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I’m pleased to say this the last chapter of this short story. Hopefully you read my previous story about Damian Moorer and liked this just as much! I’m going to be taking a break from writing for a little bit until I write my next short story. It’s going to be different.
Several weeks have gone by since our trio met for the first time. Sam and Erin have been amazing boyfriends to Claire and she a great girlfriend. There even taken on a schedule for a date night rotation. Although it always almost ends in sex with all three. Tonight was a date night between Sam and Erin who had fallen head over heels for each other as much as they love Claire. They’re sitting down at a nice restaurant talking about the future.

“I think if we’re gonna have kids it should be one and then the other. Who ever first I don’t mind.” Sam says finishing his food.

“No I totally agree, I’d even be down to start trying at the same time and see who’s it is first and then the next one who’s ever it wasn’t is the only one to stay in.” Erin sips his drink.

“I really like that idea, we’ll run it by Claire tonight.” Sam smiles at Erin.

“She has her night class tonight she’ll be home around midnight.” Erin frowns.

“Oh crap and you and I have that 9 am class tomorrow for Chandler.” Sam goes on to talk about their history professor.

After they finish their food they go out and get in the car and start driving. They pass one of the campus parks near the edge of town.

“Oh pull in I have an idea.” Erin points to the dark corner of the parking lot.

“Erin, are we about to have car sex?” Sam laughs.

“Oh hell yeah.” Erin responds.

They pull up to the corner and get out and get in the back seat and start kissing and stripping off their cloths. Sam pins Erin down on the seat and grabs his cheeks and spreads them apart and begins eating ferociously at his asshole.

“Oh fuck.” Erin moans.

Sam sticks a finger deep in Erin’s ass and starts thrusting it in and out. Erin squirms a little.

“Yeah you love that shit don’t you.” Sam groans watching his boyfriend being finger fucked.

“Yes oh fuck Sam I love it, I’m so hard right now!” Erin groans back to his lover.

Sam slides his finger out and shoves it in Erin’s mouth. Erin moans sucking on his finger. Sam leans back on the center console of SUV and pulls Erin on him from the back seat so the face each other. Sam spits on his hand rubs it on his fully erect cock. Erin hungrily waiting, seated in his boyfriends lap bites his lip. Sam pushes in his whole cock slamming it on Erin’s back wall. He gasps in pleasure as Sam begins to use the center console as a hoist point to thrust up and down into Erin’s body, who’s supported by the back seats.

Erin’s thick cock bouncing in between his thighs and off of Sam’s stomach was leaking precum.

“Fuck Sam this is so hot!” He yells.

“Yeah you love my big cock don’t you.” Sam grunts through his teeth.

“Yes! Yes! YES!” Erin moans.

Sam pulls out turning his boyfriend around so he faces the back seats and slides it in from behind. Penetrating deep Erin grabs the head rest to relive some pressure.

“Fuck Sam what’s gotten into you.” Erin moans as he kisses his lovers face next his own.

“God I’m just so horny for this tight ass.” Sam kisses Erin’s neck.

“Take a video and send it to Claire.” Erin says gasping on every thrust.

Sam takes his phone out and leans back some to record himself hitting it from the back.

“Moan!” He smacks Erin’s ass loudly.

Erin complies and moans loudly. “WHOS DADDYS LITTLE WHORE.” He says grabbing Erin’s neck and pulling him back, his thighs clapping Erin’s ass over and over again.

“M-me!” Erin attempts to shout. “Fuck Sam! I-I’m cumming!” Erin cums on the seats infront of him sending out 7 long ropes of cum. Sam made sure to record Erin’s cock as he came. But Sam doesn’t let up, he puts his phone supported on the door so he continues to record as he holds his boyfriends ass as he pounds away at it. Every thrust, clap of cheeks, moan, and groan being captured on Sam’s phone. Sam finally drives in as deep as he can and cums harder than he’s ever came before.

“AAAHH FUCK!” He says shaking a little. Erin wails in pleausre. Sam staying in he grabs his phone and pulls out slowly and shows his lovers ass gaping and cum leaking out. He pulls his phone away and shows him self eating it out.

“Lick up the seats baby.” Sam orders. Erin starts licking the seats up from where he came and then turns around and licks his boyfriends going flaccid cock. Sam stops recording and puts his phone down.

“Oh. My. Gosh.” He says panting. He looks at Erin who’s smiling.

They start kissing passionately.

“I love you Erin.” Sam says in between kisses.

Erin stops and looks at him. “I love you too.”

They get cleaned up with the wet wipes from the threes car sex clean up kit and get dressed and drive home. They walk in the door to an empty house and Sam sends the the video to Claire.

“I told her don’t watch it till you’re alone and volume low.” Sam says putting his phone down. He turns around finding Erin naked.

“Well hey.” Sam smirks.

“You’re turn.” Erin says pulling him in to his bedroom.

Sam starts stripping and Claire walks from the corner with a large strap on on.

“Hey Sammy.” She laughs.

“Oh no way!” He smiles.

“We planned this.” She laughs.

“Erin!” Sam says getting bent over the bed by Claire. Erin laughs sitting infront of him, his hard cock in Sam’s face. He started blowing him right as they got cozy.

Claire pours lube all over the big girthy 8 inch dildo and spreads Sam’s hairless ass and spits on his hole.

“Ugh fuck.” Sam moans jerking Erin off.

Claire chows down for a second before sitting up and thrusting the strap on half way in before it meets its first layer of resistance.

Sam wails in pleausre. “FUCK YES! OH THAT HURTS SO GOOD!” And then Erin starts face fucking him.

Claire holds Sam’s hips as she thrusts in and out titties bouncing on each thrust. Erin looks at them and licks his lips, Claire blows him kiss. She looked down watching Sam’s trained ass take it all the way to the fake balls. She reaches around turns on her vibrating butt plug.

“Mhm there we go now we’re in buisness.” She smiles wide and continues pegging Sam and reaches around and jerks his throbbing cock off.

“I want you to cum on the bed Sam. I want you to cum for mommy, I wanna milk you like a cow.”

“Mhm mhm.” Is all he can manage with Erin’s cock forced in his throat.

“Aww he’s gonna cum early isn’t he.” Erin says pulling Sam off his cock with slobber stringing from his mouth to his cock.

“I’m not gonna try but I might!” He says whimpering as he continues getting pounded.

Erin sits up on his knees and resumes the face fucking. Gaging Sam, Erin watches his girlfriend peg his boyfriend.

“You want next Erin?” She says pulling him forward to kiss him causing his cock to gag Sam.

“Yeah baby what ever you want you can have it.” He says grabbing her tits.

Erin feels a finger slides in his ass, Sam started to finger his still loose ass.

“Oh fuck you want me to cum hard down your throat don’t you!” Erin says reaching for the other dildo on the bed and handing it to Sam’s free hand. Sam shoves it in Erin’s ass who moaned at the penetration. Just like that Erin’s cock erupts a few loads into Sam’s throat. Erin lays back after Sam licked him clean and watches the show.

“Yeah you like getting pegged by Claire don’t you.”

“Yes! I love it!” Sam winces from half pain half pleausre. “FUCK!” He says finally cumming a few weak spurts onto the bed. “UGH Fuuuuck.” He says finally collapsing.

Claire pulls out the dildo and unstraps it and places it on the bed.

“DAMN!” She yells. “That was good.” She lays next to the tired men.

“How was dinner you two?” She smiles kissing them quickly and then getting up to go to the bathroom.

“It was good.” Sam says finally catching his breath. “We like the place I’ll take you there next week.”

“Perfect I cannot wait.” She was watching the video while taking her plug out.

“Fuck you dogged him like an animal Sam.” She smirked as she walked out and showed Erin the full video.

“Yeah I took it like a champ.” Erin says high fiving her.

“Alright boys go shower up, you both have class tomorrow morning.”

They walk to the shower together and enjoy another round of making out and jerking each other off to join their girlfriend in the bed and all fall asleep after some rounds of small talk.

The next morning Claire was home alone enjoying some peace and quiet. As much as she loved her two boyfriends having some alone time was always nice for her. She went to the bathtub and filled it with warm water and lit a few candles and sunk into the water. She made sure to bring her waterproof vibrator to enjoy some quality time just for a little. After a few minutes of soaking she turned on the vibrator and went in on her clit. She was softly moaning. She closed her eyes and thought about the time Erin was choking her with his cock and Sam was balls deep chocking her more. God how she loved them. She never would have thought that she’d fall in love with two men, and never thought that she’d date both at the same time. She felt herself getting close, she started shaking lightly, whimpering, finally she felt climax. Catching her breath she drained the tub put on her robe after drying off and walked into her room. She heard the front door open and Erin walked in.

“Hey Claire. He says smiling, class was fast. Sam texted me saying they still have another hour.” He sits on the couch and pulls out his paperwork.

“Oh no get over here. You look stressed.” She walked over quickly and straddled him. “Why do you look stressed.” She kisses his cheek.

“I just don’t know about this class, this stuff makes sense alone but putting it together doesn’t.” He says kissing her neck. She started feeling wet again.

“Erin why don’t you come with me and take a load off before your work.” She says undoing her robe showing her naked body off.

Erin smiles and lifts her up.

“Yes please!” He says with a big smile and they walk into the bedroom and he lays her down and drops his pants. He was already getting hard under his boxers. His shirt came off and she loves what she sees. He climbs in between her legs and starts to kiss her thighs. She moans with pleausre he kisses up and down her stomach and then slides a finger into her pussy gently, he curls it up and kisses her hood.

“Fuck Erin you’re too good at that.” She moans grabbing his hair.

He continues eating her out and then sits up pulling his cock. She pulls him to her face and kisses him passionately. She rolls them so she’s on top and pressed back feeling his warm cock on her wet pussy. He reaches down and slides it in.

Her breathing shakes as she feels his thick cock spread her insides.

“Fuck.” she whispers.

He pulls her down and kisses her gently as she rides him slow. He feels every inch of his cock getting a warm wet hug from her pussy sliding up and down slow.

Their kissing is electrifying.

“I love you Erin.” She whispers in his ear.

“I love you too Claire.” He bites her ear and then begins to speed up his thrusts in and out of her. Taking control he starts upper thrusting in and out of her pussy.

“Fuck Erin.” She moans. “From the back.”

She climbs off of him and he gets behind her and pulls her back to him and slides it in. He felt something under his ankle and pulled her vibrator out and hands it to her.

“Use that as well.” He starts pulling her up and down on his cock as they sat back. With a free hand she manages to get it on her clit and turns it on. She felt jolts of pleausre radiate through her body. How has she never done this before. She turns the speed up and throws herself forward and Erin and starts pumbling her from behind.

“Fuck! Oh shit!” She screams as she feels her pussy quivering and her legs starting to shake. “I’m close!” She screams again. Erin quickly pulls out and shoves his fingers in quickly and starts pumping them in and out quickly and with his free hand rubbing her vibrator over her clit quickly.

Like a cloud burst Claire’s vagina spurts her cum all over her leg and Erin’s leg. He looks at him and kissing him passionately as he reinserts his cock deep in her pussy. He continues thrusting in out until he feels his balls about to explode, he drives in deep one last time and pumps cum so far in she thought it coated her stomach.

Moaning and panting they lay there. She looks at him and rolls on him and kisses him.

“God it’s addicting, I’ve never had this much sex with someone in my life!” She says holding onto him. He smiles and laughs.

“Me too! I could fuck you and Sam everyday for the rest of my life.”

They hear the front door open and close.

“I’m home.” Sam calls out.

He walks into the bedroom to find his lovers laying next to each other, bed wet, cum dripping out of Claire.

“Well, you two were busy.” He laughs and leans against the door frame.

“Erin why don’t you wash off and I’ll make sure our boyfriend is welcomed home.

“Yeah and damn I need to eat, I’m starving.” He gets up kisses Sam on the lips, Sam smacks his ass, grabs, and giggles it.

Erin goes off into the shower.

“Get that cock over here.” Claire says seductively.

Sam starts undressing as he walks to the bed and by the time he reaches the bed he’s completely naked with the exception of his socks. His growing cock ready for the fuck fest their about to have.

Sam pulls her by the ankle to the edge of the bed and kisses her passionately l, she moans into his lips as they’re pressed against hers. He slides his fingers into her pussy and Erin’s cum sqishes out. He pulls his fingers out and sucks on them and then puts them in Claire’s mouth.

Sam turns her over and pulls her by the hips to the edge of the bed and takes a knee at the edge and starts eating her out from the back, his nose pressed against her asshole. After cleaning her cum stuffed pussy out he moves up to her asshole and begins to tounge fuck it as she does to him.

“Oh shit right there baby.” She moans and plays with her pussy as he eats her ass. “Ohhh fuck yes right there.”

He comes up for air turning her over onto her back and pulls her legs up to his shoulders and jams his rock hard cock in her pussy. She yelps feeling it hit her cervix. He wraps his hand around her neck and begins aggressively thrusting in and out of her while not letting her breath. She would be moaning but she can’t speak or breath. His free hand grabs her right nipple and pinches it hard. She wanted to scream. After 30 seconds of not breathing she taps his arm and he releases her neck and gasps and moans, eyes watering she looks between her legs and follows his abs down to see hos cock driving in out of her quickly. Her moaning is loud enough for Erin to hear from the shower. “God I love that big cock Sam!” Treat me like a whore.” She yells at him. He smacks her face semi hard and pulls her up by the cheeks and kisses her and then spits in her mouth and smacks her again.

“OH MY GOD YES!” She moans as her legs quiver. Sam pulls out and slides his dick head quickly over her clit causing her to squirt on his groin area.

“Put it back in !!!” She demands.

“I’m going to fuck your ass.” He says rolling her over.

“Oh fuck!” She loves getting anal from Sam because he can get slightly deeper than Erin and he’s not as thick. He pushes in the tip and she gasps and grips the sheets, it’s been about a week since she’s done anal.

“Too much?” Sam worries.

“Don’t you dare stop.” She begs. He pushes in more until he’s deep enough to stroke in and out without slipping out.

Over and over again he stretches her anus and rectum further and further until he’s balls deep.

“Oh fuck Sam! Sam, I love you.” She cry’s, tears streaming down her face. “Fuck me with a dildo in my pussy.” She handed him the 6 inch one next her pillow and he spits on it and starts slowly shoving it in her pussy as he’s drilling her ass.

“Oh FUCK! This got so tight.” Sam says struggling to say in.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Claire yelps with each pump.

“Here it comes!” Sam says clenching his ass as he cums in Claires ass.

He continues to pump shot after shot deep in her rectum. After several seconds he slides out his cock and then slowly pulls the dildo out. She’s leaking cum and a little blood from her asshole.

“God, that was amazing, both of you back to back.” She says standing up legs shaking. She goes and gets in the shower. Sam walks out to find Erin watching TV eating a burrito.

“Nice one baby.” He says looking at Sam who’s naked walking to the kitchen to wipe off his flaccid member.

“Yeah judging by the amount of cum I felt in her pussy you did good to.” He chuckles.

“Yeah we both just gave it to her so hard I think she’s gonna need a break.” Erin laughs.

“Just you and me tonight then?” Sam asks.

“Yeah we can do that.” Erin laughs looking at Sam’s cock as he sits next to him on the couch.

Claire walks out and joins them.

“Yeah no sex tonight or tomorrow for me. I’m worn out.” She says sitting next to Erin on his other side also naked.

Erin pulls his towel off and leans back. “There now we’re all naked.” They all laugh and kiss each other and watch a movie.

The three of them went on dating for several years and eventually Sam and Erin did get married and conrtined to have Claire live with them who they did treat as a wife. They had a bed specially made to comfortable fit 6 people in but never let anyone join in their bed. Erin got Claire pregnant first after a multi round with the three of them had not pulling out when she stopped taking birth control. They had a boy. A year later Sam got Claire pregnant next after a week long get away. She had a daughter.

Sam went on to become a lawyer for big engineering company.

Claire also became a lawyer for a tech firm.

Erin became a engineer at the company Sam lawyered for. Unfortunately he died in a car crash after his son turned 1 and Sam’s daughter was only 2 months old.

Sam raised, Erin’s son, Damian, like he was his own. He never treated his daughter, Danielle, any better than his new son. They never told either of their children, anyone infact, Sam wasn’t Damian’s dad. Luckily they both looked like Claire more. The moved to Ohio and started a new life meeting a wonderful couple with a son Damian’s age, Tyler.
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