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This is how I remember it!
She wasn't THE prettiest girl I knew, but she was certainly one of them. And to my way of thinking, Kelli was the ultimate Girl Next Door – and I’m sure you would have agreed, if you happened to be (as I was at the time) an athletic, fun-loving, mischievous fourteen-year-old boy. She was a year younger than me; we had lived house-by-house since I was ten, when my family moved to that quiet suburban neighborhood of older homes, wide tree-lined streets, deep lawns and a large public park with its own woods that in spring and summer provided a private retreat.

Kelli and I had been friends and playmates since word one; we were both only children of two-working-parent families, and the only kids our age for several blocks around. Her long brown hair and flashing brown eyes, ready grin and playful attitude -- not to mention practically inexhaustible energy and daring that matched mine -- made her as good as "one of the guys" in all kinds of adventures. At about 5'2" she was maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet; there wasn't an ounce of additional flesh on her petite but muscular frame -- except, as we grew (and I noticed!) for those two slowly emerging mounds on her chest. They weren't much more than the size of halved oranges at the time this story occurred -- an event that was to change everything between Kelli and me.

It was a lazy June day, and she and I had spent the morning on our bicycles, racing through the trails in the Woods. We made it back to her house and scrounged some lunch – baloney sandwiches and chips we munched on in front of the TV. "I'm hot!" she complained. "Wanna swim?" I haven’t mentioned that the previous year Kelli's dad had put in a very nice 4-foot above-ground pool with a deck extending out their back porch, which increased his value to me tremendously. "Sure, I'll be right back!" I responded, and running next door, stripped and pulled on my trunks. By the time I got back she was already in the pool in a skimpy little bikini, and we began splashing and laughing and playing tag and wrestling around as we always did.

She was something to see! When she climbed out on the deck to dive back in, I couldn't help staring at her chiseled abs and lean, muscular legs -- and of course, those two areas of her wonderfully female body no boy my age could help but ogle, barely hidden under the thin cloth of her swimsuit. Maybe it was the cool of the water that was causing those little points in the centers of each side of her bikini top to jut out temptingly, and although I had at that time no earthly idea of female physical geography I could make out a vertical depression in her bikini bottom between her legs that was fascinating to a degree I could neither understand nor explain. All I knew was that the water certainly wasn't cool enough to keep my fourteen-year-old manhood – such as it was -- from twitching to attention as I began to allow myself to wonder what might happen if...

"What's wrong with you? Getting waterlogged?" Kelli giggled. I had not even been aware of it, but I had been just standing in the pool staring at her for who knows how long. "Not me!" I retorted, and lunged for her. In a flash we were playing tag again. She was quick as an otter, and slipperier than a trout, and not above flailing those pretty little feet at me in escape, for I was the hunter in this game and she the prey. For several minutes of wild splashing she avoided my grasp, but finally she lost traction on the soft bottom of the pool and I grabbed her from below by her legs, pulling her down into the water and -- as luck would have it -- bringing my face into sudden contact with the very center of that mysterious crease in the fabric of her bikini bottom! She struggled -- she squirmed -- but I had won, and hung on by main force for another second or so, as was my right. Then I let her go amidst the cries of "You cheated!" and "No fair!" that usually followed. But I could tell she was intrigued. There was a redder-than-usual flush on her face, and as she panted from the exertion I felt she was looking at me in a different way. "Well, I won!" I exclaimed "so what's my prize?" "Ummm -- a backrub?" she suggested. "Great!" was my response -- I'd had Kelli's backrubs before, and they were downright heavenly. Her hands, although small, were firm and strong, and she wasn't afraid to "dig in" and do some good. Laying a beach towel down the yard behind the pool I stretched out on it and began to relax under Kelli's experienced attentions. After she had worked her way down from my shoulders to the small of my back she said "Now my turn!" and, pushing me off, took my place. "Not too hard!" she said as I knelt over her. She purred like a kitten as I began gently massaging that wonderful little body, and believe me, I was enjoying it more than she was!

I had only just begun to get into this experience – I had never given Kelli a backrub before – when (as often occurs in the South) out of nowhere a dark cloud appeared overhead with a bolt of lightning, a crash of thunder and a sudden downpour of cold, hard rain! Kelli and I both scrambled for the shelter of the eaves behind the garage, and she nestled up with her back to me; I found my arms around her, holding her close to me, and the feel of her warm naked skin against my arms that were brushing up against the swellings in her bikini top once again brought my loins to attention – but this time her barely clad behind was pressed against it! As each flash of lightning made her squeal and squirm, she rubbed against my erection more and more, and I – too embarrassed to move, and too awestruck to the amazing sensation to want to – began to wonder if she was doing it on purpose.

As the rain fell harder, my question was answered; slowly she turned to face me, still wrapped in my arms. Our eyes met for a long moment, and without a word her head tilted slightly to one side and mine to the other as she lifted herself on tip-toe and I leaned down; our lips met, and for a while we stood there, unaware of the storm, slowly beginning to explore a new world of passionate affection. As if by simultaneous yet unspoken consent our mouths opened slightly and our tongues introduced themselves – at first with civility and curiosity, then with a growing hunger.

This went on – how long? I don’t know – time had frozen for us. But the joy of our kisses began to overtake me, and I found my mouth straying from hers to kiss first her face, then her neck; she willingly and happily yielded to these forays, and began to softly moan with the pleasure of my lips on her neck. It was then that the real surprise came. She turned back around, pulling her wet tresses to one side, and as I began to kiss the back of her neck she guided my hands with hers to those tempting soft globes beneath her bikini top! Now her moans became soft sighs – I heard her involuntary “Ohhhhhhh!!” as I began to caress her breasts with both hands, while at the same time she began once again to again to rub her bottom into my now-raging hardness.

Her breath became shorter, and her sighs more frequent, and the pressure against my erection more constant, the circular motion against it more intense, and I found that my right hand was beginning to stray down from her breast to feel the tension of her hard, muscular abs. With each motion of her ass against my cock my hand made ever wider circles until it brushed against the fabric of her bikini bottoms, and then I felt her legs part ever so slightly, inviting me to explore further. The garment was loose enough after our pool-play for my hand to easily slide under it and in a flash of lightning I felt the downy-soft hair; as the ensuing thunder boomed I found the inner source of the crease I had observed earlier. Now her moans and sighs had become a series of panting sounds – “Oh! Oh! Oh!” on and on until my middle finger came to something wet and warm within the folds of softness – a slight swelling – and her legs parted even more as she cried “Yes! Oh, yes – yes – YES!” and we began to move in rhythm – the circles of her ass against my cock, the circles of my left hand around her breasts and stiffened nipples, and the circle of my finger around her tiny immature clitoris. Now she stiffened – her breath came in short catches – she arched her pelvis against my finger and then suddenly, at once, her legs clamped together on my hand, her arms wrapped tightly around mine across her breast and a loud, impassioned “OHHHHH!” made its way out from deep inside her, and I felt wave after wave of some other-worldly ecstasy course though her, over and over and over, and with each wave another “OHHHHH!” – part moan, part cry – forced itself from her throat. Eventually, after another timeless eternity, little by little the waves diminished, and then I felt her knees buckle. I caught her in my arms as she fell, exhausted, and gently I lowered us both to the wet grass and held her gently as she panted her way back from wherever it was she had gone.

After a while she began to move; I found myself asking “Are you OK?” She laughed a laugh I had never heard – a deep, relaxed, satisfied laugh, and then answered “Oh, yeah, Danny. I’m great. That was awesome!” Then she turned and looked at me with something brand new in her eyes – a look of wonderful contentment and joy – and in another instant there was a hint of mischief. “But what about you?” she asked coyly, and her eyes fell to the still-throbbing erection causing an obvious tent in my trunks. She pushed my shoulders to the ground, and in a moment had pulled my swimsuit down. I heard her surprised “Oh!!” as my cock sprang to its full six inches, and before I knew it her hand was on it. “Show me how” she breathed, and I placed my hand around hers and began to stroke it up and down on my shaft. Soon I was able to relax my grip, and did she ever take over from there. I lay with my face in the rain as she jacked me off – first gently and slowly til I moaned “Faster!” She did as she was told; the result was inevitable.

Now, I had been masturbating for over a year, but nothing could have prepared me for the incredible rush of that first orgasm from Kelli’s hand. I felt my balls begin to tighten as a burning sensation at the tip of my cock began to work its way down through my entire pelvis, and it felt as though a volcano at the core of my very soul had begun to rumble and shake throughout my whole body; my eyes squeezed shut as my breath turned to panting. As though from some distance I heard myself begin to vocalize with each heavy exhale, just as Kelli had done minutes before – “Oh! Oh! OH! OHHH!” and then suddenly the volcano erupted with such force and such indescribable pleasure as I had never experienced in my young life. Rope after rope of white-hot semen burst from my purple member as Kelli continued to pump faster and faster – and with each ejaculation came, one after another, wave after wave of amazing, overwhelming ecstasy. As lightning crackled and thunder exploded over me I cried out time after time, utterly lost in the most all-encompassing, earth-shaking, mind-blowing orgasm I had ever experienced or even dreamed of. Finally the eruption subsided and as I felt by body begin to relax, Kelli fell beside me, pulling up my swimsuit as she stuffed my limp but satisfied cock back inside.

We lay there listening to each other breathe as the rain softened and the sounds of thunder moved farther and farther to the east, and in a few minutes a ray of sun broke through the western sky. The storm was over. I rose – first to my knees, then to my feet – and stretching out my hand I tool Kelli’s and pulled her up. Again we kissed – a long, deep, passionate, loving kiss; pulling slightly away I looked at her questioningly. “Have you – ever – before – umm…” and my voice trailed off, unsure of the words, but Kelli understood. “No, never” she said simply, her eyes never leaving mine. “Have you?” “No, never!” I replied emphatically. We stood peering at each other for a moment, and a grin came over her face. “But you want to – again, don’t you?” “Oh, man, are you kidding?” I gushed. “That was the best – the most – you were – oh, God, Kelli, I don’t even know what to say! Like you said, awesome!” She smiled sweetly, and in that smile I saw something so indescribably beautiful that I knew what had begun in a sudden summer storm would never, ever end. “Good,” she replied, as though reading my thoughts. “We’ve got all summer left!”

We slowly made our way back to the pool, and spent the rest of the afternoon floating on the water, kissing and occasionally fondling each other, until we heard her mom’s car coming up the driveway, and I went home wondering what we might discover tomorrow.

Trib FanReport 

2022-10-14 23:27:04
They don't even allow stories like this anymore.
Many of us experienced sex younger than 18...


2021-12-27 11:59:41
Nice story of a budding relationship , well written, look foreword to reading more of your's and Kelli's relationship


2021-08-08 13:43:39
Thank You! Excellent True story. I like it because there was no BS as far as I can tell. it sounds very similar to my younger days. You gave a story that made sense for the situation.


2021-08-08 13:40:04
Thank You! Excellent True story. I like it because there was no BS as far as I can tell. it sounds very similar to my younger days. You gave a story that made sense for the situation.

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2020-12-09 12:31:48
I LOVED this story...First time sexual exploration brought back a lot of memories.

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