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A little story about things we see in our dreams and not even dare to wish to come true. Or do we?
You kiss me so sweetly and put a black blindfold over my eyes. Knot it behind my head without interrupting the kiss. You put your arms around me and pull me to you. Someone comes into the room and approaches us.

You slowly let go of me and stroke down my arms from my shoulders to my hands. I don't move and listen.

A man says something I don't understand.

"You don't believe me, but you will believe me," you say to him. "I'm just giving her what she wants."

The man replies with something short. He sounds shy and fearful. I can hear him breathing quickly and flatly.

You walk across the room and get something. The soft sound that leather straps make when they rub against each other tells me what it is. My breath quickens. The visitor moves.

"Don't worry, she's not tied up, not drugged, and here completely voluntarily. Isn't that what you want, my heart?" you ask, turning to me.

"Yes.", I say and nod.

"Are you scared?"

"No.", I say, and I have to smile. Fear is the last emotion I would think of. Your closeness alone makes me hot, and the stranger's presence fades into the background as I feel you close to me.

"Take off your shirt," you say casually, and I obey. I pull it over my head without touching the blindfold.

You're taking it out of my hand. Then I feel your finger trace the contours of my bra, and a shiver of anticipation runs through my body.

"Does she look like she doesn't want it?" you ask. The man doesn't answer.

You kiss me lightly on the lips.

"Turn around." I obey.

You kiss my shoulder and neck as you take off my bra. Briefly, I am aware of my nakedness in the face of the stranger, but your warm body behind me clouds my senses.

"Put your hair up and your hands to your head," you say.

I gather my hair and wrap it around my right hand. Then I put my right hand over my left, which is already on my head. I spread my elbows off to the side because I want you to like the sight.

You put the whip over my right shoulder, and the long fringes fall down to my breasts and tickle me. Your hands caress my arms, my sides, and my waist. Your fingers touch the sides of my bare breasts, and you put your left hand into the waistband of my jeans from behind to hold me in place as you kiss my neck firmly.

Then you step back, and I stand up straight, slightly drunk from your touch.

"Do you still get the impression that she doesn't know what's coming and doesn't want it? Then ask her! Her beautiful mouth is not gagged. I like her voice when she screams."

I can almost see that wolfish grin on your face. There is no response from him.

I only now realize that I had already blanked out the stranger in the room.

I hear the whip flying through the air as you strike for the first time. It hits me on the right shoulder and burns into my back to the left side of my waist. I groan loudly and lean my head back a little to better move the muscles of my shoulder and back.

I can't spread the burning all over my skin like an ointment, but I have to feel it. From your hand, it is like a liquid fire that excites and purifies me. I hear your voice as if through a thick fog.

"Here, you try. You must see that she wants it." I smile through the pain.

This man, whoever it may be, could rip the flesh from my bones with his whip, and I wouldn't notice. Only what you do matters to me. I know he would never touch the whip and stay alive. Only you are allowed to do what you do.

One of the straps hit the right side of my neck where you just kissed me and burns like a deep cut. I'm getting wet.

The memory of a hot tongue licking over my wounds and leaving a burning mark flashes through my mind.



"Say it."

"I want more!" I say it in a firm voice, though my arousal should really only allow a hoarse whisper.

I know your cock is getting really hard right now, and I gasp with excitement.

The whip sings another time, and I briefly wish the long, burning fingers could wrap around my whole body.

My left shoulder is burning. I can't suppress an ecstatic scream as the straps cross the middle of my back with the fresh welts.

I love you so infinitely at this moment.

"Beautiful." you say in my back, and I know you mean the pattern you created yourself.

I feel tears under the blindfold, and my excitement makes my whole body tremble. Someone moans a long "Yesss" and I recognize my own voice.

My back burns and blazes, but it's not enough. I want to bathe in this fire until I come. You stand behind me and contemplate your work. I slowly turn to face you. My breath is deep and slow. I enjoy it. My aroused breasts rise and fall before your eyes.

"No.!" you say.

"Yes!", I say "The same again." I feel you coming closer and take a step back. I don't want to be touched by you. You know what I want.

"Yess.", I repeat slowly. "NOW!" My voice almost turns into a scram.

I can feel your anger, hear your beast awaken, and break your resistance. You will do what I demand, what I need, and what is necessary to satisfy me. And you will love it as soon as you have thrown off the shackles that hold you in this body.

I see the hesitation in your body but also the desire in your eyes, the greed, the need, and the certainty that what is coming now is inevitable and right.

The whip rushes through the air, and my chest and stomach are on fire.

The second stroke follows immediately, and I know you hate yourself for it at the moment.

I stay on my feet and pull the blindfold from my eyes so you can see the love in my eyes. Your face is distorted with greed, lust, and anger and has never been more beautiful.

My body burns, and I breathe in the pain deeply. I want to hold it in. Your hand comes into my field of vision, and you press on a spot where the two burning weals cross. I scream with pleasure but do not step back.

I see in your eyes that you crossed over, and I follow you.

And then I'm no longer in the room; I'm no longer in my human body.

I stand at a fire that burns in front of me at my feet.

No, I am bound to a large cross in the shape of an X.

My body is large, and the skin is no longer white but somehow sand-colored or gray and much thicker.

Traces of cuts stretch across my breasts, and I can again remember rough tongues that have licked the blood. Wonderfully burning tongues that rubbed their own poison into my skin.

You sit on the other side of the fire. I can't see you very clearly. Besides, I'm so aroused that the massive cross won't be able to hold me for long. But I want to stand here in exactly this position and watch you devour me with your eyes. The flames between us promise us both the fulfillment we came here for.

You hold a large fan in your claws. I try to see your huge black body better, but I do not succeed.

"Yes, my queen. Now you will come for your king.", you say, and I see your eyes flash in the darkness.

You move the fan up and down. Thousands of sparks shoot into the air as the fire flares up like crazy. They hit my hard body and burn into my skin like a coat of liquid lava wrapped around me.

I roar with pleasure and look at the small fires burning all over my body.

Nothing can stop my orgasm.

The cross in my back breaks like a single match.

Long fangs flash in your mouth as you rush at me through the still high blazing fire.

My orgasm rolls over me as I fall backwards and your huge, heavy, jet black body covers me.

The sparks fall on your back and burn your skin. Make you even hotter and harder for me. Our bodies are still in the room with the whip, but our souls connect here in the eternally burning hot fire. The visitor is only a novice and a witness. He is allowed to witness the union of two higher beings. The prince of fire that you are and your queen, who is awakened by pain and fire in my human body. I open my legs for you and receive you, burning at the climax of my orgasm. Your hard cock penetrates deep inside me, shaking my body and making me gasp with pleasure.

I sink my sharp teeth into your shoulder to taste your blood, and my claws scrape over your hard scales as I pull you deeper into me. You grab my throat and push me to the floor beneath you as you pump into me like you're out of your mind. Your eyes glow black and devour the unique sight beneath you. My eyes full of love, my mouth struggling open for air, which you constrict with your claw around my neck. My breasts aroused and bobbing under your thrusts. The wide open thighs between which your hard, excited cock rams into my still contracting pussy again and again. The sparks that are still falling around us.

You don't want to kill me, but you can't take your claw off my neck and fuck me without the sight of my slowly fading senses and your blood on my lips and fangs. My claws tear the skin on your wrist, and you come violently inside me. Our time here is limited, and you have used it in the best possible way. Your cock pumps your hot cum into me, and my body clenches against yours in a mixture of gasping for air and the endless ecstasy of a prolonged orgasm.

You love to fuck me in fire.
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