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*** Author’s Note: The characters were created by Rydeordie467 for Downtown with No Money Part 1 for another site. Everything in this and future chapters going forward is completely my own work. I am a new writer and would love feedback, good or bad. Thank you.***
Ashley and Nikki grew closer from their experience that weekend. It wouldn’t be something they’d do often, just when the need arose, but it deepened their love and connection. It was also nice for Ashley to have someone to share her secret with, someone she trusted.

As the school year moved on, it was suddenly the weekend of the State Finals. Ashley and the rest of the team were on edge, nervous about how they would perform. As a senior, this was her last chance to win State, and compete in the Nationals. It was her dream to win this for the school before graduating.

She had mentioned to Rick and Scott about State in a couple of texts, but they were really busy lately. They just came back from a fashion shoot in Hawaii for a high-end clothing line earlier this week. She had filed the trip expense forms herself when they returned. She was still unofficially working for them when she could. They offered to pay her, but she declined. Her parents had access to her bank accounts so any online deposits would be spotted. She didn’t get to see them, so cash payments were also out of the question. Heck, she still had the cash they gave her hidden in her room. She only used it sparingly to buy smaller things she wanted.

The competition was to be held at a college stadium in the city. When they arrived, they all disembarked and headed for the locker rooms. There were teams from all over the State, so space was at a minimum. Ashley found a small corner and changed into her uniform, Nikki was close by, trying not to be trampled. As each school performed, the room got emptier which only raised the anxiety levels of those remaining. Finally, they were on deck.

The team piled up in the tunnel waiting to be called, excitement high and fear in overdrive. Over the loudspeaker, they were introduced. They ran out jumping and flipping towards their starting positions. Ashley found her mark and got set, but out of the corner of her eye she saw a couple of familiar faces. It was Rick and Scott, mixed in amongst the media reporters. She didn’t know how they managed that and didn’t have a chance to think about it. The music started.

The routine took over, she had it all memorized without even thinking about it. She jumped, flipped, and kicked, spreading her legs towards the guys as much as possible. When she could, she made sure to smile wide in the direction of the photographer pool. She even landed cleanly from her throw into a backflip. The music stopped and cheers erupted. Ashley performed as well as she possibly could have. The media folks called everyone over, they asked questions and names to put with pictures for local papers and web articles. Rick and Scott approached and pretended to ask her questions while subtly telling her how amazing she did. It took a lot not to hug them both, but it was time for the next school to perform so they had to clear out. Unfortunately, Ashley’s school only got second place. They missed out on Nationals. Ashley was disappointed but they all did their best.

The end of cheerleader also meant school was nearly done. Ashley still hadn’t chosen a college yet, which angered her parents. They wanted her to go to their Alma Mater in town for Law School, Ashley was still trying to convince them she wanted to go to business school. They were still controlling her life; she was to live at home until she graduated Law School otherwise, they weren’t going to provide any assistance. She was on of the best students in school with the highest GPA and that wasn’t enough for them.

They even refused to let her go to prom with a date. She had been asked by several of the popular boys but had to turn them down. She only ended up being allowed to go at all was by going stag with Nikki. They could go but had to be back at either Nikki’s or their home by 10:00pm and the call to confirm it. It was the best she was going to get so she agreed. Nikki didn’t mind either because, while she was asked, it was usually some loser thinking she’d be an easy date.

They went out the weekend before and bought nice gowns, Ashley used some of her cash to pay for it. They booked their hair, nail, and make-up appointments for the day of prom. If they couldn’t stay for long, they’d at least make an impression, even without dates. Then they would go back to Nikki’s for the night, probably mess around. She wouldn’t get laid, but it was the next best thing.

Three days before prom, Nikki’s parents decided to go away for that weekend to visit family. Ashley, now being the rebellious one, didn’t tell her parents of this change. She wasn’t sure what they would do, they let them stay together alone before. They seemed to trust Nikki more than their own daughter. Ashley thought this might be a perfect time to visit the guys and get laid after all. All she had to do was convince Nikki.

“Nikki, I know we were supposed to go to prom together, and we’ll still do that. But this is my chance to hook up with the guys again for a whole night. Please cover for me.” She begged.

“But Ash, I thought after prom we would…. you know, do some stuff.”

“I know, and I’ll make it up to you. I swear, whatever you want.”

“Whatever I want, eh?” Nikki smirked, a wicked grin, “Ok, deal. But whatever I want. No questions asked.”

“Creepy, but agreed; thanks, Nik.”

Ashley called Scott right away, telling him that she was going to be over after 9:00 on Saturday and stay the whole night. She’d be coming from prom and to be ready. They organized their plans; Ashley was going to call them first before she came over and then taxi over in her gown. They would have something for her to change into when she left the next day. Ashley was even more excited for prom now. What she didn’t know was that the guys were hatching a plan of their own.


The big day finally came, and it was off to all their appointments. Ashley even booked a waxing that morning so she would be extra smooth on her legs and pubic region. This was going to be a special night after all. Hair, make-up, and nails were all done by 2:00pm, plus Ashley’s extra stop. Nikki watched Ashley get hot wax poured on her then ripped off. That was not something for her, shaving worked just fine.

It was then back to Ashley’s to put on the gowns and pictures from her parents. When Ashley’s Mom asked about stopping off so Nikki’s family could get some shots too, they quickly responded that they would do that when they got home after prom. Ashley had already left a bag of clothes and supplies at Nikki’s for the next day. So far, everything was going well.

The celebration was at a golf course a couple miles away. It started at 6:00, but the girls didn’t want to be the first ones there, so they arrived closer to 7:00. Ashley’s Mom dropped them off and said to have fun but reminded them of the 10:00pm curfew. The two girls said goodbye and headed inside. It was a Hollywood theme, so there was a photo stand, and cardboard standees of photographers lining the entrance. Inside it was nice, monitors with famous people on them, music from famous films, and fancy, non-alcoholic drinks.

The girls mingled and talked to friends from the cheer team, some boys asked Ashley to dance to the anger of their dates. Nikki stood back and watched the scene, a boy she didn’t know asked her to dance which she accepted. It was a fun night, but Ashley knew the best was yet to come. At 8:30 she found Nikki and told her she was going to call Scott and let him know she was on her way. Nikki went with her; they stopped in the entrance way and Ashley made the call.

“Hey Scott, I’m just going to call a cab and I’ll be right there.” She said.

“No need, your chariot awaits. Just step outside.” He replied, in a British accent. Ashley walked outside to see a large black limousine outside, the driver holding a sign with “Ashley Thompson” on it.

“You can’t be serious!” she shrieked.

“It is prom, only the best for our date. Now hop in, the driver will take you here. See you soon.” He hung up the phone.

“I can’t believe they did this,” Ashley said to Nikki.

“That’s amazing, they must really like you.”

Ashley approached the driver, “I’m Ashley Thompson.”

“Ah, very good. Welcome madam. After you.” The driver opened the door for her. She got partway in.

“Thank you, sir. Nikki, I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks again.”

“Where do you think you’re going without me? You are my date and I’m coming with you.” Nikki then climbed over Ashley into the car.

“You’re what? Are you crazy?”

“You promised me anything I wanted, and I want to go with you tonight. No questions asked.” Ashley looked dejected. She made that deal, and she didn’t see a way out of it. She’d be in trouble either way.

“Fine, you can come too. Let’s go driver.”

The driver closed the door and started the car, and they headed toward the studio, Ashley nervous about what Rick and Scott would say when she shows up with a tag-along. Nikki and Ashley didn’t speak the entire drive. Ashley wondered what her plan was here. Was she trying to stop her from having fun? No, she was going to have sex tonight. She decided she didn’t care if Nikki watched the whole thing.

When they reached their destination, the driver opened the door and helped them out of the car. They approached the entrance and found a note that read:

“Ashley, we’ll buzz you in. Please go to the main studio” – Rick and Scott.

What the hell were these two up to now? Ashley buzzed the door, and she heard it unlock. They both entered but everything was pitched black except a small trail of white flower petals illuminated by black lights. The trail twisted and turned around black curtains. Ashley and Nikki held hands as they walked, a little scared of what was going on. Finally, they were at the end of the trail. A glowing rope looked like it should be pulled. A little yank and it opened to reveal the studio covered in candles, a mirror ball, drinks, and Rick and Scott standing together in tuxedos standing under a banner “Happy Prom Ashley”.

Ashley nearly cried; she had to fight against it so it wouldn’t ruin her makeup. This was the most amazing thing anyone had ever done for her. She ran over and hugged them.

“I hope you like it,” said Scott, kissing her head.

“I love it, thank you!”

“Oops, and we have another visitor. Hello, miss, I am Rick, and this is Scott. Welcome.”

“Hello.” Nikki said nervously.

“Sorry guys, this is Nikki, my best friend who decided to come along for some reason.”

“Well, any friend of Ashley is welcome here,” said Scott, “Let’s get some pictures of you two in dressed like movie stars. You both look incredible.”

Out came the cameras, Ashley was pretty used to this by now and just started posing and trying to look elegant in her gown. Nikki was a little lost, but just started copying Ashley and trying to follow the instructions called to her by the two cameramen. It was a lot; she did see how well Ashley took to it though and how she seemed to enjoy it. The moment was interrupted by Ashley’s Mom checking in on them. It must be after 10:00pm. Ashley said they were back at Nikki’s and were working on removing all the fancy clothing. Her mom then asked to speak to Nikki, who confirmed the tale. Once she hung up, they knew they were free for the night.

As the photo session wrapped up, Rick put on some music and offered the ladies some drinks. They pulled out a bottle of champagne, popped the top, and poured it into some flutes.

“Let’s toast! To beauty and wonderful friends, old and new.” Rick said eloquently.

The four raised their glasses and took a drink. It was the first time either girl had tried champagne. It tickled their noses and lightened their heads. They cheered some more and had another glass. Rick asked Ashley to dance, while Scott took Nikki’s hand. They each held each other close on the dance floor. Ashley reached up and pulled Rick’s mouth down for a kiss. Rick, remembering there was someone new there stopped after a few seconds.

“Ashley, we can’t. Your friend will find out.”

“Don’t worry, she already knows. I showed her everything,” pulling him back down for a deep soulful kiss.

Scott overheard this and asked Nikki, “You know everything? Really?”

“Yeah, Ashley came clean with me. I saw the pictures and watched the videos.”

Breaking away from Rick’s mouth, Ashley asked “Yeah, she knows. What I don’t know is why she’s here. She knew what I was planning on doing but came anyway. Why?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I want to join in today. It is prom after all, I want to learn like Ash did.”

“Are you serious? Is she serious?” Rick asked, dumbfounded.

“I am. Ashley please help teach me.” Nikki pouted, Ashley walked forward and hugged her friend.

“If you’re sure, then we need to get out of these dresses, so they don’t get ruined.”

Rick and Scott were immediately aroused and looked for some dress hangers. Unfortunately for the guys, the dresses were too cumbersome for a striptease act. The girls just unzipped, unhooked, and unfastened each other until they were able to remove the constricting clothing. Ashley was standing in just a pair of pink panties and breast tape, while Nikki was in white panties and a matching bra. Ashley walked behind Nikki, running her hands over her shoulders, down her arms and over her small breasts before moving to the front to undo the clasp, pulling the bra open. Ashley then kept her hands on the girl, moving her fingers down to the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down to her feet. Nikki was now on display to two strangers. They could see her tiny A-cup titties, topped with tiny pink nipples and her fiery red bush contrasted sharply against her pale white skin. Ashley had her do a slow spin to show off everything she had to offer.

“You’re beautiful Nikki, simply stunning,” said Scott, eyeing her young form.

“Indeed Scott, you are a very sexy young woman,” added Rick. He wanted to get his camera but didn’t think Nikki would be comfortable with that.

Ashley moved in front of Nikki, guiding her hands to her breasts to remove the tape sections. Nikki got the idea and then crouched down to pull off Ashley’s panties. Showing her freshly waxed pussy. Both girls were very turned on from exposing each other. It was now time for Nikki’s first lesson. Ashley called over Scott and Rick.

“Take off your clothes.” She didn’t need to tell them twice, and they stripped quickly.

Once they were naked, Ashley knelt down in front of Scott and motioned for Nikki to join her. Both men had huge erections which scared the small, inexperienced girl. She was now second guessing her decision.

“I’m going to show you how to give a blow job. Guys love it!” Ashley said, she traced her finger along his length, from the tip of the head, down his shaft, and to his balls. She loved gently teasing her guys.

“Ok, so get in real close Nik, and watch.” Ashley proceeded to kiss the tip of Scott’s dick, her tongue flicking out over the hole in the tip. She then opened her mouth and let it slide in, closing her lips and making a seal. She moved her head up and down, pumping the cock with her mouth a couple of times. Nikki couldn’t believe she was able to take that much in her mouth without gagging. Ashley then pulled back, letting it out of her mouth. With the amount of suction she had, it made an audible popping sound before bobbing around in front of her face.

“Now you try.” Nikki moved forward, looking at the first real cock in her young life. It was inches from her face now. She examined it. It was hard, long, and veiny. It had a mushroomy head and was covered with the saliva of her friend. While she was scared, she had already committed to this, so she brought her head closer, stuck out her tongue, and touched it against the head of the cock.

It tasted a little salty and also like Ashley. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and slid her mouth onto Scott’s pole. She got it just over halfway into her mouth before she had to pull back, gagging.

“Don’t try to force it, just take as much as you can comfortably,” Ashley said, “try again, and just relax your mouth. Hold on.” She waved Rick over in front of her. “See, like this.” She now took Rick into her mouth, demonstrating for her.

“Ok, I’ll try again. I’ll get this.” Nikki tried again, this time taking a bit less in her mouth. She sealed it up and started bobbing her head back and forth like her friend next to her.

“You’re doing great Nikki, it feels wonderful,” said Scott, encouraging her. She could feel his cock pulse and jerk in her mouth. It turned her on knowing she was giving someone pleasure. She moved a hand down to her slit and started rubbing.

Ashley pulled off Rick momentarily, “That’s my girl, suck his cock. Scott, let me know when you are close, ok?” Scott nodded, placing his hands on the head of red hair in front of him. Guiding the pace of the inexperienced girl. Ashley knew what she was doing with Rick and made sure to keep him from cumming too soon.

Scott called out, “Ok, I’m getting close Ash.”

Ashley removed Rick from her mouth again but kept a hand stroking him.

“Ok Nikki, do you feel how he is swelling in your mouth, that’s how you can tell when he’s close. Do you want to try swallowing his cum?”

This was the part Nikki was most scared of, drinking some guy’s bodily fluids, so she shook her head no, cock still lodged in her mouth. Ashley understood.

“Ok, when he calls out, he’s about to cum. Pull it out and start jerking him off with your free hand. Point it at yourself, guys love that, and it keeps the mess off stuff. You ready?” Nikki simply nodded, “Ok Scott, go for it.”

Scott took control this time. His hands went back to Nikki’s head and guided it up and down faster, careful not to go too deep into her mouth. When he felt his balls boiling and about to burst, he called out. “I’m going to cum!”

Nikki quickly removed his cock and started stroking. She felt it swell in her hand and start pulsing. Suddenly, a white liquid shot out and hit her right in the middle of her face, a second in the eye, and a third by her nose and mouth. The blasts got weaker, about seven in total, and covered her neck and chest in white goo.

Ashley, looking from the corner of her eye, saw her friend getting glazed by Scott and doubled her efforts with Rick. She increased her pace and used her tongue to tease his head. I didn’t take long to hear him laboring and his cock started to swell. She pulled it out quickly, gave him a few strokes and he groaned. She pointed his hose directly at her face and was greeted to an opening jizz shot between her eyes. She then targeted her cheeks, lips, and finally on her perky tits before he was finally spent.

Ashley wiped some cum from her eyes before turned towards her friend, still frozen in place, cum dripping off her. “So? What did you think of that? Fun, right?”

“It was, but also kind of gross. I didn’t expect there to be so much. I think some got in my hair too.”

Ashley looked, and there were some white streaks in her friend’s red hair. She’d help her clean that up a in bit. She moved over to her cream covered friend and kissed her. Nikki could feel their slimy bodies rubbing against each other. There was a strange taste on Ashley’s lips, which she figured was cum. Ashley pulled back from the kiss, licked some cum from Nikki’s face and kissed her again, making sure she learned what it tasted like. Nikki was still turned on, so she just let Ashley drip cooling cum in her mouth. She even started licking Ashley’s face and giving it back to her.

Rick and Scott stood back and watched the scene unfold in front of them. Two young, sexy girls were cleaning cum off each other and swapping it in each others’ mouths. When the two girls cleaned as much cum off each other as they could, Ashley suggested they take a shower to get the rest out of their hair and places they missed. Nikki agreed and was led to the big glass shower. The guys decided to let them clean off while they rested up for the next event. This was going to be a wild night for all of them.


Ashley turned on the water to the shower and waited for it to warm up. She looked at Nikki, who was looking around the large bathroom, and checked out her best friend. She loved her small, nearly flat chest, her red bush, and her cute little ass. Nikki was finally coming out of her shell too, just as Ashley had done her first time here. Ashley checked the water, and it was perfect, she grabbed her friend’s hand and led her into the now steaming shower. She pulled her close and they both kissed under the hot water.

While she was annoyed at first when Nikki decided to jump in the car with her, it felt nice to share this experience with her best friend. Now they were together and washing cum of their bodies and hair. Ashley lathered Nikki’s red hair with shampoo and Nikki did the same for her. Their hands ran over their bodies, soaping and scrubbing. As Ashley turned Nikki around to wash her back, she gave her a playful swat on the ass. Nikki yelped in pain and surprise, then smiled and returned the favor with a loud smack. They were both laughing and giggling but Ashley had a question for the redhead.

“So, how far do you plan to go tonight? There’s no pressure and you can stop whenever you like, but what are you hoping for?”

“I’m hoping to go all the way tonight and do everything you’ve done. Maybe not the anal stuff right now, that looked painful. But yeah, I think I want to lose my virginity. That’s what prom night is for right?”

“Right, just make sure this is something you want to do.”

“It is, and I’ll get to share it with my best friend,” then leaned in and kissed, softly, “does it hurt, the first time?”

“Yes, it does for a little while but then it gets better. Much better.”

“I think I’m ready now then,”

“Well then, I think we need to do something to get the guys excited, don’t you think?” said Ashley, an idea forming in her head, “Let’s get out of the shower and dry off.”

The girls grabbed some towels, and they dried each other off. They joined the guys who were sitting around a table having some snacks and drinks. They were all really hungry from the night’s activities and knew more was in store. Ashley and Nikki both had another glass of champagne while snacking. It was their third glass of the night, and they were getting pretty buzzed. Ashley whispered into Nikki’s ear, and they got up and headed to the racks of clothes. Rick and Scott were puzzled by this but just shrugged and let them do what they wanted.

After a few minutes, the two girls emerged wearing tight schoolgirl uniforms. Ashley had thigh high white stockings, a very short, pleated skirt, and a partially buttoned white blouse. Nikki had a similar short skirt and white shirt but no stockings, her hair was in a ponytail, she had glasses on and was sucking on a lollipop they found in the kitchen. The reaction from the guys was immediate, their jaws were on the floor and their erections to the sky.

Ashley and Nikki started improvising a scene of them discussing Mark, the cute guy in homeroom. They both sat on the bed, continuing this made-up scene.

“I wish he was here right now; I’ve never kissed someone before.” Ashley said in her saddest voice.

“Me neither, I’m just a virgin, won’t anyone kiss me.” The acting was porn level, but that was kind of the idea.

“Why don’t we kiss each other? We can practice.”

“That’s a good idea, come here Ashley.”

The two girls began making out on the bed, their hands roaming over each others’ breasts overtop of their shirts, then inside them. As they got more aroused, the shirts were ripped open, and they started sucking on each others’ tits. Nikki moved her hand under Ashley’s skirt and teased the girl’s pussy. Ashley laid Nikki down and lifted her skirt to reveal she had no panties on. Ashley spread the girl’s legs wide open and buried her face in her friend’s pussy. Nikki moaned and held Ashley’s head in place. Ashley licked and flicked her friend’s clitoris and tongued her hole. Nikki pulled Ashley’s head up and kissed her, tasting her own juices. Both girls removed their remaining clothing before they turned into a 69 position, Ashley on top and Nikki on the bottom, and started eating each other.

Rick and Scott watched the little scene play out and were beside themselves wondering what all this was for. They loved watching it, who wouldn’t want to see right in front of them. They were surprised Nikki was into this. With Ashley though, nothing surprised them now, her being into girls too just made sense. She was a wild animal and a sexual being.

Ashley pulled her face from Nikki’s muff. She took her fingers and spread Nikki’s pussy wide open, showing both guys her insides. They could both see the traces of her hymen; Nikki was actually a virgin.

“Nikki wants to lose her virginity tonight. Who wants to be the one to pop her cherry?” Ashley said, “Rick, you took mine and Scott, you were first in my ass. You two decide.”

“Shit, Rick, I think you should take it. You did a good job with Ashley.” Scott offered.

“Yeah, but I think you should have this one. I got one virgin recently, it’s your turn. Plus, I know you have a thing for redheads,” Rick said with a laugh.

“If you’re sure, ok. Nikki, are you ok with this?”

Nikki took her mouth off Ashley’s pussy and agreed before diving back in. She was nervous but happy her best friend was there to make her comfortable. Scott approached, his cock hard as stone, looked at the small redhead girl underneath Ashley. She was very small; her red hair was so sexy on around her pussy. He slipped his fingers along her slit making sure she was wet, she was soaked. It was both pussy juice and Ashley’s saliva running down her nether regions. Ashley took Scott’s cock in her mouth, getting it wet, before she spread Nikki’s pussy open again. Scott ran his cock up and down Nikki’s twat, bumping into her clit, then lined up with her exposed hole.

Ashley watched as he worked the head slowly into Nikki’s pussy. She looked tight, very tight. She hoped it wouldn’t hurt her friend too much, remembering the brief pain of her first time. She looked up at Scott, who made eye contact with her, and nodded her head in confirmation. Scott pushed hard, breaking her cherry.

Nikki felt his head settle into her opening, then suddenly, it tore through her maidenhood. She yelped in pain and took her mouth off Ashley’s pussy. She couldn’t believe the feeling of having something that deep inside her. It felt like a tree truck penetrated her and stopped in her stomach. The pain was throbbing but started to dissipate. She wondered if that was it.

Scott knew to stop and let the tight girl get used to his intrusion into her hole. She was incredibly tight and hot. He was waiting to feel her loosen up a bit. He slowly withdrew from her a couple inches before slowly pushing back in. He did that a few times before he heard a moan coming from between Ashley’s legs. He knew he could now proceed and make Nikki’s first time feel good.

Ashley watched close-up as Scott started moving in and out of her friend. It was really hot to watch, and her pussy was no longer getting eaten by the girl underneath her. She looked for Rick and pointed him towards her pussy. She wanted to be fucked as well. Rick made his way over, looked down and saw Nikki in the throws of ecstasy under the other hot teen girl on her knees in front of him. He rubbed his cock up and down the length of her slit before slamming balls deep into her. He knew she liked it rough.

The pain of her initial deflowering now gone; Nikki started to enjoy the sensation of Scott inside her. The thrusting and prodding were hitting a lot of good spots she didn’t even know she had. She looked up and now had a front row seat to Ashley getting fucked from behind. She saw Rick’s cock pull almost all the way out, stretching her friend’s pussy with it, before slamming back into her, his balls dangled above Nikki’s face. She wondered if she looked like that on her end. The moaning and groaning from the room was loud. Four people grouped together, fucking each other in the middle of the night.

Ashley wanted to make sure Nikki got to cum at least once, so she moved her mouth above where the two bodies were connecting and licked the top of Nikki’s pussy, hitting her clit and Scott’s cock. Nikki moaned hard and used her hands to rub Ashley’s clit back. Her mouth reached up and began licking on Rick’s balls as they passed her face. The cascade was immediate.

Scott was overcome from the sensation of the tight pussy and then being licked and came into Nikki, Nikki felt Scott swell and hot seed get pumped inside her, this triggered her orgasm, her mouth opened wide. When Nikki’s mouth opened, Rick’s balls went directly into her mouth causing him to cum inside of Ashley. Ashley was overwhelmed by everything happening around her and came on Rick’s cock. Her juices, and Rick’s rained down on Nikki’s face. She took Rick’s balls out of her mouth and tried to catch the liquid dripping down on her.

Rick withdrew from Ashley, a stream of cum leaked out and into the small redhead’s mouth underneath. Scott slowly withdrew from Nikki, white cum mixed with little bits of red blood coated his dick. Ashley held his cock and cleaned it off with her mouth before she released it and dropped her mouth onto Nikki’s oozing cunt, lapping at the cum dripping from her. Nikki felt what Ashley was doing and brought Ashley’s pussy down to her mouth, eating her creampie as well. Both guys were exhausted; but they watched the girls eat their cum out of each other. They didn’t know if this night would ever be topped.

Each girl sucked and licked the other clean, their faces covered in multiple different fluids, pussy juice, saliva, and cum. They managed to bring each other off into another orgasm before they finally stopped and embraced. They used their towels from earlier and cleaned themselves up. This was an amazing night, but it was now 3:00am and they all needed to get some sleep.

“Where do you guys’ sleep?” Ashley asked, realizing she’s never seen a bedroom.

“Upstairs, the bedrooms are up on the second floor,” said Scott, “I think they used to be office rooms. Shall we all go to bed?”

“I think so, it’s pretty late,” said Ashley, “who sleeps with who?”

“I think we should switch partners, I sleep with Rick,” said Nikki, “and you sleep with Scott.”

They all agreed with that suggestion and headed off to bed. There was still time in the morning to get up to some shenanigans.


Ashley woke up around 9:00 the next morning, Scott had his arms around her. It was nice to wake up with someone, she thought. She woke up with Nikki, but this was different. She felt safe and protected. She wanted to stay wrapped up like that for longer but had a wicked idea. She slowly slid down Scott’s naked body, saw his partially erect dick and took it in her mouth. Bobbing her head and working her throat, she managed to get his fully hard. Scott began to stir with the sensation.

“Well good morning to you too, Ash,” he said, pulling her up for a kiss. “That has to be my favorite way to wake up.”

“Anything for you, Scott. After everything you two did for us, how nice an evening that was, I’ll give you anything you want. Just ask.”

“Well, I don’t have an idea yet. Give me a raincheck and I’ll come up with something. Right now, though, I want you to ride my cock.”

Ashley simply smiled, “OK!” and climbed on top of him. She moved her dripping pussy into position, lining it up with his hard cock, and lowered herself on it. No matter how many times she’s had sex, the first penetration always feels the best. She can feel herself stretching to accommodate the intruding member. It feels great after too, but that first insertion is special.

Scott felt his cock become encased in her wet velvety snatch. As much as he enjoyed the feeling of taking Nikki’s virgin pussy last night, he loved being inside of Ashley. She was always tight, wet, and ready to go. He wonders what his life, and Rick’s, would have been now if Ashley hadn’t needed a ride. Now here she is, naked and slowly riding his cock. He watched her rise up, almost all the way off, before dropping back down. Her small, perky B-cup tits would bounce when she hit the top and bottom. He pulled her down for a tender kiss. She kissed him back, grinding her hips on his cock.

Ashley pulled back from the kiss, leaned over and thrust one of her tits into his mouth. This was the slowest sex she had since her first time, it felt different though, more passionate. She liked it. It didn’t always have to be hardcore fucking, though she did love that too. It was also the first time she was having sex alone with one of the guys. She could focus more on the feelings inside herself, the thrusting, burrowing cock that was filling her up. Ashley was gently moaning and breathing quickly, she knew she was close to cumming.

Scott suckled on each of Ashley’s tits. Then used his hands to knead her soft flesh and nipples. They were increasing their pace, but Ashley looked like she was closer than he was. He decided to push her over the top. He slid a hand between her legs and stroked her clitoris, bringing about a loud moan. Her pussy started contracting and squeezing his cock, trying to get him to let loose his seed. He managed to resist as he withdrew his now soaked hand, Ashley took it and licked his fingers clean. Scott decided he wanted to switch positions, so he grabbed hold of her waist and rolled her over onto her back, without pulling out of her.

Ashley let herself be moved onto her back, she liked being on the bottom too, letting Scott take control. She wrapped her legs around his ass as he moved in and out of her. She could feel him hitting deep inside her again, hitting some sensitive spots. She moved her hips up to get him even deeper when he plunged in. Ashley was starting to feel his desperation and knew he was getting close to cumming.

“Fuck me, Scott. Why do you want to cum? Cum wherever you want.”

“Ugh, I think I’ll cum in you. Your pussy just feels so good.”

“Then pound me Scott, fill me up deep. Make me cum when you do it.” Ashley said, moving her legs up onto his shoulders. In this new position, Scott was thrusting nearly straight down into the small girl. She could feel him as deep as she could have him. They kissed between her upturned legs before Ashley came, her pussy contracting again. This time it caused Scott to blast hot semen into her waiting cavity. Ashley just loved the sensation of cum being sprayed in her. The wet heat, the twitching cock, and the look on her lover’s face of pure bliss.

Ashley let her legs fall off Scott’s shoulders while he stayed inside her catching his breath. That was definitely a fun way to start the day. But start the day they must. When he removed himself from her hole, cum leaked out, down her beautiful ass, and pooled on the bed. Ashley also got out of bed, and they headed towards the stairs to take a shower and eat breakfast.

As they left the room, they could hear moaning and squeaking sounds coming from the other bedroom. It looked like Nikki and Rick were awake and playing. There was a loud groan and a little yell, shortly afterwards, then the two emerged from the bedroom. Ashley greeted her friends with a kiss each, noting the white liquid in Nikki’s red pubic hair and running down her legs. She trained her well.

Ashley and Scott decided to take a shower together. It was soft and gentle, just cleaning, soaping, and touching each other. While Ashley was hoping to get one more ride before she left, this was a cooldown experience. They got out and toweled off to be replaced by Rick and Nikki. Who were probably going to do the same thing.

Ashley grabbed a bagel and was walking around the gallery when she saw her hanging picture. She looked good blown up. Scott walked up beside her, put his arm around her and asked if she would let them show pictures of her to other people.

“Other people? What pictures, the sex ones?”

“No, no, no, during one of our shoots here, someone inquired about who you were and what work you’ve done. We just said you were our friend and helped pose for some pictures. They wanted to see more.”

“Really? You aren’t going to show my naked pictures to anyone, right?”

“No, of course not. These would just be a few of the better pictures we’ve taken of you dressed up.”

“Alright,” Ashley said, concerned but trusting, “you have my permission, for now.”

Nikki and Rick exited the shower giggling and laughing. The foursome just sat and enjoyed each others’ company, laughing and chatting. Ashley noticed that it was getting close to 11:00 and that they’d have to go home soon. She tried to rally Nikki to some more naughty activities, but she was wiped out and sore. Ashley would not let that deter her.

She walked over to Rick and sat on his lap, giving him a small lap dance. She could feel him rising against her butt to signal it was working. Turning, she put straddled him in the chair, licking from his neck to his lips. Then grabbing the back of his head and kissing him hard. His penis was now fully erect between her legs. She got up and led him by the cock to the bed where she got on her hands and knees, spread her legs slightly and pointed at her opening. Rick wasn’t going to say no to an open invitation, so he lined up and thrust deep within her.

“Oh fuck, yeah!” she moaned, “I want you to fuck me hard and fast, Rick. Make me scream for it.”

“Ok, let me know if it goes too far.” Rick then grabbed her roughly by the hips and slammed into her. He would pull out almost entirely and push into her at full force, practically knocking her over the first couple of times. Once she braced herself, she started moaning and pushing back into him. Rick took a hand of her hips, raised his hand, and slapped her hard on the ass. Ashley didn’t expect it and tightened up, gripping his cock. She groaned out in pain and pleasure. He reached up and swatted her again. Ashley came on the second slap, dripping juices onto his cock.

While Ashley recovered from her recent orgasm, Rick started eyeing her little pink asshole. He hasn’t had the pleasure of enjoying that yet. He wet a couple of his fingers along her dripping snatch and rubbed them against her back door. He slowly inserted his index finger up to the second knuckle, feeling how tight she was back there. His cock was already dripping wet, so he pulled out of her pussy and placed it against her chute. Slowly, he pushed in.

When Ashley felt his finger in her ass, she knew what was coming. She hoped this time would be less painful than her first time. As he inched his way inside her, she felt him deep in her anal cavity. It felt good. She was ready to another butt fucking, although she did want something in her pussy too. Then she saw Scott.

Scott watched the scene in front of his and looked over to Nikki who was absentmindedly rubbing her twat. He asked if she wanted to do anything, but this was all she could handle right now. As he watched Ashley take Rick’s cock in her ass, he got up and gave them the lube bottle, just in case.

Ashley asked, “Scott, one of my holes is empty. Please, I need you to fill it.”

“You are an insatiable little slut, aren’t you?” replied Scott.

“Yes, I figured let’s end this prom with a bang.”

Rick stopped moving and added some lube while Scott crawled underneath Ashley. Scott rubbed his cock back and forth to get it wet, then plunged it into her waiting pussy, slamming it into her a few times before Rick started up again. The two men double teamed the small, high school cheerleader, with her begging for more.

Nikki was masturbating furiously watching her friend be sandwiched between the two guys. She got out of the chair and walked closer to get a better look at Ashley’s holes being stretched. While the inside of her pussy was sore, the rest begged for attention. She saw Scott laying down below Ashley and got an idea. Careful not to interrupt the ruckus activity close by, she moved overtop of Scott’s face and lowered her pussy lips on his mouth. She immediately felt a tongue snake along from her asshole up to her clit. Her moaning joined the chorus forming a quartet of pleasure.

Ashley was getting pummeled in her pussy and ass; she was in ecstasy at all the sensations running through her body. In front of her, Nikki was riding Scott’s face, her little titties at mouth level. Ashley pulled her in and sucked on her tiny pink nipples, going from one to the other. Nikki pulled her off her breasts and brought her in for a sloppy kiss, breathing was heavy due to the action happening to their nether regions.

The friction from the two cocks inside her started to be too much. She pulled away from Nikki’s kiss and yelled as a massive orgasm rocked her body. Her twitching, jerking, and contracting muscles caused Rick to cum inside her ass. The hot cum splashed deep inside her colon. Scott pounded into her hard until her shot off into her pussy, his second time this morning. Feeling both men empty their nuts into her used orifices caused Ashley another orgasm, spraying her juices across both men. Nikki watched the whole spectacle with awe and soaked Scott’s face.

The four of them collapsed on the bed together, completely worn out. Nikki checked on Ashley who was leaking cum everywhere. Nikki had watched Ashley become a cum receptacle for the two men. The redhead wondered how she was doing.

“How am I doing? Amazing. This was the best time ever,” she said with exhaustion in her voice.


Everyone finally cleaned themselves up and got dressed. It was sadly time for the girls to go home. They were given some summer dresses to wear and had their prom gowns protected in dress bags. Rick called them a car to take them home but first they all kissed and said goodbyes. Nikki thanked everyone for letting her crash their party and letting her join in. They thanked her for being so open to them and she was always welcome there too. Ashley thanked them for the best prom ever.

She was sad to leave but she knew she’d be back as soon as she could. Maybe she’d be able to stay the night again, or maybe two. She still had decisions to make about college and what she wanted to do with her life. And it was her life, not her parents. This night helped solidify that for her. There was going to be some fights to have, but she was getting ready for them.
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