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Sindee and her family are back, hanging out with the denizens of Olympus. She’s taking applications to become a Priestess of Emesis.

WARNING: This story involves incest, lesbians, cockgirls, puke eating, filth, maggots, rotting corpses, fisting, anal, gaping, necrophilia, monsters, prolapses, cervical penetration, and other things along those lines. IF THIS IS NOT YOUR JAM, PLEASE STAY AWAY. I MEAN IT. I want folks to enjoy, not be upset.
This story is a follow-up to my “Thanksgiving in Reverse” trilogy. If you haven’t read those stories, you should do so before reading this one – otherwise it will be very confusing. I am thinking there may be several stories in this second series, but we will see.

I had intended this story to be relatively quick and short, and I had also intended it to be ready for posting by Memorial Day Weekend. I failed on both accounts. It’s massive (over 25K words, almost 50 pages) and it’s late (I got sick then I got busy then there was a family emergency (all is well now)).

I hope you feel it’s worth the wait.

Finally, I have to note that THIS IS A FANTASY. In the real world, frequent vomiting can lead to serious, even lethal, health consequences. If you feel things are out of control, SAMHSA has a 24/7 helpline for mental health and addiction issues at 800-662-HELP. There is no shame in getting help, I promise you.

Anyway, onwards. Enjoy!

Chapter I

“Mom! I’m home!” Uma called, dropping her luggage and laundry bag on the kitchen floor. After waiting a moment for a reply, she added “Anybody home?”

Uma had just finished her sophomore year at the State U and had come home for the summer. She was looking forward to connecting with her friends, but less looking forward to getting a stupid summer job for June through mid-August. Whatever she did, she would only work the fewest hours possible. Summer was for fun, relaxing, taking it easy – not for working long hours. Her mom had money, her younger sister had talent, Uma was the black sheep. To her, being taken care of was so much nicer than fending for yourself.

Nobody seemed to be home. Mom’s car was in the driveway, but her sister’s car was not. They must have gone somewhere together in Annika’s car. Whatever. Annika was a year younger than Uma and her last final had been early that morning, so she had gotten home earlier.

Uma was 21, fit, svelte, and was a starter on the varsity volleyball team. She was toned with a slender waist, small bust, and a tiny, tight little ass that looked amazing in her skin-tight volleyball shorts.

She picked up her gear and carted it up to her room. She felt a nudge of hunger and wandered to the kitchen. It was 3:30 in the afternoon on the Thursday before Memorial Day. Dinner was a little way away, so Uma dug out a bag of chips from the cabinet and started munching.

As she chewed she noticed a business-type card hanging on the fridge. The image on the card was of a bust of a young woman – her breasts coming just low enough so that nothing indecent was exposed. The woman was beautiful, classically so, and had dark hair with some light tinting. Her face wore a gentle, warm smile. Her full red lips were slightly parted, and at the corner of her mouth something trickled out and ran down the side of her chin, dripping off onto her breasts. The fluid looked slightly greenish and maybe a little chunky. It was kind of gross against the lovely face of the woman.

The text on the card said “The Temple of Sindee, Goddess of All Emesis”. On the back, there was some additional verbiage: “Sindee, Goddess of All Emesis. Gina and Karen, Goddesses of Love Emesis. Marlena and Kathy, Goddesses of Health Emesis. Abbie and Luna, Goddesses of Death Emesis.”

“Emesis.” Uma had made it through two years of college and had never encountered that word. She typed it into the search bar on her phone. She gasped at the result.

Emesis meant vomiting. As in puking. As in barfing. As in un-swallowing. As in tossing your cookies. As in losing your lunch. As in praying to the porcelain god. As in a lot of other euphemisms for vomiting.

What. The. Fuck.

A couple months ago, Uma’s and Annika’s mother, Laila, had mentioned something about getting involved in an spiritual practice. Laila had always been very supportive of the girls, and had given them the space to grow into their own women. She’d been in a little funk since the divorce from the girls’ father, so Annika and Uma had just shrugged and let it be without asking too many more questions.

But this? Was this that spiritual practice? Sindee, the Goddess of Puke? This was like something from a bad movie. Even the name - Sindee. That sounded like the name of a porn slut, not a deity.

There was a website listed on the card, she punched it into her laptop. These were the goddesses of puke, and, though tasteful, their site made that point clear. The first link Uma clicked was the “About Us” page. It talked about how Sindee and her family had once had a strange family tradition that involved an incestuous all-girl lesbian puke party on Thanksgiving Day. The gods had observed them for several years before Aphrodite, Persephone, and Hygieia approached the group and convinced them to become the official Goddesses of Emesis.

Uma was definitely not sure what to make of all that. She noticed that one of the links said “Meet the Goddesses”. She clicked it.

This took her to a page with paintings of the seven goddesses wearing sheer togas like Greek or Roman deities (paintings, no photos). The Puke Love Goddesses were a couple of hot curvy GILFs with generous busts, wide nipples, narrow waists, and broad hips. The Puke Health Goddesses were younger, but one was still in the MILFie category, with fit, toned bodies. The Puke Death Goddesses were a couple of young, chubby-but-not-too-chubby goth girls that looked like twins.

And Sindee, the Goddess of All Puke - wow. She was young, fit, but still had some nice curves, including big, pendulous tits. But the shocker was, she also had a ginormous cock hanging down in front under the sheer toga she wore. That thing had to be way over a foot long and nearly three inches thick - and wasn’t even hard in the painting. It must have been collosal when turgid.

The Goddess of All Puke was a drop-dead gorgeous, smoking-hot cockgirl with an enormous meat stick. Holy. Shit. All the puke goddesses were beautiful, breathtaking even, but Sindee made you stop in your tracks. Uma was already bi, but these chicks were enough to make a straight girl reconsider.

Against her will, an image flashed across Uma’s mind of her taking that immense meat down her throat, and vomiting up all over it – and her own nude body. She wanted that cock.

She didn’t like the impact this site was having on her thoughts. She liked even less that she had found this site on a card on her mother’s fridge. Was this Laila’s spiritual path? Was she getting her enlightenment by puking? That sounded incredibly unhealthy, especially since her mom had always been very health conscious.

Along those lines, another link caught Uma’s eye. “Health and Holy Days”. She clicked it and scanned down the text.

Sindee and her goddesses recognized that excessive vomiting damaged a person’s throat, esophagus, stomach, and teeth – and could even cause lethal hemorrhages. Therefore, Sindee had designated four Holy Days - technically weekends - when her adherents could indulge in “full-bodied worship” as the website called it. Outside of those four holidays, intentional puking was forbidden and adherents were expected to take good care of themselves, their bodies, and their fellow human beings - volunteering several hours a month was expected from all.

But during those weekends, it was party on. The holiest day was Thanksgiving weekend, then there were three other holiday weekends when “worship” was allowed, each dispersed throughout the year, roughly coming every three months: President’s Day Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, and Labor Day Weekend. Adherents had some flexibility to shift their holiday weekends a few weeks one way or the other to meet life commitments, but they were limited to four weekends a year spread out over the calendar.

Uma glanced down the list again. Memorial Day Weekend. This weekend was Memorial Day. Was her mother planning on some “full-bodied worship”? What the fuck?

With that in her mind, another link on the site caught Uma’s eye. It said “Hot Pics from the President’s Day Weekend Worship”.

Pics. Hot pics. Of…? Uma wasn’t sure she was ready for what would be waiting, but she clicked the link anyway.

The page that loaded was packed with photos and videos of amazingly beautiful women puking. Not just puking, but having hot lesbian sex with the puke. Hot, crazy lesbian sex. The further Uma scrolled the crazier it got. Lots of puke eating. Lots of licking puke off of bodies. Lots of puking into or eating puke out of gaped assholes and cunts. Even some prolapses, cervical penetration, and bondage. It was insane. If a girl wasn’t hooked up with another girl, she was playing with herself, masturbating with her puke, and the like.

Suddenly, Uma realized her tights and her thong underneath were soaked to the point that rivulets of grool were running down her thigh. What the fuck was she doing getting turned on by these pics of women puking? Even worse, her fingers had been massaging her soaked slit and clit under her yoga shorts. Fuck. Masturbating in the kitchen. Lovely. This was...unacceptable.

But these pictures were so fucking hot. She bit her lip then sent a quick text to her mom.

- Where u guys?

- Target, Kohls, now running by to pick up some groceries. Home in about 45.

- Cool, tx.

That was enough time to satisfy this urge that was making her entire body quiver. Uma scurried up to her bedroom and stripped. She put her laptop on her desk, pulled the pictures back up, put a towel on her desk chair and took a seat - spreading her legs and hooking her right leg over the arm of the chair to give her easy access. She ran her vibrator up and down her drenched cunt and teased her clit. Her hard little nipples stood up like darts.

The website had a slideshow feature to scroll through the pics – how convenient, they recognized the importance of a hands-free experience. She watched the images scroll by on the screen as she worked her cunt over with the toy, rubbing her free hand all over her body, then pulling her young pussy lips open so she could slide the little vibrator in.

She moaned. These pictures were so hot. Disgusting, but hot. She definitely had a part of her that was thinking about what it would be like to lick the puke from these beautiful tits, to suck vomit out of these stretched asses. Fuck it was hot. Her fingers worked faster and faster, bringing her to an orgasm, but her body still craved more as her eyes stared at the videos and images sliding by on her screen.

Uma noticed a link buried among the photos – “Full-bodied family worship”. Was she actually going to click that? The implications were incest, plain and simple. But yes, she was going to click it. And she did.

The images and videos that she was presented with were full of sisters, mother/daughter pairings, cousins, nieces, aunts, and other female family relationships. All incest. All puke. And all, fucking, smoking hot. The first collection of pics was of pair of busty twins kissing and vomiting all over themselves. They were beautiful and the moment Uma saw that, her body racked with another orgasm. Her cunt gushed around the vibrator. Her fingers were making frantic circles on her clit as she turned her attention back to the screen.

Next there was a video of a daughter vomiting into her mother’s stretched asshole, followed by her aunt sucking (yes, sucking) the puke back out as her mother prolapsed her ass into a giant pink mound. Uma moaned as another orgasm racked through her at the sight. She pulled the vibrator out of her cunt and shoved it in her mouth. She had never made herself puke, and she wasn’t really looking to do so now, but she did dry heave a couple times and she teased out several heavy loads of throat slime that ran down her chin and across her hard little nipples.

The next video was a pair of granddaughters vomiting all over their GILF grandmother, then double-fisting both her cunt and asshole simultaneously – using vomit for lube as they stretched her well-used holes insanely wide. Uma noticed that all these women had loose, gaping holes. She figured if you were going to fill your cunt or asshole with puke, you probably want as big a target as possible. Unbidden the thought came that her mother might be stretching herself out. The thought sent another shiver through Uma – partly a shiver of arousal, and partly a shiver of revulsion.

She slicked up the vibrator in the puddle of throat slime that had formed between her thighs. Then she shoved the toy back into her cunt, arching her back as a fresh orgasm wafted through her.

She noticed that there was text associated with some of the pictures and videos. Most of them were hot but pedestrian, nothing too exceptional. But one bit of text caught her eye.

The text was below a five minute video loop. In the video were four women – three sisters and their mother. The mother was reclining on the floor on her back, her big mom-tits sticking up in the air and her legs spread. One of her daughters was perched above her on her knees, her cunt lips pulled apart, sending a steaming stream of piss into her mother’s mouth, while simultaneously another one of the girls was sending thick loads of puke into her mother’s overflowing maw.

The mother was trying as best she could to suck down the combined piss and puke, but was unsuccessful. Her face and neck were covered, her hair was plastered to her skull, and a puddle of filth coated the floor under her head. Meanwhile,at the other end, the other daughter had her entire arm past he elbow in her mother’s asshole. Her mother’s cunt was hanging inside-out from the pressure and the daughter was alternately puking across it, and sucking the puke up to do it again. She even used her other hand to pull her mother’s cervix open and shove her tongue inside.

About halfway through, the video switched to show the mother on all fours. The scene devolved into the girls puking into her mother’s ass and the then sucking it back out, prolapsing the anus. There were a bunch of scenes like that throughout the site. Uma figured it must be a thing for the faithful.

But it was the text beneath this scene that really sent Uma over the edge. It read:

“I had never been much for anal, and I definitely was never into vomiting or incest. But my experiences with the Temple of Sindee have transformed my life. The beauty of sucking steaming vomit out of my mother’s wide-open asshole, or of my sisters double-fisting me, or just the beautiful intimacy of laying there with my mother and sisters, nude, covered in puke, and deeply in love with each other – and all humanity. It’s amazing. I’m so glad we joined the Temple. Sindee and her family are divine. I can’t wait for Memorial Day weekend.”

The video and that testimonial sent Uma to the moon. She had lost track of how many orgasms she had had, but this one was the grandmommy of them all. Her back arched, her body twitched, and her cunt and asshole clenched. The juice from her cunt ran down the towel and puddled on the floor below her feet. A fresh wave came over her and she tumbled to the floor, landing on all fours, her holes throbbing as the orgasm ran its course. She moaned, almost throwing up from the intensity, then climbed up onto the bed, lying there while the ecstasy subsided.

* * * *

Chapter II

Uma sighed and checked her phone. Her mother and sister would be home in about fifteen minutes. She dashed into the bathroom and took a quick shower, then pulled on shorts and a T-shirt and walked down to the kitchen. There was a can of air freshener spray on the kitchen counter, and Uma gently spritzed some around the kitchen, then around her bedroom upstairs, hoping to cover up any scent of her earlier arousal.

A dangerous thought wandered into her brain. What if Annika already knew about Laila’s new “spiritual path”? Annika had always been closer to their mother – being the younger of the two and their mother’s “baby”. And Annika and Laila had always thought of Uma as being a little too “sensitive” and “easy to upset” so sometimes they were slow to bring her into the fold on tender matters. Plus Uma tended to be the needy one, always wanting someone to take care of her – a trait Uma never denied, in fact she unapologetically reveled in it. Give her a sugar daddy or sugar mommy any day.

What if Annika was part of this? Was that even possible without Uma being aware? Annika and Uma were in the same dorm building, but Annika was still a freshman so she had to stay on the freshman floor. Next year when Annika was a sophomore and Uma a junior, they could start sharing a dorm room. So it was conceivable that Annika knew and just hadn’t told Uma.

Annika had made Uma and herself smoothies in the dorm that morning. Was that some kind of a preparation to this weekend’s supposed “full-bodied worship”?

Uma’s head was spinning and her cunt was getting soaked again. She went to the sink and splashed cold water on her face. As she was drying it off, Annika’s car pulled into the driveway. She spritzed air freshener around again as she ran a few scenarios through her head quickly. Confront them? Ask politely? Suddenly and innocently “discover” the card? Or just say nothing and let it play out?

Laila was 41 and had a fit body with some moderate mom-curves, especially up top where she sported a heavy chest. Both she, Uma, and Annika had the same Scandinavian blonde hair and blue eyes, and all three of them were around six feet tall. Annika was the curviest of the bunch, and though she wouldn’t be called chubby, she had the sorts of curves you would have seen on a 1940s bombshell pinup, busty and beautiful.

The women hugged and Uma helped Annika bring in some groceries. While Laila put them away, Uma tapped Annika on the shoulder and gestured upstairs. When Annika looked at her quizzically, Uma just tugged her sister towards the stairs.

“We’re going upstairs for a minute,” Uma said to their mother. “Be back in a sec.”

She dragged her sister up to her bedroom and closed the door.

“What?” Annika asked, slightly annoyed.

“That card on the fridge. Did you see it? Did you know about it?”

“Which card. The lawn company?” Annika said, her eyes staring at the floor. She was acting way too innocent.

“You know what card I’m referring to, knock it off.”

“Yeah, well, that’s just a thing mom is into right now. It is making her happy so we should support her.”

“I a point. There’s support and then there’ know...SUPPORT.”

Annika had been staring mostly at the floor during this exchange, finally she met Uma’s eyes.

“I plan on fully, 100% supporting her.”

Uma could see that Annika meant it. She sighed. “I checked out that website, I know what that means. You’re going to have sex with our mother this weekend, aren’t you? Vomiting, incestuous sex. Don’t deny it.”

Initially Annika nodded and met Uma’s gaze defiantly, then she lowered her eyes again.

“Doesn’t that bother you?” Uma asked.

“It did, but then I talked to one of the goddesses, and she convinced me,” Annika replied.

“You’re going to need to explain that one to me, sis,” Uma said, fighting back a sneer.

Annika pointed to Uma’s laptop. “May I?” Uma nodded.

Annika pulled the temple’s website back up. One of the links at the very bottom, almost hidden below the “contact us” link was a link that said “Commune with a Goddess.” The link lead to a simple page with an easy recipe for a mixture of olive oil and some herbs. The idea was that if a person made this fragrant oil, mixed a little throat slime in with it (no vomit needed, just a little slime), then put it in a small oil lamp and lit it next to their bed, they would commune in their dreams with one of the puke goddesses (you didn’t get to choose which one would appear, you just got one of them).

Uma shook her head and sneered. “So if all of them are busy, do I hold for the next available goddess or do they call me back when one becomes free?”

“It’s not like that, but whatever. Look, it’s no big deal. Why don’t you just go to the beach for the weekend? Your friend Teagan is going to be there at her family’s place. I am sure she would love it if you spent the long weekend with her and her family.”

“And then on Labor Day…?”

“If you still want nothing to with this, Mom and I will happily buy you round trip and lodging to where ever you want to go that weekend. No hard feelings. Four times a year you get a free vacation. It’s win-win no matter how you cut it.”

Uma walked to the window. “You are serious, aren’t you? You’re going through with this?”

“I am committed.”

“Maybe I should call Teagan then.”

“You do you, sis. Mom and I will love you and respect your decision either way. But, no pressure, do you want to at least try the goddess communion tonight?”

Uma rolled her eyes. “You’re serious? It really works?”

“It does. And no vomiting required to just talk to one of the goddesses. But it’s your call. We will love you either way.”

Uma wanted to say no, she knew she should say no, but suddenly the images from the website floated up in her mind. There was a sick allure to it. She owed it to herself to at least try the communion. It was probably bullshit, but in the off chance it wasn’t, talking to a goddess might be kind of cool even if she didn’t buy in.

“Okay, I will at least try this goddess communing thing. But I’m still calling Teagan now.”

Annika and Uma hugged, then Annika headed back downstairs while Uma called her friend and let her know she might be joining her at the beach. A few minutes later Uma followed her sister into the kitchen.

Laila hugged her daughter. “Annika told me about your conversation. I appreciate you respecting my decision, and I respect yours.” Uma didn’t like the way she was noticing her mother’s body when she hugged her, and she resolutely pushed the thoughts out of her mind.

The rest of the evening was spent in fixing a dinner of chicken and rice, and of streaming a flick on Hulu. Nothing more was said about the matter until bedtime. Annika helped her sister prepare the lantern and light it next to her bed, then the women retired for the evening.

Uma lay awake in the dark, staring at the ceiling. The aroma from the lantern was pleasant and relaxing. But despite that, she waffled back and forth between feeling angry at her mother and sister, and feeling stupid about this “communing with a goddess” bullshit. She lay there, watching the time slip by on the clock. Minutes, then an hour. She was about to give up and turn on the light and read for awhile, when something rustled in the dark.

She shone the light from her phone around the room. There was nothing there.

“Fucking imagination,” she cursed, rolling over. Then the rustle came again, except this time when she rolled over she was no longer in her room, in fact she was no longer in her bed at night. She was on a chaise inside a circle of columns in broad daylight. Beyond the columns was a huge mansion, and in the other direction was a pond with some mud flats on the other side. She had no idea where she was.

“Uma, correct?” came a sweet, honeyed voice from behind her. She rolled over onto all fours.

One of the women from the website stood in front of her. It was one of the goddesses of love emesis – Uma couldn’t remember the name. The goddess was completely nude except for a gold tiara around her head. She was older, and her big, pendulous mom-tits jutted out in front of her above a narrow waist and wide hips. A narrow landing strip sat above thick lobes hanging low between her meaty thighs. Her blonde hair was slightly tinted with white. She was breathtaking.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” the goddess said. “I’m Gina, Sindee’s grandmother. You wanted to commune with a goddess, here I am. How can I help?”

“I...I didn’t even realize I had fallen asleep,” Uma stuttered.

“You haven’t really, you are in a divine state. Welcome to our home. What can I do for you?”

Uma gulped. She had been so skeptical of this whole thing that she had never really thought through fully what she would say if it turned out to be real and she spoke to a goddess. This was an unexpected development. She forced herself to forge ahead.

“It’s my mom...and my sister. They’re determined to go ahead with a ‘full-bodied’ worship this weekend and I’m not interested. I think it’s disgusting.”

“Then don’t take part. Our temple is about safe worship for those who are interested. If you aren’t, then you shouldn’t force yourself. Easy. I know that your mother and sister already told you that. So why are you here? What’s the real reason?”

Gina looked at Uma with a look that only a goddess can give. It wasn’t unkind, but it bored to the very heart of her. Uma knew she couldn’t lie to this woman.

When she didn’t answer, Gina answered for her. “You’re curious and a little aroused by it, but afraid. Am I in the ballpark?”

Uma nodded.

“ were considering trying a little in a safe space. And what could be safer than a 1-on-1 with a goddess?”

“I...I guess…”

“You poor, beautiful, confused creature,” Gina said, running her hand gently down Uma’s face and brushing her hair behind her ear. She stepped back and held out her hand to Uma who hesitantly took it. Gina drew Uma out onto the patio in front of the mansion, where several cushions were spread out. Uma realized she was naked, like the Goddess, but didn’t care.

“What scares you the most?” Gina asked.

“I’m most worried about getting puked on,” Uma said.

“Then you can receive first,” Gina replied, gesturing to the cushions.

Uma and Gina knelt down. The goddess lifted up one of her big, pendulous mom tits, and opened her mouth. Her stomach and throat rumbled, and a second later a mouthful of pale brown, soupy puke slipped from between her lips. She let it dribble down her chin and onto her breast, where it ran down and hovered at the very end of her long, erect nipple.

Uma stared at the goop hanging off the goddess’s breast. The sound of retching and the puke hitting the flesh of Gina’s tit had caused her own stomach to churn - now the smell had found her nose, heightening the sensation. She was afraid if she got her mouth anywhere near that pile of slop, she would throw up herself.

But then again, that was why she was here, wasn’t it? It was a new experience in a safe space. Annika had said she had communed with one of the goddesses, had her mother gone through this as well? Was it the same goddess? Uma glanced up at Gina’s serene eyes.

As if reading her mind, Gina spoke. “Your mother communed with my sister, Karen, and your sister met with my niece, Luna. Come child, it’s best if your first taste is warm. You will grow to love it cold later, but when you are starting, it’s best served hot.”

Uma swallowed hard, her gorge dangerously buoyant. She lowered her face to Gina’s vomit-coated tit. The goddess’s long, hard nipple stood above a layer of puke coating her wide aureole. A dribble dripped off the end and landed on the cushions. Uma’s mouth was only an inch from the goddess’s vomit. She hesitated.

Fuck. She couldn’t do this.

Then the thought struck her. She had always prided herself on being open-minded. If she couldn’t try this here, in a peaceful patio next to a pond, with a goddess for fuck’s sake, when would she ever be able to try it? Just a taste. A tiny little taste.

Uma flicked out her tongue. It contacted the very tip of Gina’s long, hard nipple. A surge of girl-lust shot through her, and it was enough to embolden her to slide her tongue down the nipple into the vomit and flick a big chunk between her lips.

Once that grape-sized glob of puke landed in Uma’s mouth, she went from horrified, to fascinated, to curious, to aroused – all in the space of about five seconds. Her eyes got really wide and she looked up into Gina’s eyes. The goddess just nodded down at the rest of the vomit coating her big, milky mom-tit.

Uma dove in, licking every drop of puke from Gina’s tit. The goddess’s skin was softer than silk and her breast was firm but tender and massive, she was a vision of beauty. When Uma had gulped it all down, the goddess unleashed a fresh load that Uma gobbled up, licking every inch of Gina’s breasts, vacuuming up all the brown filth. This was it, Uma understood. This was the joy of the Goddesses of Emesis.

Gina leaned back, sat on the cushion and spread her legs. The goddess opened her mouth and let another load slip out. This load ran down between her breasts and pooled on the cushion between her thighs, against her gaping cunt. The goddess’s cervix was poking out between her meaty lobes.

Uma didn’t need any coaxing. She began at Gina’s neck and slowly licked her way down between the goddess’s pendulous breasts, across her stomach, to her cunt, following the thick, slimy, brown trail of puke. Gina pulled her cunt lips wide and Uma sucked the puke out from between them, licking her thighs and even sliding the tip of her tongue into the goddess’s gaped cervix. Gina moaned as Uma slurped up the puke.

“Oh goddess, more,” Uma murmured, holding her mouth open. Gina stood up and knelt over, holding her mouth inches above Uma’s. A massive shot of puke rocketed from the goddess’s mouth straight into Uma’s, overflowing and running down her cheeks and chin, dribbling off her young, firm tits, and running down her stomach to her neatly trimmed landing strip. Uma swallowed, coughed, gulped down some more. She ran her hands up and down her body, massaging the goddess’s brown blessing into her skin, feeling the slimy, slick, hot mess against her flesh, reveling in the sensation. Another slimy shot from Gina’s maw covered Uma’s head. Uma loved it, slicking her hair back with Gina’s puke, pressing it against her skull, feeling the hot muck penetrate down to her scalp.

The foul stench of puke emanated from Uma’s body, but instead of loathing it, she loved it. It was devious, delightful, delicious. She had never smelled anything so divine, especially when mixed with the pungent musk of her arousal. Her thighs were soaked with not just puke but her own cunt juices.

“Do you want to try being the giver now?” Gina asked, her beatific smile radiating down from her face. Uma didn’t think she had ever seen such a combination of beauty, sexiness, and benevolence in one being ever before. She nodded because there was no way she could have possibly said no to this vision of vomiting loveliness.

Uma climbed to her feet, and Gina knelt down. Instead of opening her mouth, Gina leaned forward and shoved four fingers from her right hand into her asshole. The goddess gripped the puckered edge of her well-used sphincter and pulled it wide open like she was opening a curtain. The goddess’s gaping asshole prolapsed outward and gaped by itself, leaving a thick pink ring and a yawning hole at the center.

“Puke into my asshole,” Gina, the Goddess of Love Emesis, called to Uma. Uma hovered over her for a moment, then slipped two fingers into the back of her throat and began stroking her gag reflex. At first, all she could coax out was a thick streamer of throat slime. Gina encouraged her to keep going, and after another minute, Uma managed a full dry heave. She knew she was almost there. She shoved a full four fingers into her throat and stroked the back.

Then it happened. All at once a huge shot of vomit blasted out of her stomach with such force that it tore out of both her mouth and her nose, heading straight into Gina’s stretched, gaping, prolapsed asshole.

“Oh, Uma, baby, more of that. Fill your puke love goddess’s asshole with your beautiful vomit,” Gina crooned encouragingly, her gaping prolapsed asshole seeming to stretch open even further by itself – three, four inches...even wider. It was a gigantic anal cavern begging for Uma’s delightful puke. The vomit she had already dumped in there wafted steam up from Gina’s gaping ass.

Uma was so turned on she had almost taken leave of her senses. She shoved her fingers back into her throat and instantaneously ejected a steaming hot load into Gina’s ass, followed by another. The intensity almost doubled Uma over, and she felt herself come hard as she puked. Her lips were less than an inch from the pink prolapse of Gina’s anus. Her load of vomit was more than the goddess’s cavernous hole could hold and the excess ran down Gina’s ass to her gaping cunt, where it dribbled off her cervix that was now hanging a good six inches out of her body.

Uma pressed her lips against the anal prolapse and unleashed a third salvo, then a fourth shot into Gina’s asshole. The goddess moaned and her cunt and asshole pulsed like she was having multiple orgasms. After a moment she opened her eyes and crawled across the grass to the edge of the pond, where she reached in and pulled out a handful of mud from the bottom. The mud smelled foul, like something had died. It was nasty, but to Uma it smelled delightful. Gina shoved three handfuls of the nasty mud into her asshole with the vomit, then pulled her hand out and pointed her gaping, prolapsed, puke-and-mud-filled ass at Uma.

Uma didn’t need instructions. She had seen the images and videos on the website, and right now the goddess’s gaping ass was the most desirable thing she had ever encountered. She knelt down and pressed her lips against Gina’s pink, gaping, prolapsed asshole, sucking out mouthful after mouthful of puke and mud, filling her stomach with the contents of the goddess’s ass.

Uma’s stomach was bloated and distended when she finally pulled away from Gina’s ass. The goddess’s asshole still hung almost a foot out of her body, but the hole at the center was closed.

Gina turned around and planted her lips against Uma’s in an open-mouth kiss, shoving her tongue against the back of Uma’s throat. This time Uma didn’t even have to try. She ejected load after load of puke into Gina’s mouth as they kissed. Their mouths overloaded and spilled across their chests, stomachs, and legs. Their slick bodies slipped against each other, Uma’s small firm breasts slid against Gina’s big, soft, milky mom-tits. Puke and mud coated their bodies as they kissed, both of them vomiting and adding to the mess as they stroked each other’s cunts, shoving puke and mud inside.

Finally, Gina pulled back and took Uma’s hand, leading her to the pond where they both slipped in and washed themselves off. At long last, they lay back in the grass and stared up into blue sky silently, enjoying the quiet afterglow.

Gina said nothing, but Uma knew the goddess was patiently waiting to hear what she thought now that Uma had her first taste of girl puke sex.

“That was...amazing,” Uma said, suddenly feeling guilty. “And I would do that anytime, anywhere, with any women…except...maybe…” she trailed off.

“...your mother or sister,” Gina finished for her. “What’s holding you back?”

“I think I’m just old-fashioned,” Uma sighed. “I have trouble imagining what it would be like with my own blood kin. It seems so sinful.”

“Religious texts are full of incest, and a lot of it non-consensual. In your case, it would be completely consensual between adults. The deities would not frown upon that.”

“I guess…”

Gina rolled over and kissed Uma on the lips. “You need to do what you feel is right for you in your heart. And even if you don’t worship with your mother or sister, you are free to worship alone or with a friend this holiday. Or not at all. You need to be able to look yourself in the eye come Tuesday morning. And the most important part is how you treat your fellow humans, not whether you have puking sex with your sister and mother this weekend. If we are not a spiritual path that appeals to you, find one that does, and be loving to everyone.”

Uma nodded, but despite the goddess’s reassurance, she still felt uneasy.

“Be true to yourself and go with our blessings,” Gina finished. The goddess ran her fingers down across Uma’s face, pulling her eyes closed. A second later when Uma opened her them she was back in her darkened bedroom in her night shirt. There was no vomit anywhere to be seen, though her sleep shorts were soaked with grool. The lantern was still burning and the clock indicated only two minutes had passed in the real world.

She blew out the lantern and stared up at the ceiling. Vomiting sex was incredible. She was now totally into the Temple of Sindee. But whether she could share that intensity with her mother and sister was still an open question.

As her mind swirled, she drifted off to sleep.

* * * *

Chapter III

(Somewhere near Mount Olympus, in the general vicinity of the doorway to the underworld, in a foul slime-filled gutter.)

Sindee gave a hard thrust into Hecate’s asshole and felt the goddess come for at least the fourth time. The tightening of the divine sphincter around Sindee’s girl cock finally pushed her over the edge and she groaned as her seed erupted from her divine meat and poured into Hecate’s deep, puke-filled hole. The Goddess of Emesis ejaculated load after load into the Goddess of Necromancy (among other things), their bodies coated in a thick layer of their mutual vomit and rotting filth.

Part of Sindee’s job as the main Goddess of Emesis was to interact with the other gods and goddesses on Olympus. A lot of them treated her with basic respect, but otherwise kind of kept their distance because, well, puking just wasn’t their jam. Zeus, being Zeus, had tried once (just once) to get one over on one of Sindee’s girls – her mother, Marlena, Goddess of Health Emesis. Mom, forewarned about Zeus, had allowed him to seduce her, had pushed him onto his back, and was going full cowgirl when she leaned over and puked straight into Zeus’s face. The old god wasn’t particular happy about that, and got soft almost immediately. There had been quite a kerfuffle around Olympus after that, but eventually things calmed down. Ever since then, the King of the Gods had behaved himself.

On the other hand, some of the goddesses were totally into Sindee and her girls. Obviously the three goddesses who had spawned them were dialed in, but so were some others. One of the ones who was fascinated had been Hecate. And the girls, for their part, were fascinated by Hecate and her ability to be in three bodies at once if she desired, and, especially, to raise the dead. In particular, the Goddesses of Death Emesis, Abby and Luna, had fallen hard for her - ambulatory rotting corpses were definitely up their alley. So Hecate had worked her way into Sindee’s close circle, which meant periodic romps to include puking and other disgusting, delightful things – such as tonight’s obscene fuck-fest.

The Olympian gutter in which the two goddesses lay reeked of filth and rotting things. Small, slimy creatures slithered under the muck, snatching chunks of puke and prodding at orifices. It was marvelous. Sindee slowly slid her cock out of Hecate’s gaped hole and leaned back, resting against the side of the gutter, her tits and the tip of her still-ejaculating cock sticking out of the foul water. Hecate rolled over and lay next to Sindee. The two stared up into the starry night sky.

“This weekend is one of your ‘full-body worships’, isn’t it?” Hecate said, pressing her body against Sindee’s side, her firm tits against Sindee’s shoulder. The Goddess of Necromancy ran her long fingers up Sindee’s still-erect cock, squeezing another thick glob of holy come from the gaping tip then licking it off her filthy fingers.

“Yes, it’s going well. We already have worshipers in ten countries and three continents. The word is spreading. What we still don’t have are priestesses. We’re trying to identify good candidates among our adherents, but being a new temple, it’s tough.”

“That’s one of the challenging parts of divinity. I get intros from addictive necrophiliacs all the time…”

“Yah,” Sindee said. “Most of the women who are interested in becoming my priestesses are either control freaks or bulimics. Eating disorders are not what we are looking for. On the good side, Cathy and Marlena have gotten over a dozen women into rehab, but I still don’t have a single legit priestess. It’s frustrating.”

“I bet. Do you guys ever go down and join in any of the celebrations?” Hecate asked.

“Our adherents can commune with a goddess, and so far we’ve only had one worship weekend. It’s our intention to have each of my girls pop in on one celebration. We are still figuring out how that’s going to work.”

“Any…you know...necrophilia among your flock?”

“No, that is limited to the goddesses. We generally frown upon digging up corpses. That would be disrespectful. Plus that sort of thing is dangerous and unhealthy to mere mortals.”

“What if, say, the Goddess of Necromancy dug them up...and animated them...and protected the mortals?”

“That’s good for up here on Olympus, but down in the human world?” Sindee looked over at Hecate skeptically.

“I bet there are some of your followers who would get into it. During your last full-bodied weekend did any of your worshipers end up in cemeteries?”

“Not that I recall, but we only had a couple dozen adherents at that point. We’ve grown immensely since then.”

“Can we make a deal that if any of your adherents start showing interest in graveyards or the like, that I can raise some dead and see if they like it?”

“I’ll go along if you can get Persephone onboard.”

“Deal.” Hecate climbed out of the filth and wiped her hands off on a towel, then reached for her cell phone. A few minutes later the Goddess of Death was standing next to the gutter looking down at the two of them.

“You two are a hot mess,” she said, then peeled off her robe and slipped into the filth next to Hecate and Sindee, dunking her entire body and her head, then slicking her hair back with the filth. Slime ran down her body, trickling down her pendulous tits and dripping off her long hard nipples. She straddled Sindee’s hips and stroked her girl-cock.

“So what do you need?” Seph asked. “Let’s get the business out of the way because now that I am here I want some puke and some cock, in any order you want.”

Hecate spoke. “We need your blessing. If any of Sindee’s adherents wander into a cemetery during their worship weekend, I want to raise some dead and see how they react. I bet they get into the idea of rotting corpses. Sindee wanted your okay before we went forward.”

“Raising dead among humans is not something to be taken lightly,” Persephone said, narrowing her eyes. “They get twitchy around death.”

“Right, but these will be humans who were worshiping Sindee in cemetery, for fuck’s sake.”

Seph looked at Sindee. “You dialed in to this idea?”

“I’m willing to give it a whirl,” Sindee said, running her thumb around Persephone’s big, wide nipple and pinching it gently.

Hecate chimed in again. “I’ll be there in three forms – at least one, maybe two, with a cock – Sindee will make sure Abby and Luna are there, and Sindee will make an appearance eventually. You can be there too if you want. We’ll do this in a non-threatening, erotic fashion. It’ll be hot and nasty.”

Persephone smiled. “Then let’s give it a try. I want to be there too.”

“Thanks,” Sindee said, stretching out Seph’s nipple.

Hecate sucked a couple mouthfuls of filth from the gutter, planted her lips against Persephone’s and vomited into her mouth. Persephone sucked down Hecate’s ejecta, then slid her cunt down Sindee’s still-pulsating shaft. She could feel the ribs in Sindee’s pole and the thick veins that spidered across the meat. The hard cock slid deep into her cunt and penetrated her cervix. Persephone moaned and leaned over, her face above Sindee’s. Sindee opened her mouth and Persephone vomited into it, as Hecate knelt above Sindee’s head, spread her labia, and pissed across her face.

Puke and urine slipped down Sindee’s face and neck, puddling on the surface of the slimy water between her tits that were just sticking above the surface. Persephone vomited again, this time releasing a mound of rot and maggots across Sindee’s face and neck. Sindee swallowed, picked up a handful from the water’s surface, and gulped it down as Persephone turned her attention to siding her body up and down Sindee’s girl-cock.

Not to be left out, Hecate moved behind Persephone, then pushed the Goddess of Death forward and rimmed her crinkly divine sphincter. Persephone moaned as Hecate stretched her hole, shot a load of puke inside, slid a few fingers, then her entire hand inside. Sindee pulled Persephone’s mountainous tits to her face, sucking on the vomit-covered nipples. When Hecate grabbed Sindee’s cock through the layers of flesh, Sindee arched her back and shot a fresh, hot, steaming load into the Goddess of Death’s womb. Persephone came, then came again.

Sindee sighed. Despite the challenges, being a goddess wasn’t a bad gig...

* * * *

Chapter IV

The next morning, Uma was the last up. Laila and Annika were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee when she came down sleepily. Nobody said anything until Uma had drank the first couple sips of her joe.

Annika broke the silence. “Well…?” she said, expectantly.

Uma sighed. “I met Gina and it was wonderful. I get it now, at least most of it. The part I’m still not so sure of, though, is the incest. I guess I’m just a little old fashioned.”

“So you’re going to the beach with Teagan then?” Laila asked, hiding her disappointment.

“I guess. Maybe next time I’ll be more amenable, but right now the incest part just bothers me.”

“Well, if you change your mind, we will be worshiping Saturday night, so you have another day to think about it. But either way, I love you and respect your decision.”

Teagan came by to pick Uma up around noon and they headed to the beach. The afternoon and evening were nice. They hung out on the beach, walked the boardwalk, did the usual things folks do on Memorial Day Friday at the beach. Uma thought she had put the whole puke goddess thing out of her mind, but as she and Teagan were getting ready for bed that evening, sitting around in just tanks and thongs, she found Teagan staring at her oddly.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“Uma, we’ve known each other since we were kids, so I can tell when something’s bothering you. You’ve been doing a great job of hiding it today, but there’s something on your mind. Out with it. Tell mommy Teagan what’s going on.”

Uma was a little taken aback. She had thought she had kept her distraction over her mother’s new spiritual path to herself. This was unexpected. She tried to bluff her way out of it.

“Nothing’s the matter, Teagan,” she said. “I’m fine.”

“Bullshit, knock it off girl. Dish!”

“Ugh!” Uma swore, throwing herself backwards on the bed. “I don’t want to think about it!”

“You’ll feel better if you do.”

“Okay,” Uma finally mumbled. “But you have to keep this a secret. Swear?”

“I swear, now come on, spill it!”

So Uma did, she told everything. She even pulled up the website and showed Teagan some of the content.

When she was done she lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling, suddenly relieved to have shared her situation with someone.

Teagan looked thoughtful. “What’s holding you back?” she asked.

“Incest,” Uma mumbled staring up at the ceiling of their room.

“Besides that.”


Teagan got up and walked to the window, staring out at the night ocean, then she turned.

“Tomorrow we’re going back to your mom’s house. I’m coming with you. We’re going to do this.”

“What? No! I’m not dragging you into this!” Uma cried.

“You’re not dragging me anywhere. I’m curious, and it sounds like I’m the one who will be dragging you. Is it okay if I bring my mom?”

“What? Your mom? Fuck, Teagan, are you crazy? She’ll shit if she knew.”

“No she won’t. She was crazy in her day, and while she loves my Dad, she gets a little bored sometime. I bet she would go for this.”

“But what about your dad and your brother?”

“They’ll be happy to sit here, drink beer, smoke weed, watch baseball, and ogle teenage girls in tiny swimsuits out on the beach. Either way they’ll probably be happier with us out of the way.”

“No. No. Absolutely not.”

It was Teagan’s turn to sigh. She shook her head. “I guess it’s time to call in the nuclear option.” She walked to the bedroom door and pulled it open.

“Mom!” she called. “Need a little help in here.”

Uma felt a sinking feeling come over her. Suddenly she realized she’d been had.

Teagan’s mother, Angie, came into the room and Teagan closed the door. Angie was 45 and curvy with wide hips, a tiny bit of a belly roll, and big fat mom-tits. Her brown hair had just enough gray peppered in to be attractive and she was wearing a robe that looked like she might be bare underneath. She smelled like she might have just come from the shower.

“ were in league with my mother and sister,” Uma spurted out. “This was a setup!”

“It’s not a setup,” Teagan said. “You are completely free to stay here over the weekend. But you at least need to see what you’re missing before you close any doors. I’m your best friend and I want what’s best for you – therefore I want to make sure you are making an informed decision.”

Angie pulled open the robe she was wearing and cast it to the side, standing nude in front Uma and Teagan. Teagan piled clothes and luggage on the beds, leaving the faded linoleum floor on the old beach bedroom clear. Then Teagan peeled off her tank and thong, and dropped to her knees in front of her mother.

Uma started to say something but Angie put a finger to her lips for silence, then whispered “just watch”. Angie slipped that finger into her mouth. Teagan looked up at her mother and opened her own mouth, looking for all the world like a little baby bird waiting to be fed by her mother.

Uma wanted to turn away. She wanted to hide. She wanted to go someplace safe. But she was enrapt. Seeing her best friend naked in front of her equally naked mother, waiting to receive a shot of puke, was the hottest thing she had ever seen.

The whole thing seemed to play out in slow motion. Angie squeezed her big tits together and shoved two fingers into her mouth, stroking the back of her throat. She dry heaved once, twice, her big mom tits and her roll of belly fat jiggling with each retch. Then her stomach loosened up and a thick, chunky, whitish load of half-digested rice and milk shot out. It landed on her big, fat mommy tits. Teagan leapt up and began slurping the crud off her mom’s breasts.

Uma was frozen to the spot. She had never seen anything this hot, this beautiful, as her best friend sucking her mother’s vomit up like a baby drinking her mother’s milk. Her thong was soaked and her nipples were boring through her tank. Angie looked at her and smiled, then shot a fresh load of milky puke across her tit for for daughter to suck up.

Uma stared. Uma moaned. Uma came just watching. Uma took a cautious step forward.

Teagan moved so she was focused on just her mother’s right breast, leaving the left for Uma, who started vacuuming up the remaining vomit on Angie’s tit. A second later a fresh load rolled down Angie’s chest and the girls lapped it up. Angie’s puke was thick and chunky, but with her new heightened sense of awareness about vomit, Uma realized it was a great consistency, great smell, great flavor. She loved every mouthful she gulped down. Out of the corner of her eye, Uma watched Teagan sucking down her mother’s puke from her mother’s chest. It was so fucking hot – incestuous lesbian vomiting sex.

Angie stepped back and sat down on the hard linoleum floor. She leaned backwards and spread her legs, revealing her gaping mom-cunt and her thick, meaty lobes. Below her slit, her over-abused asshole was yawning so wide that the word ‘gape’ barely did it justice. Angie’s sphincter was so overused it looked like a second vagina. Her ass-lips loosely hung down from her anus like anal labia that were so loose they swayed side-to-side with every move Angie made. Her ass looked like it had been fucked by a freight train every day for her entire life.

Teagan licked and sucked on her mother’s flapping sphincter, pulling the loose, thick, meaty flesh into her mouth, nipping it, and stretching it out. Angie moaned when her daughter bit her asshole flesh and pulled back hard enough to draw blood. Teagan slid four fingers – then her fist - into her mother’s gaping asshole then tilted upwards, forcing a mound of pink to pop out of her mother’s yawning cunt. Teagan licked her mom’s cunt meat as a fresh load of vomit rolled down between Angie’s tits, down her stomach, and to her yawning hole. Teagan shoved a handful of puke into her mother’s cunt, then bent down and started licking the chunky puke from Angie’s slit.

With Teagan crouched down sucking her mother’s pussy, her asshole and cunt were sticking up in the air. Uma was horny as hell and had entered full lesbian mode. She moved behind Teagan, licking her cunt and rimming her best friend’s crinkly asshole. Uma was shocked how loose and overused Teagan’s ass looked. It was already gaping over an inch of its own accord. She was too young to have an asshole that looked like that. Was that part of the Sindee thing? Every girl in the images on the website were like this, it must be.

As if reading Uma’s mind, her best friend reached back and slid three fingers into her asshole, gaping it wide. Uma automatically knew what was expected of her. She gulped, then leaned forward and slipped two fingers down her throat. Up until this point, she had only made herself vomit in her dream-state visit with Gina. Now was the time for the real thing. She teased the back of her throat. At first, nothing happened. But suddenly she felt as if a presence was hovering over her – the presence of Gina the Goddess of Love Emesis. And just like that, her stomach retched and she ejected a thick, nasty soup straight into her best friend’s gaping asshole. Teagan begged her for more, and Uma complied, shooting more of her half-digested dinner into Teagan’s stretched sphincter.

Uma had never really considered a gaped asshole to be hot – until now when she was filling Teagan’s up with puke. Now she understood why some people loved stretched assholes. Teagan’s was all pink and crumply inside and Teagan seemed to be able to push it out into a little dome. It was so beautiful, especially coated in vomit.

Uma leaned back for a moment and could see that Teagan now had her arm a few inches past the wrist deep into her mother’s asshole and was pushing even more of Angie’s pussyflesh out of her gaped cunt. It looked like Teagan’s thumb and wrist were wrapped in her mother’s cunt tissue and pushed several inches out of her gaping lobes. The flesh was coated in a layer of vomit that continued to pour out of Angie’s mouth and down her stomach. Teagan’s mouth was practically glued to her mother’s flesh as she sucked up Angie’s puke. And Angie, for her part, continued to tease her throat and bring up more and more of her beautiful load, sending chunky puke sluicing down between her tits to her prolapsed cunt for her daughter to suck up.

Uma looked down at Teagan’s still gaping asshole, then rimmed it one more time and slipped four fingers inside, then her entire hand. Teagan moaned as Uma’s wrist slipped past her loose, overused sphincter. Uma used two fingers from her other hand to pull Teagan’s hole even wider, allowing her to shoot a fresh lubricating shot of puke into her best friend’s hole. Teagan’s back arched in an orgasm as Uma slid her arm halfway to the elbow. Uma shot another load of vomit, this time that ran down Teagan’s back and mixed up into her hair as Teagan continued to suck up the puke that Angie sent rolling down her tummy. Teagan had completely forced Angie’s cunt inside out and her mother’s cervix was sticking out several inches from her body, coated in puke. Teagan planted her lips on the muscly ring and sucked some of the wayward puke out of her mother’s womb, before succumbing to another orgasm brought on my Uma’s relentless arm-pounding of her asshole. Uma’s forearm was sliding in to her elbow with each stroke and Teagan’s asshole was gripping her skin like a sheath, prolapsing out four or five inches, the pink flesh coated with still-hot puke.

Teagan and her mother came again, then slowed their ardor. Uma slowly slid her hand from her best friend’s puke-filled asshole, leaving it gaping, prolapsed, and trickling brownish vomit.

Teagan and Angie looked at Uma. Uma tried to get up, but Teagan pushed her shoulders back onto the vomit-coated linoleum.

“Don’t even think about trying to sneak away just yet,” Teagan said. Uma thought about arguing, but only for a second, then her needy, submissive side completely took over. She was happy to let her best friend and her best friend’s mother take charge. She surrendered as her best friend opened her mouth and vomited into her own maw. Uma sucked down Teagan’s puke, then moaned as Teagan began running her tongue down Uma’s body towards her cunt.

Meanwhile, Angie moved so she was kneeling above Uma’s face. Uma dutifully opened her mouth and a second later a steaming stream of piss gushed out of Angie’s still-distended, puke-filled pisshole and into her mouth. Uma obediently played like a good girl and sucked up Angie’s piss, swallowing as fast as she could. Still, it was more than she could take, and her face, neck, and tits got coated in urine.

Teagan had reached Uma’s pussy by this point and now had two fingers stroking her G-spot while she vomited across her clit and licked the filth up from her labia and clit. Uma came almost instantly as she felt her young cunt filling up with her friend’s hot puke. Angie hovered over Uma, slid her fingers into her throat, and unleashed a stream of puke across Uma’s chest. The vomit rolled down her stomach to her cunt, where Teagan slurped up more of her mother’s vomit.

Uma came, came again, and came yet again. Time seemed to slip away as she was coated with puke and penetrated. It was a transformative moment, being the middle layer of an incestuous lesbian layer cake. She could practically feel the presence of Gina looking down in approval. She wished she could stretch her cunt and an asshole open like Teagan and her mother.

Finally their ardor cooled. Uma lay back, spent. All three women were coated in vomit, and a thin layer coated the floor.

Angie spoke up. “Unless you say no, tomorrow, we are going back to your mother’s house, and tomorrow night is going to be magical. Are you onboard?”

Uma was still nervous about incestuous sex with her mother and sister, but more importantly, she really wanted to be a good little needy, obedient, puke slut.

The submissive whore part of her won out.

She nodded. “Yes, I’m ready.”

The three women licked the floor clean, licked each other clean, then ran out to the ocean and skinny-dipped in the night air to finish cleaning themselves off, vomiting out their full stomachs into the warm sea.

* * * *

Chapter V

The next morning Angie gave each girl a little coffee and a smoothie for breakfast, carefully controlling their diet for the day. Teagan and Uma spent the morning on the beach and the boardwalk, then early-afternoon Angie rounded them up and had them go through some personal cleaning activities that surprised Uma a little. When she was done, Uma felt cleaner than she had ever felt before. They had more smoothies for a late lunch, then piled in the car and drove back to Uma’s house.

The ride home from the beach was nervous torture for Uma. She had texted a couple of times during the day with her mother and sister. They obviously had been in on the setup. But the idea of finally looking them in the face knowing that they were about to engage in not just full-on incest, but depraved vomiting lesbian incest – that still troubled her. But, it also turned her on, and the turn-on was stronger than the concern. Plus, her needy, obedient side was taking over. She was going to be a good girl, she promised herself.

Uma and Teagan sat together in the back seat of Angie’s car. Teagan could sense her friend’s butterflies and put her hand on her shoulder reassuringly.

“It’s going to be okay. I promise,” Teagan said.

“I’s just…”

“You just want to be over that first hurdle, right?”

“Yeah, I want to have had my incest cherry popped. Once that happens, I’ll be fine.”

“We’ll make sure that happens right away, then,” Angie said from the front seat.

They pulled up in front of the house at 5:00 PM. Uma grabbed her bag and walked slowly to the front door, a narrow bead of sweat working its way down her temple, while another meandered down between her shoulder blades. How could she face her mother and sister knowing what they were about to do? How could she do what they were about to do? She sent out a quick prayer of strength to Gina, and reached for the front doorknob.

Before her fingers could contact the knob, the door opened and Laila stood there in a robe, looking like she was getting ready to hop in the shower. She reached out and took Uma’s hand without a word, guiding her into the kitchen.

“Teagan said that the thing you were most worried about was getting past your first incest experience, right?” Laila asked.

Uma nodded meekly.

Laila didn’t even hesitate. She softly ran her hand down Uma’s cheek and leaned forward, pressing her lips to Uma’s.

Uma almost swooned. Her mother’s lips were soft and sensual, her breath tasted slightly minty, and her tongue was wet and insistent as it slid into Uma’s mouth. As they kissed she felt her mother’s hand slide down between Uma’s thighs, rubbing her cunt through the thin fabric of her short tights. Uma moaned. She had been waiting for this moment, both dreading it and fantasizing about it. Her mother’s lips locked on hers, her fingers caressing her tender spots. This was it...that first taste of incest. She reached down and pulled her mother’s hand closer against her sex, begging her to go faster, but suddenly Laila drew back.

When Uma opened her eyes, she found her mother smiling at her with a benevolent hunger in her eyes.

“There, you’ve had your first taste of incest. Everything else waits until later.”

Uma wanted badly to object, but instead made a soft moan then bowed her head like a good little compliant-but-needy whore. She sighed as Angie and Laila handed out little packages with personal cleaning supplies and outfits, and directed the girls to the bathrooms.

Uma followed the older women’s directions, but her mind was elsewhere. That taste of her mother had succeeded in removing that last vestige of discomfort – she was now all in and dying for a weekend sucking puke from every hole her mother and sister had. She was enervated and barely able to focus. She was ready to get started, she wanted to be the submissive puke slut, and every minute lasted an hour.

She cleaned where she was supposed to clean – re-cleaning the places they had cleaned before they left the beach. She ate the little mixtures she was supposed to eat. She drank the shakes she was supposed to drink. But it was all like in a dream. Every nerve in her body was itching for the evening’s adventures. The floodgates of Uma’s puke incest lust were open, and it would be at full flood until that lust was satisfied.

It was as if she could feel Gina’s hand on her shoulder – or was that Sindee’s hand? Either way, the puke goddesses were in her corner, pushing her forward, pushing her down, on her knees...

The outfit that her mother and Angie had ***********ed for her was a thin white spaghetti tank that clung to her small firm tits and made her that her hard nipples were clearly visible. Uma was pretty sure the top would turn invisible the second a drop of puke hit it. She sure hoped it would. On her lower half she was given a tiny mini that failed to hide much of anything, her bare pussy she had just shaved for this event was visible below the hemline of the microscopic skirt.

Teagan had been going through the same process as Uma, and she had an outfit similar to hers. When the girls were ready, they waited in Uma’s room anxiously, ready for the text that would let them know it was time to come down.

They were sitting side-by-side on the edge of Uma’s bed. Close enough that their shoulders and upper arms touched, and the skin of their thighs pressed against each other. Uma could feel the heat of Teagan’s skin against her thigh. A thin layer of perspiration broke out on her skin as she tried to bring her mind to heel. Instead, her mind filled with images of Teagan nude and bending over submissive Uma vomiting all over her body - or of Uma being ordered to lick vomit from her own mother Laila’s big tits – or of her sister and her sucking quarts of puke from their mother’s gaped asshole.

Uma felt the heat creeping up her chest and neck, and finally reaching her face. She got up and moved to the mirror, her face beet red. She walked into the bathroom and splashed a little cool water on her neck, then toweled off. As she did she heard Teagan’s phone beep.

“They’re ready. We are to head down to the family room in basement,” Teagan said.

Teagan stood and reached out to Uma, taking her hand. She leaned over and kissed Uma on the cheek.

“It’s going to be okay,” Teagan whispered. “It’s going to be better than okay – it’s going to be amazing.”

Teagan’s hot breath on Uma’s ear and neck was sensual and enticing. Uma felt the red flush starting to rise up her chest again, but fought it down. They stepped out into the hall as Annika emerged from her room dressed in a similar outfit. The three young women held hands and walked down the stairs to the main floor, then down to the basement.

The basement was divided into three rooms – a utility room/workshop, a bathroom, and a large family room. The family room had a faux-wood Pergo floor that was pretty much waterproof. Normally several throw rugs would have been scattered about, plus a couple of couches, a rocking chair, and a recliner would have been strategically positioned around a large television. Now, all the furniture had been pushed to one side of the room. Next to the furniture were a couple of tables with food and drink piled high.

In front of the wall next to the TV was something that probably was supposed to pass as an altar. There was a large bowl, a larger version of the lantern they had used two nights before to give Uma her communion with goddess Gina, and on a pedestal was what looked like a gigantic dildo that had to be about sixteen inches long and at least three inches in diameter. On a table to the right of the altar were an additional array of sex toys of all shapes and sizes.

Laila and Angie were standing in the center of the room as the girls entered. The older women wore tiny bikini tops that were definitely not up to the task of controlling their tits – Angie’s fat tits in particular were half out of hers already, and her big wide aureoles and long nipples were almost completely free of confinement. Angie and Laila wore skirts similar to the ones the girls wore, and they were equally useless, revealing sopping cunts that had been shaven bare for the occasion. Uma found herself licking her lips and itching for a chance to dive between her mother’s thighs – with or without puke involved.

The older women moved forward and embraced each of the girls. When Uma’s mother embraced her, their body’s pressing close, skin on skin, tits separated by just thin fabric, she almost came on the spot. She so wanted her mother. But Laila, seeming to sense Uma’s desire, gave her a sedate peck on the cheek, then moved on to her sister. Uma burned with lust, but being the good little subservient, needy whore, she stared at the floor demurely.

Once they were all done with the hugs, they knelt in a circle. Laila picked up the bowl that sat on the makeshift altar and put it on the ground in the center of the circle. She leaned forward, hovering her face over the bowl, and slid three fingers into her mouth, tickling the back of her throat. She coughed then dry heaved. Uma felt a thrill tingle up her spine at the way her mother’s tits jiggled and shook when she retched, and the way her tummy convulsed. It was hot, it was beautiful, it was amazing.

A second later a mouthful of brownish liquid dropped from Laila’s lips into the bowl. She spit once to clear her throat, then leaned back and nodded to Annika.

Uma’s sister leaned over the bowl and repeated the performance. Annika had the second biggest curves after Angie, and her big, fleshy tits shook beneath her thin spaghetti tank in ways that were spiritually uplifting. Uma couldn’t take her eyes off her sister as she tortured her throat trying to bring up a mouthful of puke. It took several tries – and Uma would have been happy to watch all night – but finally a thick, slimy load of puke slid into the bowl from Annika’s mouth. Annika leaned back and all the eyes in the room turned to Uma.

Uma closed her eyes and said a quick prayer to Gina, the love puke goddess, then slid two fingers down her throat. Her experience the night before served her well. After just two dry heaves, a thick mouthful of vomit slipped from her lips into the bowl. She leaned back and smiled, but cast her eyes downward subserviently.

Teagan was next, then finally Angie to round out the group. When they were done, Angie and Laila mixed some herbs in with the foul bowlful, added some olive oil and some lamp oil, and finally dumped the vomit mixture into the lantern and lit the wick. The glow from the lantern lit the strange dildo on the altar.

The women held hands, and Angie made a short intonation for silent prayer. They bowed their heads and silence filled the room.

Uma said a quick prayer to Gina, but once that was done, she felt antsy. This whole ritual thing was fine, they were dealing with goddesses so ritual and ceremony was important. She got that. But this was also supposed to be about hot puking girl-girl incestuous sex. When did they get to that? They were all dressed up for it, but they seemed to be taking their fucking time. What the fuck? When would she get to be the good little subservient, incestuous, puke whore?

Unexpectedly, this tiny little voice in her head spoke up. She recognized it as Gina’s voice.

“Patience, child, just a moment or two more, then the real fun begins.” Hearing the goddess’s voice in her head calmed Uma. She took a deep breath and waited.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Angie and Laila looked up. They both held smiles on their faces.

Laila pointed to the food piled up on the side table.

“As they used to say in Sindee’s day – dig in!”

Gina’s voice murmured in Uma’s ear “Time to eat, puke, and fuck! Let the fun begin.”

Uma knew this was the moment she was waiting for. She had seen enough videos and pics on the website to know what to do. The women converged on the food table. There were no plates, no utensils. They just grabbed the food with their hands and began cramming it into their mouths. There was pasta, rice, various meat mixes, bread, water, protein shakes, other concoctions.

Uma suspected the other women had already done this in February, because she had only gotten a couple of mouthfuls down while around her, tummies bulged. They just opened their throats and down the food went. The other women looked pregnant. Angie’s stomach pushed her tits upwards, making them look bigger and firmer – and hotter. The same went for Annika whose big nipples were now pointed skyward. Laila looked at Uma and shook her head.

“Slow eater. That’s okay, we’ll be filling you up soon enough,” Uma’s mother said.

A tingle shot through Uma. She realized this was the moment she had really been waiting for. This was the moment of truth. This was when she got to taste that hot, incestuous, lesbian puke love she had been craving.

Being the needy, obedient slut, she instinctively knew what to do. She knelt down on her knees in front of her mother and looked up, mouth agape. Laila looked beautiful above her, her face hovering above her barely-contained tits. Uma wanted to taste her mother’s puke, to lick it from her bare tits, to suck it from her gaping asshole. Uma wanted puke. Uma wanted her mother. Uma was about to get them both. Laila stripped, picked up the 16-inch dildo from the makeshift altar and pulled it between her tits, holding it like she was about to tit-fuck it.

Laila opened her mouth and without even using her fingers, dribbled a thick streamer of vomit down her chin, dribbling off and running down her tits and the dildo between them. Uma held her mother’s gaze as she leaned forward and ran her tongue up the dildo to her mother’s puke-coated tits, licking off the brown, chunky filth. Uma chewed dutifully and swallowed, reaching for more, running her tongue all around her mother’s tits, sucking on the vomit-covered nipples, licking the puke off the long, thick dildo.

Uma felt her own stomach rumble and rebel a little at the sensation of her mother’s slimy, slick, chunky puke sliding down her gullet, but she was able to keep it under control as she sucked every drop of vomit from Laila’s tits - then opened her mouth and begged for more. This time Laila didn’t hold back. The next shot erupted from her mouth and her nose, covering Uma’s face, her tits, her entire front, as well as Laila’s tits and the dildo she still held between them – a dildo she was slowly stroking and coating with vomit. Uma coughed and sputtered, trying to catch her breath from a load of puke that threatened to drown her. She turned her head, gagging. She felt her own stomach start to retch. Suddenly, her sister was in front of her, hovering her face in front of her, her mouth open, begging for the ejection from Uma’s suddenly buoyant gorge.

The sight of her sister’s open mouth inches from hers made Uma even more nauseous, and the fact that their mother was right there with them, made her even more horny. Without even asking for permission, Annika slid three fingers down Uma’s throat. That was all it took. The swallowed loads of Laila’s puke erupted back from Uma’s mouth, straight down her sister’s maw.

The sensations going through Uma were too intense for her to process. The feeling of her stomach clenching and ejecting its contents was both slightly painful but also stimulating. Her beautiful sister sucking the puke from her mouth as she vomited was incredibly sexy, as were the thick globs of puke that overflowed Annika’s mouth and ran down her thick tits. The feel of her own warm puke on her chest and stomach was sensual and erotic.

When Uma’s vomiting slowed, Annika retched and shot a load back into Uma’s face. Uma wasn’t ready and she was caught offguard, getting a face full of her sister’s steaming ejecta. Uma coughed and rolled to the side, trying to catch her breath.

As she coughed, she felt hands turning her over, positioning her on all fours. She reached up and rubbed her eyes, looking up.

Her mother stood over her holding that 16-inch dildo that had been on the makeshift altar.

Was she going to try to use that on her? Uma wondered. She suddenly rebelled, her subservient side taking a back seat to perceived self-preservation.

“No way. I can’t take that,” she said to Laila, then immediately regretted it and turned her eyes down to the ground obediently.

“Until you take Sindee’s cock, you won’t fully be able to appreciate the meaning of full-bodied worship,” her mother said, stroking the dildo, coating it with a fresh load vomit that was running down her mom tits.

Uma wondered how she was going to take the massive cock. She wanted to be a needy, subservient puke whore, but there were limits. She was about to protest again when Gina’s voice appeared in her head.

“Have faith, child. Trust me. Trust Sindee. Trust these women, it will be okay. It will be better than okay. Be true to yourself – you are predestined to be the needy one, so comply.”

Uma wanted to fight, she felt herself rebelling down in her soul, but Gina’s words held her back, made her play to type. She became compliant. She felt her sister’s hands pushing her shoulders down to the ground, forcing her asshole up in the air. Hands – a pair of hands – pulled her cheeks apart. Her tight, young, tender asshole was dangerously exposed.

Uma’s beloved, beautiful mother moved behind her. Someone tangled their hands in Uma’s hair and held her head down. Uma moaned, partly out of anxiety, but much more out of the charge she got from being treated roughly. Two fingers slipped into her asshole and pulled her open. She winced. That hurt.

A hot load of puke went down her ass. It was slimy and slick. It felt...remarkably nice. She felt the tip of the monstrous dildo press between her ass cheeks. There was just no way that was going inside of her. She cried out in anticipation of pain.

Inside her thoughts whirled. That thing would destroy her. Visions of a bloody, torn asshole flashed through her mind. She wanted to fight – but she wanted even more to be a good girl. She wanted to do what she was told. She wanted to believe that these women would take care of her. She gulped and let go, releasing any sense of control.

She knew in her heart that Gina, and Sindee, wouldn’t steer her wrong.

She relaxed.

Easily, smoothly, that immense dildo slid into her asshole. She could feel her asshole expanding, opening, making room. Her tight asshole was no longer tight, she could feel it all gaped and crinkly like her mother’s and her sister’s. She knew she had room to spare. And depth too. She felt her cunt gape open.

It was amazing.

She. Took. The. Entire. Thing.

Laila slid the dildo back out of her daughter’s asshole. Uma’s hole gaped and a thick lobe of pink flesh hung out. Uma reached around, feeling the meaty dome. She found the hole at the tip and pulled it open. Whatever had just happened, she knew Gina, Sindee, and the puke goddesses were at work.

Who was she to argue with the Goddesses of Emesis? All her doubts were washed away like a puddle of puke in a monsoon. She was all in. An overwhelming feeling of love, peace, and desire washed over her so strongly that she came hard, her asshole and cunt clenching and unclenching. She moaned again, then turned her head to her mother and sister.

“Fill up my asshole, mom, sis,” she murmured. “Everyone, please, fill my ass with your hot vomit. I understand. I have been blessed. Stretch me, fill me, even abuse me. I’m your needy, subservient, obedient little puke whore.”

Her best friend took her at face value and slapped her across her cheek once, twice, three times, leaving her face red and inflamed and a string of tears running down. She looked over her shoulder just in time to see her sister slide four fingers from each hand into her asshole, grab her sphincter roughly, and wrench her hole open. Uma’s Sindee-blessed ass parted like she had been born that way. She pushed a little and felt her assflesh erupt from her gaping sphincter. Annika didn’t miss a beat. She switched her fingers from Uma’s sphincter to her pink mound, pulling the hole open just in time for Uma’s mother, best friend, and best friend’s mom to unleash hot streamers of vomit into her ass.

The steaming vomit pouring into Uma’s asshole felt amazing, divine, unbelievable. It overflowed her gaping anus and ran down her wide-open cunt and the inside of her thighs. Uma slipped four fingers into her cunt and pulled downwards, trying to gape her asshole wider and make room inside of her for more puke. Laila bent over close and puked again, dumping a fresh load of vomit into her daughter’s asshole. Uma felt her body tighten as another orgasm washed through her, causing her cunt and ass muscles to spasm and squishing out some of the vomit from her newly-expanded ass.

Uma glanced back at her mother. She had pulled on a harness and was now wearing the immense dildo as a strap on.

Uma purred. “Pound my ass, mom. Tear me up. I want every inch inside of my asshole. Don’t be gentle. I want my asshole to end up like Angie’s.”

Laila took her daughter’s words to heart and drove the foot-and-a-half dildo straight into Uma’s vomit-filled ass with one overwhelming thrust that made Uma scream. Puke squirted out around the shaft and Uma’s pink cunt flesh prolapsed out from the pressure, her cervix hanging out between her thick lobes. Uma moaned and came hard, repeatedly, all at once. Annika appeared above her, opening her mouth and ejecting a thick load of puke into her sister’s face. Uma swallowed what she could, but it was difficult to focus on her sister’s frontal onslaught while her mother was reaming out her vomit-laden ass. She could feel her flesh gripping the dong and sliding in and out of her asshole with each stroke her mother took. It was amazing.

Teagan sidled up next to Annika wearing a large strap-on. It wasn’t quite as huge as the one that Laila was reaming her daughter with, but it was over a foot long. Uma looked up at her best friend with doe eyes.

“Is that going where I think it’s going?” she asked. Annika nodded.

Uma opened her mouth dutifully, and Teagan slipped the dildo inside. As soon as it hit the back of her throat, Uma’s stomach heaved, sending a thick load of puke out her mouth around the dildo, and squirting out of her nose. She coughed and heaved around the shaft, fighting to breath through sinuses that were loaded with vomit. But Teagan didn’t slow down until her stomach was pressed against Uma’s nose. Uma hurled again, sending more puke out of her nose and mouth. She came hard from the abuse, loving her subservient puke whore inclinations.

Teagan grabbed her hair and held her face hard against her body. Meanwhile Uma’s mother continued to relentlessly ream out her vomit-filled asshole. Every drive her mother made into her anus pushed Uma’s face against Teagan’s stomach.

Uma was in heaven. This was what she had hoped this would be like in her wildest dreams. She said a prayer of thanks to Gina as Teagan roughly ripped the dong out of her mouth, triggering a fresh load of puke. She was the needy, incestuous little puke whore. She was subservient, letting the other women control her, own her, hurt her, take care of her. Her mother, her sister, her best friend, and her friend’s mother, were all using her like a worthless slag. She was the lowest one on the pecking order and she loved it – the very thought of it made her almost come again.

Finally Laila let up on Uma’s ass and slowly slipped the dildo from her daughter’s wrecked hole. Uma could tell her hole was several times the size of what it had been earlier that day, and she was delighted. She could feel her anal flesh hanging out, coated in puke. She rolled over onto her back and gazed up at her mother, her sister, her best friend, and her best friend’s mother. They all smiled down at her, then dumped fresh loads of puke on her body.

Uma was in heaven and hoped this would go on all night – no, all weekend.

She gazed up at her mother.

“Take me anywhere, mom. Ask me to do anything. I’m yours. I’m your little incestuous puking whore.”

“Do you mean that?” her mother said, gazing down between her big, vomit coated tits at her foul daughter.

“I do,” Uma said.

Annika appeared with a bucket of water and dumped it over Uma, rinsing her off, then her mother pulled a dark hood over Uma’s eyes, pushed her forward and a large butt plug was rammed into her newly-stretched asshole.

“Time for the real fun to begin,” Uma heard her mother say as someone pulled a robe around her and she felt herself being led out to the car in the fading light.

* * * *

Chapter VI

Sindee sat naked on her throne in her temple on Olympus. There were an array of screens around her (yes, they have that sort of thing up there nowadays) flashing the different “full body worships” going on that weekend. It was delightful the number of women who were worshiping around the world, and stunning how many were incestuous. It was so fucking hot that her gigantic cock was sticking up between the end of her her pendulous tits. A thick thread of semen ran down the side of the veiny pulsating meat, and a thread of vomit ran down from her chin and down between her breasts. The puke and jizz met in a puddle on the seat of the throne between her thighs.

Sindee’s mother, Marlena, and her aunt, Cathy, were also nude and they knelt at the foot of the throne on either side of Sindee. They were periodically licking up the puddle of puke and jizz between Sindee’s thighs, and would occasionally run their tongue up her cock or up between her tits, eating the come and vomit, or passing it via a kiss to one of the goddesses in attendance.

Hecate, Persephone, Abbie, and Luna stood around Sindee, wearing the Olympus-standard sheer diaphanous togas, following the action on the screens. They were all waiting for some of the adherents to wander into a cemetery.

Despite the steaming hot worshiping going on, Sindee tapped her fingers nervously on the arm of her throne. What if all this was for naught? What if none of these women took their debauchery into a graveyard? Would the entire weekend be a waste? And she still hadn’t seen any adherents that met her criteria for priestesses.

There was a faint shimmer in the air and Gina and Karen slipped into the room from the portal back at their home next to the mud pond on Earth. The sisters – Sindee’s grandmother and grandaunt – were dressed like the other goddesses in sheer togas that highlighted their divine, GILFie beauty.

“I think I have what you are looking for,” Gina said. “I’ve got a family I’ve been tracking for a couple of days now. The girl, Uma, convened with me the other night. She just surrendered and had vomiting sex with her mother and sister. I believe they are headed for a cemetery.”

Gina gestured towards one of the screens and a split-screen came up showing the inside of an SUV in one, and a map on the other. The camera view showed five women in the SUV. They were dressed in tight shorts and tanks, except for one, who was in a robe and had a hood over her face. The map showed their intended route – it ended in a rundown, century-old graveyard next to a backwater swamp.

“Oooh,” Persephone crooned. “This looks hot.”

“Look at that old swamp,” Hecate said, tapping Persephone on the shoulder. “Perfect. This could not be better. Come Seph, Abbie, Luna let’s gather our goods. We will meet you ladies there.”

Sindee held up her hand. “I will probably let you gals get started then I will join once things are underway. We don’t want to overwhelm them. And don’t hit them all at once with three Hecates.”

“As you wish,” Hecate said, then waved her hand and another shimmering portal opened up allowing the Goddesses of Necromancy, Death, and Death Emesis to slip through.

Sindee looked over at her grandmother and grandaunt. “Care to join us?” she asked.

“Maybe,” Karen said. “We have some other worships we’d like to attend to, but may swing by later. So save some for us.” Gina gave Sindee’s hard shaft a stroke, teasing out a streamer of divine semen that she licked from her hand as she and her sister slipped through another shimmering portal.

“And you two?” Sindee asked of her mother and sister.

Marlena shook her head and pointed at the screens. “Someone has to keep an eye on the worshipers.”

“As you wish,” Sindee said with a shrug and turned her attention back to the many screens of worship in front of her. It looked like their plan was going to come together after all. She couldn’t wait...

* * * *

Chapter VII

Laila pulled Uma’s hood off and pushed her forward into the darkness. Uma stumbled and fell to her knees. She gasped. She was kneeling in front of a gravestone – an old gravestone. It looked to be at least a hundred years old. Just to her right, the ground was sinking down where the grave had collapsed inwards, and a foul odor wafted up. She shivered despite the hot, sultry night air and scrabbled backwards in shock. She looked around. They were in an ancient graveyard. Scattered in places around the cemetery were what looked like sunken graves. What the fuck?

A protest died in her throat when she remembered her place – she was the obedient little incestuous puke whore. The others were there to take care of her – and abuse her. That was her role. She was just there to follow orders, not to give them. She looked up and obediently opened her mouth, knowing that before she was done her mouth, ass, and cunt would all be filled with the other women’s vomit.

Laila appeared above her, peeling off her tank and shorts and standing nude over her daughter. Her pale skin was visible in the bright light of the just-past-full moon. Annika moved next to her and Teagan and Angie were queued up. Uma’s mother pushed three fingers into her throat, retching. A second later a thick shot of vomit rolled out of her mouth and into Uma’s. Uma sucked down her mother’s vomit and waited for more. Annika knelt down and slid three fingers into Uma’s ass, pulling up her sphincter hard, gaping Uma’s hole and preparing it for a load of hot puke.

“Hold up,” Angie’s voice suddenly called through the moonlight. “We’re not alone.”

Everyone turned and followed her gaze. Off to the opposite side of the graveyard were trees and a swamp that wafted the slightly-perceptable fragrance of methane through the cemetery. A faint glow was emanating from the swamp, like someone had a bonfire.

“I wonder if someone had the same idea as us,” Annika whispered as Laila pulled her clothes back on and Uma shrugged back into her robe and stood up.

The five of them crept slowly towards the glow. The back fence of the graveyard had a gap a few yards down range from the glow that the women slipped through. The smell of swamp gas was much stronger here. The glow was coming from just the other side of a small cluster of bushes. They crept around the brush on their hands and knees and peered around the edge.

Beyond the brush was a clearing at the edge of the swamp. In the center was a huge bonfire. Off to one side was a smaller fire with a large black kettle or cauldron on it. And standing around the kettle were four figures wearing black robes and hoods that were pulled forward to conceal their faces. They were clearly feminine as the cord around their waists cinched the robes and highlighted their figures, and the robes were open enough in front to give a clear view of their cleavage. Two of the women looked a little chunky. One had some heavier curves up top but was less curvy than their friends, and the one in the middle was the slenderest of the group.

The slender one was in the middle and was using a huge spoon or pole to stir the cauldron. Uma was reminded of MacBeth’s witches. The woman in the middle spoke up, her voice honeyed and enticing.

“Come and join us,” she said. “We know you are there, and we know why you are here. We are here for the same. Let us all worship together.”

Laila stood and took a couple steps into the clearing, the others hovering back.

“Your here to worship the Temple of Sindee?” she asked.

“We’re here to take part in the weekend’s full-bodied worship,” the strange hooded woman said.

Uma slipped from the bushes to stand next to her mother, the other women following.

“I am Laila,” her mother said. “These are my daughters Uma and Annika, my friend Angie, and her daughter Teagan. What are your names? Can we see your faces?”

Uma felt, rather than saw, the woman smile. She reached up, pulled her hood back, and discarded her robe, standing nude in front of the caudron, still slowly stirring it.

The woman was beautiful, preternaturally so. A tingle went up Uma’s spine. This person wasn’t one of the goddesses shown on the website, but somehow she knew this person was divine in some way.

“My name is Hecate, though I am known by many other names as well,” the strange woman by the cauldron said.

“THE Hecate?” Laila said. “The Goddess of…” she trailed off.

“A host of things, including necromancy,” Hecate finished, with a smile.

Another woman peeled off her robe. “And I am Persephone, Goddess of Death and the Underworld.”

The two curviest girls disrobed. Uma recognized them immediately.

“Abbie and Luna, Goddesses of Death Emesis!” she exclaimed. “Is Sindee here?”

“She may join us later, if you worship well,” Luna said.

“What’s in the cauldron?” Laila asked. She, Uma, and the others were approaching the goddesses slowly. For the first time, the scent from the cauldron separated itself from the scent from the wood smoke. The smell was pungent and nauseating.

Hecate dipped a ladle in the huge pot and pulled it to her lips, taking a sip.

“Ah, utterly disgusting. How perfect,” she murmured. She pulled some huge tankards from a table to the side and began filling them with the slop from the cauldron. Now that Uma was close enough, the stench from the cauldron was enough to make her gag. She watched as Hecate handed tankards of the foul-smelling mixture to the other goddesses, then began passing them to the women. Uma took one and held it up to her nose. The stench was horrific and made her stomach pulse.

“What is this?” Teagan asked.

“Oh, a little of this, a little of that,” Hecate said, wiping her lips after sucking down the entire tankard in one draught and dipping it in for more. “There’s some of the traditional witch’s brew ingredients, like eye of newt and that jazz, but to be honest, it’s mostly ground roadkill, corpse’s blood, and pureed rats – oh, and some rotten, infected slime from the swamp behind us. The rest of the ingredients are just for flavor. Drink up now sweeties, it’s best when hot. Then you best ditch those clothes. Sindee will be disappointed if she came and found you still dressed.”

All the goddesses had already sucked down the tankards and were dipping them in the cauldron for more. Somehow the level of the slop in the cauldron hadn’t sank, which Uma attributed to some sort of witchery.

The women looked around nervously at each other, then all at once they turned to Uma.

“You first, sweetie,” Angie said.

Murmurs of assent rant through the other women. Uma smiled. Just another opportunity to be the obedient little wanton whore. She shrugged off her robe and stood there nude before the other women and the goddesses, then lifted the tankard to her lips and opened her throat as she had never been able to do until today. The hot liquid slid into her mouth and across her tongue. It was slimy, slick, pungent, and tasted of filth, blood, and death. Her gag reflex almost caused her to close her throat, but she managed to fight it back and let the foul, slimy mass slip past her throat and slide down to her stomach. She kept her throat open and let the tankard drain, the mass of sludge slipping into her tummy. She could feel her stomach bulging out.

Her gorge was buoyant and she knew it wouldn’t take a hell of a lot to make her vomit. But she was feeling aroused and inspired. She sucked down another tankard, then knelt down on her hands and knees. She slipped all four fingers from her left hand into her asshole, gaping it wide. It was amazing what she could do now that her ass had been blessed by Sindee. She poured a tankard full of slop into her gaped ass, loving the feeling as it slid into her bowels.

“Well, what are you all waiting for,” Uma said, wiggling her ass, licking her lips. “Get fucking busy.”

The other women ditched their clothes willy-nilly and grabbed tankards, sucking down thick draughts of the filth from the cauldron. As the human women drank, the goddesses approached Uma. She felt their divine energy radiating outward. Their bodies were perfect, their skin flawless, their hair immaculate. Uma wanted so badly to please them she practically wiggled like a puppy.

The twin Goddesses of Death Emesis, Abby and Luna, stood above her face. They pushed Uma’s shoulder’s back so she was kneeling in front of them, then Luna opened her mouth and dribbled a thick load of vomit from her chin, down her fat tits, and to the end of her long nipples. Uma noticed that the puke goddesses seemed to have some innate talent that caused their vomit to pile up neatly atop their nipples without slithering off – at least not until it was practically as big as a tennis ball. The big load on the end of Luna’s tit looked delicious.

Luna squeezed her tit, causing a trickle of milk to appear at the end of her nipple, topping the thick mountain of vomit that hovered there. Uma practically swooned. She looked up into the goddess’s eyes, expectantly, then Luna nodded.

Uma sucked down the big chunk of puke and milk off of Luna’s tit just as she unleashed a fresh volley on her other breast, topping that with milk as well. Uma licked that off and suddenly she was assayed by all four of the goddesses – Abby, Luna, Persephone, and Hecate. It was intense and overwhelming. Puke coated her face, her hair, her tits, her entire body. She swallowed, coughed, retched, and tried to swallow more, but there was too much. It was like being swept away in a vomit avalanche.

But it was amazing.

She came hard under the onslaught, running her hands down her filth-covered body, shoving handfuls of it into her cunt, then rubbing her clit frantically. Her back arched, and she came again.

After a moment, the action paused. The goddesses dunked their tankards to reload, while the human women all stood around unsure how to proceed. Persephone looked at Laila.

“What are you waiting for?” she said, tossing a gigantic strap-on to her. “She’s your daughter, get busy.”

Suddenly, a thousand things happened all at once. Laila paired off with Uma, Annika was double-teamed by the twin goth goddesses, and Hecate and Persephone converged into a foursome with Teagan and her mother. The hot, puking, divine action got intense.

Laila pulled on the strap-on, then grabbed Uma’s hair and pulled her head back. Uma looked up doe-eyed at her mother, her face begging for mommy’s thick puke. Laila didn’t make her wait, but slipped three fingers down her own throat and dumped a thick load into Uma’s mouth. Uma swallowed what she could, but it was too much and the excess ran down her stomach.

By this point, Uma had swallowed an immense volume of filth from the tankard and vomit. Her stomach stuck out in front of her like she was pregnant. When she gulped the latest load of her mother’s puke, it was too much. Her already-buoyant gorge gave up the fight and a foul mixture of cauldron-slime and vomit erupted from her mouth like a volcano, shooting upwards from her open mouth and her nose. As her daughter projectile-vomited, Laila shoved her face into the filth torrent and drank from the geyser like it was a water fountain on a hot summer day. Laila’s face, tits, stomach, and legs all got soaked in her daughter’s endless geyser of ejecta.

Uma, for her part, came at least twice while projectile puking, then, when it was done, she fell forward onto her hands and knees, coughing, retching, trying to catch her breath. Her body shivered from a fresh round of orgasms that caused her cunt and asshole to quiver and quake, gaping and clenching until her sphincter finally stretched wide open and stayed there. Laila, not one to let such a golden opportunity go to waste, moved behind her subservient slut daughter. Uma’s newly-loose asshole was already yawning and full of puke. Uma looked back over her shoulder into her mother’s eyes.

“Do it hard,” Uma whispered. “I want mommy to pound my asshole.”

Laila drove her fist deep into her daughter’s puke-filled asshole and pulled out a handful of vomit. She lubricated the strap-on with it, then savagely plunged the colossal dildo into her daughter’s yawning, waiting, begging sphincter.

Uma moaned, feeling the huge dong violently violate her young-but-loose asshole. Thick chunks of vomit were forced out of her sphincter around the dildo as her mother drove it deeper and deeper into her hole. Uma could never have envisioned herself being able to take something this massive anywhere, let alone her asshole. She said a prayer of gratitude to the puke goddesses as she felt her cunt prolapse outwards from the pressure in her asshole. Cunt juice and puke sluiced off the distended cervix. And still deeper her mother drove the shaft, not stopping until mommy’s tummy was pressed against Uma’s cheeks, the dong well over a foot into Uma’s anus. Laila reached down and squeezed Uma’s inside-out pussy then slipped a finger deep into her daughter’s distended cervix. Uma screamed in a hard orgasm, vomiting a fresh load of puke on the muddy ground.

Meanwhile, Annika was laying on her back on the ground with Abby kneeling between her legs and Luna squatting above her face. Both of the goth twin Death Emesis Goddesses puked out heavy loads. Luna’s ran down her stomach and trickled off into Annika’s waiting mouth, and Abby’s coated Annika’s tits, stomach, and cunt. Annika sucked down Luna’s stream, while rubbing Abby’s blessing all over her body, then sliding three fingers into her cunt and fingering herself frantically, while the twins unleashed a fresh load.

Luna spread her legs wider then pulled open her yawning cunt, exposing her divine pee-hole. Annika begged for Luna’s holy piss, and got it – a hot, steaming stream of gold that coated her face, washing off the puke. Annika sucked down what she could, but more want over her face and chest. Abby bent over and licked the puke and piss coating Annika’s body, working her way down from her young tits, down her tummy, to her shaved cunt. When she got to Annika’s cunt, Luna shot a fresh load of puke down Annika’s body. Abby pulled Annika’s cunt lips apart and used Luna’s vomit as a lube (not that it was needed), sliding her fingers, then her entire fist into Annika’s waiting cunt pressing well past the wrist. The pressure pushed Annika’s asshole wide open and caused a pink dome of flesh to pop out.

Annika arched her back and came – vomiting at the same time, sending a light load welling up from her mouth and running across her chin and her face. Luna licked it off and planted her lips on Annika’s just in time for another load to slide out. Luna sucked it down greedily, then shoved her tongue into Annika’s mouth, teasing the back of her throat. It didn’t take much prompting for Annika to give her what she wanted.

Nearby, Persephone and Hecate were working over Angie and Teagan. The mother and daughter pair were on all fours facing each other, kissing, and swapping chunky puke. Their tummies were so laden with puke and filth from the cauldron that they almost hung down to the ground – Angie’s fat stomach actually did, and so did her tits. Persephone had filled Angie’s asshole with vomit and her arm was past the elbow in Angie’s over-abused sphincter that had been stretched wide long before she joined Sindee’s temple.

Angie was beside herself. Persephone was driving her arm in and out of her wrecked asshole, causing thick squirts of vomit with each stroke. Angie’s puke-coated flesh prolapsed out six or more inches with each stroke and now had formed a cushiony pinkish-red ring outside of her abused sphincter. She reached back, grabbed the ring and gaped it even wider, allowing the Goddess of Death to drive her arm even deeper, coming dangerously close to the shoulder. The pressure caused Angie to unload a fresh batch of puke into her daughter’s mouth.

Her daughter was having her own experience at Hecate’s hands. The Goddess of Necromancy had poured two tankards of cauldron-filth into Teagan’s sphincter and was now slowly sucking it back out. Teagan was trying to focus on swapping puke with her mother, but kept getting distracted by the sensation of Hecate sucking her ass-flesh into her mouth. Hecate by this point was practically deep-throating Teagan’s prolapsed ass as eight inches of pink was sliding into the goddess’s puke-filled throat. The sensation was divine.

To up the game further, Hecate slid her fist into Teagan’s gaping cunt pushing until her knuckles bumped into her cervix – then pushed further, elongating Teagan’s birth canal. When the goddess slipped her pinky gently into her cervix, it was more than Teagan could take and she came to a crashing orgasm that caused her stomach to eject its contents. She arched her back and her projectile vomit overshot her mother and hit Persephone’s pendulous tits. The Goddess of Death lifted her mammaries to her mouth and licked off Teagan’s foul puke.

Another round of orgasms washed through the mortals – and the goddesses for that matter – then there was a lull in the action. Annika was already on her back in the dirt that was turning to pukey mud, and Teagan and Angie joined her, staring up into the moonlit sky. Laila seemed to be unready to give her other daughter a break, because she was still relentlessly driving the immense dong into Uma’s waiting, gaping, vomit-filled ass. Uma had her head down and was licking up chunks of her own muddy vomit from the filthy ground. She had almost lost consciousness as wave-after-wave of orgasms rolled through her. Her ass flesh had reached a point where it seemed to be glued to the thick dildo and it slid out of her ass almost a foot with each stroke like a pink, vomit-coated sheath. She vomited into the mud again then licked up a mouthful of puke and mud. Though wanting to be a subservient little whore, Uma felt was reaching her limit. She was about to turn to her mother and say something when she felt a pair of hands pull her away from her mother. - but left the dildo in her asshole She turned in time to see Luna and Abby push her mother down on her back in the mud like the other women. Uma moaned and rolled over next to them, gasping as another orgasm ran its course. The dildo in her asshole, as if it had a mind of its own, pushed deeper and her stretchy sphincter slipped closed around it. The thick, meaty shaft of the dong seemed to pulse and throb inside of her like a real cock. It was warm and pleasant. She wiggled her body, letting the huge sex toy settle into her deep, vomit-filled anal cavities. This was nice.

The goddesses moved over to the cauldron and drank down two or three more tankards of the cooked filth. The divine women spoke amongst themselves for a moment, then Hecate held up her hand and said something in a language Uma couldn’t understand. She had a feeling that after a short break, the action would pick up in ways she couldn’t predict.

* * * *

Chapter VIII

Uma, who was a good little subservient whore and who was becoming used to being manhandled wasn’t particularly bothered by what happened next, but the other women were shocked.

On Hecate’s signal, arms erupted from the muddy earth around the five women. They were slender, feminine, and the fingers were tipped with long, black-stained fingernails that left scratches in their skin. The arms and hands grabbed the women and held them against the earth.

Teagan screamed. Annika and Laila swore and fought the clasping hands to no avail. Angie, unsurprisingly, seemed to be enjoying the experience, spreading her thighs and guiding one of the hands to her asshole, also unsurprising – the filthy arm drove deep into her anus.

Uma simply surrendered to it. That was her place, after all. She actually was enjoying the sensation of the hands all over her body, the sharp nails leaving deep scrapes in the skin of her stomach, her tits, her thighs. The scrapes welled up with thin trickles of blood.

“What the fuck,” Laila said. “What kind of freakish trickery is this?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Hecate replied, looking down at the women. “Who am I?”

“What the fuck do you mean?” Laila shot back.

“I mean what I said. Who am I? What am I the goddess of?”

“You’re Hecate,” Annika answered. “You said earlier you were the Goddess of Necromancy, among other things.”

“Right, exactly,” Hecate said, looking at Annika and Laila like she was waiting for the right synapses to finally fire.

“So these are...corpses?” Annika asked.

“Sort of, they are minions from Persephone’s underworld who became adherents to Sindee’s temple. We decided to let some of the good girls come up for the evening, as rotting corpses. Be careful - you pull, you squeeze too hard – something may come off. But don’t be alarmed, rotting flesh makes the best emesis. And these girls dig the whole undead thing.”

A busty undead girl had pulled herself up and was free to her waist, wriggling the rest of her body free of the muddy earth. Hecate reached down, grabbed the animated corpse’s big left tit and ripped it free from the girl’s chest. The corpse didn’t argue, just continued to pull itself free from the mud. Hecate held up the rotting fleshy mammary and bit into it, pulling the foul tissue free and chewing it. She swallowed and bit off another piece.

By this point Angie – who was totally into it - had a corpse’s foul, necrotic arm in her ass up past the elbow. She slammed her stretched asshole closed and wrenched it to the side, tearing off the arm. She rolled onto all fours, causing a thick layer of grue from the undead amputation to slide down across her massively prolapsed cunt. The end of the corpse’s bone still stuck out of her asshole. Abby and Luna knelt down behind Angie and started licking the filth from the exposed bone and her protruding vag. Luna shoved four fingers from each hand into Angie’s asshole and roughly yanked it open, causing more rotting filth from the amputated arm to dump from Angie’s overused ass. The goth twin goddesses went to town.

Next to them, Laila had surrendered and was now surrounded by three undead girls, who were vomiting rotting filth into her mouth and across her skin – which Laila gladly swallowed, bulging her stomach even more. She had gotten a hold of a bone – and a layer of meat still attached – and was slowly stroking it in and out of her cunt while the undead vomit whores continued their onslaught to her body. The puke slid down between her legs and mixed with the rotting, maggoty flesh coming off the bone and sliding out of her cunt.

Hecate, by this time, had finished off the decaying tit she had been eating. Both of her tits and her stomach were covered in grue. She looked down at Teagan and Annika, who had stopped fighting but looked unconvinced about this new development. Four undead girls were now standing around the two woman, plus Hecate. The Goddess of Necromancy knelt over the girls, opened her mouth, and ejected the rotting flesh she had just consumed across Annika’s face.

Annika could see the other girls were enjoying themselves, so she let go and opened her mouth, sucking down Hecate’s filthy rotting spew and swallowing it. After Hecate’s first spew, two of the undead whores began puking as well. Filth, blood, flesh, rot, and maggots dumped into her mouth and down into her stomach. She could feel small things wriggling in her gullet, stimulating the back of her throat. She felt her gorge getting buoyant as a fresh load from Hecate covered her from head to toe. As she vacuumed up everything Hecate and her minions unleashed, she glanced over. Teagan was lying on the muddy ground watching, still unsure.

Annika’s stomach bulged out in front of her, she was ready to give this gift of rotting, filthy, puke to someone else, and her big sister’s best friend looked like a perfect target. She rolled over onto all fours above Teagan. She looked down into Teagan’s eyes and could sense her hesitation.

Annika’s slightly-chubby, filth-covered tits hung down against Teagan’s more slender breasts. Her gorged stomach pressed down against Teagan’s slim one. She slid one of her legs up against Teagan’s cunt and slowly lowered her face down until her lips touched Teagan’s. Their kiss started tentatively, tenderly, then became more insistent, more needful. Annika slipped her lips open and Teagan responded. Their tongues intertwined. Then Teagan slipped her tongue towards the back of Annika’s throat, tentatively, tenderly asking to taste the rotting filth Annika was gorged with. Annika brought up a bolus of necrotic vomit, and Teagan cautiously let it slip into her mouth and down her throat. It was wonderful. She kissed Annika even harder and received a long, thick load of gruesome puke. Annika slid her hand down between Teagan’s legs and massaged her cunt as she continued to vomit her full stomach contents into Teagan’s mouth, across her tits, and across her cunt. Finally Annika drove her vomit-coated fist into Teagan’s cunt, bringing her to a crushing orgasm that left her writhing in the vomit-laden mud.

While all this was going on, Uma, playing the obedient, compliant little whore was laying on her back in the pukey mud, propping her shoulders up on her elbows, and receiving the full attentions of Persephone and a pair of undead girls. The two animated corpses were leaning over Uma, dumping their necrotic vomit onto her face. The overflow – and there was a lot – was running down her small, firm tits, down her stomach, and puddling in the mud between her thighs. The Goddess of Death was between her thighs licking up the foul vomit and mud. She pulled Uma’s lobes open and licked the insides, then sucked on her clit. Uma moaned as a fresh load of undead puke rolled down her stomach and Persephone licked it up. Uma arched her back, feeling the huge, strange dildo that was still lodged in her vomit-filled anus pulsating and throbbing inside of her. She had no idea how it was doing that, but it was magical. She came again and rolled over on all fours, turning so she pointed her asshole at the zombies, and stretching it wide open. The undead complied and began spewing their noxious emesis into her gaping asshole. The dildo, however, was so deep into her bowels that, despite being eighteen inches long, it wasn’t visible.

Persephone stood up and ripped an arm of one of the zombie girls, chewing on the flesh and swallowing it – working over the arm like it was fried chicken or corn on the cob. The gore from the rotting arm ran down her chin. She gulped down all the flesh from the arm, then pushed the undead girls out of the way, leaning over Uma’s stretched hole and using her own fingers to pull it even wider. She retched once, twice, then unleashed a massive load of puke that shot from her mouth and from her divine nose, pouring into Uma’s waiting, begging asshole. Uma came again as more vomit dumped into her ass. It was more than she could take, and when Persephone shoved a fist inside to, it caused her cunt to turn inside out from the pressure. Uma’s asshole pulsated around Persephone’s forearm, and her distended cunt throbbed in a fresh orgasm.

Uma was expecting Persephone to pull out the dong buried deep in her asshole, but when she extracted her hand, the dildo was still in there – warm, throbbing, pulsating. Uma’s stomach was extremely distended, she looked more than pregnant. She looked almost freakish.

“God, I need to puke,” Uma moaned, sitting up on her knees.

Elsewhere, the other women were slowing their passion. Laila and Annika saw Uma sitting there looking like she was about ready to explode. Laila crawled on all fours over to her daughter.

“Mommy, I’m so stuffed,” Uma groaned.

“Mommy’s here baby,” Laila crooned, kneeling in front of Uma. “Give me all your puke. Give me my good little obedient girl’s vomit.”

“Oh, thank you mommy,” Uma responded. She knee-walked forward, spreading her legs, straddling her mother’s thighs and kneeling over her. Laila’s mouth was about at the level of Uma’s firm, young, puke-coated tits, and Uma’s distended stomach pressed against Laila’s filthy breasts. Laila opened her mouth, waiting for Uma’s overloaded stomach to unleash it’s delightful discharge.

Persephone slid three fingers into Uma’s mouth, and a second later Uma began retching. Her thick, foul mixture of puke and necrosis ejected from her mouth and into her mother’s willing maw. Laila sucked and swallowed, her mouth overflowing and sending the foul filth cascading down her jutting, pendulous mom-tits, down Uma’s stomach, and running down Laila’s gaped, vomit-filled cunt. Uma puked again, covering her mother’s face and hair.

Uma’s cunt was still prolapsed and her asshole was distended as well, but that freakish dong was still lodged inside. Laila was covered in puke, and Uma knew she still had more to give. She was about to dump more onto her mother, when her sister appeared beside her on all fours, pulled her ass open, and begged for some of Uma’s spew.

Uma was happy to comply, and slipped from her mother. Instead she knelt behind her sister, used four fingers from each hand to wrench open her asshole even wider, and dumped a fresh load inside. One of the undead girls joined her and added grue and maggots to the mix. When Annika’s asshole started to overflow, Uma pressed her lips hard against her sister’s sphincter and forced one more big shot of emesis inside.

That last load of forced puke made Annika arch her back and come hard. The intensity made her retch and puke into the filthy mud. Teagan appeared with three bones of undead girls – femurs from the look of them – and slid all three into Annika’s yawning, vomit-filled ass. Annika came again, and again as Teagan used the three femurs like a dildo, pounding, stretching, abusing Annika’s cavernous ass. Annika was almost unconscious as orgasm after orgasm rolled through her.

Uma, Annika, Laila, Angie, and Teagan, all slowed down and lay back in the mud, staring up at the night sky.

“Wait,” Laila said all of a sudden.

“What?” Uma replied.

“The hasn’t moved in the time we’ve been here. Time is standing still. What...the...fuck...”

Hecate laughed. “You’re just noticing that? That moon hasn’t moved since you entered the graveyard. We just put a temporary halt on time because, without it, we wouldn’t have been able to do everything we wanted tonight. We still have so much more for you.”

“More, we’ve been puking and fucking for hours it seems like,” Teagan said.

“Are you ready to give up and go home?” Persephone said. “If you want to leave we can let you go. But you won’t get to meet Sindee and you won’t get to enjoy the other fun we’ve cooked up tonight.”

“Promises, promises,” Teagan sneered. “You’ve been saying she’s going to appear, but so far, nothing. When is she going to show?”

“I’m kinda thinking the same thing,” her mother said. “If Sindee is planning on showing, why hasn’t she appeared just yet? I’m beginning to wonder.”

The other women’s eyes got wide.

“Don’t say that!” Uma cried. “She’ll keep her word. The goddesses always do!”

Teagan and Angie shook her heads.

Something splashed in the swampy muck a dozen feet beyond the cauldron. The women turned. Standing in the scummy, mucky, filthy water were three women. The one on the left, Uma recognized immediately – she was Gina, the goddess she had communed with. The one on the right looked a lot like her and had to be Karen, Gina’s sister. Gina and Karen were the Goddesses of Love Emesis.

And between the smoking hot curvy GILF puke goddesses was a very-slightly-less-curvy dark-haired cockgirl with a gigantic meatstick standing up in front of her, a drop of pearly jizz hanging from the tip.

“Oh my God!” Uma cried. “It’s her!”

* * * *

Chapter IX

Silence reined for a moment, then the Goddess of All Emesis spoke.

“Did I hear someone doubting that we would keep our word?” she said.

Teagan and Angie both dropped to their knees and crawled to the edge of the water, pressing their foreheads into the mud.

“I’m...I’m so sorry…” Teagan said. “I’m sorry I doubted you.”

“I am too,” Angie added. “Our faith is weak.”

Sindee looked down benevolently at Teagan, touching the top of her head, then did the same for Angie.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I forgive you. But…” she paused, a deviant smile playing across her visage.

“But...what?” Laila asked.

“It’s time for me, my grandmother, and my grandaunt to join the fun. Everyone else, come in the slime with us, but you two – Angie and Teagan - you have to just watch until I say you can join in. No touching each other. No touching yourselves. No making yourselves vomit. Just watching. Now, if someone could bring us tankards from that cauldron, there’s plenty more full-bodied worship to be had.”

Uma scrambled to her feet and grabbed two tankards, filling them and carrying them to the newly-arrived goddesses. Laila filled a third. The goddesses gulped down the cauldron-filth, then dunked the tankards in the mucky, slimy water and sucked down a couple tankards of nasty water. When they were done, their divine tummies bulged.

Mist was rising from the water in the moonlight as Persephone and Hecate moved into the mucky swamp. The second Persephone’s legs touched the water, several bloated corpses floated to the surface, mixing the stench of human decay with the pungent aroma of swamp decay. They combined into a heady, nauseating miasma. Gina gestured to Uma, Laila, and Annika to join them in the filth.

Despite her fascination with Sindee’s cock, Uma felt herself being drawn to Gina, the goddess who had been guiding her through the past couple of days. She approached the Goddesses of Love Emesis, Gina and Karen, who were now standing side-by-side in the muck, kissing. Sindee, meanwhile, already had vomited swamp scum into Hecate’s asshole and was driving her meat into the goddesses sphincter savagely while the goth twins licked Sindee’s vomit from her tits. Annika and Laila were hovering behind Uma.

Gina saw Uma approach and disengaged from her sister.

“Welcome, Uma,” Gina said, giving her a hug. Except for a little slime and filth from the cauldron that had trickled down between her breasts, Gina had been clean up until that point. But when she hugged Uma, the filth from Uma’s skin rubbed off on her body.

“Thank you for your guidance,” Uma said.

“It’s always my pleasure to lead the unsure through their period of doubt. Especially one as young and lovely as you. Have you met Karen?” Gina gestured towards her sister.

“No, I’ve only seen her painting on the website. Those portraits do none of you justice. You are all so beautiful.”

Uma hugged Karen.

“Do you still have that dildo in your ass?” Gina asked.

Uma blushed. “Yes, it seems...well...stuck sort of. It won’t come out….not that I mind...but it will need to come out eventually...or it will cause problems once know...get my normal digestion up and running again...”

“It will come out if you want it to, and it will come out on its own when tonight is over. But for now, unless you want it out, it’s in there for you to enjoy.”

“It feels wonderful,” Uma said. “All warm and throbbing. I’d never before had a real cock up my ass, but this must be what it feels like.” She pressed her body against Gina again, hugging her close and feeling the goddess’s big, soft, mom-tits pressing against her young, small, firm ones.

Uma had Gina on one side of her and Karen on the other. Their soft mom bods pressed against her as they had their arms around each others’ waists. It was warm, sensual.

“What do you hope to get out of being a member of the Temple of Sindee?” Gina asked. “Not just the vomiting sex part, but in general?”

Uma didn’t have to hesitate, she already knew the answer.

“I want to be an obedient, servant. I want to serve you as my goddesses. And I want to serve people, to help them. And I hope that if I do that, I can know...taken care of.”

Karen and Gina shared a smile, then Gina hugged Uma again.

“You are special, Uma,” she said. “We need people like you. We may revisit this with Sindee before this night is out.” She kissed Uma and they swapped a little bit of vomit.

“Uma, do you like slime?” Karen asked.

“I’m an obedient little puke whore,” Uma replied. “If you want me to, I will like it.”

“How about mud?” Karen asked.

“I’m an obedient little puke whore,” Uma replied. “If you want me to, I will like it.”

“I guess I know what the answer would be if I asked about maggots,” Karen chuckled, kneeling down in the slimy water and pulling one of the bloated corpses to her. She used her fingernails to rip the rotting abdomen open. As the flesh tore wide, it revealed a huge writhing mass of maggots inside the torso.

About a third of the wriggling mass spilled into the water. Karen ducked down and cupped scummy water and maggots in her hands, bringing the filth to her mouth and sucking it down. Gina meanwhile was taking handfuls after handfuls of the nasty larva straight out of the corpse and dumping them into her mouth. She wasn’t tidy about it, and her mouth overflowed, spilling the maggots down across her tits. Karen shoved her entire face into the mass of maggots and gulped down mouthful after mouthful like a starving dog in his food bowl. When Karen pulled back her face was covered with rot and maggots. As an afterthought, she shoved a handful of rot and maggots into her yawning ass, while Karen straddled the corpse, pulled her cunt open, and shoveled a fistful into her gaping cunt.

The sisters stood and kissed, leaving Uma, Laila and Annika watching, as Gina and Karen locked their lips together. Their big, pendulous, filth-encrusted mom-tits pressed together, Gina slid her thigh between Karen’s thighs and ran it along her meaty lobes as Karen slid her hands up Gina’s stomach and caressed her sister’s tits. Gina moaned as Karen slid her fingers lightly over her breasts. They disengaged for a second – just long enough for Gina to direct Uma to stand next to the sisters. Then Karen and Gina resumed their french kissing, and after a second, Karen slid her hands down to Gina’s bulging stomach and pushed.

A mass of maggots, slime, mud, and filth ejected from Gina’s mouth into Karen’s, overflowing her maw and running down their big, soft mom-tits. Uma stood and began slurping the foul mixture from the women’s tits and stomach. The stench of the vomit was overpowering. Gina’s stomach shook again and she turned, unleashing her maggot-laden puke into Uma’s mouth. Uma dropped to her knees and held her face up, allowing Gina to eject shot after shot that spewed from her mouth and nose, coating Uma and covering the surface of the slimy swamp water around her.

Tiny swamp creatures slipped upwards from the mucky water and gulped at the chunky puke that was floating on the surface. Annika and Laila dropped to their knees, sucking the slimy creatures, the floating vomit, and the green algal scum down their throats. Laila ran her tongue up Uma’s stomach and latched onto her daughter’s young, firm, puke-coated tits, licking off the filth and maggots, and sucking on Uma’s hard nipples.

Uma moaned as her mother cleaned the multiple layers of maggots, filth, and muck from her skin, her soft tongue twirling around Uma’s erect little nipples. Karen leaned down and kissed Uma, then pulled back, allowing Gina to shove four fingers down Karen’s throat and tease her divine gag reflex – not that it really was necessary, as she was a puke goddess for fuck’s sake. But being vomit divinity didn’t reduce the pleasure of throat abuse, and Karen loved the way her sister stroked her tongue, then added her thumb in there as well, shoving her entire hand in and fisting her throat.

Uma took the liberty of running her tongue up between Karen’s thighs, licking her meaty lobes and sucking hard on her big, long, hard clit. She slipped three fingers, then four, then her entire fist into Karen’s cunt, pushing until she bumped into the goddess’s divine cervix. Finding it already gaping, she slipped her arm into Karen’s womb and began a rhythmic cervical fuck of the vomit goddess. Karen’s asshole gaped and a gigantic mountain of anal flesh tumbled out from the pressure, hanging out from her sphincter like she had a gigantic, pink, vomit-and-maggot-covered eggplant sticking out of her ass.

Feeling little resistance, Uma kept sliding her arm further and further up Karen’s bottomless hole. She was past her elbow and going strong. Meanwhile, Gina had her arm well past her own elbow down Karen’s throat and Karen’s divine mouth was open insanely wide. Gina was roughly fist-fucking Karen’s maw and had her arm in almost to her shoulder. Uma gasped when she felt her hand bump up against Gina’s deep inside Karen’s abdomen. Gina grabbed Uma’s hand through the thin layers of flesh.

Karen was fighting back the urge to puke and was in a long string of earth-shaking orgasms that had her knees shaking. Even more of her flesh was hanging out of her asshole like she was pushing out a giant pink anaconda, hanging down almost to her knees. She started to fall but Annika leapt up, grabbing her around the waist and holding her while she came again.

That pressure around her stomach finally pushed Karen over the edge and a massive load of maggot-filled vomit ejected from her nose and mouth around Gina’s arm. The filth coated her big mom-tits and her stomach. Vomit and maggots dumped from her asshole and her cunt around Uma’s arm. Gina pulled her arm out of Karen’s mouth in time to uncork another ejection, this time straight down onto Uma.

Uma opened her mouth and sucked down as much of Karen’s vomit as she could. The maggots wriggled down her throat, tickling her tummy, joining a mass of other larva that were still wriggling inside of her. It was sexy and made the huge dildo that was lodged in her deep ass tingle. She felt herself come again as another load of Karen’s puke dumped down her throat.

Laila, who had been mostly watching this interchange, and stroking her vomit-filled cunt, moved behind Annika, who was still holding the quaking Karen upright. Uma’s chin was on Karen’s shoulder, a perfect position, so Laila slipped three fingers into her daughter’s mouth and pressed on the back of her tongue. Annika’s stomach was already loaded with puke, filth, and maggots, so it didn’t take a lot of effort for her mother to tease out a fresh load of nasty. Annika let loose a couple of mouthfuls of steaming hot maggoty puke down Karen’s already encrusted mom-tits. The chunky, wriggling mass dangled off the end of Karen’s hard, long nipples, then trickled down into Uma’s waiting mouth. Uma didn’t think she could swallow anymore, but she forced it down, feeling her stomach bulging like she was nine months pregnant. She ran her hand down her protruding stomach and felt the mass of filth inside her, felt it wriggling with maggots and pulse with the throbbing of the giant, divine dong that was still deep up her anus.

Karen started to come back to her senses and slowly stood on her own accord, allowing Annika to release her. Annika turned to her mother and kissed her, then shoved four fingers into her mouth, forcing her mother to give her several loads of her filthy, slimy, maggoty puke. Annika sucked down her mother’s vomit then pressed her hands against Laila’s stomach, coaxing out several more hard shots that ran down Annika’s tits and stomach.

Uma knew she couldn’t take anymore. She looked up at Gina, who was beaming down at her. Gina held out her hands and helped Uma to her feet, kissing her.

Karen and Gina pushed Annika and Laila down on all fours into the filthy, puke-coated swampwater. Karen strapped a gigantic dong onto Uma – the artificial cock had to be about the size of the one up her ass. Annika and Laila looked back at their daughter and wiggled their ass, waiting for the inevitable.

Karen knelt down next to Annika and Gina next to Laila. Karen rammed three fingers from each hand into Uma’s baby sister’s asshole and yanked it wide open, eliciting a moan from Annika.

Uma had been waiting for this moment, and her stomach was so distended she looked like she was about to explode. She leaned over her sister’s gaping asshole and barely touched the back of her throat with her finger when an overwhelming tide of emesis shot out of her mouth and into her little sister’s anus. The vomit was loaded with slime, rot, filth, and maggots, and it overflowed Annika’s deep ass and slid across her gaping cunt, then down her thighs. As soon as Uma pulled back, Karen pile-drove her fist into Annika’s waiting puky hole.

Gina stretched open Laila’s asshole and Uma joyfully dumped a load into mother’s yawning hole, then another. Laila moaned, came, then reached back and added her own fingers to Gina’s, pulling her hole even wider. Uma dumped a fresh load in Laila’s hole, then drove the huge strap-on in. Puke and maggots cascaded from her mother’s ass and cunt as Uma forced the dildo deeper and deeper.

Beside her, Karen had her arm almost to the elbow in Annika’s hole and was pile-driving her gaping, vomit-filled anus, causing her pink assflesh to prolapse out. The tissue was coated in filth and maggots. Annika was writhing in ecstasy under Karen’s experienced anal onslaught.

Uma’s attention was brought back to her mother as Laila came hard around the ginormous strap-on. Gina, feeling little mercy, stretched Laila’s asshole even wider around the dong and vomited a fresh load of filth and maggots into the yawning sphincter. Uma did the same and picked up the pace, her stomach slapping hard against her mother’s puke-filled, prolapsing, gaping ass. Vomit-covered flesh wriggling with maggots pillowed out from Laila’s hole around the gigantic dong.

By now the swamp water around them was coated with three or four inches of puke and maggots. From the corner of her eye, Uma saw Sindee gesture to forlorn Angie and Teagan, pointing to the layer of scum. They slipped into the water and began swallowing the filth.

Uma was going for gold in her mother’s vomit-lubricated ass. Gina stood and she and Uma shared a kiss. Gina locked her lips on Uma’s and sucked – pulling out a fresh load of vomit. Uma coughed and vomited again across her mother’s back, then continued her sodomy of her mother, feeling her come again. Puke, flesh, maggots, Laila’s ass was a litany of vomity, necrotic, prolapsed filth, and – both her and her daughter were loving every bit of it. Uma collected handfuls of the nasty around her mother’s ass and pulled it up to her mouth, swallowing it down like caviar.

A glance over at Annika showed that she was enjoying the anal abuse Karen was unloading with her fist and arm.

The sound of puking and fucking filled the glade in the misty moonlight. It was accompanied with moans, groans, and the sounds of small creatures flitting about in the swamp, snatching up morsels from the puke that coated everything and everyone.

Teagan and Angie had filled their stomachs with the filth floating on the surface of the swamp water. But being full, they now were back to being passive and looking forlorn. Uma felt sorry for them and was about to ask Sindee about it when the Goddess of All Emesis spoke.

“Hecate, dearest,” Sindee said. “I think it’s time for you to stop holding out on us. I know you have two more surprises up your sleeves. They can get started on these two sad-looking worshipers over here, I think they’ve suffered enough.”

“Of course,” Hecate replied, and deeper in the swamp, something – actually two somethings - stirred from the muck...

* * * *

Chapter X

The unmistakable sound of creatures making their way through the swampy filth and undergrowth made everyone stop what they were doing and turn. The light from the moonlight and the bonfire interspersed with shadows from the canopy to make it difficult to discern what, exactly, was approaching. Closer the shapes came, brushing aside branches as they pressed through the bog. When they were about ten feet away, Uma was finally able to get a clear look. She gasped, her mother’s ruined asshole forgotten.

Both creatures had Hecate’s face. Somewhere Uma recalled reading that Hecate was able to appear as three instead of one – these must be her other two for the night.

The Hecate on the left had Hecate’s face, head, shoulders, and arms. Unlike the regular Hecate, this version had a fuller bust, and from there down, it was a whole other story. Starting at about her navel, this version of Hecate was scaled and snake like. She had a long, slithering body that disappeared into the water. Based upon the ripples behind her, Uma guessed she had to be at least ten feet long from the tip of her head to the tip of her tail. The other distinguishing feature about this Hecate was the gigantic cock. It was just a smidge smaller than Sindee’s, but it was definitely impressive. It was scaled and the head was triangular like the head of a viper, and a thick streamer of come was sliding from the gaped slit at the end, running down the throbbing shaft.

Next to the snake-Hecate was something else altogether. This version of Hecate was topped with a large pair of steer horns from the sides of her head. Her upper body was similar to Hecate’s except for the larger bust. But below the navel, her legs were covered with maggots, writhing and crawling over every inch of her skin – both above and below the waterline. And like the snake-Hecate, this version of Hecate had a gigantic cock, except this cock was a horse cock.

The women stared, but Sindee laughed and clapped. She approached the two new arrivals, walking around them and admiring them, running her hands across their long cocks.

“Bravo, Hecate,” Sindee said. “These are magnificent! You have outdone yourself!”

“I call this one the Lambia,” said the snake-Hecate. “The name is a cross between Labia and Lamia.”

“And this one,” the maggoty-Hecate added. “This one I call the Maggotaur, for obvious reasons.”

“Excellent,” Sindee said, and turned to Angie and Teagan. “Care to christen Hecate’s latest creations?” she asked.

Having had to sit out the latest round of action, Uma’s best friend and her best friend’s mother weren’t about to turn that offer down. They practically ran to the two new versions of Hecate. Angie hugged the Lambia and Teagan ran to the Maggotaur.

The Lambia vomited slimy, nasty filth down her cleavage, then pulled her scaled cock up between them, squishing her meat into the space between her own tits and Angie’s, as they embraced. The vomit coating all four tits lubricated them and the Lambia slowly pulsed her hips – or what would have been her hips if she weren’t just snake from the waist down – tit-fucking herself and Angie. She and Angie kissed, and Angie discovered that the Lambia had a forked tongue – a very long forked tongue that quickly found the back of her throat. Her gag reflex was trigger-happy after all the action that night, and as soon as the snake-Hecate’s tongue hit the magic spot, she immediately brought up all that slime, spew, and maggots she had sucked off the surface of the water. The stench was something else altogether. The Lambia sucked some of the vomit from Angie’s mouth, but let the rest run down between their tits, continuing to lubricate her scaly cock as she tit-fucked her and Teagan’s mother. She wrapped her snake-body and tail around Angie’s body and slipped the tip of her tail into Angie’s gaped cervix that was hanging out of her prolapsed cunt. Angie moaned as her womb was stretched even wider. She vomited fresh filth across their chests as a steady stream of semen slipped from the Lambia’s cock between their tits.

Teagan, meanwhile, was on her knees in the swampy filth sucking on the Maggotaur’s horse cock. She already had twelve inches down her throat and was going for glory. She had vomited twice and had a disgusting glob of maggots, puke, and snot hanging out of her nose as the Maggotaur grabbed her hair and pushed her face further down the pulsating cock. Teagan wanted to push back, but that would have required pressing her hands against the squirming mass of larva that were coating the bull-Hecate’s legs. Actually, it wasn’t actually the maggots that bothered her, she was over that. It was the thought that there might be nothing to the Maggotaur’s legs BUT maggots. That was a spooky thought, and it scared her, so she refused to touch the wriggling mass, even as a string of the nasty larva ran down the giant horse cock and pushed into her mouth and up her nose. Finally Teagan just surrendered and let the beast force her cock all the way in, eliciting two more massive vomit ejections that rocketed out of her mouth around the cock and from her nose.

Angie was still making out hard with the Lambia, but the snake-Hecate finally disengaged. She stuck four fingers down Angie’s throat, eliciting a fresh load of spew that ran down the scaled cock. Then the snake creature spun Angie around and pushed her down onto all fours.

“Ass, cunt, or throat,” the Lambia said.

“I liked what you were doing to my cunt just a minute ago,” Angie said. Her cunt was still hanging out of her body and her cervix was gaping. The Lambia grabbed her distended cunt, shoved two fingers into her cervix and gaped it, pulling it upward. Angie moaned at the uterine onslaught, then screamed and vomited when the Lambia vomited into it and drove her scaly meat inside. The creature was using Angie’s womb like a puke-filled sex toy, driving her meat in and out as Angie arched her back and started a series of vomiting orgasms that wracked her body and added to the layer of filth on the water. The Lambia stretched her womb out to completely cover the nearly-18-inch scaled cock. Angie moaned softly at the abuse but then begged for more like a whore.

The Lambia complied, squeezing the flesh hard and rubbing it up and down her cock. She slipped her snake tail around and brought it up to Angie’s wrecked asshole. Angie’s loose sphincter was already wide open and hanging loosely like meat curtains outside of her yawning hole. The Lambia didn’t even bother asking permission, just pushed her scaly, thick tail inside, sliding a few inches, a foot, two feet, into Angie’s demolished ass. She moaned as the snake-Hecate punished her asshole and her cunt in a way that left her woozy.

Teagan, at the moment, was also enjoying anal as the Maggotaur ripped its meat-pole out of her mouth, spun her around, and drove the cock into her gaped, puke-laden asshole. Teagan hoped to someday have a destroyed asshole like her mother’s, and today seemed like a good day to make some strides in that direction. She felt her sphincter stretch, pull, and tear under the monster’s onslaught. It was beautiful.

Uma, her mother, Gina, and Karen had been sitting in the water watching all this, masturbating, while their gaped assholes pressed against the filthy, mucky, bottom of the swamp, forcing the decay up into the holes, filling them up from the bottom. Finally, Laila couldn’t take anymore just watching and rolled onto her knees, pointing her ass at Uma. Uma knew what to do and wrapped her lips around her mother’s filthy, prolapsed ass. When her lips were in place, Uma sucked, pulling out a mouthful of the muddy, mucky gunk in her mom’s ass. Uma pulled back and Annika took her place while Uma swallowed, gulping down more of her mother’s vomitous emanations. Karen and Gina had had similar ideas, and now Gina was sucking filth from Karen’s divine ass and cunt, going back and forth between the two holes – both of which were hanging out of their orifices like they were born that way.

Sindee appeared and gestured for the Lambia and the Maggotaur to come to her. The alternate versions of Hecate slid their puke-and-slime-coated cocks from Angie’s and Teagan’s demolished holes and approached Sindee.

The Goddess of All Emesis gestured to Uma, the girl who had been so hesitant and unsure, who was now a devout follower, an obedient vomit slut. Uma crawled on her hands and knees through the filth and knelt at Sindee’s feet, reaching out and stroking her huge, thick, vomit-encrusted cock.

“Yes, my goddess,” Uma murmured. Every inch of her skin was covered in either slime, or mud, or puke. Her hair was plastered to her head. Her asshole was prolapsed and her cunt was hanging open on its own. Trickles of blood came from scratches scattered across her body. The mysterious dildo buried deep in her body continued to pulse and throb, making her abdomen visibly throb.

In short, Uma was radiant.

“Yes, my goddess,” she said. “Tell me what you want. I’ll do anything.”

Sindee smiled and ran her hand down Uma’s filthy face.

“Thank you, but what do YOU want, Uma?” Sindee asked softly.

“I want to serve you, goddess,” Uma whispered. “I want to help people. Ask anything of me, I’ll do it.”

“I need people like you,” Sindee said. “I need priestesses who will serve, who will be kind, who will treat others with respect, and, when the time is right, will give themselves fully to their worship. You have shown yourself to be worthy on all those fronts. If you do that, you will be provided for. Will you be a priestess?”

“I will do anything you ask of me,” Uma replied. “Yes.”

Sindee nodded to Persephone and Hecate (the main Hecate). On the shoreline a hole opened up. The hole was about ten feet square and was filled with mud, maggots, and vomit. The Maggotaur and the Lambia slipped into the hole. The filth and maggots came up to about knee-level. The Lambia lay and rolled onto her back, her gigantic scaled cock sticking up in the air above the maggots. The Maggotaur stood above the Lambia’s head.

Sindee took Uma’s hand and led her into the pit, guiding her to straddle the Lambia’s pulsating, scaly, vomit-coated cock. Uma pushed her body down the massive shaft, forcing it into her cervix and stretching her womb. Maggots from the pit rode the shaft into her body, wriggled between the walls of her reproductive tract and the hard cock inside of her. The Lambia’s meat pushed against the dildo that was still pulsating deep in her asshole, sending waves of pleasure through her body. She looked up at Sindee and the Maggotaur-Hecate standing over her just as they both opened their mouth and unloaded thick streamers of puke across her body.

Uma opened her mouth and sucked down what she could, then just let the steaming vomit slide down her body, across her small, erect tits, down her toned stomach, across her slender-but-distended ass, puddling on the stomach of the Lambia. Maggots squirmed and wriggled around in the pit, climbing Uma’s thighs and stomach, pushing into her gaping asshole, penetrating into deep parts of her body. The sensation was amazing, intense. When Sindee launched a fresh, soft, warm load of puke across her body, she came again, arching her back.

Sindee stroked the Maggotaur’s cock and guided Uma’s mouth towards the huge, horse-shaped meat stick. While a tiny part of her brain wanted to question, she quickly turned it off. She was a puke slut, but more than that, she was now a Priestess of Emesis. She would do what she was told. She dutifully opened her mouth and took the immense Maggotaur cock inside. It slipped easily down her gullet and in a moment, Uma found her mouth stretched wide and pressed against the broad base of the monstrous Hecate’s cock. She felt her stomach revolt and eject a load of puke and maggots, shooting out of her lips around the cock and out of her nose, but the sensation was beautiful, delightful, amazing. The Maggotauar seized Uma’s hair and started slowly sliding its cock in and out of Uma’s compliant mouth, stimulating more retches and vomiting.

Sindee moved around behind Uma. There was only one hole left open. Uma wanted to argue, to tell Sindee that she already had a gigantic dong up there, but she knew better. She was Sindee’s priestess, and a priestess was there to serve her goddess. Plus the Maggotaur was wrecking her throat with increased urgency, and she could feel pulse after pulse shooting through the Lambia’s cock that was past her cervix and deep into her womb. Seed, puke, maggots – they all came trickling out of her cunt around the meaty shaft that was penetrating her.

Sindee’s used four fingers from each hand to stretch Uma’s anal meat curtains wide, then began sliding her immense cock inside. Uma groaned around the Maggotaur’s increasingly intense oral onslaught. Could she possibly take three gigantic cocks plus an immense dildo inside her all at once?

Was she still questioning Sindee? No, she wasn’t, she surrendered as the Goddess of All Emesis pushed the entirety of her thick meat inside Uma’s annihilated, tattered asshole. Uma prayed her sphincter would end up looking like Angie’s – it certainly felt like her insides were about to be ripped apart, but it also felt amazing. Sindee started slowly, but rapidly increased her pace until her stomach slapped loudly against Uma’s slender ass and mountains of flesh pillowed from her sphincter with each stroke. The Maggotaur maintained a perfect cadence with Sindee so that as Sindee destroyed Uma’s ass, the monster wrecked Uma’s throat. The Lambia’s cock continued to pulse and throb in her cunt, and the dong that was still buried deep in her body pulsated hard.

Uma felt Sindee’s cock stretch and tear her insides, pulling her apart, giving her the yawning hole she craved. It was divine. The Goddess of Emesis’s cock pounded against the one that was buried inside her, setting up a resonance that made Uma’s entire body pulse like one big vibrator.

Uma moaned, Uma groaned, Uma vomited, but most of all Uma came and came and came. She lost track of how many times – not that she had been counting. But still the goddesses tore her orifices apart in that pit of puke and maggots.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, a fresh load of jizz dumped from Sindee’s meat into Uma’s asshole. Sindee slowly tugged her cock from Uma’s thoroughly ravaged ass, then reached inside up past her elbow and pulled out the magical dong that was buried there. The Maggotaur jerked free of Uma’s mouth, and she rolled off the Lambia and came to rest among the soft mountain of maggots that still writhed in the pit of filth. She was spent beyond all recognition and felt herself drifting off to sleep, utterly satisfied.

This priestess gig was going to be amazing.

* * * *


When Uma awoke, she was laying on the shore of the swamp. Drying filth still caked her skin, her hair was glued to her face and body, and her mouth tasted delightfully like roadkill and vomit. Daylight was dawning in the east. Her puke-covered mother and sister lay asleep beside her, and a few feet away, Teagan dozed in her mother’s arms.

She gazed up into the dawning sky, remembering the night before, recalling that she was now a Priestess of Emesis. She sat up and glanced around. The goddesses were gone. The cauldron was gone. The pit of maggots was also gone, as were the corpses and the holes they had crawled out of.

Around her, the dawn chorus came awake in the morn. Mist rose from the swamp waters.

It was beautiful. Sindee rose and washed herself in the swamp water. Returning to the shore, she knelt down, bowed her head, and said a prayer of thanks to the goddesses for this gift.

When she raised her head, all seven of the goddesses of emesis were standing before her, Sindee at their head. They were clean and fresh and wore bright white togas – and radiant smiles.

“Oh my goddesses,” began Uma, bowing, but Sindee held up her hand.

“No more ‘my goddess’ for now. I’m just Sindee, and the others are just Gina, Karen, Marlena, Cathy, Abbie, and Luna. Come with us, my new priestess Uma, we have much to do.”

A portal to Olympus opened on the shore next to the swamp. Sindee took Uma’s hand and they all stepped through.

THE END (for now, likely to be continued, eventually...)
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