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After being groomed and outed publicly as faggot, I fled to find myself. Instead of hiding my cravings, I craved them, I even had the urge to dress up a little girly, femboy. Around that time, I was diced with my luck with the local thugs in the nearby park. Until that one day, I foolishly gambled and was set upon by the thugs in the local park. I am now in the process of gender transition.
The Parade:

No longer was I depressed, I was back to fantasizing about BX9 and started thinking about going to the upcoming LGBTQ Festival. Oh, I still hated Tiffany. With all the dramas going on, I had forgotten about Zayne.

I rang Dr. Helena and told her I wanted to go through with the transition therapy and treatment.

It has been over a month since I was set upon by the BX9 and had seen Zayne. I had only just started my therapy group, under the supervision of a clinic Dr. Helena approved.

There were a few things I noticed in the short time after I started the proper treatment of a cocktail of injections and pills. I felt more emotional, and my cock wouldn’t stay hard for long. Other than those side effects, everything was the same.


Everything was starting to run smoothly until I started feeling a bit of guilt creep in.

Zayne had been there for me when I was at my darkest, and I was shutting him out. The BX9, and Tiffany, had done a number on my sanity.

I was in a better place now, but now and then I’d have one of those days where, guilt, anxiety, and shame, would haunt me for a day or so.


Thanks to Tiffany’s dodgy pills, my body had morphed into something different. I was barely 5ft. 6 in. (169cm), but it wasn’t my height that’s changed. It’s my muscle tone, weight, and physique, that has.

In just over a year, I had gone from 188 pounds to just below 140 pounds.

It started with Tiffany’s dodgy pills, then my long walks to Zayne’s place, accompanied by the extracurricular workouts there, then the odd weekly gym workouts, and the stress and confusion of my mental state. It all helped stop my body from being flabby.


Ever since the park episode, starting therapy, and my seclusion, I’ve desired to be a woman even more.

Another month had passed since being gang fucked by the thugs. I would catch the bus, to the mall for supplies, to the clinic, and everywhere I went, but never through the park or to Zayne’s.

My doctor had put me on a program because I wasn’t working and was in transition. She told me I would receive a $500 voucher each month, for use on Botox and other cosmetic products.


It was now the day of the LGBQT Festival, and it was a warm morning, but the temperature was slowly rising. I was to meet with a few friends from my therapy group, for brunch near the event.

I had dyed my straight shoulder-length hair purple and black a few nights ago.

Today when I got ready, I wore a red vinyl skirt, no knickers (they suggested that), fishnet stockings, black Doc Martin platform boots, a Raptors basketball top, black lipstick, and eyeshadow.

So, I locked my loft up and then went and caught the bus. From there, I strolled like on a catwalk to our meeting spot. It was at a café bar within a stone's throw of where the festivities were.


Inside, I waited and waited, and after an hour, I gave up. I’d been stood up and went to pee in the lady’s bathroom, before leaving.

Then after peeing, I began to prepare to either go to the Parade or go home. So, I began to tuck my balls inside my groin and then taped them inside, with hypoallergenic sports tape. After that, I wrapped my cock up with my empty ball sacks and taped them around my cock. This was my first attempt at trying this, which I heard in therapy, in the tearoom. So, I gave it a try, maybe I should have listened better, they never mentioned if it worked going commando.

After that, I pulled my skirt down and checked my make-up, I then ordered a shot of tequila, followed by another. Then I sat back down at my table for 5 more minutes.

Then after I saw that no one I knew was there, I decided to leave the café bar. With all the restrictions around my cock and balls, it now felt like I was wearing a cock cage or knickers. My cock felt numb.

So, I stood up and gave the café one final look. I saw that no one hadn’t shown up, I felt let down, disappointed, and a little annoyed.


My mind wasn’t thinking too clearly, as I threw a little hissy-fit and stormed out of the café. In doing so, I almost collided with a group of people just outside, as I stormed out. They were frolicking around like fairies and dressed like they were heading to the festival.

I apologized, and then they introduced themselves to me and invited me to tag along with them. One of them I barely recognized from the clinic. It was one of the sisters of someone from my therapy group, she was with her lesbian partner. She told me hadn’t seen her brother for days.

So, here we were a merry bunch, with two lesbians, a gay guy, and his cross-dressing boyfriend, plus me. We were strutting around like giddy teenage girls, but only two of our group were girls.

Adrenaline and numbness made me let my guard down. I didn’t realize that the tape around my cock was getting sweaty and slowly starting to loosen.

Once we arrived at the entrance and received our wrist entry strips, we watched in awe. I was awestruck by the diversity of the crowd and the activities going around in between the steel barricades and inside where the crowd was. It was like a multicultural festival but for gay diverse people. There were gay men and women dressed a bit more flamboyantly than others were, and not hiding their orientation from anyone.

In the laneways, I saw people fucking, kissing, and sucking. That made me smirk. I was in heaven.

I didn’t notice, I must have been too focused on the crowd and activities, that my new-found friends had ditched me.

When I decided to get to the front and watch the parade.

Finally, after a bit of effort, I managed to wiggle my way through the crowd that was made up of transsexual, cross-dresser, and gay and lesbian communities.

At the front, there were barricades, that guarded the parade. Some are made of steel, some of plastic filled with liquid. I saw a slight gap and pushed myself through it, between two couples, a sexy lesbian couple and a gay one.

As I squeezed by, I overheard the lesbian pair comment.

I think they clicked that I was either a crossdresser or transgender by the clothes I wore. In truth at this stage of my transition, I was neither but a bit of both. They mustn’t like trans people or something and decide to move away. I just shook my head at the bigots.

As I watched the parade cavalcade, I leaned forward over the railing. So, I began to show off a little as I cheered on the trucks dragging floats.

As I did my skirt slid up my butt. Little did I know that my cock and balls had relieved themselves of the tape and were just dangling off the back of my balls.

It was my first time out in public without worrying about being outed. So, I had forgotten I wore no knickers, it felt so natural.

As a float with leather-clad bikers paraded past me, I tried to lean forward more and clap at them. So, as I leaned forward over the barricade, I overdid it and almost tumbled into the parade.

Luckily, I grabbed hold of the bars on the railing on the parade side near the bottom. I balanced myself over the edge enough not to.

By doing so, my skirt flipped inside out, and my cock, balls, and bare ass were in perfect view to anyone watching from behind.

It exposed my goodies, to the crowd around me. It was something I didn’t want to advertise, especially here, of all places, where 80% of the crowd either loves cock or ass.

I slid back down the barricade, pulled my skirt back down, and sheepishly looked around, hoping no one saw.

A few did, as I saw the smirks on their faces.

I then turned around and went back to enjoying the parade. A slight breeze blew through the event, and up between my legs and up my ass cheeks.

As a transsexual Heavy Metal band’s float went by, there was a sudden crush forward like at a rock concert. I felt the urge to leave, once the area I was in started to surge forwards.

Being pinned to the barricade wasn’t much fun. I was stuck and crushed by the crowd. I’ve never heard of that heavy metal band, but they must be popular amongst the LGBQ community.

Then I heard whispers to my right, followed by a few chuckles.

Then out of nowhere, I felt a hand on my ass. I looked behind me and noticed it was one of the sexy studs that I pushed by, to get to the front, a while ago. He gave me a wink. I nodded, back to him, and turned around to watch the parade.

The crowd eased off a little when the next float of Drag Queens went by. I whistled and clapped at them.

Once again, I almost toppled over, but this time with a little help from someone from behind. I felt a slight nudge.

Then when I corrected myself and started sliding back down, I felt a hand under my skirt. They began to caress my bare ass. I didn’t resist or turn around and enjoyed it.

Then I felt a finger trying to probe along my ass crack and circle my shithole. Again, I didn’t resist.

Then he slowly inched his finger inside my ass. He noticed I wasn’t fighting him, so he inched further inside.

Once he was knuckle-deep, he began to finger-fucked me while the parade passed by us, and I loved it. I even lent forward so he could gain better access to my ass.

The couple on my left had been watching what was happening and made a chuckling sound to each other.

Soon, I started feeling a fresh hand start to caress my ass. It was the friend of the guy who was fingering my butt. The guy fingering me then inserted more fingers and continued finger-fucking me. Between the two of them, I couldn't help but moan, groan, and lean back into them. I was almost inviting them to fuck me there and then, surrounded by about a thousand partying people.

The guy on my right then whispered into my ear, that they wanted to fuck me back at their motel. I enquired, where their motel was. Their motel was a long way away from here. I knocked them back, as the parade was still rocking.

Then they suggested to fuck near the car park. I still knocked them back.

So, instead, the guy finger-fucking me started to get rough. It felt like he was trying to jam all four fingers inside me. I braced the top of the barricade and spaced my feet slightly apart allowing him to.

He fucked me for a while with for fingers, making me grunt and groin, as I rocked back and further. Then he stopped and pulled out, I let out a slight sigh. Then he inserted something bigger and round. It was too hard to be a cock. Once it popped inside, I could only guess what it was. Either it was a large dildo or a smooth-handled object.

When it started tingling inside, I knew what it was. He went about fucking my ass with a vibrating dildo, slowly at first before, before pounding into me, hard and rough.

Then after about two minutes, his mate took over. I was left cowing over the barricade with my butt raised and my feet spaced apart. There I was grunting, groaning, moaning, pacing my hips with it, and most of all enjoying myself.

I was lucky that most people around me were focused on the festivities of the parade, and the music, and not me.

All the time, I could only think about getting these two studs cocks inside me.

“Ok, ok, I’ll let you take me to the car park and fuck me,” I let out. I reckon anyone within earshot would have heard. They kept thumping the dildo into me.

“Only, if you let me fuck you here first,” the guy on my left said, and slowed his dildo action almost to a stop.

“Yes, yes, fuck me out here over the rails, go on,” I pleaded.

No sooner had I said that, that he pulled the dildo out and dropped his shorts. Then he leaned forward, and I felt his cock touch my asscheeks. Then, barely enter my gaping ass. Once barely inside me, he grabbed my hips and moved forwards allowing him to bury his cock more inside my ass.

His mate spanked my ass twice, and his mate began to fuck me.

Tony (I heard his friend call him once), wasted no time and slowly pounded me. He called me lots of nasty names, that I could barely make out. Meanwhile Andy (I heard someone call him), slapped my ass. I couldn’t help it and lost my load and soiling the front of my skirt.

While drooling dripped from my cock, I continued to enjoy the assfucking, while trying not to make it blatantly obvious to the crowd around me.

Loud music surrounded the crowd of a few hundred people, most dancing like at a rave or watching the parade going by.

Here I was bent over a barricade facing the pride parade, with cock pounding into my ass.

In the meantime, Tony continued to speed up his fucking, until he showed signs of cumming as well. His cock expanded briefly as he then buried his cock deep inside me, and as he did, he pulled his cock, slightly back out. With the head of his cock inside my ass, he started shooting cum. He again buried his cock back deep inside my ass, before slowly fucking me for about a minute more.

Then he pulled out.

He slapped my ass and moved away from me. As I caught my breath, it dawned on me. I had just let a stranger cum deep inside my ass, surrounded by a crowd.

I thought that once Tony pulled out, we would be off to the car park. Instead, Andy got behind me and took his place. He massaged, caressed, and squeezed my ass, before teasing my ass with his cock.

So, here I now was, slumped over the barricade, ass in the hands of Andy, legs apart with his cock pivoting in and out of my compliant ass.

In a few short moments, Andy didn’t hesitate and went about pounding my cum moistened ass. He pounded me like on a mission, slamming his cock deep into my stomach. In and out, in and out. I was moaning, whimpering at times, and enjoying it, so much so, that my head was in ecstasy.

I felt so horny, I knew I was going to spray into my skirt again. As the final float passed by, I had a moment of sparkling stars in my eyes, as I lost my composure and sprayed cum into my skirt.

As I quietly moaned, with Andy still inside me, I sheepishly looked around. Luckily no one within my view had their eyes on me.

I rubbed my eyes up and down from my cheeks, the Sun was cooking my face a little.

When Andy briefly froze his fucking me, he, like Tony, slowly pulled back. Allowing his balls to empty inside my fudge tunnel (aka my anal cavity), before slowly pushing his cock back inside.

He slowly ground his cock inside me for about a minute, before pulling out. As he did my legs twitched or wobbled. I could feel the sweat and cum, trickle down my inner legs and thighs.

Andy slapped my ass and seemed to disappear.

I didn’t move and had my head on my elbows for comfort, on top of the barricade. As my gaping ass muscle contracted, my legs and ass had the feeling of pins-and-needles and were still spaced apart.

Loud music started pumping soon after the parade ended, at 5:00 PM. Then the fireworks began, and some of the barricades were opened by security.

A few minutes went by. The music seemed louder, or was it because the Parade had stopped?

It all turned into a street party, with people mingling, dancing, or hooking up.

I assumed that Andy and Tony had ditched me, as they weren’t to be seen.


There I was still bent over the barricade after two random people had taken my ass. I my head and stretched my stiff back, while gripping the barricade in front of me. There, I was content with myself and the world and fascinated with the people in street party theatrics.

Then out of nowhere, I felt a large hand on the back of my neck, that forced my head over the barricade. I couldn’t look around, but I knew it wasn’t Tony or Andy, he felt like a giant and too physically dominant to be them.

Well, I wouldn't have to wait long, before another cock started to push its way inside my ass.

When the owner of this cock pressed the head of his cock into my little hole, and forced it further inside me, I knew it wasn’t them. It hurt and felt much bigger.

When it went deeper inside my ass, not only was this cock bigger, but fatter. It made me groan and grimace.

Then, once it hit rock bottom inside my ass, I started second-guessing to myself on who this might be. He was much bigger and wider than the other two, and by the mass leaning over me, he was a beast of a man.

As he fucked me deep and hard, I began to wonder if it was one of the black guys from the BX9 Crew. Even they weren’t this big.

While I moaned and pivoted my hips into his body, as fucked me deep and hard. His cock felt so big, that it felt like a huge stick of salami, was cramming into my ass.

The crowd around me was irrelevant to me right now.

My ass was being stretched like never before, this had been the biggest cock I’ve had in my ass up till now. I could only imagine who it belonged to! Was it the BX9 boss, that giant Shaq-looking brute, a bodybuilder, a wrestler maybe?

Soon, I wasn’t wondering who it was. He released his hand on the back of my neck and gripped my hips with both hands. Soon, I wasn’t wondering who he was, soon I was moaning and grinding my hips into his cock, which was buried deep in my ass.

This brute was fucking me royally, while the crowd danced around the parade area. I also noticed I was the only person bent over a barricade and getting fucked.

He fucked me good and hard like a rag doll. Soon, the fireworks weren’t the only things popping. He fucked me so hard, I again lost a load of my cum.

His huge cock pushed and ground into me, almost in rhythm to the loud dance music blaring around us. I felt so exhausted, that I did not even bother to look behind when I had the chance.

When he finally cum in me, he did like the others did. Withdraw slightly before slamming back inside. It felt like my ass was being flooded with cum.

Once he was done, he lifted my head by the scruff of my head. I then knew who it was that just fucked me. Moose, the leader of BX9.

He gave me a friendly wink and let go of my head. Then he left me be.


I stumped over the barricade for another 5-10 minutes before standing on unsteady legs. Once I found my sea legs, I headed to the public washroom to clean up.

Oh, God. I only had three cocks in me but hell, was I walking awkwardly. I think Moose broke my ass. He was at the Gay Parade with no Tiffany in sight. How did he know where to find me?

This was my first Parade. After today, I wished it wasn’t a once-in-a-year event. I’m already looking forward to next year's Pride Parade.

(To Be Continued…)


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