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I found there to be a lack of 'normal' stories on this site. I wanted to create a really sexy story that was just a guy and a girl enjoying each other, with no incest or anything dark and macabre. As this is my first attempt at writing stories, any compliments or constructive criticism are very welcome. Thanks!
I grew up in a smaller suburb outside of San Diego in a nice neighborhood. The houses were a pretty good size, but not mansions. It was a safe neighborhood where nobody would really worry about crime or anything like that. I came from a good family - my mom and dad were still married after 25 years being together and they taught me how to be a good person and not come off as a jerk to other people in life. Aside from them, I have a younger brother. I always got along alright with him, but we weren't incredibly close. We really had diverse interests and didn't spend that much time hanging out because we were into such different activities. I was pretty into sports, while he was into playing guitar and things like that.

After I graduated from high school, I went off to college at CSU Long Beach, so I was a few hours away from home. My parents had given me a fair amount of freedom as I progressed through high school. They kept interested in what I did and who my friends were, but my curfew kept getting pushed later and later until finally I didn't even have one. As a result, I didn't go totally crazy my first night on my own. I was a bit more responsible with things since I had already been used to that freedom. While at college, I started to drink a little, something I hadn't been into during high school at all. I got a little overboard at first, but after two years at Long Beach, I had mellowed considerably and was pretty much a social drinker at the many parties that went on. I slept with a few girls...not too many, but enough that I wasn't desperate for sex or anything. Overall, it was a good first two years of school.

While at school, I would come back to San Diego once or twice a semester to enjoy some home cooking and do some free laundry - a much needed change from college dorm life. It was pretty great being away from home with all the freedom it afforded, but I did miss those few things that you can only get at home.

Speaking of things you can only get at younger brother had a few female friends that would come around our house from time to time as I was growing up and sometimes they'd be around when I would be back on a break or long weekend from Long Beach. My brother is two years younger than I am, so he didn't really start bringing girls around the house until he was in late middle school, which would have put me in early high school at the time.

At first, I wasn't really interested in his little friends. He would have pool parties in our back yard and invite a bunch of different guys and girls from his middle school classes. I wasn't really keen on the middle school girls at the time since I was in high school and was way too cool for those 'little kids.' But once we all got a little older and the same girls kept coming around, but now as high schoolers, I saw them in a different light.

Now that they were in high school, these girls had started to really mature and develop. Their legs got longer and smoother. Their faces started to get more definition and elegance. They really started filling out their swim suits. Their breasts went from budding little mounds to full fledged B cups in only a couple years. And speaking of swim suits...the bikinis they wore started to get smaller and skimpier as the years went on. They started out in middle school with one-piece suits or ugly tankinis or something like that. But by the time they were in the midst of high school, it seemed like there were more strings and ties than actual material!

That's really when I started to notice my brothers little girl friends. There were a few regulars who he kept hanging out with year after year. It seemed like he had pretty particular dating habits...there were certain ones who he would date, and others who were firmly in the friend zone. After he would break up with one, it was rare that she would still come around the house. He had a habit of getting into nasty fights over breakups. After the same ones kept showing up for years, I realized that those were the ones he wasn't going to try to date, and I'd probably keep seeing them for a few years to come. Not that those girls weren't good looking...they were just as sexy and gorgeous as the ones my brother wanted to date. Just for some reason they weren't his type. That was fine by just meant they could keep coming by to be eye candy.

I wasn't ever really interested in doing anything with his friends...I was just interested in looking. They were a little younger and less mature than I was. I was really more into the college girls that I met up with in Long Beach. My brother's friends were just a good opportunity for me to look at some pretty girls trying to show off their bodies. Maybe every now and then I would talk to one or two of them just to practice flirting or something...but I wouldn't ever dream of actually trying to hook up with one of them. It would just be weird.

The story I wanted to tell actually begins a bit later, right after my second year of school at Long Beach. Since my brother is two years younger than me, by the time I was finishing up that year, he was about to graduate from high school. I was home from college towards the beginning of that summer and had just gotten back to the house from playing some pickup soccer with some of my old high school friends who were back in town for break. When I got back to the house, I saw a bunch of cars lined up all down the street, which told me that my brother must be having another pool party. I didn't see my parents' cars anywhere, which must have meant that they were at work or running errands.

I was pretty sweaty and tired from being out playing soccer for a few hours, so I wanted to go straight in and take a shower. As I walked in the house and looked out the back windows, though, I saw my brother and all his guy and girl friends being typical high schoolers out by the pool. All the guys flirting and just trying to get some ass. They were making complete fools of themselves just to get a laugh out of these girls. Of course, the girls were being pretty coy. Only dishing out the right amount of attention to keep the guys coming back for more.

I looked out the windows and saw all this going on. I scanned around looking for nice looking female bodies in skimpy bikinis, and found a few. I decided that before I went to take my shower, I would go mingle for a second and try to score some food that my brother and a few other guys (who were trying to appear manly) were grilling out on our back deck. Maybe while I was out there, I would get to chat up a couple of my brother's girl friends or something.

I walked out onto the back deck and hit my brother up for a hamburger. He gave me one, but mouthed off a little bit just to show off for his friends. I came back quickly with some equally stupid retort and then I took the burger away and walked over near the pool where most of the girls were sitting around in lounge chairs or dipping their legs into the pool while idiot high school guys wrestled in the shallow end. I ate my burger as I walked around and saw a few new faces, but mostly the same friends my brother had been having around since middle school.

As I passed near the pool, I turned my head to watch some guy do a backflip off the diving board. I was completely not looking where I was going, and I almost collided with someone.

"Oh sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going," I said as I turned my head back to the person I almost hit.

"Hey, no problem! I wasn't really paying attention either," the girl said back to me in a really cute voice.

I took a second to actually register who it was I had almost hit. I recognized her almost immediately. Her name was Shannon, and she had been coming over to our house since she was in middle school. I had known of her for about six years now through my brother, and had noticed her develop from an awkward little middle school girl to a completely gorgeous high school senior. We hadn't ever really talked, but had just said hello to each other whenever she would come by. I hadn't really thought too much about her before now.

She stood about five foot five, with long brown hair that went a little past her shoulders. Today it was pulled up into a pony tail. She looked like she couldn't weigh any more than 105 pounds or so. She had nice tan skin, without being too incredibly dark. Her legs were long and smooth, her hips were curvy, and they led my eyes smoothly up to her chest, where she had perfectly round breasts hanging proudly from her chest. They looked like a C cup to me, and I could just barely see a little bit of her semi-hard nipples poking through the top of her swimsuit.

She was barefoot, and wearing nothing but the most gorgeous bikini I think I had ever seen outside of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. It was a solid black color, with strings tied off on her hips, and on the top and middle of her back. Two little triangles covered her perfect breasts, but just barely. The bottoms left very little to the imagination...two ties on the sides...and not much other material to cover anything.

"I was just coming out to grab a bite before I head in and take a shower," I explained, still somewhat flustered at how attractive Shannon had become. "I just got back from playing some soccer with my friends," I continued.

"I can see that," she laughed, as I noticed her give me a quick look up and down. "Sorry I almost knocked you in the pool!" she said as we started walking our separate ways. "Maybe I'll see you around later..." she finished as I walked out of earshot.

I finished eating my burger and went back inside. As I walked upstairs to my room, I couldn't stop thinking about how attractive Shannon had become. I went into my room, ripped off my sweaty shirt, stripped out of my running shorts and boxers, and walked into the bathroom connected to my room.

I closed the door behind me and turned on the water. Once the water got hot enough, I opened the shower door and stepped under the hot jet. I relished the feeling of the water falling over my body, cleansing me from my afternoon's exercise. I put some shampoo in my hair and scrubbed as my thoughts wandered back to Shannon. After the shampoo, I lathered my hands with soap and started to scrub my body. I was about five foot eleven with a pretty solid build. I had some muscles with nice definition on my chest and arms, and weighed in at around 175.

As I rubbed the soap over my body, I kept thinking about Shannon. At the thought of her in that extremely small bikini, I felt my cock start to grow a little hard. I had a pretty decent sized dick...eight inches. Not small, but not huge like some of those porn stars out there. Regardless, I was happy with my body.

I continued to lather the soap on when I heard a soft knock on the bathroom door. Before I could say "occupied," or anything else, the door cracked open, and I saw Shannon's attractive face peering through. I forgot to lock the door!

"Oh my God! Sorry...didn't realize you were in there!" she said, although I'm not sure I believed her, since I had just told her ten minutes ago that this is where I was going.

I was pretty taken aback, and didn't have time to say anything else before she had come fully into the room and closed the door behind her. I was somewhat embarrassed to have been walked in on by one of my brother's friends while showering. As if that weren't enough, my cock was about halfway hard between my legs.

"Sorry...I just got bored with that crowd out there," Shannon said after a moment of silence in which we studied each other. I noticed she was still wearing that extremely attractive bikini. I tried to hide myself behind something, but found very little to hide behind in the glass-enclosed shower.

"Those guys are just so juvenile," she continued as she started to walk closer to the shower. "I just didn't want to be out there getting hit on by them any more," she said exasperatedly as she inched up to the shower door.

She looked at me with a sly expression on her face and said, winking, " there room for one more in there?"

I couldn't believe this. I had never thought of doing anything with my brother's friends. They were just there to look at. This was completely unexpected! Shannon and I had exchanged maybe a few sentences with one another over the years she had been coming to our house, but now all of a sudden here she was about to hop in the shower with me?!

I was still pretty speechless, so instead of giving her a verbal answer, I opened the shower door and invited her inside. She stepped in and pulled the door shut behind her. She moved a couple feet over so she was standing underneath the stream of hot water, and she threw back her head to let the water run down over her hair. She pulled the hair tie out of her pony tail and let it drop to the floor as she ran her hands through her long, beautiful hair and seemed to enjoy the sensation of the hot water penetrating to her scalp.

After she had wet her hair, she looked at me with pouting lips and beckoned me over to her side of the shower. I was only too happy to oblige. I walked the couple feet over to her and we embraced. I wrapped my arms around her body, and she reached up to run her hands through my damp hair. I leaned down and met her lips with mine in a passionate kiss that sent chills down both our spines.

As we continued to kiss, my hands explored her back. I found two strings across her back from the bikini top, left them alone, and then went a little lower. I rubbed my hands over her lower back, feeling it arch as I bent her over into an even more passionate kiss. I explored even lower, finally coming in contact with the black material of her bikini bottoms. I reached down and started to slowly squeeze and massage her round little ass over the top of her bikini.

I felt a small moan escape her lips as our kissing intensified. With no warning at all, she reached around and grabbed my cock with one hand and started to gently rub it up and down. With this stimulus, my cock soon went from halfway hard to fully hard. It stood up at attention as she continued to stroke it up and down its entire length.

As she continued to rub my hard dick, I started to explore her body with my mouth. I started kissing a little lower from her mouth, down to her neck. From there I started to kneel down as my kissing approached her chest. I decided to tease her a little bit by not taking off her top yet. I kissed gently downward and planted a few on the triangles of her bikini top, lightly brushing my lips over her now erect nipples poking through the material. I continued still lower until I arrived at her stomach, which I peppered with more kisses and an occasional stroke with my tongue added in for good measure. At this point, she couldn't reach my dick anymore, and instead fell against the shower wall and started seductively rubbing her hands over her perfect, round breasts.

The hot water from the shower continued to pour over our bodies as I kissed still lower, and now found my lips meeting with the fabric from the front of her bikini bottoms. I kissed her down the center of her bikini until I was teasing her by planting kiss after kiss over her pussy from outside her bikini. I could feel her getting restless as her hips started to move back and forth in rhythm with my advances. I saw her fingers move towards the ties on the side of her bikini, but I grabbed her hands and pushed them away, not letting her find relief just yet.

I reached back down with my hands and playfully tugged at the strings, but not hard enough for them to come untied. I heard her let out a restless moan above me and finally after a couple minutes of playful tugging, pulled a little harder and let the strings come untied.

The bikini bottoms fell away to the floor of the shower, leaving her up against the shower wall with nothing but her tiny top left. I looked between her legs and saw her smoothly shaved pussy just poking its head out from between the crease of her legs. I moved in to plant a few more kisses on her hips before starting to move towards the center of her body again.

I reached the top of her pussy and playfully let my tongue out for a lick. She felt it and immediately shivered with pleasure. I felt her legs widen slightly, so with a little increased access now, I moved in for another pass, planting a kiss and a gentle tongue on the outer lips of her young pussy.

As I continued to play with her outer lips, she got more comfortable and eventually opened her legs all the way. Finally, I had full access to the area and started to lick her pink lips up and down as I heard her start to breathe deeper and deeper. I reached up with my fingers to spread her lips apart, and moved my tongue in to the now exposed inner lips. I slid my tongue up into her pussy and wiggled it a bit, feeling her body tense up with pleasure as goosebumps spread over her legs.

Finally, I moved up and gently rubbed my tongue against the sensitive hood of her clit. I felt the spasms rack her body instantly as I made contact. She reached down and grabbed my hair, forcing me harder in between her legs. I continued to lick and kiss her clit as one of my fingers explored inside her pussy. She was incredibly tight and very smooth. I felt the walls of her pussy squeeze against my finger and become wetter and wetter as I continued to lick her clit with my tongue.

After a few more minutes of that, I felt her hips rock back and forth a little harder and I felt the natural lubricants in her pussy intensify. Her breathing got heavier and I heard a little moan escape her throat. I didn't let up with my tongue as I felt Shannon rock with her first orgasm of the afternoon. She moaned and panted for another minute as I slowly let her down off the high.

At last, she was done, and I took my mouth away from her pussy and started kissing back up her body until I reached her mouth again. She met my lips eagerly and bit my lip playfully as she moaned into my mouth, "God...that was amazing..."

"There's more where that came from," I whispered back to her. Then she spun me around so my back was up against the shower wall. She pressed her body against mine as she kissed me for a couple more minutes, letting playful bites and seductive moans come at random intervals between kisses. I felt my hard cock pressed in between us, rubbing against her smooth stomach. Soon, she started to kiss lower, traveling down my naked body until she arrived at my dick, standing straight up for her.

She placed a few kisses on my hips and around the base of my cock as she reached out for it and started to slowly rub it up and down. I felt the hot water running down my chest as her kissing moved in circles closer and closer to my cock. Finally, she extended her tongue and licked my long dick from the base all the way up to the tip. I let out a moan of pleasure as she finally licked the swollen head of my cock and gently pulled the tip into her mouth.

She played with my head using her tongue for a few seconds more before finally looking up into my eyes and sliding the whole eight inches down her throat.

I gasped, half in astonishment, and half in pleasure, as I watched my entire cock disappear down Shannon's throat. She continued to look up at me, not breaking the eye contact. She held my cock down her throat for a couple seconds, and gave me a seductive little wink, before finally letting my cock slide smoothly back out. Once it was out, she planted a tender little kiss on the tip before going back to work. She took a few inches into her mouth, and started sucking and licking my cock up and down while massaging my balls with one of her hands.

"Damn..." I sighed in ecstasy. "Where did you learn how to do this?" I moaned this as I leaned against the wall and enjoyed the feeling of my cock being taken in and out of Shannon's sexy mouth.

"Just a little trick I picked up," she whispered at me in between strokes, as she continued to lick and suck my entire cock up and down. My breathing got heavier and heaver as I looked down at this incredibly sexy girl kneeling in front of me in the shower. The water poured down over both of us as I watched my cock being eagerly serviced. I admired the round ass, completely bare, and then moved my eyes up to her sexy tits, still just barely covered by the tiny bikini top.

Her head moved back and forth as she kept sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. I felt the warm pressure of her tongue going up and down my shaft when she would take it out of her mouth. After a few minutes, she started to concentrate on the head of my cock with her mouth as she gripped the shaft with one little hand and started to jack me off. Her other hand cupped my balls and gently massaged them at a bit of a slower pace.

After a few minutes of this, I started to feel myself getting close. My balls started to contract and I felt pulses coming up and down my hard cock.

"Shit, Shannon...I'm gonna cum," I groaned as I felt her hands and mouth still at work.

"Mmmm," she moaned, as she continued to pleasure me. "Cum in my mouth...please?" she cooed as she looked up at me and we made eye contact. She opened her mouth wide and let her tongue continue to play with my head as she used both hands now to rub my shaft up and down.

Finally, I couldn't hold it any longer, and the long white ropes of sticky cum shot out of my cock and into her waiting mouth. I let out a long, low moan as I felt myself start to cum. She continued to jack me off with both hands as the cum kept pouring out. She closed her lips around my head as I felt her tongue rubbing itself up and down over my tip, coaxing out more and more of the sticky, white mess. As the stream of cum started to slow down, I felt her hands start to slow down as well. She continued to look up at me, meeting my gaze, with my cock still in her mouth.

When I was done cumming, she let my dick pop out, revealing her mouth still filled with my cum. She stuck out her tongue a little bit, revealing just exactly how much she had taken in, and once I had had a good look, she retracted her tongue, closed her mouth, and swallowed the whole load.

"Mmm...I hope you have some more left in you after that," she moaned as she smacked her lips.

"Plenty more where that came from," I said for the second time that afternoon, as I took her hands and pulled her up off her knees. I flipped us both around, so she was once again pressed up against the cool wall of the shower.

I leaned in for another round of kissing, as her hands ventured lower and again found my cock, somewhat less hard after that encounter. She started to stroke it slowly with both hands as I reached around her back and started to run my fingers through the two straps of her bikini top. The anticipation of finally getting to gaze without obstruction at her perfect, round tits, combined with the sensation of her soft hands rubbing up and down my cock started to make me get hard again.

A few minutes of playing around like this - her rubbing my cock, me teasing myself with her bikini straps, and both of us madly kissing each other - and my cock was fully hard again and ready to go.

"What do you say about taking this into the other room?" I asked in a smooth whisper in between kisses.

"Sounds great," she moaned back at me as she reached over and turned off the water.

I took her hand, and led her out of the bathroom and into my adjoining bedroom. I went over and made sure the door to the hallway was locked first before pushing her - clad only in a skimpy bikini top - onto my queen size bed. I saw her breasts bounce a little as she fell onto the bed, and my cock swelled even harder at the thought of finally undoing those straps and playing with those firm, round tits.

I gazed down at her glistening body stretched out on the bed in front of me. Her toes were curled with pleasure, and her legs were pressed lightly together. My gaze travelled up to her bare pussy, nestled between the crease of her legs, and then up her smooth stomach. I gazed longingly at her amazing breasts - round, firm, beautiful - barely covered at all by her little bikini top, and then finally up to her gorgeous face. She was looking at me with anticipation, biting her lip, her wet hair swirling around her head.

She spread her legs a little bit and fanned her arms out across the covers. "What are you waiting for?" she asked playfully, as she pushed some hair out of her face and licked her lips seductively.

I climbed onto the bed and lay down on top of her. I ran my hands through her hair and kissed her lips passionately and intensely as I felt my cock pressed into her smooth stomach. She started to gently rock her hips back and forth, giving me a subtle little hint about what she still wanted from me.

Finally, I allowed my hips to move a little lower and I positioned myself between her legs. Shannon spread them open wide and I used one hand to guide my cock closer and closer to her perfectly shaved pussy. I touched the tip of my cock against her inner thigh and let her feel as I slowly dragged it from one thigh, up over the top of her pussy, and down to the other thigh. I continued to gently tease her by rubbing my cock all around her pussy and I enjoyed the sound of her breathing accelerating and growing more desperate.

After a couple minutes of that, I finally allowed the tip of my cock to brush against the waiting lips of her smooth pussy. She moaned and shivered as she felt me rub her up and down. I felt the precum leaking out of my tip, naturally lubricating us. In addition, I felt her pussy start to get wetter and wetter the longer I teased her. Our juices mingled together and soon the tip of my cock was gliding effortlessly up and down her smooth lips as she tried to suppress her frantic moans of anticipation.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked seriously, trying to be a good guy, but dreading if the answer would be 'no.' I still felt slightly guilty about getting involved with one of my brother's friends like this, but my sex drive was making it harder and harder to stop at this point.

"Yes, I'm sure...I want this so bad!" Shannon moaned in a low voice as I felt goosebumps ripple down her legs. "Come on...please. I can't stand this any more," she continued, as she leaned forward to plant a kiss on the center of my lips.

With that, I planted my hands firmly on the bed and moved my hips forward, parting her waiting pussy lips and shoving my cock all the way inside her smooth little hole. She gasped as she felt all eight inches penetrate her. I pushed it in all the way to the hilt, and felt the muscular walls parting to accommodate me. Her pussy was incredibly tight, but I slid in easily since we were both so wet with the anticipation.

"Ohhh...fuck..." she groaned as I started to pump my hard cock in and out of her. I slid it out so just the tip was still inside her, and then immediately reversed direction and shoved the whole length back in. I started to go a little faster, and I felt her breathing intensify. She opened her legs as wide as they would go, and with her hands reached down to her pussy and spread the lips open, giving me a clear view of my cock sliding in and out of her incredibly tight hole.

I started to accelerate more, and after a minute, noticed her perfectly shaped tits bouncing up and down on her chest. She was still wearing her little bikini top, a fact that I found incredibly sexy. As I continued to fuck her swiftly, I gazed at her bouncing tits, admiring the tiny strips of fabric covering her breasts that left so little to the imagination. I reached up with one hand and grabbed the right triangle covering her breast, and tugged it to the side, exposing her hard nipple for the first time.

It was amazing. A perfect little bud, standing up at attention, surrounded by a quarter-sized areola that was a pleasantly light shade of brown. I reached over and pulled the left triangle off as well, now exposing both perfect breasts. As I continued to slide my cock in and out of her little pussy, her tits kept bouncing up and down, now uncovered and fully exposed to my view. The sight was unimaginably erotic, and my cock swelled inside her as I looked down at her perfect body, convulsing with the pleasure that I was giving her.

As my cock swelled, she gave a sharp gasp. "Oh my god..." she said half a moan, half a whisper. "It's so big...god this feels amazing," she panted as I continued to swiftly ram my cock in and out of her tight, wet little pussy.

After a few more minutes of moaning and panting, I pulled my dick out of her and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. I positioned myself behind her cute, round ass and put my hands on her hips. I guided her backwards towards my waiting cock. Shannon reached back and grabbed my long dick with one hand and pumped it back and forth a couple times, coating her hand in sticky, wet moisture. She used her hand to guide my cock right between her legs and up against the lips of her tight little pussy. After only a moment's pause to feel the anticipation, I pulled her backwards, burying my entire cock inside her once again.

As my cock slid into her tight hole, she let out a loud moan, and started to rock her whole body back and forth. I remained still and let her do all the work for a while. I looked down at her tight little body moving back and forth over my cock, and moaned in pleasure as her round ass bounced and jiggled each time it struck against me. I admired the smooth curve of her ass blending into her thin waist. I reached up and pulled her still damp hair back into a pony tail, forcing her to arch her back as she rocked her sexy body back and forth on my long cock.

I then reached around to her front and started playing with her bouncing breasts. They were amazingly firm, especially for their size, but had just enough flexibility to them so that they bounced playfully back and forth as she rocked her body rapidly against my cock. I pinched the hard nipples between my thumb and finger and listened as she sucked in a quick breath of pleasure. I cupped her breasts in both hands and began to squeeze and massage them gently.

I felt Shannon's pussy become even wetter as I continued to play with her perfectly round, firm tits. My cock slipped in and out of her faster and faster, despite her pussy being so incredibly tight. We were both moaning and gasping for breath, enjoying the sensation of our bodies giving each other incalculable amounts of physical pleasure.

I looked down at her curvy body. She was writhing with pleasure as my cock entered and exited her slick little pussy. I noticed drops of moisture still coating her body, but at this point I couldn't tell whether it was still left over from our shower, or if we had worked ourselves up into a sweat.

After a couple more minutes of rubbing her amazing breasts and passionate love making, I finally noticed the strings of her bikini still tied around her back, despite the triangles which once covered her nipples being pulled off to either side. I reached up and tugged on first one string, then the other. Her top fell completely off, and I reached down and tossed it off the bed towards the wall.

Shannon and I were finally completely naked with one another. I reached back down to her tits, and pulled her upper body upright so she was kneeling in my lap with my cock still snug inside her tight pussy. I cupped her breasts and hugged her close against my body, enjoying the feeling of full, unobstructed skin on skin contact. Our pace had slowed to a gentle rocking as she gently moved herself up and down on my long cock.

I fondled her firm tits some more as I leaned my head down and planted a kiss on the back of her neck. She smiled and turned her head to the side. I leaned my head over and we kissed as best we could while she continued to rock up and down. We were both breathing deeply in between kisses, trying to catch our breath, and from time to time a low moan would escape our lips as we continued to enjoy the feeling of slow, gentle sex.

After a few minutes, she raised her body up and let my cock slide all the way out of her wet pussy. She took my hand and guided me over to the side of the bed, where I positioned myself with my legs hanging off the edge. She kneeled down on the floor in front of me and immediately went to work, grasping my cock in one hand, and guiding it into her open mouth. She continued the mood of being gentle and passionate as she sucked me off. Shannon's tongue was playful and expert as it flicked in and out of her mouth, tickling my head and then running down the entire length of my shaft.

" taste so good," she would sigh in between strokes as she relished the flavor of both our juices still mingling on my cock. I sucked in a deep breath of pleasure and pulled her hair back into a pony tail as I enjoyed watching my tip go in and out of her cute lips.

Every few strokes, she would swallow my entire length into her mouth and down her throat, forcing me to moan as I watched the entire thing disappear. She would hold it for a couple seconds and then let it slide back out, planting gentle kisses and licks on my shaft once it was all out again.

After a few minutes of playfully sucking on my cock, she started to go higher. She started planting kisses on my stomach and then up to my chest. Her firm breasts brushed against my cock as she continued to go higher, finally kissing and playfully biting my neck. I tossed my head back and sucked in a long breath as I enjoyed the sensation of her expert mouth making contact with my sensitive neck.

I reached down and started lightly rubbing my fingernails up and down her back as she continued to kiss my neck. She ventured a little higher, and playfully bit one of my earlobes before continuing on and finally reconnecting with my mouth.

Our lips met again and we started to kiss each other with more and more fervor as our mood changed from slow and playful to faster and more passionate. As our lips locked, her hand started to wander downward, eventually finding my hard cock again. She gripped it tightly and started to rub it up and down.

As we were kissing and she was rubbing my cock, Shannon started to slowly inch her body higher and higher, until finally she was completely up on the bed. My legs were still hanging off the edge, and eventually she wound up in my lap, her legs wrapped around my body. My cock was pressed in between our two naked bodies, and she began to rub hers against mine, grinding my cock between us. I hugged her close, and felt her firm breasts and erect nipples squeezed against my chest.

I reached down and placed my hands under her cute, sexy butt. I squeezed and massaged it for a few moments before finally pulling her up higher. I raised her up over my cock and then slowly lowered her back down just enough so the tip was parting the outer lips of her sweet pussy. I let the anticipation build as I felt us both get wetter and wetter. We continued to kiss each other madly and I felt her pussy start to drip moisture down over my cock. I heard Shannon whimper softly.

After just a couple seconds, I released her and let her body fall down onto my waiting shaft. Her whimper turned into a full fledged scream as I penetrated her, and she buried her head in my shoulder as it escaped her mouth to avoid being heard.

I kept my hands under her ass and helped her start to pump up and down on my cock. I raised her up and then let her fall again and again. Our breathing started to pick up once more as we resumed our passionate and fast-paced love making. Shannon was having a hard time keeping quiet now. She let out a moan with each new thrust of my cock. I soon joined in with moans of my own. I was enjoying the feeling of her incredibly tight pussy enveloping my cock from all sides.

After a few minutes of me pulling her up and down on my cock, I finally let myself fall backwards onto the bed. I pulled her down on top of me, and we continued our passionate fucking with her rocking her hips up and down under her own power now.

I wrapped my arms around her body and pulled her close to me. Her hips continued to pump up and down, drawing my eight inches in and out of her extremely wet pussy over and over. Our lips locked again and we kissed madly, biting each other's lips and moaning uncontrollably as we enjoyed the sensation of rough, passionate sex. I felt beads of sweat forming on my forehead as we continued our wild ride. Shannon was bucking up and down on my cock faster and faster with each passing second.

After a few more minutes, Shannon pushed herself up into a kneeling position. My cock was still buried firmly inside her tight pussy as she bounced up and down on it. I looked down and had a full, unobstructed view of my dick stretching her pussy wide open. She thew her head back in complete ecstasy as she continued to pant and moan. Her long hair was tossed wildly with the motion.

Her large, round breasts were bouncing up and down on her chest as she bucked like a cowgirl on my dick. I let out a long, low breath at the gorgeous sight of those perfect tits being tossed around like that. I placed my hands on her narrow waist and helped her to bounce even harder and faster than before.

Soon, I knew I was getting close to orgasm, so I pulled her back down to me and flipped us both over on the bed, barely interrupting the frenzied pace of our love making. I placed my hands on either side of her writhing body and pushed myself up so my arms were straight. I gazed down at Shannon's perfectly curved body and admired her tits bouncing up and down on her chest with each fast stroke of my cock.

"Shannon...mmm...I'm about to cum," I panted without slowing the pace of my thrusts in the slightest.

"Oh too! Cum in me!" she moaned back. "It's ok...I'm on the pill," she reassured me as she wrapped her legs around my body. "I want to feel it inside me!"

I continued to thrust wildly into her tight, wet pussy for a few more moments until I couldn't hold back anymore. I felt my cock start to throb with each new thrust and a familiar tightening of my balls accompanied it.

I thrust into her one final time and then held my cock there, deep inside her smooth pussy, as the first shot of cum erupted from my tip. She must have felt it too, as she started to moan uncontrollably as load after load of sticky, white cum emptied into her waiting pussy. Shannon started to moan wildly, and I felt her body bucking back and forth as she was wracked with the throes of her own intense orgasm. We held each other tightly as my cock continued to unload huge quantities of cum deep into Shannon's body.

After a few moments, my cumming subsided and I relished the sensation of making tiny motions with my hips, stirring my cock inside her. I could feel the hot cum surrounding my cock and filling her entire pussy, and I gasped one last time as I finally pulled my cock out of her and collapsed next to her on the bed.

We lay next to each other on the bed for a few seconds, each covered in sweat and enjoying the feeling of our bodies touching. Shannon's breathing was still in the process of slowing down as she reached down between her legs with one hand and slid two fingers into her filled pussy. She pulled them out, now completely covered in my cum, and brought them to her lips, where she opened her mouth and sucked all the white mess off her fingers.

" taste so good..." she whispered, barely audible as she continued to lick strands of cum off her long, slender fingers.

After she had satisfied herself that her pussy was cleaned up, she rolled over and playfully licked the tip of my cock. She lightly sucked it up and down its entire length, cleaning up any last amount of cum still coating my shaft. Shannon then crawled up next to me on the bed and leaned in for a kiss. I could taste the salty cum on her lips, and I rubbed her back in slow circles as we continued to kiss each other lightly.

Finally, we had both calmed down enough to return to our daily lives. Shannon got up slowly off the bed and fetched her bikini from the floor next to us and the bottom of the shower. She came out of the bathroom and expertly tied all the straps around her body, covering her perfectly shaped tits once more with the tiny black triangles.

"That was fun," she said playfully as she leaned in for another peck. "Are you around for the whole summer?" she asked, checking her bikini strings one more time.

"Yep...I'll be here all summer," I replied happily as I admired her body for the thousandth time that day.

"Good. Then I guess I'll be seeing you at the next pool party," she whispered with a wink.

With that, she stood up and walked to the door. She opened it, blew me one last kiss, and was gone.


2023-12-11 18:41:27
Nice to see some writing without dog fucking and incest. Great read!


2023-05-11 16:13:43
Hahhh ... but this ISN'T a TRUE STORY. It's FICTION, which is the opposite of true or actual. But it's still a good story! :

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2014-10-22 15:54:33
I used to love when my older brother would have his friends over at our pool. I loved prancing around in skimpy bikinis and making all of their cocks hard. I cut the liner out if a coue of my suits and it made them see thru when wet. Needless to say, I was royally fucked by practically every one of my brothers friends while growing up. It worked great when my parents had their friends over for pool parties too!

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2013-05-19 18:17:57
I agree there isn't enough normal stories on this site. You are it's saving grace.

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2013-02-05 21:27:22
Come man do a part two!

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