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I meet a ravishingly beautiful girl at the marina. She let's me suck her cunt.
Chapter 76: Gloria – The First Twin

After my morning ritual (jack off, coffee, stare at phone), I spent a few hours working on my Love Boat. I did some deep cleaning, and tended to some normal maintenance items. It was early afternoon by the time I was finished. I popped a cold one and settled into the cockpit to take stock of my new surroundings.

This was a large marina with boats of every size, shape and configuration nestled in their slips. Most were well cared for; a few showed signs of neglect. As boaters walked up and down the dock, everyone seemed friendly with lots of “Hi, Captain” and “Welcomes” tossed out. I acknowledged each one.

Eventually, a young girl walked past. She was barely of legal age and wore just enough cloth to keep her out of jail. Her young body was tight, tanned, and well proportioned. Her bright yellow bikini, what there was of it, contrasted with her tanned skin beautifully. She was on the tall side for her age and her long legs just didn’t quit. Her chest was normal for her age, probably 32 B cups, and her tits were firm and standing out to be seen. She defined the term “eye candy.”

As she got to my boat, she suddenly noticed me sitting in the cockpit. Somewhat startled, she abruptly stopped and turned to me full on. She waved and said “Hi, Captain. When did you get here?” “Just pulled in yesterday. I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Sailor. What’s your name?”

“I’m Gloria. I live on the catamaran down toward the end of the dock. My twin sister and I are stuck aboard, travelling with our parents. They say they want to show us the world but, honestly, the world they want to show us is not really what we want to see.”

“So, tell me, Gloria, what would you rather see, other than whatever exotic ports you’ve visited?” “Well, my sister and I just graduated from high school and our parents are forcing us to take a year off before college to see this world of theirs. Honestly, I’m more interested in guys, social media, fashion, celebrities. That sort of stuff. The hunky guys in the office are just dreamy. They get me wet.”

My goodness! “Well, Gloria. You certainly are direct, aren’t you? But I can see, based on your de***********ion, that you’d have no interest in me. I’m certainly not a hunky college age stud, I have zero social media presence, and I don’t follow fashion or celebrities.” She walked down the finger pier closer to the cockpit. Before responding, she took a critical look at me, head to toe.

“No, you’re not like them. But there’s something very appealing about you. You send out very powerful vibes. And, from my limited experience, it’s the older guys who really know how to treat a woman. These office guys, good looking as they are, just want a quickie blow job or a “bend over” fuck. None of them has any idea how to satisfy a woman. My sister and I have tried most of them and they’re kind of boring.”

“Gloria, I’d invite you aboard in a heartbeat. But I’m worried about your parents finding you on some old guys boat! I’m not looking to spend the night in jail.”

“Oh, no worries, Sailor. My parents have gone to visit my aunt in the next town. They won’t be back until late tomorrow. So, can I come aboard?”

I wasn’t quite sure how to respond. Gloria was certainly playing like she was fair game and, oh, how I’d love to ravish her nubile body. Then the thought popped into my head that tonight was one of the parties in the Captain’s Lounge nights. I’d have an “out” if I needed one. “Sure, Gloria. Climb aboard.”

Once we were settled in the cockpit, I asked if she’d like a drink. “Oh, please, if you don’t mind. I’d like a Sea Breeze if you have cranberry juice.” When I returned to the cockpit with our drinks, I asked her if she had ever gone to any of the gatherings at the Captain’s Lounge. “Oh, yeah. They’re a lot of fun. Say, isn’t this Monday? There’s one tonight.” “What time do they start, Gloria?” “They usually kick off about 7 p.m.”

It was now about 6 p.m. Plenty of time to get to know Gloria. We talked about lots of things and I continued to try and steer the conversation to pleasures of the body. I asked her lots of probing questions about her love life and experiences. She didn’t seem offended or put off in the slightest. In fact, she regaled me with some of her exploits and described what turns her on.

“You’ve been very forthright with me, Gloria. Would it surprise you to know that one of my favorite things is to give head to a woman? At my age, my little friend doesn’t work quite as well as he did when I was your age. But my mouth, my lips, my tongue, and my fingers still work really well. I adore having my head buried between a woman’s legs. And, so far, I’ve never had a complaint.”

At first, she looked a bit startled. Then she got a dreamy look in her eyes. “Holy shit. No lie? That’s my absolute favoritist thing! How uncanny that we find ourselves here together. And, by the way, could you fix me another Sea Breeze?”

As I got up to go below to bartend, my semi-erect penis was clearly visible under my shorts. As I squeezed past her toward the companionway, she reached up and slid her hand across it, sending chills up my spine.

By the time I had our drinks refreshed, Gloria was standing in the galley, next to me. “Thanks for the drink, Sailor.” She then downed half of it in one gulp. “And now, how about that tongue lashing you mentioned earlier?”

I guided her to the bed, turned her to face me and started kissing her. She responded like an expert, her lips full and wet, her tongue exploring mine. When we broke for a breath, she hooked her thumbs into her bikini bottoms, pulling them to the floor. She lay down on the bed and reached for her pussy, massaging herself.

I took my favorite position, sixty-nine but next to her, and slipped my hands under her legs. As I pulled her legs apart, her aroma overcame me. It was a delightful smell, a young, fresh cunt, all wet and ready.

I started near her knees, kissing and nibbling her thighs as I moved up toward her genitals. She was twisting and turning, obviously enjoying this. I figured that I’d go right for the good stuff, seeing as she was already primed. Using my fingers, I spread her pussy lips apart, exposing her cloaked clit. I opened my mouth wide and gently planted my lips over as much of her clit and cunt as I could. My tongue explored her vagina, licking up the sweet tasting juices. I tongue fucked her hole briefly before I concentrated on her clit.

Once I focused on her clit, she nearly went out of control. She started moaning loudly, squirming, thrusting her hips. I was having a hard time keeping my lips and tongue attached to her clit. I got two fingers wet with her pussy juice and started finger fucking her, thinking that this would slow her down. Nope. It generated even more thrashing around. Eventually, between my mouth and my fingers, I got a rhythm going. Within moments she bucked her hips hard and screamed out “Holy Fuck! Oh My God! YesYesYes! Oh Shit That Feels So Damn Good!! Don’t Stop. Right There. Oh YEESSSSS!!”

With that, she squirted out enough juices to cover my face and leave a large wet spot on the sheets. I gently sucked her clit, rubbing my tongue in circles around it slowly. I thought that this would help her calm down after her giant orgasm. But it only caused her to squeal, buck her hips some more, and squirt a second time.

Now that I had teased two orgasms from her, I got up and sat on the settee across from her. I slugged down my drink and lit a joint. When I offered it to her, she declined.

“Not now, Sailor. It’s about time to head to the Captain’s Lounge. I need to go back to my boat and change. I’ll also see if my twin sister will join us. Don’t be surprised. We’re fraternal twins, so we aren’t identical. Just forewarning you. How about we meet at the Captain’s Lounge in about a half hour?”

“Sounds like fun, Gloria. I hope to see you there.”

With that she was off like a bolt of lightning.
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