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She is taken by a mature co-worker!
I hope you enjoyed the first “Work Affair” that my wife experienced. There have been others, and this is one of them.

For several years as our kids were growing up, from middle school through high school, my wife did not work outside the home. I had a very good job and was able to provide financially for our family and we did quite well. This allowed my wife to be involved in their lives at a time when she could really help shape them into young adults.

Once they had graduated from high school, my wife was not certain what to do with her time. It just so happened that she was talking with one of the neighbor women and the lady asked my wife if she would be interested in a job opening that she knew about. My wife and I talked about it, and decided that if she wanted, she should check it out.

Well, she not only went in one day and checked it out, but she also got the job on the spot. That evening when I asked her about it, she told me that she took the job. She went on to tell me that her manager reminded her of Denzel Washington, and I knew she thought he was a hunk!

After a few months she seemed very happy, and she told me that she loved her new job. She said that she worked with a lot of nice people, and more importantly, she was doing very well at her job. She had already received one pay raise and after another few weeks she received another. Things were going very well for her.

She had been at her job for nearly a year when one evening she said that she had to tell me something about her job. She started off by telling me about the project that she was working on. It seemed that the previous executive assistant had not done a very good job at organizing things, and that was one of my wife’s strengths.

She said she was working on the second floor all by herself, going through stacks of files that had either been misfiled, or not filed at all. She said that her manager was told his department was going to be subject to an internal audit sometime in the coming months, and when he found out about the state of the filing system, he was very nervous.

When she told him that she could put things in order, he was relieved. She was spending nearly eight hours every day organizing these files. As she was telling me about all of this, I could not help but wonder why. Why did she say she had to tell me something about work, and everything she had said so far was just what she was working on. I did not think that was all that she wanted to tell me about.

I started to think that maybe she was leading up to something that happened between her and her manager, since she was so enamored with him. She then started telling me about this janitor that started coming onto the second floor as she worked. At first, it was all about the piles of papers that he had been sent to clean up after she had organized and digitized so many files.

She then said that he would come up and just stand there talking with her as she worked. Nothing unusual about it, just general conversation. She did tell me that he was probably about ten years older than her, and that he seemed out of place as a janitor, and she asked him about that. He indicated that he had been an executive with another division of the company and wanted nothing more to do with the politics of the position, but he was not ready to retire. He told her that he spoke with HR and said he would take any other position that does not have all of the stress so he could keep his great benefits and as much of his pay as possible.

It seemed that my wife’s manager owed a favor to the HR manager and told her that he would hire this guy as a janitor, and he had the budget to pay him 90% of what he was making as an executive.

She continued her story about their conversations, and she seemed almost excited about these conversations. She said that he would tell her about his experiences, and it was very interesting. She then said that he wished he would have had an executive assistant as pretty and hard working as her. I sensed where this was going at this point.

She said that she thanked him for the compliment but tried to sort of just change the subject and move on. She told me that nothing more happened that day, but the next day she said that when he came to her desk as she was working, he said hello, and then just watched her working for a while. Then, she said as she was picking up a box of files to move off her desk, he stepped closer, took the box from her hands, and he leaned in quickly and kissed her.

She said that she was really surprised by his actions, and she was unsure how to react. She said that before she could say anything, he had set the box down, turned and took her I his arms and kissed her again. She said that she was not sure what came over her, but it just felt right. She said that she kissed him back, and that is when things escalated.

She told me how his hands were suddenly all over her, at first gripping her ass and squeezing her against him. She said she could feel that he was hard and seemed to be very large! She said he then moved his hands up to her breasts and started rubbing and squeezing them. She said that he stepped back and looked her in the eyes, as if to be asking if she was okay with what he was doing.

She said that all she could do was smile and with that he embraced her again. She said that it seemed like only a matter of a few seconds, and he had taken off her dress. She was now standing in front of him wearing nothing but her bra and panties. She added that she was glad she had worn nicer underwear that day! I had to laugh a little at that comment!

She went on to tell me that he stepped back again, looked her up and down and told her how beautiful she was, adding that she looked so sexy standing there in just her underwear! She said that she was mesmerized by his calm behavior, saying he did not rush anything and seemed to genuinely love how she looked.

After a few more minutes of holding her and kissing her, she said that he reached behind her, to unhook her bra. He stepped back a little and let it fall to the floor between them. At that point she said that he kissed her again, then started moving down, kissing her neck, her shoulders, and finally her breasts, one and then the other. He sat down in the desk chair, and she stood in front of him. She said that it seemed like he spent hours on her breasts, and it felt wonderful.

She added that she did not even realize that as he was kissing and sucking on her breasts that he had slipped her panties off. He pulled away from her breasts and she said she was disappointed that he stopped. He asked her to step back. As she did so, she suddenly realized that she was completely naked standing in front of him and he was completely clothed.

She said that the feeling of standing there naked in front of him while he was fully clothed made her feel so hot, like she was a prostitute! She said her nipples were so very hard and she was practically dripping from being so wet “down there”! She said that time seemed to stand still, and she was not sure how long it was before he stood up in front of her and commanded that she take his clothes off.

She said that she started very quickly unbuttoning his shirt, and he told her to slow down. She complied with his command, slowly removing his shirt, then moving down to undo his belt, unbutton and unzip his trousers, and then slowly pulling them down. She said he was wearing boxer briefs, and she observed the outline of his very hard dick, and she said it looked very large.

She removed his shoes and socks, and then he stepped out of his trousers. She said that she was on her knees at this point and looked up to him. He told her to remove his boxers. She said she took them by the waist band and slowly started pulling them down. When she got them down far enough, she said that his dick bounced free, and it was very hard and very nice looking.

She described his dick as very similar to mine but was an inch or two longer and at least as thick, maybe thicker. She said that it looked like a monster, bouncing right in front of her face. She said that he stepped out of his boxers, and then told her to take his cock (his word) in her hands. She did, and then he told her to stroke his cock, and she did.

She said she was still on her knees in front of him, she had both hands on his cock and was slowly stroking him. She said his cock was so warm and smooth, and she was just in awe! She said as she continued to stroke his cock, she looked up to see that he was watching her with a big smile on his face. At this point, she said that he told her to put his cock in her mouth and suck him until he came. She said that he told her that he would tell her when he was close, and at that point she was not to pull off his cock, but slow down and be prepared for him to shoot his cum into her mouth.

She said that was kind of nervous, not only because of his size, but how much he might cum! When he got close, he warned her, then told her to slow down, but keep his cock in her mouth, and to gently squeeze his balls. She did exactly as she was told, and said that she was soon rewarded with a mouthful of his cum. She said that he must have shot five or six spurts of cum and was had a difficult time swallowing it all. She said there was some running out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin.

When he was finished, he told her that she did great! She said he then leaned down, placed his hands under her arms, and lifted her up, swinging her around to sit her on the desk. She said that he then sat back down in her chair, spread her legs, and started licking and kissing her pussy. She said she was amazed at his skill, and she soon had her first orgasm!

As he continued to lick her pussy, he played with her tits, pinching her nipples, which made her cum a second time! She said he then stood up and kissed her. She said she could taste herself on his lips, and she was kind of surprised at how good she tasted!

She said they must have kissed for several minutes before he pulled her to the edge of the desk, and she felt the head of his cock against her pussy lips. She said that he thrust forward as he pulled her towards him and his cock was buried deep in her pussy and they fucked until he came again, and she said she actually had another orgasm!

When he was finished, she said that he pulled his now softening cock out of her pussy and she felt their juices running out of her. She said that he told her how wonderful she was and thanked her. She said she felt good about how nice he was and did not think about the fact that she had just fucked some guy she hardly knew!

She said that he then lifted her off the desk and escorted her down the hall to the women’s restroom, telling her to go in and get cleaned up. He went to the men’s restroom and did the same.

She said when she got back to her desk and put her clothes back on, he came back to get his clothes as well. She said that he told her he had never done anything like that at work, but that he was just so smitten by her beauty and personality that he just could not help himself. She said that he apologized if he had done anything out of line.

She told me that she only told him that everything was fine!
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