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17 year old Rick gets to live out his fantasy
When I look back on it, I would have to say that my mother and father, as much as I love them, were not the most responsible parents in the world. For a start, they went out drinking a lot when we were kids, and my mum worked shift work as well, so as kids we spent a lot of time at home on our own.

There were three kids in my family, and I was the middle child. You know, the one they always say is the forgotten one, although I don’t know how true that is, because I think I got on okay. I had a sister, Gail, who was just over a year older than me, and then there was a big gap between me and my little brother, Stevie, who wasn’t born until I was six.

We lived in a big, old house, a few miles from town. When I say big, I mean enormous. The place had originally been a farmhouse, and had been added onto and remodelled over the years, but at some point, the city council had acquired it, and I think they were waiting for the urban sprawl to reach that far out so they could make a killing on developing the land. In the meantime, when I was six years old, my dad got the house, and an acre of land to go with it, for a fairly cheap price, and we moved there. The house wasn’t really in bad condition, but it just needed a lot of TLC, so over the next few years, my dad spent a lot of time painting and doing some carpentry, so it was quite comfortable after a while.

The big advantage of living out where we did was that there were no close neighbours, so we could pretty much do whatever we wanted. Plus, the house was so big that no one ever got under anyone else’s feet. The rooms were big, the ceilings were high, and there were literally more rooms than we could use, plus there was a self-contained granny flat around at the side. We used the granny flat to store some old stuff, and there was a double bed in there, and a few other things, although for some reason, the electricity didn’t work in the flat, because it was on a separate circuit from the house, and it was switched off.

When my sister, Gail, was eighteen years old, and in her last year of high school, her two best friends were Lisa and Ashley. She met them in her first year, and they stayed the best of friends all though school. Both of them were lookers. Lisa was small, pretty and petite, standing around five feet four, with a curvy figure, a medium complexion, an oval shaped face, with brown eyes, and dark brown hair that she wore long, and parted in the middle.

Then, there was Ashley. To me as a teenage boy, Ashley was one of the sexiest things on two legs. She was around five feet six, with a slim but curvy figure, perky tits, a naturally tanned complexion, soft brown eyes, and long, wavy brown hair that framed a very pretty face. Her legs were long and shapely, and in summer time, she often used to wear cut off denim shorts that showed that she also had a great backside as well.

I’ll be honest here, more than once I masturbated to thoughts of both Lisa and Ashley, and when I was sixteen, I read in a porn magazine about two girls and a guy having a threesome. After that, I even fantasized occasionally about having a threesome with Lisa and Ashley together.

I wasn’t totally na? about sex at that age, but I was still a virgin. There was a girl the same age as me, called Judy, whose parents owned a property that backed onto our place, and we used to hang out together a bit, from time to time. Judy always seemed to know more about sex than me when we were kids, and she would tell dirty jokes or recite rhymes about sex that sometimes went over my head, but even so, when we were teenagers, she let me kiss her occasionally, when the mood took her. She even let me reach inside her panties and touch her on her pussy one day, and a few weeks later, she let me finger her inside her pussy, but it never occurred to me to try to have sex with her, so we never did. The thing was that I was very awkward with most girls back then, and it almost seemed that the prettier they were, the more awkward I was. Judy was fairly good-looking, but I guess the main reason I got on so well with her, and my nerves weren’t a problem, was that we had known each other for a long time, and she was pretty forward when I think about it.

Gail and I normally got on pretty well together as a brother and sister, but when her friends were around, she used to behave as though I was some kind of pesky nuisance kid brother, and I was not always welcome at her get-togethers with her school friends when they came to our place. It didn’t bother me much, but sometimes I would hang around trying to get a look at Ashley or Lisa, especially in summer, when they would wear their bikinis and splash around in our aboveground pool. The big attraction of our place, to most of Gail’s friends, was the fact that it was out of the way, and our parents weren’t always around, so they could get away with stuff they wouldn’t get away with in town, so it was pretty common for Gail to have friends over, apart from Lisa and Ashley. Usually, when this happened, I would find something to do in another part of the house. After all, there was plenty of room.

By the time Gail was in her last year of high school, she had a boyfriend called Pete, who was in the same year as she was at school. Ashley had a boyfriend as well, and his name was Matty. He was an apprentice electrician, so he had a job and an income, which made him pretty popular. Lisa was a bit of a party girl, and she didn’t seem to have any particular boyfriend, so she seemed to be with a different guy every week. I overheard a few conversations between Gail and Ashley that made it clear that Lisa had screwed most of the guys she got around with.

Like most guys at that age, I had sex on my mind a lot of the time, and after I heard about Lisa’s taste for variety in her men, I fantasized about Lisa coming to our place looking for Gail, but finding me alone there, and being so horny that she fucked me in one of the many rooms you could go to if you wanted privacy, but it was only idle fantasy, I can assure you.

I knew that Gail was having sex with Pete, because one night when they were out together, I lived up to the bratty kid brother thing by sneaking her diary out of her room, and reading a few entries, including one about the night she lost her virginity to him in the back seat of his old Fairmont, and a couple of others where she wrote about sex with him. That diary fuelled a few masturbation fantasies, too.

One day, Gail came home from school and told me that Matty had dumped Ashley, and this was a major talking point among her friends for a couple of weeks. Naturally, Ashley was devastated, and Gail did her best to stand by her friend, and help her get over it, so I saw a bit more of Ashley at our place. Her parents seemed to think it was a good idea for her to spend more time with Gail, to help her get through the breakup of her “first relationship,” so she had a few extra sleepovers during the next two weeks, although she had slept over at our place quite a few times over the years. As usual, when she stayed over, I found myself getting an eyeful of her in her little silk nighties and pyjamas, as she and Gail sat around in the evenings, or at breakfast in the mornings before school.

With Ashley staying over for those few extra nights, and none of Gail’s other friends around, I was allowed to hang out a little more with the two of them, and I had a few longer conversations than usual with Ashley. One night, the three of us were sitting around talking and laughing, and Ashley made a comment that she never knew I had such a funny sense of humour. I was pretty pleased to hear this, because I simply thought she was the sexiest thing around, but I knew there was no question of anything happening between us, because I was just her friend’s little brother, but it still made me feel good.

A couple of weeks later, it was a Friday night, about a week after my seventeenth birthday. Gail had been in town with Pete and Ashley, and just after dark, they arrived home in Pete’s car, with some beer, a bottle of bourbon, and some bottles of coke. They were followed down our long driveway by Lisa, in her car, with some guy called Craig, who she was with that week, and they got out with some booze of their own, and everybody came inside.

My parents had gone out as usual on a Friday night, and we wouldn’t see them until after midnight, and Gail had left our dinner in the oven before Pete had arrived to pick her up, so we all ate in the big room that we referred to as the dining room. Like most of the rooms in the place, it was huge, and in addition to the dining table, it had a couple of couches and a TV set in there as well, so it was also used as our family room.

The living room was down a corridor from the dining room, and it was a huge room, about twenty-four feet square, and divided into two sections by an archway supported by two columns. It must have been pretty grand in its day, and the far wall had a row of windows that looked out onto the veranda, with french doors leading out there. The veranda went around three sides of the house, and if you walked out through the french doors, you could walk to the front door of the granny flat at the side of the house.

The side veranda was on my dad’s to-do list at that time, so some of the floorboards out there were little rickety, but it was okay if you watched your step.

We all sat around a big table as we ate, and Gail had changed into some jeans and a casual top, but Ashley was still in her school uniform, which consisted of a dark blue plaid skirt and a light blue blouse, but she had taken off her shoes. She had gone straight downtown from school to meet Gail and Pete, and hadn’t bothered to change out of her uniform when they got back to our place. Lisa was wearing a short skirt and sleeveless top, and even during dinner, she and Craig had their hands all over each other. Stevie and I sat and ate, and during dinner, Pete and Craig brought out some six packs of beer, and the three girls all had a beer with dinner, as well as the guys.

After dinner, Stevie went to his room to play with his computer games, and that left me with my sister and her friends in the dining room. The beer was flowing by this time, and Pete offered me a beer from one of his six-packs.

I got on well with Pete, and although he was only a year or so older than me, he had a car and a part time job, and I saw him as an experienced man of the world, which just shows how much I had to learn about life, at seventeen. Pete used to sit around with me sometimes, talking about cars and football with me, when he and Gail weren’t mauling each other, and I liked a beer occasionally so I took the beer from him.

“Rick, I didn’t know you drank beer,” Ashley said over the table, as I cracked the top of the bottle and took a swallow. I tried to think of something cool to say, but I was a little surprised that Ashley even bothered to notice, so the best I could come up with was, “I don’t mind one now and again,” as I took another swig. I drank the beer and sat at the table, feeling kind of grown up because I was hanging out with my sister and her friends, drinking beer with them.

Before long, the boys were mixing bourbon and cokes for themselves and the girls, and the voices were getting louder, and the laughter more raucous. I could see Lisa and Craig seriously making out on a single seater couch in the corner, and Gail was kissing Pet in the other corner, over near the bench where they were mixing the drinks.

I went to the stereo to change the CD, and as I was flicking through the CD’s in the rack next to it, I picked up one by Nirvana, and started to look at the playlist. Ashley came over a moment or two later, and also started to look through the CD’s, and then she looked at the one in my hands.

“I love them,” she said, looking at the CD in my hand.

“Yeah, they’re brilliant,” I answered, turning to look at her.

She stepped a little closer, looking at the CD cover in my hand, and said, “They started out so long ago, but their music is just as good as ever, and some of their later stuff just reaches out to you.”

Ashley and I stood there, talking animatedly about Nirvana and Pearl Jam for few minutes, and Pete came over with a bottle of beer from one of his six packs. He handed it to me with the cap off, and said, a little louder than necessary, “Here, Rick, get another beer into ya!” I didn’t drink much then, and I could already feel the effects of the first one, but I took the bottle, and he put a hand on my shoulder, then he winked, nodded at Ashley, and said, just as loudly, “Be gentle with her Ricky Boy, it’s her first time, this week anyway!” and he turned and strutted back to Gail, on the other side of the room. I could feel myself blushing red, and I saw Ashley turn and poke out her tongue, and wrinkle her nose at Pete’s back, as he walked across the room. She saw me looking at her, and said, “Don’t worry, he can be a prick sometimes, when he’s had a few beers.”

I took a mouthful of beer, and then Ashley reached out and took the bottle from me, and took a mouthful from it herself, making eye contact the whole time, and then handed it back, saying, “Not bad, but I think I’ll stick to bourbon.”

I took a breath, and I was trying to think of something cool to say, but Gail called out from the other side of the room, and Ashley excused herself, and walked over to her. I didn’t really feel like drinking any more beer, but the sexiest girl I knew had just had her lips on the bottle, so for that reason alone, I took one more mouthful, and looked round the room. Ashley had her back to me, laughing and speaking to Gail and Pete, and in the other corner, Lisa and Craig were in an amorous huddle, and suddenly I felt out of place. I had felt a little excited over what I saw as a shared moment with Ashley, and it was a bit of a letdown after the boost my ego had just had, from talking to her about rock bands, and finding she was interested in my opinions, to seeing her seemingly lose interest so quickly, so I walked from the room to the kitchen, where I tipped the beer down the sink.

As I stood there, at the sink, I thought about the way Ashley had sipped from my beer bottle like that. It was almost flirtatious, I thought for a moment, but then the rational side of my mind told me I was a dickhead for even thinking that a beautiful girl her age was the least bit interested in a guy like me, especially her best friend’s little brother.

I walked from the kitchen, down the long corridor to the living room, which was in darkness, and switched on the television, then started flicking through the channels to find something worth watching. Believe it or not, the most interesting thing I could find on TV that night was a re-run of the Beverly Hillbillies movie, so I sat back on the couch and started to watch it. I hadn’t bothered to switch on the light, so the room was in darkness, except for the light coming in from the hallway, and of course the TV screen. I sat against the left side arm of a three-seater couch, with the doorway just to my left, and settled down to take in the movie.

Even though I had seen the movie before, I sat there chuckling at the antics of the Clampett family for some time, probably half an hour, or perhaps even longer. After a while, the sounds of music and laughter from down the long corridor faded, but I hardly noticed.

Then, I saw a shadow in the light from the doorway to my left. I turned around and I saw Ashley standing in the doorway, with a glass of bourbon and coke in her hand. “What are you watching?” she asked, and feeling a little sheepish, I said, “The old Beverly Hillbillies movie.” I felt like I’d been exposed as a total dork.

“Oh,” Ashley said, stepping in the room, “that’s funny. I’ve seen it before, but it’s so funny.”

“Everybody’s kind of, occupied, down there, if you know what I mean,” she said, gesturing down the hallway, and then adding, “I felt a bit like a third wheel,” as she took a few steps to the couch, and put her glass down on the coffee table. She stood, looking at the screen for a moment, then she realised she was in my way, so she sat back on the couch next to me. I could see from the way she moved that she was affected by the alcohol. She wasn’t drunk, and I wouldn’t even call her tipsy, but the bourbon had affected her, and she sat back and giggled at something on the TV.

“Jethro is so stupid,” she giggled, “you’ve just gotta laugh.”

“I know,” I said, chuckling, and then I forgot my awkwardness for a moment, and did a fairly poor imitation of Jethro talking about his sixth grade education, and Ashley giggled again.

“That’s really good,” she said, and she turned around on the couch, so she was facing me, and pulled her legs up and folded them underneath herself.

Encouraged by her response, I tried another Jethro impression, this time probably a little better than the first, if I do say so, and once again, Ashley giggled, and said, “You can take him off so well.”

I ran out of material, and Ashley turned back to the television for a moment, and then she turned to me, still sitting with her legs folded underneath herself, and she said, “Rick, have you got a girlfriend?”

Suddenly, I felt sheepish again, and I simply, “No,” shaking my head.

“No girlfriend?” Ashley asked, looking a little surprised.

“No,” I said again, “How come you’re so surprised?” I asked, wondering a little why she was even asking.

“Well, you’re smart, and you’re funny,” Ashley said, looking at me, “and you’re not that bad looking. I thought you’d have a little girlfriend tucked away somewhere by now.”

My ego was nearly bursting. The sexiest girl I knew had just told me I wasn’t that bad looking! Okay, she hadn’t said I was good looking, but she’d said I wasn’t bad looking, and that meant a lot.

“Well, if I did,” I said, “I wouldn’t be sitting here watching an old movie on a Friday night.”

“Same here, I guess,” she said, looking down.

I wondered for a moment if she was giving me an invitation, but once again the rational side of my mind told me it was the bourbon, and she wasn’t saying things the way she meant. There was no way a girl like her was interested in her friend’s little brother.

“You’ve kissed girls though, haven’t you?” Ashley asked me, to my surprise.

The only girl I had ever kissed at time was Judy, and I nodded and said, “Yeah,” even though Ashley had said “girls,” in the plural. Ashley was sitting fairly close to me, and I could have just leaned over and kissed her, but something told me I was misreading what was going on, so I just looked down, avoiding her eyes for a moment.

When I looked down, I noticed that her uniform skirt had ridden up when she pulled her legs under herself, and I could see from the reflected light coming in over my shoulder that Ashley was wearing red panties under her skirt. Either she didn’t notice me looking, or didn’t care, I don’t know, but I was a seventeen-year-old boy, so it was difficult to stop looking down there. I was feeling very excited to be alone with Ashley like this, even if all we were doing was watching a stupid movie on TV, but something made me decide to tell her about her skirt.

“You should fix your dress,” I said, smiling.

She looked down, and said, “Oh”, and pulled her skirt down. “Most guys would have just had a good look, and not said anything.” She made eye contact and said, “So, you’re a gentleman, too?”

“I guess I’m not like most guys,” I said. I didn’t elaborate, but it was true, most of the guys I knew were nowhere near as awkward as me with girls.

We sat for a few minutes, watching the movie, and laughing at the funny bits, and I noticed that Ashley was still sitting in that same position turned to face me and having to look to the right to see the TV. I half-wondered if I should try something, but I kept on thinking that it was just the bourbon, she wasn’t really showing interest in me, and it was just wishful thinking on my part.

Then, Ashley said, “Rick! Look at the moon!” She was looking over at the windows on the far side of the room, and I could see the full moon rising over the hills in the distance. It certainly looked huge, and bright.

“That’s amazing. I’ve never seen it like that,” Ashley said, standing up, “Come outside with me and have a look.”

She started to walk toward the french doors, and said, “Can you get out this way?”

“Yeah,” I said, as I got up and walked over, going ahead of Ashley to open the door. We both walked out, and Ashley said, “Don’t turn on the light. You can see it better.”

You had to walk over towards the granny flat to see the moon properly, and we started to walk over there, but in the moonlight, you could see the uneven floorboards. “Is it safe?” Ashley asked.

“It’s okay if you watch your step,” I said, and Ashley put her left hand on my left shoulder, standing close on my right, and said, “Well, you better watch my step for me.”

I was acutely conscious of Ashley being so close, and holding my shoulder like that, so close that I could even smell her hair shampoo, and the excitement just rose in me, as I took a few steps towards the edge of the veranda. I felt a floorboard move as I took a step, and Ashley said, “Oh! That one moved,” and she put her right hand across my stomach, clinging a little closer. I could now feel her warm breath on my neck.

I now had the sexiest girl I knew holding me, in the dark, and I was so excited, I felt like I was about to burst, even though I knew it was only because the veranda floorboards were so rickety, and we walked like that, taking small, careful steps, to the edge of the veranda, to look at the big, yellow moon over the hills. “It’s huge,” Ashley said, enthusiastically, “You hardly ever see it like that at our place in town.” She took her hands off me, and held the veranda railing, but she was still standing just as close.

“That’s one advantage of living out here,” I said, turning to look at her in the soft light, “You get to see the moon.” I smiled.

“This’s an amazing house,” Ashley said, looking around, “What’s in there? Is that the flat?” she said, looking across at the door to the granny flat.

“There’s nothing much in there. Just junk and some of Dad’s old files from work,” I said.

“Can I have a look?” she asked.

“If you want to,” I answered, “but it’s nothing special.”

I led her across the rickety floorboards and opened the door. She was still walking close to me, with her left arm linked in my right arm, and being careful where she stepped. We could afford to be pretty casual about locking things up, out where we lived, so the door was unlocked, and we stepped inside. The air was a little stuffy, but not too bad, and the floor was solid. There was mainly unused furniture, a few boxes, and other some other old stuff in there, and there was a double bed against the window, with the moonlight shining through onto it. The granny flat had a bedroom, but it was full of files and old displays from my dad’s hardware store, so a spare bed he got from somewhere had been put against the wall in the sitting room. For some reason, my mother had put a bottom sheet on it, but it had no other bed linen, and just a couple of spare pillows.

Ashley flicked the light switch, but nothing happened, and I said, “The power’s switched off in here.”

“Oh,” she said, looking back at me in the half-light.

“So this’s the granny flat,” I said, “full of junk. Not very interesting, is it?” I smiled.

Ashley stood for a moment and looked around, then looked at me. The silence was deafening.

“Rick,” she said, looking at me, “are you okay?”

“What do you mean?” I said, genuinely puzzled.

She took another look around, and said, “We’re in here, all on our own, and no-one knows we’re here.” She looked down at my feet, and said, “Most guys would have tried something by now.” She looked back up at me.

“Tried something?” I said. I knew what she meant, but I wanted her to say it out loud, because I wanted to be one hundred and fifty percent sure, at the very least. The last thing I wanted to do was make a total fool of myself.

“You’re not silly, Rick,” she said, looking at me with a smile forming on her face, “you know what I mean.”

“I guess I’m not like most guys,” I said. I smiled a little, so it wouldn’t sound sarcastic.

“Maybe I can make it easier for you,” and she took a step towards me, and went to put her hands on my sides, just above my hips. Then, she paused, cocked her head slightly, and said, “You do like girls, don’t you?” The look on her face there in the dark was priceless.

“Yeah, of course I do,” I said, “I was just a little surprised.”

“Surprised,” she repeated, and then added, “In a good way, or a bad way?”

“A good way,” I said.

Once again, Ashley went to put her hands on me, but she looked me in the eyes, and said, “Inside, you said you had kissed some girls before. That was true, wasn’t it?”

I nodded. My mouth and throat were feeling very dry.

A look of realisation came over Ashley’s face, there in the dark. “But,” she paused, “you’re a,” pausing again, searching for the right way to say it, “you’re a virgin, aren’t you?” Her face was a little more serious.

I swallowed and said, “Yes.”

Ashley bit her lower lip, and turned to look back at the door behind her. For a moment, I thought she was going to turn and walk out, but she looked back at me and said, a little more quietly, “That puts things in a new light.” She put her hands on me, just above my hips, as she was about to do before, and said, looking at me seriously, “It’s really important to me that you understand this, Rick. I’m not ‘easy.’ I’m not a slut.”

“I didn’t think you were,” I said, but I was a tiny bit disappointed that my chance might have been lost.

“It’s just that, … … well …” she looked towards the wall between the granny flat and the house, took a breath, and continued, “everybody else is in there, getting busy,” she smiled, “and, well, you haven’t got a girlfriend, I haven’t got a boyfriend. I thought, what harm would it do if we got together? No-one knows.”

I didn’t speak. My mouth was too dry, and I had major butterflies in my stomach. Ashley was still holding me with her hands at my waist. I was acutely conscious of this beautiful girl, someone I had fantasised over many times, standing so close, and actually holding me, there in the dark.

“Then, you said you were a,” she paused, “you’d never," she stumbled for words, as though for some reason she didn’t want to say the word, then she swallowed, and said, “… you were a virgin.”

Ashley looked down at the clothes she was wearing, her school uniform, with no shoes, and looked back at the door again, and finally back at me. She made eye contact, with her face close to mine because of the position we were standing in, and said, quietly, “Rick, you walked in that door a virgin. You don’t have to be, when you walk out.” She paused again, and added, “If you want to, I mean. I promise I won’t do anything to embarrass you.”

“I’m not sure what to do,” I said, looking down, avoiding her gaze. It felt stupid to say it, but it was true.

Ashley’s voice was little more than a whisper, there in the moonlit granny flat. “These things usually start with some kissing.” She looked me in the eye, as though she was waiting for me to make a move.

We were standing so close that all I had to do was move forward a little, and kiss her on the mouth. It wasn’t much of a kiss, and I knew it. She drew back only slightly, and I could feel her breath on my face, as she said, in a voice that was little more than a whisper, “Not bad, but I know you can do better. Just relax a little.” I could smell bourbon on her breath, but it was still sexy, and not unpleasant at all.

I moved forward and kissed her again, this time with my lips open just a little. She kissed back, just barely brushing my lips with her tongue, and in my seventeen years of life, it was one of the most exciting things I’d ever experienced.

“That’s better,” she said, almost in a whisper, as our lips parted, “ Do you want to sit down?”

There was an old armchair against the wall, opposite from the double bed, and we moved over to it, still holding each other. “You first,” Ashley said, quietly. I sat in the chair, and she sat in my lap, facing my left, and putting her arms around my shoulders. Then, she said, “Where were we?” smiling as she leaned to kiss me again.

I put my right arm around Ashley’s back, but I was unsure of what to do with my left one. I went to rest it across her legs, but I hesitated, wondering if I was moving ahead too fast. She saw me hesitating, and took my left hand in hers, placed it across her legs, near her knees, and said, quietly, with a sweet little smile, “I can’t believe you’re so nervous, but it’s okay.”

She took my chin in both her hands, and kissed me very gently, holding the kiss, and then moistened her lips and did it again, without speaking. My heart was pounding in my chest, and the soft warmth of her lips, and the taste of her mouth, made me even more excited. Then, the absurd thought occurred to me that when the time came, I might be too nervous to perform, although I could feel that my cock was already hard. I moved my left hand up, and put it across her waist, and I found it hard to believe any of this was really happening. My hands could feel the warmth from her body through the thin material of her blouse, and she said, softly, “Nothing bad’s going to happen.” She paused, and said, “You’re just going to make love to a girl for the first time. How scary can that be?” She smiled.

“I always get nervous with girls,” I said. It may not have been the time and place for that, but I said it anyway, and I added, “Especially pretty ones.”

Ashley kissed me again, gently this time, and said, “That’s a compliment, if I’m making you nervous.” She moved her right hand up to the back of my head and gently rubbed my hair, and said, “I was inside the house, and everyone was kissing and cuddling, and I knew what they were going to do next. I felt kind of sad, because I didn’t have a man to make love to, and I looked around, and there was this nice, funny guy, kinda good looking,” she smiled, and continued, “ I thought, so what if it’s my best friend’s brother. The world’s not going to end.”

I swallowed, but didn’t say anything, so Ashley went on, “Then, you said you’d never done it before, and I thought, if I take you to bed, it’s your first time, and you’d remember it for the rest of your life.” Then, with a kind of sad little girl smile, she said, “That’s a lot of pressure.”

I began to feel a little bolder, and with my left hand, I undid the first button of her blouse. She looked down at my hand, and then back to me, and said, “Keep going,” then with a smile, added, “please.”

I continued undoing her buttons, and then I gently pulled her blouse out from where it was tucked into her skirt, and then in the dim light, I saw she was wearing a black lace bra under her blouse. She was watching what I was doing without speaking, and I moved my left hand, and very gently placed it onto her right breast, feeling it through her bra. I felt the nipple harden a little under my touch, and she said, in a whisper, “That’s nice.” Then, she kissed me again, in a slow, soft and sexy kiss that seemed to reach right down inside me.

I started to try to put my fingers under her bra, to touch the skin of her breast, and she said, “Let me help you,” and she reached around behind herself, up under her blouse, and undid the clip on her bra, so it loosened over her breasts. For the first time in my life, I was actually touching a girl’s breast, because even Judy had never let me do this. The skin of her breast was so soft, so smooth, and the excitement I felt, as I gently moved my fingertips over her breast, was almost unbearable. With my hand still under her loosened bra cup, I gently took her nipple between my thumb and finger, and stroked it, and I saw her shudder slightly, and take a sharp breath. “They’re sensitive,” she whispered, “but I like it when you touch them.”

She leaned forward, and kissed me again, and then sat back. I had kept my hand on her right breast as she kissed me, and now I moved her bra cup upwards, exposing her beautiful breast, with its hard nipple. The very sight of her naked breast made me weak, and she said, “Kiss me there. I’d really love you to kiss me there, Rick.”

I had to lean forward, and then Ashley turned to let me kiss her on her right breast, as she sat in my lap. I kissed her on the skin above her nipple, feeling the soft smooth skin on my lips, and then I moved my mouth onto her nipple, very gently placing my lips around it, but not sucking. I used my tongue to, very gently, rub her nipple as I held it with my lips, and Ashley swallowed, and took a deep breath. “That’s lovely,” she said in a breathy whisper.

“I took my mouth away, and I said, “I’m glad you like it. I’m not really sure what I’m doing,” and Ashley replied with, “You’re doing just great.”

Then, after a brief moment, Ashley said, “Rick?”

I took my mouth away again, and I said, “Yes.”

She looked at me, and said, “Would you like to get on the bed with me? I want your body. Do you want mine?” She smiled in the darkness.

“I think I’d like that very much,” I said, although I suddenly felt a little nervous again.

Ashley stood up, and she reached out with both hands, and took my right hand between them. I stood up, and she led me across the room to the old double bed. There were no blankets on it, and she looked around and said, “Are there any blankets in here?”

I looked around, and I saw some of our camping gear in a corner. “Sleeping bags,” I said, and I picked one up in its carry bag and emptied it onto the bed. Ashley smiled, and I unzipped two sides of the sleeping bag, and it was now a blanket, big enough to cover the double bed. I put it on the bed, and Ashley unzipped her uniform skirt, and let it fall to the floor.

My heart went into my mouth, as I saw her standing there, in just her red cotton panties and unbuttoned pale blue blouse, over her black lace bra. The shape of her naked thighs was simply breathtaking, and she saw me looking, smiled, and said, “Seeing it’s your first time, I’ll leave my pants on, and you can be the one who takes them off.” Then, she smiled even wider, and did something I have seen girls do since then, but it always amazes me. She reached up into her blouse, and her sleeves, and with a few practised movements, took her bra off without removing her blouse. Then, she climbed on the bed and slid under the sleeping bag. “Come on,” she said, “I need you in here to keep me warm.”

The right side of the bed was against the window, so I climbed over the foot of the bed, and slid under the sleeping bag, fully clothed. Ashley turned over and cuddled up to me, saying, “The best kind of heat is body heat, preferably someone else’s,” and she kissed me again, this time with a lot more tongue than before.

After the kiss, I very gently turned her onto her back, on my left, and I opened her pale blue blouse, so I could see her perfect breasts, in the moonlight coming through the window. “Would it be uncool right now, if I said they were beautiful?” I asked.

“No, it’s not uncool at all, and thankyou for the compliment,” Ashley said, looking at her own breasts, “but just remember there are two of them, and you’ve only had one in your mouth so far.” She looked into my eyes.

I took her hint, and I moved over and put my mouth on her left nipple, tasting her skin with my tongue. Her nipple hardened slightly in my mouth, and I gently worked my lips and tongue on it for a moment or two, and then I turned to face her, with my right cheek on her left breast. “That’s nice,” she whispered, and she kissed me deeply on the mouth. As exciting as our kisses had been to me up till now, this kiss was somehow more exciting than the rest, and I was moved to offer her a little more tongue of my own. She accepted, and somehow the kissing just seemed to be more exciting than ever. I felt her left hand move down, and gently touch my cock through the material of my jeans, and I was already rock hard. She drew back slightly from our deep and sexy kiss, and said, “Is that for me?” as she stroked my tool gently through my jeans. She was being very gentle, barely touching me, but the feeling was exquisite. My nerves were all but forgotten, as she gently stroked my cock, and softly kissed my mouth. Even apart from the sexual pleasure I was already feeling, it felt so perfect to be with her like this.

I felt that the time was now right for me to explore her pussy with my hands, so I moved back slightly to give myself room, and I very gently placed my right hand on her belly. She looked at my hand, and then at me, moistened her lips and swallowed, and whispered, “I like where you’re taking this.”

I moved my hand down and placed my palm on her mound of venus, although I didn’t know what it was called back then, and I let my fingers rest on the crotch of her panties, feeling the slight dampness through the material. She responded by moving her legs just a little more apart, and looked at me without speaking, like a chess opponent, signalling “Your move” with a glance. I gently fondled her pussy, through her panties, feeling between the lips.

I moved my hand up to the waistband, of her panties, and I slipped it inside, while Ashley looked at my face without speaking. I felt her pubic hair, and then I moved my hand inside, so my long finger was resting between her pussy lips, and the fingers on either side were resting on her outer lips. I could feel the slick wetness of her pussy juices, and I worked my finger in a little further, so the tip was at the entrance of her pussy. I heard her breath catch a little as I touched this intimate spot, and I gently moved my fingertip, going in a little deeper.

Ashley swallowed, and took a deep, slightly shuddering breath, and said, just above a whisper, “Why don’t you take them off?”

Without speaking, I took my hand out, and slipped both of my hands into the waistband of her panties at her hips, and I slid them down as she lifted her bottom slightly off the bed. She bent her legs to under the blanket to allow me to get them off, and her pussy was now naked. I placed my right hand on her pussy again, and gently moved my finger back between her lips, which were now wetter than before. I stroked her gently again, between her pussy lips, and she placed her left hand on mine, and whispered, “Let me show you something.”

She very gently moved my finger so it touched her clit, and she said, “Your hands are soft. That’s very nice, but just touch me there. Like that.”

I moved my hand just a fraction, and touched her clit, and Ashley flinched, took a sharp breath, and said, “Sensitive. I’m very sensitive there. Just be gentle.” I stroked her clit with the very tip of my finger, moistened with her juices, and once again, she took a deep but gentle breath, and then relaxed a little, then said, in that whisper, “That’s lovely. That’s really lovely.”

Ashley swallowed, and then in a quiet voice, said, “There’s something I should tell you.” She paused, made eye contact, and said, “I’m a girl who comes very easily. I guess I’m lucky that way, but, when we start,” she paused again, looking for the right word, “when we start, I mean, when you’re inside me, if I look like you’re hurting me, it won’t be pain I’m feeling, I can assure you.” She swallowed again, and said, “I thought I’d better tell you that.”

Then, she put her hand behind my head, pulled my face to hers, and kissed me again, and then with her lips still touching mine, she whispered, “Now, I think you should take off your jeans. I want to touch you down there for a bit, before you get inside me. Can I do that?”

It had never occurred to me that girls like to touch guys’ cocks as much as we like to touch their pussies, but I moved around under the sleeping bag, and took my jeans and underpants off. I looked at Ashley, wondering if I should say anything, but she merely raised her left eyebrow, and gently touched my hard cock with her left hand, under the sleeping bag. I could feel her pussy getting even wetter as she gently stroked and touched my cock, and her juices began to ooze onto my hand.

“You’re hard,” she whispered, “and we’re going to make good use of that in a moment, but I just want to touch it for bit.” She ran her fingers along the length of my tool, and whispered, “That’s very hard,” as she gently rubbed her thumb across the sensitive head, making me flinch slightly. She looked at me and smiled, but did not say anything, then kissed me, long, deep, and sexy, as she stroked my tool gently, and I did the same to her pussy and clit.

The excitement was incredible, as we lay there, fondling each other like that, kissing and touching each other, but then Ashley whispered, “Rick, I think I’d like you inside me now. Are you ready for that?”

I nodded, but I could barely speak, so I didn’t say anything. I moved over, getting between Ashley’s legs, and I very gently parted her pussy lips with my hand, but when I tried to enter, I seemed to fumble. “Don’t worry, you’re new at this,” Ashley whispered, as he used her left hand to guide my rigid cock into her wet pussy. I slid in about half way, and the feeling was so amazing I heard myself gasp a little, and then after a couple of strokes, I was all the way inside her. The sexiest girl I knew was in bed with me, and my cock was inside her pussy! It was unbelievable.

“You fill me up,” Ashley said, quietly, “and you’re doing very nicely for a beginner,” she added, as I began a slow but deep fucking motion inside her. She pulled my face closer to hers and kissed me on the mouth again, and I took the weight on my elbows, as we started to make love. I still hadn’t spoken since I had entered her, and she reached up, put her arms around me, and said, “Do you like that?”

“It’s great, fantastic,” I answered, but I had trouble keeping my voice even.

“It gets better,” Ashley said, looking up at me, and smiling. We kept that motion going for another few moments, and she said, “Rick, you might come pretty quick, but try to hold on if you can, just a little. I’m on the pill so it’s okay to come inside me, but just see if you can hold on a little” She was already starting to sound a little breathless herself.

I had never known such excitement, as I fucked Ashley in that bed, and she held me with her arms around my back, kissing me deeply, only breaking the kiss to take a breath, and then kissing me again, as the incredible pleasure built up inside me.

I had gotten into a perfect rhythm, and although I knew I wouldn’t be able to last very long before coming, Ashley was beginning to breath harder with almost every thrust. Then, she looked up at me with a little smile, and said, “How are you going up there, stud?”

“Just great,” I said, with a strain already starting in my voice. Somehow, the fact that Ashley had said something funny and flippant like that in the middle of passionate lovemaking made me realise that I could very easily have fallen in love with her, but I knew all the same that this could never be. Even so, I realised that her beauty was not just skin deep, but came from her heart, and went right to her very core. For the briefest moment, I felt a pang of sadness, as I thrust into her, and as I realised that this could only ever be a one-night thing.

“What are you thinking about?” Ashley asked, a little breathless, as she moved her pelvis to meet each of my thrusts. “I was just thinking that you’re very beautiful,” I answered. Somehow, I couldn’t tell her everything I was thinking.

“You’re just saying nice things to get me in the sack, aren’t you?” Ashley said, smiling as we fucked. Once again, she pulled me down to kiss me, long and deep, as I thrust into her. Then, as our lips parted, she whispered, “This feels so good, Rick. I love it when you go deep.”

I started to fell my orgasm approaching, and I wondered if I could satisfy her before I lost control and came myself, but Ashley's eyes widened as she said, “Rick, I think I’m starting to come! Just keep going, keep going!”

I kept on with my thrusting, and I felt Ashley wrapping her legs around me, and she held me tighter with her arms. She lifted her head to kiss my mouth, and began to thrust back harder and a little faster. I could feel my cock going deeper inside her snug, wet pussy, the inner walls gripping me, hugging my hard cock, moulding themselves to its shape, following each contour of my cock with every thrust, releasing it with each out-stroke, then offering the same loving, welcoming embrace with the next thrust.

“Oh God! Ohhh GOD!!” Ashley called out, “That’s fan-TASTIC!!! Just keep on going like that!! I’m almost there! I’m almost there!! " She started thrusting back even harder, and my cock was forced deeper inside her with each thrust. The feelings spreading through me were incredible, as we fucked, harder and harder. I could tell Ashley’s orgasm was growing insider her, getting closer and closer to flashpoint.

With my hard cock going even deeper inside her, the sensitive head was being squeezed deliciously with each inward thrust, and I knew I was starting to come. I forced myself to hold on just a little longer, but the pleasure was growing in me, as well. Ashley had her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me, and her breathing was getting faster and faster, as my cock drove into her.

“I’m gonna come!! I’m gonna come!!!” she called, twice, and then after a shuddering intake of breath, she continued, “Keep going Rick. Don’t stop!”

Then, she threw her head back, and shut her eyes, calling out, “I’m coming! I’m coming!!” Her beautiful face seemed to contort, and she shuddered all over, as I felt the walls of her tight, wet pussy contracting around my hard, thrusting cock. That was it for me. I couldn’t hold on any longer, and I felt the liquid ecstasy of orgasm starting in my cock, exploding, then spreading through me in an amazing paroxysm of sexual pleasure.

Ashley was gasping, gritting her teeth, and making “Ohhhh-uhh” sounds, all at once, as my cock spurted inside her. Each spurt was accompanied by a bolt of pleasure, three, four, five six times, and with each spurt, my own body was wracked with that sweet feeling of total pleasure, as I continued to thrust hard into her pussy. Then, it started to fade away, and I realised that Ashley’s own thrusting had slowed, but she was still moving her pelvis, still fucking me, as her own orgasm subsided.

Ashley stopped her thrusting, took another deep, sharp breath, swallowed, and then with her left arm, pulled my face down to kiss me, hard, on the mouth, holding the kiss for a moment, and then breaking off, to draw breath.

She swallowed, again, and said, “You did great,” then after another breath, continued with, “That was beautiful. That was great sex.”

She relaxed, and let her head fall back on the pillow, took another breath, and with a smile, said, “For your first time, you were great. We were great! That was a-mazing!”

“Amazing,” I repeated. I was so blown away, I couldn’t think of anything to say. I had just been fucked by the sexiest girl I knew, and she was telling me it was great.

“Just stay there for a minute. Stay inside me for a minute,” Ashley said, keeping her legs wrapped around me. “You’re not in a hurry to leave, are you?”

“No,” I answered. The truth is, I would have stayed like that all night, lying there like that, with my still half-hard cock still nestled inside her warm, wet pussy. “I’m not in any hurry at all.”

Ashley turned her head to the left, towards the wall between the granny flat and the rest of the house, and with a little smile, she said, “I don’t think they’ll be missing us in there for a while.” Then, she turned back to me, and said, “That was good, but if you stay here with me for a while, round two will be even better, I can assure you.” Then, she pulled my face down, kissed me again, and said, “Only, next time, I want to be on top.”

We stayed there most of the night, and as Ashley had suggested, we made love again, when the hardness had returned to my cock. Naturally, Ashley was on top the second time, and if anything, her orgasm was even more dramatic, but I was more prepared for it.

Late in the evening, we crept back into the dark and silent house, me to my own bedroom, and Ashley to a spare room we kept made up for guests. In the morning, my sister, Gail, asked Ashley what she had done to occupy herself when she and Pete had retired to her bedroom, and Lisa and Craig had found somewhere they could be alone, among the many rooms in the house. She was unsatisfied with Ashley’s answers, and after a little detective work, she checked out the granny flat, and discovered the scene of the crime. Gail was most unimpressed with me for fucking her best friend, but of course, Ashley reminded her that it takes two to tango, although where Ashley and I were concerned, it was more like horizontal folk dancing.

Gail seemed less bothered with the whole thing after that, but for long time afterwards, she used to jokingly ask me which one of her friends I was going to screw next, but Ashley was the only one.

A few months later, when high school ended, Ashley went away to university, but Gail and I kept in touch with her for a few years. Two years after our night in the granny flat, Ashley was back in town on a break from university, and one night when she was visiting, one thing led to another between us, as they say, and we slept together again. This time, I was a little older, a little more experienced, and I like to think I was a better lover the second time around.

Gail and I lost contact with Ashley after that, and I have not seen her for a few years now. I’m older now, of course, and hopefully wiser, and I’ve been in and out of love a couple of times since then, but occasionally I think of her. After all, she was my first. Sometimes, I wonder to myself if there is a man in her life these days, and if there is, I wonder if he appreciates the beauty within her, as much as her beautiful face and sexy body. Now and again, I think if I had been a little older, perhaps I could have been that man.

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