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Brad and Ann have worked together for years. They have gone on business trips together, but never to Austin, When Brad tries to slip away for his usual afternoon dip at Hippie Hollow, Ann is determined she is coming along. Their very professional relationship turns into something else. Join in the fun as they work out their midlife crises in a week of sexual abandon
Business Trip Chapter 4

Copyright © 2024 by W. Richard St. James

This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental

ANN WENT BACK into the ladies locker and rinsed herself off, wincing as the water hit her. God, she was chewed up. There was no way she was going to get those panties back on, or the bra. Oh well. The skirt was plenty long, the blouse not too low cut. She’d be fine. Except she couldn’t keep her balance in the heels. What was the matter with her? Too many beers already, or was she just too tired, legs barely able to hold her up? She crammed the underwear into her purse and staggered barefoot, clutching the shoes, to the elevator. She’d originally intended to go straight down to the lobby to the happy hour, but no way. She was going to get off at her floor and hope no one was out in the hall to see her. Especially not Brad. Thank God, the hall was empty. She pulled out her key, spilling her panties on the floor in the process. But no one was there to see as she scooped them up and retreated to the safety of her room.

What to wear then? Shorts? Same problem as the panties. The skirt from last night? No, she didn’t need a repeat of the flash-a-thon. What about the little white one then, almost like a tennis skirt? It was a little longer, wasn’t it? Maybe not, but those two were the only ones she’d brought with her. Okay, what about a top? The one from last night was disgusting. Okay she had a tank top, hot pink but anything would go with white. Without a bra? Were her nipples showing? Maybe if she just tucked it like that. Yeah, that would work. God, it was already ten of. She had to get going before happy hour was over. Not that she needed more booze, but what if she missed Brad completely? She looked at the phone. No, it wasn’t flashing. Brad hadn’t called the room at least. Sandals, again, at least she could walk in those. Although both butt and pussy were complaining with each step. How the hell was she going to come back for another round of that in two days? Lotion, they’d had some lotion at the adult shop, and when she asked what it was for the clerk had given a little smirk. Now she understood.

When she got down to the happy hour at last, five minutes to go, there was no sign of Brad. What the hell? Had he given up on her?

“Here honey. It’s a double. You look like you could use it.” The bartender handed her a glass full of something cold and sweet and she guzzled it down absentmindedly. Okay, what now? Go over to the restaurant and have some dinner? Brad came rushing in. He was still holding the bag with his work clothes in it.

“Sorry. Been waiting long?”

“Not really.”

“Last call. Want a double?”

Brad frowned. “What are we doing? Going to that volleyball place?”

“Not tonight. Maybe tomorrow.” Jumping around with no panties? Or bra, for that matter? If she even could jump? “Maybe just stay here.”

“Okay. I could use that double then.” He grabbed the drink and led her over to the restaurant.

“Hey Brad, good to see you.” The waiter smiled as they entered. “Who’s the lady?”

“This is Ann. Ann has come with me to Atlanta many times, but this is her first time to Austin.”

“Well, honey, what do you think of our little city?”

“I like it. I like it a lot.”

“Brad drag you over to the lake yet?”

“Yesterday. Nothing like that in Atlanta.”

“I would guess not. Okay. You having the usual?”

“Okay. But Ann here would like a menu.”

“Sure thing. How about the Southwest Chicken Salad?”

“That would be good.”

“And beer for you also?”

“Yeah, why not?” She realized dimly that she might have passed the point of no return with that double. She wasn’t aching nearly as much. For the moment.

“So what did you do all afternoon?” Brad had tossed down the drink from happy hour and he was going after the beer.

“Oh, just hung out at the pool, until I came down to the happy hour.”

“That little indoor pool?”

“There’s one up on the roof.”

“There is? Never knew that. How do you get there?”

“You take the elevator up to the penthouse.” That drew a blank look from Brad. “You need to know someone who’s staying there. Which I do, from last night. How about you? You were over at the lake a long time.”

“Not really. We came back here first, remember?” Brad looked defensive. “Well, it did get a little strange. Not that it doesn’t fairly often. You know some nights there are party boats, just beyond the edge of the swimming area? And they come along with me as I’m swimming, asking me if I’d like to come on board for a drink. And who knows what else?”

“With your clothes back on the shore?”

“And car keys? Like what’s to keep them from just sailing away with you on board? But it wasn’t that. When I came back there were two guys on my rock. Which was really odd, because the place was not exactly busy, and my shoes and towel were there. With the car keys in the shoes.”

“Just sitting on the rock.”

“They were lying on it. In spoon position. Know what that is?”

Ann nodded. “Fucking?”

“Well, they were just sort of together. Cuddly. The guy in the back rubbing the other one's shoulders. And yeah, with his cock up his ass.” Brad frowned at how that didn’t come out quite right. “Ever have a back rub like that?”

“No. What about you?”

“Not on the receiving end. So I got out of the water and they barely gave me a glance. Then one of them sort of lazily asked me if I would care to join them.”

“And you did?”

“No, but I sort of watched them for a while. I wouldn’t have until last night, but I was wondering what it would be like, with a real penis.”

“Yeah, I was in a sorority and we used to do a lot of stuff with dildos. I know what you mean. So you were jerking off watching two guys fuck?” Brad’s blush was enough of an answer. “Naughty boy.”

The food came. Brad was having ribs again. Why was that a surprise? Brad was a creature of habit. Including screwing his wife every night. Why couldn’t she find someone like that, instead of Evan? Who had to be reminded to have dinner, let alone have sex.

“So what’s Katie up to? I was surprised she was out here again.”

“Still out here,” Ann giggled. “You know Harry?”

“Sure. Really bright guy.”

“Well, Katie and Harry are a number. She’s staying with him now. Saving the company some money.” Ann giggled again. “She’s talking about transferring. What?” That was at Brad’s grimace.

Brad gave a long sigh.

“What? You don’t think they’re going to make it? You’re just milking this so you can take your fucking trips out to Hippie Hollow?”

“Ann, exactly what is the status of this project?”

“You don’t know?”

“No, I don’t know. Every time I turn around they’re wandering in with some new requirement. Look, the first thing I did for Atlanta was to write them a general design. Which they didn’t have, even though they were supposedly starting to do their code. I wrote up a design and they came back with we need this, that or the other so I figured out how that fit and put it in. But the point is I know the scope of what they need to do. I’ve been inspecting all the code and I know where they are. I know really hands on, not just from looking at some chart of completed tasks. But here it’s not an application I’m that familiar with, I never wrote the design. I have no clue how much they’ve done or how much they have left to do.”

“Oh. Well Harry doesn’t seem worried.”

“At least the Atlanta folks knew enough to know they were in trouble.”

“So you know they’re going to fail?”

“I don’t know if they’re going to make it. Look the way things are going in this company I don’t know if any of us are going to have jobs in a couple years.”

“Even if you pull this off?”

“Even if I pull this off.”

“How can you handle all the stress?”

“I don’t know.” Brad gave a shrug. He took another sip on his Lone Star. Was that how he handled it, drinking too much? Flirting too much? Enjoying the scenery out at the lake?

“Your wife knows how risky this is?”

“Maybe. It’s not like I’ve hidden it from her. What about that last project we worked on? Wasn’t that a disaster from day one?”

“There wasn’t any threat of layoffs then. The company was still full employment. Now who knows? Where is all this coming from?”

“I don’t know.” The waiter showed up with two more bottles and their food. Brad realized he was having ribs again. “I’m riding a hot streak. I’ve had them before, never quite on this scale. I know they don’t last forever.”

“Long enough to get us out of this mess?”


“And what will you do when you can’t come out to Austin any longer?”

“Oh there are lakes at home.”

“Stephie said you go skiing in the nude?”

That was enough to make Brad sputter on his beer. “Cross country. Back in the woods on a nice clear day, not much wind. The snow is like a sun mirror.”

“What if you fall?”

“It’s cold. But you’re putting out so much body heat it doesn’t stay cold once you get back up and get moving. I don’t fall very often, anyway.”

“You really are very strange. Have you always been this way?”

“Mostly since I got married. More respectable and more wild at the same time.”

“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

“Not quite that bad. What about you, letting out your secret slut?”

“I’ve worn this outfit in Atlanta.”

“With underwear.”

That was enough to make her blush. Well, they were all by themselves at the back of the restaurant. She hadn’t been taking any precautions about hiding her lack of panties. “Everything is sore.”


“Again.” She let that drop, and for good measure hiked up her skirt for a very unladylike scratch.

“You weren’t just hanging out by the pool?”

“Not exactly. They want me to come back Thursday evening. Well, I figured if the sun was out we’d be going for a swim.” She saw the look of disappointment. “They said it would be an hour, so figure two. We could have dinner after?”

“Sure.” Brad was getting more and more baffled. Who were “they” and what was going to take an hour or so. Okay, figure it out. It had something to do with her afternoon hanging out at the penthouse pool. An afternoon which had left her all chafed and sore. So “they” must have been up at the pool. Now who would she know with access to the penthouse? That guy Sam, from last night. He had the look of someone who stayed at the penthouse level. What, she’d maneuvered herself back to the hotel by herself just so she could hook up with Sam again? “You really are one conniving little bitch.”

“That’s what Katie said.” Ann gave a little giggle.

“So just who is this Sam guy, anyway?”

She didn’t even bother to ask why he was asking that. This was Brad, after all. “Sam Minton.” She was waiting for some shock of recognition, but there was none. “He’s really big in the country music world.”

“Really. Never heard of him. Singer?”

“Not so much these days. He mostly runs his business. Or at least pretends to run it.”

“Which is?”

“Mostly music.” She paused. “They make some movies, too.”

“What kind of movies?”

“Some mainstream. Made for tv, that kind of thing.”


No answer.

“Is that why they want you Thursday?”

No answer.

“Look Ann, I know that this is the week of the inner slut. And that’s fine, really it is. I’ve had girl friends who needed to go on a slutfest every once in a while and it never bothered me. But don’t do something you’re going to regret down the road.”

“They’ll give me a wig, fake tattoos, fake piercings. No one will know it’s me. It’s none of your business, anyway.”

“Then why are you telling me about it?”

“Okay, I guess that’s a fair question.” She sighed. “They said you could come along. If you want. To watch.”

“Do you want me to? I suppose that’s a silly question. Unless you’re trying to get me to talk you out of it.”

“So you had girlfriends who were sluts?” Time to change the topic.

“My college girlfriend was very shy when we first met. We went through a long mutual seduction. We were both pretty clueless but we figured it out. At least most of it.”

“It was like that with Evan. So wonderful.”

“Yes. She was my one true love. Except she got restless. So she would let herself get picked up for one night stands and describe to me in detail what had happened. Then she broke up with me completely.”

“That’s terrible.”

“Then my second girlfriend, the student who seduced me, was into fucking anything that moved. She told me much later that when she was in high school she’d been living with her mother out in California and she’d had this really torrid love affair with a Danish exchange student. She’d leave her bedroom window open and he’d crawl through and spend the night with her. But then he went back to Denmark and she fell apart. Tried to commit suicide. Got herself locked up for a while in an institution. Then she came to New York to live with her father and went to the Dalton school. Spent her time there seducing all her teachers.”

“So you weren’t her first rodeo.”

“Seems not. But she moved in with me.”

“While you were her teacher?”

“Teaching assistant. And there wasn’t such a taboo in those days. Still not something I’m proud of.”

“Here I always thought you were so sweet and innocent.”

“Same goes for you, dear heart.”

The waiter came to claim their dirty dishes. He had brought along coffee and a chocolate fudge brownie sundae for Brad.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry. Force of habit. Would you like to order some dessert?”

“Maybe I’ll just nibble on some of that? If it’s okay?”


“I’ll get you another spoon then. And some coffee?” The waiter was back with those and the check. “Put it on your rooms?” He had already done that, assigning the dishes they had ordered to their respective rooms with two separate slips to sign.

“Don’t forget to give him a tip.” Brad was scrawling his signature on the bottom of his. Ann did the same. She slid over next to him, her bare leg pressing against his. One hand was dipping her spoon into his ice cream. The other was on his thigh, reaching up under his shorts.

“Don’t you think you’re taking a risk, running around in those flimsy little shorts with nothing underneath?”

“I do it all the time. Next best thing to running naked.”

“Yeah, but what if you got an erection? Wouldn’t that be a problem?” She was poking at the bottom of his balls. “See, it’s poking right out of the shorts now. How are you going to get upstairs like that?”

“I don’t know. How am I going to do that?” Brad was diligently breaking up the brownie and scooping it up in little bites. But his other hand was on her thigh, then touching her in a similar place.

“Don’t do that. Too sore.”

“Through with the ice cream?” The waiter had reappeared. “More coffee?”

“Sure. You can take the bill.”

“Sure thing.” He took away the dish and spoons, came back a few minutes later with a carafe. “Anything else?” A shake of both heads. “Well, you two have a good night.”

As soon as the waiter had gone through the door into the kitchen, Ann’s head was on Brad’s lap, her lips on the tip of his erection, her teeth sliding down it, hitting his balls. And he was coming, just like that.

She sat up, took a swig of coffee to wash it all down, and dabbed at her lips with a napkin. “I guess we’re through here. What next?”

“I’m not driving anywhere at this point.” Brad waved the most recent of the Lone Star bottles.



“Let me know if you are. I’d like to listen.”

“Sure. Need to go upstairs first. Get the music. Call my wife.” Use the bathroom. Put on some underwear.

He got into the room, tossed off his shorts and shoes, hung up the work clothes, sat on the pot, and then sprawled on the bed as he dialed Jane. Damn, he was standing up again. What was the matter with him?

“Hi, you’re late calling.”

“Went straight to the restaurant.”

“Back to the Bayou?”

“No just the hotel. Damn Bayou place is too noisy and expensive for my taste.”

“So no new adventures?”

“Not really. How about you? Did you see Mary at the lake?”

“I saw her. The kids were swimming so we just swam and talked for a while.”

“Well I did have one adventure, I guess.” That he was going to admit. “I went over to the lake on my own. It was cloudy so Ann decided to stay at the hotel. When I got back to my rock there was a couple on it fucking. A male couple.”

“Really? And you found that interesting? Brad, I’ve been with you to nude beaches a few times and you have never shown a trace of interest in the guys.”

“Yeah I know, and these two were not all that attractive. But I was really fascinated by how much the guy getting fucked was enjoying it.” How was he going to phrase that, without admitting what he had done with Ann, or rather what she had done to him?

“Well if you want to know what it feels like I could do that to you.”

“You could? You own a strap on?”

“Not yet, but I could by the time you get home. What size do you want?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Same size as I am, I guess.”

“I’m not going to go over six inches to start with. What?”

“I’m just startled is all. Pleased, but startled.”

“I had a long talk with Mary this afternoon, while we were swimming. A more intimate talk, if you know what I mean. Brad, darling, you know I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“I know that, really I do, but I know you’re going crazy with the midlife stuff. Me too.”


“Well does that surprise you? We’re almost exactly the same age, honey. We’ve been married exactly the same amount of time. Both of us are doing stuff we never thought we’d be doing. If you had told me before we slipped on the rings that I’d be a housewife with two kids and a station wagon I would have run out of the church screaming. Know what I mean?”

“Shit happens. You’re a wonderful mother.”

“Yes and I love them. I wouldn’t give that up for anything, believe me. But now your career is taking off, you’re spewing out the music on top of that. And here I am stuck at home while you’re running around being brilliant. And God knows you can probably have any girl you want. If anything you’re built better than when we got married. You didn’t have those big shoulders then. Brad, I’ve got to tell you I look at you, I look at me, and I wonder how the hell am I going to hold on to you?”

“I love you. Really I do. You want me to give this up?”

“I know you can’t do that. Hundreds of people are depending on you. Maybe, maybe promise me that when this is over, if it ever is, you’ll travel less? A lot less? You can’t go on forever like this. We can’t go on much longer.”

“I try to be home every other week. Every weekend at least.”

“Yeah and you know what that makes me feel like? Your prostitute laundress. Sooner or later you’ll figure out a more convenient source of clean clothes and a quick fuck and it will all be over. Mary was telling me that was what happened to her. She was telling me that maybe it was better to bend not break. That she wishes she had done that. She said that the understanding we had when we got married might not be what we need now.”

“Remember the couple that moved in to apartment next us when the ballerinas moved out?”

“God, how can I forget? That time they invited us over for coffee and they were both in their underwear? No, I take it back, she didn’t even have a bra on, just a tee shirt. Yeah, I know. I was disgusted. But now … Look Brad, you more or less told me it was okay if I kept doing it with her. As long as it doesn’t interfere with us?”


“Well I’m going to do that. Well, what if you were invited to come along?”

“And watch?”

“Maybe not just watch. Like in those flicks.”

“I guess I could do that, if you wanted me to.”

“What if it was the other way around? If it was her boyfriend and the two of us?”

“That would bother me.”

“What if you were there? Okay, here’s the deal. Mary and her boyfriend like to do other couples. She said they’ve had their eye on us for a while. She’s saying why not get together and do everything? Not just a swap. Two girls on a guy. Two guys on a girl. Girl on girl. Guy on guy. And I told her there’s no way you would be interested, particularly the guy on guy part. But now I’m thinking...”

“Thinking what?”

“Why don’t we try it out ourselves and then you decide if you would like to try it with an actual guy.”

“You’d like that?”

“Wouldn’t you like to see me do it with Mary?”

“What about with Ann?”

“With Ann? I’d bite off that little whore’s clit. Are you fucking her yet?”

“What if I said yes?”

“I’d be worried. You two have been in love for a long time now. No, don’t deny it. That morning she showed up at our door and whisked you away in her little white sports car … it tore my heart out. I was so jealous. I thought you weren’t coming back. I’d be worried, but I’d say fine, get it over with. Have you?”


“Well go ahead and fuck the bitch and get it out of your system. Tell you what, you can do it on the road but not at home.”

“Okay dear, I’ll keep that in mind. Not much chance of it happening anyway. Ann is very sore.”

“Sore? Sore where?”

“Where do you think? Front and back.”

“From you?”

“Not from me. Do know who Sam Minton is?”

“Of course I know who Sam Minton is. You don’t? You are such a snob with the classical music. He’s about the biggest thing there is in country western. About half the top songs are written by him and a lot of the artists are part of his company.”

“Well the guy she let fuck her up the ass at the Bayou last night was Sam Minton. And today she came back to the hotel instead of going to the lake so she could hook up with him for an orgy around the penthouse pool. And Thursday she’s going to do a porn shoot.”

“Ann is? Really? I mean I always thought she was a really nice girl.”

“Well she’s letting out her inner slut this week. I think she’s having her own midlife crisis. She’s under pressure to finally get married, settle down and have kids. You know that morning she came to the door and saw you in your bathrobe? I’ll bet that’s eating at her.”

“Oh. Brad, honey, promise me this. Whatever you do on the road, don’t bring it home with you? I don’t like the idea she’s sleeping around so much. Be safe, promise me that?”

“Use a rubber?”

“I packed some for you. I always do, in case we ever have this conversation.”

There was a knock at the side door, Ann poking her head in to see if he was ready, then smirking a bit at his state of undress and arousal. She tip toed over and knelt between his bare legs dangling off the side of the bed. He watched with some bemusement as his cock vanished behind her lips.

“I should get going, want to play the piano before it gets too late. Love you.”

“Love you. Remember what I said.”

“What was that all about?” Ann came up for air long enough to ask that question.

“A lot. The bottom line is that I need to use a rubber when I fuck you.” When, not if.

That was enough to make her sit up next to him. “Okay, I’ve got some with me.”

“Later. I’m not ready yet.”

“You look ready.”

“Later.” He got off the bed, rummaged through his suitcase looking for a pair of jockey shorts. And regular shorts, longer than the little jogging ones. And the rubbers. Oh yes, under the flap. Had they been there all along and he had never noticed them? He remembered how his freshman roommate had given him a rubber to keep in his wallet. Just in case. But it had been a long time since he’d used one.

“So what was that what about Ann?”

“Jane seems to be off on her own little slutfest.”

“Jane is? I always thought she was a really nice person.”

“She said the same thing about you. She was doing it yesterday with our friend Mary, and she was sort of asking permission to do it some more.”

“Which you gave her?”

“What the hell was I supposed to do? One thing I am not is a hypocrite. So then she was saying would I like to come along and watch? And I said what about with Ann.”

“Oh. What did she say to that?”

“She said she’d bite your clit off.”

“She doesn’t like me?”

“She does like you. She thinks very highly of you. She knows how valuable you’ve been over the years. But she’s sure that we’re in love. She’s afraid you’re going to steal me away from her.”

“And are we?”

“Are we what?”

“In love?”

“The Greeks had a lot of names of love. Philia; yeah I’ve loved you that way for a long time.”

“Like a daughter. Like a sister. What about Jane?”

“We were really good friends, for a year or so, before we started dating. It was hard to go from that to the other kind of love; to Eros.”

“Oh.” That was not the answer Ann had expected.

“We had actually proposed to each other, worked our way to the point we had decided to get married, before we said we loved each other.”

“Oh. Well what about me? Do you love me the Eros way?”

That provoked a sigh. “We’ve done some erotic things, and I’ve enjoyed them. I want to do more of them.”

“And then go back to being good friends?”


“You think we can do that?”

“If you could get this guy Evan to pay more attention to you. Or move on to someone else.”

“Or turn into a super slut?”

“Like Debbie? Sex on a stick, that’s her nickname. She was married, did you know that? Her husband was determined they were going to start a family and she said no way and left him.”

“Really, how do you know all this?”

“Oh, she came into my office one evening ready to add another notch to her belt.”

“None of the guys at work interest me that much. Except you. But I never really thought of you as sexy. More like a big brother, or a father even.”

“Philia. So what pushed you over to Eros?”

“What makes you think I love you that way?”

“The fact that you’re asking these questions? Believe me, if you’re just messing around for the hell of it that’s okay too.”

“Maybe that’s all it is. I don’t know. God, I never should have started this conversation. Let’s go downstairs so you can play the fucking piano.”

Brad grabbed his little traveling book and they went downstairs. It was amazing what you could do with a PC Junior and a ProPrinter and a magical little program that let you type in the music in text format and print it out as a score.

They went back into the lobby. The piano setup here was not as nice as in the Atlanta hotel, where all the rooms were off balconies of a central atrium, with the grand piano at the center, the focus of everything. It probably took a lot of nerve to sit at that piano and give little impromptu concerts, a lot of nerve or a lot of drinks at the happy hour. But Brad did it on a regular basis, so much so that when he came down they opened up the piano for him, turned off the elevator music, and brought him a beer, on the house. Here the piano was in a much more obscure position, and no one paid much attention to him. But it was something to do to fill a lonely evening.

“Here’s one you haven’t heard yet.” Brad started to play. It took about five minutes of total concentration. Dark keys for this one, five flats to seven flats, mostly on the black keys.

“Ooh, sounds like Grand Canyon Suite meets Afternoon of a Faun.”

“That’s the idea. I call it Texas Mermaids.”

“Nice. Is there more to it?”

“It’s actually the last part of a sonata. You’ve had dessert first.”

“Life is short, have dessert first. Can you play the rest?”

“Hopefully.” He played the first movement.

“Oh, so expressive. It’s definitely telling a story. What though?”

“No idea. Not like a song where you have words to tell you what it’s about.”

He played the middle movement, very short. “That’s it.”

“Interesting. Not at all like your earlier ones. Could you play the one that’s so romantic?”

“Sure. This one definitely has a story. Two lovers, the lower voice sleeping, the higher one awakening. Then they both are awake and the upper voice is leading the lower, one beat ahead in the same melody as they spiral upwards.”

“Neat. Can I look at the music while you play it?”


And she did that, leaning on the bench behind him, hands along each of his thighs, breathing onto his bare neck, then kissing it as the music ended. “I want you to make love to me. Right now. Right here.”

“No rubber.”

“No rubber? God. Okay, let’s go upstairs then.”

They walked to the elevator arm in arm, hip to hip, not caring who saw, ignoring the smirk of the waiter now tending bar. They walked that way into his room. She kissed him, pushing him on his back onto the bed, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. He wasn’t used to this. He’d been in one steady relationship or another since early in college. Twenty years of marriage and while the sex might be regular, fits of unbridled passion were not that common. “Hold on,” he managed to get that out once his mouth was empty. “What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to make love to me.”

“Could you be more specific?”

“God. Men.” She sat up, stripped off her few articles of clothing. “What do you want to do?”

“I was thinking what you did last night? With the dildo?”

“That’s not very romantic. Okay, here’s the deal. I’m going to go get the strap-on and put it on. You are going to put on the stupid rubber. Then you are going to do what you did for me last night, except this time you are going to finish it off properly. Then I’ll take care of you.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

They lay down on the bed side by side and he kissed her this time, then began to work on her breasts. But she was impatient, pulling the hand that was teasing down her spine, pulling it between her cheeks, pressing one of his fingers within her. She came for a long time, it seemed. When it died down a bit he rolled her away from him, kisses running down her spine, on her cheeks, between her cheeks. Then where his finger had been. She was salty, bitter. Not fighting the intrusion of his tongue, spreading her cheeks to help him, then going into spasm again as he pushed it into her. Then he was sliding up her back, turning onto her belly, his hands on her shoulders, his mouth kissing her neck, his cock sliding where his tongue had prepared the way. God, she was hot and tight, even with the rubber on it felt wonderful. They made love that way for a while, so gently, and then he started to fuck her really hard, slamming all the way into her, bone against bone. Until he came, seeming to come forever, but no great surge at the end. He didn’t have much left.

“Okay, my turn.” He was in a daze, almost passing out from the rush of endorphins, as she rolled him off of her, then pushing him onto his belly. Now it was her kisses working their way down his spine, her tongue probing. She’d done this before? So it seemed. No hesitation as she probed him with a powerful, almost rasplike tongue. Then with the dildo. There was no hint of gentleness, just fucking him as hard as she could. Nothing to stop her. Harder and harder. He could feel it building, way back behind his balls. His flesh glowing, tingling, into an orgasm that stretched from the base of his neck all the way to his balls. He was floating in a pool of pleasure. Drowning in it. And he could not ejaculate. There was no way to stop it, to say that it was at an end. And then, out of nowhere, he felt it building, rushing out of him.

“Okay, that’s enough.”

“You know, if a guy is doing it, he’s going to stop when he’s ready, not when you are.” She started to fuck him again, even harder. “What do you think of that?”

“It’s strange.”

“Now you know how we feel. Want to clean it off?” Ann was reverting to her college days, training the pledges. “Our pledges didn’t have a choice. If they couldn’t get it down their throats, they were out.”

“You must have lost a lot of girls that way.”

“Hey, if you wanted to be a cheerleader you had to be a sister. If you wanted to be a sister you had to get past being a pledge.”

“And then do the same thing to the new pledges?”

“That’s about the size of it.”

“Did your boyfriend know you were doing all this nasty stuff?”

“No. He would have thought I was a slut. It’s always been pure vanilla with him.”

“Well, maybe you need to show him more of your nasty side.”

“How can I do that? After all these years?”

“Do you ever watch tapes? Tell him you’d like to try that.”

“Yeah, maybe. Maybe that would work. Can I stay here tonight?”

Brad gave a deep sigh. “Okay, why not?”

“Okay. I’m going to go clean up. Leave the door open.”


“And put on a rubber before you get in bed.”


“If you give me a back rub.” She went over to the alarm clock, set it for six thirty.

“Why so early?” Brad realized that was a silly question. Well it was barely ten now, too early to go to sleep even with the time change. Still, he was tired. Long day at work, long swim at the lake, all the sex. His bowels felt as if they had been scoured, sore and tingly. His cock was sore from going up Ann’s butt with so little lubrication, just what his tongue had provided. Not as bad as that first time with Nan, when she’d shown up at his hotel room just before Christmas break, after weeks of coming to see him at his desk in the first year grad student office, presumably for help with Calculus, but it had been clear for a while that there was more than that going on. With Jane’s desk right there, her watching it all unfold, although at that point what did it matter? She’d even teased him about it. At some point he must have told Nan the story about how he had wound up living in this SRO, and she had tracked him down. He had wound up in the wrong hole somehow, and she’d been so determined that she’d gone with it. And he had gone home for Christmas break with a member swollen to twice its normal size, red and raw. God only knows what it had done to her butt, but she had never complained about it. It was a long time after that she had commented how shocked she had been. But shocked or not, they had stayed together. For a while.

What? There was no way he could be hard again. Down boy. Save it for whatever schemes Ann had for the night. Okay, shave before bed like he did at home. As he had started to do with Nan. Put on the rubber? How the hell was that supposed to work? What if he had to pee? Was it going to stay on once that rogue erection died down?

He came out of the bathroom to find Ann already curled up on her side in the bed. No nightgown. Nan had taken to wearing a nightgown, trying to make their relationship seem more and more domestic. And of course it had always been a nightgown with Jane. Sometimes pajamas. Okay she had said something about a back rub, although judging by the little snores it was too late. Well, give it a try. He snuggled turned off the lights, leaving the bathroom door open as a night light, snuggled in beside her, and drew up the sheet to cover them. Not much need for a blanket. He liked to keep the room warm enough that just the sheet was enough.

Okay, start to rub and she stirred a little. What the hell was she expecting with the rubber? He lifted the sheet off of him, off of her butt so that he could see her bare cheeks, his sheathed prick half erect between them. Then not so flacid, the dayglo orange of the rubber in contrast to her smooth tanned skin. He loved doing this with Jane, she not so much so. As soon as the tip hit the puckered flesh, she would stir and roll onto her back. It was going to be the same with Ann, he was sure of it. No need to rush things, then. He poked in enough that he didn’t need a hand to keep from falling out of place, adjusted his pillow, drew the sheet back over them, and resumed his rub. Sleepy, he was so sleepy, dimly aware that she was squirming a bit. Okay, time to end it and go to sleep. But when he poked, he slid right in. Okay, there was no way he was going to come. Just relax and enjoy her warmth. He could feel sleep taking over his body. He lay there with his mind still awake, but his body unable to move. What would Jane think, if she saw them like this? Nothing good. But did he want to leave Jane? Not really. Ann was pretty. Jane was prettier. Ann was bright. Jane was brighter, at the same level he was, floating above the rest of humanity. So why the hell was he doing this? Well hadn’t Jane told him to fuck the bitch? But had she really meant it? Probably not. And what about Mary? A good friend, but not one he found at all attractive. And the boyfriend? Oh well, he owed it to Jane. He’d just close his eyes, hold his nose. At least with the guy he didn’t need to worry about getting it up. What was that Chinese saying? When rape is inevitable?

His last thought was that he should gently disengage, turn over on the other side. But he never made it.


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