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After lockdown loosing contact with friends went back online tofindlikemindedfun
Having not added a story for a while, though now I have time I would add more. Lockdown was a crazy time stuck at home 24/7 bored. The only thing to do was chat, no meeting anyone and to be honest it took its toll but we are through it now and onwards to adventures.

When everything was back to what is now the new normal my desire for more K9 cock was back having lost contact with Elaine after she moved away i was without k9 company, so i went back onto the app that i had used and nothing so i decided to take the bull by the horns and edited my profile to make reference to K9, Knotted etc and waited.

I had not checked the profile for a few days and when I did I had received three messages. One had not got what I was hinting at and a polite no thank you was sent and the other two had promise. The first one I read was from an older woman asking what I was interested in and telling me what she did so the reply was sent. The second one I replied to giving details of what i wanted.

A message was received from the first one so we started chatting.. She lived an hour's drive from where I lived and after some chatting about our experiences we arranged to meet but then the excitement turned to disappointment as she stopped replying to the messages and the profile disappeared.

While i had spent time with this obvious timewaster i had received a reply to the other message i had replied to and due to spending time on the first one i had neglected to answer. When I did, I sent my apologies and answered the message.

I was surprised when they messaged back and told me it was a male and had two labradors and they were both trained. After some messaging back and to and a lot of reassurance on his part I agreed to meet him at his place. I told a friend i was meeting someone and that I would message her to let her know I was ok.

I arrived at Peters house and was greeted by a man in his 60’s and his dogs, it didn't take them long to start sniffing at me and snouts under my dress. I messaged my friend and Peter and I chatted. He was very nice and polite and soon put me at ease. He fired up his laptop and showed me some of the videos of his dogs in action with various females of all ages. I could see they were taken in his home from the wall paper etc.

Eventually it was time to take the dogs and i was on the floor on my hands and knees my dress hitched up over my back and panties off, the dog started licking my pussy and i was soon cumming it had been to long and i wanted it inside me, The dog mounted me and after stabbing away at my pussy soon entered me and started to fuck me had and fast no stopping banging me like his bitch. I felt a little let down when his cock came out but it was soon replaced and back to fucking me.

The sensation was there again as i felt the knott and just had to kneel there and take it and take it i did. Peter manoeuvred the other dog to my front and positioned a stool under me i took the cock in my hand and stated to play with it and soon it was in my mouth. I was sucking away while being knotted. This was heaven.

Eventually the knott release and the cock came out followed by a stream of cum as I composed myself. I saw Peter sat there stroking his rock hard cock. He asked if i would like to suck it, it would have been rude not to after he let his dogs service me. I was sucking his cock when i felt the other dog mount me and started fucking me Peter had a big grin on his face his dog fucking me while i was sucking him. Soon i felt Peters cum gill my mouth and he pulled out showering my face with cum what a load he dumped on me good job i had removed my glasses as they would be covered and i prefer nothing in the way of a good facial.

After getting cleaned up and messaged my friend that i was ok and then sat chatting with Peter about my love of beastiality sex it was agreed that i would return for more sessions. I wasn’t bothered that I was sat there still naked while Peter told me that he had other women who visited and had the pleasure of his dogs, this turned me on so much knowing that other like minded women were living close to me.

I asked Peter about the other women he wouldn’t go into much detail only that they varied in age and some were experienced than others.

I didn’t push Peter for more information as I knew he wasn’t going to tell me, I told him I was up for meeting with other women present if that was allowed, he didn’t say anything about it so I left it at that,

Peter returned with a coffee and one of the dogs had walked in and lay on its side showing its majestic cock I sat there staring at it the urge took over and was on the floor next to him stroking his coat then his cock he let out a whimper so I took that as it was ok and went down and started to suck the cock feeling it gro bigger in my eager mouth.

I had been sucking for a while then I felt my mouth filling up with doggy cum and cum spurting from the sides of my mouth Peter was loving this telling me I had to swallow, with a mouthful of cock I couldn’t answer and did swallow a lot of doggy cum.

Eventually I had to get dressed and leave not before swapping numbers with Peter and being told he would be in touch, I left feeling filled and used and very happy.

Further adventures to follow….


2024-07-06 12:58:06
Good first chapter, more to cum?

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