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My lady Karine and me Levon, are both sexual voyeurs and exhibitionists, a wonderful combination in the right circumstances. We are in our late thirties and have developed our mutual kinky, sexual pleasures over time, though my lady is constantly suggesting new, even kinkier ways for us to enjoy joint sexual pleasure.
Recently Karine told me she had a fantasy where, “I am naked, I am tongue kissing you, and you are masturbating your big, thick cock while another man is licking me to multiple orgasms. It was shortly after I met him for the first time.”

“You know how much I love cunnilingus, being licked to orgasm, even more exciting with you watching. The man is above average height, around thirty, a body to die for with a huge cock, and he loves to dance Argentinian tango naked. I am to pleasure and be pleasured. Organise it for me please.”

Always eager to please my lady, and me at the same time, I mused over the logistics. How to find such a man for her? An Argentinian man who can tango naked? If Karine was sitting in a chair with another man kneeling in front of her, licking her, I could stand and tongue kiss her.

Or perhaps Karine could lie on a bed with a man between her legs, his arms wrapped around her wonderful thighs as we tongue kissed. Or a combination of both? And for our mutual pleasure, our eye candy, there must be a full length mirror close by, we love to watch ourselves.

By chance the Argentinian Polo team was in town shortly after and one of the players who matched Karine’s de***********ion came into my gallery to browse. Handsome, slim, skin tight clothing, slicked back black hair, super fit. We fell into easy conversation and I told him about Karine, her latest fantasy, her sexual appetite and how incredibly good she was, especially with me watching her perform.

His interest was really piqued after I showed him some pics of Karine and me with another man, while he asked a few questions. Inviting him to visit us later in the week was an easy decision. I also told him Karine would want to dance an Argentinian tango with him, naked as part of their foreplay.

I made Karine abstain from sex for two days before his visit to heighten her sexual experience, and mine. The night before I smeared her naked body with suntan lotion while she was wearing just a skimpy g-string, so when naked she would have a thin white bikini line to contrast her tanned body.

At the same time I shaved her pubic hair to my satisfaction, a beautiful sexy black triangle, an exciting contrast to her blond hair. While shaving her I couldn’t help but to tease her clit and her vagina with the tip of my tongue. “Wait until tomorrow baby, I am going to make your latest fantasy a reality, for you and for me.”

When Polo arrived Karine was determined to be the centre of attention, to play the moment to the max, a new man for our joint, kinky sexual pleasure. She was sitting on a chair wearing killer heels, her legs crossed, her leather skirt half way up her gorgeous thighs, enjoying playing the vamp for Polo and me.

Karine loves a slow tease, just as I do, so we made Polo sit in a chair fully clothed and watch me undress her, tongue kissing her, until she was naked, apart from her high heels, and a black crotchless g-string. I enjoyed Polo watching Karine slip my black satin dressing gown off my shoulders, tongue kissing me as she did, my erection on show for both of them.

Karine was sitting in a chair directly opposite Polo, her legs spread. More tongue kissing, while I teased her vagina with the tip of one finger, both of us even more aroused, with Polo watching us, agitated. In a flash he was naked. All over sun tan, a six pack toned body, and incredibly well hung, even though he was not fully erect yet.

What man doesn’t get a twinge in his groin when he looks at another naked man with a cock far bigger than his? As I did then.

“Lets dance,” Karine commanded, as she turned on some tango music she had pre-***********ed. I was very comfortable watching them dancing - absolutely, madly turned on to be honest - with the concept of Polo licking Karine to multiple orgasms while we were deep tongue kissing, with both of us glancing at his cock, while I masturbated myself to a huge orgasm with Polo watching.

Karine stressed to Polo that we both wanted me to masturbate while he fucked her with his tongue. He seemed intrigued with the idea. And having a very horny man looking at my erection smeared with lube while we performed for Karine was a buzz.

Determined to tease both of them before they enjoyed each other I knelt in front of Karine and starting licking her already hard nipples. “Your turn very soon Polo,” Karine teased.

“Very soon Polo,” I teased.

“Your turn very, very soon Polo,” Karine told him. Now Polo, right now. On your knees. I want your tongue. Fuck me with it now,” Karine whispered.

My intention had been to stand alongside Karine and tongue kiss her so she could watch me commence masturbating, but before I could, I sensed she was on the edge of cumming, orgasming for the first time, as Polo had his tongue all over her clit.

“Do you like watching Polo doing what we invited him here to do? Tongue fucking me? While you masturbate for us?,” Karine teased.

“Polo had Karine on the edge. Lifting her big ass with his hands. “I want it now. Lift my ass higher and plunge your tongue into me as hard as you can,” Karine ordered with her hands behind his head urging him on.

“Love what you are doing baby. Love it, love it. It goes straight to my cock. And my nipples are like bullets,” I told her truthfully.

By now I was in a position where we could tongue kiss and I could masturbate freely. Karine’s tongue kiss (and it’s effect on my cock) as Polo bought her to orgasm was electric. At that moment Karine was very aware of her power over two men and very much in control.

“Take me to the massage table Polo. Levon has adjusted the height of it, put a pillow under my ass. Kneel in front of me. Hold one my legs in the air, I am wide open for you. Now really show me how good you are with your tongue. Levon wants to count my orgasms.”

I had adjusted the table so that Karine was sitting up against the backrest. Perfect height for me to tongue kiss her. Perfect height for Karine to watch Polo licking her, tongue fucking her.

“I love what we are doing baby. Your turn on is my turn on. A huge turn on. I am so hard. I have already counted three orgasms for you. He really is good with his tongue isn’t he? I am watching him to learn and emulate him. And be turned on by him. Very turned on, his erection is massive.”

As Karine orgasmed the fourth time she whispered to me, “He is exceptional.You chose very well. I love his tongue and what it is doing to me. I owe you.”

“I can’t hold out much longer. I love your tongue down my throat while he is tongue fucking me. On my next orgasm I want to cum in sync with you.”

Polo was taking heed and deliberately slowed his pace. “My turn to tease you two. I like the figure-eight cock ring Levon is wearing. Levon obviously likes the effect it is having on him. I am tempted, so tempted.

“A long time ago I learnt what a really special treat it is for Karine having a vibrator in her while being licked. There is a vibrator in the top drawer behind you. Use it Levon. And lick her, tongue fuck her like this will be last time ever another man tongue fucks her. Turn it up to full power.”

“Do you like that baby?” I asked loud enough for them both to hear over the hum of the vibrator.

Karine’s heavy breathing and squirming on the table was answer enough. “Orgasm five is very close now baby. I can’t hold out much longer,” she whispered.

“Neither can I,” I replied.

For years when I masturbated alone Karine had always been my reference point. I would close my eyes and imagine Karine’s naked body while was sucking and manipulating my erect cock to orgasm in her fantastic, unique style. Sucking the top part of my cock with two hands on the bottom part, stroking it, bringing me to a huge orgasm. Magical and years later still the very best.

This time my very strong orgasm was even better as we tongue kissed, passionately tongue kissed and I watched her have her fifth orgasm on another man’s tongue.

Indescribable pleasure and lost for words as Karine and Polo watched me masturbate to orgasm. Even more indescribable sexual pleasure as Karine and me watched Polo masturbate to orgasm, tongue kissing each other while Karine told me, “He is huge, much bigger than you.”
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