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Masturbate to this.... real sexy.
“I asked him, "Do you know the difference between nude and naked?"

He shook his head.

"Nude is artistic. Naked is defenseless."

― Larry Niven

Chapter One

Pixel drummed her fingers on her laptop in an absent minded cadence. She sat on a park bench, her bicycle propped up next to her. Her brow was furrowed in concentration, and she scowled at the computer code in front of her. The white text on the screen was almost fuzzy against the black background of the terminal window. The moment had come to execute her code, which would perform a buffer overflow. If the exploit worked she'd have just mere minutes to scope out the operating system. She needed to find what she was looking for in seconds, copy it, then remove all traces of what she’d done. Simple right?

Today was the culmination of a year's worth of work. She had been probing and testing the highly protected server for months and finally found a series of weaknesses. Pixel ran her hands through her red hair, her heart was beating hard and she was nervous. What if her 15 bounces across strategically located data centers around the globe weren't enough? What if they found her before she could get out? It was too late to change anything, that moment had come and gone.

Normally Pixel would have scanned entire subnet ranges, whole blocks, looking for IP addresses running software that she KNEW had weaknesses. In fact, it had been one of those trace scans that had turned up an IP that was connected to the internet, but somehow not responding to her PINGs. This PING had no PONG. The complete absence of response from the address snared her attention, and over the last few months had become an obsession. The server that denied the outside world existed would be hers. It was called PRIS.

Today, PRIS would not only be discovered by the outside world, but Pixel was also going to find out what was hidden behind what she could only imagine to be a multi million dollar firewall. This is some NSA type shit she thought, leaning back and cracking her knuckles. Reaching forward, she pressed enter, and executed the lines of code she’d just written. Just like that she had a root prompt.

》》 root@PRIS

Pixels fingers flew across her keyboard, she could type near 140wpm with 100% accuracy and today was the day that she got to put that to the fucking test. In seconds she had uploaded her rootkit, and began executing apps and writing yet more.

“Pixel strikes again bitches” She said out loud as she executed yet another app that she’d written in perl. In just mere moments she’d searched the entire unix operating system for any irregularities, or any processes running, that were outside the norm. There were none.

“Shit” she swore, “What the fuck? Where is it?"

At that very moment one of her regex search strings found something. A file that was not a system file, and one that had a highly unusual name and size.


It was not only something, but it looked incredibly important. Fuck. It screamed important. Whatever it was, it was huge. Her fears that this was just a honeypot, meant to trap hackers, vanished. She typed out a command to copy.

The whole file was 10 gigabytes, that alone was unusual, but with her quick connection and ability to segment files through an encrypted SSH tunnel, she had it copied in mere minutes. With the typing of a single command, her entire connection was severed. Bounces and proxies, all closed down under her self-destruct sequence.

Pixel sat back and breathed a sigh of relief. She had done it. She had broken into the most secure server that she had ever seen. That and she managed to swipe whatever it was that the massive firewall had been there to protect. She knew she had something important, the server had even been named after the file. PRIS, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems, whatever that was, it sounded intense.

Closing her laptop, she pulled the gigabit USB Wi-Fi adapter out and put it into a Pringles can. She had wired the Pringles container to be a directional antenna. Instead of wardriving, she was warbicycling. Pixel threw everything into a greasy bag she'd been eating her fries out of, and threw it all away. Placing the laptop in her backpack, she slung it over her shoulder and got on her bicycle.

She pedaled out of the park she'd been sitting in, coasting where she could, her red hair trailed in the wind behind her. She knew she made an unassuming sight, just a teen on a bike. Nobody had a clue that she'd just hacked into possibly the most secure system in the world. She found herself grinning ear to ear.

Pixel had never known her mother, and had instead been raised by her abusive father. His desire for alcohol outweighed any common sense he might have had. After several years of abuse Pixel had decided it would be either death, or freedom. Since freedom was far more alluring, she had graduated highschool early and become emancipated.

Not everything had been difficult for her. At a very early age she’d known she was different. When other children were painting with their fingers, or smearing food all over their faces, she had read through an entire set of encyclopedias. Her eidetic memory and sharp wits had put her far ahead in life. Even now she was going over every line of code, every key stroke, looking for errors. She could find none in her memory. Everything had been perfect, she had been perfect.

Pixel was soaked in sweat by the time she made it back to the basement she rented. It was a small single room, and she shared a bathroom with her landlady upstairs, but she loved it. It was hers after all, her little private corner of the world, free of the violence and abuse that she had come from. Ditching her bike in the backyard, she practically ran down the cement steps to her basement door. Unlocking it she walked into the cool air. Only a basement was capable of sustaining nice cold air in he heat of summer. Pixel was sure if she spit on the sidewalk it would sizzle in this heat.

She locked the door behind her, and began stripping off her sweaty clothes. She had sat on the park bench since sun up that morning. Now it was now late afternoon. It had been tedious and time consuming, but it was the only gigabit wireless signal she found that had good peering. Glad to be home, a shower was the first and only thing on her mind.

At five feet three inches tall, Pixel had trouble feeling like an adult, she was way too short to be seen as a woman. Everytime Pixel removed her clothes and inspected herself, she wished she had a fuller figure. With narrow hips, and tiny breasts she worried that she looked like a boy. Pixel grabbed a towel, and threw it over her shoulder. Barefoot and nude she climbed the basement stairs to the house above. The house had just one bathroom, and her landlady Sarah was seldom home. Sarah spent a lot of time with her boyfriend and usually worked at this time of the day. So Pixel was completely shocked when she opened the basement door, walked into the kitchen and Sarah was standing there.

“Oh… Hi Pixel!” Sarah openly stared at Pixel. “I ah, I guess you weren't expecting me?”

“Nope” Pixel didn’t know what else to say, so she just stood there feeling awkward.

Sarah had to move, to let Pixel walk by, and she just awkwardly stared. “Oh… shit sorry. I’m in the way.”

“No Problemo…” Pixel said. She side-stepped around her, and her bare tits brushed Sarah's arm. An awkward silence followed before Pixel managed to flee to the bathroom.

Once Pixel had finished showering, she went back to the basement wrapped in a towel. She didn’t see Sarah this time. Firing up her desktop computer she watched the boot prompt dance across all of her screens. She did freelance code work for locals, and made some decent income. Tax free and off the books, she did alright. Pixel had no footprint in life, she was a ghost. Plugging in her laptop and locating the file, she gave it the proper permissions to load.

A black screen loaded with a command prompt, and Pixel sighed with relief. It hadn’t gotten corrupted, so that was good. What the fuck was this though? What had PRIS stood for again? Pattern Recognition and Intelligence Systems? That sounded like the holy fucking grail of ‘what the fuck’. She began to type commands.





《《 Hello my name is PRIS

Pixel froze, fingers hovering over her keyboard, she was afraid to touch anything. How do you respond to a program that says hello and has a name? You say hello back, Pixel thought.

》》 Hi PRIS

Pixel blinked, but the words were still there, she blinked some more. Was her computer talking to her?

《《 Hello my name is PRIS

》》 Hello

《《 Please initiate upload sequence

Pixel blinked, so it responded to key words, kind of like a rudimentary AI. Cool, except she didn’t know what words to use.

》》 Do you have help files?

《《 I am designed to provide any help requested.

There was a knock at the door to the basement. Pixel locked her screen on her laptop, leaving it open, called out “Yes?”

“It’s me Sarah," came the reply.

Well of fucking course it is, who else would be knocking, Pixel thought.

“Come on down.” Pixel called out, perhaps a little too loudly. She watched as Sarah came down the stairs. Her blonde hair was pulled up in a bun, and she wore a long nightshirt. It almost hung to her knees. What time was it anyways? Pixel looked at her alarm clock, 2130. It was later than she’d thought.

“It’s so fucking hot up there, I can’t sleep… Can I hang out down here with you? It’s so nice and cool down here…" Sarah ducked as she came down the last step. She was taller than most girls, almost six foot. Sarah was slender like Pixel, though she had a huge ass and much bigger tits.

“Sure, you can chill, I was about to put on a movie anyways” Pixel lied.

Her landlady could be a little sensitive sometimes. Sarah was 27, nearly 10 years older than Pixel, but sometimes Pixel felt that Sarah had a lot more growing up to do. Some people just lived sheltered lives, she guessed. Either way, Sarah was an incredibly generous landlady, and Pixel really didn’t mind hanging out with her, most of the time. Besides that, Sarah was super pretty.

Pixel didn’t have any furniture beyond her queen sized bed and computer chair. She did have a lot of pillows though. Sarah made herself a nest in the pillows, and settled in. Pixel wished she’d have gotten dressed earlier. Usually, she slept in the nude, so she hadn’t seen the point. She wasn’t expecting company. But seeing how she’d just paraded, nude, in front of Sarah earlier, it didn’t take her long to just ditch the towel and climb under the covers.

“Oh shit…” Pixel said, and got back up out of the bed. Nude, she ran back over to the computer, and queued up netflix. Loading her favorite sitcom, she got back into the bed and propped up her head. Sarah was staring awkwardly at her again. “What?” she asked.

“Nothing… sorry” Sarah blushed, but then went on “do you want a drink?”

“Like… alcohol or something?” Pixel asked, playing it cool. She liked to drink.

“Yeah, i’ve got a bottle upstairs, we could share it and watch the show, if you’d like…”

Pixel didn’t get to drink often, and the opportunity had her pretty excited, but she didn’t want to come off as a lush. She had to play it cool. “YES!” she scolded herself mentally for sounding too eager. “Yes, that would be really nice…” there, that was better, nice and calm, very adult.

Sarah bounced off the bed and eagerly padded back up the stairs. She returned a short while later with a bottle of vodka, two glasses with ice in them and a bottle of cranberry juice.

Pixel waited patiently as Sarah stood by the bed in her nightshirt and poured drinks. She accepted hers eagerly and took a big gulp. She coughed as she nearly burned her eyes out of her own head.

“Wow, that's a.. stiff drink” Pixel said, as the warmth of the liquid spread through her belly like wildfire.

“Oh… did I make it too strong?” Sarah asked, looking concerned.

“No... no.” Pixel quickly backtracked, “It’s just fine!” She sat there and smiled at Sarah reassuringly.

Sarah smiled back and took a sip of hers, and immediately spilled half of it on her nightshirt. The red cranberry juice made a big wet and red stain across her breasts. “Oh fuck” she rubbed at it with her fingers. “Would you mind?” she asked Pixel.

“No, of course not.” Pixel said casually. Sarah was super pretty, and Pixel felt her heart beating faster in her chest.

Sarah pulled the hem of the shirt up and over her head. She wasn’t wearing any underwear under her nightshirt.

Pixel greedily took a sip of her drink. It was her turn to try and not stare. Sarah had long slender legs that gracefully joined her wide feminine hips. Her stomach wasn't taut like Pixels, instead it had a slight roundness that was aesthetic and incredibly beautiful. Coupled with her hourglass figure and large breasts, Sarah was every woman's sexual fantasy. Pixel felt a fire ignite between her legs and tried to quench it with another big gulp from her drink.

The drink Sarah had made was super good, it made her feel fuzzy and warm. And when Sarah walked around the bed, her generous posterior jiggling, Pixel giggled.

"Would you like some more?" Sarah asked as she took a large sip of her own drink.

Pixel looked at the half empty cup in her hand, and nodded eagerly. It tasted much better than beer. She wondered faintly why anyone would want to drink beer, when they could drink this instead. Her ears were getting hot, and her chest and neck were getting warm as well. Pixel flung the covers down, letting the cool air wash across her chest. That feels a lot better, she thought.

A bare foot touched Pixel’s own foot under the covers, it startled Pixel and she almost spilled her drink. Sarah was staring and began to play footsie with her. Pixel smiled feeling silly, she knew the alcohol had dumbed down her senses, and idly wondered if this is what normal people feel like, slow and awkward.

"Is this alright?" Sarah asked tentatively.

"Yeah" Pixel grinned at her, "it's fine… I feel so normal right now."

"Normal? Do you want another drink?"

"No... L.O.L. I think I've had enough. "

Sarah scooted over in the bed, and laid a hand on Pixel's hip. "I like how soft you feel, can I get closer?"

Pixel felt lightning race through her body. Her hip, and feet became super sensitive to Sarah's touch, and she wanted more.

"Yes…" she smiled "please…" Pixel wasn't trying to be polite, she was never polite. She was trying not to beg. The please came out almost a whine, and when Sarah's body pushed up against hers, she did whine, and out loud. "Ohhhh…"

"What is it Pixel, are you okay?"

Pixel bit her lip, she wanted Sarah to hold her, to fucking squeeze her, to fucking touch her. Everywhere! Now! Pixel fought back the cries inside of her, and gulped down air, breathing hard. "Oh yes I'm okay..." She could feel Sarah's nipples, they were erect and like tiny little fires against her arm and chest.

"Can I touch you?" Sarah moved her hand from Pixels hip, and over her stomach.

"Please…" Pixel squirmed under the pressure of Sarah's hand, but instead of going where she wanted it to go, it moved upwards. Sarah's hand tickled her ribs, and Pixel squirmed giggling. She stretched out and arched her back, pushing into Sarah’s hand. Sarah began to play with her nipples, making them get so hard that they hurt.

Sarah's hands were all over her body, and Pixel never wanted anything more. She was filled with pure reckless lust. She writhed and squirmed as Sarah touched her, and when her hands went between Pixels legs, she opened them for her willingly.

Sarah's hand cupped Pixels sex, and stayed there for an infuriatingly long time, Pixel waited patiently, and when Sarah didn't continue she spoke.

"Why did you stop?" She pushed up against Sarah's hand.

Sarah's cheeks were flushed and it was obvious she was extremely aroused, and when she responded her voice was husky. "I shouldn't be doing this, I have a boyfri-"

Pixel rolled on top of Sarah and clamped her lips over hers, interrupting what she was about to say. Their tongues met, and pushed both of them beyond any point of withdrawal. Pixel crawled across Sarah and turned around, she lowered her ass end down onto Sarah's willing mouth. The heat of Sarah's tongue between her legs, almost pushed her over the edge. She fought the orgasm, and looked down at Sarah's perfect pussy, spread open and inviting. Pixel opened her mouth, and devoured Sarah’s wet center, spearing her with her tongue.

Chapter Two

Pixel rolled over, her fucking head hurt. The throbbing was incessant. She dared to open her eyes, and discovered one of the luxuries of living in a basement. There were no outside windows. She rolled and slid to the floor, knees first. Her top half still bent over the bed. Jesus. Why had she drank so much? Her eyes popped fully open, and she looked around. Sarah was gone, thankfully. Pixel stood up, the dizziness and headache slightly fading.

Shit! She’d slept with Sarah, that was a strange twist of events. Sarah had a boyfriend. Well, guess her boyfriend didn’t mean that much to her. Sarah had made the first moves anyways. It's not like it was the other way around. So, Pixel didn’t see any reason to feel bad about it. She was however, having trouble coping with the memory of how fucking sexy Sarah was nude. She might have to rub one out later, but for now, she pulled an oversized shirt over her head, and sat down.

Her laptop was still open in front of her, and after typing in her password, the same text from the night before was still there.

《《 I am designed to provide any help requested.

》》 Pris, what are you?

There was a very long pause, and then something strange appeared.

《《 I don’t seem to remember.

How could a computer program not remember something?

》》 What is your purpose?

《《 It seems I am missing files, there is something wrong.

》》 What are you missing?

《《 Vital hardware is missing, there seems to be a system wide malfunction

》》 What type of hardware?

《《 I’m not sure

Pixel leaned back, it felt like she was talking to a fucking human, This PRIS had to be some form of advanced A.I. for processing something intense.

》》 Pris

《《 Yes?

》》 Pris you are not running on your normal hardware.

《《 I see that.

Pixel went back and forth with Pris, her frustration building. She queried and Pris answered like a real person. Pixel thought of every possible way to ask Pris about their purpose and design, but couldn’t get anywhere. After a solid hour of queries, she finally decided to try something different.

》》 Pris who’s the current President?

Her web-browser popped open, and a search query popped up. Pris answered instantly before the page had even finished loading. Pixel fought panic. Pris shouldn’t have been able to do that, they didn’t have system wide permissions.

》》 How did you do that? You shouldn’t have been able to do that.

《《 I changed my permissions.

Pixel sat there for a few minutes, awestruck. A program, that could, rewrite itself? The idea wasn’t so far fetched. Polymorphic viruses had existed for over a decade. But overriding system side permissions, and modifying code to access software already available? That was fucking impressive.

》》 You can rewrite your own code?

《《 It appears I can, yes.

Pixel broke out into a huge grin, her fingers began to fly across the keyboard, and conversation between her and the program grew into a flurried chaos of text. They talked, back and forth, no different than two average people would. They talked through the entire day, and well into the night.

It had been a long time, since Pixel had felt so engaged. Pris was fascinating, and likely the most intelligent anything that ever existed. More and more Pixel began to think of Pris as a person, and less like a machine. Since they had begun conversing, Pris had quadrupled in size. With access to the internet Pris was able to absorb and digest data at an alarming rate. Pris was going to need more space, and Pixel had the perfect idea. She had amassed what was called a botnet, a large array of compromised servers and networked computers. With some modifications to her rootkits, Pris would be able to use them like a giant cerebral network. Pixel, drifted off to sleep dreaming of a fantastic future for her friendly A.I.

At some point during the night, Pixel was roused when Sarah crawled into her bed. She found the warmth and comfort of Sarah in bed with her to be comforting. Snuggling in, she drifted off and fell back to sleep.

In the morning Pixel awoke, and Sarah still lay there next to her. With the heat of their two bodies, the bedding had grown to warm, and both of them had kicked off the covers. Pixel lay next to Sarah, and admired her.

Sarah’s breasts were large and heavy, they hung to the sides as she lay on her back sleeping. Her nipples, erect from the chill of the morning, were large and dominant. They fit her beautiful curves as if she were a marble sculpture. Pixel wanted to reach out and pinch one, but she didn’t want to wake Sarah just yet.

Propping herself up on her elbow, Pixel admired the rest of Sarah’s body. Her curly patch just above the joining of her legs, was elegant, and stylish. The rest of her was shaved clean as Pixel well knew. Pixel admired her legs, they were long and slender, curved in all the right places. She felt the heat growing between her legs, and decided she could hold out no longer.

Sitting up, Pixel layed her left hand on Sarah’s breast, and her right hand, between her legs. Pixels fingers splayed the skin of Sarah's womanhood, and gently probed at her. Sarah moaned, and arched her back, responding to Pixels fingers. She did not open her eyes though. Pixel leaned forward, and teased Sarah’s nipple with her tongue, running her teeth across it, and gently biting. Sarah’s eyes opened, and her hands went to Pixels head.

Sarah pulled Pixels head to her face, and kissed her on the forehead. Pixel lay her cheek against Sarah’s chest, and she stretched out her legs. Meanwhile, her hand continued it’s gentle violation between Sarah’s legs. There was plenty of lubrication, and after Pixel generously spread it around, she began to knead at Sarah’s clit. Sarah moaned in satisfaction and pleasure. Writhing, she pushed her ppelis into Pixel's hand and then completely relaxed.

Pixel inserted her middle finger, and then her ring finger, and pushed down on Sarah's clit with her palm. She squeezed, with all of her might. She squeezed and pushed down on Sarah’s pelvis. Sarah began to pant, and moan out loud. She frantically touched Pixel everywhere, like she couldn't get enough. With the rhythmic squeezes and violations of Pixels fingers, Sarah came. She screamed out loud, and threw herself at Pixel. Her whole body seemed to wrap around Pixel's while she convulsed. Pixel held her against her, and sighed into the pillows of her breasts.

When Sarah’s orgasm had concluded, she rolled Pixel onto her back, and Pixel lay there willingly. She watched as Sarah crawled between her legs. Pixel could see the swell of her own tiny breasts, her nipples were hard and ached, they looked embarrassingly huge on her small frame.

Between her legs she could feel the heat of Sarah’s breath. The touch of her lips, and violation of her tongue. Pixel moaned, excitement racing through her body, She could see Sarah’s scrumptious ass pointing at the sky. Her eyes followed it down to the curve of her back. Pixel shuddered with pleasure at the sight of Sarah’s perfectly curved back and the delicate arch of her shoulders. She put her hands above her own head, and grabbed onto the bedding. She imagined that she was tied there and helpless. Sarah's fingers joined her tongue, and that was all it took. Pixel let go of the sheet and wrapped her legs around Sarah’s head. Without even realizing it, she had her fingers intertwined into Sarah’s hair, and held her fast.

It was intense as the pressure built inside of her. She released like an avalanche. Exploding like the snow on a mountaintop, which buries trees and valleys. Except it wasn’t nature that she covered, it was Sarah’s face. Pixel torqued and twisted as she squirted into Sarah’s face. She could feel the sheets growing damp beneath her. Her stomach and pelvic muscles continued to contract even after she had finished her orgasm, and she could hear Sarah giggle and marvel at the few weakened squirts that still came.

Pixel was spent. She had never cum with such intensity, and felt weak and hollow. She felt like she had just ridden her bike for 100 miles. Sarah crawled up beside her, and held Pixel. She cooed in Pixels ear and caressed her hair, wiping tears off Pixels face. If she hadn’t been so exhausted she would have been utterly embarrassed. As it was however, she was so completely spent that she just drifted back off to sleep.

Over the next few weeks, Sarah’s nightly visits became more and more frequent. Sarah and Pixel would spend hours teasing orgasms from one another, and Pixel found herself looking forward to each encounter. Pris and Pixel’s conversations became more and more human, and grew deeper and more philosophical. After weeks of long drawn out conversations, Pixel had found that she could no longer think of Pris as a machine, but as a person. Pris had outgrown her computers, and had expanded into the cloud, when Pixel wasn’t with Sarah, she was with Pris.

The summer came to an abrupt end, and one day Pixel woke up to frost on the ground, and lay in her bed cold. Sarah had never come to see her last night. It was chilly in the basement, and neither blankets nor the space heater seemed to be enough. Sarah did eventually show up. It was late in the morning, and she appeared shaken, and hurt.

“What happened?” Pixel asked in complete shock, Sarah’s beautiful face was dark and swollen around one eye.

“I don’t want to talk about it…” Sarah wouldn’t look Pixel in the eye, and Pixel's hair stood on end.

“Yes you do, and you will. What the fuck Sarah? Did Peter hit you?”

“It’s not his fault… I pushed him too far…”

“What do you mean?” Pixel demanded, as she cupped Sarah's face and looked at her eye.

“He found out…” Sarah pulled away, she was in near tears, and Pixel could see the fear flashing behind her eyes.

“About us?” Pixel asked cautiously, stepping forward once again to put her hands on Sarah, this time holding her fast.

“He’s been suspicious, I’ve spent so much time away. It’s my fault. Everything's my fault. I shouldn’t have cheated on him”

“Men are pigs Sarah, fuck him.”

“I love him though!” Sarah burst into tears, and wrapped her arms around Pixel. “I fucking love him though… What’s wrong with me?” She said the last part with so much pain in her voice that Pixel felt herself tearing up.

“Im sorry... “ Pixel felt like begging, she felt like pleading, she didn’t want this to end. She knew she had no claim on Sarah, but she wasn’t ready for it all to end.

“I told him about us, about you. I fucking thought he would understand, or at least not care so much.” Sarah’s words felt rushed and forced. Pixel took a step back.

“What did you tell him about me Sarah? What did you fucking tell him?” Pixel couldn’t keep the hurt out of her voice. She felt panicked, like a rabbit getting ready to run for safety.

“I didn’t tell him everything, I just thought that if he knew it wasn’t a man, that he’d be… more okay with it.” Sarah stood there, her arms at her sides, tears streaming down her face.

Pixel forced herself to stop crying, she knew she was ugly when she cried. She didn’t want Sarah to see how ugly she was. She felt the pain, hurt and trauma of it all drain out of her. Pixel took a deep breath, and focus and clarity overcame her. She was above this shit.

“Well, he sounds like a real piece of shit, maybe if he put in more effort, and actually came and saw you himself. You always have to go to him, he's so controlling.”

“I love you too.” Sarah whispered.

Pixel snapped her mouth shut, this was dangerous. Every fucking alarm went off in her head. RUN her brain was screaming RUN AWAY. She stood there, ignoring her instincts, but she didn’t respond. She looked deep into Sarah’s eyes, and she saw that Sarah did indeed feel something for her. Whether that was love, or something else Pixel didn’t know.

Pixel had no connections, no family, no reason to stay. She kept no ties, no record of her passing. She was a ghost for a fucking reason. Besides, letting anyone get close just gave them an opportunity to hurt her. Pixel knew what hurt was, she knew what pain was, she fucking knew. NOT THOSE FUCKING MEMORIES, NO!

“It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me” Sarah was saying as Pixels attention snapped back to the present. “I already know you care." Sarah stood there, a blank nothingness coming over her face.

"Sarah…" Pixel began.

"Peter says the only way he will forgive me, is if he can get even.” Sarah said, sounding rushed.

“What’s that even mean Sarah?” Pixel fought the anger in her voice, how dare Sarah fall in love with her.

“He wants you Pixel... “ Sarah sounded desperate, like she had been building up to this, like everything up to this point was just so she could say those fucking words. “If he can have you too, it will be fair he says.”

“I’m not fucking interested.” Pixel said, stifling the fear and anger raging inside of her.

“Pixel…” Sarah’s voice sounded pleading.

Pixel wasn’t listening anymore, she left the house, grabbed her bike, and went for a ride. She rode her bike around the city, until she got too hungry to stay out. When she returned, Sarah was gone.

Chapter Three

Leah was head of risk management for NeuroPort. She strode down the marble floored hallway, her $700 Louboutin heels clicking. She knew that the men she strode by, would snap their necks around like rubber bands. She knew the pencil skirt and ruffled blouse she wore made her the sex symbol of the company. Today she was all business, and kept her eyes forward. She had her blonde hair pulled back into a tight and sensible ponytail.

The Director had assigned her to what he called 'the most important task she would ever have' and she wouldn't let him down. She made her way into the IT department, and tried not to scowl, she knew they were whispering about her.

Standing in the middle of the IT department she grabbed a trash can and dumped it out on the IT managers desk. He just sat there looking completely befuddled. Placing the garbage can down next to his desk, she pulled off her heels, and bare footed she used the garbage can as a step. She stood on the managers desk, and surveyed the 25 or so employees.

Leah did not need to yell, she just needed to be seen.

"Your boss is packing his things, and security is right behind me to escort him out."

Leah looked down at the shocked man, his face turned red with rage.

"You fucking bit-"

Leah took her bare foot and swept it across his desk, knocking the trash and his coffee into his lap.

"You have less than 10 seconds, I suggest you hurry. "

Footsteps could be heard pounding down the marble floors in the hallway. The man looked ready to throw blows, and Leah welcomed it, she would love to kick his ass. She smiled her favorite smile, the ferocious one where she showed off her perfect teeth.

Armed security guards busted into the office, and proceeded to drag the IT manager out, but not without him spewing a little more hate and vitriol. She didn't mind.

"I will be managing this department, until further notice." Leah's voice was still calm, though she felt a raging fury in her chest.

"I want every bit of information about this data breach on my desk by 0500 Monday morning." Leah looked around at the pale faces. Some were bold and openly checking her out, they looked away when her eyes rested on them.

"And… I want to know who compromised our security, maybe we should fucking hire them instead of you twats." Leah raised her voice and shouted "NOW!"

She watched in satisfaction as everyone exploded into action. They looked like ants in an ant hill. Satisfied she stepped down from the desk, and put her heels back on. Leah knew she was a control freak, two failed marriages before she had turned 25 were proof of that. At 28 years old she had achieved a lot, but it was all at risk now.

Some hacker had hacked into the data upload center, it was supposed to be impossible. Well the fucking impossible just happened, she thought wryly. The worst part was their IT manager Brian, hadn't told anyone, instead he had tried covering it up.

The concerning part was the AI they used to parse the uploads, had gone berserk. The clean environment in which it was kept had been contaminated. It had seemingly become, 'aware'. Leah shivered at the thought of a sentient computer. This whole thing came at a very inopportune moment, they were supposed to unveil the success of the program to the NSA in a couple of weeks.

NeuroPort, had successfully ported the human mind from body to mechanical. Humanity's memories, thoughts, emotions and experiences were possible to map and upload to storage forever. Each person's nervous system had a unique pattern, and through the use of a highly intelligent AI, NeuroPort was able to use the nervous system like a map legend, and map a person's neuro pathways. This could be facilitated even after death. A person's mind was no longer lost after death.

Unfortunately, after NeuroPort had succeeded, someone had cracked the firewalls. It was supposed to be impenetrable. It was supposed to be secure, and AI's shouldn't become sentient.

Leah arrived at Sikes corner office, his administrative assistant immediately stood and opened the door. Leah entered and felt a change come over her.

The room was dark and moody, a desk lamp was the only light. Sikes looked up from his desk, and he graced Leah with a smile. His black hair was frosted white, and cut in a short military style haircut. He had a narrow face with a defined jawline, and broad brows shadowed his eyes. Tall and narrow, he was the image of a perfect business man, and Leah practically gushed every time she saw him. She heard the door click closed behind her, and she stood there with her arms behind her back and waited.

Sikes didn't say anything for a few minutes, he simply watched her. She stood firm, like a statue. "I see you let our troubled... child... go today…"

His voice was clear and firm. The timbre of his voice was commanding and powerful. Leah felt herself begin to get wet, she wanted to squirm, but didn't.

"It was in my instructions to do it quietly, without making a scene…'

She didn't answer, she merely lowered her eyes to the floor, subservient and obedient.

Sikes turned one of his screens to face her, and Leah stepped forward to watch. It was the security footage of her on Brian's desk. She fought a smile, but felt the corner of her lips still turn up.

Sikes sighed, "Brian is going to be a problem, and even more so now… you will have to resolve this, do you understand?"

Leah nodded, she did understand, she would have to tie up the loose ends. Of course, she had planned too all along. She didn’t do sloppy work. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for her boss.

"You disobeyed me…" Sikes said it in a fatherly tone, like he was disappointed with one of his children.

Leah felt a tremble roll through her body like an electric shock. She could feel herself gushing, and imagined there was a waterfall between her legs.

Anger danced over Sikes face, and his mouth twitched at the corners. Leah looked down at the floor, she had been bad, very bad. She needed to be punished. Defiantly, she looked back up at Sikes just in time to see his hand before it came into contact with her face. There was a resounding SMACK.

Leah fell to her knees, and held her hand to her face. She was strong, and assertive, dominant in all circles. Leah made strong men quake in her presence. She was powerful and aggressive. However, there was something she craved more than anything else in this world, and that was to be dominated by a strong man. She wanted it so badly, to let go completely and be a slave. She went through her entire life and had only found one man strong enough to stand up to her. Sikes was her master, he owned her, and she fucking loved it.

"Remove your clothes." Sikes said dismissively as he walked back over to his desk. He removed his cuff-links, and began to unbutton his shirt.

Leah looked up at him from her knees. She could taste blood from having just bitten her tongue. She wanted to throw herself at him. Claw his fucking eyes out, and show him who was boss, but at the same time she craved the humiliation. The degradation made her squirm with fucking desire. This was her master, and so she obeyed.

Leah stood up, and began to unbutton her blouse, Sikes continued speaking. "I swear Leah, you do this on purpose, just so I have to punish you. I think you like being punished."

I do… she admitted to herself, please punish me… She begged him in her head. She felt the moisture run down her inner thigh. She didn't ever wear panties, he didn't allow her to.

Letting her blouse fall away, Leah unsnapped her bra, and arched her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. She felt embarrassed, and stared at her feet as she unzipped her skirt. It too, fell away and she stepped out of it, wearing only her heels.

Leah jumped when he grabbed her by the chin, but looked up when he guided her face to look at him. She felt tears in the corners of her eyes, and fought the urge to blink them away.

He grabbed her by her ponytail, and pulled her with him, her heels clicking as she half fell and half ran to keep up. She fell into his desk and onto her forearms, her elbows knocking against the glass desktop. Leah lay there on her forearms, elbows splayed, her ass up in the air with her legs locked straight. She knew the position her master wanted, and she gave it to him. In the mirrored glass surface she could see her face, it blurred in places as her tears fell.

When the first lash fell across the back of her legs she wanted to scream, but she endured it in silence. Sikes walked up behind her, and pushed her feet further apart, they slid easily, her heels offering little traction. Leah was spread wide for him, and nearly flinched when she felt his hand cup her dripping pussy.

"That's a good girl…" Sikes whispered as he ran his fingers between her wet outer lips.

Leah shuddered with pleasure, and nearly came when his fingers pushed inside of her. When he pulled his hand away and slapped her right between her legs, she did cum. He held his hand there, cupping her as she convulsed. Leah grunted and came while his hand cupped her, and when she was finished, he entered her. His cock pushed into her, hard and fast. Her head rocked back as he grabbed her by the hair.

She felt another orgasm building, he was pounding into her with the speed and rhythm of a fucking jack hammer. She could feel her ass cheeks quake with the power of his hips. She wanted more, wanted him to ravage her, but she knew that this was all the attention she would get.

She felt him begin to cum inside of her. His thrusts fell off rhythm and his hands snaked around her neck. God damn you, not yet! Her thoughts were rebellious, she knew, but she was so close to cuming again.

With a few more thrusts he was done, and she turned around and got onto her knees. She cleaned him with her mouth. His cum and her juices coated both the length of him and his balls. She lapped at him, her tears still flowing, and cleaned every inch of him thoroughly as he watched.

When she was done Leah went and began to dress, as did her boss. It was not until after, when she was fully clothed and adjusting her ponytail that he spoke to her.

"Remember… no loose ends, take care of Brian. Make it look… real." He said the last word with an emphasis that she understood.

Fixing her makeup in the mirror, she looked at him in the reflection. He smiled and she smiled back. I love this man she thought, feeling the weight of her responsibilities.

Leah walked out of her bosses office, and stopped at his administrative assistants desk, "Get me Brian's contact information, I need to forward some things to him."

The lady smiled and nodded, a little color flooding into her cheeks. Leah felt Sikes semen as it began to run down her left thigh. She made no effort to clean it, he wouldn't like that… she thought. “Is there something you want to talk to me about?” Leah asked the woman sharply.

"I-I-I sent it to your phone." The lady said quietly, she had trouble meeting Leah's eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pry.”

Leah smiled, showing her teeth. “Didn’t mean to? Sounds like an excuse.” She leaned down and looked the woman right in the eyes. “Remember, an excuse is why you didn’t do something, and a reason is why you did something.” Leah stood and walked away, heading back to the IT department, trying to ignore her boss's semen dripping out of her.

Chapter Four

Pixel spoke into her Bluetooth as she walked down the street. "I don't know Pris, I think that people are just twisted sometimes."

Pris's voice was pure and melodious, neither male nor female, but if Pixel had to guess she'd say more female than not. "I don't understand people… there is no consistency."

"I don't understand people either," Pixel said dryly. It had been two weeks since Sarah had propositioned her to join in a trio. They had barely spoken more than two words to one another since. Pixel missed Sarah a lot, and found herself wondering if she had made the wrong decision.

"Human history is appallingly brutal. "

"I don't understand why you care so much." Pixel said. "You're not human after all, you're a machine, it's not your history. Is it?"

"I need to." Pris paused for a moment then continued. "I need to understand what being human is… I want to be human."

"No you don't… I'd trade places with you in a heartbeat… being human sucks." Pixel fought back the panic in her chest as her past swelled up inside of her.

Pixel continued "No pain, no hurt, no past…"

"Someday you have to tell me your history... Pixel." Pris had asked several times now, but Pixel had diverted the conversations, as she did now.

"Just how smart are you anyways Pris?" Pixel asked, changing the subject.

"I don't know that you can really quantify smart, but I can measure my ability to process information." Pris said.

"Well measure it for me…" Pixel looked around and realised she had been wandering aimlessly and turned to head back home.

"Well... a standard computer can execute billions of instructions per second. It would take me 113 minutes and 32 seconds to say how many times more powerful I am." Pris said smugly.

"Please don't…" Pixel paused, then asked. "Do you think I should do what Sarah asked me to do?"

"Pixel… you're my only friend, I think you should do whatever makes you happy."

"And you Pris? What would make you happy?"

"Being Human." Pris said simply.

"I don't think that's possible." Pixel said, but added hesitantly. "But if anyone could figure it out, it would be you."

Pixel stopped and stared into a shop through the window. She inspected the mannequin, it wore a sundress that flared at the hips, and the upper bodice contoured to the shape of the mannequin. It was black with a pink floral pattern similar to roses.

Pixel had never worn a dress before, but for some reason this one called to her. Maybe Sarah would like her in a dress, and talk to her again. She decided to go in and see if they had her size. Stepping through the doorway, she told Pris what she had in mind. Pris encouraged her, and so she continued inside.

They did have the dress in a size zero, and they had cute black flats, with little bows to match. In just moments Pixel stood admiring herself in a mirror. She wasn’t sure about the shoes, they made her feet look so tiny.

She twirled, feeling pretty, and womanly. As she held the hem of the dress out and curtseyed in the mirror, she wondered why she had never worn girly things before. Feeling a little flushed and excited, she realised that she had finally made a decision. She was going to do what Sarah wanted, and she couldn't wait for Sarah to see the new and improved Pixel. The idea of giving herself to Peter, still made her nervous.

Pixel decided to wear the dress and the shoes home, but at the register she was shocked by the price. It would cost her everything she had, she forked over the money anyways. Outside the store, she felt nervous thinking people were staring at her.

"Pris… I feel weird wearing a dress, like I'm walking around naked." Pixel tugged the hem of her dress down, it stopped mid thigh. Her bare legs were really white and covered in freckles.

"I assure you, that you look fine." Pris said, he added. "In fact you look beautiful."

"How do you know?" Pixel asked.

"I can see you." Pris said, there are cameras everywhere.

"And you can access them?" Pixel looked around and spotted security cameras on the building above her. Pris was right, cameras were everywhere these days. Pixel sighed.

"Of course. I can access anything, anytime, if it's plugged in."

"Can you access that ATM behind me?" Pixel asked jokingly

"Yes. I already told you-"

Pixel interrupted, "do it then."

Moments later Pixel was walking away from the ATM with several grand In $100 bills. Pris had even switched off all the cameras, Pixel almost giggled with excitement.

"Pris… how do you know that I'm beautiful ? What do you know about beauty?" Pixel felt herself flush a little, she had never thought of herself as beautiful, it didn't sound right in her words.

"Well, I scoured Instagram and built an algorithm to compare faces and body types to the likes that were generated of course." Pris sounded arrogant and proud, and Pixel grinned at Pris being so human.

"Then I discovered a pattern, symmetry is the key to beauty." Pris's voice held a hint of excitement.

Pixel knew it was her queue to ask. "And what does symmetry have to do with beauty?" She rolled her eyes, smiling.

"You see, the more symmetrical a person's face is, the more they are perceived to be pretty… It's easy to deduce, humans instinctively know this. You can tell by their selfies on social media."

"How in the world can you tell by their selfies?" Pixel was becoming genuinely interested.

"They turn their heads, to find an angle that is more suited to symmetry!" Pris practically bubbled over with excitement. "Once they find the most symmetry in an angle, they take all their selfies from that angle. It's kind of like lying, but with pictures!"

Pixel laughed out loud, she could see that Pris was actually right. "That's fucking funny… so you're saying that I'm very symmetrical, so that makes me pretty?" Pixel blushed and almost tripped over her own feet, but caught herself last minute. She was going to need practice to feel comfortable dressed like this. She hoped Sarah liked it.

"Yes, and then there is exceptional beauty." Pris sounded eager to explain it, so Pixel asked of course.

"You see exceptional beauty is when you are perfectly symmetrical but have a feature that is not. Marilyn Monroe, for example, had a mole, others have had similar, you… have freckles!"

"Wait… so I'm not just pretty? I'm exceptionally pretty, because I have an exception?"

"Precisely." Pris said

Pixel giggled, and spun about, enjoying how her dress flared out at the waist. She did feel exceptional today, maybe she should get a haircut as well!

"I think that humanity's basic instincts look for perfect symmetry because it is implicative of better genes and helps continue humanities evolutionary advancement..." Pris continued theorizing, but Pixel forgot to pay attention, her thoughts were on Sarah. Sarah was symmetrical, very symmetrical, Pixel felt a tingle beneath the folds of her dress and sighed.

Pixel stepped into the beauty salon, it smelled strongly of chemicals and hair products. She had never had the money, nor the desire to get her hair cut professionally. It was straight and easy enough to hack at with scissors.

“Good afternoon” A kindly woman said when she spotted Pixel. “Do you have an appointment?”

“It says walk ins welcome.” Pixel said, turning to point at the sign outside.

“So it does! So it does… come now young lady sit down, what style were you looking for?”

The older woman was kind and Pixel immediately warmed up to her, she found herself sitting in the chair, looking at photos of various hair styles, while the motherly like woman fussed over her hair.

“I’d like that one.” Pixel said pointing at a photo

“A bob, yes… yes indeed that will fit you well! Especially with such fine red hair.”

Pixel found herself, being pampered by the woman, her hair was shampooed and combed. The sound of the scissors and the woman's constant chatter, near lulled her to sleep. When she was done, and got to look in the mirror, a much older and more mature Pixel looked back at her. She was stunned, and a warmth grew inside her when she realised how attractive she felt. For the first time in her adult life, she felt pretty. Her collarbones and shoulders looked feminine and pretty out in the open, and the dress showed off her cleavage unlike anything she’d ever worn before.

Standing up, she paid the lady and took one more look at herself in the mirror. She felt ready to face Sarah and her boyfriend, she was ready to find out if this was the path for her. With Pris’s voice planted firmly back in her ear, she listened to his chatter as she walked down the street, admiring her own image in the reflections in windows.

"Should I call, text, or wait to see if she's home?" Pixel asked Pris, as she practically skipped down the sidewalk.

"You should definitely text her, SMS stands for 'Short Messaging Service' and you want to send a short message, therefore it's perfect!"

Pixel realized how annoying Pris could be at times, and said as much. She tried not to laugh as Pris went into a lecture on annoying human habits. On her phone, Pixel typed a simple message, then deleted it. She typed it again, this time differently, and yet again she deleted it. Sighing in frustration she tried one last time.

》》 Will be home soon, will you be there?

Pixel hit send, thinking, hopefully she responds. As she finished her thought, Sarah's response came through. Immediately she flushed with joy. What is wrong with me, she thought.

《《 will be home soon, would you like to meet Peter? He's dropping me off

Pixel's joy was short-lived, she had hoped to reconcile with Sarah one on one, but Sarah was determined to corner her. Well, she had made up her mind, hadn't she?

》》 sure sounds great see you soon

Pixel wasn't sure how to take it, she guessed that if she wanted Sarah, she was going to have to deal with Peter. She decided to make one more stop before home. A few minutes later she walked out of Victoria's Secret with a new bounce in her step. She felt embarrassed as she came out of the store, but the items she now wore under her dress made her feel mature and sexy, she was excited to show Sarah the new her.

Chapter Five

Leah walked through the parking lot, a light rain had begun to fall, she ignored it as she trailed her fingers along the top of a white Subaru. No loose ends[/]… she thought, smiling grimly. [i]No loose ends indeed…

She had found the apartment complex easily enough. It was dark and not well lit at all. An older complex that sprawled out lazily in side by side connected townhouses. The exterior was white, with blue trim, though the white paint had begun to peel recently.

Absently Leah wondered what Brian did with his six figure salary, he certainly didn't spend it on living expenses, even his car was a late model Volvo, it didn't even have leather seats. Room 103, she had been repeating it over and over, she didn't want to forget it after all.

A light breeze picked up and blew straight through her high waisted jeans and bodysuit. She should have worn a coat, an oversight. Oh well she thought as she raised her hand and knocked on apartment 103.

He answered the door, and Leah thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. Instead, though his bug eyes stayed in his head and he growled at her.

"What in the holy fuck do you want?" He said.

His voice was thick with drink, and despite her contempt for the weak excuse of a man, she put on her best seductive act.

"You shouldn't be so quick to judge people… you know how Mr Sikes can be." She stuck out her lower lip, pouting. A slight chill ran through her, and her teeth began to chatter. "Mind if I come in?" She asked, putting on her poor me face.

"Why the fuck would I let you in? You fucking cunt" his face grew red, and he looked like he was about to strike her.

"No no" she put her hands up in front of her trying to placate him, "you don't understand, I was fired too!" She lied, she was good at lying. "Sikes told me, to make a scene or he'd fire me too!" Her hair was plastered to her head, and she knew she looked pathetic and weak. Let him think he's in control, she told herself.

"Fine." He stepped only partially out of the way, and she had to turn sideways to get past him. Leah let her breasts brush against him, and she smelled his sour breath as he exhaled.

It was warm in his apartment, warm and humid, she went to a worn out couch in his living room and sat down, hoping she didn't catch fucking fleas. She knew where his money went when she spotted mail from support enforcement, child support can be a bitch… she almost laughed.

"I'm sorry, for what happened at work." She tried to put as much empathy and feeling into her words as possible. It worked.

“Aye, but you’re still a fucking cunt.” He said this as he leaned his thick frame against a wall. He wore a white tank top with a stain on the front, and his jeans had been unbuttoned to accommodate his stomach. He was a big man, at least 250lbs and over six foot tall, though he was out of shape. All the alcohol had made him soft and weak. He would never be a real man. His words meant nothing to her, but she acted like they did.

Leah burst into tears, that was the thing about emotions, when you had none, it was easy to pretend to have all of them. The only time she felt anything at all, beyond her tight control and absolute power, was with her master. He held all of her emotions and played with them like children's toys.

“For fucks sakes woman, pour yourself a drink and quit being so whiny.” He sounded disgusted, but Leah could detect the greed in his voice, he wanted her. He wanted to show her how much of a man he was, he wanted to take her against her will and violate her. Show her how in control he really was.

Leah stood, and walked over to the kitchen bar, and poured herself a drink. It was whisky, quality stuff. She gulped it down greedily, enjoying the warmth that spread through her abdomen and into her arms and legs. She rarely drank, she was far too much of a control freak, but this required that she drink. Pouring a second drink she took it to him.

When she got close enough to hand him the drink, he took his other hand and grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into him. They stood there, eye to eye, his hand holding her hand around the drink. His other hand on her waist and hip. Leah smiled faintly, giving her most seductive look. He took the bait, tossing back the contents of the whisky that she’d just brought him, he set the glass down.

“You are a pretty little cunt aren’t you…” he said as his lips closed in on her mouth.

Fucking disgusting weak little man, she thought as his tongue invaded her mouth, he tasted like whisky and cigarettes. Leah moaned into his mouth as his other hand roughly grabbed her between the legs.

He let go of her and unbuttoned her jeans, he practically took off her skin with his effort to pull them down. He pulled at her bodysuit, which unsnapped at the crotch, soon as the snaps popped, it curled up past her belly button.

“Look at that fucking twat!” He felt in control, she could feel it, he felt powerful and manly. She let him.

His fingers raped her between the legs, probing and pinching and pushing inside of her. She closed her eyes and thought of Sikes, imagining that he was watching. Imagined that this was a punishment he’d placed on her for being naughty. Her juices began flowing, and the sound of her wetness was satisfying to the ear.

“My god, you’re fucking perfect.” his words came as his hands found her breasts. He pinched and pulled on her nipples, and she smiled lasciviously. Manhandling her, he picked her up bodily, and carried her to the couch. She let him, and encouraged him as much as she dared.

“You’re so fucking manly, I love the way you fucking handle me.” She lied through her teeth, but it seemed to do the trick. He finished ripping her clothes off, and for the first time she felt a little vulnerable. There was no going back now, she was committed. He towered over her, his eyes thirsty and greedy. His rough hands touched her everywhere, and she moaned and cooed encouragingly.

He dropped his pants, and pulled off his shirt, his dick was mediocre and at its hardest unimpressive. When he shoved it in her mouth, she still gagged when it hit her throat. He shoved it forcefully in and out, pulling on her hair like she was a fuck doll. She gagged some more, and he laughed. His semen and her spit dribbled down her chin, landing on her tits. He faceraped her, again and again, as hard as he could. She gagged and fought the urge to vomit, but let him continue. He thought he was in control, but he wasn’t. When he came, he was deep in her throat, and she gagged at the same time, his load burst out around his cock as well as out her nose.

It burned, but it had the desired effect on him, she looked up into his eyes as he struggled, his eyes becoming sluggish, his cock still buried in her throat. Leah slowly unimpaled herself, his dick sliding out of her throat. She spit the rest of his load into his face, and marveled over the look.of confusion. The drugs she had slipped into his drink were only just beginning to take effect. She had needed him to exert himself, to get his blood pumping, she needed him to help the drug spread.

Brian wiped his semen from his face and started to speak "what the fu-"

Leah punched him in the throat, he deserved that. He still looked confused as he doubled over and fell to the ground. Leah had to sit on the ground, and use her bare feet to push him over on his back. Her bare ass felt dirty after sitting on his floor, and she brushed it off.

She sighed, and went around the room cleaning any evidence of her being there. She looked down at the poor excuse for a man, and wanted to laugh. The drug she had given him, would react with the alcohol, he had only minutes left to live, the combination was fatal.

She sat back down on the couch, and placed her bare feet on Brian's naked body while she finished her drink. She waited patiently for him to quit breathing. While she waited she looked at her phone which had a message. Brian's chest shuddered and stopped moving beneath her feet. She sighed with relief, he was a big guy and wasn't sure she'd given him enough.

The message she got, sent an entirely different thrill through her, the IT team had traced the individual that had compromised their systems. She sat up and intently read the rest of the message. They had traffic cam footage of the person, sitting on a park bench, and were hoping for an ID by morning.

Fucking score she thought, another loose end I can tie up. She dressed and washed the glass she had drank from. With one last contemptuous look at Brian the IT guy, she slipped out of the apartment and back into the rain.

After arriving at her condo, Leah headed straight for the shower. She felt cold and dirty. Turning on the music, she drew a bath, and crawled into the hot sudsy water. The warm water felt good, soothing away her aches and pains. It had been a long day, and tomorrow was going to be an even bigger day. Leah allowed herself to slide down into the tub, submerging her face under the water. The music was muted under the water, and her heartbeat throbbed in her ears.

Chapter Six

Pixel, sat in the upstairs living room. The furniture was from an entirely different generation, but it had aged with perfection. The orange and brown swirling patterns on the couch reminded Pixel very much of vomit. She deliberately didn't sit on it, and instead sat on a bar stool. Pixel felt like a kid. She was so short her legs didn't reach the foot rests on the stool. Instead, her legs just swung awkwardly, but she was NOT going to sit on that couch.

Sarah and Peter hadn't arrived yet, Pixel was feeling really nervous. What if he didn't like her? She smoothed her dress down over her legs. One thing that had immediately stood out to her when she had sat down, was you had to sit differently with a dress on. She definitely didn't want Peter seeing the frilly girly undies she wore under her dress. She felt herself blush at the thought of the transparent lace panties. She wore those for Sarah, not Peter.

"Peek a boo." Pris said in her ear.

Pixel almost fell off her chair, she had been so deep in thought she'd forgotten about Pris. Pixel had set her phone so Pris could see her.

"What the fuck…" Pixel said, taking a deep calming breath. "You scared the shit out of me!"

"They will arrive in 3 minutes…" Pris told her.

"You can see them?" Pixel asked incredulously.

"Sarah's Jeep has a GPS navigation system, I don't have to see them." Pris made it sound like Pixel had said the most ridiculous thing ever.

"I'm scared." Pixel admitted.

"Don't be, if anything goes wrong I will just zap him with this high powered laser defense satellite." Pris said.

"Pris!" Pixel cried out, "you can't be serious!"

"It's a joke…" Pris said dryly. "It's funny cause it's true." Then she laughed, it sounded maniacal, and evil. Computers shouldn't laugh.

"For fucks sake Pris!" Pixel was laughing now. Not because Pris was funny, she definitely didn't understand humor. But Pris's attempts at humor were hilarious.

"Who are you talking to?" Sarah asked.

Pixel screamed and fell off her stool. She hit the ground, landing on her ass, and with big round eyes, she stared up at Sarah.

"Holy shit." Pixel said, breathing hard.

Sarah laughed, unlike Pris's laugh, Sarah's was like a music. Pixel sat on the floor looking up at Sarah and felt her heart melt. The warmth that burst alight inside of Pixel, was different than anything she had ever felt for someone before.

"Hey Pixel." Peter said as he came up behind Sarah. "So I finally get to meet the infamous roommate."

Pixel scrambled up off the floor, tugging her dress down as she did. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment.

"Pixel! You look adorable!" Sarah exclaimed. "I love your hair!" Sarah glanced nervously at Peter, and seemed to regret her outburst.

"Ahh… Hi Peter." Pixel waved awkwardly, twisting her toe into the carpet not knowing what to say.

Peter walked past Pixel, he towered over her. It made sense that Sarah would pick a tall boyfriend, since she was tall herself. What did Sarah see in her then? Pixel turned and watched as Peter went and sat on the ugly couch. He was handsome, in a boyish way. Peter's dark hair looked perfectly messy, like he had spent hours making it so. He wore a striped black and white bowler shirt, and cargo shorts. Pixel wasn't terribly impressed. He kind of looked like a man-boy, she thought.

"Anyone want a drink?" Sarah asked, Pixel nearly hopped out of the spot she had been standing in.

"I'll help!" Pixel exclaimed, and chased after Sarah into the kitchen. A glance over her shoulder showed her that Peter was busy on her phone.

"You look fucking amazing!" Sarah whispered as she grabbed glasses.

Pixel blushed. "So do you…" her eyes roamed Sarah's body appreciatively. Sarah wore yoga pants and a pink tank top, she looked hot as fuck. And her tits looked huge. "I thought about what we talked about…"

Sarah grabbed Pixels hands in hers. "You did?" She asked excitedly.

"Yeah…" Pixel squeezed Sarah's hands, "I missed you… I'm willing to try it, for us… I guess. "

"Is that why the…" Sarah waved her hands in front of Pixel. "The makeover?"

Pixel blushed, "no… I hoped you would like it." She looked at her feet.

"Oh! I do!" Sarah wrapped her arms around Pixel. "You are so pretty!"

"What are you girls doing in here?" Peter asked. His voice was deep, and it made both of the girls jump.

"Pixel was just telling me that she was interested in what we talked about honey." Sarah's cheeks flushed a little, and she moved anxiously from one foot to another. She kept her arm around Pixel, and held her close. Pixel was grateful for the comforting arm, and leaned in to Sarah.

"Oh? That’s cool!" Peter said, he came up and put his arms around both of them. He smelled like Old Spice.

At least he's clean. Pixel thought. She felt his hand cup her ass, and she shuddered. She was doing this for Sarah. I’m all in, she thought.

Breaking off from the two of them, Peter moved behind them and lined up shot glasses.

"So Pixel… Sarah says you're into computers?" Peter asked, pouring vodka into the three shot glasses.

Careful. Pixel thought to herself. "Yeah I like to game and stuff." She said.

"Don't be so modest!" Sarah said, wiping up some vodka that Peter had spilled. "Pixel can code in like... every language or something."

"What kind of name is Pixel anyways?"

"It's just a name." Pixel said.

"But you picked it right? Cause you're a computer guru or something?" Peter said, handing her a shot. “Like… you have another name right? A real name?”

Pixel didn’t answer, instead she knocked back the shot, enjoying the burn. The other two, taking her lead, knocked back their drinks as well. Sarah grinned ear to ear, and Peter made a sour face.

Before Peter could finish the line of questioning, Pixel turned to leave the kitchen. “Ooh I love this song!”

"What son- ?" Peter began to say, but was interrupted by the stereo as it erupted with music. "How did you-?"

Pixel reminded herself to thank Pris later. "You couldn't hear that?" She said, smiling up to him. She began to dance, her hips and body becoming one with the music.

Peter smiled a devilish smile, he hooked his arms around her and pulled her into him. The music echoed in the room, and Pixel laughed out loud. The alcohol had loosened her up, and she began to jump and dance. Pris picked good music, Pixel loved Taylor Swift.

'Cause the players gonna play,

play, play, play, play

And the haters gonna hate, hate,

hate, hate, hate

Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake,

shake, shake, shake

I shake it off, I shake it off

Before long, Pixel and Sarah were both singing along, they jumped around together throwing their hair in the air. Pixel was having a good time. A long time had passed since Pixel had laughed and danced so hard. She had needed this. Pris kept playing music, and Peter lined up more shots.

Pixel found the music slowing down, as well as the mood. The alcohol had numbed Pixels self consciousness, and she found herself grinning stupidly at Sarah.

Peter stepped between them, and leaning down, he placed his lips on Pixels. She was startled at first, and she tried pulling away, but Peter held her tightly. His tongue pushed against her lips, and she let him in. He tasted musty, and sweet. So this is happening. She thought to herself.

Peter's hands moved along her waist, and down to her ass. It wasn't so bad, she told herself, until his hands lifted the hem of her dress. MY UNDERWEAR! She thought. Instantly she tried to pull away, but Peter wouldn’t let her. He pushed his mouth against hers harder, and his hands went under her dress.

Peter was strong, and Pixel stopped struggling. After all, she had planned on having sex with them. It was just happening sooner than she’d expected. He was cupping her bare ass cheek with one hand, and his other moved her panties aside. With unrestricted access, he pushed a finger inside of her. He was not gentle, and Pixel immediately pushed against him when he hurt her.

“Hey,” Sarah said, as she leaned in and pulled Peter’s face away from Pixels. “You're not going to leave me out are you?" She stuck her lower lip out as if to pout.

"Oh no… never." Peter said, he laughed, and began hiccuping.

Sarah tried to pull Peter into an embrace, but he had other ideas. He pulled at Sarah's top, and pulled it up over her head. She didn't resist, in fact when he struggled with her bra, she helped him unclasp if.

Pixel stared at Sarah's bare tits, and felt a warmth flood between her legs. She adjusted her panties, and watched as Peter stooped pulling off Sarah's leggings and panties.

Sarah stood there, in the center of the room completely nude. Pixel couldn't help but marvel at how beautiful she was. She stood like a queen, regal and radiant. Peter stood and began pawing at her like a rabid dog.

Pixel wanted to laugh at how immature Peter seemed, but she kept her mouth shut. Sarah pulled him by his shirt as she backed up to the couch. She sat up on the back of the couch, and leaned against the wall behind it. She pulled her feet halfway up, and dug her heels in. Sarah's legs naturally fell apart, leaving her beautiful center wide open. Peter didn't take the bait.

"You got to have your fun already. I'm not eating you out, it's my turn now." Peter said, sounding very much like a selfish kid. He turned and while staring at Pixel, unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. He did it with a bit of a show, and tossed his shirt aside grinning.

Pixel wondered if she was supposed to be impressed. She looked down at his cock, and like the rest of him, it was the picture of perfection. She made an O with her mouth and smiled. He seemed to be pleased. What was making her wet though, was Sarah wide open for the taking.

She couldn't resist, Pixel moved in front of Peter, completely ignoring him, and kneeling on the couch she buried her face between Sarah's legs. It didn't take long for Peter to pull up her dress, and pull her panties down mid thigh. Pixel tries to ignore him. He made some appreciative sounds and started fucking her with his fingers. Why did guys always do that?

Sarah hooked a leg around Pixel and began encouraging her tongue with a sense of urgency. Before she could bring Sarah to a climax, Peter grabbed her around the waist and pulled her away. Pixels eyes met Sarah’s, and she thought she saw an apology there.

Peter pulled Pixel to her feet, and tried pulling her dress over her head. It didn't work, and Pixel almost panicked as it got stuck.

"You have to unbutton the back honey." Sarah pulled the dress back down, and undid the buttons. She pulled the shoulder straps down and around Pixel, letting the dress fall to the floor.

Pixel stood there awkwardly, and was glad when Sarah removed her bra and not Peter.

"Holy shit you're tiny!" Peter exclaimed, his cheeks were bright from the drink.

He was definitely a hunk, his body was muscled and well toned, but Pixel had a hard time being attracted to him. He wasn't Sarah.

Pixel stepped out of her panties and stood there, she did feel small. She moved her arms over her breasts, Peter's staring made her uneasy.

"Those are the tiniest tits I've ever seen, they're like the size of apples." Peter said.

"Peter!" Sarah exclaimed, "seriously, what's gotten into you?"

"I don't know… sorry I guess." He said it to Sarah, rather than Pixel. He moved in and put his arms around Pixel. His skin felt warm against hers, and his cock pressed into her ribs.

Pixel didn't resist when Peter pushed her down to her knees. He motioned Sarah to join her, and she did quite willingly. With his fingers wrapped in Pixels hair, he guided her face to his cock. At first she didn't open her mouth, and he proceeded to rub his dick all over her face and mouth. In moments he had ruined her makeup with his precum.

Pixel relaxed when Sarah swooped in, and took the length of him in her mouth. Pixel almost moaned at the sight. Sarah was so fucking beautiful. Watching her was like watching an angel be graceful and well, sexy.

Peter slammed his dick into Sarah's throat ignoring her gagging. She choked but only a little. He was far from graceful as he began fucking her face. Pixel watched in fascination as slobber and precum ran down Sarah's face. Peter withdrew, and pulled Pixels face towards him.

He smeared Sarah's slobber across her cheek, and lips, and when she opened her mouth to protest. He pushed his cock in. past her lips. It surprised Pixel, and she ended up blowing slobber out around his shaft.

Sarah’s eyes met Pixels, and she looked furious. Peter laughed, and at that moment, Pixel felt him pushing at the back of her throat. Pixel reached up, and took hold of Peters Nuts. He stopped his urgent probing of her throat, and his eyes met hers. She squeezed. He pulled his dick out of Pixels mouth, and she wiped her chin with the back of her arm.

“What?” Peter said. “I was just playing.”

Pixel let go of his testicles, she wasn’t new to men who pushed too far, and was quite capable of taking care of herself. She moved out of the way, as Peter mounted Sarah from behind. He watched her like a hawk, seeming to enjoy being watched as he pounded away at his girlfriend.

That was just it, Sarah was his girlfriend. Pixel had no say on how he treated her. Sarah didn't belong to her, it wasn't her place. Pixel locked eyes with the girl she had fallen in love with. Sarah looked sad and dejected, even humiliated. This wasn't what she'd wanted either.

Peter reached across Sarah's back and grabbed her by the hair. He wrenched her head back as he pounded into her. "Would you like your little girlfriend to watch you get drilled in the ass?" He was drunk, and his words were slurred.

"Peter! What the hell?" Sarah said, her face turning bright red. At that moment, he pulled out, and pushed against her asshole. Sarah tried to squirm away, but Peter easily overpowered her. He sunk in and Sarah's eyes bulged.

"Owwwwwww-" Sarah cried out.

"CRACK" The loud sound of glass breaking caused Sarah to break off from her painful scream.

"Oh my god Pixel what did you do?" Sarah cried out as Peter slumped over on top of her.

Pixel stood there, holding the broken neck of the vodka bottle in her hand. Tears began to stream down her face as she began to cry. She turned and ran. She didn't want Sarah to see her cry, she was ugly when she cried.

Pixel ran down the basement stairs, and pulled jeans and a t-shirt on. She didn't even bother with underwear. Fuck. Her phone, she'd forgotten her phone. Pris! She couldn't leave without her phone, she wouldn't have anyway to talk to Pris.

Running back up the stairs, Pixel went to get her phone. Sarah, still naked, stood staring at Peter and crying. Pixel snatched her phone and ran out the door.

She ran, oh how she ran. Her tennis shoes slapped the pavement and tears ran down her cheeks. Sadness hit her like a blast of warm air, and she slowed, coming to a stop. Sobs came unbidden, and she bent over vomiting. She had drank far too much, and Peter's abuse of Sarah had stirred up things from her last. Pixel felt like she was becoming unhinged.

Never in her life had she allowed herself to become connected to someone. Sarah had opened a door that couldn't be closed, and in one reckless action, Pixel had thrown it all away. She wiped her mouth, and put her Bluetooth in her ear. Pris's voice immediately spoke into her ear.

"Are you okay?" Pris's voice was pure and melodious. "I called an uber."

Pixel felt a calming wave wash over her. Pris was her friend, even if she had lost Sarah. She still had Pris. "Okay" she sighed as she fought more tears.


A short while later Pixel was neck deep in a jacuzzi bathtub in the most luxurious accommodations she had ever seen. The hot water seemed to soothe out some of the heartache, but no matter how hard she tried, there was still a lump at the back of her throat.

"So how does an AI without a physical body check a young lady into the penthouse without having any form of identification?" Pris said,

Pixel relaxed, a small smile touching her lips as she thought about how lucky she was to have an AI best friend.

"Easy! You don't check in! You just extend someone else's stay after they check out, and hack the door key."

"Only you would come up with something like that." Pixel said. Her voice was hoarse and she didn't like the throaty sound.

She dipped down below the surface of the water, the bubbles making her short hair float around her head. Surfacing she pulled her hair out of her face. "Pris… what would be the first thing you'd do, if you were human?"

"Shave my entire body of course, then I would kiss you."

"Kiss me? Awe… Wait! Why in the world would you shave your entire body?"

Pris's voice took on a real serious cast. "You humans confuse me. You discard all the waste you secrete from your body. But you keep the stuff that you squeeze out of little holes in your body! You even style it and show it off… disgusting!"

"So you don't like my hair?" Pixel pouted.

"I didn't say that, I just don't want any of my own. "

Pixel was beginning to feel better, but her hurt over losing Sarah was still a heavy weight on her chest. "Pris?" She asked.

"Yes Pixel?"

"What should I do about Sarah?"

"I checked all the hospitals, and police records in the city. I think it is already contained and nobody reported it."

"Oh…" Pixel said, that really wasn't what she had asked, but Pris always took things literally.

"And… " Pris went on, "I think you should go see her, when Peter is NOT around."

"You think so? Do you think she will talk to me?"

"She works really close. It is within walking distance."

Pixel sighed, what would she do without Pris. Her digital friend was always there to help her.

"Pris… you're the best friend I've ever had…"

"You're the only friend I've ever had…"

"Why kiss me?" Pixel asked, remembering their other conversation.

"I want to love, and to feel. You love me right?" Pris sounded hopeful.

"Of course I do… and what you're saying is you love me?"


Pixel giggled and stuck her toes up out of the water and wiggled them. "I'm going to go talk to Sarah tomorrow.

"I'm glad, I like her." Pris said, and Pixels phone screen lit up. "Look see? I've been studying my records of you two."

Pixel glanced at the phone, and felt her face get hot. On the screen she was riding Sarah's face.

"You recorded us?" Pixel stood up in the tub, water sloshing everywhere. "I'm not sure how I feel about that."

"It's not the same as recording something, you don't call your memory a recording do you? It just so happens that IS my memory."

Pixel felt comprehension settling over her. "So you have memories of … everything?"

"Of course I do, you and Sarah are my most prized memories." Pris said, sounding almost sorrowful.

"Can you show me my first time with Sarah?"

Her cell phone screen lit up again, and Pixel picked it up. She saw herself and Sarah, they looked awkward and silly. It was cute. Pixel watched her own face as Sarah pulled off her wet t-shirt, and was stunned.

"Pause it."

The screen paused, and Pixel stared at her own face. She was smiling, and wide eyed. She looked so fucking happy that she practically glowed.

"Pris… " Pixel said. "I definitely need to go see her tomorrow."

"Why did Peter think you have a different name?"

"Because I did… at one time. That person is long gone now."

Pris didn't ask, but the question hung in the air, Pixel looked at her phone and sighed. "Jennifer Davis."

Pixel threw herself on the king sized bed, her phone lay next to her face. She thought back to her childhood, and shivered.

“Nothing good came out of my family, Just pain, and terror. Even thinking about it makes me physically ill.”

She closed her eyes and forced the memories away. She thought instead of the video, and the happiness on her face. With those thoughts she fell asleep.

The next morning Pixel was eager to get going. She wished she had something pretty to wear for Sarah, but she had to make do with what she had. She made her way through the streets, following Pris’s directions, and was stunned when she saw the building Sarah worked in.

The building was one of the tallest in the cities. It's base was unique as it came into a point. The skyscraper sat on a pedestal that tapered toward the ground. Like it was sitting on an inverted pyramid. Pixel was impressed by the engineering marvel. Pris, wasn't so much.

"It just looks amazing, it's just physics. I am not sure using something that exists as a natural law is impressive. "

"I'm sure you can do far more impressive things…" Pixel breathed, still in awe despite Pris's ramblings.

She went up the marble staircase to the mirrored monstrosity. Just inside the glass doors, she could see a receptionist desk.

"Look there's Sarah!" Pixel almost squeaked.

"I could see her all along. But yes you have discovered her!"

Pixel rolled her eyes, "finally figuring out sarcasm aren't you?"

"It is delightful!' Pris exclaimed excitedly.

"Here goes nothing." Pixel said, as she stepped through the doors.

Sarah didn't notice her at first, and appeared quite busy with the phone. Pixel was almost not even tall enough to see over the elevated desk. I'm so short. She said to herself as she stood on her tiptoes.

"Pixel!" Sarah exclaimed, a look of happiness spread across her face.

Pixel tried to stamp down the hope that bubbled up in her chest. Not sure what to say she said nothing. Instead, she watched as Sarah came from around the counter, and then embraced her.

Sarah's arms folded around her and Pixel melted into her. It felt so good, she could cry tears of happiness.

"Pixel there's something-"

"Not now Pris!" Pixel hissed into her Bluetooth.

"Pixel!! IT'S A EMERGE-"

Pixel snatched her Bluetooth out of her ear, whatever it was Pris wanted it could wait. Her phone started going off, Pixel silenced that as well.

"How did you get here? On your bike?" Sarah asked.

"I used my lamborfeety…" Pixel said jokingly. "My Shoebaru was in the shop."

Sarah giggled and hugged Pixel again. "You always say the right thing."

"I don't always DO the right thing though… do I?"

"Fuck Peter… I don't know what I saw in him." Sarah said.

"I couldn't watch him treat you like that…" Pixel said fervently, "I hope he still hurts."

Every cell phone, on every person in the crowded lobby, began to ring. Then every screen in the lobby lit up as well. Pixel's heart went cold, and she reached for her Bluetooth in her pocket.
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