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Hailey and Sara are bored and horny during their last summer in high school.
The next day the girls showed up to school with a new sense of excitement. Neither had said it out loud but they were hoping to repeat the sam events of the night before. They worked away on their projects a little quieter than usual each deep in thought.

Sara noticed Hailey kept staring at the clock almost like she was counting down to something.

Around 3 she realized she was right. Hailey said "come on I need to go to the bathroom" Sara followed her but knew her friend had no intentions in going to the bathroom.

Hailey pulled her off to side once they were far away enough from the other kids and teacher in the theater.

"Ok I got it mapped out Sara! The boys soccer team has been practicing from 2:00 to 3:30 every Tuesday and thursday, no other team has started training on those days yet either. I can see from our window when Coach Martin sends them on their final cool down run while he gathers the equipment. which is what they are doing right now!"

"Ok...soooo?...." Sara asked already knowing where her friend was going with this.

"If we sneak into the locker room now no one will be there. We can hide in the same closet again and see who has the biggest dong on the team!" Hailey was bursting was excitement like never before.

"What if..."

"THATS WHAT MAKES IT SO MUCH FUN!" Hailey practically yelled now "Wasn't that exciting last night?! I can't stop thinking about it. Not only was Mr. Thomas hot and Ms. P a total pro but the idea that we could get and we were watching something we weren't supposed to WHOOOO! It just set me off! and I know it did the same for you, I felt your hand moving around down there don't deny it!"

"Come on we have a small window of time! Sometimes Coach Martin gets back into his office before the boys are done stretching!"

Sara started following her friend, it was like her body was on autopilot. She agreed with everything her friend was saying she was dying to be back in that closet looking at things she wasn't supposed to but her mind was trying to tell her it was a bad idea. Before Sara knew it she was in the closet with her friend, heart almost beating out of her chest and pussy wet with excitement of what could be.

Hailey looked down at her phone it was 3:32...maybe they weren't going to shower today?

Then came the roar of about sixteen high school senior soccer players storming into a locker room yelling and shouting.

Both girls hearts were pounding even faster now, Sara thought they boys would be able hear her heart.

They were teasing one of the guys about a girl he liked. Of course it was Hannah, she pushed the limits of our school dress code everyday wearing skirts and dresses that showed off her toned legs from horse back riding and of course her perky tits were always in full display. Both Hailey and Sara despised her.

"Bro I heard she went to a college party and fucked the whole frat house!"

"Fuck off that's a lie! She apparently just flashed a couple of them as a dare!"

"Oh fuck what I would give to play with those sweet tits and cum all over them" One of them said as he pretended to jerk off and blow a load at the guy being teased.

Most of the guys had completely stripped naked now. Hailey and Sara were salivating despite their envy of Hannah.

"Bro put that fucking thing away! It's like a god damn anaconda!" All the boys laughed.

They were talking about Toby of all people!

He was always very quiet and not like the other ass holes on the team, the girls knew he was fit but never expected to see what they did down there.

The closet was conveniently located so all the boys had to walk past on their way to the showers.

As they came back one of the boys mentioned the name Sara.

"I am telling you guys she's under rated! "

"The weird quiet one in the back of Ms. P's class? That always wears the hoodie and glasses? "

"YESS! I am telling you bro she can get it! The other day I saw her bent over to pick up her pencil and noticed she was a wearing a bright pink thong. I almost nutted right then and there!" The boys laughed.

"The quite ones can be the freaky ones.. so maybe John is on to something here"

Sara was rubbing her pussy vigorously now without any care if her friend noticed or even the boys at this point.


Several minutes later the boys all left and the locker room was quiet again. Sara was ready to leave but Hailey held her back and a put a finger to her lips (they smelled of pussy! Her friend dared use the fingers she was touching her self with to tell her to be quiet! thought Sara annoyed at her friend.

But she quickly realized what her friend was referring to. Coach Martin was still there.

He was now undressing right in front of them. He looked so much more mature and stronger than the boys and his cock was certainly thicker.

They heard him shower get dressed and leave.

"Holy fucking shit!!!" Hailey yelled as they left the locker room unnoticed

"They mentioned you! JOHN mentioned you! He wants to blow his load all over you!"

Sara blushed "ohh shut up he was just saying that I doubt he would ever want to do anything with me. He's been dating that cheerleader all year now anyways, have you seen her bikini pictures on IG?!"

"John wants to rub his sweaty balls all over you! and you like it you slut! I felt some of your juices land me you were going to town so fast on that pussy of yours"


Thursday couldn't come fast enough. Sara and Hailey almost sprinted towards the locker room as soon as 3o'clock hit.

"Shit I have to pee!" Hailey yelled out right before they walked in. Sara looked at her phone "we are a little early hurry up and go I'll meet you in the closet! But hurry you have like 10 mins before they all show up!"

The bathroom was right down the hall Hailey had plenty of time she thought.

Sara took her spot in the closest and anxiously waited for her friend.

The door swung open. FUCK! It was Toby! He must have to leave early or something! He started undressing, unleashing his anaconda. Sara shook herself from being distracted and started texting her friend to warn her.

She was too late.

Hailey opened the door to the locker room like she belonged there but she stopped dead in her tracks after taking her first step in.

There was Toby butt ass naked, long dick hanging down. Hailey must have looked like a deer caught in head lights. Toby made a subtle attempt to cover his dick "what are you doing here? Hailey?"

"uhhh ummm...ummm I was looking for the women's locker room..." She said while staring right at his cock that seemed to be growing under his hands. "that's pretty impressive...."

Hailey walked closer to Toby. Sara couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Her friend put her hands on the Toby's and made him reveal his now throbbing cock. Toby didn't say anything, just started as Hailey started to get on her knees.

Hailey started replicating what she saw her math teacher do the night before. Toby lasted 5 seconds before she felt him tense up and blow a huge load. She was licking the side of his cock so it shot out everywhere, landing on her hair, her cheek, the floor, even the wall.

Toby seemed to snap back to reality in seconds and said "Shit...ummm what are you doin..SHIT! they are all walking back now! You need to leave! FUCK!" He started panicking.

Hailey smirked looked towards Sara in the closet, grabbed Toby's t-shirt wiped her face and ran towards the door. "Don't tell anyone I was here!" She said as she left

Barely 2 minutes later the rest of the team stormed in. Toby had rushed over to the shower to clean up before the guys noticed.

Sara couldn't believe her eyes. She was so turned on watching her friend having done what she just did. She started fingering her self barely paying attention to what was happening in the locker room.

After what Sara felt was 5 minutes the locker room looked cleared out. She must have been going at it longer than she thought. She looked at her phone and it read 4o'clock. everyone had cleared out by then on Tuesday so she figured she was in the clear.

Sara waited a couple minutes and after not hearing anyone she decided to go for it.


"Holy shit John, you must have some mystical powers! Isn't this the bitch you were talking about the other day?!"

Sara was now standing in front of 3 guys each in their underwear.


"What? What are you doing in that closet?"

Sara was bright red

" not what it looks like..?"

"why are your shorts wet?"

Fuck! Sara thought her was pussy was so wet from earlier it soaked through her shorts too. She was embarrassed but couldn't stop looking at the boys half naked in front of her.

They all seemed to put the pieces together now.

"Want us to help you out?" John was now standing right next to her and the other two boys got closer.

Sara just looked into John's eyes and the next thing she knew he was kissing her. Passionately. His hands grabbing her ass

Then she felt an other pair of hands on her tits and then an other

She didn't stop kissing John. Hands were running all over her body now, clothes being peeled off of her. She had decided to wear the pink thong John had seen her wear. but they ripped them off her so quickly John probably didn't even notice. The boys had taken full control and she loved it.

Sara started reaching out and grabbing at the boys cocks, they must have removed their underwear at some point bc they were all naked.

Her body was now acting on pure instinct. She was on her knees surrounded by the three boys. She started sucking one then switching the next and the next. She was so excited she didn't know which one to focus on she just went back and forth between all three until one of the boys grabbed her hair and held her on his cock. He blew his load deep in her mouth.

It tasted better than Sara expected and she swallowed as much as she could with a couple drops spilling down her chin. One of the boys was now playing with her pussy, she could feel her juices drip down his fingers.

The boy grabbed her hips and lifted her up on the bench. A cock still in her mouth completely unaware of what was happening with the back half of her body. Then she felt it

A hard thick cock was sliding into her tight pussy. She'd had sex one in band camp but it lasted 10 seconds and wasn't with anyone she even found attractive. This was different.

She almost struggled to breath as she sucked one of their cocks and someone else was fucking her. She was in complete bliss. The boys switched places now, the cock in her pussy now felt thicker than the one before, she loved the feeling.

Someone picked her up now and set her back down on her knees on the floor. She looked up and saw John and his team mate as they blew their load all over her face. Sara had her fingers in her pussy now pumping in and out as she felt their hot cum land on her face and tits.

"FUCK! it's coach!" John yelled out. The boys threw on their shorts and shot out of the locker room before Sara could even stand up or wipe the cum away from her eyes.

"What's going on here?!"

It was coach Martin eyes wider than an antelope as he took in the site of Sara on her knees covered in cum. He must have come in through the back door.

"Hey you frea..." Hailey started to say as she stormed into the locker room before she was greeted to sight of there friend covered in cum right next to Coach Martin....
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