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My wife starts her own affair with Bonnie
The weeks following Lynn confessing her desire for our friend (and my affair partner) Bonnie were, interesting to say the least. I was getting so much sex I almost couldn't handle it all. Now my wife was encouraging me to have sex with the heavy set beauty so I could bring a taste of Bonnie home to Lynn. I would no sooner then step foot in the house and Lynn was on my dick with her mouth sucking up any flavor of Bonnie's sex that she could. Lynn would even fuck me before I went to meet Bonnie as I would leave her juices on my dick for Bonnie to taste. Bonnie would hesitate when she would taste the musky flavor of my wife's pussy, but never commented nor let it dissuade her from giving great head.

I was still troubled with how to get Lynn a taste of Bonnie's pussy for herself. I had posed the idea of a three-some to Bonnie but she quickly brushed it off saying that she was self conscious around other women because of her body.

Finally together Lynn and I hatched a plan. It was a high risk high reward venture that involved some deception and slight of hand. The plan was made now to execute!

I rented a room at a local hotel. The guise was that it was rented to allow the kids a evening in the pool, but I invited Bonnie there before the kids got out of school. Little did Bonnie know that I wouldn't be alone!

"Hey there!" Bonnie exclaimed as I met her at the door. "I like the change of scenery," as she gave me a quick kiss.

"Whats this?" She asked pointing to the sleep mask in my hand before she even got past the entrance of the room.

"I thought it would be fun to spice thing up a little. Try some sensorary deprivation."

"I don't know," she hesitated dropping her bag on the floor. " I thought this was exciting enough."

"Just give it a try," I encouraged slipping the masked over the top of her head down to her forehead. "This time can be all about you. You don't have to do a thing."

"OK well I guess we can try it, but if it gets too wierd, I'm takinging it off."

"OK fine" I smiled as I slid the mask down over her piercing blue eyes. "kind of a shame to cover those beautiful eyes" I thought to myself as I lead Bonnie twards the bed.

As I lead Bonnie to the bed, my wife Lynn got up from her hiding spot on the floor behind the bed. She gave me a thumbs up for successfully completing the first step of our plan.

Once Bonnie was by the bed I surprised her with a kiss. A slow passionate one, my tounge exploring her mouth, and her tounge meeting mine, the two of them dancing.

As we kissed my hands explored her body. They started at her shoulders, around to her back, along her sides, finding their way under the front of her blouse, over the front of her protruding belly and finally up to those fantastic tits of hers. I managed and kneaded them trough her bra. She moaned into my mouth a bit as teased her nipples through her bra.

I looked back my wife to see her reaction as she stood behind me, watching as I made love to this large beautiful woman we knew so dearly. Lynn was so enticed by what was happening she already had one hand rubbing her own breast thought her clothes as the other started removing her own pants.

I turned back to Bonnie now. Slowly I unbuttoned her blouse exposing a black lacy bra. The same one I assumed she wore that night at the party that kicked off our affair. It plunged in the center barely covering her areolas, the very most edges visible though the holes in the lace. The bra pushed up those fantastic f cup titties and created a huge line of cleavage. I dropped her blouse all the way off as I bent down and kissed so gently that cleavage as Bonnie's nipples started to stiffen inside the bra.

I was so tempted to rip Bonnie's clothes off and ravish her body, but no, if this was going to work I needed to slow build her desire. I gently undid her pants and let them fall to the floor. I held Bonnie's hips and steadied her as she steped out of them. My hands explored this part of her body, running over her hips, down her thighs, back up the back of her thighs, pausing for a moment on her ass, massaging her large round ass cheeks.

Now in only her bra and matching thong, I pushed Bonnie backwards so she fell on the bed. This was the first time I had tried dominating her, and I think she was starting to like it.

She landed on the bed with a gasp, not aware of her surroundings being blindfolded. When her body hit the bed, those glorious tits of hers rocked up and down in side the confines of her bra. No bra made is enough to really confine those melons.

I turned around to check in with my wife, to make sure she's was still OK watching her husband of nearly 20 years seducing another woman. My gaze fell apon another half naked woman as Lynn had shed her shirt and pants as well. Her plentiful d cups straining to get out of her white pushup bra. The padding hiding what I assumed were stiff pointed nipples. Her areoulas being larger and darker than Bonnie's were visible over in the cleavage spilling over the top of the bra. She must have thought this a really special occasion as she never wore anything that revealing for me. Although 6 inches shorter than Bonnie and noticeably thinner, Lynn still wasn't one of those skinny bitches. Her midsection had a little bulge and her ass large and soft. But like Bonnie's it had a glorious round shape.

What a sight for me, my wife beside me in her white push up bra and red bikini panties her fingers running up and down her crotch on the out side of the panties, and Bonnie laying on the bed in matching lace panties and bra, squirming on the bed, blindfolded, in anticipation, not knowing what was is store for her.

Lynn brought me out of this trance with a tap to the arm, motioning me to get back to the plan. Bonnie surely wouldn't lie there forever blindfolded and un stimulated. I quickly pulled my shirt ovrt my head and lowered myself onto the bed, straddling Bonnie's body. I started with a kiss to the forehead, then the nose, finally warm deep kis on the lips.

Pulling away from the kiss I continued down. Kissing her neck, shoulder and chest. I buried my face in her cleavage, then I kissed her nipples through the bra. Continuing down I kissed over her large belly, Teasing her belly button, and worked down to her thighs. Pushing her legs open, I kiss up her inner thighs until I get up to her panty covered crotch. I could already smell her arousal as I kissed her sex through the panties. Her desire evident as she whimpered and writhed on the bed.

I reached up to the waistline of the her thong and peeled them down. She lifted herself with her legs then lifted her feet so I could remove the fabric covering her puffy pussy lips. Panties now removed, I ran my finger between her labia, getting a good amount of moisture on it, then turned holding it out Lynn as she quickly took the finger in her mouth, eye closing in amazement at the taste of the freshest tate of another woman's arousal she had ever tasted.

Now came the make or break part of the plan. I reached down and pick up the bondage gear I had bought just for this occasion. Taking Bonnie's willing hand I wrapped the soft restraint around her wrist.

"What.... why? I don't know......" Bonnie stammered as she reached for the blind fold. I gently took her free hand in mine as I kissed her hard, our tounges tangled in her mouth.

"Please let this be my surprise to you" I whispered. "Please let your pleasure be my gift to you. Trust me....... nothing will be so tight as you couldn't escape if you wanted."

Her arousal and anticipation were apparent. The the blindfold seemed to be heighting her sensitivity. Her apprehension was obvious but also was her desire.

"Fine, but no pain," through a ragged breath showing her uncertainty.

"No pain, I promise, only pleasure."

With that I fastened her other wrist. Then I took a spreader bar and hooked it under her knees. Fastening a knee to each end. Then the bar connected to her wrist cuffs.

It was a thing of beauty I couldn't believe she went for it but here was this plus size beauty, in nothing but her black lacy bra, laying her back, curly dishwater blonde hair strewn about. The bra holding her breast pointed at the ceiling. Her wrists ties to her knees, which were spread apart by the bar fasted to her knees. Her clean shaven pussy on full display.

I took a second to glance back at Lynn and she had stripped her self naked. Her d cup breasts hanging slightly over her somewhat protruding belly. In one hand she cupped a breast kneading the nipple with her finger and thumb. Her other hand cupped over her own hairless snatch, middle finger working up and down her slit.

Bonnie's deep breath snapped me to attention. I looked back at her pussy on display. The outer lips puffy and tight. The inner lips protruding but pushed shut by the outer lips. Her clit enlaring from her arousal starting to peek out through the slit.

I dove right into her cunt with me face. Licking the slit from bottom to top and then tickling her clit with the tip of my tounge. I reached around her thighs feeling her belly and chest. Finnaly i i found the top of her bra, pulling it down freeing those wonderful giant tits. I flicked both nipples with my fingers causing her to arch her back. Bonnie was so sensitive already it diddnt take long amd she shuddered with orgasm.

"Oh yea!" She cried through jagged breath. I got out from between her raised and spread legs moving up to her face where I kissed her allowing her to taste herself. As she caught her breath I kissed the tops of her feet while I tickled the bottoms with my fingers. This produced a little giggle out of Bonnie and she rocked on her back tring to escape my taunts.

This is when I motioned to Lynn it was her turn. Bonnie had no idea Lynn was in the room thanks to the blindfold. I could tell Lynn was nervous having never experienced another woman before but at the same time was turned on immensely by the situation at hand.

I backed away as Lynn knelt down into Bonnie's sex. Finally at this moment I realized my own arousal as my 7 inch cock strained at my pants, fully erect. I dropped my pants and boxers as I put my hand on my cock and started to stroke up and down.

Lynn moved ever closer to Bonnie's pussy. She no doubt could smell it secnt from Bonnie's recent orgasm. Her tounge reached out tentatively and touched Bonnie right on the pussy lips.

Bonnie gasped as her body stiffened from the suprise of touch from Lynn's tounge. Lynn paused thinking it was disapproval as if Bonnie knew it was another woman attempting to pleasure her, instead of me. I knew this wasn't the case, or at least assumed, so I motioned to Lynn to keep going.

Lynn turned back to Bonnie's cunt and this time planted a kiss right on Bonnie's clit. Bonnie moaned her approval and that was all the encouragement Lynn needed. She started licking that pussy like a woman possessed. Her tounge exploring inbetween every fold of Bonnie's pussy, licking her clit. Even taking the clit between her lips and sucking on it.

Lynn was on her hands and knees infront of Bonnie her ass in air. Her bare d cups swaying as she worked her head back and forth to ravaging Bonnie's pussy with her mouth. Her own juices dripping out of her own pussy lips as she ate out another woman's pussy.

Needing some lube to stroke my cock with I stepped between Lynn's legs and rubbed my cock between her folds before pushing into the entreance of her love tunnel. She moaned into Bonnie's cunt as I pumped in and out of her slowly.

I can't be sure of what Lynn was doing to Bonnie but it was working! Bonnie was moaning in pleasure and voice was higher and higher pitched. I could tell she was getting close as I pulled my dick out of Lynn's pussy and moved up next to Bonnie's head. Lynn kept up the oral assault and Bonnie was near the edge.

Timing it with Bonnie's moans when she opened her mouth I pulled the mask off her eyes as I stuck my dick in her mouth. Instinctively she wrapped her lips around it and started sucking, tasting Lynn's juices from mere seconds before when my cock buried in Lynn's snatch.

As her eyes adjusted and Bonnie seen me over head, she shifted her gaze between her thighs, the only thing visible over her belly was Lynn's ponytail bobbing side to side which the motion of Lynn's tounge fucking.

The confused look was short lived as the building orgasm rocked Bonnie right at that moment. Her body tensed, her hands clenched, trying to grab a handful of hair but because they were bound, they reached nothing but air. Bonnie practically stopped breathing her breath was so short. Her whole body spasmed causing her to pull against the restraints.

I've never noticed Bonnie to be a squirter, but when she came for Lynn, she sent a wave of warm girl cum straight into Lynn's face. Lynn drank up what she could but it was more than she could take and most of it ended up running down her face and Bonnie's girl cum was now dripping off Lynn's naked tits.

"Oooo mmmmm," she cried into my cock. This pushed me over the edge and i pulled my cock out of her mouth just I erupted and spewed my hot cum all over her tits and belly. The last little dribble dropped onto her lips and her deep breathes blew strings of it all over her face.

"What is going on?!" Bonnie cried when she regained her composure. "Who is that and why did you let them do that to me?"

Slowly Lynn stood up exposing her nakedness to Bonnie along with Bonnie's cum still glistening on her bare chest. Lynn bent down and caressed Bonnie's face.

"I'm sorry Bonnie. I know about you and Rick meeting up to please each other. In fact we have been sharing him lately. He has been bringing back your juices for me taste on his dick. The truth is I think I am as into you as he is. This felt like the only way to show you how I feel. I know we deceived you, and I am sorry for that. For what it's worth, this was my first girl girl experience also and I want you to know that I am hooked! I just hoped you would enjoy it as much as I have."

Bonnie, still bound leg spread wide. "Your right I wouldn't have responded positively to your advances, but come on this is rape!"

"Well I'm sorry we made you feel that way, " I chimed in. "But for where I was standing Lynn made you come harder than ever before. I've never seen you squirt like that but look, Lynn is absolutely soaked with you cum!"

"Your not wrong....." Bonnie admitted. It felt amazing. "I have never cum that hard and having one of you at each end was a special feeling. Especially when Rick shot his cum on me! Now can you let me out of this torture gear?"

"Just wait," Lynn replied with a devilish grin on her face. If this is going to ruin out relationship I at least want one more thing before we part ways."

As she finished speaking, Lynn crawled up on the bed on all fours and swung a leg over Bonnie's face. "I don't know when I will get another chance so I want to feel the touch of a woman's mouth for the first time as well!"

Now Lynn was on all fours on the bed, holding her pussy inches above Bonnie's mouth. Lynn's sex was so aroused that it was dripped her wetness already. Droplets landing on Bonnie's nose amd mouth.

As Bonnie tasted Lynn for the first time her eyes lit up and she cooed with excitement. "I've tasted that before!" She exclaimed! "Rick, you tasted like that the last couple of weeks! I diddnt know what it was, but you have been slipping me Lynn's pussy juice on your dick!"

"Yes we have!" I answered, "like Lynn said you 2 have been sharing me for weeks now building up to this moment. We never meant to hurt you we just wanted to experience you together."

Still a little apprehensive Bonnie gently reached to Lynn's waiting pussy with her tounge and gentley parted the lips. Lynn's outer lips were less puffy than Bonnie's, and the inner ones a little longer. But it also was shaven smooth for easy licking.

As soon as Bonnie's had a taste of Lynn's flavor, there were no more inhibitions. She licked at that pussy with vigor and soon Lynn was moaning with pleasure and Bonnie sucked on Lynn's clit.

Since Bonnie was still locked in the restraints, pussy wide open in full view, I decided since my cock had recovered after that first round, I better not leave any pussy unattended. I lined up with Bonnie's entrance and plunged deep into her pussy, hitting her cervix with one thrust. This caused Bonnie to moan into Lynn's pussy, causing Lynn to moan even more.

I continued to thrust into the heavy set beauty as her feet and hands are tied into the air. With each stroke as I bottomed out in her pussy her belly would jiggle a little and her massive tits would bounce every which way in time with my thrust.

Each thrust into Bonnie would push Bonnie's face right into Lynn's cunt driving Lynn forward twards the wall, her naked d cups swaying freely under her.

Bonnie was the first to peak. As her pussy clamped down on my cock her screams of pleasure were muffled by Lynn's pussy.

I quick pulled out of Bonnie's pussy and made my way up to Lynn's face and fee her Bonnie's juices on my cock. That was enought to send both of us off the edge. I pulled out of her mouth and shot waves of my spunk into her face. Some making up into her her hair, the bulk of sliding down her face. Lynn turned to Bonnie and gave her gental kiss and Bonnie cleaned the cum off Lynn's face.

Lynn and I help Bonnie out of the restraints and all three of us fell asleep together naked in the bed.

When I awoke I was alone in the bed and I heard the shower running. I cracked open the bathroom door and heard both women moaning in pleasure. I gently shut the door and layed back on the bed wondering what the future for our relationship may hold....
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