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An affair does not have to be between a man and a woman!
While each of these stories stand alone, it would not hurt to read them in order, to get a better understanding of how things have happened. My wife was the focus of each of the first two stories and they describe affairs she has had with co-workers.

The second story was really just a one-time thing, so I guess you may not call it a work affair, but the first developed beyond just a one-time incident. I am not even completely aware of how many times she met up with David.

A little background to set the stage. The first story took place prior to a move for my work, while the second took place in a different city and state from the first. We ended up moving back to the same city as the first story, and my wife got her old job back. I am not certain if she was hoping that David was still employed there, but he was not. That did not stop her from the next incident.

She had been back in the same old office for just over six months when a new young teacher was hired. Like David, his wife was also employed in the school district, but she was in a different school building. His name was Derek, and her name was Erin. They seemed to be two very different types of people.

Derek was very nice, humble, good looking, caring, and as my wife called him, sweet. On the other hand, Erin was a bit of a wild child. She dressed mostly in black and very revealing clothes. She was much more bold, and “out there” in comparison to her husband.

There was an obvious pattern here, with my wife going for the quiet gentle types. Derek, like David, liked to hang around my wife’s office and engage in small talk with her. There were the gentle touches on her arm or shoulder that developed into more rubs than touches. She was very much turned on by this type of behavior.

Erin came into the building one day to go out to lunch with Derek and she happened to notice the attention he was giving my wife. Instead of being upset, she was just the opposite. She was jealous, but not jealous of my wife getting attention from Derek, but rather jealous of Derek for getting attention from my wife. You see, unbeknownst to anyone, including Derek, Erin swung both ways.

After that day, Erin started to find whatever excuse she could to come to my wife’s building and spend some time around her. After a few times of Erin coming around, my wife’s conversations about work started to shift a bit. Previously her conversations centered around Derek and how he treated her, which gave me a good indication that things could be heating up there.

Now, Erin seemed to be more in her conversations, and I was not so certain about her and Derek hooking up. One day Erin called up my wife and invited her out to lunch. My wife thought nothing of it, just two female work friends having lunch. Erin had other ideas.

It was after the third time they had gone to lunch that Erin felt she could take the next step. There was a day off from school coming up and Erin invited my wife to go shopping with her. It had been some time since my wife went on that kind of outing with another woman and she felt it could be fun, so she said yes.

Erin stopped by the house early that morning to pick up my wife and said they were going to an outlet mall that was about an hour away. My wife always liked stopping at outlet malls, so she was up for that!

The two of them were off for the day. When they arrived, the first thing they did was stop at Starbucks to get a latte. They sat together making their shopping plans. Erin said that she and Derek had an anniversary coming up soon and she wanted to buy something sexy for the occasion. She said she was hoping to find a sexy dress, as well as some very nice lingerie to compliment the dress. They decided they would look for those things first.

When they finished their coffee, they started going to the upscale dress stores. Erin found several options in the first store and had my wife join her in the dressing area to show them to her and get her opinion. Now at first Erin would go into the changing room alone and then come out to the dressing room lobby to show my wife.

Each one seemed to be a bit more revealing than the first and she had the body to look good in them all. Erin then told my wife that with the last one she needed my wife’s assistance in getting it hooked in the back. My wife said she was a little hesitant at first, but then said she would help.

The two of them went into the changing room. It was like any other changing room, not a lot of space. Erin started taking off the dress she had just modelled, and my wife realized that she did not have a bra on. My wife said that she was not certain at first where to look, or not look as the case may be.

It seemed that when she turned away from looking directly at Erin, she saw a very clear reflection of Erin’s braless boobs in one of the mirrors. She turned again, only to see them from a different angle in another mirror. By this time Erin was standing in front of her wearing only a thong, and it covered very little.

Erin held up the last dress, asking my wife to help her step into it. My wife took hold of the dress and as Erin stepped in, there was a lot of touching going on. My wife’s hands rubbed up against Erin’s very nicely shaped ass, then up her sides and finally brushed against her tits. She said she looked up when she realized that the back of her hands were against Erin’s tits, only to see Erin looking right at her and smiling!

Erin slowly turned around and asked my wife to hook up the back. Well actually there was not much back to the dress, and it hooked only around the waist. Erin slowly turned to allow my wife to get a good look at the dress. Of course, my wife said she got a good look, but mostly of bare skin and not the dress! There was a bit of fabric that came up from the waist and wrapped around her shoulders, barely covering the front of her breasts. The side-boob view was very good my wife said.

Erin looked in the mirror as she spun slowly around and noticed just how closely my wife was looking at her. She then asked my wife to smooth out the dress some in the back, saying it was not hanging right. Without thinking specifically what that meant, my wife started to rub her hands over the dress, and what she was rubbing was Erin’s very shapely ass!

My wife said that she heard Erin sort of moan as she rubbed her butt. As my wife looked down to watch her hands gently glide over Erin’s curves, Erin reached down and took her hands. She pulled them up, around toward her front, and up under the fabric covering her breasts. My wife tried to stop the movement, but Erin was in control, and she placed my wife’s hands directly on her tits. She used my wife’s hands to rub her tits for a little bit, then took her hands off and my wife’s hands stayed right where they were, rubbing Erin’s tits.

Erin leaned back against my wife, reaching behind her and tracing her hands down between my wife’s legs. My wife said it was now her turn to moan! Erin turned slightly, leaned in and their lips met. It was a very gentle, yet erotic kiss. Soon Erin’s lips parted, and she slowly forced her tongue into my wife’s mouth.

The two of them were soon kissing passionately, just like any couple would. My wife said that while Erin was still mainly faxing away from her, she moved one of her hands down the inside of the dress, finally ending with a finger dipping into Erin’s very warm and very wet pussy. She fingered Erin slowly at first, but then picked up the pace as they continued to kiss, and Erin had her first orgasm.

My wife said that after that, things were a blur. After just a few minutes they were both naked, fingering each other’s pussies while taking turns kissing and sucking each other’s tits. My wife told me that she was not certain how many orgasms she had, but it was more than four!

The two of them were brought back into reality when they heard a voice asking if they needed any help in there. They quickly parted and were trying to get their clothes on when the curtain was pulled open, and there stood a very pretty young salesclerk, with a big smile on her face. She said that she had been listening outside of the changing room for quite some time and was so turned on she just had to join them.

They were all three naked very quickly and the room was smelling more and more like sex. The three women were all over each other, and after many more orgasms between them, the girl said she needed to get back to work. Everyone got dressed and Erin bought the last dress. Erin and my wife thanked the salesclerk for her special attention and gave her a nice tip before leaving the store.

The story did not end there. The two of them made their way to a lingerie store. This time there was no hesitation or even asking, the two of them went into the changing room together to try on the various sexy articles Erin had picked out.

The two of them had sex again in this changing room and unbelievably my wife said she had two more orgasms, and she loved every second of it! They did not have a salesclerk come help them this time, but they had just as much fun anyway!

Erin and my wife started doing a lot of things together, shopping, craft fairs, etc. It was not until after about ten months that my wife let slip something about seeing Erin’s nice ass, after I had commented about it. When I had her back up to that comment and tell me more, she told me that her and Erin had been together sexually about a dozen times since that first shopping trip! She said that she actually was hoping for something to happen between her and Derek, but when things heated up with her and Erin, she did not care

that Derek had not come on to her!
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