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Late night TV inspires some fun and games for a teenage brother and sister
One day, my uncle Ben, who is my mum’s brother, was staying over, and I heard him saying to my mum that my dad must have hardly given her time to get her pants back on after she had me, before he knocked her up a second time, and my sister came along. Uncle Ben probably didn’t mean for me to hear him saying that, but when I think about it, the comment probably had a certain amount of truth in it. There was less than a year between my sister, Tina, and me, so we were pretty close as kids.

My parents divorced when I was six, and we hardly saw our dad from year to year, so our mum brought Tina and me up on her own. I think that as a single mother, she was pretty protective, and that probably made us even closer, and she worked two jobs for a few years to try and get ahead, so we spent a lot of time on our own together.

Our mother used to bath Tina and me together until I was about five, and naturally I was curious about the fact that she had no penis, although that’s not what I called it back then. Mum had taught me to call it my “wee-wee,” and I think the reason she stopped letting us bath together was that I asked her one day how Tina got her wee-wee chopped off. Even so, childhood curiosity isn’t switched off so easily, and in our early years, Tina and I would play doctor, and other childhood games, and in time I learned that all girls were like that.

With our ages being so close together, people often asked if Tina and I were twins, although obviously, they meant non-identical, but Tina was always tall for her age, so we were almost the same height until I had my first growth spurt at thirteen. We had the same light brown hair, although mine was short of course, the same fair to medium complexion, the same blue-grey eyes, and until I started to fill out, we were both pretty thin.

After I started to fill out around the chest and shoulders, Tina started to fill out in a different way. She remained slim, and always had fairly small tits, but once she hit puberty, her butt gradually became a work of art, and her legs grew long, and took on a nice, sexy shape. Tina wasn’t a stunner, but she was pretty in that “girl-next door” sort of way. I think if she had been more out-going, she would have had guys coming after her from all directions, but she was a little reserved with strangers. I think this came from our mum being so protective of us, because I was a bit the same way myself.

Tina and I weren’t hermits by any means, but we tended to stay at home a lot, and make our own fun, although we still had our share of friends. One friend we had in common was Katy Hutchins, who lived in the next street over from our place. Katy was my age, and was the first girl I ever kissed, not that kissing Katy Hutchins was any achievement. Just about every guy in the neighbourhood had done it, but a couple of times when I was about fourteen, she had let me kiss her on the lips. We didn’t go any further than kissing, but I was pretty excited just the same. Another girl in the neighbourhood was Sally Rankmore, who went to a different school from Tina and me, and one night at a teenage birthday party, she had let me kiss her on the front veranda of her house. Once again, we never went any further, and when I tried to get her to go out with me later on, she said she wasn’t looking for a boyfriend just then.

About the time I turned fifteen, my mother got into the habit of going out on Friday nights, to a couple of local bars. She must have thought Tina and I were old enough to be left alone at night, and she was nearly forty by then, so she was entitled to some happiness, and after a while she met a guy and started to hang out with him. I think they had a few sleepovers at his place, because she sometimes came home just before dawn, slipping in the back door, but like I said, she was entitled to some happiness, wasn’t she?

I guess some kids our age would have jumped at the opportunity to sneak out and run around the streets, but Tina and I just didn’t bother. We were happy enough to just stay home and watch TV, and the nearest we got to partying on in our mother’s absence was having Katy around, some Friday nights, to watch DVD’s or listen to music.

When Tina turned sixteen, I was technically still sixteen years old myself, because I still had a few weeks to go till my seventeenth birthday. Naturally, I was still a virgin, although like most teenage guys, I took matters in hand most days, and had sex on my mind a lot of the time, but my entire sexual experience at that time had consisted of kissing those two girls, and wanking myself over porn magazines. I was still slim built, and stood about five feet nine, and Tina was only three inches shorter, so even then, people still occasionally asked if we were twins.

Like I said, Tina was three inches shorter than me, so she was about five feet six inches, and while she was thin, she had a nice butt, and those sexy legs. Her tits were still fairly small, and I’m not good at guessing bra sizes, but if I had to give a number, I’d say she would have been a 32. She wore her light brown hair about half way down her back, and often had it in a ponytail. As far as I knew, at sixteen, she’d never had a boyfriend.

One Friday night, not long after Tina’s sixteenth birthday, we sat up watching a movie on TV, while our mother was out socialising. It was a movie about a detective named Hopper, who falls in love with a witness in a murder case, and there were a few love scenes with some hot, sexy kissing between them, and then some passionate lovemaking, although it was pretty tame, because this was free to air TV, and not a porn DVD or something like that. The actress playing the witness was a part latina girl, smoulderingly sexy, and I couldn’t help feeling a little horny as I watched her getting all over the detective. I looked over at Tina, and saw her mesmerised by the TV, as she sat in the single seater lounge over to my left, facing inwards, while I sat by myself on the three-seater couch. Tina was wearing a pair of blue denim shorts, a black sleeveless top, and a pair of sandals, and she had her hair tied back in her usual ponytail.

The movie came to an end, after the detective had solved the murder, and saved the witness’s life, and as the credits rolled, Tina got up and sat next to me on my left.

“Jason?” she said.

“What?” I answered, still looking at the screen.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” Tina asked.

“Yeah,” I answered, turning to look at her, and surprised by the question, “Of course I have.”

Tina was silent for a minute, so I went back to looking at the TV. I was surprised at the question, but didn’t think Tina was going anywhere with it. “How many?” she asked, smiling, “How many girls have you kissed?”

I felt a little embarrassed, but I couldn’t help smiling at the question, and I said, “A few.”

“How many?” Tina answered, a little more eagerly, “Give me a number.”

“None of your business,” I answered, although the truth was, probably after what I had just seen on TV, I was interested in talking about it. I was just a little off guard.

“Come on,” Tina persisted, “who’ve you done it with? They must be pretty ugly if you won’t say their names.”

“All right,” I said, realising that she could claim victory if I didn’t give her some names, and she’d say I was ashamed to tell her who I did it with, “Katy Hutchins was one of them.”

“Katy?” Tina asked, looking a little surprised, but then her face changed, and almost sarcastically, she said, “I suppose you just had to line up?” Although Katy was our friend, Tina had no illusions about her.

“No,” I said, turning to look Tina in the eyes, “We were at her place a couple of times, fooling around, you know? Kissing and stuff.”

“You and Katy,” Tina said, smiling mischievously, “ Jason, the big stud.” Then, she must have given it a bit more thought, and added, “You didn’t do anything else, did you? With Katy, I mean.”

“No,” I smiled, dismissing the idea, “Just kissing,”

“But, you’d like to, though, wouldn’t you?” Tina asked, as if she knew the answer.

“Yeah,” I answered back, as though the answer was obvious, “but, you know, we didn’t do anything.”

“Who else?” Tina asked, looking me directly in the eyes, she was on a roll now, and keen to interrogate me further, “Who else have you done it with?”

“What’s this got to do with you, anyway?’ I asked, getting a little exasperated.

“I just want to know, that’s all,” Tina said, as though it was her right to know.

Okay,” I said, giving in, even though I didn’t really mind talking about this, “Sally Rankmore.”

“You did it with Sally?” Tina asked, her eyes wide, “When? How? De-tails please.”

“At her birthday party,” I said, and then I added, “but she wouldn’t go out with me.”

“Oh,” Tina said, with mock sympathy, “Knock back, huh?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Plenty more where she came from,” I said, trying to move the conversation off that subject.

“Yeah, like you got girls hanging off you all over the place,” Tina teased.

“What about you?” I asked, looking at Tina, “How many guys have you kissed?” I had a feeling I already knew the answer.

Tina turned to me, her face suddenly serious. “None,” she said, with a slightly deflated note in her voice, “I’m not even sure I’d know how to do it.”

“It’s not rocket science,” I smiled, feeling like I now had the upper hand in this discussion.

“Oh, expert, are you?” Tina smiled back, “Because you’ve kissed so many girls.” She looked at me, with almost challenging look in her eyes, and added, “What’s it like?”

“Good,” I said, pursing my lips, and shrugging my shoulders, and adding, kind of ridiculously, “It’s just,” pausing to think of a better word, but giving up, and finishing with, “… good.”

“Can I try it?” Tina asked, turning to her right and looking at me.

“What do you mean?” I said, turning to look at her myself. I had heard the question, and I assumed she meant that she wanted to try it with me, but it was a big surprise to me to hear her ask it, so I wanted to make completely sure.

“I want to know if I can try it with you and see what it’s like,” Tina said, as if it was a perfectly normal thing to say, “so I know how to do it with a guy when the time comes.”

“Why not?” I said, as if I didn’t care either way. I really wanted to do this, even though Tina was my sister, but I didn’t want to look too eager. We were sitting on the couch, side by side, facing each other, but nobody moved. “Well, come on,” Tina smiled, “I thought you were gonna kiss me.”

“I thought you were gonna kiss me,” I answered back, looking at her lips, “It was your idea.”

“Well, you’re the one that’s done it,” Tina said, like I was supposed know that I was meant to take the lead. “Okay,” I said, leaning closer.

I leaned over and put my arms on Tina’s shoulders, and gently pulled her towards myself, and leaned forward, kissing her gently on her soft little mouth. I was no expert, but I held the kiss for a moment, feeling a little wave of excitement go through me, and then with our faces still close enough for me to feel Tina’s breath, I looked at her, waiting for her response. She didn’t speak, but she half smiled, and moved forward, kissing my mouth again. This time, it was Tina who held the kiss, and a second wave of excitement passed through me, this time stronger than before. I knew what we were doing was wrong, but it was still incredibly exciting just the same.

Once again, with our faces close, we looked into each other’s eyes, and I said, “What do you think?”

“Thanks for the lesson, but now it’s time for some more practice,” Tina said, in a voice just above a whisper. She moistened her lips, and then kissed me again, holding the kiss just like before. I was getting more excited by the minute. There was no tongue, but we both had our lips just slightly parted, and I just wanted to keep on doing this, for as long as she’d let me.

Tina broke the kiss, and then sat back slightly. “Is that how you’re supposed to do it?” she asked.

“I don’t think there are any rules,” I said, with my arms still on her shoulders. I was hoping this wasn’t going to end here.

“Is that how you did it with Katy?” Tina asked. She moved back slightly, and I let go of her shoulders, sitting back myself. I thought the kissing was over, but I had butterflies in my stomach.

“Pretty much,” I said, “we just, I don’t know, kissed each other.”

“Wanna do it again?” Tina asked. Her tone was eager, and a little provocative. Before I even responded, she turned on her bottom to face me, swinging her long and shapely legs up onto my lap, and slid back a little, to lay back against the left arm of the three seater couch. I still hadn’t spoken, and she continued on with, “Imagine I’m that girl in the movie, and you’re Detective Hopper.” She didn’t move, and just lay back like that, with her feet on my lap, meeting my gaze. I was turned to face her, and I let my hands rest on either side of her lower legs for a moment, feeling the warm, smooth skin. I swallowed, and I moved forward, allowing myself to run my hands up Tina’s legs, to her knees, and then I crawled on the couch to her, lying on her but taking the weight on my elbows, putting my arms behind her shoulders. I kissed Tina on her mouth, pressing hard, like the detective in the movie, in a scene where they too were on a couch. It was obvious there had been a lot of tongue action between them in the movie, so I gently probed my sister Tina’s mouth with my own tongue, and she allowed me to explore her mouth for a moment. I was so excited, I felt like I was going to burst.

We kissed and made out like that for a few minutes, hardly speaking, and just exploring each other’s mouths, almost instinctively, because neither of us had any experience in this type of thing. Over that time, we manoeuvred ourselves into a position where I was lying on my left side, with my back against the back of the couch, and Tina was lying on her right, pressed up against me. We had our arms around each other, and I could feel her breasts against my chest, which added to my excitement. I could hardly believe this was happening, and as I ran my arms down her back, I felt her bare skin where her top had ridden up as we moved around on the couch.

The touch of her skin was magic, and I moved my hand a little, and felt the waistband of her denim shorts. With the fingers of my right hand resting on the waistband of her shorts, I gently caressed her lower back with my thumb, and Tina broke our kiss, and drew her head back slightly. I could feel her warm breath on my face, and she whispered, “Have you ever touched a girl down below?”

I gave my head a quick shake, but didn’t answer. My throat felt thick, and I kind of knew I would have had to swallow to speak, and it was hard enough to believe we were kissing and fooling around like this, but here was Tina, asking me that. Could she really be going to take this further?

“Would you like to?” Tina asked.

Would I like to? That was like asking if John Wayne made cowboy movies. “If you want me to,” I answered, as if it didn’t really matter.

Tina shuffled around onto her back, with my right arm still over her, and I held her around her waist, a little tighter so she wouldn’t fall off the couch. She reached down and unclipped the stud on her shorts, and then unzipped them, and lay there like that with her shorts open at the zip. She looked at me, as if she was waiting for me to make a move. I wasn’t sure whether she wanted me to take them off, or reach in and touch her inside them, or what she wanted me to do. I looked at her open zipper, and saw she was wearing pale blue cotton knickers, and then I looked back at her face. Tina lifted her bottom slightly, and reached down, sliding her blue shorts down her legs to her knees, exposing her pale blue panties.

I still wasn’t sure what to do next, but I moved my right hand down and let it hover over her knickers, unsure what to do. I really wanted to touch her there, but this whole experience was so unknown to me that I just wasn’t sure what to do. In all my sexual fantasies, I touched, fucked and fondled girls without hesitation, but faced with the real thing, and with the real thing being my little sister, I was so hesitant it was almost laughable.

I gently placed my hand on Tina’s pubic mound, outside her panties, and let my little finger trail down between her legs. I could felt the warmth from her private parts, and a little thrill of excitement went through me. Tina kissed me again, her soft mouth feeling very warm on my lips, and said, “Why don’t you take them off?”

I swallowed again, and moved my hand up to the waistband at the front of her panties, and pulled, exposing for the first time her pubic hair. Just the sight of my sister’s pubes gave me butterflies, and I pulled at her knickers as she lifted her bottom, but in the positions we were in, they wouldn’t come off. “Just a minute,” Tina said, softly, let me stand up and take them off.”

I took my arm away, and Tina stood up, and let her shorts fall to the floor, then stepped out of them. Then, she sat back down on the couch, on my right, and lay back so her head was resting on a pillow against the other armrest, and she slid her pale blue panties off and put them on the floor beside her. If a glimpse of her pubes had made me excited before, the sight of her naked pussy was breathtaking, and just looking at it gave me a feeling similar to what I felt when I masturbated, but not as strong. Until this moment, the only pussies I had seen were in porn magazines, and dirty videos. “Come on,” Tina smiled, I want to see what it feel like when guy touches me down there.” I moved along the couch and knelt in front of Tina, and gently placed my hand back on her pubic mound, now naked and exposed, feeling her pussy hair, and gently caressing it with the palm of my hand. Tina’s pubes were natural, but not very thick, and grew in a triangle shape, a little darker than the light brown hair on her head.

I gently ran the fingers of my right hand down between Tina’s legs, touching her on the outside of her pussy, but not trying to enter her with them. She looked at me, with just a slight smile, and said, “That’s nice.” I ran the side of my first finger up again, gently stroking her slit in one movement, and once again, gently caressed her pubic hair. I leant forward and gently kissed Tina’s mouth again, with my hand still caressing her pubic hair, and we explored each other mouths with our tongues, while I softly stroked and fondled the outside of her pussy. After we broke our soft, sexy and gentle kiss, I leaned down, closer to Tina’s pussy, and for the first time, I experienced a woman’s intimate scent. It was so exciting, so arousing, so sexy, it brought a lump to my throat, and that feeling that I normally experienced during masturbation returned, even though my hands were nowhere near my cock.

I looked at Tina’s face, as she watched what I was doing, and then I rested the left side of my face on Tina’s pubes, feeling the hair against my cheek, and inhaling the scent of her pussy, while I gently caressed the outside of her labia. It never occurred to me to try to push my finger inside her, and I was wary of overstepping the mark, so I just touched my sister’s private parts on the outside. Between the two or us, hardly a word had been spoken since Tina removed her panties.

After a few moments, I wanted to see Tina’s bottom, so I put my hand on her left hip and gently pulled, so she took the hint and rolled over on her belly, with her head turned back to the left to see what I was doing. Tina had a very nice arse, but I had only checked it out through her jeans, the denim shorts she liked to wear, or in her bikini. Now, it was fully exposed to me, and it looked exquisite. Tina was not a girl who sunbaked, so there were only the faintest of tanlines, and her skin was smooth and fair all over. I placed the palm of my right hand on her right buttock, gently caressing her there, and then ran my fingers down her butt crack, stopping just above her puckered, pink anus. The sight of this most private of private parts of Tina’s body brought another lump to my throat, and a thrill of sexual excitement went through me. For a brief moment, I was surprised that the sight of Tina’s anus would do this to me, but I was too lost in the whole experience to dwell on that. I leaned down and kissed her gently at the top of her butt crack, smelling her skin, and then I moved my head to kiss her on her right buttock, as close to her anus as I felt comfortable in placing my mouth. It’s hard to describe how excited I was, fondling, admiring and caressing my sister’s half-naked body.

I shuffled on my knees, down to my right, and ran my right palm down along the smooth skin at the back of Tina’s right thigh, and I rested my left cheek on her right buttock for a moment. I kissed her there again, raised my head, and with my left thumb and finger, I very gently parted her butt cheeks, and looked right at the tiny entrance to her virgin pussy. My face was just inches from her entrance, so close I could smell her sexy scent down there. Once again, I very gently ran the first finger of my right hand along her slit, up towards her entrance, but not trying to enter her, just feeling the slick moisture of her pussy as my finger moved across it.

Tina had hardly spoken, but she broke her silence with, “Do you like touching me?”

“Yeah,” I said, nodding, not taking my eyes from her intimate opening.

“It feels nice,” she said, hardly above a whisper. My cock had been rock hard since we had started kissing, and I was aching to wank myself, but it didn’t occur to me to do that in this situation. As someone who had never had sex with a girl, my only experience of orgasm, and sexual release, was masturbation, so in my mind, that was what I wanted to do. Not only that, but as Tina was my sister, going any further than touching her pussy did not seem to occur to me either, and I was just content to touch her and fondle her like this, as long as she would let me.

I moved on my knees, along towards Tina’s face again, and kissed her mouth as she looked backwards at what I had been doing. When I broke the kiss, she rolled over onto her back again, and offered her mouth for more kissing. She still didn’t say anything, but she reached around with her left hand, and gently held the back of my neck as we kissed. Together, we held the kiss, tasting each other’s mouths, and making it last. It was another long, gentle and sexy kiss, and I felt another wave of excitement.

After we ended our kiss, I looked back at Tina’s exposed pussy again, and I reached over and touched her there with my right hand, placing the side of my first finger along her slit. Tina moved her left hand over and gently held my right hand where it was, and looked at me. “Jason,” she asked. I turned to look at her, and she said, “Do you ever touch yourself?”

“No,” I lied.

“Really,” Tina asked, smiling a little, and continuing with, “Katy said all guys touch themselves.”

“Not all guys,” I said, probably not very convincingly, and feeling very awkward. My mother had once caught me wanking, and her reaction, along with the lecture she gave me, had made me very ashamed, even though I did it almost every day. I was kind of hoping Tina would change the subject.

“You sure?” Tina asked, her eyes searching mine. She really could be persistent, but I was in a position where I didn’t want to get up and leave to escape her questioning.

I didn’t answer, hoping she would lose interest and drop it, but Tina said, “I do,” adding, “sometimes.”

I was a little surprised at that, but I decided to come clean, even though it was not a subject I was comfortable about, and I said, rather lamely, “Okay. I, um, sometimes do it to.” Tina looked very pleased to hear that.

“Does it feel good?” Tina asked.

“Yeah,” I said, smiling at the question, “That’s why people do it.”

“How long have you been doing it?” she asked.

“Can’t remember,” I answered back, “ages.”

“Do you come?” Tina asked, now a little more eager. I looked at her pussy, still naked and exposed, still with my hand resting on it, held there by her own hand, and briefly, I thought how much I would love to wank myself to an orgasm at that very moment, looking at her like that, smelling the scent of her down there, and I just nodded. Coming was something I was awkward about discussing, but Tina had asked me, so I nodded and said, “Yeah.” Then, I had to know. “What about you?” I asked, looking back at her.

“Lately,” she began, “ I have been, but not when I started.” She used her left hand to make my right hand press against her slit a little harder, and she said, “When I first started doing it, it felt really good.” She made eye contact for emphasis, and said, “I mean really good, but the better I got at doing it, the better it started feeling, you know?” She took a breath, and went on, “And for the last couple of months, when I do it, I just seemed to explode with this really good feeling, and I knew I was coming.”

My mouth and throat were dry. I had to swallow before I could speak. “I never knew girls did it until a guy at school told me.” Then, I smiled. I couldn’t help it.

“Girls do it all right,” Tina also smiled. My right hand could feel warmth and moisture from her pussy.

“I’ve got an idea,” Tina said, a little seriously now, “If I touch myself, and let you watch, will you let me see how you do it?”

Wanking myself in front of an audience was probably my worst nightmare, but then the chance to see Tina doing it was too good to miss, so I thought, why not? Then, I thought about the practicalities. “Probably shouldn’t do it here on the couch,” I said, quietly, not making eye contact.

“Why not?” Tina said. She obviously had no idea.

I felt awkward about the answer, but I managed a smile. “It might make a mess,” I said, looking back at her pussy again. This time it was more to avoid eye contact.

Tina took a deep breath, as she realised, and she said, “Really? How much comes out?”

“Lots,” I said, simply.

“Do you wanna do it in my room?’ Tina asked. Her voice had that note in it that she got when she wanted to be helpful.

I felt really strange asking this, but I said, “You’ve got some hand cream, haven’t you?” She gave me a mischievous smile, and nodded. Her pussy was warm and moist, and after she let go of my hand, I took it away, a little reluctantly.

Tina kissed me once more on the mouth, and stood up. Her pussy was like a magnet to my eyes, and I couldn’t help looking at her there. She looked down at herself, then back at me, with a knowing smile, and said, “Come on. This’ll be fun.” She picked up her shorts and panties from the floor, and started to walk to her room.

Still hardly believing this was happening, I got up and followed Tina, watching her naked bottom as I walked. I tried not to think of what I was about to do myself, in front of another person, and I focussed on the fact that Tina was going to play with herself and let me watch.

We got into her room, and Tina said, “How are we gonna do this?” She looked down at my jeans, which had a bulge at the front, and she swallowed.

“Just lay next to each other,” I said, feeling a little awkward, in spite of my excitement. Tina handed me a tube of hand cream from her dressing table, and said, “Is this okay?” Little did she know that there were times when I had “borrowed” her hand cream for just this purpose, when she wasn’t home. I nodded, and she handed it to me.

Tina seemed eager to begin, and she got on her bed and slid over to make room. I sat on the bad, and lay back, next to Tina, on her right. “Would you like to see how a girl does it?” she asked, sweetly. “Yeah,” I said, more eagerly than I meant to.

Tina licked the first finger of her right hand, and said, “I usually start by wetting my finger, but,” she paused, looking at me, “when you were touching me it kind of got me a little bit wet already” She moved her head over and kissed my mouth again, the first time we had kissed since we got of the couch. “That was really nice,” she added.

Tina put her finger down into her slit, and very gently began to stroke herself. I sat up a little to get a better look at what she was doing, and I saw that her finger was gently parting her inner lips. Without looking at me, she said, “Normally, it takes a bit longer, but after a while, after I start to get wet, l can smooth it up to my clit, and just gently touch my clit like this.” I could see Tina gently stroking her clitoris, and I was surprised to see just how much juice there was already, on her finger and between her pussylips.

She looked over at my crotch and said, “You’ve gotta show me how you do it, too.”
I needed to wank, even though I still felt a little awkward doing it front of someone, but seeing Tina was already touching herself, I undid my jeans and slid them down my legs, dropping them on the floor next to the bed. I slid my underpants down as well, but only enough to expose my cock and balls. My cock was rock hard, and although it’s not an overly big one, Tina looked at it, took a breath, and said, “Does that fit inside a girl?”

“Well, I suppose so,” was the best answer I could come up with. Tina was already breathing a little harder, her chest shuddering a little, and she slowed her stroking down a little and said, “Ohh, I better slow down or I’ll come before you even start.” She looked at my erect cock, and said, “Come on, show me,” smiling eagerly, as she gently touched her own pussy.

I put a little of her hand cream on my right hand, and then I ran my hand over my cock, coating it with the cream. Then, I wrapped my hand around my cock as I always did, stroking it up and down, feeling the pleasant sensation starting immediately. I had a head start on reaching my orgasm already, after kissing Tina, and fondling her pussy, but I held back, wanting to make it last a little longer. I didn’t want to blow my load until I had seen Tina coming.

“How long does it take?”

“It depends,” I said, as I rubbed my cock, “if you hold on, you can make it last longer.”

“Are you holding on?” Tina asked.

“A bit,” I said, as the pleasure washed through me, “I wanted to see you coming first before I come.”

“Just do it, Jace,” Tina smiled, “I’m not trying to trick you. I want to see you come. I promise if you let me see you coming first, you can watch me doing it.” Tina was still gently stroking her own pussy, but she took her hand away, and turned onto her right side, getting herself a little closer to me, and said, “Can I touch it?”

I was pretty keen to finish off, and have my orgasm, but this was too good to miss. I took my own hand away, and Tina gently wrapped her left hand around my erect tool. “Oh, Jason!” she said, “That feels like it’s got a bone in it!” She rubbed her thumb across the sensitive head, over my piss-slit, and the feeling was incredible, making me flinch, and then she started to rub it like I had been doing, but with her left hand.

“Is this how you do it?” Tina asked.

“Yeah,” I said, “That feels really good,” and my voice wavered as Tina wanked me. Her hand was dry, but it still felt fantastic, She stopped and said, “I think I need some of that cream.” She climbed across me to reach for the tube of cream on the bedside table to my right, and I felt her soft right breast through her shirt against my face, and her pubic hair tickled my left hip and belly. This just added to my excitement.

Tina sat back, and put some cream on her left hand, and dropped the tube on the floor to her left. Then she lay back down on her right, and started to wank me again with her left hand. “Do you like it when I do it?” she asked, looking at me, still rubbing my cock. It felt good, but I had been doing it myself for years, and knew just how it was done, while Tina had never done it before, so although it felt fantastic having her wank me, it probably wasn’t as good as it was when I did it myself, but I said, “You’re doing great.” She smiled, pleased with herself, and leaned over to kiss my mouth, still rubbing my cock.

“I better let you finish,” Tina said, looking at my hard cock as she wanked it, “I want to see you making yourself come.” She let go of my cock, and looked at me, expectantly. I took over, and as I started wanking myself again, letting the pleasure build up, Tina kissed me on the mouth again, two soft kisses that she held for a moment or two, making eye contact, then she lay back on her right side to enjoy the show. Being kissed by Tina while I was wanking just made it all the more exciting, and I knew my orgasm wasn’t far off.

I kept on rubbing my cock, wanking just like I had always done, feeling the pleasure mount, and probably because of the extra stimulation I’d had, kissing Tina, fondling her, watching her touching her own pussy and pleasuring herself, even having her pressed beside me like that, my orgasm abruptly exploded at the base of my cock, much stronger than usual, and suddenly I was spurting uncontrollably.

“Oh, God, look at that!” Tina said, her eyes wide, as the first spurt flew in the air, landing on my chest, accompanied by a bolt of pure, sweet pleasure, then two more spurts of thick, creamy come shot in the air, both landing on my stomach, a fourth spurt landed on Tina’s left shoulder, making her flinch, and say, “Oh, Jace, that one got me!” and a final spurt landed on the bedsheet on my right, followed by an eruption of come, flowing out onto my hand and down my cock, like lava. “That’s incredible!” Tina cried out, “Look at it. It’s everywhere, even on me!”

Normally, after wanking myself, I felt a warm, tingling satisfaction, but accompanied by a feeling of guilt, but this time I felt that same tingling feeling, but not the guilt, probably because had done it at Tina’s request. I took a big swallow, to wet my throat, as the feelings subsided, and looked at Tina, who was twisting her neck to look at the blob of come on her shoulder. “Look!” she said, looking at the come, “You got some on me!”

I was a little surprised she wasn’t jumping up and down about how disgusting it was, but she reached over with her right hand to wipe it off, and then stopped, and said, “Oops, better not do that,” and then looked at me, and continued, “In Sex Education at school, they said if you get semen on your hands, you shouldn’t touch your own genitalia, or you might get pregnant.” She giggled, and said, “That’s what they called it, see-men. And they didn’t tell us how we were supposed to get it on our hands in the first place.” She giggled again, and added, “They left it up to us to work out how we could get come all over our hands in the first place, and didn’t say why you’d be touching yourself.” She giggled again, and said, “And they call it your geni-talia! It sounds so medical! And no-one’s allowed to laugh or you get in trouble.”

Tina twisted in the bed, and wiped her left shoulder on the sheet beside her, then looked at my come-covered hand, and said, “You may as well wipe it on the sheet. I’ll have to wash them in the morning. Dunno what Mum’d think if she found spunk on my sheets.” She shuffled back into her lying position on the bed, and smiled, “But she’ll think I’m a good girl for doing the laundry without being asked.”

I wiped my hand on the sheet, and Tina put her tight hand back down to her pussy, and said, “Now it’s my turn, to show you how I do it.” She started to gently finger herself like before, rubbing her finger between her inner pussylips, and I noticed they were puffier and wetter than before. “Like I said,” she paused, licking her lips, “I like to gently rub my juice up on my clit, and then rub it like this.” She was gently stroking her clit with the side of her finger, and it looked as though she was barely touching it, but she took a sharp little breath, and said, “Mmmmm, that’s good.”

After a moment, Tina dipped two fingers in her juices, and said, “Sometimes I like to taste myself,” and she put one finger in her mouth, licking it, and then offered me the other. I looked at this finger, wet with her pussy juice, knowing it had been used to finger her pussy, and even though I had just come hard myself, I felt a wave of excitement. I looked at Tina, and she said, “Taste it.” She put her finger in my mouth and I tasted the juice on her finger. It tasted a bit like the scent of her pussy had, when I had put my face near her down there, but sweeter, and less tangy. It was incredibly exciting to taste her juice like that, and I knew I would want to taste it again, preferably straight from the source.

“Back to business,” Tina said, as she went back to fingering herself. She bent her legs at the knees, and pulled her feet up, so they were flat on bed, with her legs open, knees apart, and she said, “I can come harder with my legs pulled up,” as she continued to stroke herself. I saw her chest heave a little, and she said, “It’s starting,” and she started to rub her pussy harder, turning her wrist to change the angle of her hand and her finger. I saw her pushing her finger inside her opening a couple of times, and then she brought it back up to finger her clit again, and she started to purse her lips. Her chest heaved a little again, and she said, “It’s getting closer, Jace, closer,” another sharp intake of breath, and she started to rub herself harder, swallowed, and she lifted her pelvis off the bed, and said, “That’s it! I’m coming!”

With her finger still rubbing her pussy, hard and fast now, Tina threw her head back, and lifted her bottom from the bed a couple of times, as she began to make a whimpering, “Ohh, ohh, ohh,” sound, then another sharp intake of breath, and more of that, “Ohh, ohh, ohh.” Then, her whole body jerked, and said, “Oh, God, Jason, that’s good!!”

Tina relaxed, and lay back, but she still continued rubbing her pussy for a moment or two, but more gently now, as though she was lost in her own world, and then she took a long sigh, and relaxed completely. She turned to look at me, and said, breathlessly, “Now, you’ve seen a girl coming.” Her face was red, like she was embarrassed, but her smile showed she wasn’t. “And I’m tingling all over,” she added.

She rolled over to me, lying on her right side, and put her left arm and left leg over me, as I lay on my back, and she kissed me once, and said, “Usually, I’m alone when I do that, but it’s nice to cuddle up to someone afterwards.” She kissed me again, holding this one a little longer. The feeling of her warm pussy on my left hip was exciting, even though I had only just come, but my cock only stayed half-hard, as it had been since I finished wanking it. I worked my left arm around, to place my palm on Tina’s bottom, and we lay like that for a few minutes, until she said, “I suppose you better get up and go to bed before Mum comes home,” and I nodded.

Tina rolled back and released her arm and leg from me, and I pulled my underpants back up, reached for my jeans, and stood up. I looked down at Tina, as she lay on her back, on her bed, naked from the waist down, her pussy exposed to my gaze, with come stains on the bed, and I could hardly believe this had happened. “I better to go to bed,” I smiled, now feeling just a little sheepish, not having any idea what to say to finish off an encounter like this, and I went to my own room, jeans in hand, as Tina said, “See ya in the morning.”

I washed my hands, and climbed into my own bed, and in those few minutes before I fell asleep, I lay there, thinking over what had just happened, and wondering if anything like that would happen again.

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2022-12-07 16:21:33
I love sex exploration stories and wish I had a sister like Tina who was such a good girl to play with!
It's usually the boy who initiates sex play...

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2020-10-10 19:27:38
Dont get her pregnant. Fuck her in the ass hole.

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2020-09-02 16:19:03
That got me aroused - thanks


2020-08-13 02:45:35
Good story I liked it very much.

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2010-04-29 13:59:33
A++ because she wasn't shaved. Nothing is better than soft teenage pubic hair.

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