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Simon now knows that Amy, his girlfriend, had quietly encouraged his attraction to Pip and Miranda. She hatched this plan as the best method to stop him from getting bored of her, but she wanted to control who it was he fucked outside the relationship. Plus, he was not the only one attracted to teens, as Amy had indulged herself.

We pick up our story over a week later when Miranda makes a surprise call, and a complication is added to the mix.
Although Amy had said I would have more fun with Pip following the revelations, it did not work out that way. Her parents had decided Pip needed extra study time, so she stayed later at school, and they picked her up from there. As Miranda only occasionally needed Amy to look after her, there was no extra fun. I shouldn't be so down about it, but Amy encouraged me, so it played into my thoughts, and to make matters worse, she had to go help out with her parents. I decided the only way to put it out of my mind was to throw myself into work.

From being told I could have as much fun with Pip and Miranda as they'd allow to having no sexual partners after nearly two weeks, I needed some relief. I even thought of going through my exes or hitting a bar. And then, one day, I got home and found Miranda standing outside.

Miranda's long brown hair was worn loose; it almost shone, yet it highlighted her dark complexion, especially with the highlights that appeared at the ends. Based on how it looked, I presumed she had it done earlier in the week. She was in her hockey kit—well, in part, she was wearing the short blue and white tartan skirt—but she wore her normal school blouse and tie. It meant that as I walked from my car, I could enjoy her long, toned, and tanned legs. I walked slower to savour her, and by the way, she repositioned herself and drew attention to her thighs, she knew what I was doing and showed her appreciation.

I needed sexual release, and by how she had dressed and presented herself, she was not hiding her reason for being here. I didn't believe there was a reason for the delay, but I still had to have some fun with her before we went inside.

"I was not expecting to see you for a while," I told her. "is that cute or sexy you're going for?."

Miranda flashed a smile at me and did her best sexy pose; considering she was doing this in what was effectively a sexed-up version of her school uniform, I felt my cock strain against the pants.

"No matter; either way, it is working on me, honey."

Miranda laughed, not a nervous one either, but an excited one. She got closer to me, and her arms went around my waist; she stood on her tiptoes, and I leaned down, and we kissed. I was so hungry for her that I pushed her against the door, one of her legs hooked around me, which meant my hard cock was pushing against the crotch. My left hand found its way beneath her right thigh to help keep her leg up and around me. Her legs were as toned and smooth as ever. I was so hot for this barely 16-year-old; it was simple, really: I adored her tall, slim, toned body. And with that thought, I fumbled for my keys to unlock the door. We slipped a little, trying to continue the kissing and closeness of our bodies, causing her to laugh and break contact; she caught hold of me, her head behind me now. The door was unlocked, and I pushed it open. I heard her take a sharp breath as if shocked and worried. But she backed into the house. As I shut the door and looked out, I thought I saw someone dodge behind the wall that marked the boundary of my house. I dismissed it, mainly because I felt a hand caressing my ass.

"I have been thinking of your hot-toned body often, little girl," I told her. "Come here."

I picked her up, her legs wrapped around me; I kissed her neck, cheeks and mouth as I walked her to the kitchen. I placed her on the countertop, without pre-amble, pulled down her panties, and her legs parted for me. Her pussy was as beautiful as I remembered it, her pubic her still trimmed and tidy, her lips slightly flushed and open, and already I could see she was damp.

"I'm not the only one ready for some fun today."

"It is not as if I hid it", she replied. "Eat me", she pleaded.

I didn't need to be told again. I licked and kissed each thigh first; you know by now I am obsessed with her legs and the feel of her toned body. I just had to run my tongue over that teenage skin and feel her athleticism. But the aroma from her young demanding pussy hit me soon enough, and my mouth devoured her. I kissed her pussy, and I mean, I kissed it; first, my lips were closed, and then I opened my mouth, and my tongue ran up and down her crack, always remembering to flick over her clit a few times before sucking on it. I did this until I heard her moans turn to rapid keens and cries. She didn't hold back or try to stifle anything; she just let her feelings out, which had me spurred to give her more of the same. Even better was how wet she was, and although Miranda's gorgeous body drives me mad with lust, pussy juice sets me on fire. I alternated between probing deep with my tongue and playing with her clit. Although she was close to cumming, I edged her down; I didn't want her to yet; I wanted to edge her.

I stood up straight and replaced my tongue with a finger; I positioned her so she could watch first one, then two and then three fingers slipped into her soaking wet pussy; I held her on the counter and rammed them home. She was lost now, just moaning, keening; the noises made no sense except for an expression of joy and lust. I was close enough to her that I could kiss around her neck; I brought her close and then calmed it down again; she called out.

"No, please let me cum, please" She stretched out the word, please.

I rammed deep and hard and fast. This time, I did not hold her back but took her in a kiss as she came, holding her close to me so I could feel the orgasm take over her body. We had to break from the kiss as she shook from her orgasm, so I just held her. Once she calmed down, I kissed her again and had her stand in front of me; without a word, I just undid the buttons of her blouse; she undid her little hockey skirt and let it drop to the floor. Soon, the tall, lithe, athletic teen was naked except for her vans. She saw me take her in, so she stood back and stretched, her cute smile adding to the perfect image. As I looked her up and down, I unhitched my belt and dropped my trousers and pants, and she soon undid my shirt. Once that was out of the way, I removed my shoes, trousers, underwear, and socks. I noticed her reach for her vans, and I stopped her. They just added further erotic energy to the already slim, tiny teenage form before me. When she looked up, her eyes fixed on my hard, proud cock before.

"Would you like me to suck it?" She asked, her voice breathy and light.

"Very much", I told her as my hands squeezed her little A-cup breasts. She squealed a little, as much in shock as pleasure.

She knelt, her head now on my cock; she looked up as she took hold of it, her touch causing it to twitch up as I was already sensitive. It couldn't be helped; this cute sex schoolgirl turned me on so much. I backed up against the counter as I knew I would need to steady myself; she covered her right hand in saliva and then began to stroke my rigid cock. Oh, it felt good,

"Cup my balls in your other hand and squeeze them gently", I told her.

She did as I asked and carried on stroking me; she gave a tentative lick over the head, which again sent electricity through my body. I relaxed as she got used to it, even licking up and down the shaft. She took the tip in her mouth and licked around it, and then took a slow, steady rhythm whilst also stroking me. As she continued, she got braver taking more and more of my cock in my mouth. Eventually, she stopped cupping my balls as she needed to stroke her cute little pussy.

It dawned on me that the Kitchen doors were wide open, and I could see straight into my front room. I don't know why I looked; it was a shadow or just a feeling. But I could see that anyone who was standing at the window would have a full view of this young girl giving a man twice her age a thoroughly satisfying blowjob. I looked back at her, her eyes staring up at me.

"Oh Miranda, that feels so good; you are a good little cocksucker; have you been practising" her eyes widened.

"No!" she exclaimed as saliva poured out of her mouth. "I have been given tips, though," as she took my cock into her mouth again and got halfway down the shaft before she pulled back.

That was when I decided I was going cum all over her face.

"Cutie, don't stop; I'm going to cum all over your face," her eyes told me no "It's ok, your hot body will get me hard again in no time; I'm going to fuck you after" this had her eagerly sucking me and I could feel my balls tightening. As I got close, I was distracted by the shadow again; I looked and saw someone dodge from my window. We had an audience. Fuck it. I thought, let them watch.

"Oh Min, I'm going to cum", I groaned; she sucked a few times more, and I yelled out; she broke away, opened her mouth, and I sprayed and sprayed over her face and hair, and some got into her open mouth. I just moaned out my pleasure. Eventually, I was able to speak.

"Oh fuck, you looked so hot then," I pulled her up and kissed her lips, my hands touching her cum covered cheeks. "I think we had an audience. Is Pip outside?"

She looked panicked at first "No!"

"Whoever it was isn't banging the doors in, so they aren't sure what's going on" I drew her close and kissed her again, and our tongues met. My hands caressing up and down her back. I could see she appreciated this closeness. "I don't care. You just gave me a wonderful cum, and I want to hold and kiss you and play with you until I get hard again". I stroked her hair, kissed her cheeks and neck, and then we embraced, kissed and lost time as our tongues met.

A tune broke our reverie, one of the cutesy ones played on a phone game involving animals, farms, or both. The tension was expected; she was in a heightened state of joy from her earlier orgasm and the feelings she had whilst I was hugging and feeling her gorgeous, tight, young body. Yet the phone beckoned. The tune restarted. I knew the phone would summon this young girl from anything she was doing.

"Is it ringing?"

"No, that's a text from Kate."

"She has a specific sound?"

"Well, you know, she is the hockey Captain, but she is such a cutie pie, too, so you know it fits."

"Go on, get your phone; just bend over when you do so I can stare at your tight ass when you do."

She giggled and did as I asked; I was greeted by the firm tiny ass of this wonderful young girl and a lovely view of her pussy, which I was soon going to enjoy pounding with my now-hardening cock.

She turned around, wide-eyed and attempting a look of horror, and slowly showed me the phone screen.

A text read "WTF!" and a few emojis probably had a meaning beyond me. There was also a badly lit photo of Miranda kneeling with my cock in her mouth.

It was obvious that Miranda wanted me to think something dreadful was going on. But I wasn't that foolish. Yes, Amy could set me up, but this was fairly obvious. How and why had another girl randomly followed Miranda to my house, especially as it is out of the way and she generally only came here with Amy?

"Nice of her to give you a memento," I said, stifling a laugh.

"She will say something!" she tried to panic in her voice, but all it did was raise it.

"Invite her in. I am sure. Tell her the door is unlocked." I countered, seeing where this was going.

She just looked at me. I don't think she had considered this outcome.

"I know she is outside, invite her in, I mean it" My cock was rapidly hardening with the dirty idea I had in my head.

"What are you thinking?"

"You'll see", I told her. "You still want us to fuck don't you?"

"Yeah", she said in a very light, girly voice while smirking at me.

"Then invite her in".

The text was sent, and the phone was placed on the counter. As soon as she did, I pulled her to me and lifted her, my cock shaft running along her pretty little pussy.

"You need a good hard fucking", I told her. "My cock adores that tight pussy of yours", I continued. The talk was exciting for her, but I was waiting for something.

It wasn't as soon as I heard the door open or even when I heard it close. It was when I heard the new voice say,

"Oh fuck", I lifted Miranda up and then sank her onto my rock-hard cock.

All Miranda could do was cry out in pleasure as she felt my full length enter her tight pussy right to the root " It was then I looked at the new girl in my house.

"Well, you must have been expecting something like this," I told her. "Stay or go"

"If I stay?"

"Watch us fuck, and then prepare to get fucked yourself."

She just stared at me. I couldn't think of another reason she was here; she hadn't bolted either. She had switched her attention to Miranda, who was holding onto me and bouncing up and down on my stiff cock.

"It is why you came in, isn't it?"

She nodded.

It was only then I took her in. As I did, I settled on a low stool letting Miranda bounce on my cock much easier. She didn't care that I'd just told her friend I was going to fuck her. I must have unleashed something deep inside her the first time we fucked.

Kate was slightly smaller than Miranda; her hair was red, shockingly red, worn long and styled, so the hair was straight without curls and just to the nape of her neck. Her face had a cute look, mainly due to the pale skin around her cheeks and the deep freckles across her nose and under her eyes. She wore the familiar blue school uniform, blazer, blouse, skirt just above her knees, long white socks and black leather shoes. These girls all looked innocent, but so far, all had deep desires they wanted me to satisfy. I turned back to Miranda and sucked on her breasts hard, biting gently on each nipple, which was now rock-hard bullets. The situation was a mix of strange and erotic; here I was with a lithe, athletic sixteen-year-old bouncing on my cock and taking all the pleasure she could while I was admitting the fresh-faced young girl who had come for the same treatment.

Kate started removing her blazer; it looked like she planned to strip.

"No, not yet, I'll remove that," I told her; she stopped and sat, obviously turned on by her friend who was pounding her pussy on my thick hard member.

"Sorry, Min," I said, "I should concentrate on you, you hot cutie."

"Oh no, your cock is just fine" she breathed.

Still, I stood up, carrying her, turned around, found the lower countertop, let her lay on it, and leaned over her. Now it was my turn to fuck her deep as I enjoyed feasting over her body, licking her little breasts, biting her nipples, kissing and sucking her breasts. It wasn't long after that when that familiar feeling in my cock had returned. I gave a couple more deep strokes, pulled out and emptied myself all over her stomach. I heard an "Oh wow" from Kate as my cum kept spraying, some landing on Miranda's lovely breasts. I then dived my head into her pussy, drinking her juices and sucking on her pussy; this is what she needed as it took her over her peak, and she came loudly, flooding my mouth with her honey.

Kate spoke again, "Fuck, Min; I never knew you had this secret".

But Miranda was gone in her orgasm; as it subsided, I picked her up and took her to the sofa in the front room. We crashed onto it, her straddling me, Kate following behind. But I held Miranda close as we both came down from our ecstasy. I knew she needed this, my tongue exploring her, my hands caressing her. I finished by kissing her nose and a peck on the lips.

"Bliss," I told her. "You are so hot, and that was so good, honey,"

She laughed and said, "But it won't stop you fucking Kate, will it."

"Only if she wants me to", I told her, "though I don't have Amy's permission." I was sure Miranda was clued in on Amy's planning, and this would confirm it.

"She told me to find someone else," Miranda said smiling "and I owed Kate a favour."

"I'm a favour now?" I asked as I kissed over her nose and cheeks, caressing up her back as I did. I knew the young woman needed this part; she needed the feeling of being close to me.

"Of course, I wish I could have all my friends feel like you make me feel", she answered; she stood up then. "I'm going to shower and then take a swim, although I like having your cum on me, naughty as it is to say."

I heard Kate take a breath. I think she was shocked by her normally introverted friend's words.

Miranda stood and looked at Kate. "Take your time. I won't interrupt, but I may sneak a look" With that, she laughed and bounced out of the room. I watched her ass and legs as she went. Once out of sight I looked at Kate.

"What a hot little girl," I told her, "and I know you are too."

She looked me in the eye and smiled. Oh, this was interesting. The young hockey captain was not inexperienced and unwilling to fall for what she thought was bullshit.

"Really," she said rather than asked.

I looked directly into her eyes.

"You didn't come here to a spa or roll your eyes at me" I was still naked, and she wasn't hiding, checking me out as she looked me up and down.

"Oh, well, the truth is the boyfriend is unavailable, and you get me closer to someone else" She saw my eyes motion upstairs. "Oh no, nothing will interest her in girls, strictly boys for her; it's Philippa."

"So I am just a tool?"

With that, Kate sat down. Her skirt rode up a little, exposing more of those pale legs—a contrast to Miranda's tan, but they were just as toned. I was looking forward to feeling this girl's skin beneath my hands.

"Well," she said smiling "A hot one, for sure and I nice size too" as she focused on my already hardening cock.

Damn, this girl's attitude was so different to both her friends.

I reached out my hand; she took it. I smiled, looked into her eyes and said

"Come with me."


Part 5 should be here or not far behind. This story went somewhere I didn't expect. I was free writing, and I went where my horny brain took me.

I had planned on more Pip, too, but Kate had to come along to spice things up.

I hope you enjoyed it, but I want feedback, positive or negative, as I want to improve my stories.
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