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Thanks for reading and rating my story everyone! Here is the next part from the perspective of Sarah.
I woke to the sound of a constant rapping sound in the distance. It was annoying and continuous, but I was still having trouble understanding what it could mean. I had been sleeping so deeply I thought that maybe I was still in a dream.

“Sarah! Sarah, are you in there?!” yelled a desperate voice. I jumped at the sound of my name, sleep fleeing from my mind. I darted my gaze around the room, instantly recognizing my surroundings from our sexual adventure earlier in the day. Michael was still sprawled in the sheets of his bed, his chiseled chest rising and falling slowly in peaceful slumber. My heart pounded as I swiftly moved of the bed and out of Michael’s room, careful not to make much noise so that he could continue to sleep. The knocking was much louder in the living room, the door to Michael’s room providing a sound barrier to the insistent banging on the door.

My eyes flitted around the living room, looking for the navy dress that I had wanted to wear before the whole marvelous experience with Michael started. It dangled on the coffee table in front of the couch, collecting wrinkles in its position. I grabbed it and threw it over my head, desperately trying to get to the door before Michael woke up from the noise. The knocking grew louder, a percussive beat against my rising panic.

“Sarah! Open the damn door!” It was Renee, my roommate. What was she doing here? I could hear the annoyance in her tone amplified by concern underlining her words.

I squeezed into the dress as quickly as I could, trying to zip up the side with shaking hands. I shot a quick glance towards Michael’s room, hoping he was still sound asleep and oblivious to the chaos unfolding. As I tiptoed towards the door, my heel caught on something, causing me to stumble forward. I managed to grab onto the doorknob for support before I fell all the way to the ground.

“Sarah?” came Renee’s concerned voice.

I yanked the door open, revealing Renee, her face flushed from delayed impatience. She stood there slightly slumped, her petite figure draped in a casual outfit, as if she was ready for one of our usual gaming marathons she would occasionally participate in. Her wild red hair made a stark contrast against her pale skin, and her green eyes widened at the sight of me.

"Renee, what are you doing here?" I managed to gasp out between breaths. She pushed past me into the apartment without much of a response. She stopped abruptly, taking in the sight of all the clothes on the living room floor, the couch offset from the center of the room. A twinge of unease passed through her green eyes - it was rare to see such raw emotion from Renee.

"Renee, what are you doing here?" I repeated, waking her up from a silent stupor.

She turned toward me, concern in her eyes. “You didn’t show up to class and I know that isn’t something you do. I called…but you weren’t answering. I got scared for you and used the Find my Friends app to find you here.” Unexpectedly, tears began to prick at her eyes and she hurried forward to embrace me in a whirlwind of emotions. “I thought you had been taken or something…” she sobbed on my shoulder.

"Renee... I'm really sorry," I mumbled into her hair, soothing her as best I could. "I'm okay, Renee," I managed to whisper into her hair, the red strands tickling my cheek. "I'm okay." My heart pounded, conflicting emotions swirling inside me. I felt guilty for making her worry, yet conflicted about revealing the intimacy between Michael and me.

She pulled away from me, her green eyes wet with uncommon tears. "You scared me, you know," she sniffled, wiping at her eyes with the back of her hand. "Don't do that again."

I gestured to the couch, wanting her to sit and calm down before the inevitable questions came. She obliged, carefully side-stepping jeans, underwear, and my ripped pencil skirt before finally sitting on the couch.

“So…what happened here?!” Renee said in a girly voice. Her eyebrows raised up to emphasize each word of her question.

“Well…” I started, not knowing where to begin. I didn’t have time to answer her really, because right then, the door to Michael’s room opened and with it, Michael’s gorgeous naked body. He was still rubbing the sleep from his eyes and didn’t realize that Renee was in the house.

The sight of Michael's bare chest, his well-defined abs, and his large dangling member caused a gasp to involuntarily escape from Renee's lips. His hair was tousled in a way that made my heart skip a beat, and his muscular arms flexed as he stretched out the sleep from his body. He froze suddenly, his eyes landing on Renee. She was looking straight at his hung dick, mouth agape in apparent awe. He quickly glanced down and saw his stark nakedness, a blush creeping up his cheeks. I reached out for the closest piece of clothing I could find – his shirt – and tossed it to Michael. An embarrassed smile played on his lips as he caught it mid-air.

"Renee...," he stammered, pulling the shirt over his head out of habit. The shirt did nothing to hide the fact that his lower half was still incredibly nude but at least it covered some part of him.

"I'll just...," he started, looking around in panic for something to cover himself with, using his hands ineffectively to hide his growing erection.

My white button up shirt was the closest thing at hand, but Michael had to cross the room to the couch to snatch it up, giving Renee an even closer view of his package. Michael used the shirt as a makeshift shield to cover his impressive arousal. The fabric was too thin and stretchy to effectively conceal his lower half, but it was better than nothing. His face was a deep shade of red that made him look even more attractive, contradicting the awkward situation. Renee, still rooted to her spot on the couch, had been stunned into silence. Her green eyes were wide like saucers as she quickly glanced from me to Michael and back again.

"Um... hi," Renee finally managed to utter in a squeaky voice, hastily trying to peel her gaze away from the sight of Michael's body.

"Hi," Michael mumbled, his face reddening even further.

I turned to face Renee, who was still staring at Michael with a shocked expression. "Well... this is..." she started to say, her voice trailing off as she struggled to find the right words.

"Unexpected?" I finished for her, trying to suppress the nervous laughter bubbling up inside me.

"As fuck," she said bluntly, blinking as if to stress her point. I couldn't help but giggle at the bewildered look on her face. She shook her head slowly as if trying to clear it, a small smile tugging at her lips despite the shock still lingering in her eyes.

"Well, he's certainly well-endowed," she remarked after a moment of silence, a teasing smirk playing at her lips. She stood from the couch and walked around it to approach Michael, her eyes never leaving the bulge that extended from the fabric of my shirt. She moved boldly, something I saw rarely from Renee. I approached Michael as well, the navy dress rustling in my quick movement. I stopped standing next to Michael and facing Renee, feeling protective of him. What was Renee doing? She was standing a foot away from us, eyes still locked on the rounded tent in my shirt that covered Michael’s dick.

“Renee…” I breathed, searching for words.

“How did it feel?” she interrupted. “How did that big dick feel inside you, Sarah?”

The question came out of nowhere. I was especially surprised because I always thought Renee was a closet lesbian with no interest in male genitalia. Her curly red hair had fallen a little, hiding her expression from us a little. She inched closer, reaching out a hand toward the elastic hem of my shirt covering Michael. Part of me wanted her to stop, but another deeply vexatious part of me wanted to see how far this all would go. My pussy started getting wet just thinking about sharing Michael with Renee, causing me to squeeze my thighs together without thinking. Michael was tense, casting a questioning look at me, but made no move to stop Renee’s advance.

Her fingers finally met the barrier between Michael’s torso and my white shirt and I felt a chill go down Michael’s spine at her touch. She slowly drew it back from his grasp and tossed it to crumple on the floor. She lowered to her knees, her hair falling back to look up at his rock hard shaft. She pried her eyes away from it to look at mine, a silent plea in them for my permission to continue. I was caught by surprise again, thinking to myself that Renee had never stirred in me an attraction to her. The vixen in me took over, and I nodded my head slightly, eager to see what was in store.

Hot adrenaline pulsed through my veins as I watched, frozen, as Renee reached out to touch Michael, her slender fingers reaching for his steel-hard arousal. Being this close, she looked at it from all angles, awed by its size and girth. Renee's eyes sparkled with a sense of wild abandon that I had never seen before, but it excited me to see her so unrestrained. She reached out with both hands to hold him and I heard Michael's gasp, echoing in the silent room. She leaned in to lick the tip of Michael's length, teasing him, tasting him before she took him into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down with a rhythm that had Michael drawing in sharp breaths.

"H-have you done this before?" Michael stammered out, sounding both apprehensive and curious. He shot me a questioning look, and I could see how unsure he was.

"No," Renee admitted softly, looking up at him with those green eyes of hers. "But I want to try," she added quickly before he could interrupt. She sounded determined yet shy at the same time - so different from the Renee I knew. I shifted my feet, not sure what to do, but sure that I was aroused beyond my comprehension. I felt a strange kind of excitement grow within me as I watched Renee take in Michael’s shaft with vigor, placing her hands behind her back to give him free reign of the depth control in her throat. Accepting her offer greedily, he laced his fingers into her red curls, jamming himself to the hilt into her awaiting throat. Renee’s eyes widened in lust and the choking sounds emanating from her throat only seemed to invigorate her to a new level of arousal. Unable to contain myself any longer, my hand drifted downwards, inching up the hem of the navy dress and collecting the excess in my fingers while tracing the line of my stomach with the other hand.

The room was filled with the heavy sound of their carnality - the guttural moans from a deep place in Michael's throat, Renee's muffled gasps around his thick girth, and the wet squelch of her eager mouth. Encouraged by the erotic sight before me, my fingers finally gathered up the hem of the long drees and I slid my fingers down, touching the slick heat pooling between my thighs. The familiar shiver of pleasure shot through me as I massaged my clit, round and round, increasing in speed with Michael's thrusts into Renee's mouth. I watched as Michael's grip on Renee's hair grew firmer, controlling and guiding her to take him deeper. A stifled groan rumbled up from his chest as he leaned back, letting his head fall back in ecstasy. His muscular forearms flexed with this motion, and I couldn’t help but admire the raw masculinity he radiated - so shy and reserved usually, yet so dominant now.

The sight of Michael in control, the veins in his forearms flexing as he gripped Renee's hair, was intoxicating. I could feel the dampness between my legs intensifying as my hand moved faster, my own moans matching the rhythm of his thrusts.

"Fuck…" Michael panted, his eyes glazed over with desire.

My breath hitched as I watched him lose himself in the pleasure, his body snapped taut like a bowstring ready to release. He suddenly pulled out from Renee's mouth with a loud pop and groaned, a string of saliva mixed with pre-cum trailing from her swollen lips to his throbbing cock.

Renee gasped for air, her chest heaving and her pale face flushed with arousal. Her green eyes met mine and there was a wild look in them that sent a thrill through me. Without breaking eye contact, she reached out and traced her fingers up Michael’s shaft before wrapping her hand around him again. Her tiny hand barely encompassed half of Michael's length, a vision that reinforced just how massive he was. She began to stroke him, her movements slow and measured. He groaned at the sensation, his eyes rolling back slightly.

Renee turned her attention back to Michael then, her eyes taking in every twitch, every tremor that ran through him under her touch. She leaned in, her lips hovering just over the dripping tip. "Would you like…to see more…of me?" She punctuated each clump of words with a lick to his sensitive head, causing him to jerk involuntarily.

"Yes," Michael breathed out, his voice strained with desire. His fingers flexed against Renee's arm before he pulled up to her feet, her hand still gripping his pole. My hand had been working feverishly between my thighs, but at his words, I stilled. I let the dress fall to cover me again.

“Allow me” I said erotically, moving toward Renee with a new fire in my eyes. If Renee could try new things, so could I.

Nodding, Renee relinquished her hold on Michael. He staggered back a fraction, Renee’s hand the lifeline to his balance. He looked at me with unkempt desire, awed by my state of apparent arousal. I sauntered towards Renee, my dress swaying with each step. I could see the flush on her face, her breathing rapidly increasing as I closed the distance to her.

"Are you sure?" she asked softly, her green eyes wide. I nodded, setting my glasses aside on the couch. She stepped out of her shoes as I came closer, exposing white ankle socks and sculpted ankles. Without breaking eye contact, I slowly untucked her shirt from her jeans. She let out a hot breath when my fingertips reached under her shirt and grazed her warm skin.

A thought occurred to me, “Michael,” I called out seductively. He was watching us with wide eyes and a throbbing erection still leaking pre-cum. “Why don’t you sit down and enjoy the view?” He didn’t need to be told twice, but gestured to the bedroom and then the couch with his head, evidently asking where we should take this sensual party.

“Hmmm, the bedroom will do nicely” I said, pleased that he thought of it. He hurried to open the door for us, his erect penis swaying from side to side to tap on his muscular thighs. Renee and I followed him, our bodies moving as one. Passing Michael, Renee reached out and gave his dick a playful squeeze, to which he reacted with alacrity. He raced past us after we were inside to take his place on the bed, his back resting on the headboard and his legs wide apart to accommodate his twitching member. We stopped at the foot of the bed, facing Michael who was taking in every inch of us. I shifted my gaze back to Renee then, and unbuttoned her jeans slowly. Her sharp intake of breath echoed in the silent room as I slid down her zipper carefully, not wanting it to catch on any fabric. I squatted down, looking up through my lashes at her, and I hooked two fingers beneath the hem of her jeans and tugged them down, revealing a pair of cute forest-green panties and more of her pale skin to me. I caressed her legs, planting a kiss every few inches on my way up to stand to look into her eyes again. My shaky hands found her ass cheeks and I squeezed them while biting down on my lip with the same intensity. She moaned approvingly while stepping out of her jeans, her sock feet brushing against my legs. She clasped her hands onto my ass in response, reveling in their feel. My hands found their way to the hem of Renee’s shirt, lifting it slowly to unveil her toned stomach and small breasts encased in a matching green bra. She squirmed when my fingers brushed against the soft fabric of her bra; her eyes fluttered closed as a slow moan escaped her lips.

I liked doing this with her - eliciting such reactions from Renee’s body was a novelty that sent a thrill through me. I pulled on the clasp and her bra sprung open, revealing perky small breasts with erect pink nipples. I let out a gasp at the sight, unable to resist reaching out to gently cup one in my hand causing Renee to suck in a soft breath while Michael watched hungrily. His eyes shifted from Renee to me and back again, as if he was afraid to miss a single moment. Her skin was soft and warm, her nipple hardening further at the contact. She was beautiful. A hushed gasp escaped Michael’s lips, and I could see his cock twitch noticeably. My fingers lightly brushed over her hard nipples causing her back to arch into my touch. Renee's eyes flickered open then and met mine. She bit her lower lip and grabbed my hands, taking them away from her breasts but not releasing them. Instead, she moved them down to her green panties - a hint of what she desired. Her pale skin was a stark contrast against her forest-green underwear, the fabric clinging to her like a second skin. I traced my fingers along the elastic band, enjoying the way she shivered under my touch. I leaned in then, taking one of her rosy buds into my mouth and lavishing it with attention. The moan she let out sent vibrations straight down to my sopping pussy. I squatted again, bringing her panties along with me, each inch downward revealed more of her sex to my eager eyes. A wet kissing sound escaping my lips as they parted from her magnificent nipple. When the fabric of her panties reached her ankles, she stepped out of them with grace, despite her sock feet. Renee's bare mound came into view then, the neatly trimmed hair a fiery red color that matched the locks on her head. The sight was something enchantingly obscene, and it stirred an excitement inside me that I hadn't expected. Her eyes met mine again, the raw vulnerability in them stirring something deep within me. Renee was bare before me now, natural and so beautiful in all her flushed glory. My hands reached between her thighs, my thumbs tracing lazy circles on their insides. She moaned softly at the contact, biting down on her lower lip.

"Beautiful," I murmured, pressing a kiss onto her thigh and all around the folds of her glistening slit, slowly standing back up. Renee let out shaky breaths, her chest heaving as she took in the scene before her. Michael lay sprawled on the bed, his cock engorged and leaking pre-cum and I was holding her tight, pressing her breasts against the silk of the dress I was wearing.

“I think you are overdressed, Sarah.” Michael remarked while continuing to fondle himself.

My eyes dancing with mischief. "Well then," I began sensually, "Perhaps Renee should rectify that?" I smiled at her expectantly, dying to feel her touch. The room was heavy with desire, the cloying scent of arousal wrapping around us like a blanket. Renee reached out slowly, her petite hand trembling slightly as she felt for the zipper on my right side. She slid the other hand up along my arm until it met the shoulder of my dress and slipped it down. Her touch was gentle but assertive, making me squirm as the dress toppled down to expose my nude body, not having put on my bra or underwear earlier.

I stood naked in front of Renee, her green eyes wide with appreciation as she took in the sight of my body. Slowly, reverently, she raised her petite hands to cup my breasts, mirroring what I had done to her earlier. I gasped at the contact, my skin breaking out in goosebumps from the sensation. Her fingertips were cool against my heated flesh, though they quickly warmed from the contact. The heat rising to her cheeks was visible even in the dim light of the bedroom. Michael was fixated on the sight before him, his hand stroking his cock while he watched us with undisguised lust.

A shiver ran through me as Renee's thumb grazed my hardened nipples, a sweet thrill making me gasp out loud again. "Fuck me…," I whispered to myself as she leaned in to capture one of my nipples between her lips while her hand stayed on the other. The sensation was like an electric shock coursing through my body. I let out a low moan, my fingers tangling in her hair, pulling her closer to me.

"Oh fuck," Michael groaned, his hand movements becoming frenzied as he watched us. Renee released my nipple from between her lips and turned her head to Michael, admiring his reaction to the show we were providing him.

“Michael,” Renee's voice was slightly breathless as she called out to him. He looked up from where he'd been watching us, a deep blush spreading across his cheeks. “Get over here.”

He took a shaky breath, the sight of two naked women before him overwhelming his senses. His hard cock bobbed as he scooted to the edge of the bed, each movement seeming to send throbs of pleasure through him. He sat on the edge of the queen bed, positioning himself between us as we squatted down. Renee reached out first, her gentle hands wrapping around his length while I watched on eagerly. His deep groan echoed through the room as she began stroking him again, her fingers brushing over the sensitive head and trailing down to his balls. A sharp gasp slipped from my lips as Renee's other hand found its way to my wet pussy. Her fingers tentatively brushed against my swollen clit, causing a surge of pleasure to course through me. I looked down at her hand moving in rhythm with Michael’s thrusts into her grip. She turned her attention back to me then, her hypnotic gaze never leaving mine as she inserted a finger into me. "Oh fuck," I moaned again, feeling her finger sliding deeper within me, grabbing her shoulder to brace myself. She leaned towards Michael and started sucking on his erection with wild abandon, outperforming herself from in the living room. I positioned myself to join her, careful to not move myself too much as to have her finger leave my drenched entrance. I joined her, taking Michael's thick cock in my mouth, my tongue swirling around the head while she focused on his shaft. Our eyes met as we both took him in, pleasure coursing through his body visible in the way his legs shook and his fingers tangled in our hair guiding us deeper. Renee’s finger was still buried inside me, slowly thrusting in and out causing waves of pleasure to ripple through my body. Lost in sensations, I let out a moan around Michael's cock as Renee’s finger crooked inside of me, pressing against the sensitive G-spot. Michael's cock twitched under our combined attention, his hips bucking forward into our eager mouths.

"Shit," he gasped out, his hand finding its way to my hair, tugging gently at the loose waves. His other hand landed on Renee's shoulder, gripping it tightly as the pleasure build up inside him. Seeing him like that made my pussy clench with desire, making Renee’s efforts all the more effective. She decided to add another finger, having to try a few times to get passed my tight pussy lips. My nails dug into her shoulder as I tried to maintain some semblance of balance. She was driving me insane with need, every stroke of her fingers hitting the right spot and sending delicious shivers coursing through my body. My knees buckled, and I went from my swaying squatting position to a stable knees position, making Renee have to direct attention away from Michael’s shaft to focus completely on me. My eyes rolled back from the intensity of her fingers and Michael’s dick inside of me at the same time.

The room filled with the sound of wet kisses and moans of pleasures shared between the three of us. I could taste both Renee's saliva and Michael's pre-cum on my tongue; it was intoxicating. I pressed myself closer to Renee, her fingers still moving within me in a rhythm that left me breathless with pleasure. My hands roamed over Renee's back as she continued to finger me, tracing her spine and dipping lower to her ass cheeks, then further around her thigh and onto her warm, wet flower. Her gasp echoed mine as my fingers slipped against her slick folds, teasing her clit lightly before dipping inside. Her walls clenched around my intrusion, leaning into my touch as I finger-fucked her, matching the rhythm she had set within me. My thumb brushed against her swollen nub and she gasped, clenching tightly around my fingers. Her movements faltered as a wave of pleasure washed over her.

I was so focused on pleasuring Renee that I hadn’t noticed that I had stopped sucking Michael’s dick. I looked to find him riveted on us, his hand flying fast on his cock as the both of us pleasured each other. Renee’s chin had dropped to her chest in concentration, an effort to hold in her screams.

“Renee,” I groaned, “let me hear those screams! Don’t you dare hold them back!!”

She let out a strangled cry at my words, her body shuddering against my fingers as she let herself go. The room filled with a symphony of moans, gasps, and cries. Renee’s voice rose above them all, a beautiful melody of pleasure and release. With one final thrust into her, she came, her hand clenching my breasts tightly as her orgasm coursed through her. My fingers could feel the pulsing of her walls around them, as they were pulled deeper inside. It was as if the universe had collapsed into a single point of pure pleasure, and she was the center of it all. It was a sight to behold, her red curls falling around her face as her body arched to it’s limit, whipping her fingers out of my pussy and whirling them behind her to keep her balance. Me and Michael watched as she settled herself to the floor, eyes still shut but more relaxed and a gleeful grin on her face.

She opened her eyes and saw us admiring her and the grin widened wickedly. She stood up quickly, making us jump a little at her speed. She fell to the bed on her back and used her still sock covered feet to position herself to its center, adjusting her hair when she got to where she wanted.

“Michael,” she stated, clearly in charge of what would happen next, “come over here and straddle me.” Her command moved Michael into action and her authoritative tone was turning me on like I never knew it could. Michael traveled on his knees to Renee and straddled her stomach, his still erect member fitting nicely in the groove between her breasts. She smiled at him with lustful eyes, gripping him with care and stroking slowly. “Come closer.” she teased, using her other hand on his ass to encourage his hips more forward. He obliged, inching his way until his balls rested at the top of her titties, his ass squashing them like pillows.

“Sarah, I want to feel your pussy on mine.” She didn’t command me like she did Michael, but it was more of a pleading tone. She spread her legs wide to invite me further to accommodate her request. How could I say no? I clamored onto the bed, straddling her thigh, my wet pussy trailing juices as I shuffled toward her equally wet pussy. She moaned feeling the warmness of my slit on her thigh and seeing that I needed no instructions, administered to Michael by craning her neck up to engulf his dick in her mouth. The sight was enamoring beyond belief. She took his hand and placed it behind her head to support her neck. I lifted Renee’s leg to my shoulder, caressing my hands around her hip and ankle to allow for smooth motion between us. I gathered some spit in my mouth and then let it drop from my mouth to lather us up even more. I finally sank down, allowing our pussies to enmesh.

A deep, sensual moan escaped from me as our clits made contact for the first time, the shared friction sending a mind-numbing pleasure coursing through my veins. Renee’s mouth was still working on Michael's engorged member, her tongue swirling around his shaft. I began to grind onto her, applying a slight pressure each time our clits met in a torturous rhythm. She let out a muffled but rising groan around Michael's cock, her hands gripping his ass tightly as she tried to mask the pleasure from my movements. “Fuck,” I groaned loudly, pushing harder against Renee's pussy. She let out a lustful moan against Michael's shaft, her hips moving in sync with mine. Our bodies moved together in a fluid, carnal dance, our wetness melding together as we ground into each other. I could feel her hot cum coating my pussy, a slick reminder of how much she was enjoying this. My movements became more frantic, the pressure building in my core demanding release.

I could see the pleasure that was taking over Michael's face, his head thrown back and his mouth agape as Renee continued to suck him off. His hand was still resting on the back of her head, his fingers laced in her red curls as he guided her movements. I reached out a hand towards him, gripping onto his shoulder for support as the shared pleasure with Renee threatened to overwhelm me. He awoke somewhat from his stupor to gaze at me. He smiled and simultaneously we both moved in for a sensual kiss, each of us knowing somehow what the other needed. It seemed like his way of letting me know that despite this inspirational experience with Renee, he was still loyal to me. His lips on mine while I ground on Renee’s pussy sent me the message that he accepted me and didn’t want to have me change for him at all. This thought led to even more arousal. Not only was Michael going to be a great dance partner at the bar, but a great wingman for any potential girls we both might be interested in sharing in the bedroom.

Suddenly, Michael broke from the kiss and raised up to his knees, his slobber covered manhood escaping Renee’s mouth. She sucked in air between her teeth, desperate his cock to be in her mouth again. Michael was rigid, his glutes taught with control and his eyes slammed shut in concentration. Renee reached out to stroke him, but he somehow knew that she would and whispered quickly, “Don’t move, don’t move, don’t move!” The spectacle was fascinating enough that I had stopped rubbing against Renee to see what would transpire. I peek around his torso to see his cock pointed straight at the ceiling, looking like he would burst. As I looked closer, little trickles of cum were gliding down his shaft, to his balls, and then dripping onto Renee’s neck. Wow, I thought, Michael is really good at edging. After what seemed like forever Michael relaxed and sank down onto Renee’s breasts once again, a huge grin on his face.

“So…, did you cum then?” Renee asked. Obviously she had expected more but was still a little inexperienced.

“No,” I replied, seeing that Michael was still recovering. “Michael is doing what is called edging. He is putting off the big orgasm until later. It’s really hard to do for guys, but the longer they last, the longer they can play, which benefits us girls.”

Renee’s eyes widened in intrigued surprise. “I see… interesting. I’ve always wondered why guys couldn’t last,” she mused with a giggle, even as her fingers dared to stroke Michael's shaft once again, her eyes glinting with anticipation.

“It actually takes a lot of practice.” Michael bragged, but then an embarrassed smile came to his face realizing what he was admitting to. Renee and I both chuckled at his admission.

“Why don’t you go practice over there while I finish with Sarah here?” Renee said pointing to the head of the bed, not trying to hide the sarcasm in her voice. “She’s the only one here who hasn’t cum in some fashion…”

Michael gave a small nod and, with a wry smile, moved to the head of the bed. He knelt with his back against the headboard, his eyes dark with restraint and attention as he began to stroke himself slowly. The sight of him pleasuring himself was extremely erotic.

I shifted above Renee, the slick friction of our combined wetness causing me to purr in pleasure. She let out a soft gasp as our clits brushed against each other again, a fresh wave of arousal overtaking us both. I started rocking against her, feeling our sensitive flesh slide together in mutual desire. The pleasure built quickly after the pause from Michael’s pseudo climax. Each roll of my hips caused a wave of electric sparks to pulse through my body, sending me closer and closer to the edge.

My eyes locked onto Michael's as I ground against Renee, his dark gaze filled with a lustful admiration that only served to heighten my arousal. His hand was moving at a steady tempo, each stroke causing his abs to flex with pleasure, the evident restraint in his movements making me even more desperate for my own release.

Renee's hands found their way to my breasts, her fingers lightly grazing my nipples and causing them to bloom and harden. The thrill of being touched so intimately by her while watched by Michael was too much. My heart pounded heavily against my chest, and heat coiled tighter within me. I gritted my teeth as I moved faster against Renee, feeling the pressure build up inexorably within me.

Suddenly, our pace quickened. Renee’s hands roamed from my hips to my breasts again and again, our bodies writhing together in an indulgent rhythm. I looked back at Michael who was equally impassioned, his hand pumping faster around his shaft, his body rigid with intense focus.

I felt Renee’s fingers dig into my hips, her nails biting into my skin in a way that sent white-hot jolts of pleasure straight to my throbbing clit. I gasped, feeling the desperate edge of climax looming over me like a precipice. The tension was unbearable, every inch of my body taut with need. Desperate moans filled the room in harmony with the slick sound of our bodies colliding.

Suddenly, a particularly hard roll against Renee sent me spiraling over that precipice. Fireworks exploded behind my eyes as the orgasm tore through me, wracking my body with ecstasy. I cried out as wave after wave slammed into me, each one more intense than the last. Renee and Michael were grinning at me with awe.

Without warning Michael hoisted himself up, grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me down on top of Renee, our titties pressing against each other and our faces inches apart. I instinctively rearranged my legs to better support myself and straddle Renee, lifting my hips to expose my pussy. Renee did the same, wrapping her ankles across my back. Michael had already moved behind me, preparing himself for a new first experience. I turned my head back to get a glimpse of him. He knelt there slack-jawed, gazing at our two pussies stacked on each other, keeping his dick hard with his right hand. He was obviously in dreamland. I turned back to face Renee, and noticed that she had been staring at Michael too, that grin still on her face. She turned her eyes to me and smiled deeper, her hands starting to roam through my hair and massage my scalp with affection. We both moved in for a kiss at the same time, basking in the wonderful emotions of it all.

Some shuffling from behind me announced Michael’s final preparations to enter one of us, but I didn’t know if it would be me first or Renee. The mystery of it kept me in the afterglow of my orgasm as I continued to make out with Renee, exploring her mouth with my tongue. I moaned against Renee’s lips as Michael’s gentle fingers started massaging my opening and I figured the mystery was over and that I would be first. Then I realized he was reaching my clit from around my hips in the front and continued to wonder what would be next. Renee solved the mystery when she pulled away from our kiss with her loudest gasp yet, her eyebrows furrowed and face bunched up in confusion, apparently not truly understanding how big Michael was until he was inside her wet pussy.

My heart pounded in my chest, the rhythm stuttering as Michael pushed further into Renee with each little thrust. He moved gently, easing himself in so as not to cause any discomfort. I felt the shifting pressure as he filled her, her body pushing against mine with each movement. Renee's breath was caught in her chest when he was fully inside and for a moment we all stilled, absorbing the magic of the moment. Renee broke the stillness with undulations from her hips.

“Fuck, Michael. Pound me. Pound me like you pounded Sarah. Fuck my little pussy.” Renee was lost in desire. Michael obliged. I reinstated the make our session with Renee. Her warm breath on my face from her rapid breathing only increased the intimacy between us. Michael’s taught abs slapped against my ass and drenched pussy with each plunge he took into Renee.

“Shit, Renee, you are so tight!” Michael remarked, working up speed. “When was the last time you had a good fucking?” His dirty talk and thrusting got his fingers moving on my clit again, his free hand pushing down on my hip for balance. I reveled in the feelings of pleasure he invoked. Each circling flick sent a jolt of pleasure through me, making me grind against them both.

She broke from our kissing. “Way too long… but the wait was… so worth it! You’re cock is just…… so fucking good!” Her response to Michael was broken up into little phrases as she tried to get out as many words as she could between his increasingly rapid thrusts. The sensation of him moving inside Renee against me sent waves of pleasure through my body. I responded by nibbling on Renee’s neck and ears. Renee let out a soft moan, arching her neck to allow me more access. I could taste the faint hint of sweat on her skin. My free hand slipped under her, curving around her lower back to add pressure and increase the sensation of Michael’s dick inside her. The new angle of penetration caused her eyes to open wide from the sensations of Michael’s new repetitive attacks on her G-spot. Michael’s fingers were relentless on my clit, his movements matching the rhythm of his thrusts into Renee, but it wasn’t enough. I needed more.

“Michael,” I screeched, “get your cock out of her and fuck my brains out! I need to feel you inside me.” I surprised myself with this attitude, but I guess Renee’s authoritative tones before along with her whole body were starting to rub off on me. Michael quickly stopped and obeyed, announcing his exit from Renee’s slit with a slurping noise. Michael started repositioning himself, but Renee did as well, shuffling herself clockwise on the bed until her face was right under my pussy. I looked down at hers and relished in the sight of both hers and Michael’s juices were pooled there, ready to be tasted. Without waiting, I started in, pressing my tongue hard into her clit and along her swollen labia. As my tongue pressed into the folds of her sex, I tasted a mixture of sweet and tangy, a heady blend of arousal and desire. The taste was addictive, driving me to explore every inch of her pussy. I felt the wet probing of Michael at my entrance and Renee’s warm breath again, but this time between my legs.

“Yeah, that’s right Michael.” Renee spoke softly, “Fuck her. Fuck her good!”

Michael’s hands made fists on my lower back, pushing my face closer to Renee’s sopping opening as his thick shaft pushed inside. I gasped at the sensation, my moan vibrating against Renee’s clit. The feeling of him fucking me was definitely the most pleasurable experience so far. His girth stretched me open, the heat of him burning a path deep inside me. Renee moaned in unison with me as I continued to lick and suck on her clit, both of us abandoning all sense of decorum in favor of the encircling arms of pleasure. I peaked back to see Renee sticking her tongue out flat, keeping her head at the height to where Michael’s balls would graze across it each time his engorged member stabbed my vulva.

“Oh God!” I cried, arching my back and pushing my ass higher for Michael’s deepening penetration, the sight of Renee driving me further down the road to climax. The exclaimed whines of desire mingled with the wet sounds of flesh pounding against flesh and the occasional gasp or profanity uttered between breaths. Michael's hands moved from my back to grip at my hips, fingers digging into the roundness of my ass as he desperately increased his pace. His thighs smacked against mine with each thrust, his balls slapping against Renee's tongue. The pleasure built within me, rising with every thrust and lick until I was on the precipice, teetering on the edge of release. I plunged my fingers deep into Renee, curling them upwards to strike that sweet spot inside her. She let out a loud cry of surprise and lust, her body convulsing beneath me.

"Fuck Sarah...I’m going to cum!" Michael groaned through gritted teeth, his lunges losing their steady rhythm as he neared his peak. He wasn’t going to edge this time.

"Yes! Cum inside me, Michael," she cried out, the vibration of her voice on Renee's clit sending the redhead into a series of her own convulsions and pleasure-filled cries. His fingers tensed on my hips as spasms shuddered through him. He buried himself deep inside me, then continued undulating in small movements, depositing all of his energy in his climax. I felt him explode inside me hot spurts, filling me with warmth that spread outwards from my sex. Our juices flowed freely down my thighs and I felt Renee’s tongue greedily lick up the trailing drops. She continued on Michael’s balls, not wanting any to go to waste. Michael’s limp but still long penis slid out of me with great hesitation from us both, not wanting the feeling of connection to be severed. He settled down closer to Renee’s mouth to better be serviced by her continued licks on his scrotum. Determined to not let Renee have all the fun, I quickly turned around and lay on Renee, our stomachs and breasts meshing together once again as I reached out excitedly to straighten Michael’s shaft, aiming it toward my mouth.

As the taste of his cum and my own juices filled my mouth, Michael let out a soft sigh of pleasure, his hand finding its way to my hair. Guiding me gently, he watched as his still sensitive cock received treatment from both Renee and I. Every pulse, every tinge of arousal was magnified by the two eagerly licking and sucking on him.

"S-sarah," he breathed out, his fingers tightening in my hair, "You’re so sexy... and you too Renee… this is like…" Words failed him as Renee began to suckle on one of his balls, while I ran my tongue along the underside of his shrinking shaft. Michael's hips undulated slightly under our combined attentions, his fingers threading through my hair as he surrendered to the sensations.

“Mmmm…” I purred sensually, engulfing him deeper into my mouth before pulling it out. I used my hand to slowly fondle him. “You are so sexy too, babe. You fucked us sooo good! Mmnn and Renee added some extra spice to it all. Would you wanna keep her involved in the future darling?” I asked him knowing he would say yes, but still wanted to hear his answer.

“Oh God, yes!” he exclaimed excitedly, “As long as Renee is okay with it.” he added, sitting back on his heels to bring her eyes into view with his. Her look said it all, a seductively playful grin spreading across her face.

"Are you kidding me?" she chuckled, rubbing her hand over my back, giving one of my butt cheeks a teasing squeeze before looking back up at Michael. "I'd be offended if you two didn't invite me to join in again. That was..." Renee let out a deep breath, shaking her head as she searched for the right words. "Incredible," she finally settled on, her eyes turning back to meet mine with a newfound sparkle in them. Seeing this confident side of Renee made my heart swell with joy and satisfaction.

"Well then," he breathed, his now flaccid penis softly twitching in my grip at the prospect of future escapades, “I guess that means we are all joined at the hip!” He shuffled over on his hands and knees to lay beside Renee then beckoned me to come onto his other side. I obliged, rolling over him playfully, but before I could make it to his other side, his arms wrapped around me, grasping both of my titties in a playful gesture. I yelped in surprise and then laughed seductively and he squeezed gently with his large strong hands. I could feel his dick between my legs pulsating just a little bit from the sensual act. He let go of me and allowed me to continue my rolling to his other side. Renee and I nestled our heads onto his powerful chest, smiling as it rose and fell to the pace of Michael’s breathing. Giggling, I reached out to tangle my fingers with Renee’s. I noticed the faint tremble in her hand as our fingers met, and I felt a tingle of affectionate warmth towards her. She had been just as nervous and excited as we were about this experience.

Michael fingers found their way to Renee’s back, tracing designs of affection on it’s pale canvas. I smiled, leaning into Michael's touch as he brushed a stray lock of hair from my face with his other hand.

"I think... we've created something amazing here," Michael said softly, echoing what I'd been thinking moments earlier. His gaze flickered between Renee and me, a satisfied smile curving his lips upward.

The moment, blissful as much as it was erotic, was interrupted by the blaring sound of a phone alarm coming from the living room.

“Holy shit!!” Renee and I shouted simultaneously.

“What?” Michael reacted, confused by the sudden change in atmosphere.

“The study group!” they answered again simultaneously, then rushed off the bed to hunt for their missing clothes.
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