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Adrift out in open water, miles from shore, I tend to my asshole. I craft some makeshift anal beads and have fun with myself. Then ingest some powerful drugs and trip out lying on the deck at night.
Chapter 74: Anal Beads

I didn’t know where I was going next. In fact, I had nowhere to be. Being retired, I had absolutely no schedule. I did what I wanted, when I wanted and where I wanted. At the moment, I wanted to not get sucked down the Christie rabbit hole. Although a beautiful, sexy slut, she was a hot mess. And Nancy would get by just fine on her own; she was capable. And married.

Early the next morning, I hoisted anchor and motored back into open water before sunrise. Once out of sight of land, I breathed a sigh of relief. Sometimes, other people and life in general can almost get in the way. Although other people are necessary at times, one can do nicely without them for spells.

I sailed all day, no land in sight and only a few boats visible on the distant horizon, usually freighters. With no one closer than 10 miles, it was easy to indulge myself. I realized that my ass had not been used in quite a while. The thought stirred the kink in me.

I engaged the autopilot and went below. I gathered several toys and objects and returned to the helm. Sitting in the cockpit, the boat on auto-pilot, the sun and wind and open water surrounding me, I indulged my kinky side. I got my ass lubed up and chose the first toy: an 8-inch dildo, ribbed. I leaned back, kicked up my hips and spread my legs. Once fully in play, the dildo felt awesome sliding in and out of my ass. I had missed that feeling.

It got me worked up and I wanted to cum before I tried some of the other toys. I grabbed the prostate tickler, finding that G-spot right away. I worked it, getting more precise with it, until my erection spewed out a short shot of cum. I didn’t even need to stroke my dick; the tickler got me there all by itself.

Now that I had the first, small, orgasm out of the way, my asshole needed more. I had several toys at hand but I wanted something different, something new. I spied a hank of rope nearby. It was half inch line and if I tied a series of knots along it, I could make my own anal beads. And a knot in a half inch rope would be a nice size. Capital idea!

I busied myself tying a series of overhand knots every few inches along the rope. Soon I had a respectable, if homemade, set of anal beads. The first knot popped in pretty easily. I had to use my fingers to push the next few inches of rope in, then the second knot. It was working as planned except I wanted the knots to be bigger.

So, I slowly pulled it out, enjoying the feeling of the line rasping on my anus, then the knot popping out. I retied the knots, doubling their size. Looking at them, they looked enormous. It took both hands to get the first one stuffed inside. But it felt glorious going in, like a big fat oversized cock head, maybe even getting fisted. My fingers pushed the rope in and another two knots. Oh, the feelings as these big balls got forced into my ass.

After I got three knots inside, I started gently tugging on the rope, pulling it outward. As the first knot pushed against my sphincter, my dick was stiff and raging. I gently tugged at the rope, increasing the pull so that the knot was pushing my asshole open from the inside, trying to escape. I nearly came when the knot stalled half-way out, sending waves of intense feelings through my body.

I gasped at the glorious feeling as I continued to pull on the rope coming out of my ass. The second knot had the same effect as the first. It generated such intense feelings as it forced its way out. But most especially when it spread the hole wide open. At that moment, I consciously clamped my muscles tight, denying it it’s escape. The fight between my tight muscles and the pull on the large knot that was determined to see daylight, almost knocked me out. My head looked skyward as I grabbed my dick and gave him a half dozen strokes.

The orgasm was powerful, sending a cord of semen shooting up to my chin. My hand pulled hard on the rope sticking out of my ass and the third knot followed. As it gaped my anus, I shot a second thick cord of semen.

Having satisfied my kink with my homemade anal beads and some powerful orgasms, I concentrated on a destination. I was 22 miles from land and my “Love Boat” only goes 5 knots. It would take hours to get closer to land but I had a better idea.

I dumped the sails and did not start the motor. I just drifted. Noting wind speed, currents, tides, and all that, I determined that I would drift at less than 1 knot, away from shore.

20 miles offshore, with no light interference, makes for a glorious sky. I tripped out laying on the foredeck, floating along gentle waves, my mind and body one with the vast universe. The entire sky was emblazoned with the jewels of so many other places. It looked like glitter.

I wondered about sex with aliens, “if,” “how” …. Oh, never mind. My thoughts now on sex I explored those sexual experiences I had not tried. At least not yet. I’ve been exposed to a great many of the sexual delights. But it kind of surprised me when I thought about how many things I had never tried.

With my chemically enhanced mind tripping on my sexual fantasies, and my body in tune with the universe vibe, my cock seemed to stretch upwards into the sky. I stroked him and it felt like he was a meter long! My senses on overload, I frantically yanked him into release.

The orgasm seemed like a cannon explosion, sending a jet of my hot, steamy semen like a spear, miles into the sky. This continued 4, 5 maybe 6 times. It was so intense, I blacked out.

Sometime in the wee morning darkness, I had to piss. After relieving myself over the starboard side, I checked my whereabouts. I still couldn’t see any lights on land and my chart plotter confirmed that we were now about 30 miles offshore. No storms headed our way. A calm night floating in open water. I climbed below and went to bed.
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