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Driven to distraction I snap and give her what she needs
I had just about had enough of Lady Sonia, the Dowager Lady that is, Lord Crawleigh’s Step mother, his late fathers second wife, and considerably younger than the old dodderer barely older that the present lord.

Basically she had grown up abroad and treated all her staff as she had the natives in those god forsaken lands of the empire.

Manners and consideration for her employees were completely alien to her though she still strode around as if she owned the estate and lavished her son’s money in the fashion departments of Harrods and Gamages and many horrifically expensive boutiques in the metropolis.

I fear the final straw came with my being coerced into driving the Bentley when Juggins the Chauffeur had a day off and then having a punctured tyre near Byfleet where the road passes Romily wood. I had to stop.

“Robson, why are you slowing down?” she demanded,

“A puncture, Madam,” I replied.

“Tosh drive on,” she exclaimed.

“I fear we have no choice Madam,” I explained, “If I continue we may need more than to change the wheel, we may damage the brakes or some such.”

“Drive damn you!” she snarled her face contorting in an expression of hate. The same face that once had beamed from the pages of Country Life when she had come out as a Debutant in 1926 some 25 years ago.

“Robson you insolent cur, Drive on!” she snapped.

I parked in a lay by adjacent to the woodland, I leaped out and finding the front right tyre completely flat I ***********ed the right hand spare tyre, the 1938 Bentley having not one but two spare wheels.

Life had not been good to me since I left the army in 1946, it was hard to return to life on a building site after managing to rise to the dizzy rank of RSM in the REME.

I set to to release the centre nut securing the wheel.

“Don’t hit it with a hammer use a tool!” she snapped as I quite correctly hit the winged centre nut with a mallet, “Are you a complete idiot? I dare say you won the award for Village Idiot every year in your village, or were you surrounded by idiots so no one noticed.”

“Madam, sit in the car, shut the door and shut your stupid mouth!” I snapped.

“You are sacked, as soon as we get home you can collect your cards!” she replied, your insolence is quite intolerable.”

“As is your arrogance Madam,” I said politely.

“It is called breeding,” she replied.

“That’s your problem,” I observed, “Breeding, that’s how you killed his lordship, breeding, fornicating, you need a good seeing to madam.

“Enough!” she snapped.

“You’re not getting enough are you madam,” I opined,"You’re not getting any are you, except your ivory handled hair brush.”

“You insolent cur,” she replied.

“Cur am I,” I retorted, “I’m no Cur Madam I am a man, and if you are not very careful I shall put you over my knee and give you a damned good thrashing.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said.

She was much mistaken, I wrenched oped the left rear door and dragged her out by her left ear. She let out a loud squeal I propelled her towards the trees and pushed her down onto a patch of grass

I grabbed the hem of her knee length skirt and yanked it upwards over her buttocks exposing her bare flesh and white lacy thong.

"What, are you doing, surely you're not going rape me?" She squealed, trying to pull her skirt down with one hand, pushing me with the other, struggling and trying to turn.

"Shut up," I said, using my body to force her back down, grabbing her wrists and pinning them at her lower back with one of my much bigger hands.

With my free hand, I ripped her thong, the thin garment breaking with a painful snap. she yelped, but I paid no attention to it, instead taking the torn thong and used the elastic from the waist band it to tie her wrists behind her back.

"What are you doing? Stop!" She was squirming and struggling, making it difficult for me to tie the makeshift knot, but after a few seconds, her hands were tightly bound behind her back, the elastic digging into her pale flesh and turning it pink.

"Stop it, you can't do this," she whimpered as she tried to kick me. I caught her ankle easily, pulling it sideways, giving me a perfect view of her sadly underused vagina.

"What a filthy slut, You’ve shaved your pubic hair like a common prostitute, Why?" I growled, reaching forward and roughly fingering her exposed pussy lips.

"No, it’s just hygienic," she squealed, her body tensing at the unexpected intrusion.

"Don't lie," I said, slapping the outside of her thigh with a hard thwack, causing her to yelp and buck her hips.

"I shaved it for my husband," she snarled, her voice dripping with feigned hatred, “It’s become a habit.”

"Well, I hope he liked it, hygienic, well I can’t promise it will be after I've finished with it. after you've had my filthy dirty lower class servant’s cock stuffed up you," I said, forcing her wider, spreading her further.

"Please don't do this," she moaned, her face flushed with excitement and arousal.

I released her ankle, leaving her pinned against the wall, and unzipped my pants.

"Get away from me," she screamed, her body tensing as she tried to push herself away from the wall, her hands bound behind her back preventing her from moving more than a few inches.

"Stop squirming," I said, using my free hand to slap the back of her thighs, making her scream with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

My erection was straining at the front of my underpants, throbbing painfully in its tight confines. I pulled the fabric down, releasing my oversized member, a few drops of pre-cum already dripping from the half-sheathed tip.

"Please, no," she protested, her eyes glued to my massive erection.

I stepped forward and positioned myself between her open legs. Taking a fistful of hair and wrapping it around my wrist I yanked back, eliciting a squeal of surprise and pain.

"Oh god," she wined. "At least tell me you're going to wear a condom."

"Just shut up," I replied, forcing the tip of my erection into her slick opening. "And no, I'm not going to wear a condom, I'm going to cum in your filthy pussy if you’re lucky and cum on your face if you aren’t"

I forced my way in, her tight, wet opening squeezing my bare cock.

"It's too big, take it out," she screamed, her eyes shut tightly as I buried the first few inches inside of her.

"Relax your stupid pussy," I moaned, feeling her muscles gripping me tightly.

"Stop," she wined, trying to squirm away.

I pushed harder, my grip on her hair tightening as I forced more and more of my huge, bare cock into her.

"No," she moaned, her breath ragged and forced.

"Yes," I said, grabbing her waist with my free hand and pulling her towards me, filling her completely.

I held her tightly against the wall, her pussy spasming around my huge erection, her body adjusting to the size and stretching to accommodate the thick intruder.

"It hurts," she whined, her body tense and struggling.

"Good," I replied, slapping the side of her thigh, the skin turning red.

"You bastard," she snarled, gritting her teeth and struggling against her bonds.

"Yeah," I said, pulling her hips backwards and slamming into her body, my cock burying itself deep inside of her.

"Fuck me," she yelled, her body tensing as my hips met her arse, the length of my cock buried completely within her again.

I could feel her body trembling, her legs shaking. Her tight pussy was gripping me like a vice, every twitch of her inner walls sending shock waves through my body.

"Such a nice, tight, little pussy," I groaned, feeling her squeeze me.

"Take it out," she said, her voice cracking, a slight tremor in her tone.

"What's the matter,? Don't you like having my big cock in your pussy? I assumed that's what you wanted. when you were so rude to me."

"Please stop," she moaned, her voice quiet and strained.

"No way this is far too much fun," I growled, pulling my erection out almost all the way, leaving only the tip inside her, then pushing back in with one hard, aggressive thrust.

"Oww," she squealed, the force of the penetration causing her whole body to tense, her back arching and her breasts pushing into the wall.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it?" I said, grinding my hips into hers.

"No," she protested, shaking her head from side to side.

"Yes," I replied, repeating the motion, my cock sliding easily into her slick opening, forcing its way deep inside.

"Stop," she whined, her voice wavering as my hard, bare cock violated her tight opening.

"No," I growled, taking her hips in my hands and beginning to pound her, my own need and desires taking over, the pleasure from the warm, wet, tightness overwhelming my senses.

"Oh god, no," she moaned, her body jerking back and forth, my hands moving her hips into place as I penetrated her, forcing her onto me.

"That's a good slut," I growled, fucking her. "Now take my cum bitch."

"Stop," she cried, her voice quivering and broken.

"No. You have a nice little cunt, and now you're going to make it useful," I groaned, increasing the pace and strength of my thrusts, my cock hammering into her, my hips slamming into hers.

"It's too big," she wined, her voice high and desperate. "Take it out."

"Your cunt is so nice and tight. It's going to make me cum," I growled, my cock pulsating, pre-cum already leaking from the tip.

"Oh god," she gasped, her legs beginning to shake and quiver, her whole body tense and straining against the wall. "No. No. No."

"Oh yeah, oh fuck," I growled, feeling the pressure in my balls and the heat building up in my stomach.

"Stop. Please," she screamed, her body beginning to convulse, the tightness in her pussy intensifying.

"Oh fuck, here it comes," I moaned, feeling the heat surge up my cock and explode from the tip, filling her.

"Oh god, no. Not inside of me," she moaned, the feeling of my hot seed coating her insides triggering her own orgasm.

"Yes," I roared, thrusting as hard and deep as possible, my cock pulsating and twitching, spurting shot after shot of hot, sticky cum deep inside of her.

"So much," She whimpered, her eyes wide, her mouth open, her body shaking and convulsing. "It's so warm. Oh god."

I could feel her body spasm and tense, her legs trembling and her stomach and thighs clenching. Her pussy gripped me tightly, the contractions massaging my cock.

"Oh god," I grunted, holding her in place and grinding my hips into hers, the pleasure surging through my entire body, my knees buckling as a result.

She moaned loudly, her voice cracking and breaking, her breathing ragged and quick.

"That's it, Cum for me whilst I pump you full of cum," I growled, holding her tight and filling her tight, pussy, as she squeezed her muscles milking my cock.

"Oh god, no," she cried, her face flushed and sweaty, her mascara beginning to run, smudges of black staining the corners of her eyes.

"Yes," I replied, pulling my softening erection from her and leaving her slumped against a tree, my sticky cum leaking from her abused slit.

With that realisation dawned as to what I had done and I untied her before tucking my slimy cock away and leaving her on the floor, panting and oozing my cum.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“No you aren’t, I should have realised you were seriously sexually frustrated and I should never have let myself be alone with you.”

“Maybe but that was unforgivable,” I replied.

“Unless I forgive you, It’s quite refreshing to discover that you still find me sexually attractive,” she admitted, “But next time give me some warning, my panties came from Paris and cost an absolute fortune, and my skirt is ruined, and your trousers will need dry cleaning.”

“Madam?” I exclaimed in confusion.

“Next time ask first,” she insisted.

“Aren’t you going to the Police?” I queried.

“Lord no, I don’t want to be plastered all over the London Evening Argus as some victim,” she explained, “I think with some training you could make quite an acceptable lover Robertson.”

“Robson Madam,” I replied.

“If I call you Robertson then you’re Robertson,” she insisted, “Change the damned wheel then we can find an Hotel room and continue in a modicum of comfort.”

I was not expecting that. Good god, Help!

To be continued?

Apologies to Sqwerty123 for nicking some of his text and using it out of context
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