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After missing Gloria at the marina party, she brings her twin sister to my boat for a day long fuck and suck fest.
Chapter 78: My First Twins: Gloria and Grace

In the morning, I was abruptly roused by a hard knocking on my boat. “Sailor, Sailor! Are you home? Anybody there?” I crawled out of bed and stuck my head up the companionway to see who was interrupting my sleep. It was Gloria, looking as hot as ever. Her long hair pulled back into a ponytail, her tiny short shorts showing off her long legs, her tight top wrapped around her tits but showing her flat, toned midriff. Next to her was another young girl.

The other girl was equally attractive but like night and day to Gloria. The second girl had short, brown, bobbed hair, an almond shaped face with big expressive eyes. She had on less revealing clothes: normal length shorts and a loose-fitting tee shirt.

“What the fuck, Sailor? I thought we were going to meet at the Captain’s Lounge last night. I wanted to introduce you to my twin sister, Grace. The barmaid said that you had been there but I couldn’t find you. What happened?”

Oh, shit. Busted! “Uh, sorry Gloria. Climb aboard while I make some coffee and I’ll explain.” They clamored aboard as I disappeared into the aft cabin to arrange myself. I stepped into the galley and began assembling a pot of coffee while the girls sat in the cockpit. As the coffee perked, I joined them topside.

“I’m so sorry, Gloria. As often happens when in a new port, I ran into someone that I haven’t seen in, like, 30 years. We had a lot of catching up to do so we disappeared to talk privately. I didn’t mean to stand you up. My apologies.”

“Well, I guess that’s allowed. But after I described you to Grace, she was hell bent to meet you. Sailor, this is my twin sister, Grace. Grace, this is Sailor.”

I stood up and gave Grace a hug. “Welcome aboard my Love Boat, Grace. It’s nice to meet you. Now, let me get us some coffee.” I disappeared below and prepared 3 coffee and Kahlua’s, half and half, my usual. I passed them out to the lovely young girls sitting in my cockpit and sat with them.

Gloria seemed excited to see me; Grace was more reserved. Grace kept her attention focused on me, staring at me, and darting her eyes between my face and my crotch. Gloria started in with “I told Grace about our ‘encounter’ yesterday and how delightful it was. She was very keen to meet you. It was quite a let down when we didn’t see you at the Captain’s Lounge and had to settle for some less-than-average sex with the boring dockhands. We got fucked and they filled our cunts with cum, but it wasn’t anywhere near as nice as the tongue lashing you gave me.”

Just for the record, I’m not a morning person. The coffee and Kahlua hadn’t kicked in yet and I was struggling to compose an acceptable, yet witty, response to Gloria’s comments. I turned my attention to Grace. “So, Grace. Now you know. I kind of figured that Gloria would share our secret with you, being twins and all. As for me … please understand that a gentleman never kisses and tells. If anything should happen between us, it will remain our secret.”

Grace turned to Gloria and said “You’re right, sis. He is captivating. And the vibe he sends out is total. He’s so much more sophisticated than the horny dock boys. No doubt. I can only imagine how good he would be in the sack.” Gloria shot back “All I’ve had so far is his mouth on my cunt. Nothing more. Yet. But I’m dying to try more.”

I was still struggling to form a complete sentence, having just woken up. “Girls, girls. You know that I’m sitting right here and can hear everything you say. You make it sound like I should be on some sort of pedestal. In reality, I’m just an old fart, dad bod and all, kinda set in my ways, very old fashioned. I do, however, love sex. In no particular order my favorites are eating pussy, ass fucking and blowjobs. Gloria got a taste of one of my favorites. Once I fully wake up, maybe we can explore more. Who knows.”

We sat in silence, contemplating what had just been said, and swallowing our coffee and Kahlua. My mug was now empty so I grabbed theirs and went below for round two. As I was pouring more coffees, I could hear them in the cockpit whispering to each other. “He is older, but experienced. I saw the outline of his cock under his shorts and it’s good sized. He’s so fucking cool, sis. I don’t care how old he is, as long as he can make me cum. Oh, no worries there, sis. I’m getting wet just sitting here thinking about him. I wonder how this will play out. After last night, I’m ready for some good lovin.”

I inwardly smiled to myself as I delivered fresh coffee and Kahlua to my nubile harem. They were apparently eagerly waiting for me to “perform.” In the interest of safety, I inquired “So, tell me girls. Gloria said that your parents were away until today. Should I be worrying that mom and dad will saunter down the dock and find both of you sitting in some old geezers cockpit? I mean, I have an aversion to spending time in jail.”

Grace responded “No worries, Sailor. No worries. I talked to them this morning and they’ve extended their stay at my aunt’s. They won’t be home again until Saturday. That should give us plenty of time to get to know each other better.” There was almost an expectancy, a challenge in her tone.

Whew. That was a load off my mind. Now, what was next? The coffee was working its magic as was the Kahlua. I pulled out a joint and fired it up. Grace immediately looked at Gloria, surprise and questions in her eyes. Gloria confidently reached over and took the joint I was offering. As she sucked in it’s acrid smoke, she was having an eye conversation with her twin. She passed the joint to Grace who tentatively took it. Grace held it a moment, then said “I don’t normally get high this early in the day, Sailor. Pot really gets me going. Sexually, I mean. I get ultra-horny when I’m high. I hesitate to partake unless….” Her voice trailed off as she let the thought complete itself in our minds.

As we passed the joint among us, my mind started exploring the possibilities of sex with these two beauties. Yes, they were young with rockin’ hot bodies. I felt kind of lecherous, taking advantage of their youth. But it had never stopped me before. The thoughts of their naked bodies, writhing around, having orgasms and sucking me off got my little friend in the game. He was hard enough to make my shorts stand out and I noticed a drop or two of precum showing. Without saying anything further, I stood up to go below.

When I stood up, I was standing directly in front of Grace, my tented shorts pointed right at her. In an instant, she reached out her hand and slid it up my thigh, under my shorts, and squeezed my boner. She flashed a surprised look at me and said “Well, come on, old man. What are you waiting for?”

Down below, we were a circus of activity. Everyone was shedding their clothes as fast as possible. Shorts flying one direction, shirts another, undies dropped in place. It seemed like a whirlwind of activity with one goal in mind. Gloria wrapped her arms around my neck and began making out with me while Grace dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick. I was overwhelmed having two hot young things pay such pleasurable attention to me.

The three of us took turns, sometimes one-on-one, other times two-on-one. We would ravish each other’s genitals, have an orgasm, stop for a few to reload, then dive right back in.

At one point I got them, side-by-side, on their hands and knees, with me standing behind them. I had the pleasure of four luscious holes to lick, suck, and fuck however I chose. Even though they were twins, their equipment was pretty different. Gloria was clean shaven; Grace had a beautiful bush. And either Grace’s asshole was tighter than Gloria’s or Grace knew how to keep it tiny and tight. Grace’s asshole never opened up, never gaped wide open. It remained very tight the whole time I was pounding it with my stiff cock. I spent a lot of time up Grace’s asshole. I must have dumped three loads deep in there over the course of our day.

Although Grace was initially more reserved than Gloria, once Grace got high, she turned into a cock starved whore. A true nymphomaniac. That’s not to say that Gloria was a prude; quite the contrary. It’s just that Grace never stopped. If she had to wait for my dick to get back in the game after an orgasm, she would finger my asshole. She was very good at finding my prostate and manipulating it to eke out an orgasm, with or without a squirt of cum. A couple of times throughout the day, Grace would finger my ass, allowing me to squirt a meager cum load on Gloria’s face. As Grace would continue finger fucking my ass, I’d wipe my cum all over Gloria’s face, slapping her face with my dick.

We went at each other all day long. Sure, we’d stop for refreshments (I switched to mixed drinks around noon), more joints, a bite of food. But our sex seemed non-stop. I got to eat both pussies, several times each. I got them to double team me, one on top with my dick up her cunt, the other washing my face with her pussy. Then there were the blowjobs, the girls taking turns, fighting over my cock, seeing who could get it in deepest, almost like a contest. (Spoiler alert: Grace won).

As the sun started to fade, so did our libido. I stepped into the head to relieve myself. When I returned, Grace and Gloria were lying on the bed, tangled up in each other, making out and finger fucking each other. Seeing them entertain each other made sense. After all, they were twin sisters with that special “twin” bond. And it gave me relief that my work was done for the day.
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