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Dont go out in the rain
Captured Family

The Bruner family was on their way back home from vacation, and all of them were
rather tired. Rock Bruner was proud that he had been able to finally afford the
cross-country trip that he had always promised to his family, but until this
year they had been unable to go. They'd been on the go for two weeks, had been
to California and were now only several hundred miles from home. Rock's wife
Linda was in the front seat asleep, and the two teenagers, fifteen-year-old Mark
and fourteen-year-old Becky, were in the back seat looking out the windows at
the passing countryside.

Suddenly, a thunderstorm came upon them. The sky turned black and the rain
pelted the windshield as Rock struggled to maintain the car on the slick road.
Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed and all at once the whole family was

"Rock, we have to find a place to pull over. There's no way we can continue on
in this storm like this," said Linda, shivering with fright.

Mr. Bruner agreed. "You're right, Linda. But there's no town for miles, and I
don't see a house or shelter anywhere. There's no place to stop."

Becky exclaimed, "Look, Daddy! Over there! A big house!" Lightning illuminated
the stormy sky and outlined a two story mansion just off the road. "Let's see if
they'll let us stay there while the storm's going on."

Linda looked at Rock with pleading eyes. "Please, Rock. Let's stop at the house.
Surely these are dependable, nice people way out here in the middle of nowhere.
We'll be safer there."

Rock agreed. "OK. I'll stop. You're right. We'll be a lot safer there. Mark
nodded his head, as if to say he thought so too

The family got out of the car and rushed to the huge porch to stay dry. Rock
caught a glance at his daughter's soaked t-shirt and just about shit. "Damn," he
thought. "Her tits look just like her mother's did as a teenager." Shaking his
head for thinking about tits at a perilous time like this, he reached up and
rang the bell. He heard no response. He tried the door, and it opened easily.
"Looks like it's abandoned," he announced. "Let's go on in and stay out of the

Becky spied an oil lamp perched on a nearby table. "Daddy, light this lamp so we
can see," she said. Rock pulled out a lighter, which he kept for the big cigars
he occasionally smoked, and lit the lamp.

The room was huge, and seemed to be fairly spartan except for a large sofa and a
few pieces of furniture. The family sat down on the sofa and began to dry out
when suddenly they heard a noise. Rock turned around a look of shock came over
his face as he saw three huge, bearded men walk into the room!

"What in the hell are ya'll doin' on this property?" the biggest of the men

One of the big guys pulls out a pistol and holds it against Rock's head.
Grinning, the other two men approach Rock's lovely wife Linda and begin to paw
her tits, right there in front of the kids. "Don't move!" The man holding the
gun to their father's temple orders. "You just sit there an' watch while your
mommy gets friendly, or I'll blow your daddy's head clean off!" "Let's see what
we got here..."

One of the men tore open Linda's blouse, exposing her large, meaty breasts. The
were really something... Linda's tits were still the stuff Playboy centerfolds
were made of... giant mounds of firm flesh, perfectly round and upturned. As the
horrified youngsters look on, each of the men took one in hand... squeezing and
pulling at it, twisting Linda's pert little nipples sadistically. Linda gasped
in embarrassment.

"Stop!" Cried fourteen-year-old Becky, "Leave my mommy alone!" One of the two
men pawing Linda slapped the other on the shoulder. "I can't wait to get some of
that!" he said, his eyes ro 1000 aming over Linda and Rock's fourteen-year-old
daughter. "Oh no, please..." Linda begged, looking up at the men as they pawed
her mouth-watering jugs. "Please don't hurt my baby..." The men looked at each
other and grinned.

"I'll tell you what..." said the man with the gun. "If you were to be real nice
to us, an' do exactly like we said, maybe we wouldn't have to hurt your
husband... or fuck your little girl." he added as an afterthought. "I
understand..." Linda Brunner said, unhesitantly.

"Linda..." Rock began.

"Rock, it's the only way." Linda turned to her two teenagers. "Kids... your
mother's going to have to do something... I..."

"Shut up, bitch!" one of the men barked, "You don't speak unless spoken to. Now
get to work." Linda took a deep breath. She knew what these men wanted. Reaching
out with both hands, she fumbled for the zippers on their jeans. Finding them,
she pulled them down together, then took a deep breath and reached inside to
fish for their cocks.

As she slid her hands into the two brother's jeans, Linda's eyes went wide with
surprise. They were absolutely huge! As she pulled first one, then the other out
of their pants, Linda stared, unable to help herself. Neither man's cock was
hard, yet both were a over a foot long and thick as Rock's wrist!

"Oh my god! "Linda gasped, and all three men laughed.

"All us brothers got big dicks, missus." said the one with the gun. "The biggest
in the whole fuckin' world, I'll bet... Now you get to work on my brothers
before I tell them to wet their dicks in little sweet-cheeks over there..."

"Alright..." Linda said, nodding. She took hold of both cocks at the base,
pulling at them, feeling the weight of both massive lengths of flesh. The two
vein-covered tubes of meat throbbed in her hands, jerking and twitching
obscenely. Linda turned to face the man on her left and took his huge cock into
her mouth.

"Oh god, mommy..." Linda heard her daughter groan in disgust as she tasted the
strange man's dick.

Linda felt horrible... absolutely humiliated for having to perform this act in
front of her husband and two children, but Linda knew that their only hope lie
in her pleasing these men. She knew she had to do everything in her power to
make that happen, so she sucked him... really sucked him, taking his huge cock
into her throat like she did her husband, pressing forward, forcing the bulbous
head past the restriction of her throat... swallowing... sliding her lips down
the shaft... feeling the thick shaft slide down, down, until her lips pressed
against his pubic hairs... letting her tongue flick out to carress his balls
before pulling back... slowly... seductively...

"Uhhh man..." the guy said, looking at Rock. "Your wife sure can suck a mean

"Ummmmmmmm," Linda gurgled as she pulled her face off of the man's stiffening

A string of saliva stretched from her lips to the tip of the man's prick.
Without a word, Linda turned and swallowed the second man, gulping his prick
greedily... bobbing her head, her lips making wet, obscene sucking sounds on his

"Will you two kids look at your momma..." One of the brothers teased, "She took
to suckin' our dicks like some kinda fuckin' whore!" All three men got a kick
out of that.

They laughed uproariously as Linda worked back and forth between them, sucking
their giant cocks for all she was worth. "You know something?" The man with the
gun said in Rock's ear, "I think she likes suckin' two dicks at once!
looks to me like your wife is havin' herself a good 'ol time!!" Rock looked at
his lovely wife, her head bobbing... her lips sliding up and down first one
shaft and then the other... her throat working as she swallowed the two
brother's thick, throbbing cocks. "Oh Linda..." he said, his voice full of pain
and sadness.

Little Becky watched, absolutely horrified to see her mother working so hard to
please these two men with her mouth. She fo 1000 und it hard to believe that she
could even get her mouth over either one of them, they were so fat... let alone
actually take the foot-plus lengths of meat all the way down her throat! She was
too young to understand why her mother had agreed to do this terrible thing so
readily... All she knew was that her mother was letting these men put their
things in her mouth... no that wasn't true... she wasn't letting them... she was
doing it herself! She was sucking them!

Her older brother Mark was equally horrified, but found himself unable to resist
staring at his mother's large, meaty breasts. He felt guilty, but he had never
seen tits that big or that perfect before, except in magazines, and the way
those two men squeezed and pulled at them... Well it was kind of exciting in a
weird sort of way. If he pretended for a moment that it wasn't his mother...
that she was just some big-titted whore... NO! He couldn't think like that! But
it was too late... he couldn't stop his own cock from hardening in his pants,
and to his utter shame, one of the men noticed.

"Hey look! Junior's gettin' a hardon watchin' his momma give us head!" "No... it
ain't that..." said the other, "He like's lookin' at momma's big fuckin'

"Why don't you show Junior your pussy, missus?" One of the men suggested. That
one caught Linda off guard. She stopped, looking up at the men in surprise.
"Now..." The man said, looking meaningfully at Becky.

Linda nodded, her face red with embarrassment. Linda reached up under her skirt
and took hold of the waistband of her panties. Lifting her rump off the seat,
she pulled them down to her knees, then leaned forward and let them fall to the
floor around her ankles. She kicked them aside, then let her legs fall open,
exposing her pussy to the three men, and to her two teenage children. "Look...
she shaves it!" One of the men pointed out.

It was true. Linda kept her crotch shaved smooth and bare because that's the way
Rock liked it. Now, however, it made her feel more like a whore to have these
men see her like that. A moment later Linda's face got redder still, as one of
the men reached down to grope her big, firm jugs with both hands while the
second crammed two fat finger's into her cunt.

"Look at your momma's pussy boy... You wanna know why she shaves it? It's
because she likes to show it off... Yeah, she likes to show her pussy off
wherever she goes. Ain't that right, missus?"

Linda had gone right back to sucking their cocks, leaving her legs splayed open.
Now she pulled her mouth off of a fat, purple dick-head with a loud smacking
sound, and turned to face her two teenage children. She knew what was expected
of her, and she was determined to play the game just the way these men liked it.

"Yes..." she said, ashamed that her children might think she was for real, "I
like to show off my pussy..."

"Where, bitch? Tell me where you like to show it off the most!"

Linda's mind raced. She needed to think of something fast... something that
these men wanted to hear. "I'm a teacher..." Linda began, and it was true.. She
taught tenth grade English at a local high-school. "I never wear panties when I
teach class.. I like to sit in front of the room and spread my legs, so all the
boys can see my pussy." Please kids... please don't believe any of this...

Mark heard his mother and reeled in shock. It never occurred to him that she was
lying... He looked at her, sitting there with her pussy exposed, those two men
groping at her big mouth-watering tits. She didn't seem frightened and she
certainly wasn't trying to resist. Hell, she was as hot as any girl in any
fuck-mag he had ever seen. He imagined her in class, letting her legs fall open,
pulling her skirt up, showing it to all the boys, and his cock twitched.

"Yeah I knew you was a hot number..." one of them said, "Is that all you do is
let them look?"

Linda looked up at the man, trying her best to act the part. Oh Mark... Becky...
1000 I'm sorry... "No..." she said, pulling on their cocks, rubbing them in her
face as she spoke.

"Sometimes I make a whole bunch of them stay after class. I like to get down on
my knees and blow them...all of them... sucking all their cocks one after the
other... And sometimes I make them eat my pussy..."

"Hey... if she likes havin' her pussy licked by young boys so much, why don't we
let junior do it?" one of the brothers said, grinning at fifteen-year-old Mark.
"Yeah, let's make him eat it!" Suggested another.

The one digging his fingers into Linda's pussy nodded.

"Yeah, that's a good idea. Hey boy... get over here an' eat your momma's pussy."
Whem Mark didn't move, the man got up and drug the boy over, pushing him to his
knees between his mother's wide-spread thighs. "Eat your momma's pussy, boy."

"No!" Mark said in a frightened voice.

While the first brother continued grope Linda's impressive knockers roughly, the
second grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. "Make him do it,
missus." He said. "Make him do it or I'll let the wind blow through your
husband's head." Linda knew that the man was serious. They'd all be killed if
they didn't do exactly as they were told. "Yeah... show us all what a whore you
are..." said the one with the gun.

That was it, Linda knew. That was what the men wanted. They wanted to see her
degrade herself... to have to play the part of the whore in front of her family.
Well if that was the only way to survive, then that's what she'd do. Linda would
be a whore now for these men and worry about the consequences later, when they
were safe.

Linda reached out and took her son's head in both hands. She looked up at her
captors. "Eat me..." she said, and pulled him forward, Linda pressed her son's
face into her crotch. "Lick it, Mark... lick my pussy." Sensing how dangerous
their predicament was, Mark began to lap at his mother's gash.

"Uhhhhh..." Linda grunted, not faking, as her son's tongue flipped across her
clit and then dug deep into her cunt-hole. He's good. She thought to herself.
He's done this before.

While Mark ate his momma's pussy, one of the men switched places with the man
holding the gun to Rock's head. The third brother, anxious to join in the fun,
pulled out his cock and moved up beside Linda. "Time to make it three cocks in
your hot fuckin' mouth, whore!"

Linda opened her mouth and gobbled up the third brother's fuck-stick without
hesitation. The other brother moved up on her left, and once again, Linda was
moving her head back and forth, sucking two giant cocks at once. Only this time,
her fifteen-year-old son Mark was between her wide-spread legs, expertly
slurping at her cunt.

He's too good... Linda thought as her pussy twitched. Oh god, Mark... stop
licking at my clit! "Ommmmmmmm..." Linda groaned around the fat cock in her
mouth, unable to help herself, then blushed as the three men laughed.

Mark dug his tongue into his mother's cunt, tasting the juice that was starting
to flow. At the same time he slid his hands up the front of her body, taking
hold of her jugs, squeezing and pinching at the swollen, hardening nipples as he
ate her. Part of him knew he was going too far, but another part of him was
excited... delighted to have his mother's fat titties in his hand's... reveling
in the taste of her sloppy, nasty cunt.

Oh Mark, what are you doing!?! Linda tried to fight the feeling in her cunt but
it proved much too strong to resist. She pulled her knees up to her shoulders,
opening her cunt to his tongue. Gasping in shame, Linda threw back her head and
came in her son's face.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" she groaned, as the sparks went off between
her legs, and her cunt gushed juice onto Mark's tongue. She heard the three
brother's laughing again, and found to her surprise that it added to her
pleasure. They're watching my son eat my pussy! She thought, and a hot flash
shot through her body. Linda drop 1000 ped her feet to the floor and lifted her
ass off the seat, working her hips, rubbing her drooling fuck-hole into her
teenage son's face.

When it was over, one of the men pulled Mark to his feet. Linda looked up at her
son, seeing her own cunt-juice glistening on his face. Beside her, the two men
worked their cocks with their hands. "Get your cock out, boy." One of them

The other grabbed Linda by the hair and pulled her off the chair, stripping her
naked before pushing her to her knees in front of the boy. "Don't worry about
your momma, boy..." One of the men said, kneeling behind Linda. "We ain't makin'
her do anything she don't wanna do. You saw the way she sucked our dicks... all
three of us! An' you heard her talk about suckin' all them school boys... She
ain't nothin' but a fuckin' whore, boy... Why shouldn't you get your dick sucked
too?" Reaching under Linda's arms he lifted up the twin mounds of firm flesh.
They were too much for even his large hands to handle, but he squeezed them
painfully, the nipples poking up ino the air, looking hard and swollen. "Jus'
look at these big fuckin' titties..." he said, jiggling them nastily. "I know
you like 'em, boy...Go on an' touch 'em." Mark swallowed, and reached out
hesitantly to take hold of his mother's tits.

"Yeah, that's it, boy... Squeeze your momma's big fuckin' jugs." The man
continued to hold Linda's tits up so the boy could play with them, and grinned
hugely when he saw the excited look in Mark's eye. "Suck on 'em, boy...Go on.
Suck on that nasty whore's jugs."

Mark leaned forward and put his mouth over one of Linda's nipples. He began to
smack and slurp away at first one and then the other, thinking about all the
boys at school who had probably done the same thing...

Linda groaned helplessly, and the teenager's breath quickened. She liked it! A
moment later, he stepped back and began to fumble with his zipper.

"Yeah, boy. That's right. Make the filthy slut suck your cock, an then we'll all
take turns fuckin' her." Mark pulled his dick from his pants and moved forward.

"Oh Mark, no..." Behind him he could hear his father gasp.

"Just suck my dick!" the boy hissed, and pushed his pecker into his mother's

"Umphhh!" Linda gasped, as Mark began to fuck her face. It was disgusting...
obscene... Linda didn't know what had come over her son, yet she knew she had no
choice, so she sucked it... sucked her own son's cock with the same skill she
had used on the three other men. "How's your son's dick taste, missus? Is it

"Roll her over onto her back." One suggested a minute or so later. "Let the boy
fuck his mother." Little Becky sat on the sofa, watching the scene wide-eyed and
terrified, as the men forced her mother to lie on her back with her legs spread
apart. She was only fourteen, but she looked a lot younger because of her size.
She was only four-foot-seven and about 85 pounds, and although she had dated
once or twice, she had never let a boy touch her. That's why this was all so
unbelievable... like some kind of horrible nightmare. She heard one of the men
speaking to her brother. "Go on, boy.... Fuck the whore."

Becky couldn't believe her eyes as Mark climbed between their mother's thighs.
He took his penis in one hand and guided it into Linda's snatch, lowering his
weight onto her, letting his cock slide up into her hot, moist channel.
"Ohhhhhhh!" he groaned, feeling his mother's tight wet pussy squeezing his cock.
He had never done it before, and it felt even better than he had expected!

Once again, the man holding the gun traded places with one of the others. As the
last brother took his turn guarding Rock, the other two took turns straddling
his lovely wife's head, pushing their cocks down her throat while his son fucked
her pussy.

Rock was numb with shock and helplessness. It was bad enough that he was unable
to stop the men from using his wife, but to have to watch while his only son
fucked her... 1000 driving his stiff dick up into her pussy again and again...
to have to listen to Linda's gasps of shame turn to groans of pleasure as she
sucked at the two brother's dicks and lifted her cunt up to meet her young son's

"Uhgaah..." Linda grunted, pulling her mouth off of a stiff prick. "Fuck
me...Ahh god baby, fuck me!!!" An instant later Linda's pussy exploded.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgoddddddddddddddddddd!!!" she screamed, squirming beneath her
teenage son. She squeezed her fluttering pussy around her son's penis and saw
his eyes glaze over. "Squirt it in me baby..." She cooed. "Come on... Squirt it
in momma's pussy."

However, the men had other plans for the boy's spunk. One of them grabbed the
boy by the shoulder and literally tore him from between Linda's legs.

"Make the filthy slut swallow it." He told the boy, pushing him forward. "Go on,
boy... You know you wanna put your dick in your momma's mouth an' give her a
nice, big mouthful of cum, don't 'ya!?!" Mark looked at the man and then nodded.

"Yeah..." he said and leaned over his mother, pushing his cock into her mouth.
Linda's pussy was still twitching as her boy leaned over her, and she took his
cock into her mouth gladly.

She wanted to suck him...wanted to make him cum! Rock and Becky were unimportant
now... as long as they behaved they'd be safe. All that mattered now was how
much she wanted to get fucked, and how badly she needed to taste her son's
jism... to feel his hot, sticky load dribbling down her throat. She knew it was
wrong... that it was incest... yet she had loved being forced to fuck her own

It had been dirty... so degrading! And she knew Mark had enjoyed it too. She
looked up to meet her son's eyes as he worked his cock in and out of her tightly
sucking lips. "Oh god..." he grunted, "I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna do it in her

Rock and little Becky watched, frozen in shock, as Linda grabbed her son's ass,
pulling him forward and taking his prick all the way down her throat... holding
him there with her lips pressed against his pelvis as he unloaded his balls.

"Unghh!" he gasped, his body convulsing as he shot a jet of goo down his
mother's throat. "Uhhhgod..." Another squirt. He jerked his hips, pulling his
dick from Linda's mouth. His penis literally erupted with a force and quantity
of jism that only teenage boys can produce, a thick white stream gushing
straight into his mother's open mouth.

"Mmmmmmm" Linda gurgled. She swallowed greedily, cum running from the corners of
her mouth. "Fuck momma's face, baby." she begged. "Shoot it down my throat."

Rock thought he'd be sick as he watched his son force his spurting penis down
into Linda's throat... all he could see was the way Linda's eyes shone as she
gulped again and again and again...In less than a minute it was over.

Mark pulled his limp dick from his mother's mouth and rolled over onto his back,

"Are the three of you gonna fuck me now?" Linda was hot as a firecracker. She
lay on her back with her legs splayed wide, fingering herself and squeezing her
massive jugs as she looked up at the men. "Are the three of you gonna fuck me
now?" She asked, her own son's cum hanging from her chin.

"No, I don't think so..." The man holding the gun said, grinning. "Ya' see, we
like the young stuff!"

As he spoke, the two other men converged on little Becky. "Stay away!" Becky
pleaded, trying vainly to scramble over the couch, but the men caught her and
held her between them.

Linda scrambled to her feet, but the man with the gun stopped her, motioning for
her to get back on the floor with her son.

"Get down there an' 69 with your son..." he commanded. "Get his dick hard an'
maybe I'll let him fuck ya' some more." Linda obeyed, squatting on her son's
face, leaning forward to take Mark's prick into her mouth, sucking him as she
watched the men holding her struggling young daughter.

"Jesus, she's so f 1000 uckin' little!" said one. It was true. Little Becky
barely came up to their waists.

"How old are you little girl?" One of them asked.

"F-fourteen..." she replied, sniffling.

The two men smiled at each other..

"She's gonna have tits like her mother..." As he spoke, the man pulled up the
front of Becky's T-shirt, exposing the cutest, pointiest little set of teenage
titties you've ever seen.

"God damn!" The man grinned, "We gonna pork us a pretty little schoolgirl!"
Becky started to cry as the two men turned her around, and forced her to kneel
on the sofa. They had her bent way over the back of the couch with her knees
together and her cute little rear end stuck up in the air. One of the men held
little Becky's arms while the other unbuttoned her cutt-offs. Then he grabbed
her shorts and panties in both hands and whipped them down around her knees,
leaving the youngster's sweet little baby-fat ass bared for them all to see.

Without a word, the man climbed up behind the youngster while his brother held
her. He wedged the huge, swollen head of his thick, eighteen-inch dick in the
crack of the tiny teenager's ass and shoved. The fourteen year old screamed and
the big man cursed. "Hold her still, will ya? I'm tryin' to get it in her

"Oh god!" Rock hissed, as the realization hit him. They were going to sodomize
her! These huge men were going to sodomize his tiny little girl! "Please..." he
begged, "Don't hurt her..."

Linda sobbed as she sucked on her son's dick.

Becky looked up, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Daddyyyyy!!!" she cried, and a moment later her eyes flew wide in surprise, as
the monstrous cock-head popped into her tender, virgin anus.

"Aaahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" The little girl screamed, her face contorted
in pain. The man hesitated with just the head of his massive cock in her sweet
little schoolgirl butt. It looked like a god-damned baseball bat sticking out
from between her baby-fat cheeks...the tight, puckered ring of her tiny virgin
anus was clearly visible, twitching and jerking around the impossibly fat shaft.

The man grabbed Becky by her by the pony tail and shoved, driving more than half
of his hard, fat cock up into the teenager's spasming butt-hole. He turned his
head, looked Rock straight in the eye, and grinned as he jerked his hips,
whipping his cock completely from the little girl's butt. The youngster's mouth
fell open and she sucked in a big gulp of air. He immediately placed it against
the fourteen-year-olds fluttering anus and shoved it back in to the balls.

"Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!" Becky bawled, as the entire foot and
a half of hard, fat meat was packed up into her bowels. "It burns, oh god daddy,
it burns so bad!" "Do 'er again, Buck!" The one holding Becky said.

The one called Buck nodded and whipped his dick from little Becky's buns, only
this time he took hold of her ass with both hands and spread her cheeks. The
poor girl's abused and burning butt-hole was clenching and unclenching
uncontrollably, looking so tiny in the big man's hands. "Look at that, Chip..."
He told the other. "Tightest little shit-hole you'll ever fuck!" He moved in
again, brutally slamming his prick back up into little Becky's rear-end. He
began to stroke the girl... working every inch of his oversized cock in and out
of her ass-hole, pumping the entire length up into the fourteen-year-old's
little baby-fat buns so hard he knocked the wind out of her. Meanwhile, his
brother had his cock in his hand, rubbing it in the crying schoolgirl's face,
trying to get it in her mouth. "Suck on it, you little bitch... put it in your
mouth like your momma did..."

Becky was bawling like a baby, babbling about how badly her ass-hole hurt,
begging them to stop, yet at the same time she obeyed, licking at the thick
shaft of meat dangling in her face... smacking and sucking at... reasoning on an
unconscious level that this was the only way to m 1000 ake the pain stop.

"Man she can't even get it in her mouth..." The man said, sounding disappointed.
"And I really wanted to see sweet-cheeks with a mouthful of cock!"

"I got an idea..." said the man holding the gun to Rock's head. "Let's make her
do her daddy!"

Both brothers agreed readily, and Rock was instructed to pull out his dick. He
refused, and the man pulled back the hammer with a loud click. Having no other
choice, Rock undid his pants and pulled out his flaccid prick.

Meanwhile, the two brother's continued to abuse Rock's sobbing teenage daughter.
"Get over there, you little whore..." The man fucking Becky's butt said. He
simply reached under the small girl and lifted her up, keeping her impaled on
his dick as he carried her over, dropping to his knees again in front of her old

"Suck your daddy's dick, you little cunt!" The man holding the gun said. He
leaned down to Rock's ear.

You just lean back and enjoy it mister... ain't no hurry, cause me an' the boys
are gonna spend the next couple of hours pumpin' your little girl's butt!" Rock
made a sound like a strangle groan, but didn't move. There was nothing he could
do. He watched helplessly, as the big man drove his monster cock deep into his
little girl's ass as hard as he could, over and over, obviously enjoying the way
she whimpered and sobbed, commanding the youngster to suck Rock's dick. He saw
Becky lift her head, her eyes unfocused. "Daddy..." she said as her fingers
closed around Rock's limp penis. Craning her neck forward, little Becky took her
father's dick into her mouth. "There ya' go, sweet-thing! Suck on daddy's dick
while I pump your tight little shit-hole!"

Linda felt Mark turn his head between her legs, so he could watch as the man
sodomized his little sister. She felt his prick begin to stiffen in her mouth as
the man drove his huge prick up into Becky's butt-hole again and again.

My god... he's actually enjoying all of this, she thought, and a moment later
she felt her son's finger pressing at her own anus, trying to work it in there.
"No Mark... don't" she said, and was instantly sorry she did. The man who was
watching turned his head and grinned.

"Look..." he said, nudging the man cornholing the little girl. "Junior wants to
fuck his mother's shitter!" "Go give him a hand." The other replied. "I'm Ok

The man walked over and grabbed Linda by the hair.

"Roll over, bitch." he said, and Linda was forced to obey. She lay flat on her
stomach, her firm, tanned buns sticking up invitingly. Mark didn't need any
encouragement. He climbed up behind his mother and pushed his cock up into her
ass, and not gently either, but savagely, brutally like the man had done to his

"Ahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Linda wailed, as Mark drove the Hershey Highway.
Meanwhile Becky continued to suck her father's dick while the big man reamed out
her ass. The man who had helped Mark got up and approached his brother. "Lemme
get some of that..." he said.

The other man grinned and whipped his slimey cock from little Becky's ass-hole.
The teenager grunted nastily and pulled her mouth off of her father's cock,
looking back over her shoulder just in time to see the men change places.

"Oh god no..." she groaned, but a moment later the second man's cock had slid
painfully up into her butt.

"Oh daddy, help me..." the youngster pleaded between grunts and gasps. "They're
takin' turns...They're takin' turns in my heinie!!!"

The minutes clicked slowly by. The first brother to fuck Becky's ass replaced
the one holding the gun, and he too took his turn in the little girl's butt. She
still thrashed and moaned from the pain, sobbing and sucking away at her
father's cock. Linda on the other hand had quieted down. Rock was disgusted to
see that after several minutes of butt-fucking she had begun to grunt like an
animal, sticking her shapely ass up into the air so her son could plow it better
with his dic 1000 k. "How is that, boy?" one of the men asked.

"It's tight..." Mark hissed through clenched teeth. "Oh momma, your ass-hole's
so tight!" Rock heard his wife moan and saw her reach back to grab the boys
hands, pulling them forward, lifting the front of her body off the floor
momentarily, so the boy could get hold of her gigantic jugs.

"Squeeze them while you cornhole me..." Linda begged, surprising Rock with her
language. "Hurt my ass-hole, baby. Come on. Make it hurt!" Mark began to savage
his mother, pounding his dick up her ass. Linda wailed and shivered, and said
something Rock would never forget.

"You can fuck my butt anytime you want, baby... from now on... You just say the
word and I'll bend over for you. I'll even bend over for your friends, too!
Would you like that, baby? Would you like me to let all your friends do it too?"
The three brothers broke into peals of laughter.

The minutes turned into ten, and then twenty. The three brothers had switched
again and again, each of them having five or six turns apiece up little Becky's
ass. To Rock's absolute horror, the tiny, 85 pound schoolgirl begin to mew
nastily, and he saw her back arch and her ass begin to quiver. At the same time
she began to suck him feverishly, her lips sucking and smacking at his cock in a
way that was impossible to ignore. Rock felt his cock begin to harden in his
little girl's mouth.

"Oh it's good now daddy..." Becky cooed, "Let me make you feel good too..." She
went back to sucking her father's cock hungrily, while around her the three
brother's laughed uproariously.

Mark had been watching his sister the whole time. Hearing her now was just too
much for him. He grunted and shot his load up into his mother's ass-hole. Linda
gasped and clenched her ass-cheeks as tightly as she could. "Oh god yeah mom
squeeze it!" he yelled, and pumped her like a jackhammer.

The man sodomizing Becky pulled his cock from her ass and threw her to the floor
beside her mother and brother. "Make the little tramp clean your dick off in her
mouth!" He told Mark.

As Becky's older brother grinned and pulled his slimy prick out of his mother's
ass, the little girl rolled over onto her back, her mouth open and inviting.
"I've always wanted to do this, Becky..." Mark said, as he slid his dirty dick
into his sister's mouth.

He took both of the youngster's tits in hand and squeezed them, letting his
sister do all the work. Becky moaned and took her time sucking him clean,
obviously enjoying the terrible act. Then, to the three brother's immense
enjoyment, Mark had an idea of his own. He pulled his little sister by the hair,
dragging her over to where her mother lay, exhausted, cum oozing from her
freshly fucked ass-hole.

"Lick it up..." Mark said, pushing little Becky's face between the greasy cheeks
of her mother's ass. "Clean out her ass with your tongue!"

Little Becky obeyed instantly, noisily slurping and lapping at her mother's
filthy butt-hole, using her tongue to scoop the jism from her mother's anus and
then gulping it down.

Grinning, Mark climbed up behind her and parted her buns, looking at her tiny
fucked-out anus. "Oh Becky...I'm gonna fuck your poop-chute!" he said, and sunk
his still-stiff prick deep into his little sister's rear.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Becky groaned, her face covered with the slime from her
mother's ass. She was so excited, she cursed for the very first time. "Fuck me,
Markie... Fuck my rear-end hard!"

The men gathered round, encouraging the boy to ream his sister harder, laughing
as he slammed his dick up into her. With every stroke the little girl moved
closer to her very first orgasm. Uhhhhgod Markie..." she groaned, "Don't stop...
I... I... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

The little 85 pound youngster thrashed and squirmed uncontrollably as she came,
her ass-hole impaled on her big brother's dick. Before she had a chance to stop,
one of the men pulled Mark off of her and rammed his massive fu 1000 ck-stick
straight up the girl's butt.

"Eeeeeiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Becky shrieked as she came again, harder this
time... her ass-hole clenching on the fat shaft, pinching it as her ass bucked
and twitched below him.

"Ahhhghhhh!!" the man grunted, and unleashed a torrent of hot jism up into
Becky's rectum. He turned his head to look at Rock. "I just busted my nut up
your little girl's butt..." he said, milking the last few drops into the
teenager's behind.

"My turn." said the second brother. He climbed up behind Becky and inserted his
fat prick in her butt. Almost immediately, the little girl began working towards
another orgasm.

"Your little girl's a natural butt-slut!" he told Rock. "Yeah..." he said, "This
won't take long..."

As he stroked the youngster, his brother forced the little girl to lick his cock
clean, which she did, cumming again halfway through the project... shivering and
shaking and moaning as she licked the slime from the cock. In less than a
minute, he too pumped a large load up into the little girl's bowels.

"God, this tramps hole is gettin' nasty!" he said, as he pulled his filthy cock
from Becky's ass. He moved around in front of the girl and grinned as she licked
it like a lollypop. It was the third one's turn after that.

He followed the other's example, fucking her brutally for a minute or so before
busting his nut in the fourteen-year-old's tight little ass. When they had
finished, they made the little girl squat over her mother's face, forcing the
older woman to catch the jism on her tongue and swallow it, as it oozed out of
her daughter's ass. Little Becky squatted over her mother's face, leaning
forward on her hands. Every time her mother's tongue flicked across her burning
anus she twitched and spasmed. She could feel a great gob of cum still up in her
ass... the combined cum from all three men.

She pushed her ass-hole down onto her mother's stiff tongue, and reaching down
she spread her cheeks with both hands, relaxing the muscles there. With a nasty
farting sound, the cum dribbled out of her, slowly at first and then plopping
out in a goey glob right into her mother's open mouth.

"Uhhhhhhh!!!" little Becky groaned, cumming. Linda slurped and gulped down the
nasty mess, digging in her cunt with both hands. Still not satisfied, the men
had the two females 69 next... enjoying the sight of mother and daughter
slurping at each other's pussies.... the mother on the bottom and the cute
little teenager on the top, with her tender ass-hole exposed.

The man with the gun motioned Rock over. "Fuck her butt-hole." he said. "Lemme
see you bust your little girl's butt." Rock dropped to his knees behind Becky,
his cock in his hand.

He didn't have any choice. He put the head against her slimy, drooling ass-hole
and pushed, his cock sliding easily into the well-fucked hole. Little Becky
pulled her goo-covered face from her mother's crotch and looked back at her

"Don't worry, daddy..." she sighed, "I like it now..." Rock closed his eyes and
stroked her, easy at first, but harder and harder as the men urged him on. Soon
he was really plowing her... fucking her butt-hole as hard as he could.

Becky was groaning and tossing her head, obviously enjoying it immensely. "Oh
god daddy... it feels so good.... I'm gonna let all the boys at school put their
things up there... an' the teachers too... an'... an'... everybody!"

As Rock listened to his daughter babble on, he felt his prick began to swell in
her tight little ass. He pushed her face into his wife's cunt, listened to her
slurp at the sloppy, greasy gash. He grabbed her firm little titties and stroked
her... humping her teenage butt-hole like a wild dog.

"You do that, Becky..." Rock grunted, "You hear? I want you to ask every boy at
school to put his cock in your ass..."

"Yes, daddy." Becky moaned, "I swear I will..."

"You're a little whore, Becky... A sloppy, tight-a 476 ssed little fuckin'
whore!" Rock grunted and a jet of cum burst up into Becky's butt. He quickly
pulled his cock from her tight little shitter and pushed it right into her

"Swallow daddy's cum, you little slut... Swallow it like you're gonna swallow
all those loads at school!" Becky groaned and drank her father's jism. When she
finished, the three men threw them their clothes, and then pushed them out onto
the porch, slamming the door. The family looked at each other for a moment and
then dressed, before starting back towards the car.

They walked for a mile or so, dense trees lining both sides of the road. Rock
and Linda were walking behind their two kids, and Rock's eyes fell to the damp
spot on his daughter's shorts... cum leaking from her ass-hole.

He looked to his right and saw Linda staring too.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she asked.

Rock grinned. "Sure am..."

He took little Becky's hand and led her into the woods.

"Come on, honey..." Linda said, leading her son by the hand. "Momma needs her
butt fucked..."


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Like Mark in the story, I always wanted to fuck my cock sucking whore mother. I know of at least one door to door salesman my mom sucked and fucked and at least one neighbor lady who let mom lick her cunt. I like to think the stupid bitch sucked offf all my friends too. my mom was a fucking whore!


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I love this story. Love the mother telling all about sucking the boys at school, and the daughter telling her daddy she's going to butt fuck all the boys and teachers and her daddy telling her she's a whore.


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Delicious sexy story I love it

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I love this story! They are turned into the sluts they were supposed to be!

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