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Continuing my k9 jorney
I was out with a friend having a few drinks, spending time people watching. Then my phone rang. The name that flashed up was dog man i knew it was Peter and it was confirmed when I answered. After the pleasantries Peter asked if i was up for another meet with his dogs and he had arranged to have another woman there, i told him i would have to call him back as i was out with a friend straight away asked if she was interested “No” i said “shame about that”

The next day I called Peter back to arrange to meet and find out about the other woman who would be there. Peter told me her name was Gillian and had been visiting him for sometime and was very experienced. A date was arranged for a Sunday so we could spend more time having fun.

The Sunday arrived i drove to Peter's place and was greeted with a warm smile and welcomed in. Walking into the living room Peter introduced me to Gillian, she was a few years older than myself, she greeted me with a hug and a kiss, we started chatting while Peter went off to make the coffee. Gillian told me about her experiences and she was very experienced and told her about my experience and she said “we all have to start somewhere and with time you get more experienced”

Gillian didn't waste anytime she started to undress me and soon we were both just in our panties. She was kissing me and i loved it.

Peter came in and stood watching us both kissing and fondling each other, i had experience with other women in the past. She sa on a stool and demanded I eat her pussy which I eagerly did on my hands and knees pulling her panties to the side and started licking her then they had to come off.

I was licking her tasting her juices and savouring the taste when i felt Paters hand on my hip and his cock being rubbed against my pussy then his other hand was on my hip as he rammed his cock inside me and started to fuck me deep and hard, it took a few minutes to get into the rhythm of Peter’s thrusts and licking Gillians pussy.

Peter finally filled my pussy with his cum when he pulled out the cum started to ooze out of me onto my thighs. Pater left the room and while he was gone Gillian’s fingers reached into my pussy and went to her mouth tasting his cum.

Peter returned with the dogs they were very excited and soon sniffing our pussys and licking them. Gillian got in in position and got down beside me and Pater had the dogs mount us and after a few times stabbing away it found my home and was in. I could hear it panting as it fucked me looking at Gillian she was being filled as well. Then i felt the knot and was lay on the floor as the cum filled me. I must have been knotted for a good ten minutes and the feeling was fantastic.

After the dog released himself my pussy full of dog cum Gillian started to lick me clean this was amazing a woman cleaning my dog cum filled pussy. Gillian moved into a position where her pussy was over my face and lowered herself onto me so i could lick her clean and didn’t waste any of the dog cum.

Peter was sat there stroking his cock loving watching us so i went over and in front of him started to suck his cock, then i felt the paws on my back and the stabbing at my pussy then the dog entered me and started to fuck me while i was sucking Peter soon another load of dog cum filled me up and the dog jumped down and through the corner of my eye saw him licking himself. ThenGillian joined me sucking Peters cock taking it in turns in our eager mouths, then he cum covering both our faces in warm cum we looked at each other and started kissing and licking the cum from each other until we had swallowed the lot.

We spent a few more hours in various positions being fucked by the dogs and Peter and at the end if it all my pussy had taken a severe battering but it felt so hot. After a rest to recover Gillian had me bent over again and had the dogs mount me in turns fucking me as hard as they could Gillian made sure i was getting used and getting a good fill of dog cock and multiple loads later i was exhausted on the floor

Gillian and I got cleaned up and to save water showered together which entailed us having a play while we showered.

Her hands were all over me and inside me and pinned me to the shower wall kissing me hard. I was soon on my knees tonguing her pussy as the warm water cascaded over our bodies getting dirty while getting clean is so much fun.

After drying each other off we sat chatting with Pater then Gillian told me that the day had been a test and invited me to join their little club of like minded women and that there was an initiation test and then i would be welcome to all their get-togethers. I was intrigued and wanted to know more but all she would tell me was that i would be watched by the other women while being fucked by the dogs. The rest i would find out in due course.

We all sat talking then Peter played the video of the days events skipping the boring parts watching myself being fucked by a dog was surreal and to be told that i was loving it just made my day.

More to follow…..


2024-07-10 15:05:26
Great story looking forward the the next instalment

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