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I’d always had a crush on my best friend’s brother. But taking edibles together would be the thing to set it all in motion. And I didn’t just have eyes for him….
“Okay, so here’s how it’s gonna go down now that we’re in Hawaii. The kids get their own hotel room. You guys will meet us at dinner downstairs in two hours. Mom and I are going to take showers and change for the fancy restaurant. You guys should do the same. Here are your room cards. Split them up amongst yourselves. And see you guys in two hours!” My best friend’s dad states as soon as we check into the hotel.

We all smile at each other and go our own ways. My best friend, Kara, and I go to the snack store while her brother and his best friend sit on the couch with their luggage. Their parents head to the elevator and disappear behind the doors.

“Get some chips. These edibles give you the munchies.” I say and walk over to the boys. “You guys want one?” I say offering the gummies to them. They glance at each other and nod simultaneously. I hand them each a gummy and we all three take them.

Kara joins us and I hand her one. She eats it right up and we head to the elevator.

We enter the room and Kara’s brother, Ethan, calls the first shower. He showers while we all lay in the beds and wait for the edibles to hit. About twenty minutes later Ethan emerges from the bathroom. Freshly showered and dressed in a nice outfit. I can’t help but admire the way his button up hugs his torso. Kara is next. She gathers her things and enters the bathroom. My head feels a little fuzzy and I can tell the edible is hitting.

“Y’all feel that?” I ask.

“Yeah. I felt it 10 minutes into my shower.” Ethan says.

“Is this supposed to make you horny?” His best friend, Tyler asks.

We giggle. “Sometimes.” I reply.

“Are you horny?” He asks in response.

“Yes.” I admit.

“I just really wanna see tits in a bikini top. Let’s go to the beach!” Ethan says.

“We have to go to dinner in an hour. And your friend and I still need a shower.” I say trying to reason with him. “But you can still see tits in a bikini top.” I say and sit up.

They both look over at me with a questioning look. I remove my tight t shirt and reveal my braless tits in a bikini top. They both ogle with their squinty eyes. They are so high and I giggle.

“Do the bottoms match the top?” Ethan asks. I notice his hand is on his cock over his pants.

“I guess we’ll have to find out.” I stand up and push my shorts down to my ankles and step out of them. “Looks like they do.” I say with a shrug.

“May I?” Ethan asks me.

Not knowing what he means but my pulse is racing and my pussy is soaked, I nod.

He gets out of the far side of his bed and walks over to me. He squeezes my tits and pinches my hard nipples.

“They’re lovely. You wanna feel too Tyler?” He asks and glances at his friend.

Tyler gets up and his boner is obvious in his pants. He plays with my tits and places his face between them. He smiles so big as he removes his face from them.

“May I?” Ethan asks again and I nod.

He pulls down my top and dips his head down to suck on them. I put my hand in his hair and gasp. Tyler joins him on the other tit. And I do the same with him. They lay me down on the bed and Ethan once again asks “May I?” I nod one last time and he slips his hand down my tummy and into my bikini bottoms. He feels my wetness as his friend suckles my tits. Ethan stares into my eyes as my face contorts into pleasure. That’s when we all hear the shower turn off. We savor the last few seconds of touch before I push them off and redress myself.

Kara emerges from the bathroom with her makeup bag in hand and ushers me into the bathroom after her. I check my watch and notice we only have 20 minutes left. I grab my clothes and rush to the shower.

When I finish showering and step out of the bathroom I see the boys jerking off on their bed. I quickly scan the room for Kara and see her in the corner of the room next to a mirror doing her make up.

“Hey Kara! Can you go grab me a toothbrush from downstairs? I forgot mine.”

She agrees and finishes her lipstick before heading downstairs for me. I glance back at the boys and see they’ve hidden under the blankets. I fling the sheets off and hop in bed with them. I suck off Ethan and jerk Tyler’s cock, which is larger than I could have imagined. Tyler erupts first. He gets up to clean himself up. I lick up the cum that covers the top of my hand and then focus on Ethan. He is about to blow as well. I pull his cock from my mouth and crawl up his body. I straddle his lap and lift my dress. No panties this time. I grab his cock and drop my hips to meet it. With my wet pussy lips spread over his girth, I rock back and forth and try to finish him off. It feels so amazing it has us both panting.

He’s gonna blow any second. But before we can get there, we hear shuffling at the door. Tyler comes out of the bathroom and locks the deadbolt.

“Guys this isn’t funny! Why’d you lock the door?!?! Let me in!” Kara pouts outside the door.

I turn my attention back to Ethan and he grabs my hips. He grinds me on his cock harder than I was previously. And we ride each other until we both finish. It only took a minute but Kara was still knocking on our door.

I get off of him and fix my dress while he ducks into the bathroom. Tyler unlocks the door and apologizes.

“It was Ethan. He wanted to play games.” Tyler explains.

She was fuming. “Here’s your damn toothbrush.” She says and stomps over to the mirror to do final touches on her makeup. “Ethan, your ass is going to be served up to our parents at dinner. They will deal with you then.”

I sneak into the bathroom with Ethan to clean up myself. We passionately kiss for a few moments and then he exits the bathroom. I stare at myself in the mirror. I can still tell I’m high as my body is tingly and my vision is a little wobbly.

As we all get ready to go downstairs for dinner I catch Tyler checking me out. I smile at him and wave. We exit the room and take the elevator.

Dinner was lovely. Ethan got in trouble with his parents so he couldn’t go into the hot tub with us later that night. The three of us still went and enjoyed our time.

“I’m gonna head to bed.” Kara announces after she yawns three times in a row in the hot tub.

We say our goodnights and Tyler starts to get out of the tub as well but I stop him. I grab his hand and pull him back down to his seat. I crawl onto his lap and make sure Kara is gone from the back deck before I kiss him. He kisses me so softly and sweetly. I lead his hand to my chest and he takes my direction.

“I’ve thought about your *cock* all day.” I whisper. “Can I touch it again?” He nods. I slip my hand into his swim trunks. “Mmmm it’s so big. You wanna know where I want this?” He gulps nervously. “My pussy.” I giggle. “Do you want it there too?” I ask him.

He nods. I feel his cock get larger and hotter in my hand. I remove my hand from his trunks and remove my bikini top and bottoms.

“Be a good boy.” I tell him and he scoops me up in his arms and starts sucking on my nipples. “Goooooood boooooooy.” I say and stroke his hair. “Wanna slide into me now?” I ask.

He takes his trunks off and lets them float in the hot tub behind me. His tip is touching my entrance while I’m on my knees over his lap. He lines himself up and nods at me to lower onto it. I slowly start to ride him. I keep squealing and moaning so he covers my mouth.

“Hush. Only be loud enough for me to hear. This is just for you and me.” I smile at those words.

I rest my chin on his shoulder and kiss his neck. “Yes sir.” I moan. I continue to ride him and moan softly. The warm Hawaiian night air embraces my naked top half. I put my lips to his ear and whisper “I want you to pound me.”

It didn’t take any more coercing. He sets me on the seat across the hot tub from where we were and then puts his cock in me again. I moan loudly and he covers my mouth. He pounds my pussy and I glance over his shoulder and see movement in the window of our back door. It’s Ethan with his cock out. Where is Kara? I don’t know. But I loved having one guy in me and one guy watching me. I can’t quiet my moans so he chokes me. I smile and stare into Tyler’s bright blue eyes. He smirks right back at me and tightens his grip. I wrap my legs around his back and pull him further into me. Soon he cums in my pussy and pulls out. I pull myself up and sit on the edge of the hot tub and put his face into my pussy and he cleans me up while trying to make me cum. I glance at the back door and Ethan is still there. I throw my head back and gasp. Tyler chokes me again and I smirk directly at Ethan. He’s stroking his hard cock and then cums all over the glass door. I see all the squirts of cum hit the glass and I cum imagining that filling me up.

Tyler unburies his face from my pussy and pulls me back into the hot tub and we make out as I taste my juices in his mouth.

Eventually we head back into the room, towels around us, swimsuits in our hands. I pass Ethan on his bed and wink at him as me and Tyler head to the shower. Tyler hops in first as I take off my limited makeup. The bathroom door opens and it’s Ethan. He walks right up to me, bending over the counter to look in the mirror, and he lifts my towel up to reveal my bare ass.

“May I?” He asks softly.

I nod. He rubs my pussy mound from behind and proceeds to finger me.

“Did he cum in you?” He asks. I nod. He removes his fingers and licks them. “I’m going to cum in you too.” He says, staring into my eyes in the mirror. His eyes are dark and full of lust. I nod.

His thick dick slid in sooooo easily. No resistance. Just stretching me tight inside. He lifts my right leg up for a bit more access and leans down to kiss my shoulder. We lock eyes in the mirror as we watch ourselves getting fucked. Tyler pops his head out of the shower and sees us for a moment before continuing his shower. Ethan wraps his hand around my neck and pounds me from behind. He pumps into me a few times before cumming so deep in my womb it causes an orgasm to rock my body.

He pulls out, spanks my ass, and helps me into the shower with Tyler. Tyler pins me against the wall and kisses me. His very hard cock between my legs.

“Okay. I need a break.” I breathe out in-between kisses.

“Yes ma’am.” He says with a wicked smirk on his face.

I clean myself and rinse off. As I turn around to ask Tyler if he was done with the water, he busts his nut all over my front. I stand there stunned, as he finishes jerking it all out. He’s leaning against the back wall of the shower and panting heavily.

“Sorry. I needed that.” He replies after I turn around to wash my body again.

A little anger rises up in me as I wash the soap off. I get out of the shower without words and walk out to the hotel room in a towel. I hear the water turn off behind me. I throw on a large t shirt from my suitcase and crawl into bed with Kara.

The next morning I awake to an almost empty hotel room. It’s just me and Ethan. He’s sitting on the edge of his bed, shirtless, and putting on his socks.

“Morning sunshine!” He says and stands up. He leans over me and kisses my forehead. I smile. “Breakfast is only open for thirty more minutes. Get some panties on and come join us.”

“How do you know I’m not wearing panties already?”

“Because I saw your bare ass last night. It kept poking out of the sheets and calling to me.”

“Yeah? Did you do anything about that?”

“I finished myself off last night. Couldn’t stop thinking about sliding into you. Cumming deep inside you. And feeling your pussy pull me in deeper.”

“Where’d you do it?”

“Right there in bed. Next to Tyler.” He sat at the end of my bed and pushed my left leg open. My probably glistening pussy opens to his view. He slides his hand up my thigh. “Does that turn you on?”

I nod.

“Then you’ll love this.” He slips one finger inside me. And rubs my clit with his thumb. I moan lightly. He slides another finger in and I feel some wetness travel down my slit.

He finger fucks me for a moment before diving in with his mouth. I try not to grind my cunt on his face, but I need more contact. He is just teasing my slit with his tongue.

“Fuck me! Oh god Ethan! That feels amazing!” I pant as he sucks my clit.

All of a sudden, the door flings open and Kara is fuming in the door frame.

“GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER!” She shouts and storms in.

Ethan sits up and stares at her, dumbfounded. I cross my legs to hide my pussy from her view.

“You’re not the boss of me.” He says as he stands up. He towers over her. “I’ve been fucking her all day yesterday and I’m not gonna stop now.”

“Is this true?” She asks me with a scoff.

I nod and slide my hand between my thighs. “He’s so good at pleasuring me. Please.” I beg and rub my clit.

“What’s going on?” Tyler asks from the open door.

“Did you know about this?” Kara snaps at him. His silence speaks volumes. “Get in here and close the door.”

The door closes behind him and he strides over to Kara. He glances at me and sees my busy hand. He smirks at me hungrily.

“This is so gross. Are you fucking him too?” Kara asks me.

“I am. We’ve had lots of fun. You can join our fun too if you’d like.”

I sit up and grab Ethan’s arm. I tug him back on the bed with me. He pins himself up above me and we kiss passionately. I moan as his hand makes contact with my hot cunt.

“Come on Kara… Kiss Tyler. He’s got such soft lips.” I say as Ethan and I part for some air.

We watch as she contemplates it in her head. Tyler smirks at her and steps towards her. He brushes her hair away from her face and holds her left hand. He kisses her cheek and slowly leaves kisses until he makes contact with her lips. She doesn’t push him away. But she also doesn’t kiss him back. He waits a moment until she leans forward and does kiss him back. They make out while Ethan and I watch. Ethan’s hand was still rubbing between my thighs.

“Mmmm. Isn’t he a good kisser Kara? He’s even better at eating out.”

Tyler’s hands move from her back to her ass and she gasps. She doesn’t stop kissing him tho.

“Let’s go to the balcony.” Ethan whispers in my ear.

We quietly step out back and we make out as he leads me to the railing of the balcony. He grabs both of my ass cheeks in his hands and shakes them. I felt my hot pussy get a breeze under the big t shirt. We pull our lips away from each other and he glances behind me over the balcony. He smirks.

“Do you want an audience?” He asks with a devilish smile.

“Ethan… are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?”

“Yes baby. Take off your top if you want to.”

I think about it for a few moments while glancing behind me. There are a lot of people down at the pool below us. I reach for the hem of my shirt and start tugging it off of me. Ethan pushes himself a step back to watch me remove the garment.

“Good girl” he purrs as it drops to the floor. “Now, turn around and bend over. Grab the railing.”

I do as he instructs and wiggle my ass back at him. His belt gets shoved off and his pants pushed down. I feel his warm skin touch my ass and I know he’s about to slide into me in front of all these people. Any one of them could be watching secretly.

“Don’t hold back. Let it all out. I want them the hear you roar.”

As I start to turn my head towards him with a questioning look, he plunges into my wetness.

“Ah ahhhhmmmmm” I moan out in surprise and pleasure.

“That’s it baby. Let them hear you.” He grabs my hair in his fist. Tugs my head back slightly and pushing my chest out further.

“Oh yes! Oh fuck! Harder!” I moan out.

Someone comes out of their hotel room on to their balcony to my left and down. I turn my head and see an older guy. Not a lot older. Like in his 30’s. He looks surprised with a beer in his hand. He sees us fucking and then looks back into my eyes. I bite my lip and smile at him. He starts to go back inside. But out of nowhere I shout, “stay. Watch.” And he listens. He even starts stroking his cock for me to watch. I glance back at Ethan and he’s so focused on the crowd below that he hasn’t even noticed the older man.

“Ethan, play with my tits.” I beg.

He obeys and my moans get louder. By now a few people from down below have looked up at us. I take a second look at one of the guys that’s staring and realize it’s Kara and Ethan’s dad.

“Shit. It’s your dad. Ethan. He’s watching.”

“Give him a show.” Ethan says as he nips at my neck.

I continue to moan and grip the railing as my tits swing over the balcony. Ethan’s dad is still watching. Their mom is right next to their dad. But she isn’t paying attention.

I break eye contact with his dad and glance back at the guy to my left. He has taken a seat in his lounger and has his cock fully out.

“Mmmm cum baby.” I beg both Ethan and the random guy watching.

Ethan speeds up and I turn my attention forward again. I glance down to look for Ethan’s dad and mom. But they’re both gone. Shit.

I gasp loudly as Ethan unloads his cum into my pussy. I feel it dripping out and I catch some with my hand. I glance over at the guy in the balcony as I taste Ethan’s cum from my fingers. I glance fully behind me and notice Ethan has left the balcony. I walk over to the left side of the balcony and lean over it to watch the guy below jerking off.

“Can I help?” I ask him.

He gulps and spits on his hand again. He licks his lips and continues to jack off at a quick pace.

I hear moans from Kara starting in the room. I smile and say to the guy below, “sounds like my best friend is getting railed. I’m gonna go watch. Have fun.”

And as soon as I stand up from bending over the railing, he cums. I wave and leave back into the room.

I’m greeted with Kara on top of Tyler, fully clothed still in her dress. But she’s riding his cock like she is really enjoying it. She’s really loud comparatively to other girls I’ve seen in porn.

Kinda turns me on watching her ride him. He’s looking up at her like she’s an angel sent from above made to ride his cock. And she’s looking at him like she can’t imagine a better feeling right now. She’s lost in ecstasy. I notice Ethan isn’t in the room so I walk to the bathroom where he’s at the sink washing his dick.

“They’re finally fucking.” I say as I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his chest.” He’s silent as he stares into the mirror at me. “What’s wrong?” I ask.

“I saw them fucking. Before I came in.”

“Okay. What’s the problem?”

“I thought it was really hot.”

“Well it is. What’s bothering you tho?”

“It’s my little sister.”

“Ohhhhh. Do you wanna fuck her?” I ask as I spin him to face me.

“No. Maybe. I don’t know.”

He looks so ashamed.

“You can fuck me as you watch them. Will that do it for you?”

He looks into my eyes finally. He looks relieved.

“You aren’t gonna question why I find my sister fucking my best friend hot?”

“No. You don’t question much of anything I do. Why should I?”

We stand there in silence for a moment. Kara’s moans getting louder and more desperate on the other side of the wall.

“We can also just watch?” I suggest and take a step backwards out of the bathroom.

He follows and we sit on the boy’s bed facing the other bed. Kara glances over at us. She looks a little confused. I lay back against Ethan and spread my legs a bit. One propped up on the bed. I touch myself as I watch them fuck.

I start making my own little noises as I rub the cum all over my pussy.

“How’s she feel Tyler? Better than me?” I ask.

“You two feel… so different. Oh god. I’m so close.” He pants.

“Where do you want to cum?” Kara asks as she slows down a bit.

“Can I cum on your back?” He asks.

She complies. She hops off and gets on her hands and knees diagonally across the bed. Ethan can definitely see her whole pussy and ass hole as she lifts her dress over her ass. They make eye contact and she blushes. I feel him twitch and I glance down at his lap. He’s definitely getting harder in his pants.

As Tyler gets behind Kara to finish himself up, I whisper in Ethan’s ear “it’s our little secret”, and I drop to my knees in front of Ethan. I take out his cock and look up at him with a big smile. He is looking so deep into my soul as my lips wrap around his tip and drool down his length.

He groans and leans back slightly. His eyes drift to the scene behind me. I hear Tyler slide his cock back into her pussy and continue to fuck her. Her little moans and gasps egg me on. I see Ethan close his eyes as I play with his balls and lick that little piece of skin under his head.

He opens his eyes again and I could swear he was staring into Kara’s eyes. He starts throbbing and panting. I can feel he’s close in my hand.

That’s when I hear moans and groans from Tyler and some water running. Did Kara just fucking squirt? Ethan’s eyes go wide, he falls backwards on the bed, and he erupts down my throat. I swallow what I can and the rest dribbles out of my mouth and down my chest. I pull his cock from my mouth and turn my head backwards. They’re both collapsed on the bed and giggling.

I stand up and notice the huge wet stain on the bed and my suspicions are confirmed. I then crawl up the bed to Ethan and lay on top of him.

“Did you enjoy that?”

I ask him while running my fingers along his face.

He nods and grabs my wrist. He kisses my hand and places it on his chest.

“Thank you.” He says and kisses me softly.

We all lay in silence except for us trying to catch our breath. But then there’s a knock on the door.

With all of us being in various states of undress, Kara being the most dressed one, gets up and tiptoes to the peephole.

“It’s dad!” She whisper screams.

She cracks the door open and pokes her head out.

“Hey daddy. What’s up?”

“Nothing. Just thought I’d stop by and check on you guys. I figured you guys would be at the beach by now! It’s almost noon!”

“We’re getting ready to go. Late start this morning.”

“Gotcha. Hey, tell your friend that I really enjoyed the show.”

“What show?” She asks all confused.

“She’ll know. Have a good day at the beach you guys!”

“Bye daddy.”

The door closes and Kara walks back into the room.

“What show?” She asks me.

I look at Ethan and we giggle.

“I wonder if they fucked after that.” I say laughing harder.

He laughs harder too and rolls over on top of me.

“Maybe we should just stay in and fuck all day. I’m already hard again.” Ethan says while staring into my eyes.

“I know. I feel you.” I pant.

“Get a room you two!” Kara says, annoyed.

“Well if you guys go to the beach, we might just stay here.” Ethan says grinding against me. Eliciting a moan.

“Fine, fine! We’re showering and leaving.” Kara says. “Coming?” She asks Tyler.

He hops out of bed so fast and they both make their way into the bathroom. The door closes and I reach down to line up his cock so he can just push in.

“Fuck me, Ethan.” I beg. He doesn’t take much more convincing as he thrusts forwards and groans and I wrap around him. “Did you notice the guy on the balcony when we were outside?” I ask.

“No. What guy?” He responds.

“He was off to the left. He jerked himself off while we fucked.”

“What about him?”

“I kinda wanna put on another show for him tonight.”

“You love being watched don’t you? You’re such a dirty girl.” Ethan growls as he puts his hand on my neck.

I smile wickedly and he slaps my tits. It feels painful but also good. My clit pulses as I feel the reverberations of the slap. I pout.

“Why’d you hit your sister? That’s mean. I’m gonna tell mom.”

“Oh…. We’re role playing?” He asks. Slightly confused.

“Yes big brother. And by the way you’re twitching inside me, I know you like it. So man up and pound your sister’s pussy.”

“As you wish… Kara.”

He pulls out of me and flips me over. He covers my back with a sheet that was lying on the bed and he presses back inside.

“Oh fuck. Kara. You’re so tight.” He curses.

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this to me.” I say, muffled by the sheet.

“Fuck… take it. Remember when we were kids? And you’d wrestle me for the controller? I’d let you win after you made me hard because I didn’t want you to know how much you affected me.”

“I made you hard?” I hear coming from someone else besides me.

I pull the sheet off my head and glance around. Kara stands there in a towel. Wet hair dripping on the carpet.

Ethan has stopped moving but he’s still inside of me.

“I… Ethan.” She looks at him with such confusion and intrigue. I really can’t tell how she feels about this truth bomb.

Just as I thought she was gonna retreat back into the bathroom, she strides over to him, grabs his hand and pulls him to the balcony and closes the back door. Leaving me empty.

“He was still inside of me when she pulled him away.” I announce as I swing the sheet off of me and stand up, fully naked. “Do we eavesdrop? Or just sit here?”

“You’re gorgeous.” Tyler says as his eyes scan my body.

“So, how was it with Kara? Did you enjoy yourself?” I ask and glance over at the huge wet spot still on the bed.

“She was amazing. But she didn’t let me eat her out.”

“No? But you’re so good at that.” I pause before I make any flirty suggestions that he should do it to me. Then I say, “I wonder what’s happening out there.”

We stare at each other for a moment. Then I decide to go eavesdrop and peek out the back door. Tyler follows.

Kara is pinned against the railing. Right where I got fucked this morning. Ethan is fully nude. She’s only in a towel. She’s hard core blushing and playing with her wet hair.

Ethan sneaks a small kiss to her neck. She is surprised. And her expression twists from shock to pleasure. Back to shock. He looks into her eyes and she covers her face with her hands. She looks frustrated.

“Should I go and save her? She doesn’t look into this.” I ask quietly.

Tyler snakes his hands around my waist and pulls me to his body.

“She’s fine. Just give her a minute. She had the same expressions when I kissed her. Then we fucked. Twice.”

“You’re insatiable. All ready to go again aren’t you?”

“So are you baby girl.” His hand slips down my tummy and lands on my pussy. He slips a finger between my lips and I let out a moan. “So ready for me.”

“I was so ready for Ethan too. But now he’s out there with his sister.”

“Who you were trying to be for him. Which means it must not repulse you.”

“I so desperately want him to have everything he wants. And he wants her.”

“Well, what I want, is to make you cum so hard that you’re still thinking about my hand between your thighs while we’re at dinner with the parents.”

“Oh Tyler. You’re gonna have to make more of an effort if you want that….” I tease. This flips a switch in him and he adjusts his grip on me and my body and starts fingering me from behind while rubbing my clit with his other hand. I grip the doorframe and moan. “Oh fuck… don’t stop.” I breathe out.

My eyes start to flutter closed but then I remember that I’m trying to find out if Ethan gets what he wants. I open my eyes and focus on them. Their bodies so close to each other, it’s sinful. The lust emanating off of Ethan is contagious. My head feels light and my legs are getting weaker. Ethan’s hand grips his sister’s waist and slowly makes its way up to the top of her towel. He undoes the tie and the towel drops. She looks down in shame. As she’s looking down, she makes no attempt to cover herself.

“She looks so delicious.” Tyler states. “Like a juicy apple.”

“He looks so savory like a nice meaty steak.” I answer back as I glance at his cock, practically drooling over the sight of it.

“Looks like Kara thinks so too.” He says. And I snap my vision back to her.

She’s slowly dropping to her knees in front of him. She just stares at him from her knees. The look in his eyes is unmistakable. He’s hungry. He’s going to devour her.

But he does something unexpected. He grabs her wrists and pulls her up to her feet. She looks as confused as I am.

He softly kisses her lips and grips her body to his. She relaxes in his grip and kisses him back just as passionately.

“I need more than fingers.” I say outloud.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Tyler says and removes his three fingers from my cunt.

He replaces it with his very hard cock and grips my hips. He fucks me deep and with long strokes.

“So much better.” I pant.

Watching the passionate kisses shared between them was getting to be too much. Then she touched his cock. Her hand retreated, as if she was nervous. But he whispered something to her between their kisses that made her touch him again.

“Sit in the fucking desk chair, and roll it over here.” I demand. Tyler didn’t respond fast enough so I pushed him out of me and grabbed the desk chair myself.

He sat in it, I spun it around so I could still watch out the back door, and I mounted him. This was much deeper. Closer to my ache.

Ethan and Kara continue to kiss and she still strokes him softly. They part for air and her eyes catch mine. Her smirk drops from her lips.

She pulls her hand off of him and pushes him away from her.

I continue riding Tyler, but it’s obvious she’s been caught in the act and feels immense guilt and shame.

“Shit.” I curse. Ethan walks in the back door and slumps onto a bed. “Sorry.” I apologize to Ethan as I stop riding Tyler. “We’ll continue this later.” I tell Tyler and hop off.

I grab a dress from my suitcase and slip it on over my head. And I grab a different dress from Kara’s suitcase and step onto the balcony. She has her towel around her again and she’s gazing out over the ocean in the distance.

“I brought you a dress.” I offer.

“No thanks.” She says.

I put my hand on her shoulder but she shrugs it off.

“I’m sorry if I repulsed you. Looked like you and Tyler were having fun.”

“We were. And you didn’t repulse us. We were fucking because it turned me on.”

“Me grabbing my brother’s dick and having his tongue down my throat turned you on?” She asks incredulously.

“A lot actually. Look.”

She turns around confused. Like she doesn’t know what she’s supposed to be looking at. I have my dress pulled up a bit in the front, revealing my soaking wet and needy pussy. She stares for a moment and then turns back to the view.

“I don’t know who’s more disgusting. Me or you.”

“Ouch.” I say. We stand there in silence.

“I didn’t mean that. I’m just… confused.”

“What’s got you confused?”

“Well, if love between a brother and sister is so wrong, why does it feel better than it did with Tyler?”

“I mean have you SEEN your brother? He’s hotter than all of your book boyfriends combined. Of course you’re attracted to him.”

“Yeah but it’s more than just attraction… his touch.”

“All touch feels good. Doesn’t this feel good?” I ask, putting my hand on her back, slowly wrapping my touch around her rib cage, and under her breasts. I feel her breathing hitch.

“Yeah.” She admits shyly.

“And this?” I ask, stepping behind her, straddling her right ass cheek between my hips. My hand sliding to her lower stomach.

“I think you’ve proven your point.” She says with a chuckle.

“I don’t know if I have. Do you still think it’s shameful to love your brother’s touch?”

“Of course.” She says with an eye roll.

“I don’t think your body got the memo.” I say. My hand dipping under her towel and resting between her legs. “Hmmm yeah. Looks like it’s not ashamed at all.”

“You’re my best friend. You shouldn’t touch my body like this.”

“And yet you haven’t told me to stop. Did you tell your brother to stop?”

“No?” She asks instead of stating. “Please… stop.” She begs. I can hear her start to tear up.

I release her body from my arms. She grips her towel to her body and rushes inside.

Shit. Did I go too far? Why am I so invested in her and her brother? I glance down at my left hand. The one that was between her legs. My fingers are drenched. I bring my fingers to my nose and softly inhale. Then I taste it a little. So sweet. I’ve never wanted to eat a pussy before. But her scent is intoxicating. And I want more.


All through dinner that night, all four of us were quiet. Only answering questions we had to, to not signal the parents that anything unusual had happened.

Ethan and Kara’s mom was glowing tho. She was so happy and tan and couldn’t stop smiling.

“You guys are so quiet tonight! Did you not enjoy your day in paradise?” She asks glancing around.

We all share looks but Tyler pipes up.

“I don’t think we hydrated enough for the beautiful sunny weather. We’re all just feeling sluggish.”

“Well, drink some water you guys! You’re gonna miss out on the best week of your summer if you don’t look after yourselves.”

We all finish dinner while talking a bit more. But I can’t help but feel the stare that’s coming from across the table. Mr. Keely is staring right at my tits and smirking while he has his arm around his wife. I intensely blush and take a sip of my drink. “Dessert anyone?” I ask after I swallow.

“I’d love a taste of something sweet.” Mr. Keely says making direct eye contact with me.

Well this is gonna be awkward.


Later that night, the boys are in the hot tub and Kara and I are cuddled up in our bed. Fresh bedding because the other sheets were wrecked from earlier.

“I’ve been thinking…” Kara says from behind me. She’s currently spooning me and playing with my hair. “I didn’t say stop earlier. And I didn’t want you to stop. But I thought I had to say it.”

“Why?” I ask, curiously.

“Because. You’ve been my friend since we were basically in diapers. I didn’t wanna ruin how close we are. What if it was awkward or I didn’t enjoy it or we were just caught up in the moment? …Or what if I did enjoy it?”

I flip myself over so I’m facing her now. There’s a good gap between us, but I could feel electricity sparking where her arms held me. I stare into her eyes as a blush creeps on my cheeks.

“Same with my brother. I’m terrified everything will change if I give in.”

“It doesn’t have to change for the worse. It could be for the better.” I suggest.

She pushes my hair back from my face and holds my cheek.

“I love you so deeply.” She says, barely above a whisper.

“I love you too Kara.” I say and smile.

She runs her hand through my hair one more time before closing the distance and kissing me. It was sweet and soft. Not like the passionate, horny kisses I’ve shared with the boys.

“Promise me, we’ll be just as good of friends even if this goes awkwardly.”

“Kara we don’t have to…”

“I want to.” she says seriously.

I kiss her with a smile on my lips. “I promise” I whisper against her lips.

The kiss becomes a little heated. Our hands explore the exposed soft skin of our midriffs. My hand dips to grip her ass. She gasps as I shake the handful in my hand. We giggle and she rolls on top of me. She sits up and adjusts her hair before coming back down to my lips. I slide my right hand into her hair and grip it so she can’t move. I kiss along her jaw and then to her neck. She moans and grips the sheets below me.

“Not fair” she pants.

I leave a wet tongue trail along her neck. And a small nibble of her bottom lip before I release her hair and give her a soft kiss on her lips.

“You’re so sexy.” I compliment her.

“What do we do now? I’ve never even kissed a girl before.” She admits as she lays down next to me.

“We literally don’t have to do anything. But if we do something, I’d really enjoy pleasuring you. Fingers, tongue, lips. Whatever you’ll allow me.”

“Do I have to go down on you too?”

“No. Only if you want to.”

“Okay. Boundaries. Go slow. Ask before you add anything to the mix. Tell me what you’re doing before you do it. And lastly, lock the door and tell the boys to stay out there. I want this to be just you and me.”

“Okay. Give me a moment. I’ll go talk to them.” I kiss her cheek and climb out of bed.

I walk out onto the balcony and take the few steps out to the hot tub.

“How are you guys doing?” I ask as I approach.

“Good. Have you come to join us?” Ethan asks, hopeful.

“No. I have come to make sure you guys have everything you need because we’re locking you out for a bit.”

“Why?” Tyler asks.

“None of your business. But Kara needs some more time without you two in the room. She’s processing things still.”

They nod.

“We’ll be fine. Thanks for checking on us. Kiss?” Ethan asks.

I bend over the hot tub and kiss him. He is clearly hungry for more but I pull my mouth from his and wink.

“See ya later” I say and scamper back inside and lock the door.

“We good?” She asks.

I nod and crawl up the bed to her. We kiss as I rub my hands up and down her arms. I place my hands near her neck. Then I start rubbing my hands up and down her chest.

“Is this okay?” I ask in between pecks.

She nods but pushes me back slightly. She removes her shirt and looks at me shyly.

“Gorgeous.” I breathe out. “Can I play with them?” She nods. I softly touch both of them above the nipples. Then I run my hands back down and cup the bottoms of them in my hands. She has her eyes closed and she’s breathing heavy. “You can touch yourself if that will feel good.” I offer. She shakes her head no and blushes. “I’m gonna use my mouth now.” I warn her. She makes no effort to stop me so I run my tongue over her left nipple. She moans and squeezes her thighs together. “If you won’t touch yourself, can I?”

“Over my pants only.” She says.

She grabs my wrist and leads my hand to the warmth between her legs. I softly press my hand there and get some friction going over her shorts. She’s panting and staring into my eyes. Without breaking eye contact, I dip my mouth to her other breast and suck on her nipple. I leave a few nibbles behind as well.

“May I pretty please finger you? I could make you cum so good…” I beg.

Kara sits there a minute. Contemplating whether to give in or not. She answers by undoing her shorts and pushing them past her ankles. I tuck my index finger into the waist band of her panties and snap them against her skin. She pushes those off too. Completely exposed to me. I can tell she’s not fully comfortable with me seeing her naked. So I run my hand along her hip and thighs.

“I’ve seen you naked before.” I remind her.

“I know. But never in this way.”

“Well you’re beautiful. You shouldn’t be embarrassed or shy. I love seeing you. Your body, your mind, your soul. You’re beautiful inside and out.”

“Maybe it’s cuz you’re still fully dressed.” She hints.

“You want to see me naked?” I ask. She nods and gulps out of nervousness. I stand up and remove my dress. I’m not wearing a bra so I’m just standing there in my panties. “Want these off too?”.

She surprises me by crawling over to me on the bed and standing on her knees in front of me. She leaves kisses along my neck and plays with my tits. I moan as she sucks my nipples into her mouth and swirls her tongue around them.

I slide my hand from her hip, down her belly, and land between her legs.

“So wet… but not as wet as you were on the balcony.”

She stops touching me and I open my eyes. She has sat back on her legs and looks guiltily off to the corner of the room.

“I’m not gonna judge you for that.” I say and touch her cheek. She shakes my hand away and lays back on the bed. I climb up next to her and wrap my arms around her middle. “Did you know I had a thing for my uncle through high school?”

“Uncle Ryan?” She asks surprised.

“Yup. I had fantasies about when I’d stay the night with my cousins that we’d meet in the kitchen in the middle of the night. And I’d tell him the thoughts I had about him. And he’d give in to the lust.”

“Jesus. It’s so wrong tho.”

“It’s just for fun. It’s not serious. Did you not squirt because he watched you getting fucked?”

She covers her face with her hands. Smiling ear to ear under them.

“Just give it a chance. He REALLY wants you. And has for a long time. He truly loves and cares for you. He won’t hurt you. Or make you do something you don’t want. He’ll be patient. And if you want, I can be right there. For moral support. Or an extra set of hands.” I slide my hand between her legs again and she gasps. “Tell me you don’t want him to make you cum.”

She looks me in the eyes and I see tears forming. “But I do want him to.”

I kiss her lips firmly, tasting her tears that fall down her cheeks.

I slide my fingers past her pussy lips and into her slick abyss. I finger fuck her and rub her clit with the side of my thumb. I can hear the sloppy sounds of my fingers pumping in and out. Her breathing is ragged and she hungrily kisses my lips.

“I’m gonna cum.” She quickly says as she flops onto her back.

“Don’t freak out.” I say and quickly maneuver myself between her legs and begin eating her out. She stares at me a little nervously. But as soon as I reach her sensitive point, she gasps and pants and moans as she tangles her fingers in my hair. I slide my fingers back inside her and suck her clit. “Cum for me.” I say with a smirk.

She obeys and lets herself fall over the edge. I can see all the waves hit her at once. She tries to force me away from her pussy with her thighs closing around my head, but I force them to stay open and pin her hips to the bed.

When her body relaxes and the thin sheen of sweat settles over her skin, she smiles at me.

“Wow. You’re good.” She whispers, very content.

“I’m glad you think so. You taste good.”

“I do?” She asks.

“Mmmhm. Want a taste?” I ask cheekily.

She smirks and nods. I climb up her body and kiss her. Our tongues tangle as she tastes herself in my mouth.

Right then, we hear a loud knock at the balcony door. We both giggle and I get out of bed first.

“Grab some clothes and go shower. I’ll let the boys back in.” I tell her.

I slip my dress back on and she grabs her stuff and runs to the bathroom fully naked.

“Thank you for that.” She says before closing the door.

I throw her discarded clothes into a pile by her suitcase and let the boys back in.

“It’s getting cold out there. And it’s about to rain.” Tyler complains as he pushes his way in.

“What a baby!” I say and push his shoulder.

“What’s that smell?” Ethan asks.

Oh shit. All color drains from my face and I just giggle and sit on my bed.

“What were you two doing in here?” Ethan asks.

“We just hung out. Cuddled and stuff.”

“…and stuff?” Tyler asks.

“I know that smell. It’s your pussy. Mixed with something else musky.” Ethan says as he sits on his bed, facing me. “I’m not dumb ya know?” He states.

“I am tho. What’s going on?” Tyler asks as he starts drying off and changing into pajamas.

“Kara and our girl got VERY friendly. Without us.”

“Please don’t tell her you know.” I beg.

“Did you eat her out? Your chin is glistening.” Ethan teases. He steps closer to me and I slowly lay back as he hovers over me. He licks around my mouth and smiles, satisfied. “So sweet.”

I pull his face back to mine and kiss him deeply. He bites my bottom lip a little too aggressively, and I taste blood.

“Get a room you two.” Tyler teases.

Totally forgot he was right there. A moment or two later, Kara emerges from the bathroom in her pjs.

We all get ready for bed and turn out the lights. The boys a snoring a few minutes later. Kara and I are cuddling in bed, absently tracing lines on each other’s skin. Shes cuddled up to my side, her hand rubbing my belly. I’m laying flat on my back, my hand rubbing along her arm. I feel her fingers dance across my waist band. And slightly dip under it.

“I wanna try.” She whispers so quietly.

“Try what?” I ask, not whispering.

“Shhhh!” She hushes me and listens intently for a moment. “I wanna make you cum. You did so good for me. I wanna make you feel as good.”

“Yeah?” I whisper.

She nods. She softly kisses my lips. Her hand still rubbing my belly and dipping past my waist band briefly.

I push my pj shorts and panties down my thighs slightly. They sit just below my hips, but provide enough space for Kara’s hand to fully be able to explore.

“Do you need guidance?” I ask quietly. She nods so I put my hand over hers. “Right here.” I say as our hands land on my mound. “Do to me, what you do to yourself.”

She is bright red in the face. Her eyes sparkle with mischief as she dips her fingers into my wetness and starts to spread it around.

“Mmmmm good girl.” I whisper. “You’re doing so good.” She looks into my eyes and kisses me briefly. She’s intensely focused on my facial expressions as she rubs my clit and fingers me. “Taste me.” I beg as I grab her wrist and lead her fingers to her mouth.

She does as I ask. She sucks my pussy juices off her fingers. She smirks and returns her fingers to my slit.

“Am I doing good still?” She asks.

“You’re doing amazing. Can you feel my clit throbbing and hot?” I ask. She nods. “That means I’m close.”

I hear the bed creak behind me and then her hands leave my body. She hides under the covers and I look behind me.

“What are you doing up?” I ask Ethan.

“I heard whispering. Can I watch?” He asks.

I go under the covers with Kara and find her eyes looking at me.

“Why’d you stop?” I ask. You were doing so good. I try to kiss her but she turns her face. “I really need to cum. Can you help me finish?”

“Let my brother finish you off. I can’t do it with an audience.”

“I could tell him to go to bed. Or we could go on the balcony.”

“No. I’m gonna go to bed.” She says. She pops out of the covers and rolls over to the far edge of the bed. I pop out too and spoon her from behind.

“I’m not going anywhere.” I whisper in her ear. Then my breath hitches in my throat. I hadn’t pulled my pajamas back on. So I was bare on my lower half. His fingers tease me from behind. “Fuck” I moan into Kara’s ear.

“Are you playing with yourself?” She asks me.

“No.” I take a few deep breaths. “Your brother has his fingers where yours were.”

She stiffens but doesn’t push me away. Ethan hops in bed behind me. I can feel his stiff cock on my ass cheek, but what has my attention is him slipping his hand between me and his sister. His hand is for sure touching her ass with my hips as close as they are to hers.

“Kara is this okay?” I ask her.

She stays silent. I tap her on the shoulder and she rolls to face me. Her eyes are dark. Hooded with lust. Her hands grip my cheeks and kiss me deeply. With her soft lips on mine and Ethan’s hand between my thighs, I’m in heaven.

She releases my lips and goes to my breasts. Kissing and sucking them. I turn my head behind me and Ethan kisses me next. My hand tangles in Kara’s hair as she brings me pleasure with her mouth. They both pull away for a breath and they lock eyes. I can feel the tension.

“Just kiss.” I beg.

Ethan leans over me and slowly approaches Kara’s face. He goes slowly to give her enough time to decide. She closes the last inch and kisses him as softly as she kisses me. I feel Ethan’s cock twitch between my ass cheeks. I moan. They part and look at me.

“You made Ethan very hard.” I tell her. She blushes with a smile. “I want him to fuck me. Do you wanna watch?” I ask.

She nods. Excitement boils up inside of me.

“Don’t wake up Tyler. But I need you right now. And she wants to watch.” Ethan nods.

He removes his boxers and strokes himself a couple of times to ready himself. I notice Kara watching him. I tease her tits and she moans. Soon enough Ethan lines himself up behind me and slips in. I gasp and giggle. His size always surprises me.

“I’m not gonna last.” He announces quietly, looking into Kara’s eyes, not mine.

She nods and touches his hand that’s on my hip. He starts fucking my pussy softly and quietly. He’s grunting in my ear and his grip is serious.

“Kiss me.” I beg Kara. Her eyes snap from where our bodies meet to my lips.

She kisses me passionately. Something I hadn’t felt from her kisses before. This was different. This was hot. And she was needy. I touch her inner thigh and she’s emanating heat. I rub her mound and she opens her legs for me. She’s flooded. She keeps getting wetter by the second.

She can no longer stay quiet. She pants and groans and she gets closer to an orgasm. I curl my fingers forward and rub her gspot just barely. But she shakes and cums on my fingers. She moans and cries out “Ethan…”

His thrusts speed up and he spills his cum deep in my pussy. We are all a panting mess after this and just hold each other tight.

After a long string of silence I break it.

“You two are gonna fuck. You can’t deny it any more. I felt both of your desire for the other. There’s no stopping it.”

Kara just giggles and buries her face in her pillow. “I know” she says, all muffled by the pillow.


We wake up the next morning and realize it’s our last day in Hawaii.

“We literally haven’t had enough beach time. And we leave tomorrow. Get your swimsuits on and let’s go!” Kara announces as we all come back from breakfast.

No one argues. We all get ready and pack a beach bag. Snacks and sunscreen and towels. We walk a few blocks to the beach and find a relatively empty part of the beach. We lay out towels and start applying sunscreen on each other. I lather up Kara and she runs for the ocean.

Tyler lotions himself and settles into his beach chair with a book. I had no idea he read.

Ethan and I rub sunscreen on each other. Taking our time to make sure we’re covered. I lay on my towel and bask in the sun. Ethan joins Kara in the ocean and I just let my head go empty. A few minutes later I sit up to flip to the other side, but my eyes linger on two people in the ocean. I recognize the bright pink bikini as Kara and that must be Ethan next to her. They’re talking and splashing each other and laughing. Ethan dunks her under water and she comes up gasping for air. She slaps his chest and he pulls her close to him by her waist. Fuck… that movement alone turned me on. I can’t see facial expressions from this far away, but I can imagine her blushing cheeks and daring eyes. His smirk and hungry eyes.

I glance around the beach and the two families that were here had left. Leaving just me and Tyler on the beach. I undo my bikini top and flip over. I tan my back for a bit then I sit back up. Kara and Ethan are headed up the beach towards me and I reach behind me to tie up my top but I can’t quite get it. Kara notices my struggle and helps me.

“I prefer it off tho.” She flirts.

“Looked like you two were having fun.” I reply glancing between the two of them.

“We might head back to the hotel early.” Ethan says, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me against him.

“You’ll miss sunset.”

“Kara wants you to come back with us.”

“Oh… Well we can’t just leave Tyler.”

“We can have him pick up dinner. That should give us enough time.”

“Time for…?”

“A threesome.” Kara whispers.

“You’re ready?” I ask her.

She nods.

“HEY TYLER!” I call over to him.

He closes his book and glances at us. “What?” He asks.

“Do you wanna go get dinner for us? We’ll pack and shower while you’re gone. Then you can shower and pack when you’re back after we’re all fed.” Kara asks, surprising both of us.

“I can do that. What do you guys want?”

“PIZZA!” We all say in unison.

We pack up and head back to the hotel. Except for Tyler who goes to pick up food for us.

We drop our suits and towels in the bathroom and turn on the shower. The shower is larger than most hotel showers I’ve seen. So we all fit easily. With two shower heads, we are covered in water at all times. We start slow. Kisses and soft touches. Ethan shampoos his sister’s hair. She shampoos mine. When our hair is all clean and rinsed out, we double team Ethan. She shampoos his hair and I wash his body. I tease him around his waist. He hums happily and smiles at the ceiling.

I do stroke his cock with soap. Making sure he’s all clean. He hardens in my hand.

“I have dreamed of us doing this before. But it wasn’t as good as the reality.” Ethan says as he pulls me against his body. “I wanna fuck both of you. Make you moan my name. Leave you satisfied.”

Kara rinses his hair of soap and rounds his body to stand next to me. She slides her slippery body against his side and they kiss. It was so hot watching them lock lips and search each other’s mouths with their tongues.

I stroke his cock as they make out. He starts leaking precum.

“He’s ready for you Kara. Are you ready?” I ask.

They pull apart and she nods. “I’m ready.”

I feel between her thighs and sure enough, she’s ready. “Indeed.” I reply. She blushes. I I lead her to the shower wall and kiss her neck. “Turn around.” I demand and she obeys.

Ethan steps behind her. He glances at me and I smile at him. He lines himself up with her entrance, and she excitedly slides onto him.

She whimpers and covers her mouth. I wash my body as they fuck when I’m all clean I play with myself and watch. They are passionately grasping and panting with each other. So much pleasure that it’s hard to control your body. That’s when I hear the front door open.

“Enjoy you two.” I say and hop out and grab a towel.

I walk out and see Tyler setting up dinner on the desk and tv stand. I wrap my arms around his waist from behind.

“Thank you for going to get dinner for us.”

“Of course. I got your favorite. Chicken bacon ranch.”

“You did?!?! Thank you!” I say excitedly.

He turns around and I let go of his waist. He pulls me into a kiss and grabs my ass.

“I think you deserve it for this amazing week. I feel so spoiled.”

“You feel spoiled? I had two guys fawning over me. Wanting to get me off at every moment.”

“Well, can you blame us!”


“Where is Ethan?” He asks.


“And Kara?”

“…she went to go talk to her mom.” I lie.

I hear their moans over the fan in the bathroom so I pull Tyler towards the balcony. He follows. We step into the warm air and I drop my towel on the nearest chair. Tyler licks his lips.

“We have an audience.” He adds.

I glance to where he was looking. The guy from the other day was on his porch.

“Are you gonna watch?” I ask as I drop to my knees in front of Tyler.

The guy nods and takes his cock out.

“Good boy.” I say with a chuckle.

I start removing Tyler’s pants and boxers as he leans against the hot tub. I tease his length with my tongue and finger tips. He moans happily. He stares into my eyes and rests his hand on my cheek. He loses himself as i start sucking and take over all of his thoughts.

“Fuck. You’re an angel.”

“No, I’m a horny slut. And you love it.” I mouth back.

“Such a horny slut. Good girl.” I hear the guy on the other balcony pant.

“Fuck me where he can watch?” I ask Tyler. He nods.

I walk over to the side of the balcony where he was and bend over the railing. Tyler saddles up behind me and wastes no time in putting his cock in me. I smile down at the man who’s quickly pumping his fist up and down in his lap.

“Take your time. You don’t have to cum before me. You can cum with me.” I tease.

He slows down and gets out of his chair. He walks closer to me. From his angle, he could definitely see my pussy getting pounded and Tyler’s cock pumping in and out of my hole.

“Fuck her ass.” The neighbor says to Tyler.

“My ass? I don’t know. I don’t think I’m…”

Tyler swiftly pulls out and presses into my tight ass hole.

“Oh my god.” I say in surprise. I squirt a little and hear the liquid splash the pavement below me. He fucks my ass and grabs my neck. “Oh Tyler. Harder.” I pant.

The guy sits back in his chair and pumps his cock faster. Watching his face contort and his wicked eyes watching me get pounded in my ass really spurred me closer to my orgasm.

I grip onto the railing and lock eyes with the neighbor. He knows this is the moment I’m gonna cum.

“Fuck” Tyler pants from behind me.

I shake and gasp as my body rocks through an intense orgasm. The neighbor erupts all over his chest. Rope after rope. I smirk wickedly.

“Can I taste?” I ask him. He approaches the railing and I reach as far down as I can. I swipe a tiny amount of his cum from his chest and bring my fingers to my lips. “Mmmm salty.” I smirk at him. Tyler and I head back into the hotel room and he grabs my towel. “How was my ass?” I ask as I lay back on my bed. My arm hits Kara’s leg and notice she’s in bed.

“Fantastic. But I didn’t get to finish.”

“What a shame. Is the shower free?” I ask.

The door opens and Ethan steps out fully nude. Tyler throws my towel at him and laughs. “Someone’s horny.”

“Says the guy with a hard on just as big in his shorts.”

Ethan joins me and Kara on the bed and Tyler hops in the shower. We share knowing looks but Ethan pulls on my arm.

“Can you ride me?” He asks.

“Kara didn’t finish you off?” I ask curiously.

“She did. But she got me going again.”

“I know you enjoy cream pies.” She giggles.

“I’m gonna kill you! Ethan, that’s a secret kink.”

“She asked. I couldn’t lie.”

I sit up and walk around to Ethan. He scoots to the middle of the bed and I straddle his lap. I rub my pussy along his cock. Kara watches intently.

“I should punish you mister!” I complain. “But I can’t say no to a cream pie from you.”

Kara reaches between us and hold up his cock for me. We lock eyes and I slide down his length.

“Thank you Kara.” I moan.

I slowly ride Ethan and he helps me from below. Kara joins in and leaves soft kisses and naughty touches all over my body.

“I’m almost there.” Ethan pants.

Kara and I smirk at each other. I lean forward and kiss his lips. She kisses his neck and rubs his inner thigh. She even plays with his balls. With our lips in various places on his face, he stiffens. He shoots a big load inside of me and I continue riding. I feel it dripping out of me and I squeeze my pussy muscles in an attempt to keep it from escaping but I just milked more cum from his cock. He stops my hips from moving and looks at me.

“This really was paradise. I couldn’t have been here with better people.”

Kara kisses him deeply and then kisses me just as deep. I slump against Ethan’s shoulder and smile to myself. It really was paradise.
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