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This is the second chapter of my second short story! I’m so happy to be writing again. I’ve already been brain storming for a third in a few weeks maybe try a fantasy one. Again leave positive comments if you want and as always, any constructive critism, PM on the forum!
It was now Sunday morning, the sun was just coming up through Erin’s window. Sam wakes up finding himself completely naked still from the amazing threeway last night. He felt his incredibly hard erection he usually gets in the morning and notices Claire is pressing against him with her back on his side and her head in Erin’s shoulder. Erin, who was also awake scrolling on his phone, also completely hard. Sam reaches over and taps his new friend on the leg and he looks over and smirks. Sam motions to his cock. They both look at Claire and gently shuffle to the same side of the bed and start kissing passionately. Erin was on top of Sam cocks pressed against each other. Claire heard the kissing sounds and sat up calmly and stretched.

“Well good morning boys!” She says smiling and look at her two lovers. She reach over and began frotting their cocks.

“Good morning cutie.” Sam smiles at her.

“Wanna join in for some morning glory?” Erin pulls her over, she squeals.

Erin lays on the other side of her now leaving Sam’s person, she’s pressed between them as they both kiss her body up and down. Sam’s hard cock was pressed in the small of her back, Erin’s between her legs.

“I want to be spit roasted boys.” Claire gets up on her hands knees over the two of them. Sam gets behind her and Erin in front of her. She pulls her hair to one side and takes Erin’s cock in her mouth and begins to deep throat him with only slight gaging sounds. Sam spits on her crack watching it drip down and catches it with his fingers and slides them in her wet pussy. A few good pumps in her swollen vagina and it was ready to go. He pushes his cock in causing her to moan on Erin’s cock. Erin’s eyes shut from pleasure. Sam lifts one leg up and begins thrusting in and out of her pussy and sticks a thumb in her asshole. She moans louder edging Erin on to grab her face and start face fucking her. He was using her throat like a toy. She could feel her throat losen, her throat spreading allowing his thick cock to go up and down easily, her eyes were watering from the chocking sensation. Sam reaches forward feeling her throat bulge and contract closing his hand firmly on it. She could barley breath but how she loved it. Her pussy was swollen and soar but Sam’s thick cock was pounding away at her. It was hitting the right spot over and over again, her cervix being beat on like a police raid. She opened her eyes realizing the lack of air was causing her to black out, but she was so close she could here Sam’s grunting getting closer to climax, her vision was fading, Erin’s cock was pulsing in her throat. Fuck! She thought, only a few more seconds and they’ll both finish. It felt like an eternity but seconds later Erin’s thick cock snaked its way out and she gasped for air. The lights went bright as she came back from the edge of fainting. Erin slides her on top of her with Sam still in. Sam had both his hands on her hips and let three more long hard thrusts in before he came deep in her grunting and growling in pleasure. He pulls his cum covered cock out and without a second passing by Erin forces his thick cock in and speeds up the thrusts.

“Oh my god, Erin! I’m close!” She moans.

Erin was grunting and sweating his thighs clapping her cheeks from below. She felt Sam behind her stroking his still rock hard cock with his thumb still knuckle deep in her asshole.

Erin finally goes from fast to shoving it all in and she feels the pulses of hot cum enter her he pulls her down for a kiss. The usual feeling of ropes entering her body.

“Fuck that was amazing.” Erin says panting as she finally slides off watching their cum drip out of her.

“Sam you’re still up.” He says looking at his friends long cock.

“I suppose I am.” He says pulling Claire to the edge of the bed and lays her back and then pulls Erin over infront of her bent over. “Eat the cum out Erin while I fuck you.”

“Oh yes please.” Erin says eating her pussy.

“Oh you better be careful you’re gonna get splashed on.” She grabs her nipple watching him eat her cum filled pussy.

Sam gets behind him and shoves his cock in hos friends ass and begins to thrust in and out. Erin moaning into Claire’s pussy as he gets battering rammed from behind. Sam was already close again. Erin still had some juice left over and began to spurt onto the floor moaning. Claire was rubbing her clit while her friend ate her pussy. Her hips started bucking. She was watching two hot guys fuck while one ate her pussy, not to mention the one eating her out was cumming on the floor.

“Oh my god! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” She screams as she finally releases her juices on Erin’s face. “FUUUUCK!” She yells.

“Holy- Fu- AHH!” Sam cries as he cums deep in Erin. He slowly pulls out finally soft again.

They all get up on the bed panting and sweating like last night on the couch.

“I- could fuck- both of you- for the rest- of my life.” Claire says panting.

“Agreed.” The two men say.

“Let’s make it a regular then.” Erin says sitting up.

“Like friends with benefits?” Sam questions.

“No, I have another bedroom and theirs a finished attic with AC.” Just all three of us move in.” This caught Claire off guard a little.

“Wait so basically, we’re all dating each other? A love triangle?” She asks.

“Yeah, why not, we all get a long, let’s just be roommates, if it doesn’t go well we go back to just fucking and nothing else.” Erin says excitedly.

“You sure that’s a good idea? I mean I’m all for the friends with benefits idea, but dating?” Sam speaks up.

“What happens when we all actually get comfortable and stay together for a long time, I don’t think you can marry two people.” Claire says fingering getting up walking to the bathroom.

“No but if that time comes we’ll figure it out.” Erin says

“Erin and I could get married, Claire you could just be our “Surrogate” and live with us. Three incomes in one house, we just “rent out” her room so her home of address is different than ours. Fly under the radar.” Sam says non chelantly.

Both Erin and Claire look at each other.

“How’d you come up with that?” She asks him.

“Oh I took a fee law studies classes last year learned a whole bunch of things.” Sam says looking at her.

Claire smirks and goes to the bathroom, Erin and Sam look at each other.

“Well y’all wanna move in?” Erin smiles.

“I’d be down, I’ll take the attic if you want the spare bedroom Claire.”

She walks out after peeing and gets back on the bed laying flat on her stomach. Her body was so perfect.

“I think..” she trails off as she crawls up to Erin’s crotch and starts stroking it. “It all sounds like a good idea.” She starts sucking his tender cock. She looks up at him and winks. Sam crawls behind her and starts licking down her ass crack and begins eating her out. She rolls her eyes and moans. She comes up for air.

“I don’t know if can handle any more sex today.” She says chuckling, “You two have been pounding me so hard my stomach hurts.”

Sam comes up and looks at Erin.

“I could take a break.” Sam shrugs.

“Let her finish this.” Erin says pushing her head back down. She starts blowing him as he gets harder in her mouth.

“Well I can’t let her have all the fun.” Sam says crawling up. Laying on top of Claire, head next to hers hard cock pressed down in between her ass crack. Sam kisses the part that’s not in her mouth. Erin watches his new roommates blow him. His cock was in slight pain but he was so horny he couldn’t help it. Sam gets up and walks out of the room and comes back with the prostate massager.

“Oh now we’re talking.” Erin moans looking his new boyfriend walking towards them with it. Handing it to his new girlfriend, she spits on it and slides it in his ass until he jumps a little and his cock jumps in her mouth.

“You know what.” She looks at Sam. “My ass isn’t in too much pain.” She slides up on her knees and continues blowing and pegging her new boyfriend as her other one starts inserting his long cock in her anus. She moans feeling him stretching out her ass. Erin’s cock firmly pressed against the back of her throat she wanted to feel the black out sensation again, she was obsessed, she forced his cock harder down her throat until she can barely breath but before long her prostate massager was too much for Erin and he shot his left over load down her throat. She comes off a little swallowing what was left. He was still hard. Erin gets up behind Sam and spits on his cock and kisses Sam as he takes him from behind. The trio was in an anal train fucking and moaning. Sam was already close but Erin’s thick cock spreading him involuntarily caused him to bust mid stroke in Claire’s rectum. She moans as the long cock coated her insides. Sam’s cock quickly goes flaccid as he pulls out and she watches Erin take Sam’s ass like it was normal. The moans and the looks and not to forget, the kissing. She didn’t want it to end. She could see how much Sam loved it. She turns Sam’s head and forces down on her soar pussy as he suckles her clit. She looks at Erin and blows him a kiss. She was in love with these two. Erin’s quick and short strokes turned to long grunted deep ones as he edged closer to climax. His cum face was obvious and Sam’s moans meant Erin just pumped him full of cum. Erin out of breath, pulls out, his legs were legs weak. He leans against the wall. Sam collapses on the bed. And so does Claire.

“We’re addicted.” Sam says. “I haven’t eaten in 12 hours and I only want sex.” He says laughing.

“Erin please tell me you know breakfast spot near by?” Claire says holding her stomach.

“Oh yeah let s order breakfast and then shower.”

The three of them get in the shower and wash off before sitting down finally clothed for the first time in hours and wait for their breakfast. They all loose themselves in converstaion about the future.
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