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At a party at the marina, I run into an old flame. We have raunchy sex in her hotel.
Chapter 77: Surprise Visit From Charlotte

The party in the Captain’s Lounge was in full swing when I arrived. There were about 30 or 40 people milling around. Every age, every persuasion, every body shape was in play. And, of course, the hotties from the office were there, tending bar and flirting with the guests.

Being a newcomer, I didn’t recognize anyone initially. Often, you’ll bump into other boaters that you’ve met in other ports. I didn’t see any, although I did scan the crowd for Carrie. I remembered our encounter on my first day. Eventually I spotted her, off in a corner with a few others gathered around, engrossed in conversation.

When I got to the bar, one of the cuties that had helped me tie off at my slip waited on me. “Greetings, Sailor! Glad you could make it. And Sally and I really appreciated that handsome tip you gave us. Jobs at this marina don’t pay very well and your “contribution” certainly helped. With that in mind, the first drink’s on the house. What’ll it be Captain?” I made sure she noticed as I slipped a $50 into her tip jar. I wanted to ensure top drawer service for the duration of my stay. I got her to pour me a solid 4 finger scotch.

As I meandered through the crowd I’d acknowledge various boaters, all in little groups deep in conversation. I still hadn’t seen Gloria, and Carrie was still deep in conversation with her group. Suddenly, I spotted a very familiar face off in the far corner. But I was confused. I knew her, I just knew her, but not from the boating world. Seeing her here in a marina was totally out of context. I wracked my brain trying to place her. Where did I know her from?

She was in a corner talking with several guys. She’s tall, long beautiful brown hair, large expressive eyes, oversized boobs, and hips that don’t want to quit. I cautiously made my way over towards them, still trying to place her. Where did I know her from?

As I got close, she saw me and suddenly squealed out “Sailor! Sailor! Holy Fuck! What are YOU doing here?” I answered “Honestly, I’m trying to figure out where I know you from.” “Well, you dumb shit. I’m Charlotte. Remember? We used to work together several decades ago. We’d have lunch together every day.” When she mentioned having lunch together, she gave me a wink.

Wow! Charlotte. Standing right in front of me, in flesh and blood. My mind exploded with a flood of memories from such a long time ago. Lunch time blowjobs. Pussy face washes. Raunchy sex in the back seat of my Town Car. Raunchy “anything goes” sex at her apartment. After the office closed sex in the conference room. Sucking and fucking here, there and anywhere. I was dumbfounded to see her, totally out of context.

She easily dismissed the several suitors who were crowded around her, all hoping for some action. “Gentlemen. I’m sorry but Sailor and I go way back and we have a lot of catching up to do. I hope you don’t mind, if you could give us some private time.” They all looked somewhat defeated but sauntered away, leaving Charlotte and me alone.

I went first. “What the fuck brings you to here? I mean, you live up north, this is Florida; you’re not a boater, this is a marina. I mean, really … what brings you here?” “It’s a long story. In short, a close girl friends dad just passed. I’m here for the funeral. He has a boat in this marina and I’m just hanging out with some of his boater friends. And what about you? What brings you here?”

“That, too, my dear, is a long story. Short version: after my wife passed away, I retired, sold everything, and bought a boat. I live on it full time and just sail from port to port, exploring the world. It’s crazy that we should end up in the same place at the same time. It’s almost like the planets have aligned or something equally unusual. Maybe it’s a full moon or something.”

She gave me a quizzical look, as if she was trying to make my story all fit together. My story was easily a 180 degree turn from my past life as a corporate attorney. She was obviously trying to fit the pieces together. We had not had any contact since I left the job where we worked together so long ago.

Finally, she drained her drink and locked her big beautiful eyes directly on mine. “I have a hotel room just down the block. Want to go talk, catch up, and maybe relive some of our past sexcapades?”

As we walked down the street, we passed a liquor store. I asked what she was drinking these days. In our heyday, we’d chug quarts of beer, sitting in the car after work. Once the beer was drained, she’d suck me off and we’d go our separate ways. Until the next day. I had encountered her once, shortly after I left that job, and she was drinking wine then. She answered my question: “Tito’s with 7-Up.”

Her room was modest, in an extended stay hotel, complete with a mini-kitchen. Otherwise, it was pretty meager but had a wobbly table, a couple of chairs, the obligatory bed and a TV. It would suffice for our purposes. I created her Tito’s and 7-Up and poured myself a generous tumbler of scotch.

“So, how long are you here for? I mean, a funeral and a wake only take a couple of days. When do you leave?” “Well, I’m here for a week, leaving next Sunday. But I’ll be pretty busy with the family most of the time. I’m pretty sure that we’ll be able to see each other at least a couple of times. I hope that works for you.” “Any time spent with you works for me.”

We sat at the table and worked at our drinks, basically staring at each other. Initially it was a bit awkward. She admitted that she was nervous, as was I. We talked on and on, reliving our past. As we talked, we pounded our drinks, hoping that the alcohol would calm our nerves. I kept our glasses full.

After spending an hour or so rehashing some of our more memorable trysts, I leaned over and tentatively kissed her. It was just a soft kiss, meant to merely break the ice. Charlotte responded and soon we were locked in a passionate kiss. During our trysts years before, we had kissed some, but it was random and used simply as a que that talk was over and it was time for sex.

This time was no exception. We locked lips and smothered each other with sloppy kisses as our hands began to roam. I had one arm around her shoulders behind her neck and the other began fondling her ample breast. As she had both a bra and an overshirt on, her nipples were currently unavailable. We kept up our lip lock as her hand found my rapidly expanding erection.

Abruptly, Charlotte broke from our kiss, chugged the rest of her Tito’s and stood up, pulling her top over her head, and releasing her oversized tits from their prison. Within moments she was nude, lying on the bed, adopting a seductive pose. It didn’t take me long to follow suit. When I lay down next to her, I started kissing her again and we made out for another good long while. All the time we were exploring each other’s bodies with roaming hands.

Soon, I broke free and started mouthing her boobs. Charlotte has generous breasts with large areolas but much smaller nipples. I sucked and toyed with her jugs, nibbling on the sensitive parts while she was stroking my cock. When I had had my fill of her boobs, I turned around and parted her legs with my hands, preparing to bury my face in her luscious cunt.

As soon as I got her legs open and my mouth working on her fuzzy hair and swollen pussy, she started moving. Instead of laying still and letting me do all the work, Charlotte wanted in on the action. She started washing my face with her crotch as I did my best to find and hang on to her clit. She must not have gotten laid recently because she thrust and wiggled, moaned and sucked air, bucking her cunt on my face, ending in a golden shower of sorts. She gushed so much pussy juice that I couldn’t suck it all in. My face was dripping and my beard would smell like her pussy for days! And housekeeping had a major cleaning job to do on the sheets.

No sooner had she finished her orgasm than she pushed me over onto my back. She took my dick between her fingers and ever so gently wrapped her lips around the glans. She tickled the tip with her tongue, licking up the precum. Then she proceeded to give me one of Charlotte’s famous blowjobs.

When we worked together, she and I would drive off for lunch and find some secluded spot. Every day we’d sit and talk for a bit, then she’d lean over and suck me off. Day after day she’d service me. Never once did she fail to make me cum, always in her mouth. She didn’t play games. She simply gave a really good blowjob, swallowed the cum and reveled in her success.

Sometimes on Monday’s, after the weekend, we’d talk about what we had done Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Charlotte was easily 20 years younger than me, single, attractive, and loved to drink, party and have sex. On the weekends, she’d go to a bar with her roommate or some other friend and they’d pick up horny guys. They’d drive off to a motel or some vacant, secluded area and she’d give head and get finger fucked or, even better, would ride his cock in the backseat. If they were in a motel, they’d fuck like bunnies. Sometimes they’d get raunchy and she’d pull a train with 3 or 4 other guys who’d show up.

Monday lunch times were stimulating. Not only because I’d get sucked off, but also because of the wild stories of her weekend sexual escapades. She’d regale me with all the sordid details. How big his (their) dicks were, how many times she could get him (them) to cum down her throat, if they fucked her in the ass or not. She’d spare no details. The stories where they actually rented a room were the best. Often, the two guys with them would text their buddies. Usually at least a couple would show up and the girls would get all three holes pounded until the wee hours.

Sitting in the car at lunch, hearing her tell me the details of her weekend sex got me rock hard every time. Fortunately, Charlotte would always lean over, unbuckle my belt, unzip my pants, and pull my dick out. She gave an expert blowjob, always succeeding in getting me to fill her mouth with my warm jism.

This time was no exception. She swallowed my cock, stroking her deep mouth down to my pubes, then back to the head where she’d tickle the sensitive underside with her tongue. Then back deep in her mouth. Over and over she worked her magic, finally culminating in an explosive orgasm down her throat. The sensory rush as I dumped my load into her sloppy wet mouth was sublime.

Charlotte had a peculiar technique that she introduced me to. After I cum in her mouth, she gently wraps her lips around the head and every so softly massages the sensitive underside with her tongue. It is the most heavenly thing I’ve ever experienced. She worked her “afterglow” technique again this time and, as always, it sent me to places of pleasure that I don’t see often enough.

When we were both satisfied, we sat at the table for another drink. Sitting naked with her, completely satisfied, we had few words. Just simple eye contact that said it all. After the first drink, I lamented that she hadn’t sat on my face in decades. I asked her what we should do about that.

Before I knew it, I was flat on my back with Charlotte straddling my head, her pussy poised right over my face. When I reached up to grab her hips to pull her closer the fun began almost before I could get my mouth on her slit. She took face washing to a new level. This was more of her simply rubbing her entire fuckbox up and down my face rather than me being able to lick, nibble or bite her clit. Shit. I couldn’t even find her clit because she was slopping her pussy from my chin to my nose vigorously.

Then the waterfall began. After just a few moments of her thrashing her crotch on my face, she started gushing pussy juice. Once it started, it didn’t stop. She was moaning, writhing, and having orgasm after orgasm. I lost count after three. She was nearly drowning me in her juices, making the earlier squirt fest look like rookie play. Her love juice was pouring down my face, making a huge wet spot on the bed.

After she satisfied herself, she collapsed on the bed, exhausted and out of breath. I barely gave her time to regain her senses before I climbed on top of her to repay her kindness. I positioned my junk right above her mouth and, guiding it in with one hand, pushed my cock into her mouth. She steadied herself by grabbing my legs as I began pounding my dick deep into her mouth. Laying on her back, she had no control. I looked down as I stroked my stiff rod deeper and deeper down her throat. Watching my cock disappear, then reappear, then disappear back into her wet, sloppy mouth did me in. I jammed my cock in deep, held it there, and shot another load down her throat.

Over one more drink, we made plans to meet again in a couple of days. Weak from such exhilarating sex and mostly drunk from the multiple glasses of scotch, I stumbled back to the marina and found my boat.
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