

My history of flirting with both of them online at Night Friends could have been my undoing. They like the other girls here this morning knew however that I was not serious, much, when flirting. It was all in fun and I never was rude or offensive... so they always welcomed more from me.

Our waitress stopped by the table again and asked if we were all ready to order yet. Susan was about to say that we’d wait a bit more but then smiled and waved across the dining room to someone coming in the doors. I turned to look and had to smile as well. It was another of my closer friends on Night Friends where she went by the name Velma. The thick glasses and short red hair gave her a distinctive Velma look from the Scooby Doo animation. The slightly oversized sweater and knee length plaid skirt certainly didn’t detract from that idea either.

Cass walked briskly over to our table to join us. She greeted everyone with a smile or rather a smirk, and an apology for running a little late. Cass looked at me sitting between Lauren and Sarah and tilted her head down slightly to look over the tops of her thick glasses and her dark red eyebrows rose questioningly even as she gave me her signature smirk then a wink. Okay... now I was certain that something was afoot with these women.

The fact that I had been to bed with all of them except for Lauren and her sister Eve was not mentioned, aloud anyway, but it was obviously common knowledge amongst the females at this gathering. I know it was not by my telling though. I didn’t kiss and tell, and they all knew it... and as far as I understood, respected me for that. But there it was again... women talk.

“You off today, Cass?” I asked as she sat down at the end of the table to my right with Susan to her right and Sarah to her left.

“Well, I wasn’t supposed to be, but thanks to the broken sprinkler head in the archive’s basement yesterday, they told us to stay home till they can get all the water cleaned up. It’s going to take weeks if not months to dry everything out, especially down in the dungeons.” Cass lamented in her typical cynical voice.

Anyone who didn’t know Cass, would think that she’s a bitter woman. And they would be right to a certain degree. She had not had the best of luck in life either, divorced for a few years at this time, not a pretty divorce either. She also had an adult son to contend with, even though he lived with his father and his new wife. Cass also was hounded online by the horn dogs, just like the rest of the gals at the table this morning. Most of the same guys actually, including the one that Lauren was still fooling around with.

As far as I could tell, there was no animosity between Lauren and Cass. Quite the opposite, actually. It’s almost like they were sorority sisters in a way, trading notes and such. Probably some things I shouldn’t have been privy to, to be honest. Yeah, too much information really.

We all ordered our food and then just enjoyed everyone’s company. It was a gossip fest, for sure. I was a little overwhelmed most of the time, but I went along with the banter and conversations. It wasn’t long before I started to get the feeling that... well... the girls were feeling me out, seeking some information perhaps.

It was not a secret that my birthday was just around the corner. I’ve never been one to really celebrate much, I mean it’s just another day on the calendar, right? But I forgot who I was having breakfast with.

“So, Jim? What’s Barb up to next week? You have plans for your birthday?” Susan asked, I looked up from my food and cocked my head a little questioningly while I chewed the bite in my mouth and swallowed. Every other eye at the table was on me, I could feel them. They were listening.

“No plans. In fact, Barb has to go to Louisville that weekend to her niece’s recital or something. She’s a concert pianist, or learning to be one anyway. Barb said she and I might be able to get together sometime the week following.” I said nonchalantly, playing down any disappointment I might have had or felt. Barb and I really were just very, very close friends... with benefits.

“Well, that sucks.” Susan declared with a smirk, but her eyes were alight.

“Yeah, that sucks. You should come over and have dinner with Dave and I. I could make whatever you want for dinner.” Sarah said with a warm smile but then gave a slight jump. I swear, I think someone kicked her under the table.

“Thanks, but I’ll take a rain check, Sarah.” I said and leaned over to give her a peck on her cheek that made her blush and look around the table like a startled deer.

“YOU? You’re passing up a free home cooked meal?” Cass asked from the end of the table sounding like she was in total disbelief. She should know better, as well as all but Lauren and Eve, that I am a very good cook. I’ve cooked for all but the sisters at one time or another.

“I’m not sure what I’m going to do for my birthday, yet. Might not do anything, really. I’ll go see my folks, of course. I couldn’t get out of that even if I were dead.” I said with a laugh, earning me warm smiles from all but Eve who really didn’t know what to make of it.

“No celebration at all?” Lauren asked, still a little disbelieving, her hand again on my thigh under the table out of sight from the others. At least I didn’t jump.

Cass and Lauren started talking about a guy online who was also in a small local band. They wanted to go see this band perform, he had invited both of them... individually. They decided that they would go hear the band play, but they were going to go together. Someone was in for an awkward evening. Awkward if he left the stage and tried to talk to the two of them anyway.

Could be fun to watch I thought to myself with a grin. Funny how the show was the night of my birthday. Were they thinking about bringing me along for some sort of insurance or back up maybe? And what about Eve? Were these women trying to fix me up with Eve? I looked at Sarah in silent questioning and she rolled her eyes at me and shook her head in the negative.

Sarah had on several occasions tried to fix me up with women that she knew that she thought would be good for me. That was... well... before she and I had something between just the two of us. That’s in the past now though.

“Eve? Would you like to come see the band play too?” Cass asked from her end of the table.

“I don’t think so. I’ve actually got a date that night. I hope I’m going to be busy doing... something else.” Even replied cryptically with a sly grin. I heard Lauren harrumph quietly beside me but didn’t say anything.

Susan would be working, that much I already knew. Though, she did hint at maybe breakfast either the day of my birthday, if I was still in town, or the day after, when she got off work. When she looked across the table at me with that feral look in her eyes and her biting her bottom lip and waggling her eyebrows at me, I knew that she was open to playing at some point as well. Good to know. It made part of my male anatomy jump a little and feel just a little bit fuller than a few moments ago.

The conversation moved on, away from my upcoming birthday. I suspected that whoever was up to whatever they were planning had got the information they needed. But what was it? I guessed I’d find out in good time, just not today.

Breakfast wound down as everyone finished eating and finished or at least had enough coffee. I know I was winding down, and fast. Working all night in the plant, sweating and dealing with the heat. Then staying up later than usual with this bunch of women had me exhausted. I caught Susan yawning too though, so I know she was also tired and ready to go to bed, to sleep.

The rest of the girls took pity on Susan and I and we were all soon heading to the cash register to pay for our meals and head off our separate ways. Hugs all around, even a hug from Eve. She said that she didn’t want to feel left out. I laughed and gave her a lift and twirl hug like I had Susan earlier that morning. The other girls laughed.

As we were going out the doors to the parking lot, Lauren tugged at my arm to slow me down a moment.

“I know you’re going home to go to bed, but could you call me later when you get up?” She asked quietly, a serious look on her face let me know that this wasn’t about flirting.

“Sure. It’ll be later in the afternoon, maybe after three or so. Is that okay?” I asked in return.

“That’s fine. I’m off tonight and tomorrow, so I’ll be up late online probably.” Lauren told me, avoiding eye contact. Uh oh... trouble in paradise I thought.

Everyone waved and said their goodbyes as they climbed into their cars. I was soon pulling into a parking space in front of my building and then climbing the steps to my apartment. I think I locked the door behind me as I made my way to my bedroom, shedding clothing as I walked. Pushing through the blackout curtains over my doorway to the bedroom, I think I simply collapsed onto my bed. I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow.

Don’t you just hate that annoying sound, whatever it is, that wakes you up from a sound sleep? I managed to pry one eyelid open and look beyond my pillow. I blinked a couple of times before I realized that I couldn’t see anything because it was still dark in my bedroom thanks to my blackout curtains. But what was it that woke me up? Maybe someone slamming a door somewhere else in the building? Then I heard it again. The phone was ringing.

With a groan, I threw back the covers and rolled out of bed to stand and go through the blackout curtain over my door and across the hall to the kitchen to grab the phone off the cradle.

“Hello?” I answered. All I heard was a dial tone. Whoever had tried to call had given up and hung up before I could answer. Great! I scrubbed one hand over my bleary eyes and face, feeling the stubble of my five o’clock shadow. I stepped to the left and opened the fridge door to have a look. I grabbed the tea pitcher and then reached for a clean glass on my dish drainer atop the counter beside the sink. I poured the glass about three quarters full and then drank it all down in one go. I was dehydrated.

I poured another half glass and put the pitcher back in the fridge before opening the freezer and pulling out a handful of ice cubes to put in the glass of tea. That done, I looked at the clock on my microwave to see what time it was. The repeated flashing of twelve o’clock puzzled me for a moment, I was still half asleep after all. Then I realized that the power must have gone out at some time while I was asleep and then came back on. Wonderful!

Living in an apartment complex, one learns not to rely too heavily on electric clocks to keep up with the time, especially to wake you up to go to work or whatever. I have an old-fashioned wind-up alarm clock that keeps time perfectly well whether the electricity is on or not. It just keeps tick tock’ing right along.

I carried my glass of tea back across the hallway and through my blackout curtain into my bedroom. I walked over to my desk and flipped on the lamp then glanced over at my bookcase headboard to see the time on my alarm clock. It was just two forty-five, but was that AM or PM? I plopped down in my desk chair and spun around to turn on my computer and fire up the modem.

When my computer came on, I saw the time was indeed PM so it was still earlier than when I usually get up to go to get ready to go to work. I would have slept a little later today as I was off this evening, as well as the next two nights. I wouldn’t return to work until Monday evening, work three nights and then be off the next three Thursday, Friday... my birthday... and Saturday. As I thought of that, I again wondered what was going on with the ladies I had breakfast with this morning. I had a sardonic smile on my face as I keyed the dial up sequence to connect my modem to Night Friends.


The prompt on my screen blinked, patiently waiting for me to type in my user name.



Again, the blinking prompt... I shook my head to clear my thoughts and took a drink of iced tea while I pondered for a moment. Did I change my password recently? Hesitantly I keyed in my last password and hit enter. For a moment, nothing happened, then the screen scrolled down, filling with email and message notices for the bulletin board. I guess I hadn’t changed my password after all.

I was just starting to go through my email when I got a private message prompt from Teach... Lauren. I clicked accept and entered into private chat.

Teach: “Hey you! Good morning!” Lauren sent.

Frodov: “Hey... Did you just try to call me a few minutes ago?” I responded with a question.

Teach: “Umm... I might have...” She responded cryptically.

Teach: “Did I wake you up?” Lauren sent with a pout.

Frodov: “No. You didn’t wake me... but the phone ringing did, I think.”

Teach: “I’m sorry. I couldn’t remember if you had to work tonight or not, and I really needed to talk to you before you left for work if you did... work tonight.” Lauren explained, showing an anxiousness that I was familiar with, for her anyway.

Frodov: “If there is something you need to talk about, I can log off and you can call me on the phone.” I sent to Lauren.

Teach: “No, no, no, it’s okay, really. I mean, yeah, I’d like to talk about some stuff, but...” She sent but paused before continuing.

Teach: “My son is here today. He and his roommates didn’t pay their electric bill so it got cut off, they have no air conditioning until it gets turned back on. If I were talking on the phone, he could hear me. Typing here on Night Friends, he won’t overhear anything, this is better, for now anyway.

Frodov: “Okay, good point. You have my attention. What did you want to talk about?” I sent then sat back in my office chair and brought my hands to scrub my face roughly, still trying to wake up completely. I felt my scruffy beard that needed to be shaved, a reminder that I also needed to take a shower as well. When I looked again, Lauren had sent another text.

Teach: “Well... you know about...* him * ... right? He’s asked to come with me when I go on vacation next month. He says that his wife is okay with it, of course, but I still don’t know.” Lauren opened the conversation that followed, basically asking me what she should do.

Frodov: “I can’t tell you what you should do, that’s totally up to you. I can ask you how you feel about it though. Is he sharing the costs with you or even offering to help pay for anything?” I sent even though I suspected the answer was no. I’ve heard of this guy through at least two other women on Night Friends, he was a moocher. A freeloader, on top of being a pussy hound. Of course, he could turn on the charm and tell the ladies most everything they wanted to hear, but never actually followed through on any of it. Yeah, I wanted to say those things, but I knew it wasn’t my place to say them. What I could do was suggest they, like Lauren, should ask questions... lots of questions. That and use protection if they deigned to have any relations with this guy.

Teach: “No... he’s not offering to pay for anything. He doesn’t have any money right now, he’s not working.” Lauren sent to me with a . That told me that she knew he was just using her... or trying to... but then, so was she. She was using him, in her way. Being single and not exactly free to mingle and date much because of her job, I knew she longed for more. That she would stoop so low as to let this guy into her bed though, was she really that desperate?

Frodov: “Well, if you do take him with you, just be... careful.” I sent with a smile.

Teach: “I’m always careful.” Lauren responded with a wink.

Frodov: “So you’ve told me, several times over. Do you always use condoms?” I asked blatantly, knowing that sometimes that question could be a conversation killer.

Teach: “Actually... no. But I always use some kind of contraceptive.” Lauren confessed.

Frodov: “Pregnancy is preventable in many ways, but some of them won’t protect you from diseases.” I reminded her straight up.

Teach: “UGH! I’m not some teenager, I’ve been around a while you know.” Lauren sent back with exasperation in between the lines of the text, I had to laugh a little. You see, Lauren was about ten years older than I was. I thought it ironic and even a little humorous that I should be sounding more like an adult giving advice in this instance than she was.

Frodov: “I’m well aware of that, girl, I’m just doing my part to prevent headaches, if not heartaches.” I sent with a blush.

Teach: “Yeah, everyone says that you tend to be the voice of reason so to speak...” Lauren sent then fell silent for a bit. I wondered if she felt like she had let something slip that I was not to have heard or been told, or if she felt like she spoke out of turn perhaps. Of course, it all came back to the core concept that... women talk. I shouldn’t be surprised that I might be the subject of that talk from time to time simply because they might know me.

Frodov: “The voice of reason? I kind of like that. I might not agree with it, but I like it.” I sent back with a big smile.

Teach: “So, you don’t think you’re reasonable... or that people say that?” Lauren asked with a grin.

Frodov: “I’m only human, and a man at that... I’m as fallible as any other guy, I guess. I might try to think a little before I say or do something questionable a little more often than some, but I’m no saint.” I depreciated while actually blushing for real as I typed the message.

Teach: “Well, forget I said anything then. I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me either. Speaking of which...” Lauren sent with another grin.

Frodov: “Speaking of what?” I prompted, not sure what she had alluded to in her abbreviated text.

Teach: “I’m having some friends over tonight, just a casual get-together. I’m going to cook some burgers and hotdogs on the grill, all the fixin’s of course. We’re going to play cards or board games, listen to music, you know, just hang out. Maybe if you’re not doing anything...” Lauren again drifted off leaving her text open ended. I knew she was asking me over but didn’t want to make it sound like it was more than just a friendly gesture.

Frodov: “Well, I need to go to grocery store this afternoon. I can wait on doing laundry for another week or so. Sure! If you don’t mind feeding a voice of reason. Who else is going to be there? And would you like me to bring something to contribute?” I asked then stretched in my chair hearing my bones clicking and popping especially as I rolled my neck on my shoulders. I looked over my shoulder at the clock on my headboard judging the time I needed to get my grocery shopping done.

Teach: “Great! And, no, you don’t need to bring anything. But if you want something particular to drink, you might pick something up on your way. We’ll have soda, and beer. I have some vodka and gin and a bottle of Tequila... if you’re interested in that.” Lauren sent with a wink.

Frodov: “Yeah... I might want to pass on the T’Kill’Ya... I have bad memories from a couple of times I went fishing for that worm.” I sent with a shudder.

Teach: “Oh? Maybe you can tell us about it tonight. Gonna start cooking around five, but it’s a gas grill, anytime you show up would be fine, I can cook another burger or hotdog as called for.” Lauren informed me.

Lauren went on to tell me the Night Friends names of some of her other “guests” for the evening. Surprisingly, I thought, “He” wasn’t on the list. It made me wonder if perhaps she was having second thoughts about her quiet relationship with this married man... open marriage or not. It also made me wonder if perhaps Lauren was looking at me as a possible new fling. I’d have to be careful how I interacted with her so I wouldn’t hurt her feelings. Not that I would be opposed to playing around some if she wanted. I had no problems with being friends with benefits, but I wasn’t really looking for a serious relationship with anyone at present. I honestly wondered if I every would again. Some wounds run deep and take a very long time to heal.

After I promised Lauren that I’d come over for her little get together later that evening, she seemed to be in a better mood. I still had things to attend to before I went to her house though, most urgently of those was to answer mother nature’s call. My bladder was screaming at me by the time I logged off from Night Friends and went to the bathroom to take care of that matter.

A quick shower and shave, woke me up fully for the day. I dressed and made a grocery list before heading out to run those errands. Groceries, and a trip by a liquor store for something to take tonight. I opted for some popular wine coolers that many seemed to like, including me. I’ve never been much of a drinker, really. Wine coolers were... refreshing. They had enough alcohol to give you a low-grade buzz, but you’d have to drink a lot of them to get drunk.

Home again, I put my food away and seeing that it was still a little early, I debated on whether to go over early and help Lauren set up, or get online again at Night Friends. In the end, I did both... first I logged on the computer to check emails and messages. I sent a message to Barb, hoping she was having fun. I said hi to Todd and Anne. I sent a message to Sarah telling her it was good to see her this morning. Since there was nobody else online at the time that I cared to get into a conversation with, I logged off and headed over to Lauren’s house.

I don’t think Lauren was expecting me as early as I showed up. She seemed just a little flustered when she came to the door after I rang the bell and waited for a few minutes. She was wrapped in a robe and her hair was a little damp yet. The lack of makeup made me think I had interrupted her getting dressed. That wasn’t the case though.

“Jim! You’re early!” Lauren exclaimed when she opened the door and saw me standing on her front porch holding two cartons of wine coolers.

“Well, I got everything I needed to do done early and I thought you might like a little help getting set up for tonight.” I explained with a shrug of my shoulders.

“I can come back later if you want...” I started to offer.

“Oh... don’t be silly. Come on in. I was just... um... talking to someone on Night Friends...” Lauren said a little bashfully, not wanting to maintain eye contact.

“Ahhh... someone checking up on you... or the other way around?” I said with a smile and a soft laugh.

“Yeah... you could say that.” Lauren said with a smirk and rolled her eyes a bit before biting her lip then shrugged her shoulders.

“You okay with that?” I asked her with one eyebrow raised slightly in question.

Lauren took a deep breath... which did something marvelous for the light robe she had on then sighed resignedly. Apparently, there wasn’t much if anything on under that robe. I think Lauren realized that and looked at me a little sheepishly and blushed before responding.

“Actually, I’m starting to tire of it. At first it was kind of cute, you know? But anymore it just sounds like he’s awfully... possessive. I’m not so sure I like that, really.” Lauren confessed

“Like just now, he was demanding... not asking... demanding to know who was coming over tonight.” She added.

“Yeah... For someone who’s married to someone else, I don’t think he has much right or claim to be demanding anything from you. But that’s just me. I mean, you can do whatever you want...” I stated and then started to back pedal thinking I might have sounded a little too judgmental with that statement.

Lauren caught on to my concerns right away.

“No. That’s okay. I was kind of thinking that myself actually. I think it’s time for a break from this guy, to be honest. He needs to cool his jets a little I think.” Lauren said, sounding like she had literally just made up her mind on the subject.

Lauren smiled at me, and it seemed that she had just taken a load off of her shoulders, or at least her mind. She asked me to make myself at home and told me she’d be back in a flash. She was going to go dry her hair and finish getting dressed. Being myself, I offered to help and that just got me a curious look and a wink, but she didn’t say anything, just turned and kind of swayed her way down the hall to the stairs to go up to her bedroom.

Most people have their master bedroom on the ground floor. But where Lauren is a professor, and lives alone, mostly, she opted to turn the master bedroom into her home office, and have her bedroom upstairs. The entire upper floor was converted into one big room, with a bathroom too, of course. There was still a smaller guest bedroom on the ground floor, down the hall from the office. Her son often slept there I was informed... or the occasional guest.

I wandered into the Lauren’s kitchen and opened the door to put the wine coolers into the fridge. The fridge was a bit crowded with prepared side dishes like potato salad, coleslaw, a tray of hot dogs and a tray of hamburger patties. Indeed, there were several bottles of liquor on the top shelf as well as a case of light beer and a couple of cartons of bottled beer as well. I managed to squeeze in the two cartons of wine coolers, minus one bottle I kept out to sip on as I waited.

I closed the fridge and looked around the kitchen, spotting bags of different kinds of chips and a jar of salsa and a couple of tubs of dip. There were several packages of hamburger and hotdog buns on one counter. Off one side of the kitchen was a doorway to a small den. I spied her stereo system on a book shelf next to her television set. Of course, I had to go over and check that out. I had an ancient turn table and some pitiful speakers at my own place and a very good sounding boom box for cassettes and simply listening to broadcast radio stations. This, however, was several steps up... this was a sound system.

I figured out where the power button was and turned the system on. I was not prepared for the booming bass beat that erupted from the speakers placed around the room though. WOW! I instantly reached for the volume nob and turned it down. Apparently, whoever had the system on last had been rocking out with high volume or maybe had the headphones jacked in when they turned it off. I heard a laugh from upstairs as it was more than obvious that Lauren knew I was exploring the den at this point.

I dialed the tuner to a favorite FM station for the time being but began to peruse her collection of vinyl... her albums were stacked neatly on the shelves next to the turntable. That’s where Lauren found me when she came back downstairs a few minutes later. She was still fussing with a tie on the front of her top. Trying to tie it into some sort of bow that wouldn’t slip. What a top it was too!

Now Lauren may not have been considered overly busty by many, but she was certainly not lacking in size in that department. This top, only accentuated that abundance. It was of some gauzy printed material, maybe not silk exactly but something similar. What’s more, she definitely was not wearing a bra under it. I don’t think it would have qualified as a halter top, really, but it was designed to be worn like one, loose and free flowing. Sleeves just longer than her shoulders and the bottom of the top was, again, left in two long ties that were meant to be tied into some kind of bow. I’m not sure there were any buttons on this garment to otherwise hold it closed.

After maybe two attempts to tie a bow, she huffed out a breath in exasperation and looked pleadingly to me for help.

“Jim... could you give me a hand?” Lauren said with a sheepish grin on her face.

“Sure. Let me see what I can do.” I said with a wink and a grin of my own, setting my wine cooler down on a side table and stepping over to the doorway to where Lauren was standing.

I took one “tail” of the top in each hand and tugged a little and lifted them up and separated them just to get a feel for them... and of course to get a better look at miss Lauren and her charms. She actually blushed a little but that smile never left her face. I put the two ends together and wrapped them a couple of times to form a cinch before tying a bow and pulling the ends out to even them. It was kind of cute in the end and the smile from Lauren was all the thanks I needed.

“Thanks, Jim. I really didn’t want to have to go find another top to wear tonight. I like this one a lot.” She said giving me a sideways look that I knew was all flirt.

“I kind of like it too.” I said still grinning as I reached back for my wine cooler.

Lauren was about to say something else but her doorbell rang. She glanced over at a clock on the wall and then smirked but didn’t say anything else before holding up a finger as if to say “Hold that thought.” She turned and went to the front door to greet whoever it was. I returned to the bookshelf with all the albums on it. I wondered who it might be arriving but I knew I’d find out in a few moments.

“Fro!” a rowdy voice sounded off from the kitchen. I turned to see another familiar face from Night Friends grinning at me while carrying a couple of bags of ice. It was Kevin, or better known to the Night Friends gang as JC. He never had explained if it was just initials or it was short for something. I never really thought to ask, to be honest. Lauren told him to put the bags of ice in the kitchen sink until she could get her cooler to put them in.

JC asked where the cooler was and she said it was out on her porch. The same porch her gas grill was on, along with a glider bench and a small table and some chairs. Admittedly, it was a little cramped but it worked. Lauren opened the door from the kitchen to the back porch and JC retrieved the cooler for her. Meanwhile I had made a couple of ***********ions of Lauren’s vinyl collection and had put them on the turn table to cue up.

First up was some Boston, their greatest hits album. On standby, waiting to drop next, was also a greatest hits album, but the Eagles. I switched the sound system to Phono and hit play. The turntable spun up and the stylus arm picked up and swung over slowly lowering onto the grooves. A moment of clicking and popping before the mesmerizing electric guitar strains led into their hit “More than a feeling”.

Okay, so it wasn’t fast paced, but the party hadn’t really gotten started yet, we were easing into it. I noticed that JC was suddenly doing his air guitar moves in the kitchen while Lauren laughed and started bobbing and swaying with the music. I must say, that action certainly accentuated her loosely contained charms quite well. Talk about a show! It wasn’t missed by JC either. He looked over at me and grinned knowingly without saying anything about it.

After two more songs from the Boston’s Greatest Hits album, I figured it was time for a change up. I changed the vinyl disc for the next one I had ***********ed, another greatest hits album, but this time it was by the Eagles. I hit play then put the Boston platter back in its sleeve. The arm rose and moved over to lower the stylus into the grooves. Soon the familiar strains of guitar were blasting out of the speakers and we were all standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona, taking it easy.

People began showing up at this point. Friends from Night Friends and a few that I didn’t know. As it turned out some of these people were friends of Lauren’s son, basically here for a free meal and booze. Lauren wasn’t exactly thrilled about it, but she loved her son so she tolerated it. Some of the guys were okay, they were entertaining in their own ways.

Eve showed up about halfway through the party, she looked as thought she had already been partying somewhere else. Even if so, she didn’t look particularly happy. My guess was that whatever she had been doing or where she had been had not gone as she would have preferred. She skipped right past the food and fixed herself a drink, a tall drink. It didn’t escape her older sister’s notice but she just grimaced slightly and let it go, she was the hostess after all, she had other things to worry about.

Eve ended up on the back porch with me and a couple of others. I had somehow been wrangled into managing the grill and cooking hamburgers and hotdogs. Not that I minded, I was quite comfortable cooking, even if on a grill. Other than a greeting the other two partiers didn’t know Eve so it wasn’t long before they got up and went back inside. Someone had shouted that they were going to start a card game.

When I’d pulled off the last of the hotdogs that were cooking and set them on a plate. I sat down at the patio table and picked up my wine cooler. Even held her glass out and clinked it to my bottle with a smirk of a smile on her face. If she had been completely sober, I might have thought she was flirting with me, but I wasn’t going to read anything into it in the state she was in at the moment.

“I don’t get it.” Eve spoke with the slightest of slurring, still smirking as she raised her glass to take another drink.

“Sorry? Don’t get what?” I asked puzzled as to what she was talking about.

Eve closed her eyes as she swallowed and grimaced slightly before running her glass that was wet with condensation across her forehead. She set her glass back on the table top with studied concentration, leaning forward to do so, then collapsing back against the chair backrest when she had let go of the glass. She folded her arms across her chest and tilted her head to her right shoulder giving me a sidelong look as if she were studying me more closely. Laughter and music could be heard inside through the screen door to the back porch.

“You.” Eve spoke finally, as if that explained everything. And smiled coyly as if she were enjoying having a secret that she was tempting me with.

“Me?” I asked still confused as to what exactly she was talking about.

“Yeah, you. I mean I was told by some of the gals on Night Friends that you were okay. Not a creep like so many of the other guys that I’ve spoken to, or that have hit on me anyway. Apparently, you have some fans there. More than fans really, more like some kind of stud.”

I nearly spit out the drink of wine cooler I had just sipped from my bottle, through my nose. My eyes watered and I convulsed between coughing and laughing. I had to lift the bottom of my tee shirt to wipe my eyes before I could continue speaking.

“Stud? You can’t be serious. As for fans as you call them, I’m not sure who you would be talking about but I do have friends on Night Friends.”

“Well, okay. Maybe not “stud”, but they talk about you like you are something special. So, I don’t get it. You look like a normal, ordinary guy. What makes you so “special”? What do you do that makes women think that way?”

“Honestly, I have no idea. I mean... I am just me. I don’t try to put the make on every woman I know... or any of them for that matter. I just like to talk to and get to know people. Sure, I flirt a bit but that’s just fun, nothing serious.” I offered with a shrug and a still puzzled look on my face.

“Yeah, talking. I was told you are a good listener. That’s more than I can say for most of the guys I’ve known in the past. Jerks. And I wouldn’t trust most of them with anything personal to start with. I don’t want everyone knowing my business.” She lamented and then reached again for her glass.

“I guess that’s the thing then. Not repeating what’s shared in confidence. I listen but I don’t gossip. Anything told to me stays between me and the person I talk with... it’s nobody else’s business.” I said nodding my head solemnly.

Eve leaned forward and picked up her sweating glass from the tabletop and swirled her glass around rattling the ice and drink within before taking another sip. She then held the glass to the side of her face as if she were resting her head in her hand and studied me again across the table. I’m not sure what she was thinking but she was definitely thinking about something.

Eventually she noticed that I was watching her intently and gave me a smirky wry grin and shook her head negatively slightly. She sighed and then her smile brightened before she moved her glass to her lips to take another sip. She broke eye contact with me and looked down into her glass and swirled it around some more before speaking again.

“Jim?” She began and paused as the back door pushed open and Lauren stepped out onto the porch behind me.

“Hey guys! The party is inside. Why don’t you come in and join the fun?” Lauren said as she closed behind me and put her hands on my shoulders and gripped lightly as if massaging them.

I rolled my head back to look up at her from where I was sitting. She smiled down at me with a look that made me wonder what she was thinking. That feeling that something was up came back to me again. Like I had missed an important part of a conversation. Oh well, I knew from past experience that sometimes it was just best to not know everything.

Eve’s face took on a mischievous smile as she looked up at her older sister and raised her glass in salute before looking back at me. I wouldn’t have been surprised had she winked at me, but she didn’t. Instead, she spoke up before I could say anything.

“Ah Lar... do we have to?” she laughed as her familiar name for sister didn’t sit well with Lauren, but she went on.

“Okay. I was just bending Jim’s ear a bit. Besides, I think I should just get a ride home and call it a night. I’ve got to work tomorrow and I’ve probably already had more than enough to drink tonight. Maybe Kim or someone can give me a ride?” Eve said, still making no move to get up and go inside just yet.

“Yeah, I think Kim and her boyfriend are getting ready to go here shortly. Otherwise, I bet Jim would offer to give you a ride...” Lauren said teasingly and gave my shoulders a not so gentle squeeze. Oh, the double entendre.

I got the distinct impression that Lauren would rather I not go anywhere just yet, except inside to join the rest in the party. I started to stand up and asked if anyone wanted any more hotdogs or burgers before I shut the grill off. I was told that there was plenty of food left so go ahead and turn the gas off and come on inside.

Lauren and Eve exchange a silent look for a few moments, the way women are apt to do and that we guys can never fathom. I’m still sure there is a secret language or some form of silent communication that exists between women that we men will never be privy to. When Eve shrugged and Lauren gave a barely audible sigh before turning and going back inside the house, it only cemented this suspicion.

“Jim? I am going to go on home... but... I really would like to “talk” more sometime.”

“Anytime I’m available, sure.” I shrugged and smiled pleasantly, thinking that there was a lot behind that request. Time will tell.

“Thanks. And Jim? Be nice. I might not have to even say that to you from what the others have said, but I love my sister... even if she is a bossy bitch sometimes.” Eve said bluntly but it was rather cryptic to me at the time.

Eve brushed past me as I was fiddling with the gas valve on the propane tank for the grill. When I was sure the gas was off, I collected my half empty wine cooler from the table and followed along inside the house myself.

“Fro!” called from several of the partiers inside in unison as I appeared through the kitchen into the den. Raised glasses, cans or bottles in salute. I couldn’t help but to smile shyly in return acknowledging all who called out. Laughter, mixed with the occasional curse from those playing one card game or another. A few couples were paired up here and there being cozy and... friendly.

There was the sickly-sweet pungent smell of someone’s joint lingering in the air as well as the smell of the food, alcohol and a weird mix of perfume and cologne from the partiers. Someone had turned the music down a bit so that conversations wouldn’t be drowned out but it was still playing in the background almost like a heartbeat. Currently it was music from the Fleetwood Mac Rumors album, it may have been nearly twenty years old but it was still well liked by all.

Lauren’s son was on her house phone sitting on the floor against the wall in the hallway just outside the kitchen and looked rather disgruntled. I later found out that he had been talking to his current girlfriend who was accusing him of fooling around with someone else... hearing the party in the back ground. He’d tried to explain to her that he was at his mother’s house and she was having a small party.

New people were showing up and some of the earlier partiers were leaving, Eve being one of those departing. She had bummed a ride from Lauren’s son, her nephew. He was going to his girlfriend’s apartment but would drop Eve off at her place on the way. I wished them both luck, which earned me a curious look from Eve then a wink.

The crowd got smaller and smaller, with only a few diehard holdouts still drinking and or cuddling here and there. Lauren spent more and more time next to me or engaging me with conversation or helping her with what not. In a round about way I think she was trying to get closer to me, warm me up for... something. Maybe I was just not paying much attention to things going on around me as I normally do, maybe I was just dense, but it began to dawn on me that I had been singled out in a manner of speaking.

The last few holdouts were at the dining room table playing a card game. The game probably would have been over already had they all been completely sober, but every one of them were at least buzzed if not drunk. Fortunately, they weren’t going to be driving. I know, I asked. I have a very deeply embedded grudge against drunk drivers, but only a few people know why. So, I asked, and when I learned they all were riding I was okay with the silliness. Lauren and I took seats at the table, she by my side, and we watched the game.

Under the table I felt a foot gently rubbing up and down my shin. Without even looking I knew it was Lauren. I glanced to my left to see her smiling at me and gave me a wink before looking back to the game that was being played. I couldn’t help but to smile to myself. Lauren had made it clear that she was definitely interested in exploring possibilities and boundaries in our friendship. She had been doing so for some time, and today was just a series of little nudges and hints towards that line of thinking.

I’ve always been a bit shy, not nearly as much at this point in time as I was when I was much younger. Coupled with the fact that I’m no longer nearly as naïve as I was then, and that I’m maybe a little more outgoing and bolder if you will, I still am capable of being slow on the uptake at times. I’ve always been a bit of a people watcher, mostly because of the shyness I suppose.

I would observe others and things around me, looking out to try to go unobserved and therefore not singled out for engagement or God forbid, ridicule. But also, with envy at others and how easily they interacted. Why couldn’t I be that way? Would I be happier? Honestly, it still tugged at my thoughts from the corner of my mind at times, but I had come a long way from being invisible and trying to remain that way.

I was mostly comfortable in my own being, yet I was still ever observant. Old habits die hard. That’s not to say being observant kept me from being clueless at times. No, that’s a matter of putting two and two together, and I was just not doing the math. Yet, when old instincts and thought processes kick in sometimes, I would have what almost might be considered an epiphany. Lauren’s Gentle touching, throughout the day and evening, her shy smiles and that look in her eyes whenever she spoke with me finally registered in my awareness. It was time I paid more attention and focus on her.

When I felt her hand rest lightly on my thigh and rub softly up and down my leg a bit, I was getting the message loud and clear. I rested my left hand atop her own wandering hand and gave it a gentle squeeze for acknowledgement and when she looked at me with a bit of surprise and uncertainty, I smiled warmly and locked eyes with her. She immediately returned the smile with a bit of a relieved if shy one herself.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the party attendees began calling it a night and heading off home. Lauren asked me to stay for a bit and help clean up maybe. I told her it wouldn’t be a problem and I’d be happy to help. It was what was not said, what was between the lines that had both of us maybe feeling just a little giddy. I know my own blood was running just a little hotter in anticipation of what might become of the night.

When only I and Lauren remained, I began collecting empty cans and bottles around the den and kitchen while Lauren cleared the table and put left over food away. The stereo still played whatever radio station the last person or ***********ed music tuned it to. It was a soft jazz station, not too energetic, but had a nice flow to it all the same. It was when I turned around with the last handful of empty bottles that I nearly bumped into Lauren who had come up behind me.

She was smiling that curious smile of Hers again, something of a cross between excitement and apprehension. The tension was mostly in her eyes, and they relaxed and the smile got a little brighter when I smiled back at her. A genuine smile, not a smirk or even a predatory grin like some guys tend to give in such situations. Just a warm, inviting, friendly smile. In a comical side step as if to get out of one another’s way, we both stepped in the same direction, firs to my left then to my right. Then I stopped and chuckled a bit then stepped right up to Lauren and held my hands as if to be dancing with her. Which is exactly what it turned into.

I had the presence of mind to stop a moment and set the empties down on the coffee table then really took her hand and hip into my own hands and drew her near to me. The little surprised gasp she let out followed by a demure giggle sounded almost musical to me, but the look in her eyes. Well, that was something entirely different. I had seen that look many times in other women that I have been close with. It was a hunger, a wanton lustful desire, a need.

After a few more moments of slow dancing, basically just rocking back and forth in place softly grinding our bodies into one another, we drew back just enough to look into one another’s eyes. Searching for that unspoken question and answer… permission… Then our lips met.

It was a slow tender, exploratory kiss at first. Feeling one another out, seeing what each other’s lips felt and tasted like. Hers were soft, so very soft, almost hesitant at first, as if still afraid to commit, or at least commit too fast. I really liked that. I myself really enjoyed that kind of a kiss, especially a first kiss. So full of promise and leaving you wanting… just… more.

That slow gentle kiss evolved however, as these things usually do. The fever between us escalated and the dancing all but stopped completely as our hands began to roam as if with minds of their own. My hands were running up and down Lauren’s sides from her hips to her shoulders and her back. Her hands were running up and across my chest, to my neck and eventually to the sides of my face. She pulled back breaking the kiss again, her tongue and mine disengaging and withdrawing for the moment as she once more looked me in the eyes, but this time she spoke.

“I… I’ve wondered for some time… what that would be like. Kissing you, and you… kissing me.”

“I hope I didn’t disappoint in any way.” I returned softly, licking my lips and really wanting to put them back to use on hers.

“No. Certainly not a disappointment. By far. Oh my… Jim…” She began and faltered, that hesitant look returning somewhat to her eyes as she gathered her courage to continue.

“Jim, would you like to… stay the night?” Lauren almost whispered the question, that hesitant look turning into hopefulness. I could almost swear that she held her breath in that moment, but as her ample chest still rose and fell, her breasts pressed into my own chest, I know she was still breathing.

“If it would not be a problem for you in anyway, I would… like that… a lot.” I responded with a soft smile.

“You would?” she asked, her smile beginning to grow as my words sank in.

“I would.” I acknowledged… just before she practically lunged at me again and locked her lips on mine once more.

There was a new eagerness and playful spirit in this kiss. Sure, we had let our tongues dance moments before, but that was more exploratory in feeling really. This time is seemed almost as if she were on a mission. She wanted all she could get, and she wanted it now. She found out that I was happy to give and showed her my own eagerness to please as well.

It was several minutes later, not sure exactly how many but it was a longer kiss for sure, when Lauren broke the seal of our lips by backing off a bit. She had a welcomingly determined look in her eyes. Eyes that sparkled with barely controlled excitement I might add. Catching her breath, she gave me a lopsided smile and spoke.

“Jim… Let’s go upstairs.”

“Are you sure about this Lauren? I mean, I’m a free agent so to speak, this won’t mess with anything going on with you?” I asked, trying to be responsible. God, it galled me sometimes, especially what little I already knew of her goings on with “him”.

“I’m my own person too. No, it’ll be fine… if you’re okay with a little… fun.” She reassured me in a lust tightened voice, her breath still a bit ragged.

“Okay… Lead the way beautiful.” I said and smiled at her warmly. Her own smile multiplied by ten at least.

Lauren reached out and took me by the hand and half turned leading me out of the den and through the kitchen again… empties and cleanup forgotten complete. At the doorway from the kitchen to the hallway she paused and frowned slightly before releasing my hand to practically race back through the kitchen to lock the door leading to the patio. She returned to me in the same haste and grabbed my hand this time pulling me a little more urgently along down the hallway.

At the bottom of the stairs, before turning to go up them, she reached over and locked the front door as well… looking at me and grinning lasciviously, she tugged me up the stairs. Damn… the woman was so giddy now she was giggling. And, it was infectious. I couldn’t help but to grin and feel the excitement as well.

At the top of the stairs, she turned to the left and opened the door to her bedroom. The Master bedroom, was converted from formerly two upstairs bedrooms by knocking out a few walls and changing the layout a bit. The shared upstairs bathroom had been moved an additional twelve feet or so to one side of the house, reducing the former bedroom on that side by the same. That bedroom became a walk-in closet/dressing room and storage. Leaving the other room much larger. Good thing too, as it needed to be able to accommodate her king-sized bed. Nice.

After I had taken in the room for a moment or two, I felt Lauren’s arms go around my waist from behind, her chin coming to rest on my shoulder close to my neck that she nuzzled playfully. Her breasts in that same top she dressed in earlier for the part were pressing into my back, so nice. As began to spin about to take her into my arms again, she stepped back a little playfully with a sly grin on her face and one hand on my chest.

“Hold that thought.” She said before taking a deep, deep breath and slowly exhaling as if to savor the moment.

“I’ll be right back. Just going to go and slip into something… a little more… comfortable. I know that sounds like a bad movie line, but… just wait a moment for me.” She said almost with a blush before backing away in a halting swinging step that seemed reluctant to leave my company, before finally spinning on one foot and practically dashing through the bathroom and to the walk-in closet.

“I’ll wait right here…” I said trying to sound calmer than I actually felt.

Yeah, my heart rate was elevated to say the least. My pants seemed far tighter than they had in some time too. There’s just something about being with someone new for the first time. All that anticipation and wonder of the unknown. I used the time to look around Lauren’s bedroom a bit. Not being nosy really just being observant.

There were the obligatory family photos framed here and there, her son, her sister, someone I suspected was her mother and father, others that I had no clue as to who they were. There were personal items as well, nick-knacks, a brush, a glass for water on the night stand to one side with an alarm clock/radio behind it. And… the bed. I’d only been in or on a few king-sized beds in my life. For a single guy who slept alone most of the time it seemed expansive… hugely so… compared to my queen-sized bed.

It definitely had a feminine feel to the bed, and the room, of course. Much more nicely decorated than my own bachelor digs at my apartment. There was a light floral almost perfumed smell to the room. I tested the mattress by sitting on the edge of the bed facing the doorway that Lauren had vanished through moments ago. I began to wonder if I should kick off my shoes and take my clothes off. Nah. Probably not. That would make me seem way too eager, and in my mind presumptuous. So, I just waited patiently and tried to reign in my excitement a little bit.

I didn’t have to wait too awfully long though, hearing a floorboard creak, I looked up to the doorway and saw Lauren. She posed almost nervously in a languid sensual manner, her left hip resting lightly against the door frame. Her right hand and arm raised to the opposite side of the doorway, her wrist resting against the frame. Lauren’s left arm casually draped across her waist lightly holding closed the diaphanous nearly see-through robe. More like a bathing cover-up than a robe though. And the hint of the ruby red lingerie she wore beneath it as alluring to say the least. Yet, that was all wrapping, the really attention grabber, for me anyway, was the look in her eyes and on her face.

“So, do you like?” She asked in a subdued but hopeful quiet voice.

It took me a moment or three to respond, my mouth had to have been hanging open, I’m sure. I had certainly not expected anything like this. I’ve known Lauren for some time, in a manner of speaking. I’ve spoken with her at length about many things. I had flirted with her, sure, as I had with many friends online and off. But never had I suspected that this woman had a side like this.

“Yes… Um… I mean Yeah. Wow! Laur… that’s… wow!” I said haltingly, trying to be cool and complimentary at the same time. Not doing so well on the playing it cool though, I’m afraid.

Lauren’s smile told me that even that answer was the right one, however. Lowering her hand from the door frame and slowly walking towards the bed, and me, she never took her eyes off of mine. That smile went from joyful to almost predatory. Still happy, but definitely looking for more. I watched her slink towards me. Slink being the appropriate word here, I think. Lauren was not a waif by any stretch of the imagination. She was a full-figured mature woman, curves and all. But there was a grace that comes with self-confidence, even if it’s affected or for show. She was working overtime to seduce me in her own way.

Coming to a slow halt in front of me, had me looking up into her eye from my seated position on the edge of the bed. Lauren reached out a hand and ran it along the side of my cheek and back over my neck to run her fingers through my hair. I inhaled a long appreciative breath, taking in her freshly perfumed or powdered scent… it was mixed with both the floral scent of whatever perfume or powder… and… her arousal. That aroma that each woman exudes and possesses that is uniquely her own. Lauren was a soft muskiness with a hint of spice. It was really nice. I couldn’t help but to close my eyes and savor it for a moment, being this close to the source as it were.

Opening my eyes again, I looked into Lauren’s eyes and could almost see the wheels turning. She was evaluating everything that was happening, just as I was in my own way. When I went to stand up and wrap my arms around her, I was stopped in mid-rise. With both hands on my shoulders, she gently pushed me back down to a sitting position.

“No, no, no... stay there.” She all but whispered.

Lauren lowered her hands down the front of my chest to grasp and lightly tug at my shirt, pulling it from my jeans to lift it slowly up over my arms and head. She tossed the shirt aside not even watching where it went. Her eyes were locked on mine again, only to wander across my face and down my chest, as did her hands. Her warm soft hands and fingers rubbing gently into my skin, rubbing across my nipples that sent chills all through me.

She smiled seeing my reaction to this sensual contact and leaned down closer to my face and kissed my forehead then nose… then my lips. My own hands had rose to hold the sides of her thighs, rising to her hips feeling that diaphanous material under my fingers. Lauren moaned ever so softly at the sensation herself, breaking the kiss with a soft low chuckle before lowering herself slowly to her knees in front of me.

Now looking up into my face, she let her hands drift further down my chest across my abdomen to come to rest on the waistband of my jeans. Her gaze lowered from my eyes, following her hands. Looking back up into my eyes she asked without words, to proceed. Breathlessly I simply nodded with a soft smile that could not mask my own anticipation. Her smile grew in intensity. Instead of going directly to my belt, however, she lowered her hands to my feet and pulled my shoes off, one at a time and flipped them casually aside. Each making a muted thump as they landed wherever on the floor.

Footloose and eager to proceed, I was doing my best to keep my breathing under control as Lauren smiled and winked once more and brought her hands, at last, to my belt buckle to unfasten in and my jeans. Unloosed and zipper drawn down she hooked her fingers beneath my jeans and boxer shorts and tugged downwards. I had to raise up off my seated positions of course, to allow both to pass free of my bottom. Soon, however, my jeans and shorts joined the rest of my clothes on the floor beside the bed.

Feeling a warm set of hands explore your body, running slowly up your bare legs for the first time is exciting. I’ll never get tired of that. Of being the object of someone’s curiosity and desire. It’s a thrill all its own and one to be cherished when you do get to experience it firsthand. It was the soft kisses to the insides of my knees that snapped me back to the here and now however. WOW!

Looking down only to see Lauren’s smiling eyes looking up at me as she continued her kissing and exploration up my legs onto my thighs… gently pressing them apart to open my legs further… caused me to catch my breath. I knew what she was thinking and where she was headed and I shuddered in anticipation. She was going to grace me with those loving lips of hers on the most sensitive part of my anatomy. The mere thought of that caused it to bounce with my very pulse. She was amused by it… and had to giggle a bit as the fingers of her right hand gently took hold of the base of my cock.

Exquisite… or so I thought. The soft tender touch of her fingers wrapping around the bottom of my shaft and squeezing ever so lightly. My eyes closed as if I were being put into a trance… then I felt her lips gently, tentatively, kissing the underside of my shaft. Light feathery slow kisses from the bottom working their way towards my crown, one after another. I gasped. Surely this… was exquisite.

Once more, however, Lauren surpassed even that determination. Reaching the crown, she used her tongue to circle all the way around not once or even twice, but three times. I had to close my eyes again as I moaned and shuddered. Only for a moment though as I simply had to witness this amazing gift she was favoring me with. I wanted to reach down and caress her face with my hands but both were clenched into fists in her bed covers at either side of me.

When Lauren was sure she had my undivided attention once more, she smiled ever so seductively and batted her eyes innocently before pursing her lips and placing them on the head of my cock. A sweet gentle kiss… to begin with… but her lips parted and ever so slowly she let them slide down over my crown, engulfing the tip. The hot wet sensation nearly overwhelmed me yet again. I could feel my insides quaking and my blood beginning to boil. I could hear my heart beating like a bass drum in my own ears. Oh God! This… this was truly exquisite indeed!

Lauren’s eyes crinkled in delight as she saw how I was reacting to her machinations. The thumb of her hand still wrapped around the base cock began to slowly stroke up and down a couple of inches as she tightened her lips about me and began to bob up and down ever so slowly at first. Her other hand had once again began to explore my naked body, moving up from my crotch across my abdomen and onto my chest. The fingers of that hand sought out one of my nipples and began rolling it between her thumb and index finger. Pinching ever so slightly and gently tugging on it. OH… almost too much stimulation for my brain to comprehend.

There was one more trick in Lauren’s bag though, one that was what she had set out to do from the beginning, as I later was told by her. One last “gift” as it were, at least, before the main event. This was supposed to be a festive celebration of sorts in her thinking. A gift for the birthday boy as it were. So, when she began to hum the tune of “Happy Birthday to You” while holding me in her mouth, sucking so hard I thought my balls would be pulled through my cock, I nearly lost it completely. Nearly.

Something that Lauren didn’t know or perhaps hadn’t heard about from others of my friends she may have been talking with, but I have never been able to climax by oral stimulation. Oh, I get close, so fucking close as to be torture sometimes, but no, never finish that way. Most who’ve tried usually give up after a while. Most being disappointed that they hadn’t managed to make me cum that way. I do try to make it up to them though, make them forget about it if possible.

So, the puzzled look in Lauren’s eyes as I placed my hands on either side of her face and gently pulled her off of me and up from her kneeling position was not a surprise to me either. I drew her face close to my own and kissed her lips. A slow sensual kiss full of thanks and appreciation for what she had been doing. After a few moments, she relaxed and got into the kiss. Did I mention I really, really like to kiss? Apparently so did Lauren. So good.

While I might have pulled her off of her oral delivery of pleasure, her hands had not stopped roaming my body… and now that she was face to face with me again, my own hands began to roam her body… over her hips and sides… up and down her back and her arms… and eventually her breasts. I had to moan lightly into our kiss and I felt the heft and softness of her barely contained breasts in my hands, squeezing them gently marveling at their soft denseness. I could feel her nipples harden in my palms.

Pressing my hands into her breasts caused Lauren to moan into our kiss as well. She almost shuddered as I deviated from her lips to her jawline and then to the side of her neck just under her ear. I felt her hands cover my own, pressing them harder to her breasts, encouraging me to manhandle them. I obliged, for a moment anyway. I had other ideas however, and mauling her breasts, while fun, was not exactly what I had in mind.

I released my grip on her breasts and eased my hands outward until I encountered the lapels of her cover-up. That diaphanous material felt every bit as soft and silky as it appeared to be. With slow deliberation I pushed the lapels apart and over Lauren’s shoulders, coinciding with my slow kisses along her neck and the top of her right shoulder. I could feel Lauren stiffening in anticipation, her breath coming in excited ragged little gasps.

When I had pushed her cover-up down her arms, I wrapped my hands around Lauren’s elbows and lifted her up back to her feet. The cover-up fell to the floor to join my clothing. I eased my arms around her waist and pulled her tight to my body, my still raging erection pressing into her abdomen. Kissing along her collar bone I reached up behind Lauren with one hand and found her long blonde hair. None too gently, I pulled it causing her head to tilt back on her neck exposing her throat to me, which I hungrily began kissing and nipping at with my teeth.

Lauren’s moan was visceral, coming from deep within her core as her hands and fingernails dug into my sides. I released her hair to allow her head to return down to lock eyes with me once more. Her eyes were half-lidded and smoldering by this point. Her nostrils flared with each ragged breath. I smiled I’m sure a predatory smile at her which only fanned the flames I suspect, before turning around with her as if slow dancing, till her back was to the bed.

Now, ordinarily, with someone I have been with in the past, playing or making love I would know much more about their likes and dislikes. Their joys and insecurities… ordinarily. With Lauren, it was mostly unexplored territory though. I mean yeah, I knew a little bit about her, and had picked up little bits of information that I filed under things to remember. But one that I was not entirely sure about was how she felt about being completely nude in front of someone else…

Odd thought, right? I mean she had already changed from a playful outfit that screamed for attention to her breasts and body, into lingerie that drowned out even that call for attention. But the fact that she had not shed her wrappings entirely on her own led me to believe that she was still just a tad reluctant to go completely bare just yet.

As such, I restrained myself from slipping the rest of her lingerie from her shoulders and baring her completely for me to explore. I think it was the right call, honestly, since she didn’t freeze up or protest in any way when I eased her backwards to first sit on the edge of the bed then lie back, with her legs still hanging off the edge. I followed her down of course, kissing her lips and neck, trailing slow sensual pecks and nibbles down her body towards her abdomen. Her slight paunch of a belly sucked in reflexively and she tried to cover it with her hands.

I was having none of that though. True, she might not have been thin as a model or even when she was a younger version of herself, but she was by no means unattractive for having a muffin top. I took her hands by the wrists and held them gently away as I kissed around the waistband of her sexy lingerie panties. As I went further down, however, she did tense up again. I thought she might be about to protest so I quietly but insistently shushed her reassuringly.

If I live to be a hundred years old, I will never tire of the magnificent aroma that a woman creates when she is aroused. And, a mature woman is even more entrancing and alluring if you were to ask me. Lauren was indeed aroused, and fragrant. It was a heady smell indeed, I inhaled deep and long savoring her particular scent, her musk and spice with a hint of sweetness. It had my mouth watering.

Kissing down her leg to one side of her panties, my left cheek grazing the lacy material creating a slight friction that Lauren could feel as well. I moved my hands down the outsides of her thighs before going behind her knees and lifting gently to open her legs to further exploration and adoration. Oh, that heavenly aroma.

“Jim…” Lauren gasped… lost in the moment

I shushed her again and kissed up the other side of her panties along her left leg, before simply planting my face nose first into her panty covered crotch and inhaling like an addict getting a fix. I rubbed and twisted my face causing my nose to brush against her panty clad mons and clit. My chin pressing against her vulva rewarded me with another sharp inhale and soft moan from Lauren.

“Jim… Oh God…”

I adored hearing a lover call my name when I was pleasuring her. Maybe it was an ego thing, I don’t know, but it really made me feel good about what I was doing to the woman I was with. I was learning that Lauren is or can be very vocal while in the throes of passion. But it wasn’t just words that she uttered whenever she felt something pleasurable… there were squeaks and yips and grunts as well as little mews and sighs that sounded more like a symphony to my ears.

“Oh GOD! Jim!” Lauren groaned as her hands found the back of my head and her fingers sank into my hair pressing my face tighter to her still covered treasure.

“Gods don’t worship… I do though.” I murmured to Lauren as I drew back my face far enough to glance up into Lauren’s rapturous expression. Her eyes were closed and there was an intense look of concentration on her face as well as…. I don’t know… something else there that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

I did put my fingers on something though, firstly under the material of the waistband of her panties… and drew them down over her hips. Lauren obligingly raised her hips to allow them to pull past her ample hips and ass. The material of the gusset clung to her peach as if reluctant to leave. The were sodden, and I couldn’t resist bringing them to my nose to inhale once more. Ambrosia.

The panties, like most of our other clothing joined the pile beside the bed… somewhere. I don’t know exactly where as I was focused on Lauren’s now completely bare puss. The Vulva swollen with excitement and her labia peeking out so wet and pink. Her Clit, just as pink, poking out beneath its sheath just barely discernible in the silky nest of hair gracing her peach.

Lauren wasn’t especially hairy, not by a long shot but she was not shaved or closely trimmed either. It was a natural look and it looked good… good enough to eat, or at least taste. I ran my hands back up the backs of Lauren’s thighs to her knees and pushed her legs higher towards her chest, spreading and opening up her gateway to heaven. Her vulva opened further, her labia distended and bloomed and her clit poked enticingly beyond its hood.

Once more I leaned in and brought my face and mouth to that delectable offering, kissing all around it before delving my tongue into Lauren’s honey well. Anticipating that exquisite nectar that is unique to her… but… what? That’s… odd…

Lauren groaned again, this time not so much from ecstasy as from… discomfort maybe? I powered on, running my tongue slowly up the divide between her labia, collecting more and more of her dew on my tongue. My mouth was indeed watering, but not in any way I was accustomed to. No, this was, whew… harsh. Along with notably succulent overtones of her natural juices I detected an underlying sharpness… something that was vaguely, distantly, familiar for some reason. Assuming it was my imagination at first, I kept on applying my lingual exploration and lavished her juicy peach with stroke after stroke after probing stroke of my tongue.

“I… I didn’t know… Oh God… Jim!” Lauren gasped out in a raspy breathless voice. Her hands once more, if less demandingly, pressing my head into her crotch.

I felt my mouth going dry, just before I had the urge to spit and rinse my mouth out… I wanted so badly to give Lauren at least one orgasm with my mouth and tongue but this was almost too much. I had never tasted any woman before her that tasted this… this what? “awful”. No, not awful, just… tainted. Then it hit me. I remembered what that taste reminded me of. Soap. I felt awful for reacting negatively, but it truly was… off putting to say the least.

Foregoing more deep exploration with my tongue, I concentrated on the exterior and focused on her clit. I did bring the fingers of one hand into play to replace any deep diving my tongue would normally have relished with glee. I had just found that oh so sensitive rough patch inside with two fingers when I latched onto her clit with my lips and sucked it into my mouth. I stroked and teased that horny little flesh bean with my tongue while I continued to suck on it and rock my face back and forth across her mound.

Lauren stiffened for a moment and then all hell broke loose. She bucked her hips and ground her puss into my face while crying out and gasping for what seemed like five minutes. It wasn’t, of course, more like maybe forty-five second or just shy of a minute but an eternity all the same. Afterwards she collapsed in a sweaty panting heap, her legs flopped down atop my shoulders. When her hands released my head, I rose up to catch my own breath before displacing her legs enough to rise to stand beside the bed.

“My God… I’m soooo sorry Jim… I had no idea that… that you would… go down on me…” Lauren began apologizing fervently, truly embarrassed.

I just grinned and nodded my head, biting my tongue as not to say anything about that horrible soapy taste in my mouth. I knew even that if she didn’t mind her own smell or taste on a lover’s lips, she didn’t need to taste that soapy taste that was still in my mouth. I was curious, however, as to why she was apologizing. So, I asked her.

“What are you sorry about?”

“I… I put in a spermicide suppository. I’m not on birth control and I… didn’t know if you’d use a condom or not.” Lauren explained turning beet red with embarrassment and a sheepish grin.

“Actually, I would have asked before going that far. I think I might have one in my wallet even, but I’m not sure honestly. But I would have asked first.” I said, now my turn to give a sheepish grin and blushing.

“If I had known that you would do… what you did… I wouldn’t have put in the spermicide. I know it probably tasted horrible… I’m soooo sorry.” Lauren went on again even as she rose up to sit on the side of the bed. Her hands going to the sides of my legs and gently stroking up and down.

“Well, I will say that was a first for me. Two firsts tonight. First, you humming Happy Birthday while…” I shuddered and grinned. Lauren grinned up at me relieved and maybe somewhat proud of herself for surprising me.

“Do you want something to drink… maybe?” Lauren asked.

“God Yes!” I answered with a laugh.

Lauren stood up from the bed and wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me in for a tight hug and a big sloppy kiss to my lips. Then she pulled back with a sour look on her face and grimaced before giggling and disengaging to hurry away talking to herself “Oh god… so sorry, so sorry.”

I half turned to watch her exit the room… her lingerie top, more of a teddy I guess, barely covering half of her curvaceous behind as it wiggled and jiggled as she skittered out of the room. I had to smile and shake my head, grimacing again at the lingering taste in my mouth. Damn.

I heard Lauren go down the stairs and shortly after what I could only imagine as the sound of the fridge door opening and then closing. I sat back down on the side of the bed and glanced down at my still hard, if flagging erection. It hadn’t wilted away completely but was definitely drooping a bit. Yet, still anticipating more fun.

The sound of footsteps coming up the stairs drew my eyes back to the doorway. Lauren reentered her bedroom carrying a wine cooler in each hand and a sheepish grin on her face. She really was embarrassed. I’d have to set her mind at ease. Maybe after I washed this taste out of my mouth though. Ugh. I gratefully accepted one of the bottles from her and took a mouthful to swish about. It helped, thank goodness.

Lauren sipped at her own bottle and watched me as I repeated sipping and swishing before I was finally free of the taste in my mouth. I looked at her and grinned sheepishly before speaking.

“Thanks. That did the trick, all better now.”

“Jim, I’m so sorry… I…” She began again and I stopped her with a finger to her lips.

“Shhhhhh… it’s okay. You were looking out for yourself, that’s never wrong. I am just a little sad though.” I said, earning a quizzical expression from her with one eyebrow raised and her head cocked slightly to one shoulder.

“Sad?” She asked

“Yeah… I still don’t know what you really taste like…” I offered with a bit of a smirk to my grin.

“Well… um… uh… yeah…” She stammered, not really knowing what to make of that statement.

“Of course, maybe sometime in the future I could find out… without the spermicide this time…” I hinted waggling my eyebrows playfully and licking my lips.

Lauren laughed out loud and swatted at my shoulder with her free hand… then looked at me with a serious if hopeful expression… considering what I had just spoken. I could see the wheels turning, hell I could almost hear them grinding into a higher gear. The amused smile on her face slowly morphed into a more thoughtful and pleased version of that predatory smile I had seen earlier. Yes, the possibilities were something to savor and hope for.

I reached past her to set my now empty bottle on the night stand beside the bed. My chest and arm lightly rubbing against the front of her filmy little teddy, feeling her nipples harden instantly. Lauren gave a little gasp and then giggled again. I love that sound… playful little feminine giggles, especially from a mature woman. It’s the little things in life that make it so wonderful.

Lauren followed suit and reached over to set her half empty bottle on the night stand as well. Then she turned back to me, twisting so that her torso was facing me. She raised her right hand to caress the side of my face as if to brush hair out of my face or something. I leaned into the hand touching me but never took my eyes from hers.

“Now what?” Lauren asked quietly… a hopeful timber in her voice. An open-ended question left for me to interpret as I will.

“I don’t know… I’m open to suggestions. I’m certainly enjoying all… I mean… most of what we’ve done so far.” I grinned and winked.

Lauren’s face colored with blush again and she grinned at me before rolling her eyes and giggling again. She leaned in and our lips engaged once more. This time more slowly and deliberately, as if testing the waters or each other’s desire. It was sweet, sensual, but hinted at the fire that still burned in both of us. That wanton lust driven need to feel and to give back that excitement and pleasure. Of course, that kiss evolved… into more.

I brought my right hand up to cup Lauren’s face, much as she had done to me moments ago. I felt a slight shudder run through her body as she pressed closer to me as if wanting more. Much more. It was then that I felt Lauren’s left hand and fingers touch hesitantly then wrap around my reviving manhood. She groaned into our kiss and I felt her tongue probe my lips with an invitation.

I opened my lips readily, welcoming her tongue with my own, and they began to dance and lovers do. Twisting and turning and darting playfully about. Lauren even sucked my tongue drawing it out as much as she possibly could. Damn! That will get a guy going even if he were dead. I was as hard as I had ever been, and Lauren’s hand felt it. She felt me jump and twitch in the palm of her hand… as apt a metaphor as any for the moment indeed.

With a light moan… or groan, I’m not sure which, Lauren broke our kiss and pulled back to look me in the eyes. Her eyes were alight with passion, once more, and she had ideas of what she wanted.

“Jim… why don’t you stretch out on the bed, on your back. Get… comfortable…”

“Anything you want m’lady.” I responded with a smile and pulled myself across the bed to the center and lay back with my head on one of her pillows.

Lauren smiled down at me and stood up beside the bed. Making sure I was looking at her, giving her my undivided attention, she reached up and pulled the tie on the front of her teddy. The strings pulled the bow loose and the sides fell to one side or another. Lauren smiled as she saw that my eyes were immediately drawn to her breasts. Their fullness and even slight sag from gravity did not detract from her beauty in any way. If anything, it only enhanced their appeal to me. I must have licked my lips or something as Lauren’s smile brightened even more before she took the material in her fingers and pulled the garment off of her shoulders and let it drop to the floor beside the bed.

Her hands fell to her sides, to her hips… and began slowly raising up along her body. Slowly drawn across her flanks and the sides of her abdomen to her ribcage and finally to cradle and lift her breasts, one in each hand. She pushed them firstly together then lifted them apart and bent down to kiss first one nipple then the other, all the while her eyes were locked on mine.

“Oh damn!” I mumbled in appreciation and excitement.

“You like that?” Lauren asked with a smile.

“Lauren, it’s beautiful… YOU are beautiful.” I said as if in a trance.

Lauren’s smile faltered for maybe a heartbeat, morphing from one of playful teasing to more heartfelt appreciation and perhaps gratitude. But it snapped back to that playfully predatory smile in an instant. Releasing her breasts, she leaned forward placing her hands on the bed. This caused those beautiful breasts to hang down in a tantalizing display, as they swayed with her slow movement. She crawled across the bed towards me, beside me.

She leaned down teasingly close letting her nipples, now fully extended and hardened like diamonds, drag across my chest as she bent to kiss me on the lips again. As much as I longed to, wanted to, reach up with both hands and grasp those magnificent breasts, I restrained myself. I did reach for her arms, my hands cupping her elbows and sliding up her arms to her shoulders and back. I think that must have been the right thing to do as Lauren moaned into our kiss, again.

Drawing back once more to study my face, Lauren drew her bottom lip into her teeth and her eyes narrowed. I knew then that she had made a decision and the game was about to change… again. She lifted her left leg and stretched it across my waist to straddle my torso. Her curvaceous backside settled on me, pressing my pulsing erection between us. Little rocking motions and gyrations let me know that she was enjoying this as much as I was. The anticipation was mounting and I couldn’t help but to smile at her in return.

“I’m not too heavy, am I?” Lauren asked, still biting her bottom lip.

“Not at all.” I responded, my smile growing bigger still.

“Are you ready?” Lauren asked facetiously, her grin growing into a smirk instantly.

“I am SO ready!” I responded, giving her a little buck with my hips lifting up off the bed.

Lauren raised herself up far enough to reach between us and wrap her hand around my erection. She then eased down to rub it against her engorged lips and briefly against her clit before lining it up with her entrance. I felt her lips welcoming me into her as they slowly enveloped the crown. She gave a little wiggle of her hips and rocked forwards and back experimentally once she was all the way down on me.

With a groan, Lauren closed her eyes and leaned backwards sitting fully upright with her head tilted towards the ceiling. She ran her hands up her abdomen and under her breasts then over them up her chest to her throat… and over her face and through her hair, reaching for the ceiling. Her back was slightly arched causing her breasts to stick out that much more prominently… enticingly. I had to have them. I reached up with both hands to touch and to hold them. Her reaction was priceless.

Lauren smiled broadly and tilted her head back down to look at me. A playful but determined look in her eyes she began to grind slowly on my cock. Slow deliberate movements as if seating herself firmly to make our union complete. Her hands came back down to rest on my forearms, her thumbs in the crook of my elbows and fingers wrapped around. Then she began to move in earnest.

Slowly rising. Rising. Rising… until just the crown of my cock remained inside of her molten core. Then with a twitch of her hips, she began to descend once more… slowly… slowly… until bottoming out. She emitted a tiny little gasping grunt. I’m not sure if it was satisfaction or resignation. I didn’t have time to dwell on that question however, as she repeated the same movements again… and again… Each time getting a little faster

Faster and faster until she had to release my arms and place her hands flat on my chest to steady herself. Her hips were almost a blur by this point, her ass cheeks slapping my thighs on every down stroke, her little pooch of a belly jiggling with each roll of her hips. And those breasts… those magnificent tits, swaying and bouncing in time with every movement. They were moving freely now as I had had to move my own hands to Lauren’s hips to help guide her movements as well as my own reflexive return thrusts upward with my hips. Spearing her sopping firetrap of a pussy with my eager staff.

It's funny, in a way, but at that moment in time I realized that though we had both spoke of condoms just a few minutes ago, neither of us had the presence of mind to ask again and confer as to use one or not. I felt guilty for my own part as I had always tried to be responsible in such matters. I realized that there was still time to address that oversight… I wondered how Lauren would react.

“Lauren… oh god… Laur…” I began trying to make words that were intelligible.

“Almost… almost there…” she responded breathlessly.

“Lauren… Condom! I’m not wearing one.” I managed to croak out finally.

Lauren paused for a beat or two, on the bottom of her movement. She looked me in the face questioningly before she shook her head as if to clear an errant thought, and smirked again and resumed bouncing.

“No problem… remember?” she half yipped while gyrating at the bottom of a stroke.

That set my mind at ease… for about thirty seconds. There was something else, however, that I had to bring up. Again, as in so many times in my past I’ve waited far too long to even mention it. Yet, I still had to at least give Lauren a heads up, a warning. So, she wouldn’t be taken completely by surprise and freak the hell out. I had to let her know about my aftershock.

Aftershock… a boomerang replay of my pending orgasm. It’s arguably a curse that I’ve dealt with my entire adult life. It might sound like it was fun to some people but in truth it can be just down right incapacitating and, well… scary. Scary for those who’ve never encountered it and don’t know what is going on or what to expect. I had to at least warn Lauren.

“Laur… Lauren! Slow down a second… wait…” I managed to utter between grunts and gasps of my own as I fought like hell to curb my growing climax. I had to delay it at least long enough to warn her.

Lauren slowed and then stopped, looking down at me with a puzzled expression on her face. Puzzlement combined with a little bit of irritation as she herself was so very close. Breathing hard she cocked her head to one side slightly and asked.

“What? Jim… I’m soooo close… can’t it wait just a little longer?”

“No… I’m sorry…” I groaned before continuing. “I have to warn you about something.”

If she looked puzzled before, now she looked downright perplexed. Her mouth hung open and she squinted her eyes in disbelief, but she waited for me to continue.

“I have this… this thing… that my body does. After I have an orgasm.” I began to explain.

Now Lauren was looking at me like I was an idiot I believed. I hurried on trying to explain as best I could.

“When I orgasm it’s just like anyone else, really… but afterwards, seconds or minutes later, I have…. an aftershock. It’s like another orgasm all over again. Same convulsions and spasms and everything… less the ejaculation. I have no control over it and sometimes I even black out. Just… Just don’t freak out. I’m fine, I really am… just be prepared. I’ll recover and everything will be fine.” I explained… seeing the skepticism in her eyes as she tilted her head to the other side giving me a sidelong look.

“Okayyyyy… If you say so…” She said after a moment and rocked slightly forward causing friction between us again… sweet, sweet friction.

Another rock… and grinding… and in moments she was back up to speed again. Her fingers digging into my chest as she raced ever closer to her point of no return. She began letting out little yips and noises that defied interpretation but made it sexy as hell to me. My own climax was once again raging towards that inevitable finish line as well. I could feel my seed boiling in my balls and rising. My own breath was now as ragged as Lauren’s and I think I might have been leaving fingerprints on her hips as I grasped her tightly and hammered up into her from below on every stroke.

Lauren got there first. Her entire body stiffening much like it had when I was going down on her earlier, only this time I got to witness the entire show, and feel it. She seized up and stopped moving completely, at least on the outside, even holding her breath. Her insides, however, were anything but still. GOOD GOD! The woman was trying to consume me with her vagina. The spasms and twitching and grasping and pulling were blowing my mind. It was enough to send me over the edge. I came.

It had been… days, hell, well over a week since the last time I had had an orgasm, so I was pretty well backed up. To say that I flooded Lauren’s wanton womb would not be an understatement. Shot after pulsing shot, I delivered my seed deep inside of her. By this point Lauren had become reanimated. She was moving and breathing and taking it all in, no pun intended. Gasping for breath and giving me a little chuckle and a big happy smile she continued to rock and roll and grind on my cock even as I wound down from my own orgasm. It felt soooo good.

“Oh God… Lauren… that was… that was amazing.” I gasped out between ragged breaths.

She didn’t reply, only panted and continued to smile down at me as she slowed to a stop and fell forward onto my chest… her lips seeking out mine as we kissed. A short kiss, as neither of us had fully caught our breath yet, still panting and sucking oxygen into our lungs. God what a nice feeling… a warm luxuriously soft and sexy woman lying atop of me, her breasts pressing into my chest, her hot breath on my neck. I was in heaven.

“Happy Birthday, Jim” Lauren all but whispered in my ear and grunted a little chuckle.

I couldn’t help but to giggle just a bit myself. I was about to say it had been one of the best birthdays I could remember… but that’s when it hit me.

“Lauren…” was all I managed to get out.

For years, I’ve dealt with this odd affliction, my “aftershock”. I’ve only ever experienced it when I had sex with someone, actual intercourse. It never happens from say masturbating. Enough ladies have expressed concern over it that I asked my doctor about it years ago. After this test and that and a thorough health screening it was determined that whatever was causing them didn’t pose a serious threat to my health and well being. Well… to my health anyway. Well being might be a different story… If I scare someone out of their mind or neglect to warn them what they might witness.

It begins as an itch, an electrical crawling sensation in my toes. It flashes like lightning up my legs to my groin. It splits from there, going to both my balls, and my brain. I basically have another sometimes even more powerful orgasm or at least orgasm like event. I seize up then shake and spasm uncontrollably, my mind checks out for a moment or two, sometimes causing me to black out. I’ve been told it looks very much like an epileptic seizure. Thankfully it’s not.

Lauren got to experience it first hand and up close and personal. Hell, I still had my cock inside of her. She was laying atop of me. So, she felt every spasm and twitch and gasp before I eventually stopped moving and went completely still other than the rising and falling of my chest from breathing. As I gradually came back to my senses I took stock of my situation. I was almost afraid to open my eyes at first, to see a look of horror or worry on Lauren’s face. I needn’t have worried though.

I felt her right hand caress the side of my face and then run her fingers through my hair. Her lips pressed against my shoulder, kissing me softly as if to reassure me that all was well. I also felt my now not so rigid manhood slip out of Lauren to fall wetly against my leg. It was the chirping little giggle that finally got me to open my eyes and look.

Inches away from my face was Lauren’s. Yes, there was a look of concern on her face but not so much worry or, thank God, horror. It was more curiosity really, I think. I felt one of her feet rubbing up and down the top of my shin now that she had slid off to one side of me, her leg and one arm still draped over me.

“That… was intense.” She stated matter of factly when she saw that I was searching her face.

“And this happens every time you have sex?” She asked before kissing my shoulder again then laying her cheek on the same shoulder still looking me in the eyes and waiting for an answer.

“Pretty much every time. I mean there have been a few times I’ve had sex and not had an orgasm… so… no aftershock then.” I confirmed.

“It didn’t’ freak you out?” I stated as much as asked. The fact that she was still calmly laying next to me having this conversation proved that was the case.

“I might have if you hadn’t stopped to warn me just before it happened.” She said with a wry snort before continuing.

“Honestly, I’ve never even heard of anything like this before, let alone experienced it. Are you sure it doesn’t hurt?” She asked.

“No, it doesn’t, really. But it can lead to accidents or injury if I’m not mindful of it. I mean I could slip and fall in the shower or in water and get hurt or even drown.” I admitted.

“Has that ever happened? Getting hurt?” She inquired a little more seriously.

“I’ve fallen out of bed a couple of times. I accidentally hit a gal once and left a bruise. But nothing more serious than that. I do try to warn anyone I have sex with… to avoid… accidents or whatever.” I said blushing a bit.

Lauren didn’t comment. I turned my face to look at her again and realized that she had drifted off to sleep. There was such a contented almost angelic smile on her face. I smiled and kissed her arm that was draped across my chest and neck. It wasn’t long after that I too drifted off to sleep.

I was awakened some time later. Lauren was trying to climb out of bed without waking me. When she realized that she had failed she apologized.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to wake you. I just have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” She said softly and patted my shoulder.

I lay there on the verge of sleep yet, but listened as she went about her business and then washed her hands before returning to the bedroom. She climbed onto the bed and lay beside me again, but reached down to grab a comforter that was folded at the foot of the bed. She drew it up over the two of us before once more draping one leg and one arm over me possessively and snuggled into my side. So nice. I drifted back off to sleep thinking “happy birthday to me.”

I have no idea how long we slept but it was certainly a very relaxing sleep indeed. The feeling of fingers encircling your morning wood and gently stroking you is such a wonderful feeling to wake up to. Cracking one eye open I saw two mischievous eyes looking back at me with a cute little grin.

“Good morning, Jim” Lauren purred.

“Good morning to you too.” I responded and smiled.

“I was about to get up and take a shower… I was wondering… would you like to… join me perhaps?” Lauren asked almost timidly.

“It would be my pleasure.” I replied.

Lauren gave a cute little laugh and squeezed my cock suggestively.

“Oh, I think it can be pleasurable for both of us… come on.” She said and threw back the comforter and led me to the bathroom by my penis. Of course I followed.

Lauren slid the door back and stepped into the shower and turned the water on. I’ll never get used to how hot women like the water when they shower but I just bit my tongue and tried to endure. In moments both of our skin was pink heading towards red. It would have been almost agonizing if I wasn’t so thoroughly distracted though. Her arms around me and mine around her, we kissed more than we breathed, I think. Dueling tongues and our hands were all over one another.

At one point Lauren had one leg hooked around my waist and I was more than happy to oblige by sliding my cock home. It was slow, and sensual, no rushing this morning. We kept at it like that for a few minutes before Lauren’s one leg she was standing on began to tire. She pulled off of me and then turned to face the water. Bending over and presenting me with a very sexy view indeed. A little wiggle of her ass was all the invitation I needed before I stepped up to her and slid back in to her cauldron.

She pressed her hands against the wall and pushed back against me, matching me thrust for thrust. The hot water, the morning wood, the excitement of being with someone new. I’m not sure what it was but it certainly affected my staying power, it was reduced to almost nothing. I didn’t last long at all. Maybe it was the cute little sounds that Lauren made, little yips and eeps along with her verbal encouragement.

“Yes… Yes! Oh Jim! Just like that… Oh Yes!”

I could feel Lauren’s legs quivering as I continued to rail her from behind. My own legs were beginning to tremble too however. And that all too familiar, wonderful sensation of impending release boiled up within me. Until I couldn’t contain it any longer… I grunted and groaned as I came.

I guess Lauren was now a believer and she suddenly straightened up in alarm. Turning to me she had a worried and questioning look on her face. My mind was still swimming with the overwhelming sensations of orgasm but even so I knew to play it smart. I simply sat down in the shower and leaned my head and back against the back wall and gripped the sides. It took a minute or two, but I felt the harbingers of aftershock climbing my legs I looked up into Lauren’s transfixed gaze and smiled weakly before I was swept away.

I didn’t black out this time, maybe it was the water splashing on me, maybe it was just because this was a bit of a quicky. Whatever it was, the aftershock came and went pretty quickly. Lauren knelt in the shower and reached out to touch my face, making sure I was lucid and okay. I smiled and took her hand in mine and kissed it, earning me a big smile from her as well.

Playtime was over, we both rinsed off and got out of the shower to dry off. Lauren did that little towel wrap magic trick so many women do with their wet hair. When she had done that, she slipped on a terrycloth robe that was hanging on the back of the bathroom door and excused herself to go make some coffee. I told her to just make enough for her, I didn’t drink coffee. But if she had any tea, that would be great. She leaned in and kissed me lightly as I toweled off and then practically skipped through the door and headed downstairs.

I wandered back into Lauren’s bedroom still toweling off a bit and began to look for my scattered clothes. After I had dressed, I dropped off the damp towel in her bathroom and then headed downstairs to join her.

Descending the stairs I smelled coffee brewing and something else. Oh, there was still some lingering weed smell in the living room from last nights party, but something else familiar. It turned out to be cinnamon rolls. Lauren had popped open a can of Poppin’ Fresh cinnamon rolls and put them in the oven while she waited on her coffee and her tea kettle to come to a boil.

“Mmmm, you’re spoiling me girl.” I said appreciatively as I entered the kitchen.

I stepped up to Lauren who had her back to me as she reached into the cupboard above her to get a couple of coffee mugs. I wrapped my arms around her and nuzzled her neck eliciting a little giggle and a sigh before she leaned back into me and swayed gently from side to side in my arms.

“I think everyone should be spoiled a little bit now and then. Besides… Birthday boy… you spoiled me last night.” Lauren cooed.

The sound of water beginning to boil in the kettle broke the spell. Spreading her arms a bit to signal me to release her, Lauren reached back up into the cupboard to get a box of tea bags. She turned and showed it to me for my approval. I saw that it was the same brand that I kept at my place so I smiled and nodded. She drew out one bag and put it and a spoon in the mug and poured the water over it. She poured herself a mug of coffee and then opened the oven door to check the rolls. Satisfied they weren’t quite ready yet, she moved to sit at the kitchen table.

I dipped my tea bag in and out of the hot water in my mug almost by force of habit. It made me flash back to a time years ago when I would do the same while having tea with two very special ladies. A sad smile crossed my lips and I shook off the thoughts that usually led to sadness. Dwell on the here and now, the pleasant things in our lives.

Lauren and I talked about the party last night and of course the people who had attended. There were speculations as to who was seeing who and that sort of thing. I asked if she thought other’s might be speculating about the two of us. Her answer was just a wry grin and she raised her cup to sip her coffee.

“Eve kind of figured out that I had some… plans… for you last night. But I don’t think anyone else at the party did. Oh, some of your other friends kind of knew about it… but then… um… never mind.” She said with a look that she had already said too much.

Instead of picking up that thread and inquiring about what others might have said, I merely grinned sheepishly and shrugged. Then I tilted my head to one side and gave Lauren a serious expression and cleared my throat. I had not said anything last night or even yet this morning, but it was on my mind and I wanted to make sure she knew how I felt.

“Lauren? About what… happened… last night… and this morning…” I began. Lauren sensed that I was being serious and wondered what I was going to say, perhaps having some regrets or something. Her eyes clouded with a hint of worry.

“I’ve always held the opinion that when someone does something nice for you or gives you a gift, you should at very least say thank you. What you did last night, and this morning… were… special to me. And, as such, I want to thank you.” I said with a soft warm smile and a steady voice.

Lauren didn’t exactly know how to take that statement. I get the impression that she had never been thanked before, for sex anyway. The initial expression of confusion melted away from her face as her eyes and smile softened and I almost thought I saw her eyes glisten with potential waterworks on the way. Instead, she smiled sweetly and winked and picked her mug back up to take a sip of her coffee. Then she started humming the bars of Happy Birthday, giving me a sly look before giggling softly.

Although I was off from work last night and tonight as well as tomorrow night, I still had things I needed to attend to. Laundry could possibly be put off for a few more days but that would catch up with me eventually. What I could not put off however was family ties and going to see my folks. I mentioned that to Lauren in passing and I could have sworn I saw a moment of disappointment flash in her eyes. I think that perhaps she might have been thinking that we might spend some more time together today or even tonight. Not a bad thought in my own mind, but I didn’t want to press things too much. I certainly didn’t want to wear out my welcome. I’d be happy to visit again though. I mean, what are friends for, right?

I had just about finished my tea when Lauren had set the now finished and iced cinnamon rolls on the table and asked if I’d like another mug of tea. I figured why not. She smiled brightly and got another tea bag out of the cupboard and brought the kettle to the table and poured. She had just settled back into her own chair with a fresh cup of coffee when her doorbell rang. Lauren looked up at me with a puzzled expression before tightening her robe and tying it again on her way to the front door.

I heard the door open and a muted exchange of voices… female, both… the a barely restrained and abrupt squeal. It’s hard to mistake the joyful exuberance of a girl or a woman to unexpected “good news”. I could only imagine that certain information had just been exchanged and someone was very excited to hear it. My suspicions were confirmed when two women walked through the doorway into the kitchen. Lauren, and her younger sister Eve.

The knowing smile… or smirk maybe… on Eve told me all I needed to know about that brief exchange at the front door. She stopped at the threshold of the doorway and looked me up and down and kept glancing back and forth between me and Lauren. Lauren smiled demurely and blushed ever so slightly but didn’t shy away from anything. In fact, she asked Eve if she’d like a cup of coffee and some cinnamon rolls. Of course, Eve said yes, and sat to join us at the table. I was thinking that this could get awkward fast.

Eve sat at the side of the table, with Lauren and I at either ends, she was between us. She asked about the party, what had happened and who had been there or shown up after she had left last night. Lauren and I filled her in as best we could. Eventually Lauren asked Eve why she had come back over this morning. Eve blushed and grew quiet. I sensed that it was a personal matter and I shouldn’t be involved or know about it. So, I made to leave… begging off to go take care of my own matters before going to see my folks. Lauren said she’s walk me to the door.

I stood up from the table and told Eve that it was good to see her again and that I’d see her online sometime. She looked me in the eyes, a serious look, a curious look, as if she wanted to say more but decided to wait. Eve said goodbye and I patted her shoulder before walking to the front doo with Lauren. The look in Lauren’s eyes had me wondering if I’d much rather stay and spend the day with her, but we both knew that probably wasn’t a good idea. Instead, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down into a very sensual goodbye kiss.

Standing close together, my arms around her waist, relishing the feel of her warm body pressing into my own, even if separated by her robe and my clothes. Our foreheads touching as we withdrew from the kiss but lingered so very intimately close as to still be kissing. I looked into her gaze and saw the happiness and hopefulness there… and perhaps gratitude. She understood that we were friends first, and now lovers as well… perhaps… again sometime.

“I’d like to… have more of this.” Lauren said ever so softly, not quite a whisper but very quietly.

“I would, enjoy that as well.” I responded and gave her a squeeze to her backside and pulled her off her feet in a hungry bear hug before setting her back down on her feet. I swear she almost swooned. That grin was enough to melt my heart.

I smiled and opened the door behind me and stepped out to walk to my car. Once I had opened the door and sat down, I looked back at Lauren’s front door, she was still standing there leaning against the door frame one arm across her abdomen holding her robe closed near her breasts. She raised her other hand and waved goodbye to me. I waved in return and started my car and headed for home.

I smiled to myself as I drove. I knew that Lauren was going to get the third degree from Eve. And Lauren would tell her everything. I mean, come on, even if they weren’t siblings, they were still women… and women talk! Thank God for that. I shook my head in wonder. All the ladies, my dear friends, had somehow put this together to make my birthday special for me this year. I was feeling very blessed at this moment. I promised myself to make sure they each and everyone knew how much I appreciated them and all they did for me. I had come a very long way over the last few years thanks to these very special ladies in my life. They had helped heal a wound so deep that I hadn’t thought I would ever be able to love again, at least not completely and wholeheartedly. I owed them all so very much, indeed.

I hummed the tune to Happy Birthday all the way home. What a surprise last night had been.

~ The End ~
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