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As I am sure you know, I had a fantastic second time with the hot, athletic Miranda, but she had a surprise: she had convinced her friend and Hockey Team Captain to follow her to the house. But instead of inviting her in immediately, she tried to spring her on me. I think I caught them off guard at first. But now here I was confronted by a hot, redheaded 16-year-old who knew how to play sexually, at least with attitude, body language and words.
I took Kate by her hand and led her upstairs into my room. I left her standing by the bed. I took a long look at her. She stood around 5'5", and her red hair was styled straight and short to the nape of her neck. Her face was soft-looking and pale, with a flush of red and freckles over her nose and beneath her eyes, which made her look more innocent than she was turning out to be. She wore her school uniform: a blue blazer, white blouse, tartan blue and white skirt just above the knee, and white socks. The innocent schoolgirl look ended with her shiny black leather shoes. The only thing missing was that hat that they usually wore. I looked forward to my next few hours but wanted to ensure everything went right. She smiled broadly as she noticed my cock get harder and harder the more I took her in.

"I have to say," she said just above a whisper, and obviously for effect "I am looking forward to being filled up that that"

"And I am looking forward to filling you up," I told her as I stood closer, allowing her to feel my presence next to her for the first time. She looked up at me, and I got closer and took in her scent.

"You must forgive me, as I will take a quick shower." I took a quick set of clothes with me, "do not undress; stay as you are."

I was not long in the shower, and I wanted to wash off the sweat from my previous encounter with Miranda. To my shock, it had been less than fifteen minutes ago. What was going on in my life? Why was I so lucky? Oh well, enjoy it, I told myself, it wouldn't last forever.

After drying, I threw on the clothes I took: jeans, a T-shirt, and no underwear; I just wanted to start with my clothes on. But I also wanted to give her the feeling I was there to service her.

I found her at the end of the bed, still dressed.

"Have a thing for schoolgirls, do we?" She asked as seductively as she could

I stood close to her, gently caressing her right cheek.

"To be honest, until recently, no, but Pip, Miranda and now you, most definitely."

My hand caressed down and hooked around her back; I raised her and kissed her on the lips; at first, it was gentle, but then my hunger took over. I had to admit that even I was surprised at how much I wanted this girl.

"I am going to kiss you, strip you, my hands are going to explore every inch of you, and then my tongue. I am going to do everything you have wanted a man to do to you," I told her, "and then I will fuck you like you've never been fucked before".

As I broke away and removed her blazer, I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took charge of the situation. I wanted her to know that I was dominant, yet everything I did served her pleasure. She was shaking slightly as I threw her blouse aside; beneath her blouse, she wore a lacy white bra. I left it there as I unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to the floor. I stood back and took a look at her in her bra, matching panties, and white socks.

"Oh Kate, you make me hard," I told her, "I like what I see" I could see she had hoped it would, confirming she had wanted this encounter from the moment she got up. And it did work; her pale skin was perfect against the lacy white panties and bra, and the socks finished everything off so well. Her breasts were a little larger than either Pips or Mirandas; they would be a lovely mouthful and a change from the smaller girls. I stepped closer, and she sat back on the bed as I did. I removed both her shoes but left everything else on her. I caressed her exposed flesh, enjoying the feel and tone of her things and then pushed her down and kissed her flat stomach and arms and shoulders. She had already started breathing heavily as I backed up, raised her back to a sitting position and kissed her around her neck. As I did, my one hand squeezed breasts through her bra, whilst the other caressed her stomach. I wanted her worked up; I wanted him excited in a way she had never been. Yet I sensed she liked me taking charge. I would sense my way around her, taking cues from her body language and responses to my every touch. So I enjoyed the feel of her with my hands, my lips and my tongue. I left her in her bra, panties and socks, in part because I found her incredibly sexy in a cute, innocent kind of way, even if I was sure Kate had ventured into this territory before; in fact, I was sure she had a fairly good map. The other reason was I could tell she was expecting me to rush. I was hungry for this young girl's body; I enjoyed the soft pale skin that reddened slightly to my touch; I enjoyed bathing in her aroma and the sounds she made when I found a spot that took her further up the mountain to the glorious peak I wanted her to discover.

I eventually laid her back down again, keeping her at the edge of the bed; as I did so, I undid her bra and exposed a pair of pert, pale, round breasts that had lovely reddish pink areolas and prominent hard nipples. I pinched both of them and twisted. She called out loudly, and when I stopped, she spoke.

"Oh, so intense" I did it again, and she squirmed, banging her head on the bed; her moan showed her joy, yet her hand showed the intensity was too much for her. I stopped again and kissed her on the forehead and then her lips. She hungrily drew me in, and our mouths opened, and our tongues danced together.

"Wow," she said as we broke apart. "It is usually over by now."

"There is no way I am not taking all the time I can with a hot little thing like you, Kate," I told her; I intended to keep the language firmly around the idea of her being a sex object. It was obvious she wanted me to see her that way. As I was talking, on hand caressed the inner thigh of the nearest leg, I stroked up over, applying a little pressure as I passed her pussy; a little shock ran through him.

"Yes..." she said, "touch me, please."

I allowed my hand to drift beneath her panties, and as I did so, I began sucking on her breast, first all of it and then the nipple. But I almost stopped when I realised my hand was caressing over a perfectly smooth pussy. Instead, I looked up at her, catching her eyes. "You do know how to prepare, don't you?" I smiled at her; she sighed and chuckled."well, you deserve this now."

I kissed each breast and sucked on the nipples; as I did this, I began to run her pussy fast and hard. I was rewarded with her moans and soaking wet pussy. I carried on this way for a few moments until she was well worked up; I got on the bed, knelt over her and slid her panties down; she lifted without being told to allow them off so easily. And there she was, naked except for socks with a perfectly smooth tiny pussy.

"Oh, baby girl, don't you look so ready?" I held her knees, parted her legs, and did what you know by now is my favourite thing. I licked, sucked and drank from that perfect little pussy. It turned out that Kate was a loud girl; she didn't even try to stifle it.

"Oh yes!, Oh Yes" followed by moans and then "Yes, there, suck my clit"

I always responded to her but also surprised her; once I managed to get comfortable, I was able to lick her pussy, suck on her clit and fuck her with two of my fingers. This drove her wild and soon, she cried out.

"Simon, yes", and it came on my fingers; I even felt her pussy tighten around them. I took them out and replaced them with my mouth, lapping up her juices. She tasted promise and sweet youth, and I took as much as possible.

I slid over her, kissing her soft cheeks as her orgasm subsided. Once she was calm, I stood, dropped my jeans, and threw off my T-shirt. Now completely naked, I knelt and pulled her up so we were skin to skin. She felt my hard cock against her flat-toned stomach. The sound that escaped her mouth was one of appreciation and lust.

"You're going to give me a nice long blow job," I told her.

"Oh, you bet I am", she said as she moved back, took my cock in her right hand and guided it into her mouth. Kate was no stranger to cock sucking. There was no hesitation. Her tongue took a nice tour around my end, and soon I was inside her; she sucked and licked and kept taking me deeper and deeper. She was so good at this I started to thrust, wanting more of her mouth; she gagged a few times but kept coming back for more. Oh, it felt good here, and I could have left her to bring me off that way. But even I knew that I only had one good cum left in me. It still begged belief that Miranda was swimming in my pool after being fucked not long ago. I allowed to carry on a few more strokes, then drew her away; I picked her up and laid her back down, opened her legs wide.

"I am going to fuck you now," I told her as I stroked my cock up and down her soaking wet tiny bare pussy

She looked down and saw my long length sliding up and down her tiny but puffy and ready pussy.

"Oh, that is nice and big," she said. I had to smile; it was both a compliment and it had to be said to be an expert review. This innocent-looking girl was experienced. I wasted no time and sank my length into her; she cried out in surprise and joy and then kept moaning and keening as I thrust into her. After a few moments in missionary, I pulled out and flipped her over. I sank back into her pussy from behind, lifting her slightly to get a good deep thrust. She turned into an animal now, only capable of moving into the bed, her hands gripping it as she took my hard, deep thrusts. She gasped and was able to call out...

"Cum", and just grew into my bed as I pushed her down and fucked her through her orgasm until I had to stop myself, not wanting to cum just yet. The muscles of her tiny pussy contracted, and oh, it felt so good. I switched positions with her again. This time, I sat at the end of the bed and lowered her onto my cock, moving her up and down with my arms; she soon took over for me as she enjoyed taking my entire length as she thrust up and sank hard on me. We were both lost in the moment now. Soon that feeling hit my cock, that gradual build-up that tells me more of this is going to take me over the edge. I took it as a sign to slow down a little.

It was then I heard steps into the house; Miranda had returned. Kate looked into my eyes and smirked...

"Cum inside me," she told me. "Please cum in me; I am safe, don't worry."

She moved us so we were in the chair facing the mirror; I sat on the chair, and she sat on my cock, facing away from me. I got to watch her body as she sank onto me again, and we both worked each other. I was so far gone, but it felt good, and I wouldn't last. This gorgeous redhead's pale-toned teen body, the feel of her tight teen pussy, and knowing Miranda was going to see us.

I knew it was what she wanted; Miranda entered and saw us in the mirror. And I see Miranda's toned athletic body through the swimsuit, which is wet and tight against her body. And Kate, the redheaded fuckbunny, with my cock sliding into her as she pushes down. I couldn't hold it anymore.

"Kate, I'm cumming"

That, and I am sure of being seen by Miranda, takes her over too; unsurprisingly, before I lose it too much, I can see Miranda is turned on by this, as her hand clamps on her pussy. I thought it would be done and over, but I surprised myself as to how much I emptied into her. She kept locked onto me until it was obvious I was drained. And I am sure she took great pleasure in lifting off me and letting Miranda see some of my cum spill from her pussy.

"Oh, Min!" she shouts. "You were not wrong; Simon is the best fuck I have ever had."

I noticed Min was now naked, but I had nothing left in me; they had spent me.

I flung myself on the bed with the last of my energy. Miranda flopped down on one side of me and Kate on the other.

"It's ok," Miranda told me. "You rest; when you wake up, we can share your cock"

"Damn right," said Kate

Although Amy claimed I was being allowed to fuck these girls so she could be in control of my sex drive, I was now thinking if today was some glorious hit. Did she intend for these girls to fuck me to death?

Well, there are much worse ways to go, I thought as I fell asleep between two hot teenage girls.


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