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When Shelley learns about her husbands craving for cock, she takes control.
It seemed like lunch time would never come. The memory of sucking my neighbors sweaty cock this morning was in 4K high definition in my mind. I could not stop thinking about how he felt my mouth. I needed to find an outfit like the woman in the video wore, if I wanted that hot hard cock in my mouth again.

I slipped out a bit early and headed to the Hustler store. They had a good ***********ion of lingerie, but I could not find a good match for the two-piece ruffled nighty the gorgeous young lady wore. I was ready to move on when I noticed the huge variety of dildo's they had.

I found myself drawn in to the area comparing them to John's cock as I looked. I recalled the one John found in my wife Shelley's drawer. When I held it in my hand, I thought how huge it was compared to my five and a half incher. I thought I felt inadequate holding the dildo, but little did I know my neighbor John was every bit as big.

The mental image of him pounding my wife while she came in screaming ecstasy filled my head until it was replaced with the image of him in my mouth. I walked through the menagerie of artificial cocks and envisioned the times my wife pleasured herself with her oversize dildo. I wondered how she felt after that when we made love. Now she had John to satisfy her every Friday Night...

I got myself out of the store and headed for Victoria's secret. As I started down the road, I saw Shelley's car pass the other direction. She did not appear to have seen me. There was no luck at Victoria's Secret either, so I rushed back to work 13 minutes late from my lunch break.

My mind drifted back to the image of the woman from the video, how beautiful she looked in the lingerie and how eagerly she sucked that cock. Then it hit me, I was so occupied with my mission; I never ate lunch. My mind had me convinced, I could still taste his cum. Then as my stomach rumbled with hunger, I experienced my first cum burp. It was not pleasant and managed to put my mind back on track for work. I wolfed down a snickers to get rid of the taste and keep me going through my shift.

When I got to my car, the replay of this morning was back on the mental big screen and had my cock stiffening yet again. As I shopped, it disturbed me, just how arousing it was imagining wearing the lingerie for John and Shelley. I tried Macy's and several of the stores in the mall with no luck.

So, I went on line and found something similar at Fredericks of Hollywood. There were a couple stores in Dallas that had it in stock. I got home at almost 10 PM. I had spent over four hours to find the closest outfit for him. I remained in a semi hard state most of that time.

I actually had to stuff some tissues in my panties because pre-cum soaked through my scrubs. The outfit I found was similar in design but where hers was gossamer and frilly, the one I found was satin and not so transparent. But it had the same, small panty with three-inch integrated ruffled skirt. If a skirt could be three inches long. It also had a low cut short sleeved crop top with ruffled frill along the bottom and sleeves.

When I touched it and imagined the feel of the satin material against my cock and nipples, I knew I had to have it. I gladly paid the ninety dollars and could not wait to try it on for him the next morning. What was wrong with me, I wondered.

Shelley had a 12-hour midnight shift again and it seemed to take me forever to get to sleep. I was wearing a frilly hipster pantie with lace frill and cotton panel in front and my hard-on could barely be contained. I wanted to jack off badly but, a twisted part of me wanted to hold off and impress him with the amount of cum I would unload in my panties.

I woke ten minutes before my alarm. My shift was not until three, but he expected me to be there at the end of his morning run. The salty taste of his sweat mixed with his manly scent made it all the more exciting. I put on the lingerie and threw on some gym shorts and a T-shirt to cover them. I watched out the window with my cock semi hard waiting for him to return home.

My heart raced when he turned the corner and I was almost on his heals when he reached his front door. He looked back over his shoulder.

"Morning Stevie, you're an eager little cock sucker this morning. Did you get the outfit?" He asked smugly as he held the door open.

"Yes John," I replied cheerfully.

"You like wearing it don't you Stevie?" I stepped in and he motioned for me to stay near the front door.

"You're a little cock hungry slut aren't you Stevie?"

I hated that those words made my cock pulse. "Yes John."

He had made his way down the hall and into the kitchen. Then he positioned a chair with a view down the hall to the front door. Good, now strip down to your new nighty and drop to your hands and knees, like a good little cock whore, Stevie."

Shamefully, I did as command with a full hard-on, imagining his stiff sweaty cock in my mouth. I removed my shirt and let it drop, and then pushed my shorts down and off.

"Hold on Stevie, before you kneel and crawl to me, turn and let me see you," He said smiling. "Oh that's pretty Stevie. Look how hard that little clitty is. You have turned into a complete cock whore, haven't you?" he said spreading his legs.

He wore a pair of loose-fitting gray gym shorts and when he spread his legs, he revealed a pair of red boxer briefs with his cock bulge outlined down the left leg. I felt powerless to resist. I needed to feel that hard hot cock in his mouth again. Being called a cock whore only excited me more, and I dutifully dropped to all fours and crawled toward John.

My breathing quickened as I got closer. The thought of peeling of those shorts and uncovering John's man cock combined with the silk rubbing my boner had me on the verge of cumming already.

"Are you a cock whore Stevie?" He asked softly.

"Yes John," I whimpered.

"You feel pretty in that nighty, don't you?"

"Yes John, I do?"

"Do you want to cum in your panties with my cock in your mouth Stevie?"

I reached John and sat on my heels between his spread legs. "Yes John, I want to cum in my panties."

"A good cock whore begs for it Stevie." He said seductively.

"Please John! Let me suck you big fucking cock. I can't stop thinking about how hard and hot you were in my mouth. I need it please. I want to taste your hot cum knowing I made it happen." I panted as my heart raced.

"Do you think a pathetic whore like you deserves a man's cock Stevie?" He grinned and arrogant smile.

"No John, but I'll do whatever it takes. Please John, let me service your cock."

"I like you enthusiasm Stevie. Help me out of these shorts." He slid his ass to the edge of the chair.

I raised up and gripped his waist band on either side and began to peel down his shorts and underwear. First his dark bush came into view as I unwrapped my prize. His flaccid cock clung to his underwear from the sweat of his morning run. A wave of pleasure shot through me as he raised his ass, allowing me access to his manhood.

I stared at his dick longingly as I worked the shorts and underwear off and tossed them away. In awe of the fact that his limp cock hung over the edge of the chair a full two inches when my tip would not even touch the chair, I salivated at the sight of it.

"Can I please kiss it John?" I said looking longingly up at him.

He smiled. "You look so much like the girl in the video Stevie. Let's do this right."

He slid off the chair onto his knees with his torso upright and hips pushed slightly forward just like the man in the video. "Be the cock sucking sissy you were meant to be Stevie."

His cock hung down below his balls and I leaned in and extended my tongue. Then I raised the head with my tongue getting the salty warm sensation of his sweaty cock. The weight and warmth sent a tingle through me that nearly pushed me over the edge. The silk panties tickled my cock with every movement.

I opened my mouth to take him in and he slipped off my tongue. Then I quickly raised him again with my tongue and sucked his head into my mouth. The warm salty silky-smooth skin had my whole-body tingling and I moaned my approval. My tongue swirled against his cock as I sucked his length in feeling his balls against my lower lip.

In his flaccid state I could fit all of him in me and lapped my tongue at his wrinkled ball sack. I held his swelling cock in my mouth keeping my tongue in constant motion.

"That's it Stevie, worship it like the cock whore you are," He sighed and closed his eyes. I loved knowing I was responsible for his pleasure. I pulled out to his tip stretching his shaft and held him there tickling his sweet spot with my tongue. His eyes opened as he gasped. "Oh, that's so good Stevie..." He exhaled long and slow.

I pushed him back in struggling to touch his balls as he stiffened in my mouth.

"Daaaammmmmmnnnnn Stevie. Next t, time you, aahhhh, need her lipstick too. Oh fuuuck. That would loo, look so pretty." His eyes closed as I began to rock like the lady in the video, sucking his growing hard on and fucking him with my mouth.

I struggled to service him without letting my cock rub the silk panties, afraid I would cum too soon. It was so hot and huge; I couldn't believe how hard it could get. I loved the feel of his bulging veins against my lips and salty manly taste on my tongue. As I breathed through my nose, his musky man scent was too much. I was losing control...

"Oh, fuck Stevie, you got me fucking hard sweetie. You're gonna get your reward soon. Oh, Fuck, don't stop. Get ready to rub that little clitty sweetie.

It was too late. A taste of pre-cum washed over my tongue and my hips pumped like a dog in heat rubbing myself against the silk panties. I could barely hold onto his monster cock as my body spasmed in time with my throbbing cock. I whimpered on his cock as hot spunk pulsed into my panties in a wave of hot wetness.

"Don't you fucking st, stop you little cock whore!" he grunted. "You, oh fuck!" He took a huge gasp of air. "Came, to quick... Ahhhhh!" His raging hard-on began to spasm and he suddenly shoved me off as a blast of hot spunk hit my face.

I tried to take him back in, but he held me back and shot a second stream of his sweet nectar onto the floor. He pushed my forehead bending my head back and I watched helplessly as five more ropes of cum shot out onto the kitchen floor. He milked his cock, letting it all drop on the floor before shoving it back in my mouth to suck him dry.

After a moment he pushed me off again. "You don't deserve a cock like this you slutty little whore. You can't even keep from cumming in your panties and you didn't even touch yourself! Until you learn to control yourself, you'll need to get my cum from the floor like a little bitch dog. I want every drop licked up. Then you can suck your panties clean before you leave. Get to it Cock Whore!"

As I licked his spunk off the floor, he began to taunt me, slapping my ass as he spoke. "I wish you could see yourself Stevie. Your little clitty is getting stiff again I bet. You can't wait to add the lipstick, can you?"

As ashamed as I was, the image of the woman's bright red lips from the video taking his cock, did get me going again. Even as I could feel grit from the floor in my mouth, I continued to lap up his cum and imaging sucking him stiff again. He pointed at some spots I missed. "Every Drop Cupcake, that's liquid gold to you."

You don't deserve it but you're really gonna love the next video's Stevie. Its time we expand your horizons..."

When I finished, I stood up and looked helplessly at the bulge in his gym shorts, disappointed he had covered it up. "Let's see you clean your panties Cupcake."

To this day I don't understand how he made me love the humiliation, but even as I slid my cum soaked panties off, my inferior cock stiffened again. I stood up and began to lick them clean as he smiled smugly, knowing I was his cock whore.

He reached forward and shoved my panties in my mouth. "Suck 'em clean Stevie." Then he took my hand and placed it on his cock. "What are you Stevie?"

He felt so big and warm, I need that cock and he knew it. "I'm your cock whore John." I mumbled with a mouth full of panties and my cock at attention.

'You're going to learn some new ways to serve it Stevie. I'm going to send you two new videos, even though you came before I gave you permission this morning." He said sternly.

"Thank you, John." The absurdity of my muffled voice hit home, but the feel of his warm superior cock was all that mattered. Pleasing it was all I could think of.

"You will want to cum watching it and you have my permission. But you must text me and let me know every time you watch, and you must ask my permission every time you cum ok?"

My mind reeled, trying to imagine what was on the videos. I couldn't wait. My cock throbbed and the feel of him growing harder in my hand as he instructed me, had me in a frenzy again.

I stoked his cock through the shorts. "Yes John," I panted.

He stepped away. "Good, now off to work. I need to save up for servicing your beautiful wife on Friday. We'll explore the videos in depth next Monday morning Stevie. I need to hit the shower and get to work. I'll send your video's first.

He went up the stairs as smiling at me and shaking his head. "You really are kind of pathetic Stevie."

He was right. I stood with my panties in my mouth, boner in the air and silk woman's lingerie top and all I could think of at that moment was watching the videos, he picked for me.

I returned home and checked my e-mail. It had not come yet, so I showered and put on a pair of pink lace brief style panties. I lay on the bed with my laptop and cell phone.

My cock stirred with excitement when the e-mail was there. There were two attachments, so I texted.

Me: I'm gonna watch the first video.

John: Are you at work?

Me: No, I work afternoons today.

John: You're gonna love it.

I clicked on the link and it brought up a video. The image was a close up of a woman's ass. She was laying on her back with her legs crossed, knees to her chest and a black man's hand pressing the back of her thigh forcing her knees to her chest. Her shaved pussy bulged out between her closed thighs. His smooth black cock was shoved halfway in her ass and the word DOMINATED was across the screen.

The image brought back the memory of my anal porn obsession I had early in our marriage. Why did I tell him about that...? The arrow to play the video glared at me from the woman's stretched thigh. I thought about turning it off. I feared starting back on the path of porn obsession, but the fact I just sucked my neighbor's cock after watching him fuck my wife on Friday seamed to dwarf watching porn on the moral dilemma scale.

I lay on my side next to the lap top looked at my hard-on through the pink lace and hit the play arrow.

It started with a smiling Asian girl and the word relax. The fast beat music started and words, "You just wanna be, fucked, fucked, fucked..." This repeated three times and then the fourth time finished with ..."fucked in your ass" The rest of the video there were no more lyrics, just the relentless fast beat that seemed to keep time with every woman's ass getting fucked as the images and words flashed on the screen.

I was mesmerized by it. The first image was a woman lying on her side with her knees together and drawn up to her chest. She gripped her ass cheek and pulled it up exposing her asshole stretching it wide open. The words "It's time to..." appeared and the image switched to a beautiful brunette, on all fours, ass to the screen reaching behind shoving a thin blue butt plug in her ass rapidly fucking herself balanced on knees and left hand.

"Explore yourself..."

The image switched to a black cock pounding a woman's ass. "If you won't no one else will."

The images flashed, the woman spreading her asshole, a woman looking half in pain shoving a clear plastic beaded dildo up her own ass.

Then a hot young woman on her side in the knees up position fingering her own tight little asshole, followed by another woman fucking herself with a black but plug.

"Time to admit what you really want." An ass was getting pounded by a big black dick while she held a hot pink vibrator against her clit.

"Faster!... Ass needs ruined." Appeared as a black cock pushed into a woman's unlubed asshole.

"Start Small." Over the woman with the blue but plug fucking herself wildly. "Then go bigger." The image of the pounding black cock and the pink vibrator again.

My cock was stiff as I tried to read the words as they flashed and take in the images at the same time. It was four minutes and twenty seconds long and I wanted to watch it all before jacking off. The images seemed sexier every time

"Pain will become pleasure." The woman with the large beaded dildo was fucking herself faster and enjoying it.

"Go deeper" A woman bent over, straddling the arm of a couch getting fucked by a huge cock as her shaved wet pussy rubbed the leather armrest.

"Agony will become enjoyment." The face of the woman with the pink vibrator on her clit came into focus as he pounded her ass and she was in ecstasy.

The cute brunette on her side fingering herself appeared with the word "beginner." She shoved in a second finger and fucked herself faster.

This was replaced by the woman from the first image, with her knees pressed to her chest by the black man fucking hard and fast with his curved cock plunging tip to balls at incredible speed and the word "Expert!"

"Damn John, this if so, fucking good. Oh God I wanna fuck that ass." I said allowed.

The video blew away any of the anal porn I had seen six or seven years ago. The nonstop barrage of gorgeous asses getting fucked and fingered was incredible. I hit pause and texted John.

Me: Can I cum?

I talked to myself as I waited. "Fuck John Hurry, I need to cum again... please!"

I hit play waiting for his response.

The cute brunette was fingering her asshole like a machine gun as words appeared.

"Copy... Stare." I was staring at her tight little asshole as she pleasured herself.

Then the image of a big black cock fucking a woman on her back holding her legs up behind the knees as he hammered her with the words "Legs in the air"

The images flashed faster, ass after ass bent over, legs to the chest, on her side, all offering their asses to be fucked hard and fast. The words flashed by as fast as the image.

"Open that ass... soon you'll demand... 12 inches... of hard cock... It's your ass... do what you want.

Then the image of a lubed ass being rapid fire finger fucked... "Lube it up."

My cock throbbed as I waited for his text, talking to the babe lubing her ass hole. "Oh, fuck sweetie let me fill that ass for you," I grunted, "Please hurry John she needs my cock bad."

Pre-cum soaked through my panties as the images and words kept flashing by.

A woman fucking herself with a large but plug. "Fill that ass..."

I nearly came in my panties at the sight of a beautiful blond straddle a wide based bar stool that forced her ass out and legs wide. Her gorgeous ass was getting absolutely hammered as she feverishly sucked a huge cock at the same time. That image was immediately replaced by a sexy brunette in a red lace body suit with a giant hole exposing her ass and shaved pussy pushing herself against the ten-inch cock fucking her tight ass while she pulled her cheeks apart with her left hand.

The words "Fuck that cock" Flashed followed by "You're gonna remember this"

I was shaking and panting. "Fuck John, please I need to cum..."

The blond on the bar stool was leaning on the counter as hot spunk shot on her asshole. "Bathed in cum... controlled by cock"

Back to the red body suit. "It's getting easier... push all the way in"

The blond straddling the bar stool rocking her cum soaked ass crack up and down smiling over her shoulder... "Time for another..." A new man steps in, shoves slowly in and starts fucking her. "Your gaping ass needs cum..."

Then a woman straddling a man, laying on him as his hands grip her ass cheeks spreading them wide. His hips moving at incredible speed, cock sliding from tip to balls and the words, "Repeat after me... I need... ass fucked... I'm a whore... I need my ass pounded."

Back to the barstool babe, getting fucked by the new guy. "Now finish what you started... Speed and power!"

A new beautiful ass appeared with a woman on her hands and knees, with a man standing over her, straddling her hips. His huge hairless balls and exposed shaved asshole hovered above her as he shoved eight inches straight into her. Her fingers move to her pussy as he pounds her. "You're gonna feel this for days... That's good... It means you'll remember what you are... a whore... "

Back to the barstool with another cock in her mouth getting double ended. "Made for fucking."

I was in a complete frenzy. "Oh God, where do they find these women. Please, let me fuck that ass. Damn it John! I need to cum!"

The image of the girl getting fucked from above came back and her hips rocked with rhythmic speed like I had never seen. The man stood still over her as she feverishly fucked his cock with hear ass. The words sent me to the edge, "It's time to fuck back!" The way her ass jiggled as she fucked him was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

Then it jumped back to the red body suite. "Admit it... You want him... inside you"

"Oh, fuck john please!" I yelled as the image switched back to the magical ass and the cock from above.

He was pulled out dangling above her as her hand reached back and grabbed his cock. As she shoved him in the words, "Guide him in" flashed up. Then she began her hip motion again, I was done.

"Fuck it John, I'm gonna cum." I said reaching for my screaming cock.

As I did, the camera shifted to an aerial view of the lady fucking his cock. He held himself still and she wildly fucked his cock with her asshole while she fucked a second cock with her mouth. The words, "Such a good whore," appeared as I gripped my oozing boner.

"Oh sweetie, I think I love you." I said to the amazing blonde.

I nearly screamed as Shelley's voice boomed from behind me. "Not so fast Stevie"

I rolled onto my back to see my wife standing naked behind me. "Honey! I, a... John sent me this to watch, I, a." The video ended and a grid of images for other ass fucking videos popped up.

I was in shock, not sure what was happening. How long was she watching? Why was she naked? Was she going to let me fuck her ass?!! I thought to myself, "She is..." My shock turned to excitement, at the thought of living out that fantasy.

She sat a soft sided hand bag on the bed. "You're cock master has not given you permission, so apparently, you may not cum yet Stevie," she said sternly. "But that doesn't mean I can't be satisfied. Let's get those pretty panties off first."

Shelley jumped on the bed, straddled my knees, gripped the panties and yanked them down. The waist band snagged my boner and pulled it up and out. Then, when the elastic released, my hard-on slapped back against my belly with a thud. She backed up off the bed and pulled them all the way off and tossed them aside.

Then she crawled on to the bed on all fours straddling my legs and moved up my body. I could feel a large drop of pre-cum hit my belly as it dripped from my cock tip. I wasn't sure what to think but, the look in her eyes was one of lustful hunger, and my excitement grew. It looked like I was gonna get another shot at fucking Shelley's tight little ass.

She leaned in and kissed me, as she hovered over me. Then she pushed on my shoulder with both hands, raised her upper body and dropped her soaking wet pussy down against my throbbing dick. I nearly shot my load as her silky wet labia straddled my hot hard-on. With my cock pinned to my belly she slid herself down to my balls and back to my tip, letting her labia straddle my cock.

"Oh my God, Shelley, that's so good." I moaned feeling the urge to cum already.

"Remember Stevie, no cumming without approval. But we're gonna take care of Nurse Shelley's needs right now." As she said that, she slid herself off the end of my cock and pushed my boner inside her steaming cunt.

I grunted and gasped as her warm wetness engulfed my throbbing cock. I tried to think of something else to keep from cumming. The cowboys, work, the new car I wanted...

Her hips gently rocked as she kept me pressed to the hilt. I saw her reach for the bag and pull out an eight-inch pink cock shaped dildo with a black base. "That video got me going Stevie." She sat fully upright and rolled her hips faster. Mamma need both holes filled while we watch that again.

I thought to myself. "Holy fuck I get that ass..."

She shoved the dildo in my mouth as her pace quickened. "I think you're lubed and ready to live your fantasy, but I need this warmed up for my pussy Stevie."

I sucked the dildo in deep getting it warm and wet. She started the video again and rocked faster as I deep throated the dildo. "Oh, Stevie my asshole is tingling sweetie. Time to live out your fantasy..."

I tried to pull out, but she had her full weight grinding her hot wet pussy on my throbbing cock. "Mmmmppphhhh, Mmmmppphhhh, Mmmmppphhhh,!" I grunted with the plastic dick in my mouth.

My body shook as I unloaded my cum in Shelley's hot wetness.

"You pathetic little slut, did you just cum in me?" She said pulling out the dildo.

"I'm sorry, I've wanted this for so long..."

"I get it, you'd rather jack off to those ladies than get the real thing from me..."

"No, Shelley that's not it at all. You excited me and I lost..."

She pulled off and my cock lay there shrinking and softening by the second. She slid off the bed and looked down at me with the video running. Somewhere in the background my cell phone dinged with a text message, probably John.

She leaned down and gripped my cock between her thumb and forefinger, jiggling it back and forth. "Well that's useless." She glared at me and got an idea.

She pulled my legs until my knees reached the end of the bed and let my feet hit the floor. "Your cock licking tongue still works as least. You can do your sissy slut clean up duties while Charlie here takes care of me." She held up the dildo. Charlie was the name of the handsome intern that fucked her ass disguised as me years earlier.

"Shelley, please..."

"Shut the fuck up, Stevie." She stepped up onto the bed, walked up and stood over my head with her oozing pussy staring down at me. The memory of cleaning John's cum from her last Friday filled my mind as she lowered herself toward my face.

As she came closer, I could see my cum clinging to her gaping labia. Somehow, a part of me liked the humiliation and needed to comply. She was inches from my face, and I raised up to meet her.

"Not yet Stevie, you need to prep my ass for Charlie first." She lowered her pussy onto my nose as she spread her legs putting her ass to my mouth. "Oh yeah darlin' get that slutty little tongue to work. She leaned forward and positioned my laptop to watch the video while I tongued her asshole.

I could feel the wrinkles on her tight little sphincter as my tongue pressed against it. The dildo hummed to life, while I was forced to lick my wife's asshole and like it! What was happening to me, I wondered as I tried to push my tongue in to her impossibly tight hole.

She made small circular motions with her hips. "That's it Stevie, get that tongue in my asshole you little slut." Next, she touched the vibrator to her clit causing her to rest more weight on my face. "Oh Charlie, still hits the spot," she said continuing to taunt me.

She moaned as my tongue wiggled in. The images of the video played in my mind as I rolled my tongue into a stiffened tube and probed my wife. Shelley squealed with pleasure and I could feel her working the vibrator against her clit.

"Oh, Charlie you're so hard. Aaaaahhhhhhh!" Her voice raised and she rocked faster, apparently reliving getting fucked in the ass by Charlie the intern. "I love your fucking cock... Fuuuck, I'm cumming already Charlie..."

I pulsed my tongue in and out as fast as I could feeling her juices flood my nose and cheeks. The many times I had fantasized about fucking my wife's ass, I had never imagined anything like this. I felt her quake as she ground her ass on my face. The shame and lust made my cock stir while my wife came in a flood of warmth, fantasizing about being fucked by another man!

As her orgasm passed, she fell forward sliding her cum soaked pussy to my mouth. I lapped up the cocktail of my cum mixed with hers. She balanced on her left hand gyrating herself slowly against my face. "Oh, good girl sweetie, lick me clean," She sighed and put the dildo in my hand. "Please make me cum again, Charlie. I need you to fuck my ass please!"

She was completely reliving her night with Charlie. She raised up and spread herself wider. "I want you to stick that stiff dick in my wet pussy, get it lubed and then fuck my ass hard Charlie."

Looking at Shelley's dark muff and glistening pussy spread wide above me, I turned on the vibrator and pushed it in. I could see her pink labia clinging to the plastic dick as I slid it in and out.

"Oh Charlie, it feels so good to have a real fucking dick inside me!" She rocked forward and back working it's length in and out. "So fucking hard and so fucking good. I need it in my ass Charlie but go easy baby. You cock is so big..."

She leaned forward and lowered her pelvis inches from my face with her knees pressed toward her chest. Her ass was fully stretched as I followed her cue and positioned the dildo near her ass. I watched in amazement as she reached back and guided it slowly in. Her cheeks pulled together gripping the dildo as she pressed it all the way in...

I once tried to feel what it was like to take it in the ass and winced at the pain of one finger. I could not imagine taking that dildo straight in as Shelley just did. I slowly pulled it out, twisting it slightly as I did.

"That's it Charlie, slow and steady baby. Oh shit, that's so big..." My tongue extended as she lowered her hot wet pussy to my face again. The ensuing moan sent chills through my body as my tongue settled into her soft tangy labia. "Oh fuuucckkk, that feels so good."

She rolled her head back and rocked herself on my tongue pushing back as I fucked her with the vibrator. "Fuck me Charlie, fuck me hard..."

She ground her pussy on my face coating me with saliva and cum. I felt the vibration on my lips and tongue as she took the plastic cock in her ass. "I'm fucking back baby!" I knew exactly where she was in the video, watching that beautiful ass jiggling on the huge cock.

Her hips moved at lightning speed while I extended my stiffened tongue and she rubbed it against her clit. "Oh God, I cumming Charlie... Drive it home, oh God Drive it home Charlie! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"

My dick was stiff again as my wife came, drenching my face with her sweet sticky cum. Sadly, my excitement was intensified by the thought of watching another man's cock pound her ass.

When her orgasm passed, she rolled off and I turned off her vibrator. She laid there and caught her breath. "I forgot just how good he felt," she said clearly rubbing in her anger with me.

She took the dildo from me and looked at me as she turned it on. "Your turn precious."

"Ah, I don't think so. I don't need anything in my ass, thank you." I rolled off the bed.

She looked at me angrily. "Really, you act like a horny fucking dog begging to shove yourself up my ass, but the cock sucking sissy slut doesn't believe in the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." She held up the dildo and looked at it. "You know you're right, you don't need this." She tossed it on the bed and got up. "Get your clothes on we're going for a ride." Commanded Shelley as she tossed me my panties.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see when we get there," she said firmly.

I put them on and went for the bathroom. "I need to wash my face."

"No, you don't I want you to remember how good I taste and think about if you want to taste me again. Grab some shorts and a T, I'll be out in a sec," she said and went into the bathroom.

I got dressed and she came out of the bathroom very quickly wearing some scrubs. She had put her hair in a ponytail and as she walked across the room it flopped side to side, in a surprisingly sexy way. I could not help but notice how much I liked her ass in those scrubs. As I followed, I had to admit, there was something exciting having her scent all over my face, like marked territory.

She grabbed her purse on the way out and jumped in the driver's seat.

"Where are we going sweetie?" I asked pathetically.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about it Stevie. You'll see when we get there. We're just gonna get some things for our new reality," she said with a condescending grin. "So, tell me about the video. When did you get it?"

"John sent me two this morning after..." I thought about what I was about to say and stopped myself.

"After you sucked his cock again?" She finished for me. She looked at my face and knew she was right. "Did you cum in your panties?" I looked away. "Oh my God Steven you're like a horny little teen."

After a brief pause, she grinned. "Forward those videos to me."

Much to my surprise she pulled into the Hustler Store I went to at lunch yesterday. "I think you're familiar with this place aren't your Stevie?"

I hesitated but decided she must have seen me there. "Yes."

She got out and walked into the store. I followed, intrigued, a little excited, and a little scared.

She walked to the counter where she was greeted by a butch looking goth young lady in a black T, black jeans, she was tall fair skinned with short jet-black hair shaved on the right side. She had several piercings in each ear, a nose ring, eyebrow and tongue piercing that was visible when she asked how she could help us.

Shelley spoke up way too loudly. "Well, where do I begin... It seems after nearly eight years of Marriage my husband Stevie here has developed a taste for panties, sucking my neighbors cock and cumming in his panties while he watches me get fucked by a real man."

The goth girl looked at me with wide eyes and an uneasy grin. "Ok, is there something in particular I can help you with?"

Suddenly Shelley turned and yanked my gym shorts down. Luckily, they stuck at my hips, only exposing the top half of my pink panties. "Aren't they pretty?" She asked the stunned clerk.

"Yes, they are." She replied laughing nervously. Several men in the store stared and grinned.

"I like you Sweetie, I'm Shelley by the way, what's your name?" Asked Shelley sweetly.

"I'm Jennine. Very good to meet you both. Is this your first time hear?"

"It's my first time, but Stevie was hear yesterday. Not sure what he bought, but today I came home early from work and they say you never know what you'll run into when that happens... Well, based on the video I saw him jacking off to when I got home this morning. I think we're gonna need some things. Do you have something that can pleasure me and... How did the video put it? Apparently, he needs me to ruin his ass, right Stevie Sweetie?"

It seemed like every eye in the store was on me. I was shamed, embarrassed and terrified this meltdown was the end of my marriage. Without skipping a beat, the goth girl smiled. "I think we have a few things that fit the bill." When she turned, I realized goth girl had a real set of tits and quite a nice ass.

She led us to the dildo section where an array of strap-on, double ended, suction cup based, plastic and apparently metal cocks, like I could never have imagined, was on display.

She held up a black strap on ridiculously huge cock that was bigger than my forearm and at least 18" long. The harness looked like some kind of mountain climbing gear.

"That would certainly ruin your ass, wouldn't it Stevie? But I would really like something that can pleasure me while I ruin his sissy ass, if you know what I mean."

She paused a minute and pulled her aside and whispered something to goth girl. Goth girl smiled, looked at my crotch and nodded. "I think that should be fine." She said calmly.

"OK then," said Shelley and she walked over and pulled the draw string on my shorts.

I stepped back. "Shelley what the..."

She grabbed my chin with her left hand and pulled the string with her right. "You shut your sissy little mouth and listen Stevie." Her eyes squinted with anger and her whole face tightened. "No more lies Stevie. If I'm gonna be married to a cock sucking sissy, then you need to embrace it and let the world see you as you really are. You still want to be married don't you Stevie?" Her eyes turned almost sympathetic and then shifted to cold.

I stood there motionless as she squatted and pulled my shorts down. "That's it precious, step out and let them see your pretty panties." I did and she shoved them in her purse. "Isn't that better Stevie," she said as she stepped behind me caressing my partially exposed ass cheeks, tracing the edge of the pink lace.

To my further humiliation, the tickle of her touch on my ass shot straight to my cock as I began to stiffen quickly.

"I forgot how pretty your ass looked in these. The picture you sent me did not do them justice." She continued caressing and rubbing my ass, tracing the lace down between my legs sending a pulse of pleasure through my balls.

An apparently gay couple that just rented a video, stood side by side staring at me in fascinated disbelief. Shelley looked at them.

"He's a pretty little cock sucker, isn't he?" She reached around me and traced her finger up my boner, causing my cock to push out with a rush of blood to full hardness. "Oh, Sweetie your, little clitty is getting really stiff. I better find you an ass toy quick. In the meantime, I brought you a pacifier or should I say cockifier to hold you over sweetie."

Shelly pulled the vibrator out of her purse and pressed it to my lips. "You'll need to keep it in this hole for now Stevie, we are in public." I could not believe as I opened my mouth and let her shove it in. She pushed it in and out slowly. "That's better isn't it Stevie?"

Why I nodded, I don't really know. All those lustful eyes on me in my panties and Shelley teasing me, made my whole-body tingle.

"Can you still taste my ass on it Stevie?"

I closed my eyes and nodded as I heard a voice to my left moan, "Oh God, I think I love your wife Stevie..."

"Sweetie, you wait right here while Jennine and I get what we need, OK?"

I looked at her and nodded unsure whether to stand there, run to the car or look for a place to shield myself in the store. I remembered hearing the beep for the door lock when we walked in, so the car was not an option.

As she walked away, she said loudly, "You keep that cockifier in your mouth Stevie, understood?" The couple moved in for a closer look. "Easy boys, don't get her excited or she'll cum in her panties again."

"She sure is pretty to look at, can we take her home with us?" Joked one of the gay guys.

They stood on either side of me and took selfies with me and the plastic cock in my mouth.

"Stevie, honey if she dumps your sexy little ass, give us a call," said one of them and I nearly spit out the dildo as he stuffed a business card in my panties.

The other gripped the dildo and held it in place while I sucked it back in. He pushed it in and out while his other hand rubbed my thigh. "Nicely shaved Stevie. Did you feel his legs honey?"

The other one bent down and ran a hand up the back of my thigh and up to the exposed part of my ass cheek. "Seriously, can we take him home tonight? We'll bring him back in a day or two."

"I don't think so boys. I'm gonna bust her cherry when we get home," yelled Shelley, matter of factly.

They each gripped an ass cheek. "Damn, that's just not fair." I wanted to drop to my knees and suck them both off, not caring who saw me. My cock strained to escape the panties as the strangers groped my ass. "Look at the poor thing, He could really use our help, couldn't ya Stevie?"

I whimpered as Jennine spoke up. "Gentlemen there is no soliciting or physical contact with other patrons allowed in the store please. Signs are posted throughout the store. Thank you."

"Jennine honey, you're all rules and no fun." They stepped back and took a couple picks of my panties. "We better go Jack, before we get in trouble." They walked out the door, turned and blew me a kiss.

I stood there humiliated as new guy walked in. It was an older man, probably in his fifties. He did a double take and stared at me fascinated.

"That's my husband Stevie, sir." Yelled Shelley. "He revealed to me this week that he's a cock sucking sissy, so we are getting some marital aids to help us work through it together. Forgive him, he gets a little excited sometimes and needs his cockifier."

He nodded like that was a perfectly reasonable explanation and moved to the video section.

Shelley was holding a black almost u-shaped dildo with a short end shaped like a butt plug with a fat tip and narrow base, below the base it made a sharp U bend and had a ribbed patch on the inside of the U. Above that was a full ten inch slightly curved cock shape. "I think you're gonna love this Stevie."

She rubbed the plug end like a cock and moved it down toward her crotch with the dick pointed like she had a boner while her fingers caressed the ribbed spot. Then she looked at Jennine. "I really like the integrated clit tickler... Is there any chance you have a vibrating version of this?" she asked naughtily.

As Jennine led her to another dildo, I looked around and saw a corner near the back, I thought would be more discrete and started inching that way.

"Stay there sweetie. It's not legal to suck cock in the store. Well, you know what I mean, real ones. So, there's no reason to slink off to the corners. I gave you a cockifier, so just pretend. I'm almost done here, and we'll be home soon."

My face was red as a tomato, as I noticed a young black man standing in the video section staring at me. It looked like he was rubbing himself behind the video shelf. His eyes focused on my boner and the hungry look in his eye turned my on even more.

Then a couple guys in UT letterman jackets walked in. One looked at me, pointed and slapped his buddies arm. "Holy shit Sugar let's see you up close."

They got closer and started taking picks. "Those are some perty panties Sugar."

I stood there; arms crossed unsure what to do. As I saw the bulges in their jeans, my eyes locked on.

"Gentlemen my husband just discovered his love of cock and I'm afraid a couple of swinging dicks like you are gonna cause an accident in his panties again... Don't get to close. She was eyeing up a purple dildo just like the last one but with a silver vibrator button sticking out the bottom. I could hear the hum.

One of them kneeled down an took a close up. "He is leakin' a bit mam." He blew on my boner causing my cock to twitch. "Stand back, I think he's gonna blow."

The two went off to check out the lingerie, with an occasional smooching sound, whistle and whoop.

After what seemed like an excruciatingly long time, she and Jennine worked their way back to the desk. "Don't look Stevie, I got a couple surprises for you Sweetie."

"Go Stevie! Your wife's a hottie, bud." One of the college boys looked at Shelley. " If you need a real man Sugar, give us a call."

Without even looking up from the counter, she replied. "Two of you huh?"

They perked up. "Yes mam."

"What would I do for the second two minutes?"

Jennine let out a chuckle.

They mumbled something and went about their business. Damn I loved how Shelley handled herself.

I heard Jennine say, "that will be $278. 32. Are you sure?"

She held up a blue dildo like the other, but it had and additional head on the short end with a series of bead like shapes on the second head so she could plug both holes as once.

"Let's start with this for now. It is intriguing though" Shelley said blushing a little.

"OK, but Jenny absolutely loves it." She whispered to her. "If you ever want to try it out, we would be willing subs for a gorgeous dom like you."

Shelley blushed. "Mmmm, I will keep that in mind Jennine. Jennine and Jenny, how cute." I could tell she was thinking about it. That thought got me going again!

Jennine wrote her number on the receipt. Shelley came to me and pulled the cock from my mouth. "You behaved well Stevie. Let's go home and give you a reward, before your shift starts." She handed me my shorts and put the dildo back in her purse.

"Bye Bye Stevie!" Mocked the college boys.

"I definitely love your wife Stevie." yelled the mystery voice.

We returned to the car and faced with what she had in mind for me, I tried to reason with her.

"Shelley Sweetie, I'm so sorry. There's no excuse for my behavior this past week, I'll do whatever it takes to make it right, but Sweetie, I am not gay, and I do not want anything in my ass. I know I hurt you..."

"Stevie, do you hear yourself. You just about came in your panties from two guys touching your legs while you sucked a plastic dick. Did I mention that was in public and you clearly liked it? If you recall, you came in my panties sucking our neighbors cock. Face it, you're a sissy faggot cock whore and there's no doubt you're gonna love your new ass toy. It'll help get you ready for John. You're gonna be glad I broke you in.

As we walked up the driveway, the thought of John's monster hammering my ass was terrifying. When we made it through the door and Shelley pulled the purple dildo out and plugged the charger in. "It's 12:30 and your shift's at 2:30, right?


"Ok, go get yourself ready. I want you on the bed..." She reached into the bag. "Put these on and get your laptop ready. Time to watch number two."

When I got upstairs my cell phone was still on the bed. I saw John in fact had texted me.

John: I knew you'd love it. Shoot away.

I texted him back.

Me: Watching number two. Can I please cum?

John: Since you said please, yes you can.

Me: Thank you.

John: You're welcome.

I went to the bathroom, washed my face and cock then noticed the panties she gave me were assless! They were black silk and looked like standard bikini briefs in front. The back had two straps at the bottom that ran below my ass cheeks and curved around in an inverted heart shape with a little silk bow at the tip of the heart on the waist band. To add a little insult to injury, the heart shape was outlined in black frilly lace I put them on and looked at myself in the mirror.

I would never have believed two weeks ago, that seeing my ass in panties like this would excite me, but it did. I could feel my cock swelling at the sight as Shelley yelled through the door. "Fill one of the sinks with hot water, I want to warm up the lube. It's strawberry. I know your ass is sensitive and want to make it as pleasant as possible for you sweetie."

I was terrified at the calmness in Shelley's voice after what she put me through earlier but did as commanded. When I walked out, she stood there eyes wide. "Oh, that's just precious. Turn around." I did and she lit up with excitement. She tossed a bottle of lube in the warm water and came back to the door. "Very sexy, I can't wait to fuck that cute little ass. Come here and let me feel Sweetie."

Once again, my humiliation grew along with my cock. I went to her and she rubbed my cock through the silk with her left hand and my bare ass with her right. "Damn Sweetie, you feel good. Your little clitty is ready."

I could not help myself, and my cock was getting harder by the second. That silk felt so good, and her hand on my ass sent tingles up my spine.

"Cue the video sweetie, I'll be right out. I bet he picked another good one."

I laid on my side on the bed and brought up the link for the second video. When the video popped up the frozen image of a hot milf with sandy hair and a long-sleeved green sweater appeared. It was a close up of her face as she was bent over a desk being fucked from behind. Her upper body laid flat on the desk with her hand pressed flat on the desk, fingers spread wide for support. Her mouth hung open with an expression of pleasure-pain on her face.

The play arrow hovered over her face and the words "face down ass up" at the top of the screen. That's when it occurred to me the milf reminded me of Shelley.

I rolled onto my stomach feeling the silk against my stiffening cock. At that moment Shelley came out of the bathroom and climbed on the bed beside me. She had the tube of lube and the purple dildo in her hand. It looked huge and the fear on my face must have been apparent.

"Don't worry Sweetie, it's like the video said. You're gonna feel it for days, but it will remind you what a sissy cock whore you are." She started caressing my naked ass as she snuggled up next to me naked and brought her inner thigh across the back of my thigh. "Let's get started." She tapped the mouse pad to play the video.

Immediately, the voice of a black man with a slow methodical voice began to repeat. "Face down ass up that's the way we like to fuck," over and over. The video indicated it was just over five minutes long.

The first image was a brown-haired young ladies face as she lay face down on a couch her chin nearly touched the cushion. She squealed in pleasure pain as she was fucked from behind. Her body rested on her forearms with both hands clinging tightly to the edge of the sofa slip cover and words "You know how you want it!"

Then it flashed to the side view of a woman taking it in the ass hard resting on her elbows, tits head and hair flopping in rhythm with the hammering cock. "Face down ass up." flashed across the screen as she yelled, "Yeeeessssss."

This was replaced by the image of a young blonds face as her body rocked and she squealed from the pounding. "Sissy's love it from behind." Then it switched back to the side view woman now on all fours bracing herself and rocking back against his cock. "You Love it."

I was vaguely aware Shelley had leaned away as I felt the warm lube drip into my ass crack causing me to jump. "Hold still Stevie, we'll get it everywhere." She sat up on her Knees and began rubbing the lube between my cheeks.

My body tensed as her fingers circled my clenched asshole. "Easy Precious, Mamma's not gonna hurt you Sweetie. I promise you're gonna like this. Just relax and spread those legs out." She whispered.

She sat the lube down and leaned forward to pause the video.

She began to run her lubed fingers the length of my ass crack, as the strawberry smell permeated the room. I let my ass cheeks relax and spread my legs like she asked.

"That's it Sweetie, much better." I lay there on my belly and rested my chin on my hands looking at the frozen pick of the girl on all fours. "Do you feel that little tickle Sweetie?" she said as she gently ringed my asshole with the tip of her finger.

I sighed and nodded. "Excellent, I want you to focus on that if you feel any pain. Eventually that tingle will take over and you're gonna love it Sweetie."

I had to admit, I liked what she was doing as she went back to sliding up and down my crack. Then she slid her hand further down and around pushing her fingers between my panties and my balls coating them with the lube.

I groaned and raised my ass letting her have more access. "Oh, you like that..." She pulled out and squirted more lube on her hand. "Raise that pretty little ass up for me sweetie. I'll give you some more."

I did and she slid her lubed hand down my naked ass and back over my balls.

I groaned louder and raised higher as she slid her hand under me coating my entire cock. "Oh, God, Shelley," I sighed.

Then she pulled her hand back out and up my ass crack and repeated the process. I found myself pulling my knees under me and leaning on my forearms "Face down ass up!"

"You like it, you little slut." She said happily and with a quick smooth motion, slid down my crack and bent her middle finger shoving it up my ass.

"AH!" I yelled in pain.

"Relax and focus on the tickle as your little asshole stretches Sweetie," she said as she worked it slowly in and out. "Do you feel it?"

"Yes, I do." I began to rock on her finger.

"I told you sweetie. Start the video again." She began to fuck me faster. "Lube it," she said parroting the first video of the finger in the lubed asshole.

The video brought up a woman on all fours, tits bouncing as a man held her shoulders and fucked her. "He loves it when you moan," appeared over her jiggling tits. I could hear her moans, "Oh, oh, oh..." in the background as the voice continued rapping "Face down ass up that's the way we like to fuck." repeating rapidly and relentlessly.

Then a round bouncing ass appeared, pushing back in time with each thrust of a big hard cock and the words, "Make him love you."

Shelley replaced her finger with her thumb in my ass, rubbing my balls as she thumb fucked me. I began to fuck her back as the image of a muscly legged woman was bent over at the waist with her hands on the floor, legs straight but spread wide. She bounced against a naked man's cock, wearing nothing but black knee-high boots from the waist down. Her hair dangled toward the floor and as she braced herself.

His hand held her waist as he plunged in and out with the words, "You love how he fucks you!" on the screen. The rapping stopped but a fast beat played in the background.

"You do love it don't you Stevie?" asked Shelley as she shoved two fingers in.

The shot of new pain was less intense and quickly gave way to the tickle she mentions. "Yes!" I gasped meeting her probing fingers with my own hip thrusts.

The sound of a squeaks of pleasure blared from the computer as a petite young lady with her face planted in the sheets bounced against and unknow man standing against the bed fucking her hard. "You're his little fem bitch."

As the fem bitch moaned in ecstasy, Shelley removed her fingers and shoved a medium one-inch dildo in my ass.

The rapper started again as a big butted woman was spun around on the bed and bent over. "You love it when he beds you over..." Then he tore her panties off and shoved himself in. "...and fucks you."

Another woman getting fucked doggie style "Feel him inside of you."

"Take this and fuck yourself for a minute," said Shelley as she held the dildo in my ass.

I did as commanded focused on the video, while Shelley positioned herself behind me, apparently putting the strapless dildo in and on.

The image of a pretty brunette in a negligee on all fours firmly pressed against a man's pelvis smiled back over her shoulder. "You're a sexy sissy..."

I moaned audibly when an aerial shot of a gorgeous torso in a black silk top appeared. It was a perfect pear-shaped tanned ass getting slowly fucked. "Sissies love it up the butt."

"Oh God I want that ass," I sighed fucking myself with the dildo.

Shelley pulled the dildo from my ass and moved behind me. The video switched to a muscular guy with a bubble butt standing behind a woman on her knees on the edge of a recliner. His ass plunged forward and back as he rubbed his cock up and down her ass crack. "You love it when he rubs his cock against your ass"

"Look at that, perfect timing," said Shelley. She mimicked him rubbing the plastic cock in my ass crack.

Fear gripped me when the next scene flashed to him fucking her hard and the caption, "His balls slap your ass!"

Fear was soon replaced by pleasure. Shelley pushed the button for the vibrator, and I could feel the tingle in my balls as she rubbed the vibrating cock across my asshole.

"Oh fuck, Stevie, that feels so good. Oh my God," she moaned.

The images of asses getting slammed, and the relentless rapping "Face down ass up..." combined with the tingling vibration and the silk against my cock took away all resistance.

The phrases scrolled across the screen as the stiff dicks sild in and out, "Take him inside... You're his sissy whore... You exist only to please his cock... It feels so good... You're his fuck doll."

"Where do you want this Stevie?" asked Shelley as she rubbed it against me. "Say it whore!" She pulled it away and raised my ass to follow the vibrator. "Say it Stevie!"

"I want it in my ass please."

"Are you my little cock Whore?"

"Yes! Please, put it in me. Please, fuck my ass Shelley."

She slapped my ass, "Lower, I can't reach you," She said shoving my ass down.

I spread my legs and laid flat on the bed pressing my cock against the silk panties and the comforter.

"That's better," I looked back as she spread lube on the plastic cock. It looked impossibly big. Her eyes closed as she stroked it while it hummed inside of her. "God we better hurry... watch your video sweetie."

I turned back as the cockhead pressed against my sphincter, the tingling vibration seemed to carry through my boner causing an amazing tickle against the silk.

She began to press slowly in as the milf in the green sweater appeared moaning with her mouth agape and the phrase "You get so excited." I was not sure why the she excited me so much, but I thought I might cum. That is, until Shelley pressed in for real and the pain washed everything else away. She had lowered herself until her tits began to touch my back as she increased the pressure on my asshole.

The pain intensified and I could not detect my asshole giving in slightest. "It won't fit!" I yelled, "Please!

I woman appeared face to the camera on all fours holding her body firm as the man behind her pounded relentlessly. She looked determined to take it. "You have to please him."

"Take a deep breath and focus on the tingle Sweetie," She said softly as she shoved the cock into me with a steady quick push.

"Fuck, aaaahhhhh! plleeaaaassee it huurrts!"

"Relax and breath Sweetie, it feels so good on this end. I can feel it on my clit," her voice went high as she spoked.

She pushed in and out as the image of a girls face in obvious pain appeared. "Take it sissy... "She looked at the camera and her eyes rolled back in her head. "You can't resist." Then she began to moan.

I tried to relax, and it helped a little as she fucked me slowly all the way to the hilt "Focus on the tingle Sweetie, that's better."

She held it in gyrating slowly and I could feel the tingle in balls from the vibrator. She was in the pushup position over me panting in my ear and began to fuck me slowly.

A woman's bouncing face appeared. "Let him dominate you." Then the woman bent to the floor in her boots was back rocking wildly. The man slammed his pelvis against her ass. "He fucks you so good!"

"You want it like that Sweetie?" asked Shelley as she began to slam me. "Take it baby, it feels so good. Aaaaahhhhhh ffffuuuccckkk!"

Her body rocked forward and back taking it out to the tip and jamming it back to the hilt. The harder she rocked the more it rubbed my cock against the silk.

"The little blonde's face appeared screaming with pleasure. "You're sissy ass exists only to please his cock... And you love it!"

Then the pretty brunette in the lingerie. "You're his little sissy whore."

"Are you my sissy cock whore Stevie?" She grunted.

"Oh God yes" I groaned, with pleasure.

The image of the first girl clinging to the sofa cushion appeared again. Her chin was pressed firmly into the cushion and her eyes were closed as she screamed. "And you love it." appeared on the screen.

I watched the girl grip the sofa cushion with both hands as she was pounded in the ass. My cock rubbed the silk as my wife fucked me wildly and my orgasm built.

"You're gonna make me cum you little fuckin' whore." Yelled Shelley.

"Oh, fuck!" I grunted watching the screaming girl.

"Are you gonna cum in your panties cock whore? Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!" squealed Shelley. Her arms shook as she came.

The girl on the screen pushed me over the top when she screamed "I'm gonna cuuuuummmmmmm!"

My body stiffened and my back arched with the plastic cock tickling my prostate. Oh fuuuuuuck! Oh fuuuuuuck. Oh, ooh ffffffuuuuuck!" I began to pump my load in my panties. "Fuck me baby. Haaaa! Haaaa! Haaaa! Haaaa! The vibrator in my ass added an intensity to my orgasm that electrified my entire body.

My cock pulsed as I flooded the panties with warm spunk while the word, "A good sissy takes her man's cum," appeared on the screen. The man pulled out and stepped quickly around her and as she extended her tongue to receive his cum. As he unloaded, she sucked his cock head into her mouth then proudly stuck out her cum drenched tongue.

I buried my face in the bed and convulsed with pleasure.

As her orgasm passed, Shelley collapsed down on me and whispered, "I told you, you'd love it Stevie. Our best fuck ever..."

I nodded in agreement as she slowly pumped my ass and we gasped for air. After a moment she commanded, "Now be a good sissy and clean your panties." She pulled out and carefully removed the dildo from her pussy. As I worked my panties off, she let me lick her cum off the dildo.

Then she watched as I licked and sucked my panties clean. "Good Sweetie, now come shower with me. I know how we can make you even prettier for John.

My mind reeled again, wondering what was next as she walked toward the bathroom. I lay there a moment trying to grasp the events of the last couple weeks but quickly found myself once again needing to comply. I followed her to the shower...

To be continued
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