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Clif and Yuen finally have some time to relax from their adventures. Yuen wants to try a few new things with Clif who is more than happy to oblige.
It was a long day having to deal with the paperwork, post lab explosion, and the number of clones that were destroyed in that mess were all but recognizable. Clif always hated this part. Report the incident, who was responsible for what, did they retrieve the intel, blah blah blah. Yuen on the other hand was nearly done as she recorded the events throughout the day. A forward thinker, always on her toes.

Not wanting to be outdone, Clif asked to borrow the recorder to help him remember the timeline to which he was presented with a well-deserved, “bitchhhhhh,” as she walked away. Grumbling, he accepted his fate and recounted what he could. Not many people would believe that the master mind behind this ordeal was a cat, no less a demon cat. And it didn’t really matter as this was merely another day and another adventure. From the Yeti creatures near the haunted hotel, the caverns that traveled through time, and being lost on an island, this only added to the stories no one would believe.

The sun hid behind the distant hills before Clif was back at the hotel lobby dragging his feet to the beat of a broken record. The all too familiar ding from the elevator was a distant memory. Filled with the thoughts of a nap he cracked a smile. Walking by Yuen’s room he could hear the running water from the silent hall. He could use a shower himself.

As the water hit his skin, Clif felt the day wash away. Lather, rinse, repeat. He turned the water cold and shocked his senses into gear. It’s been a while since they had a good meal and he wanted to grab a bite with Yuen. There was a local place he knew that made some great mac & cheese, mozzarella sticks, and fun dino nuggets off the kid’s menu. He jumped out, dried off, and got dressed to surprise her. Reaching for the handle he heard a knock.

Yuen wanted to surprise Clif just as much. And to help her courage, a mojito was in order before deciding to head to Clif’s room to talk about mechanical keyboards and debate more about “gif” vs “gif.” Being a lightweight, she could already feel her face getting flushed, and the familiar glow was making its way on her cheeks as he opened the door.

She had another mojito for Clif and a deck of cards so they can get back to playing their Crazy Eights tournament. Two weeks strong and Clif has yet to win even one hand. Going out wasn’t happening, and that didn’t matter after recent events. Clif could use a couple of drinks and eating in tonight seemed like a better option anyways. Half an hour later, two quesadillas, a mojito, and Clif was onto losing another hand.

Not wanting the streak to continue, Clif suggested another card game, poker. Maybe this would help change his luck around. Wanting to learn more than one card game, Yuen was more than happy to change things up a bit. She found it cute that Clif was pouty after losing in a fun way. And so, she learned five-card draw. It was fast, the rules were simple, and a hand lasted no more than a few minutes. About a dozen or so games in, Yuen had the main idea down, wins were about half and half, then out came the quarters to add some risk to the game.

They both drank just enough to keep the buzz going, and Yuen found it entertaining that Clif was easily distracted by her side game of footsies. Some more wins in her back pocket and a sip of the mojito, Yuen was feeling a bit frisky and a bit more confident. She was taking Clif for all his quarters. Something was missing though, something that makes the game teeter at the edge, and it clicked.

“Clif,” she said, “Let’s make this a little more fun. Something I haven’t tried before.”

Clif raised an eyebrow and thought to himself, oh lord, another drinking game that she wouldn’t be able to handle. She’d be passed out after praying to the porcelain queen in a matter of minutes. Not to be outdone he said, “I’m in, let’s hear it.”

Yuen leaned it and whispered, “Strip poker.”

For Clif, it had been quite a while time since the last time he had blushed that much, that fast. This was not at all what he was expecting by raising the stakes. After babbling some sounds, he agreed. It was time to step up his game, this is one that he did not want to lose. A sip of the mojitos and a new hand.

First were her shoes, but that didn’t bother Yuen, it was only the start. The next two rounds were Clif’s shoes and socks, his hands were shaky. Yuen barely scraped by with three of a kind, beating Clif’s two pair, off came his shirt. Being a little distracted at the sight, Yuen lost her socks, then her shirt. The next hand was close, both with a full house, Clif’s queen high just narrowly beating Yuen’s hand, she chose to take off the bra and covered her breasts with her free hand. Clif, clearly distracted lost the next one. Taking off his pants, Yuen couldn’t help but notice his boxer briefs did a terrible job at hiding his erection, this added to her blushing.

The next two hands ended in a draw adding to the excitement, Clif was on edge having only his boxer briefs left. His four of a kind easily won the next hand. Not to be out distracted, Yuen stood up, back facing Clif, took her time unzipping her pants, and gently bent over while pulling down her pants. Staring in awe, Clif enjoyed the view. Her panties were thin enough to leave little to the imagination, and she was clearly wet making Clif harder.

Both in their underwear, this next hand would be the last. Three queens, and he already threw away his king, Clif had this in the bag. He placed his hand on the table with a smirk. Yuen rearranged her cards before dropping a few, holding her breasts with her other hand was becoming cumbersome. Luckily an ace landed on the table. She stood up to bend over and pick up the cards, giving Clif another peek, before placing the other two aces on the table. His jaw dropped.

“Aces beat queens, right? Bitchhhhhh.” Yuen walked around the table as Clif stood up to take off his last piece of clothing. Yuen stopped him saying, “I won the final hand. It’s my choice to take those off myself.”

Yuen no longer shy, exposed her soft breasts to Clif as she bent down to pull off his boxer briefs. As she took them off his cock was at full attention making her more wet by the moment. Now on her knees, she spit on his cock, and massaged it around his shaft while wrapping her lips around the tip. She could taste his pre-cum as she licked along his erection before taking it all in her mouth. Moving her head back and forth and feeling his cock in the back of her mouth made her gag a little while also covering him in more spit.

Yuen’s mouth was magical on Clif’s throbbing cock and felt unbelievable. As her head moved back and forth, Clif reached behind her head to pull her hair as he began to give short thrusts into her mouth. Now soaking wet, Clif watched as Yuen started rubbing her pussy. The sound from her moans were the perfect mixture to add to her tongue dancing around his cock.

Clif thrusted a little faster making sure not to push too hard, each accompanied by a gag from Yuen. The faster he went, the wetter Yuen was, and the faster she played with her clit. She stopped rubbing her pussy and began rubbing Clif’s taint, gently massaging his sack. This was too much and Clif could no longer hold it in.

“Yuen, I’m going to…” he managed as he started to pull out. Yuen was having none of that.

She grabbed his ass and pulled his cock as far as she could. Clif let out a satisfied moan as he came in Yuen’s mouth. She loved the sound of Clif’s moan as the cum exploded and reached the back of her throat. Salty with a hint of sweetness from the fruits she has been feeding him these past few weeks. She finished him off paying close attention to underneath his shaft massaging each drip until she was satisfied, he was empty.

Looking up, cock still in her mouth, her brown eyes met his smile as she looked into his hazels. He let out a deep breath he was holding as she licked the tip before standing up. She hugged him before getting on her tippy toes to kiss Clif. Their tongues played with each other and he could taste his cum in her mouth. It never seemed odd to him because something about tasting himself on Yuen made it that much more satisfying.

Clif turned Yuen around and clasped her breasts while she reached behind to pull his head closer to hers. It was easier to kiss him this way. Playing with her nipples made her shudder with arousal and moan into Clif’s mouth. Clif’s hand trailed down to her panties and he rubbed the outside, she was soaking wet. Moving them aside with one hand, he played with her clit and began to rub her lips. Kissing, playing with her breasts, and fingering her wet pussy was almost too much for them to handle.

Yuen let go first and walked over to sit on the bed, however, Clif had her turn around on all fours with her knees near the edge. Yuen was dripping with excitement, her panties barely able to hold it all, and Clif loved every moment. He gave her a little spank, followed by a quick gasp from Yuen.

“Harder,” she moaned. Clif happily obliged.

He bent down to kiss her cheek before pulling her panties over her ass, down her wet thighs, and off onto the floor. Her soaking pussy was begging for Clif to have a taste. In one quick movement he spread her knees apart and grabbed her ass. He spent no time spreading them as well before diving in for dessert. Licking from her clit to her taint, Clif took in as much as he could, and went as deep as he could. Yuen’s juices were sweet and he couldn’t get enough. To go a little deeper, he would spread her lips and reach as deep into her pussy as he could feeling each spasm from Yuen as he licked and her lips tightened.

The moans from Yuen turned him on even more as he flicked his tongue on her clit. This followed by him fingering her and licking her warmth made Yuen a bit weak at the legs. She started shaking, and Clif being the gentleman he was had Yuen lay on her back, this time with her ass close to the edge. He wasted no time spreading her legs and continue eating his dessert. Licking from the taint up to the clit felt just as good as Yuen grabbed the sheets arms at her side.

As she grabbed the sheets, she hardly noticed as Clif reached around her legs and began to massage her breasts and playing with her nipples. Yuen with little control over her legs tightened them up around Clif’s head, she liked this. She managed to grab a pillow to put under her head so that she could watch Clif eat her pussy. Their eyes met for a moment and Clif stopped, this look of pleasure from Yuen always made his heart melt.

That look was one of a kind. He moved up to kiss her pelvis, up to her belly button, her chest, lick and suck one nipple, then onto the other. Her neck, chin, kissed her cheek, and her lips. Clif’s tongue tasted as good as she remembered, covered in her wetness, and some of his cum from before. Trembling with pleasure it didn’t help that the tip of his cock was rubbing along her pussy, she wanted his shaft back in her mouth.

Clif wasn’t done just yet though. Slowly, he moved back down, dragging his tongue along her naked body, tasting her sweat. He massaged her clit and flicking it with his tongue at the same time, and then massaged lips moving up and down. Faster and faster, Yuen’s moans were music to his ears. Rather than the sheets, Yuen held the back of Clif’s head and pulled it closer, she wanted his tongue inside.

“Clif, I’m (gasp), I’m (gasp)…” she managed spasming each time.

Her legs tightened, her grasp firm, she held her breath with Clif’s tongue deep inside. After a few moments and she loosened up a little, trembling from pleasure. She looked down at Clif with his welcoming smile and couldn’t help but smile back. She let her head drop onto the pillow and took a moment to catch her breath.

Happy, Clif moved up on the bed and laid behind Yuen as she rolled to her side. He wrapped his arm across her chest while she held onto it and kissed his hand, she was always so warm to be near. Yuen looked back and they kissed, tasting each other’s sexual desire for the other. Coming down from the excitement, she relaxed a bit and enjoyed being held by Clif. He turned his head to grab the other pillow when Yuen took the advantage and blew into his ear, she knew.

Ticklish and aroused, Clif started to play with her nipples while his other hand found its way to her pussy from behind. Still sensitive from before, Yuen took in a deep breath before letting out another soft moan. He used this time to massage her gently making her wetter and his cock harder. Taking some of her cum he ran it across his shaft and his tip along her clit as they kissed. From behind, Clif spread her pussy, and inserted his tip.

“Clif, wait,” Yuen said. “I had something I wanted to try.” She motioned towards a bag near the table. “In there.”

Intrigued, Clif slipped off the bed and to the bag. Opening it, he looked back at Yuen with a smile, “Really? “

A sheepishly cute smile and a little blushed, “Yeah,” was what she could muster.

“Okay,” said Clif as he brought the contents over to the bed.

It was a little snug at first, but the soft leather cuff went over Yuen’s wrist easily, and then the next one. Clif made it just tight enough that she wouldn’t be able to slip out. Her ankles were just as simple. Some adjustments and Yuen was on her back, arms tied outwards, her legs sprawled open, and her pussy was ready for the taking. Adding to the excitement, Clif pulled out a tie from his suitcase. A glance at Yuen who was already nodding with a smile was all he needed. Naked, exposed, and blindfolded, Clif wasted no time.

Yuen felt the bed as Clif moved on top of her, the warmth from his body was welcoming and his breath on her neck arousing as he kissed her. The tip of his cock was rubbing against her wet slit, she could feel his pre-cum dripping on her leg as he moved. He nibbled her ear at first as he played with her breasts. Her retaliatory ear blowing failed as she struggled to wrap her arms around Clif. He dragged his tongue to her nipples once again as his wondering hands moved down the side of her ass, to her thighs, and her pussy. Between the licking and fingering, Yuen was clearly struggling as she moaned in between her short breaths. Clif relished every moment.

A few more moments of this and Clif gave a little mercy. He moved back into position to kiss Yuen’s neck as he rubbed his fingers along her lips, dripping with her juices. Yuen sucked on his fingers and let her tongue do all the work only turning Clif on even more.

She stopped for a moment and whispered, “I want your cock,” and opened her mouth, tongue out.

Clif repositioned himself over Yuen and started licking her clit as he lowered his cock in her mouth. With limited movement there was only so much that Yuen could do, each moan followed with a quick breath, and each breath followed by Clif’s tongue licking deeper in her pussy. Being on top in the sixty-nine position was new to Clif and he enjoyed it, especially the view. He did however want to change his perspective.

Clif lifted himself from Yuen’s mouth, and off the bed to loosened the straps. Confused, a blindfolded Yuen asked, “What’s going…” Before she could finish, Clif managed to rotate Yuen on her stomach and re-cuff her to the bed, same spread, different angle. Although she could have wrestled around a bit, she rather liked being handled and let it happen.

He stepped back and admired his new view, Yuen’s sweet pussy still soaking from before, blindfolded and now face down, and her ass. Her juicy, spankable ass invited Clif for another round of dessert with little to no struggle. Grabbing both cheeks, he spread them apart before diving tongue deep licking her clit up to her taint. The way her sex tasted had no words, and had Clif taking as much of it in as he could. Lost in his thoughts, barely able to control himself, his tongue slipped a little too far as it reached her ass. It was a bit of a surprise for the both of them as Yuen twitched at first. Clif looked up to see her smiling and gyrating her ass in his face, she wanted more.

It was his first time, and so he took it slow, fine with Yuen, she was loving every moment and taking it all in with every touch. Clif licked the outside of her asshole, the sensitive area making Yuen twitch with each flick of the tongue. She was quite tasty. Opening her cheeks with one hand, he fingered her pussy with the other, and licked her ass. This was too much for Yuen to take, and she was going nowhere anyways. Clif wanted to taste every bit of her. He rubbed outside of her asshole with her juices and went right back to his dessert.

Between fingering her clit, and licking her ass, the moans were music to Clif’s ears. Yuen was practically gushing from all the new sensations. Yuen was trying to say something.

“Clif,” she managed to let out between her moans. “You can go a little deeper if you want.”

Not wanting to shy away, he reached inside her ass a bit deeper with his tongue. More moaning. A step further, he spit on her ass and rubbed the outside, and then explored a bit deeper, it was tight at first and she began to relax. Then the tip of his finger, and the rest. Yuen’s moans mixed with deep breaths told Clif he was hitting the right spots. He couldn’t handle it anymore, and neither could Yuen. She wanted to feel every bit of him inside her.

Clif repositioned himself between Yuen’s legs and spread apart her cheeks. It was easy enough to slip the tip of his cock in her warm soaking slit from all the excitement. Yuen let out short breaths as her pussy was filled with Clif’s cock, and a soft sigh when he was completely inside her. Every so often between his thrusts, Clif would give Yuen a nice spank, enough to make her gasp with anticipation for the next one. Using some of her juices, Clif rubbed some around her asshole and began massaging it once again. Yuen’s pussy tightened around his throbbing cock the more he played with her ass. Before long he had his finger inside her hole once more.

Yuen was in unknown territory herself, she never thought about playing with her ass while pleasuring herself before like Clif has been doing. Although hesitant at first, she rather liked having both holes played with at the same time. She knew Clif was being a little gentler as he too was in unexplored area and wanted to make sure she was enjoying it as much as he has been. Being tied down, helpless, Clif’s throbbing cock being thrust inside her, and playing with her ass was almost too arousing.

“I want… to feel… your cum… inside me… Clif…,” she muttered between thrusts.

Clif was thoroughly enjoying himself as Yuen said this, and that was all it took. Between her soaking pussy pulsating on his cock, along with the pressure from his finger in her ass, and her moans, he could hold it no longer. One last push deep inside her and his warm cum filled Yuen to a point that it began to leak out from the side.

Sweaty and exhausted, Clif laid down on Yuen’s back, his cock still inside her, took a small breather as he felt Yuen’s heartbeat through his chest. She turned her head sideways and Clif kissed her cheek. He pulled out, got up and untied her arms first before getting to the edge of the bed and untying her legs as she took off the blindfold. Before she could say anything, Clif opened her legs and licked her pussy tasting her sweet sex and his cum still dripping between her legs. In one quick movement he was on top of her, hands embraced with each other, and let their tongues play with each other from a long overdue kiss.

Yuen loved the taste of their sex on Clif’s mouth especially after exploring each other a bit more. Clif’s heartbeat on her naked chest was starting to slow down and their breathing was getting back into sync again. His hazel eyes had her heart a flutter, and Clif loved to look into her deep brown eyes that looked at him ever so kindly. There wasn’t much that had to be said between the two of them that they didn’t already feel for each other.

Clif moved off of Yuen and laid on his back under the covers and took a deep breath, and let out a long relaxed satisfying sigh. His arm behind his head a looking at the ceiling, Yuen cuddled alongside him, arm and head on his chest. Looking at each other, they smiled sheepishly, giggled a little, and closed their eyes. A nap was well deserved. Although still covered in sweat and each other’s cum, clean up can wait for a little bit. Besides, there was another bed in the room.

Only a few minutes passed, heart beats settled, breathing in sync, and they drifted off into watching their eyelids while holding each other.
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