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Pretty little Linda Preston hotly jerked her dog's erect prick on her bed as she listened to her mother getting fucked in the next room. A bathroom separated the bedrooms, but Linda could hear everything going on in her mother's room. It was after midnight and Myra Preston had brought home another man.

Linda's mom often brought men home from the bars she frequented. Sometimes, the man would be gone before Linda awoke the next morning. Sometimes the man would stay for days, drinking and laughing with Myra by day and fucking her by night. Ever since Linda's dad had run off with a cocktail waitress, her mom had become a gorgeous, shapely cock-hound.

Now that she was a teenager, Linda patterned herself after her beautiful mom. What Myra like, Linda liked. And she often got very horny as she listened to some guy fucking her mother's hungry pussy. She usually jerked off her dog, Rex, as she listened to the raunchy, lewd and exciting noises coming from the next room.

Just six months earlier Linda had discovered the joys of sex with the family mutt. After her father's disappearance, the emotionally disturbed child began taking Rex to bed with her for comfort and solace.

Under the covers, she soon learned that the dog had a cock and that it got very large if she played with it. With her mom fucking hotly in the next room, bouncing wildly on her bed wit some guy, Linda enjoyed jacking her pet's cock and making it squirt jism.

Rex's big, stiff cock became important to the girl. Something to hold on to. Something to cling to in her loneliness and despair.

Without her dad around anymore, Linda turned to her mother as a model. When her mom found comfort in a bit, stiff prick, Linda found the same thing in her dog's cock. When her mom finger-fucked herself for comfort, so did Linda.

The real fun of whacking Rex's thick, red prick was only increased for Linda when she started fucking her middle finger in and out of her horny your pussy. The sexually disturbed girl found the combination exhilarating. She could jerk Rex's big cock with one hand and still finger-fuck herself with the other.

Myra Preston was neglecting her little girl these days, but that was just fine with Linda. She liked the freedom suddenly thrust upon her because she could spend more time in bed with her best friend, Rex, a shaggy mongrel who had been good for nothing until Linda discovered his cock.

Recently, Rex started licking Linda's hot little cunt, and she went wild with this new development in her sex life.

At first, she had be horrified and had tried to stop him from doing that. But being a sensitive girl, made extremely horny by her mom's insatiable sex-hunger, she spread her pretty legs and found out just how wonderful it felt to have a big, wet doggie-tongue lap her cunt.

For six months, the happy dog had been licking her furry little cunt.

"Ohhh! Suck it!" she heard her mother cry from the next bedroom.

Linda opened her legs as she heard a familiar cry from the next bedroom. She spread her thighs and urged Rex to lick her pussy as she listened to the music her mom made.

Myra Preston was still young in figure, a shapely brunette with luscious tits and an inviting ass. Linda always liked the way her mother looked. Other girls seemed to have old, frazzled moms, but not Linda. Her mom was super-sexy and sensual. And now that Myra was manless, she seemed to have an incredible appetite for cock. Any cock.

Linda was in bed playing with Rex's stiff prick when her mom arrived home with her new playmate. As usual, when the adults were in the bedroom, Linda padded naked to the door and cracked it open a little so she could hear better.

"Maybe I should have brought something for us to drink," she heard the man say.

"No, I've had enough," her mom replied in a sexy voice. "You've brought everything we need."

Linda heard a zipper being pulled down.

"Mmmm! You're really hung!" she heard her mom murmur softly. "And getting bigger by the second."

"Like that, huh?" the man chuckled.

"Love it," Myra purred.

Linda couldn't bear the suspense or her own burning curiosity. She just had to look.

She tiptoed into the bathroom and went to the door of her mother's bedroom. It was ajar and she peeked inside.

The man sat on the edge of the bed and removed his shoes and socks. He stood up and took off his shirt. Even as he was doing this, Linda saw her mother help him drop his pants. Then she pushed his shorts down and exposed his great big cock.

"God, you're enormous!" her mom rasped.

Linda agreed. Her young eyes went wide when she saw the massive hunk of cock her mother was stroking so lovingly. She had seen plenty of cocks since her mother had started fucking around, but this one was indeed immense.

The prick had the same effect on Linda that it had on her mom. She lost her breath just looking at it.

"I want to see you," the man said with a lewd grin.

"Okay," Myra cooed.

The man stood, his prick throbbing in mid-air and stared hotly as Myra stripped for him. Linda starred too, picking up some more pointers on female behavior as her pretty mom removed her tight, short dress. In a flash, her luscious, curvy body was exposed for the man, leaving nothing but teeny-weeny panties and a bra hiding her goodies.

Linda watched breathlessly as her mother peeled off the little bra. Her mom's bit, firm tits came into view. Their mouth-watering nipples protruding sexily. Linda hoped she'd have tits like that when she grew up.

The man was obviously affected by what he saw. His cock jolted in the air and seemed to grow ever more rigid and alive as Myra pushed her little panties down. With a wiggle and a smile, she exposed her bushy, black-haired pussy.

Linda swallowed hard as her mom deliberately opened her legs and touched her fingers to the puffy lips of her pussy.

"Is this what you've been after all night?" she laughed sensuously.

The man's eyes riveted to her pussy.

"Damned if it isn't the loveliest cunt I've seen in months," he rasped.

"Mmmm! I like that," Myra purred, moving toward the bed. "Flattery will get you all the cunt you can eat and fuck."

Linda's eyes burned hotly as she watched her mom stretch out across the bed and spread her lovely legs as if the guy were an old friend.

The man went right to her, like iron to a powerful magnet.

"Eat me," her mother rasped hotly, writhing her pussy at the horny man. "Put your hot mouth on my cunt and suck me."

Little whimpering sounds escaped Myra's throat as the man dropped to his knees and kissed her pussy passionately.

Linda licked her lips nervously as she saw the man's mouth press tightly up against her mom's open, wet cunt. It always taught Linda something to watch her mother in action.

The man's big tongue, buried in her mom's cunt, seemed to give her mother marvelous feelings.

Pussy-eating had never seemed that great to young Linda until she had seen her mother getting sucked. Here she was now, moaning loudly and pumping her cunt up and down crazily, the man's thick tongue drilling in and out of her pussy effortlessly.

Linda once again wondered just how good it would feel to have a tongue lashing her pretty little cunt... would she get all wiggly and hot like her mom? Her pussy sure liked her finger. Was a tongue that much better?

Watching her sensuous mom get all turned on by that busy, thrashing tongue, only made Linda want to experiment some more on her own. The way that man was feeling Myra's ass and pushing his tongue into her pussy was enough to make Linda finger-fuck her cunt a little as she watched the horny action.

The sight of the man's horny tongue doing so much to her mom's cunt made the girl lust for her dog. In a turmoil of mixed emotions but wanting the pleasures her mom was getting, the teenager hurried back to her bed and her patiently waiting mutt.

Rex sniffed the air as she climbed onto the bed and got a whiff of her juicy pussy. He grunted lazily and turned his head toward her crotch. He wasn't a very energetic dog, but he liked Linda's cunt.

With her tits hardened and her cute little clit buzzing, Linda pulled the heavy dog around on the bed and got her cunt near the dog's mouth. She drew one knee up and opened her legs for him.

Soon, his big, scrapy tongue slapped wetly against her horny pussy.

She purred like her mom as the doggie-tongue whipped her cunt into a pleasant froth. Smiling gently, she smoothed her hand over his nuts and furry sheath, slowly milking it until his red cock came slithering out. She knew now how to make it big and she quickly did so.

She curled her fingers around his exposed cock and massaged it up and down as she humped her juicy cunt against his licking tongue.

"Oh, you stud!" her mom's voice rang out. "Jesus, how you suck! Ummm! Lick it good, honey! Ohhh! Eat me! God, that feels so good!"

Her mother's voice echoed Linda's own feelings as Rex licked her pussy. She grasped his stiff prick and jerked on it hornily, admiring it with her hot gaze as it throbbed in her tight fist.

As her mom uttered deliciously obscene things about getting her cunt licked, Linda felt the same way about her dog's tongue. Her own lust increased in time with her mother's, as if they were united by some invisible bond. Like mother, like daughter.

It was during these moments of fantastic, incredible pleasure that the young girl heard her mother moan.

"Ohhh! Baby," Myra moaned. "Ohhh! Baby, bring your cock around here and let me suck it!"

Linda had seen her mother sixty-nine with men before and had learned just how marvelous it was. Following her mom's example, she lowered her pretty face to the dog's rigid prick and gave it a lick with the tip of her pink tongue.

Listening to her mother's sucking sounds and soft moans of pleasure, Linda followed suit. She grasped the throbbing dog-cock and licked up and down the length of it and then round and round his cockhead, as she had seen her mom do.

Licking the dog-cock seemed to make her pussy feel even better beneath the animal's lashing tongue, so she licked it some more.

Getting his prick licked seemed to make Rex more horny and he swabbed her wet pussy faster still.

The girl and the dog got it on just like the man and the woman in the next room.

"Ohhh! Rex," Linda rasped, imitating her mom and feeling grown up. "What a big cock you have! Ummm! Give it to me!"

She moaned with pleasure and slid her soft, sexy mouth onto his prick and whimpered as his stiff cock slid into the tight hotness of her passionate mouth. The thickness of his hot prick in her wetly sucking mouth gave her the thrill of a lifetime.

"Mmmm," she moaned hornily, twisting her mouth around on his prick. "Mm... mmm... mmmmm!"

Rex's fucking instinct was triggered by the girl's lovely mouth and he started pushing his thick cock in and out.

The exciting friction of his massive prick against her sensitive lips made Linda's pussy cream. She had discovered the connection between her mouth and her cunt. When she was hot, she noticed, anything seemed sexy.

'I'm sucking a cock!' she thought with wonder and amazement.

She had often daydreamed about sucking cock as she finger-fucked her cunt, but she had never known exactly when she would get to do it in reality. Now here she was, as grown up as her mom, sucking a prick like a pro!

The sound of her mom's passionate pleas for more sucking, and the wet noises she and the man made, encouraged Linda's burgeoning lust. Frantically humping her quivery clit against Rex's sandpapery tongue as she listened to the man sucking her mother, she plunged her juicy young mouth up and down on the doggie-prick.

Linda had never sucked a boy's prick, but listening to her horny mom and the big-cocked man, the curious girl wondered what it would feel like to do it. From her mother's hot moans of pleasure, Linda was sure that cocksucking was one helluva lot of fun. And it sure felt good to blow Rex's big, stiff prick.

"Oh, you fucking stud!" she heard her mother gasp. "Ummm! Your prick is delicious! Oh! How you suck! Just a little more! Ohhh! I'll cum again! Suck it, honey, suck it! Ohhh! My cunt's gonna cream! Here... here it... ohhh! I'm cummmmmiiiinnnnggg!"

Linda moaned and sucked harder on her dog's prick. She had jerked it a lot in the past, but it felt even better in her softly sucking mouth than it had in her hand. She had never had her mouth stuffed with cock before and the intense pleasure was almost unbearable.

On and on she sucked, bobbing her pretty head rapidly. Each wild plunge of her mouth increased her ecstasy and love of cocksucking. Her mom loved it, why shouldn't she?

With her cute little ears burning from her mom's hot whimpers and horny moans, Linda fucked her cunt hotly on the lapping doggie-tongue, squeezing her taut tits against Rex's haunches. She pressed her soft cheek hard on his belly and took more of his prick into her mouth.

Twisting her spiking pink nipples against his rough fur, she whimpered with pleasure and lashed his cockhead with the tip of her tongue. Screwing her cute little ass around on the bed, a steady stream of burning, slick fluids oozed from between her wiggly cuntlips as Rex's tongue drove her crazy.

Grunting obscenely now, Linda fucked her pussy hornily against the wonderful doggie-tongue, reaching for the delicious feelings in her swollen clit and drenched cunt. Driven out of her mind by the cunt-lapping and cocksucking, she thrust a naughty hand behind her and started diddling her squirmy asshole.

Just lately, as she finger-fucked herself at night, she had begun to explore the added sensations of asshole-diddling. One night she had heard her mother scream for the man to stick his finger up her ass as they fucked so Linda tried it too. The results were marvelous.

It was natural for her now, in her advanced state of young lust, to wiggle a fingertip up into her ass and worm it around as she fucked her hot cunt on Rex's thick tongue and sucked his prick. Just the thought of what the big man was doing to her mom in the other room was enough to turn Linda's whole body on... she wanted the same crazy, mind-blowing pleasures her mom was getting.

She caught her breath as a new pleasure coursed through her ass, just like the pleasures in her pussy and mouth. Her cunt, mouth and asshole were soon on fire and the frantic teenager buried her finger in her twisty ass.

The results were immediate and mind-boggling as her whole body jerked violently on the bed and the dog got lots more cunt-juice to drink.

"Oh, wow, you big-cocked stud!" her mom shrieked. "Suck me out! Ummm! Let met get on top and feed my cunt to you! Ewww, your prick is monstrous! Let me suck you off!"

"Help yourself," the man chuckled.

Then he apparently stuffed his cock into her mouth, because Linda heard her mom choke the way she did when her throat is full and she's happy.

Linda was delighted, too. Sucking Rex's big prick made the difference. Twisting against his lurching body was marvelous, and it was grand to feel him licking her pink cunt so hornily. But blowing his prick was the best. And the slender finger lodged in her tight little asshole was simply divine.

"Mmmm," she moaned long and low, shivering all over.

Exquisite pleasure-thrills passed through her body, making her twist and turn in a way that would drive any man crazy had he seen her on a bed like that.

Rex was certainly pleased. With the instincts of a cunt-crazed animal, he fucked his horny cock in and out of the girl's wet mouth as if it were a bitch's burning cunt... the big difference was that Linda could move her mouth and use her tongue to give him maximum pleasure. He loved it.

As if to show his appreciation, he drilled his thick, rough tongue up into her open, wet fuckhole and reamed her.

Linda gasped, and wanted more. She stretched her legs wider and hunched her pussy up allowing Rex's tongue-tip to wriggle up into her pussy.

She gave his prick a mighty suck. Her hand shot down and she tugged at the dog's head.

Rex's wet snout mashed against her twisting clit as his big tongue filled her horny fuckhole, and she screwed her pussy around furiously, getting off.

It was a marvelous cum, one of those special ones she sometimes achieved. Her eyes rolled in her head and she blew the dog-cock passionately as her sweet cunt creamed juicily.

Rex whined with animal pleasure and drank deeply from her pussy, loving the taste of her cream. He was growing quite fond of the human female's cuntjuices.

Linda's pleasure was so complete that she slipped her mouth off of Rex's throbbing cock and fell back gasping. She grasped her aching young tits in her hot hands and mauled them hornily as she fucked her pussy round and round on the doggie-tongue. She pinched and tweaked her ripe nipples and whimpered with joy as her cunt creamed all over the dog's snout.

Rex snuffled and sneezed in the sudden wetness, then drank it all up, licking her pussy dry.

Turned on by her orgasm, the girl got on all fours and fed her tingling tits to the animal.

"Suck, Jack!" her mother gasped in the next bedroom. "Suck!"

"Lick, Rex!" Linda panted simultaneously in her room. "Lick!"

As her mom got her cookies, Linda got hers.

She pushed her lovely tits at the dog and had him lick his thick, scrapy tongue up and down her flesh. Her pink nipples, spiked hard and Linda actually thought she'd cum just from getting her tits lapped like this. The pleasure was certainly total.

She leaned over the licking, lapping dog and, as he thrilled her tits, she thrust a hand between her legs and worked her fingers back into her asshole and cunthole.

She fucked her fingers in and out rapidly as she massaged her stiff little clit with her thumb. Her naughty hand once again became a wonderful lover and she closed her eyes and daydreamed about Rex fucking her as she got herself off.

"It's so good, so good," she whimpered hornily, twisting her pointed tits hotly.

A shudder of ecstasy shot through her curvy young body and she suddenly threw herself on her dog's belly. She grabbed his cock and took it into her horny mouth. She gave her cunt to him again and let him suck at it as she blew his prick passionately.

She knew she was going to do it all the way, it seemed inevitable. As she listened to her mother receiving all that she wanted out of life, Linda strove to get what she wanted, too. She wanted to feel a real man's prick shoot jism into her sexy mouth.

Driven to it by her lewd and wild horniness, she bobbed her pretty head faster. Her blonde hair swaying and fluttering around Rex's belly as she sucked his enormous prick in and out of her frantic mouth. Her pussy tingled hotly against the lashing doggie-tongue as she sucked her pet off.

Rex's cock enlarged in her mouth and she moaned. Linda plunged her mouth down on him and licked furiously with her demanding little tongue.

The doggie-prick swelled up, jolted once, then jerked continuously as it discharged large quantities of animal-cum.

The fiery outburst startled the teenager at first. Then she discovered that she had to suck faster to keep up with the jolting, jerking cock. She gulped and gulped to keep from gagging as gush after gush of wet cum filled her small mouth. She drank it all, and went for more by jacking his cock wildly and sucking more jism out of his aching nuts.

"Oh, you fucking stud!" her mother sighed. "That was marvelous."

Linda agreed entirely as she sagged on the bed and panted for cool breaths of fresh air. She licked her lips and smiled.


The next morning, Linda awoke with one arm draped over her dog's body. She curled away from him and stretched. Her ripe, jutting tits stood up hard as she pushed her slender arms above her head. Her toes curled and pushed the sheets away, baring her blonde furry pussy.

Smiling pleasantly, she lowered her hands to her pussy and gave it some gentle, loving strokes. Her cuntlips and clit responded immediately by tingling. Linda giggled softly and got out of bed. She padded into the bathroom and took a pee, then peeked into her mom's bedroom. The bed was a mess, but there was no one in it. No sign of a man.

Returning to her own room, Linda found Rex awake and feeling frisky. He leapt off the bed and trotted up to her... he then poked his wet snout at her cunt and tried to lick it. Linda jerked her hips back and deprived him of the treat he was looking for.

"Not now, Rex," she laughed naughtily. "Now behave yourself."

She slipped into a short, little dress that she liked to wear when she didn't have to go to school. It made her feel sexy and beautiful, just like her luscious mom. She posed in front of her mirror and took a long look at herself, turning this way and that. She liked what she saw.

Her tits had grown since she started pulling at them and now the points of her high, proud nipples lifted the small dress. All she had to do was put her arms over her head and she could see the lips of her furry cunt in the mirror. She did that a few times and giggled.

Rex came up behind her as she admired herself and tried to lick her pussy from behind. He stuck his nose between her creamy white thighs and lashed upward with his long, red tongue. It sloshed against Linda's pussy and she giggled again.

But she pushed Rex's head away from her curvy ass and scolded him for doing such naughty things without her permission. She was trying very hard to train him. Ever sine she had started having sex-play with the dog, she had worried about him doing something embarrassing to her in front of her neighbors.

It took some effort to discourage the horny mutt from attacking her pussy when she was outdoors.

"Now stop that," she rasped, leaning down to wag her finger at the naughty dog.

Rex looked properly chastised and lowered his ears.

"I like it, too," she said, her blue eyes flashing. "But you can't lick me anytime you feel like it. You wait until I tell you to, understand? Good boy."

She patted his broad head and turned away from him. Her short dress flared around her lithe young hips when she turned and, as she padded out of the room, her curvy ass twitched beautifully.

Rex walked with her out of the room. When she stopped suddenly, he stopped, too. Linda frowned, hearing her mom's voice in the kitchen. Who could she be talking to?

Linda moved slowly to the kitchen door and peeked inside. Once again, she marveled at her mom's sexy ways. The gorgeous brunette was cockteasing some guy!

Linda knew her mom was cockteasing because she was wearing nothing but her little blue nightie and was standing right in the doorway. She would never have done such a thing when her father was around!

Linda had to smile. Her mom sure knew how to get what she liked. She leaned over so she could see what was going on. A good-looking man was standing in the backyard, smiling handsomely at Myra. He was pointing with his arm.

"That damn dog is more trouble than he's worth," he was saying to Myra. "I just wanted to make sure he wasn't getting into anyone's garbage."

"Black and brown, you say?" Myra cooed. "I haven't seen a dog like that around."

"Yeah, black and brown," the man went on. "A German Shepherd. For what I paid for him, you'd think he'd be above rummaging through garbage. But some damned mutt has been influencing him in a bad way."

He went on describing the culprit dog and Myra suddenly laughed. Her eyes flashed and her tits jiggled in her nightie. Linda knew the guy was getting an eyeful of her mom.

"You just described my daughter's dog!" she laughed.

That made the man laugh, too.

"Well, no harm done," he said. "I guess I can get King to stop. He's still trainable. I wonder where in hell he went to."

"Won't he come to you if you call?" her mom said, causing Linda to smile to herself. "Maybe he's looking for you, too. He might show up right here before you know it. Would you like a cup of coffee?"

Linda saw the man's eyes light up when the luscious brunette actually asked him into her house.

"Uhh, yeah, sure, that would be great," he muttered.

As he entered the kitchen, Linda saw the bulge in his pants. Her mom really had the guy stiff! Linda could understand that. Myra looked good enough to eat in her short, little nightie.

"I don't remember seeing you around the neighborhood before," Myra said as she took the coffee water off the stove.

Linda saw the man rape her mother with his eyes. Her back was to him at the moment and he ate her up with his horny gaze.

"Just moved here about six months ago," the man said. "Name's Chet. What's yours?"

"Myra," Linda's mom said, turning back toward him with two cups of coffee.

She set them on the table and stood very close to the man.

"That's why I haven't seen you," Myra said. "I was still married then... or at least my husband was still here. He ran off with a cocktail waitress."

Linda smothered a giggle. She admired the way her mother got right to the point when she wanted to fuck.

"That's hard to believe," the man said, not touching his coffee.

Myra wasn't drinking hers either.

"He must have been nuts to leave a beautiful woman like you."

"Why thank you, Chet," Myra purred in her sexiest come-on voice.

"I mean it," Chet said thickly, getting to his feet.

Linda swallowed hard and her pussy tingled to see the man pull her mom against him and kiss her mouth wetly. She watched her mom's slender arms snake around the guy's neck and saw how she gyrated her pussy against the man's big hard-on.

"Let's go to my room," Myra rasped as she broke the fiery, lustful kiss.

Linda quickly darted back to her how bedroom with Rex at her heels. She shut the door softly but quickly and leaned against it, breathing hard. Her ears burned as she heard her mom and the man named Chet go into the other bedroom.

In no time at all, she heard her mom's bedsprings creaking. Then there were grunts from the man and moans from her mom, and Linda smiled. Her sexy mom was getting fucked again.

Just to know that that handsome man was fucking her mother's juicy cunt made Linda feel horny, too. She liked the way her mom got what she craved. Linda had cravings, too, and as she listened to the guy fucking her mother, her cravings grew more intense.

Just then, she heard a noise outside and she went to her window. Her blue eyes widened at the sight of a huge German Shepherd nosing the trash can. She instantly thought of how her mom had turned the man on. A sparkle came into her eyes as she thought of doing the same thing with his gorgeous animal.

She quickly slipped her cute feet into her sandals and ordered Rex to sit down. Then she pranced to the window and climbed out of it just like the little tomboy she had once been. She dropped softly to the ground and faced the big dog.

"Hello, King," she whispered, remembering his name.

The German Shepherd raised his big, thick head and eyed her curiously, probably wondering how she knew his name.

"Are you friendly?" Linda asked.

She squatted down and took the dog's huge head between her hands. Immediately he licked her chin and mouth. She laughed and turned her face away to catch her breath.

"Mmm! You're friendly, all right," she giggled. "I can't offer you coffee, but I can sure offer you some pussy-juice. Want some?"

She inched her knees apart and urged the dog's head lower. King took a look between her lovely thighs and a second later pushed his long snout in. Linda got to her feet, laughing.

"Good boy," she rasped. "Come on with Linda. Come on, boy. Good boy. Come with Linda. Don't worry about your master. My mom will keep him busy the rest of the morning! Come on with me."

With a lot of coaxing and cajoling, she got the animal to follow her into the cellar of the house. Linda knew where the light was and felt her way to it through the darkness.

It was just a small bulb, but it let off enough light to let her see that she was alone in the cellar with a magnificent animal.

Remember her mom's sexy ways with men, Linda went to the dog and petted him gently. She squatted again, this time running her hand along his powerful flank and pushing it under him. Her fingers found his cock sheath and curled around it.

"Wow, you're hung," she whispered hotly, echoing her mother's words. "Let's get that out of there!"

She stood up and reverted to cockteasing as she'd seen her mom do. She raised the front of her short dress and let the animal see her furry, young pussy.

"Well?" she coaxed. "Are you just gonna look at it? You want to lick me, don't you?"

To find out, she hunched her hips forward and fed her pussy to the beast. King's black eyes riveted on her cute little cunt and then his tongue lashed at it. Linda gasped to feel his scrapy tongue whip against her cunt-flesh. It encouraged her to go further.

She set her feet wide apart and pushed her cunt forward. She held her dress way up on her tight belly and begged the dog to lick her pussy.

King started whipping her cunt hard with his powerful tongue. He was more aggressive than Rex and Linda moaned happily as she twisted her cunt round and round.

"Ohhh! Good boy!" she gasped as his thick tongue dragged over her stiff clit. "Lick me inside. Lick inside!"

The tickle deep in her twisting belly became unbearable for the horny teenager, and her legs turned to rubber.

"Here," she panted, moving away from the animal. "Over here."

She dropped down onto the old mattress in the corner of the cellar and spread her lovely legs wide for the dog. King trotted up to her, hot on the trail of her juicy, musky cunt.

"Ohhh! Do it," she moaned as she gazed at her new friend from between her outstretched thighs. "Lick Linda's pussy! Ohhh! Lick it, King! Make Linda cum nice! Good boy, good boy, lick me off!"

She spread her cuntlips with her quivering fingers and gasped as the dog's thick tongue licked into her wet pussy. She humped her cunt hornily and her pretty head lolled from side to side as the deeply licking doggie-tongue drove her up the wall. King's thick tongue felt like a live snake in her fuckhole.

She made a sexy gurgling sound in her throat, as her pussy got creamier. She felt the animal's nose nudge her hands as he probed and tormented her hot cunt with his tongue.

Lusting after the same sex-thrills her mom got with men, she pulled her hands away from her burning pussy and grasped her jutting, aching tits. She yanked her dress down and caressed her creamy, smooth tits as the doggie-tongue delighted her horny pussy.

She pinched her spiking, pink nipples hard as King drilled his sandpapery tongue into her fuckhole, bringing her closer and closer to the peak of excitement.

"Ohhh! King," she sobbed, as if he were her boyfriend or a strange man who had come to the door. "Lick my pussyyyyyy! Ohhh! I'm gonna cum so bad! Do it! Do it! Lick, boy, lick! Ohhh! Get me off!"

Suddenly, her curvy little ass bounced off the mattress and she squirmed her stiff clit against the dog's juicy, snorting nose. The results drove her insane with pleasure. The orgasm in her young pussy built higher toward the peak, making her pant and moan. More than anything in the world, she wanted to blast the dog's face with her climax.

"Unnhhh," she groaned, gritting her teeth and squeezing her tits.

A tremor started in her pussy and ran through her like a tidal wave. Her whole body jerked and quivered violently as the rapidly licking doggie-tongue gave her what she wanted.

"I'm. I'm... ohhhhh! I'm cummmiiinnnggg!"

She humped and thrashed her wet cunt against the animal's snout as she went into spasms of pure pleasure. Her soaked pussy drenched the dog's mouth. Like Rex, King loved it and he licked her squirmy body for more juice.

That was all right with Linda. She was out of her head with lust. She was all female now, young, but horny. She mauled her naked young tits until they tingled like her licked cunt and she twisted her pussy viciously all over the licking dog's face, wetting him down.

King seemed to be enjoying all her female violence. He followed the girl's twisting, humping cunt with his nose and kept lashing his tongue up into her fuckhole. He wanted to drink all the cum he could get out of her and his constant, tireless licking and sucking drove Linda out of her mind.

It was surprising just how violent such a pretty young girl could get during orgasm. The dog was genuinely surprised to find that her furry pussy could whip the hell out of his nose.

As Linda's horny, cumming cunt slapped him, he whined and even yelped a few time when her pussy hurt his snout.

Linda's cunt became a wild animal, practically attacking the dog. And King attacked back in self-defense. He growled at her pussy and suddenly nipped at it. His sharp, white teeth grazed her clit and cuntlips.

Linda gasped ad it only made her pussy more violent. King pushed his nose into her gaping, soaked cunt and wormed his thick tongue up into her.

"Ohhh! Mamaaaaa!" Linda mewled, twisting around hornily on the mattress.

She banged and humped on King's drenched doggie-tongue. She came and came and came, to her complete delight and satisfaction.

King's cock emerged from its sheath. The smell and taste of pussy got him very horny. In no time at all, his red cock was huge and wet, quivering beneath his belly as he licked and nipped the girl's horny cunt.

Panting loudly, Linda slowly lowered her curvy ass back down onto the wet mattress. She caressed her aching tits and played with her nipples as she gasped for breath.

Heedless of her spent condition, the dog went on drinking from her furry little cunt.

Linda dropped her arms above her head and stretched, letting him lap her pussy all he wanted to. She spread her pretty legs wide and let the dog enjoy himself.

As she came back to reality, she heard noises from overhead and figured out that she and the dog were directly beneath her mom's bedroom.

The dog seemed to shave figured it out, too, because he suddenly stopped licking Linda's pussy and his ears shot up.

"That's right," Linda laughed. "That's your master. Her's upstairs fucking my mom. Isn't that neat?"

She sat up and hugged the huge animal. After a juicy cum like she'd just had, she couldn't help but like the dog.

"You've been so good to me," she purred, kissing his face.

She really appreciated his tongue. Having just cum wetly, she felt all creamy-dreamy and lovable. She wanted to show her appreciation.

To do that, she reached under the dog to stroke his nuts and sheath. When her fingers touch his prick and found it already harsh and stiff, she caught her breath.

"Why, you naughty dog," she giggled. "Were you getting stiff from licking me? God, how big you are! I though Rex was big, but you're huge! Ewww, you have a nice cock."

She took his big hunk of cockmeat into her hand and started rubbing it for him, the way she'd seen her mom rub a man's prick. She purred contentedly and kissed the dog's head every once in a while as she worked her fist up and down his long, thick prick.

"You're so still," she whispered hotly, wiggling closer to his body. "Why does it get a girl horny to play with a prick? You do get me horny, you know? My pussy tingles nice when I play with your cock. Does this feel good? I'll bet it does. Mom's boyfriends are always groaning like it feels so great. I wish you could talk. I'd love to hear you say something dirty to me."

Linda pushed her tits at the dog and jerked his cock while she prompted him to lick her tits. With some coaxing and maneuvering, she finally got him to understand what she wanted and his big tongue started licking at her nipples and tits. Linda liked that a lot.

She whacked his cock faster as his busy tongue made her tits tingle.

He licked her pretty tits for a long time before he dropped his head back into her lap. He big tongue licked her pussy then as she jerked his prick.

She wanted to make the dog cum and watch him shoot his jism, but the room overhead became awfully quiet. The bed had stopped creaking and there were no more animal sounds coming from her mom or the man. Linda just had to know what was going on, so she decided to investigate.

She got to her feet and covered her tits.

"You wait right here, you big-cocked stud," she purred, as if she were her mom talking to a guy.

She went to the door and King tried to get out when she opened it... but she quickly shoved him back.

"Oh, no you don't," she rasped. "You're staying here. You're mine!"

Locking the dog in, she went to the side of the house, climbed up on a trash can, and wiggled through her bedroom window. She then tiptoed into the bathroom and then to the door of her mom's room.

She peeked in, and almost gasped.


Linda eased the door open another inch and stared hotly. Her mom was on her knees and in her hand was the biggest, stiffest cock Linda had ever seen.

Myra was giving it little licks and Linda knew that that was what had made the man's prick so huge.

For a fraction of a second, Linda seriously thought about sneaking away from such a secret, private scene. But the immense cock throbbing so wetly in her mom's stroking fist kept her riveted to the spot.

'After all,' she thought. 'They're both so busy with his cock that they won't even notice me.'

She wanted to stay a while and watch her mom suck such a huge prick.

She knew what her mother was going to do, she could tell by the way she kept licking the tip of her tongue up and down the full length of the man's dick. Myra seemed to be warming up to a delicious, wet cocksucking. Linda could hear her mother's soft little moans as she caressed and licked the man's cock. Her mom really liked cock.

Linda smothered another small gasp as her pussy started to tingle. Her mother looked so beautifully sexual kneeling like that with such a huge prick in her hand. It excited Linda very much to watch her mom lick the man's giant prick. She liked her mom's style, the way she had attracted handsome men ever since her husband had taken off.

Myra licked the man's rigid prick as if she were totally hypnotized by its stiff, jerking length.

Linda caught her breath as the good-looking man put his hand behind her mom's head and forced her to move closer to his nuts and cock.

"Come on Myra," the man rasped hotly, poking his turgid cock at her. "Suck me off."

Linda licked her lips nervously and her cunt twitched. How sexy that man was. He just came right out and told Myra to blow him. Linda could plainly see what the sight of the mammoth cock did to her mom. Myra was red-faced and quivering with lust.

Linda had to stay and watch. She just had to see her mom's sexy mouth around the gigantic cock. And she wanted to see her mother suck him so hard that he would surrender to her feminine powers.

That was exciting to Linda. A girl's mouth was a powerful tool. Even a huge cock like that man's was no match for a girl's sucking mouth, if the girl knew how to do it. Linda knew she knew how, thanks to her sexy mom.

Linda also knew she couldn't possibly stay and watch this horny drama unless she was getting her cookies, too. With that thought in her feverish young mind, she tiptoed to the other bathroom door.

"Rex. Come here boy!" she rasped, leaning down. "Rex! Damnit, come here!"

Rex padded across the room and Linda hauled him into the bathroom with her. She locked him in with her and pulled him to the other door. She then positioned herself so she could see her mom and the man's enormous, wet cock. Then she placed one foot up on the toilet seat.

Splaying her creamy thighs, she guided Rex's snout to her open, juicy pussy and got him to licking at it fast.

The dog tilted his big head up, rummaged his nose in her hot crotch, then started lapping her pussy for all he was worth. Linda's sweet cunt was already nice and juicy and that attracted the mutt. Tasting her musky cream, he began licking her pussy in earnest, sucking after more of her fluids.

Linda hunched her pussy forward and made it easier for him to get his tongue into her horny fuckhole.

As her pet licked furry young cunt, Linda watched her mom go at that giant prick.

Myra licked her tongue up the side of the man's massive, jerking cockshaft, and Linda could see that his cock was swelling up even bigger than before. It throbbed so wildly that her mom had to grasp it in her fist to keep it from jerking away from her teasing, kissing mouth.

It seemed impossible to Linda that her mom's pretty mouth could stretch wide enough to take in the man's enormous prick. And even if it could, would more than the thick head fit into her mouth?

Linda's hand flew up and she smothered a moan as her mom's beautiful mouth opened wider and wider, actually taking in the man's prick. First, she too just the bulging cockhead and Linda thought that was all she could keep in her soft mouth. But then her mom began sucking on the man's cock as if it were a big, thick popsicle.

Myra slid her wet mouth up and down on the prick, inching more and more of it up into her mouth.

Linda humped her wet pussy against Rex's scrapy tongue as she stared hotly at what her mom was doing to the groaning man. Myra's face looked beautiful, as if she were thoroughly enraptured by the huge prick. Her eyes sparkled with lusty excitement as she sucked the cock and her pretty daughter envied her terribly. Just seeing that big, thick prick sliding in and out of her mom's mouth made Linda thirsty for some cock of her own.

She quivered as her mother sucked the big cock faster and hotter. Myra moaned loudly and her cheeks ballooned in and out sexily as she sucked passionately on the arousing cock. She started to tremble all over and then Linda saw why. Her mom had thrust a hand between her legs and was rubbing her swollen clit furiously as she blew the guy's throbbing cock.

"Suck it off!" the man gasped, shoving his big cock into her sucking mouth. "Eat it! God, Myra, suck the cum up out of my nuts!"

Linda's startled young eyes darted to the man's face. He didn't look so handsome now. He looked evil and there was a strange wildness in his eyes. His features looked twisted as he fucked his horny prick in and out of Myra's hotly sucking mouth.

Linda swallowed hard and fucked her cunt faster on Rex's lapping tongue as she watched her mom. Myra grasped the man's big prick and started pumping it up and down wildly as she sucked him off and lashed his cockhead with her saucy tongue. The man apparently loved it all.

Linda gasped, grabbed her jutting young tits and mauled the hell out of them as she twisted her hot pussy on the lashing doggie-tongue.

Watching her mom eat cock made her dizzy. There was something about viewing the obscene cocksucking that made her head spin and her cunt leak. Her pussy shuddered even harder as she watched her mom sucking the giant prick. The shivers in her pussy came faster and faster and she squeezed her tits harder and humped her pussy wildly.

Rex was in dog's seventh heaven. Just above his snout was the prettiest. Juiciest cunt he'd ever had the pleasure of licking. And it was all his, as far as he knew. Here it was, all fresh and pink and leaking a steady supply of silky liquids for him to drink. He lashed his thick tongue up into the girl's fuckhole and sensed that there was more to come. He was right.

Linda felt the sharp jolts of orgasm course through her heaving belly as she stared at her mom's mouth riding up and down on the man's burgeoning prick. She saw her mother's throat swallow frantically and knew that the man was going to shoot his load of jism down her throat.

Linda moaned as softly as she could as her cunt exploded against the viciously licking doggie-tongue. She clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from crying aloud with pleasure as she twisted her clit on Rex's lashing tongue.

Sweet thrills flooded her pussy in waves of scrumptious delight. Her cunt creamed wetly and jerked and quivered hornily as her dog drilled his sandpapery tongue up into her.

She heard the man's groans of deep pleasure as her mom sucked the cum up out of his hot nuts. The way his dick jerked and thrashed, Linda knew that his balls were were shooting out a big supply of jism for her mother to drink. She saw her mom swallow frantically and heard her hot gulping sounds as she whacked the guy's cock and sucked faster.

Linda whimpered and squeezed her tits hard as her cunt creamed continuously. The rippling waves of her orgasm were so intense that the sexy teenager couldn't help but grab Rex's head and fuck her pussy on his snout.

Gritting her teeth against any outcries, she held onto the mutt's big head and humped her pussy furiously, hurting Rex's nose but caring not a damn. She came gloriously.

Her sparkling, starry eyes gazed hotly at the thick, white cream squirting from the corners of her mom's full mouth. She could see the jism glistening and leaking down Myra's working chin like vanilla milkshake.

'Ohhh! I want to,' Linda thought lewdly and hotly. 'I want to suck a cock! I've go to! Ohhh! I want to! I want to!'

Trembling like a girl having a fit, she pushed Rex away from her and hurried out of the bathroom. She ran across her room and climbed out the window, Rex barking in protest to her leaving.

"Shhhh! Stop that, Rex!" Linda rasped from outside the window. "Down! Lay down!"

Without checking to see if the dog had obeyed, she dropped to the ground and trotted quickly to the cellar door. She let herself in, pushing the big German Shepherd back as she entered.

"Ohhh! You gorgeous animal," she panted hotly, squatting and hugged the dog.

King seemed to appreciate the attention and calmed down, no longer trying to get out.

"Come one, boy. Come on with Linda," she urged him across the cellar. "Good boy, King. Come over here."

Her blue eyes sparkled with excitement as she gazed down at him. A new excitement welled up within her and her cunt started twitching again. Her pink tongue slithered across her ripe young lips and all she could think about was sucking cock.

"You're a big dog," she whispered hotly. "I'll bet you're as tall as me on your hindlegs. Can you put your front paws up her on the bench for me? Come on, King, up!"

To her surprise and delight, King obeyed instantly, firmly planting his forelegs on top of the cluttered workbench.

"Ohhh! Good dog!" Linda exclaimed with delight. "You do understand how intelligent you are! Will you stay like that? Huh? Stay, King! Stay!"

She peered at him for a moment, his head almost level with her own. When she saw that he wasn't going to move, a shudder ran through her and she quickly dropped to the ground. Panting hotly, she wiggled around until she was sitting directly under the animal, her eyes fastened on his big, thick cock-sheath and low hanging balls.

"Ohhh! King, you're beautiful!"

Her soft hands reached out and she took his big nuts in one and milked his sheath with the other. In no time at all his cock emerged, thick, red, wet and throbbing.

Linda moaned softly to see his prick come out right before her hot eyes and started pumping it up and down with increasing pleasure. She kept purring to him and complimenting him on his size and shape. Her soothing voice actually making the dog groan with pleasure.

Apparently, he like what her hands were doing to his cock and nuts. His hindquarters started shaking as the horny girl played with him.

She didn't have to smother her gasps now and a big one erupted from her constricted throat as she grasped the immense dog-cock.

She'd never seen such a big animal-prick in all her life. She had assumed that all dogs had about the same sized cocks but now she realized how wrong she had been.

King's prick was much thicker and stronger than Rex's. She sat and milked his cock, admiring it the way her mom had down with the man's. What was fun for her mom, was now fun for Linda.

She eyed the cock jerking in her fist as if she were totally fascinated by it. It was so big and thick and alive in her hand that it made her lick her lips constantly. They kept going dry because she was panting so hotly.

If she had thought that the man's big cock had turned her mom on, Linda should have seen herself as King's prick throbbed in her fist.

The horny man upstairs, she recalled, had told her mother to suck him off and that had excited her very much. But King couldn't talk, couldn't say what she longed to hear. So Linda did the next best thing.

"Do you want me to suck your cock?" she purred, pumping his prick up and down teasingly. "Is that what you're after? You want me to put my sexy mouth on your cock, don't you?"

Breathing hotly, she inched her face closer and closer to his turgidly jerking prick. She remembered how the guy had forced her mom's face closer to his hard-on. That was so lewd! So sexy!

"I'll bet you've never had a blowjob before," she murmured to the straining animal.

King grunted above her and his haunches quivered as the girl stroked his prick and toyed with his horny nuts. His hindlegs danced nervously between her thighs and his animal fuck-instinct made him thrust his cock back and forth.

Linda moaned, liking what was happening. It had always interested and excited her the way Rex humped her legs as if her were trying to fuck a pussy. Now King's enormous prick fucking her fist turned her completely on.

She quivered and stared hotly, unable to tear her hot eyes from the dog's thick, wet prick. She was mesmerized by the long red shaft and the rough-surfaced cockhead.

Her ripe young lips almost touched the doggie-prick and she moaned softly, sticking her little tongue out. Panting hornily, she licked a glistening path up his cock. From his quivering nuts to his bulging cockhead. Her eyes wanted to close in rapture, but she forced them to remain open. She wanted to watch his prick grow as she licked it.

Once she tasted his cock, she instantly wanted more of it. She licked her teasing tongue up and down the dog-cock a few times and it made her feel warm and shuddery. She was horny to suck a prick and she knew it. She could feel the desire mounting in her pussy.

King got so upset about all this that his hindquarters started jerking violently, as if he were fucking a bitch. Linda had to hold on for dear life in order to keep her sex-toy. She grasped his firm prick tightly and lashed it with her tongue, whimpering and giggling from time to time as she drove the animal crazy. Now she knew why the man upstairs got so wild when her mom sucked his cock.

King growled so low and so long that for a moment Linda thought he was going to attack her. But then she realized that it was the power of her dainty little tongue against his jerking cock that had made him act so savagely. He wasn't hungry, he was horny.

"If you think my tongue feels good," she rasped. "Wait until you feel my mouth."

She parted her sexy lips and slipped them down onto the dog's erect, throbbing cock. Holding his big nuts, she started sliding her mouth up and down on his cock. Small sucking and smacking sounds filled the cellar as she sucked his turgid, jerking prick.

'Mmmmm,' she thought. 'No wonder Mom likes to suck cock! It's so big! So hot! So horny! It feels so good in my mouth!'

Her sensitive young lips responded well to the feeling of the animal's scrapy cock. Even its roughness added to the sensations she received over the surface of her pouting lips. She thrilled to the feeling of the doggie-prick as it slid back and forth over her tongue.

She wondered just how much of the dog-cock she could get into her mouth. Was she old enough to really blow a prick? Could se get it all into her mouth? What would happen? What would it be like to take his whole prick into her mouth and make him shoot his load down her throat? Could she do it? Do such young girls suck cock?

The deciding factor for Linda was the renewed thought of her beautiful mother desperately sucking Chet's enormous prick. If her mom got so heady and sexy over eating a prick, shouldn't she?

She gripped the dog's hot nuts and squeezed them gently as she lowered her mouth further onto his cock. She felt his throbbing cockhead slide to the back of her tongue and paused, panting for breath.

First, she experimented by sucking on his prick as it jerked in her mouth. Then she slowly bobbed her pretty head up and down, letting his bulging cockhead reach her throat. In her next downward thrust, she took his prick into her gulping throat and held it there.

'I'm sucking a cock just like Mom,' she thought feverishly. 'Oh, golly, I'm cocksucking!'

She fondled his huge balls hotly and bobbed her head up and down, up and down, making the doggie-prick fuck her mouth.

King began to help tremendously. Feeling her hot, wet and young mouth sucking on his prick made him start fucking back. His powerful haunches began to thrust with passion and might.

Linda soon found herself with her hands and mouth full. It was all she could do to keep up with the aroused animal as he fucked his gigantic cock down her throat.

Passion of the highest pitch overwhelmed the girl and she sucked his cock viciously. Something about sucking a hot prick really turned her pussy on. Whimpering helplessly with lust, she thrust her free hand between her thighs and drilled two fingers up into her horny fuckhole. She finger-fucked her cunt furiously, groaning and choking as she sucked the dog off.

She felt his nuts tighten up in her playful hand but she didn't know what it meant. She did not know that his nuts were about to force huge quantities of dog-jism out through his thick cock. It was too late when she discovered why his balls had snuggled up against the base of his thick, fucking prick.

His enormous cock erupted like a volcano in her sucking young mouth. Before she knew it, his prick was pumping furiously. Great big wads of thick cockcream filled her mouth and erotic laughter came out of her as she felt some of it squish from the corners of her mouth.

She gulped and gulped and sucked and whacked his prick, finally drinking down all of his cum.

King howled but Linda barely heard him. She was busy sucking him off, bobbing her pretty head and jerking his cock wildly and sucking all the jism up out of his nuts.

It was a marvelous experience for her and she felt more like her mom as she captured the jerking prick in her soft mouth and made it cum and cum and cum.

The mere taste of jism turned her on and she finger-fucked her pussy crazily, digging her fingers way up into her twisting churning pussy. She came with the dog.

She milked his cock dry and drank all his cum, except for the dribbles on her chin and the tops of her tits. That she wiped away after she finished enjoying herself.

Even though the dog's big cock stopped shooting jism, it didn't seem like an end to Linda, but the beginning. Every fiber of her turned-on, young body wanted more of this kind of excitement and pleasure. She wanted more of what her mom got so often.

Her increased passion and the horny condition of her furry pussy gave her some pretty raunchy ideas. With nothing but more fun on her mind, she wiggled out from beneath the panting dog and got to her feet.

"You wait right here, King," she rasped hotly, her tits heaving. "When I get finished with you, you'll never go back to bitches."


Linda entered the house through the kitchen door this time and pranced straight to her room. She darted into the bathroom, checked in on the couple fucking on the bed, and then left again, Rex at her heels.

She led the dog directly to the cellar where she locked him in with herself and the German Shepherd. King automatically disliked the intrusion of another dog, but Linda scolded both of them for snarling at one another.

She pulled both dogs by the scruff of their necks and squatted between their heads.

"Now, you two listen to me," she said sternly. "I don't want any fighting, understand? King! Stop that growling! Rex likes my pussy as much as you do. Now stop that and make up. Come here, both of you. Make friends right this minute!"

She forced the dogs to touch snouts. Both animals tried to escape the ordeal, but Linda was persistent. After all, she wouldn't get what she was after if the dogs remained enemies.

"I know what to do," she said.

She giggled and pulled her dress down in front, exposing her ripe, jutting tits. Then she pulled the animals' heads toward her pink nipples. Both dogs started to lick her.

"There, see?" Linda exclaimed excitedly. "I have two tits, one for each of you. There's plenty of me to go around. You don't have to fight over me."

Rex's thick tongue swabbed her left tit, King's scraped the other. Her pink nipples stoop up and quivered like live things and she caught her breath.

"Oh, wow," she gasped. "What a feeling! Ummm! Good boy, Rex! Nice dog, King! Ewww, keep doing that!"

Her eyes closed and her fingers curled into their fur as she thrust her naked tits up and out and surrendered to the exquisite pleasure of the double-sucking. Both her nipples felt so scrumptiously tingly.

"Ohhh! Golly," she breathed. "Mmmm! You're both so nice. Oh, I want more of this!"

She suddenly pulled at her dress, lifted it high and peeled it off her curvy young body. Stark naked and panting with desire, Linda rolled onto her back, throwing her arms above her head and spreading her pretty legs open wide.

"Take me," she panted hotly, squirming for the dogs to lick her all over. "Here Rex, lick Linda's tits nice. King! King, get my cunt!"

Actually, the fantastic feelings that overcame her boggled her young mind. Her eyes grew very heavy and her head rocked loosely. She lost track of what was happening, talking to the wrong dog about the wrong thing.

It was King who rested a big paw on her ribcage and licked her swollen tits, and it was Rex between her trembling thighs licking his massive tongue up into her twisting fuckhole.

But it made no difference to Linda. The point was that she was getting what she was after, two dogs driving her crazy with their thrusting, lapping tongues. Every inch of her young body turned on as the two wet tongues sloshed around her body. King and Rex became partners in the girl's erotic seduction.

Because of Linda's twisting and moaning and jerking, the dogs became quite overheated with her. This was as new to them as it was to Linda, but they enjoyed it.

King placed both paws on her shoulders and dropped his big head to her heaving, lifting tits. His huge tongue washed them up and down and back and forth. His sharp white teeth nibbling her spiking nipples. Linda whimpered with pleasure.

The dog's attack on her nervous tits made her wiggle and writhe beautifully on the floor. Her lovely legs twisted and flailed continuously and her pussy gave off the attractive aroma Rex was so accustomed to. He buried his face between her splayed thighs and slapped her cunt viciously with his thirsty tongue.

"Oh, ohhh! Ohhhhh," Linda moaned as her mind spun into orbit.

She whimpered hotly and arched her back. She shoved her hard tits upward against the lashing doggie-tongue, and squirmed her hot cunt hornily on Rex's snout. From her neck to her thighs, her lovely body glistened with doggie-spit as the two animals licked her. Then, somehow, they sensed that they should concentrate on her tits and cunt.

Linda's fingers curled above her head and her hands balled up into small fists as arousing sensations of sex-fun rippled through her thoroughly licked body. She grit her teeth and shut her eyes and uttered strange hot sounds as her pets licked her tits and pussy.

She was perfectly willing to let this go on indefinitely. She could feel her new orgasm building up in her belly, waiting right at the far end of her fuck-channel. She ached to flood her pussy with hot cunt-juices.

But King suddenly seemed jealous of the mongrel who commanded the girl's furry little cunt. He growled low and moved down to Linda's writhing thighs. She gasped when he deserted her tingling tits and tried to stop him. But to her amazement and delight, Rex made room for the bigger dog and all of a sudden, two big wet tongues were lashing her ass and cunt.

She thrust her pretty ass up off the floor and held her pussy in mid-air. She opened her legs wide and offered her pussy and asshole to the two animals.

To help them, she thrust her hands beneath her quivering ass and stretched her asscheeks apart, exposing her cute pink asshole.

"Get it... get it," she panted, humping her hips hornily.

King dropped his snout lower and as Rex licked his scrapy tongue into her juicy fuckhole, King began licking her asshole.

"Ohhh! Mamaaaaa!" she whined like a bitch in heat.

She fucked her ass up again and again and again, thrusting her asshole at the doggie-tongue as she squirmed her pussy anxiously round and round on Rex's marvelous tongue. Intense feelings of cummy pleasure shot through her body and made if jerk repeatedly.

"I'm cumming!" she cried.

She grabbed her thrusting tits and mauled them hotly as she humped for her orgasm against the two lashing doggie-tongues. Her asshole puckered and clamped and her cunt clenched and tightened as she shivered violently through a tremendous cum.

Great washes of burning joy-juice filled her pussy and then both dogs drank from her luscious body.

Rex and King were definitely partners now as they banged their heads together to get into Linda's squirming, fucking cunt. Their massive tongues tangled in her fuckhole and slapped her clit numerous times so that Linda enjoyed a most excruciating, delicious climax.

No sooner had she filled her cunt with some than she twisted her pink nipples until they hurt and fucked her horny pussy violently against the doggie-tongues. She was already reaching for another orgasm. The two dogs were glad to help.

As Linda's ass squirmed and twisted hotly, the doggie-tongues whipped her open, wet pussy. She grasped her hot young tits tightly and massaged them continually as her pets licked her to yet another orgasm.

She moaned passionately as her pussy provided another supply of fiery liquid. Her cum gushed out of her squishy cunt and the dogs lapped it up as fast as it appeared. Linda whimpered.

The second cum only made her crazy for more. She screwed her hot pussy round and round and humped it furiously at the delightful doggie-tongues.

Orgasm number three followed on the waves of number two. Then number four was rippling through her young body, very close behind number three. Still, the wild dog-tongues lashed and licked and lapped her furry pussy.

"Oh, my God!" Linda gasped, feeling something she'd never felt before.

Her orgasms could no longer be separated. One continuous, agonizingly pleasurable cum washed through her as her pets ate her out thirstily.

The unending orgasm turned her into a wild, lusting thing. Her senses reeled, her tits strained and her cunt creamed and creamed and creamed. She whimpered and moaned and sometimes shrieked as sharp stings of pleasure burned her quivery little clit and wet fuckhole.

Out of her pretty head with sex-joy, Linda twisted around on the floor, unmindful of her tender skin against the rough surface. She rolled onto her side and grasped at Rex. She yanked the dog and pulled him up to her face.

Panting hornily, she pulled his lower body over her face and licked her little pink tongue crazily all over his nuts and cock. His red prick darted out of its sheath and she lifted her face to it and took it into her mouth. Humping her soaked pussy on King's busily licking tongue, she sucked on Rex's cock until the poor dog was whimpering.

She clung to his flanks and held onto his haunches as she feverishly sucked her sexy mouth up and down on his throbbing prick. She fucked her cunt hornily against King's tongue as she blew her dog's cock.

With exciting feelings burning her ripe tits and hot ass, she sucked hotly on Rex's growing, bulging cock. Her mouth became as juicy as her pussy and she got the animal to fuck her there. She moaned hornily as she let him fuck her mouth and throat. And she whimpered continuously as she came and came on King's tongue.

She clutched hornily at Rex's straining body and pumped her hot mouth up and down on his burgeoning cock. His big, hot nuts tightened up against the base of his thick cock, then giant wads of sticky cockcream torpedoed through his prick and out the end of it into Linda's hornily sucking mouth.

She gasped around his jerking cock and took every solid inch of it into her mouth and throat. She sucked wildly on the throbbing, jolting dog-dick as great gushes of thick jism crashed out of it. She gulped down a mouthful of cum and sucked feverishly as her mouth filled again and again. She gulped and gulped and drank all of his jism down, moaning passionately as she did so. Her pussy continued to cream on King's whipping, lashing tongue.

The dog-cock in her pretty mouth finally stopped shooting wads of cum and Linda panted for breath as she sucked it dry. Every inch of her lovely body was turned on by the cocksucking and cunt-lapping. Horny for more, she released Rex's spent prick from her clenching little mouth and let out a gasp of delight.

With tits heaving and pussy tingling, she squirmed around and pushed her face under King's belly. She wanted more stiff prick in her mouth and more juicy cum down her throat.

Because King was a much bigger dog, his belly high off the floor, she couldn't get her mouth on his cock. In desperation, she pulled at the animal and forced him down on his side like a horse.

"Down, King," she panted hotly, grasping at his meaty cock. "That's it, boy. Stay down. Ohhh! Let Linda suck your beautiful prick!"

Just a few strokes of her hot hand got King's prick out of its protective sheath. It throbbed menacingly in her tight little fist. She pumped it a few times and licked her lips when she saw a bubble of pre-cum emerge from his piss-slit. With a whimper and a moan, she dropped her face to his cock and licked the bubble away, tasting it.

"Ummm! You taste as good as Rex," she purred.

To get a better hold on the dog's enormous prick, she crawled onto her knees and elbows. In this new position, her naked young ass was high in the air. Her lovely thighs were pressed together and, between them, like a small sandwich, was her furry little cunt. Leaning down, she took King's raging cock up into her sexy mouth and started blowing it.

Rex was not immune to the vision of her delightful young pussy. As she sucked hornily on King's bulging cock, he nosed her crotch and gave her pussy a few nice licks.

The moment Linda felt her pet's scrapy tongue licking at her cunt, she whimpered with pleasure and separated her knees. Her firm curvy thighs parted in a beautiful upside down V. Her pink pussylips opened, too, and Rex got a good whiff of her juicy cunt.

He stuck his snout into her pussy and licked his tongue up into her body. Linda gasped on King's enormous prick and sucked it feverishly.

She clutched the German Shepherd's big hot nuts and mauled them for him as she bobbed her head up and down. Her soft, leeching lips wrapped themselves around his cock and slid rhythmically up and down his cockhead again and again. King groaned like a man.

Rex turned this way and that behind her to get lots of her sweet pussy. His huge, wet tongue extended far from his mouth and he lapped it hard against her white, sensitive cunt-flesh. Linda's clit almost burst with joy. Her orgasm continued.

Shuddering and whimpering helplessly with overwhelming sex-thrills, she sucked hotly on the huge cock in her mouth. She pushed her tight lips all the way down on the dog's fuck-pole and bobbed her head so his cockhead could fuck her throat. She found the sensation mind-blowing and delicious, so she kept it up for a long time while her own dog licked and lapped her pretty pussy.

Blowing one dog and getting her cunt licked by another sent Linda spiraling into an orbit of heady, orgasmic pleasure. She squirmed her hot cunt against Rex's big tongue and sucked faster on King's raging prick, panting hotly al the while. It was in these delicious moments that the girl remembered something.

Suddenly her young mind burned with an image. When she had gone upstairs to get her dog, she had peeked into her mom's room, just to see that everything was going okay. For a split second, she had seen the man named Chet fucking her mother's wet pussy. With the funny way the human mind works, that image now returned Linda's feverish mind.

As she humped her soaked cunt on her dog's whipping tongue and sucked hornily on the German Shepherd's gigantic cock, she recalled how it had looked upstairs as the man fucked Myra's pussy.

A wild and blatant image of the man's giant cock filled Linda's young mind. From the doorway, she had seen between his legs and her mom's at the same time. For an instant, which was not an eternity, she had seen the man's big, thick cock, soaked with her mom's cum, slip-sliding wildly in and out of her mother's writhing body.

Even as she bobbed her mouth up and down rapidly on King's throbbing cock, her mind pictured the man's huge cock streaking into her mom's open, wet cunt.

As she twisted her cumming, vibrating pussy against Rex's wonderful tongue, her mind kept picturing the way her mom's cunt had humped and twisted on the man's plunging prick.

Naturally, fucking entered her thoughts. With the heat expanding in her own luscious young body, and such a large, thick cock fucking her throat, she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to get fucked in the cunt.

Her mother loved to fuck, she knew. How many times she had peeked into her mom's bedroom to find her fucking hornily with some oversexed, panting guy? How many cocks Myra could fuck?

Linda now felt every nerve-ending in her pussy as Rex continued licking it... his scrapy, sandpapery tongue felt so good on her pussy.

She sucked harder on King's cock and opened her legs wider. She pushed back at Rex and mashed her pussy against his snout.

Rex seemed to respond correctly, for he pushed his thick tongue between her swollen pussylips and up into her horny fuckhole.

As he drilled his tongue into her cunt, Linda pretended it was a big, hard prick that was fucking her.

Like the war games that little boys play which sometimes become reality when they are grown up, Linda's little sex game of fucking had to become reality for her. Rex's tongue simply was a prick.

She grasped King's bulging in her fist and squeezed it hornily and hungrily as she blew it, her mind filled with thoughts of it driving wildly into her pussy.

She recalled how lovely her mom had looked every time she'd seen her fucking. And the way Myra squealed and shrieked.

Linda was certain that a big cock plunging viciously into a girl's pussy must be the ultimate pleasure.

But for now it was enough for the teenager to dream of getting fucked by a prick as she wiped her drenched cunt against Rex's marvelous tongue and sucked King's cock brutally.

The fuck-thoughts only made her raunchier and hotter for cock and King took the brunt of her aroused lust. Her eyes closed in rapture and she started twisting her mouth around like a corkscrew on his fucking cock.

She opened her throat for his cockhead and took it in, humping it with her head. She jacked his cockshaft and sucked his cockhead until King was howling with impending climax.

This time Linda sensed that it was going to happen. Her thoughts of fucking melted into thoughts of getting some more thick jism in her mouth. Thrilled and moaning softly, she fucked her mouth up and down faster on the big cock and jerked it hard to make it shoot.

The captured animal jerked on the cellar floor. His four legs trembled and shivered as if he were having a fit of some kind. His big wet tongue lolled out of his gaping, panting mouth and drooled saliva onto the floor as the girl sucked his cock so hotly.

Linda remembered one time she had seen her mom sucking a man's thick prick. The man had been at the point King was at right now.

"Oh, baby," he had groaned. "Suck it! My nuts, honey! My nuts! Tickly my nuts and I'll fill your fucking mouth with cum!"

Remembering what her horny mom had done to please the man, Linda slipped her hot hand down to King's balls and started scraping her fingernails over them. She kneaded them and tickled them and played with them, all the while sucking hornily on his throbbing, jerking cock. It did the trick.

Huge wads of thick jism coursed through the dog's swollen cock and gushed out of his pisshole into Linda's waiting mouth. She moaned hotly and sucked feverishly on his jerking prick, squeezing his balls and whimpering with pleasure as his bulging, jolting cock pumped a helluva supply of cum into her sucking mouth.

She held his nuts gingerly and mauled them gently, knowing now that that was the way a girl could make a guy cum. With the wisdom of her mother, she played with the dog-balls and sucked mouthful after mouthful of thick, hot jism. Her cheeks ballooned each time her mouth filled and she swallowed fast to get all the cum down her gulping throat. Even so, some jism squirted from the corners of her sucking mouth and she giggled at that.

Once she had tamed King's cock with her mouth, her mind returned to thoughts of fucking. Panting hotly, she rolled away from the gasping German Shepherd and turned to her mongrel mutt. Here eyes sparkled as she pulled at him.

She got him on top of her body and tried to fuck him. It wouldn't work. She got on her hands and knees and ordered the dogs, either of them, to fuck her pussy. She coaxed, cajoled, and begged, but there was no way she could get a doggie-prick to her pussy.

Finally, she sat on the cellar floor and pondered the anatomical problem thoughtfully. Worrying her lower lip, she tried to figure out how a girl could get fucked by a dog.

"I'm going to need somebody's help," she muttered at last. "That's what I need, somebody's help."


Linda turned the dogs loose from the cellar and King headed for home with his tail between his legs as if he had just been beaten. Linda giggled to see him run so fast and she licked her lips. It amazed her that such a little thing like a girl's tongue could have such power over a big, thick cock.

Rex marched along beside her as she headed for the house. Linda noticed that her mom's car was no longer in the driveway and she was curious about that as she stepped into the kitchen.

She stopped short when she saw a man sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. He looked awfully big, and handsome. He was wearing a T-shirt and very tight denims that accented the huge bulge of his manly crotch.

"Uh... hello," Linda stammered, closing the door after Rex lumbered inside.

"Hi," the man smiled. "You must be Linda. My name's Chet, Chet Maddox."

Linda immediately liked his grin and the way his eyes flashed, and his hands. He had nice hands. She wondered what they would feel like on her tits. She blushed at the thought.

"Where's my mom?" she asked, going to the sink for a drink of water.

"She went to the store," he told her. "Ran out of milk."

Linda smiled into her glass as she thought of his enormous pricking running out of milk.

"I'm glad you came home while I was still here," Chet said. "I want to talk to you."

"You do?"

"Yes," he replied. "Would you sit down for a minute?"

Frowning curiously, Linda perched her cute ass on the edge of a chair and peered steadily into the handsome man's face.

He then lit a cigarette. When the smoke streamed from his nostrils, Linda thought that was terribly sexy.

"Your mother and I just met today," he said, his grin made him look younger and friendly. "I know this is short notice, Linda, but you see, I kind of like your mom. To tell you the truth, she's the kind of woman I've been looking for."

"You mean she's a good piece," Linda giggled.

The guy's mouth fell open for a moment, then he laughed.

"I see you and I are going to get along just fine," he chuckled. "I guess we can be honest with each other."

"I'd like that," Linda said seriously.

She was already thinking of this man as the answer to her prayers. Wouldn't a horny guy like this help her get fucked by Rex? Or maybe by his own dog, King?

"Your mom thought this might be difficult," Chet said, heaving a sigh of relief. "I mean... well... with your dad missing and all. Myra thought you... well... that you'd resent having another man around the house."

"You mean, you're gonna live here?" Linda's mouth fell open.

"Not exactly," Chet chuckled. "But I live just over there, beyond your backyard, and... well... we thought we might get together often... if you know what I mean."

"You two want to fuck regularly?" Linda asked.

"Damn, kid," Chet's Adam's apple bobbed nervously. "You're not only honest, you're downright pointed about things! And here I was worrying about my language. Do you always call a spade a spade?"

"No," Linda said. "Only when my mom's not around. She thinks I'm a good little girl. And don't call me kid. I'm not a kid."

The man's eyes narrowed and he studied her pretty face for a moment.

"I don't know whether you're conning me or not. You don't look like... well... like you've had any sexual experience."

"If you mean, have I been laid," Linda smiled brightly. "No. But there's more to sex than just fucking."

"Christ!" Chet groaned. "Yeah, you're right there."

"I know I am," Linda cooed. "I saw you with my mom before."

"You did? When?"

"Don't panic, Chet," she reassured him. "You said we could be honest with each other. Let's be friends. I know I'm young but that doesn't mean I'm completely stupid. I saw what you and Mom were doing in her bedroom. I watched."

"Jesus!" the man groaned.

"I watch a lot," Linda laughed, her blue eyes ran over the man's handsome features and she added. "You know, of all the guys Mom fucks, I think you're the nicest."

"All the guys?" Chet rasped. "Does she have a lot of boyfriends?"

"Dozens," Linda giggled. "Why not? After all, she's such a sexy lady. Guys lust after her like bulls after a horny cow."

Chet dragged on his cigarette and stamped it out in the ashtray. He shook his head dolefully, muttering.

"Damn! I don't know if I can compete with that many studs."

"Oh, I think you can," Linda cooed. "I'll help you."

"You?" His eyes fastened on hers. "How?"

"I can tell you all the things my mom likes."

"I think I know what your mother likes," he murmured.

"I don't mean that," Linda said. "Any guy can fuck her. I mean, she's not a whore or anything like that. She's a wonderful mother, but she's been terribly lonely since my dad ran off. I know how she feels. Sometimes I feel terribly lonely, too. That's why I have Rex. We're very close."

Because Chet was so occupied with his own problem, he completely missed the girl's hint about the dog.

"If you told me those little secrets," he said, peering into her eyes. "I could ace out those other studs."

"That's what I mean," Linda said. "Most of those men drink too much. That's the first thing. My mom goes out and drinks a lot so she can pick up a well hung guy, but she doesn't like to drink."

"Oh shit!" Chet groaned. "And I just gave her some money for booze!"

"That's okay," Linda told him. "You didn't know any better. I'm just letting you in on mom's little secret. From now on, bring ice cream or flowers or..." she blushed and whispered, "... a big, stiff cock."

"God damn!" Chet gasped, surprised by her forthright behavior with him.

She didn't seem to be at all afraid of his presence. It made him curious.

"Aren't you afraid to talk like that around a guy?" he wanted to know.

"No," Linda replied. "Not around you. You're not like the losers mom usually brings home. She met you right here, in our own backyard."

"How did you know that?"

"I was peeking," Linda laughed. "I don't miss much that goes on around here. Mom doesn't know, though."

"I'll never tell her," Chet grinned.

"Good. I'll tell her I like you, then she won't feel funny having you around here a lot," he said. "And I'll tell you things all those other guys don't know about her and you'll be able to take over."

"Why are you being so nice?" Chet frowned deeply. "What's in it for you? I hope you're not looking for a father substitute."

Linda burst into gay laughter that made her ripe, jutting tits jiggle in her tight little dress.

"Heck, no!" she exclaimed, her eyes twinkling. "I need your help with something, too. I'll help you if you'll help me."

"What are you getting at?" Past experience with dizzy females made the man suspicious. "Just what do you want me to do?"

"Nothing you won't like doing," Linda giggled. "I want you to help me get Rex to fuck me," she whispered, petting Rex's head.

Chet's eyes widened and his mouth flapped soundlessly for a moment.

"Jesus H. Christ!" he finally gasped, his suspicions turning into total paranoia. "What is this?" he said. "Are you playing some kind of teen game with me? You must know you're giving me a whopping hard-on. What are you trying to do? Do you expect me to believe that a sexy young girl doesn't fuck wants to get laid by her dog?"

"But it's true!" Linda cried. "I'm not lying. Please don't get mad. When men get mad, I get scared. I mean it. I just want Rex to fuck me."

Chet calmed down in response to her plea for understanding and kindness.

"Look, kid. I mean Linda," he said. "I'm sorry I reacted that way, but you took me by surprise. You don't know what it does to a guy to think of a luscious female like you fucking a dog!"

"Then you'll help me?" Linda pleaded.

"Goddamn! You are serious," he rasped. "I. I... well, shit. Yes, I'll help you... if you really want to do that."

"Oh, I do!" Linda rasped. "You don't know how much."

"Have you ever fucked a dog before?" Chet wanted to know.

"No," Linda replied. "That's why I want to know. I'm ready for it. I get as lonely as my mom and just as horny."

"Christ!" Chet groaned, his erect cock throbbing painfully in his tight denims.

Linda's talk had gotten it bigger and harder than all of Myra's sexiness.

"I guess that excites you," Linda murmured. "Sorry about that. But it's kind of your own fault, you know. I was watching you do all those sexy things to Mom and I got so hot that I went down into the cellar with Rex and your dog, and I."

"King? You had King in your cellar?" Chet gasped. "Doing what?"

"Well, I was so hot that I let them lick me all over, then."

"You were naked?"

"Yes," she smiled. "After they licked me all over I was really horny, so I sucked them both off. I mean, while I sucked King, Rex licked my pussy, and."

"Wait!" Chet gasped. "Hold it! Stop! No more. Please, Linda, I. I can't take another second of this!"

"Goodness, is it that bad?" she cooed.

She bent over and peered under the table at Chet's crotch and saw the size and strength of his hard-on. Her blonde hair fell forward and when she sat up again, she tossed it back.

"Wow! You are hard!" she gasped. "I didn't know just talking to you could do that! But, don't worry, Mom will be back in a few minutes and she'll love it!"

Chet noticed the way she kept shifting him back to her mother, even thought she was the one who had gotten him stiff. But he let her think that that was indeed the solutions to his problem, although he knew it wasn't. He was already devising a way to get at the pretty, sexy teenager who wanted to be fucked by her dog.

Maybe he couldn't fuck her, but by God, he sure in hell could have a lot of fun with her.

"You know, Linda," he said. "If you've never been fucked by an animal, it might be risky to just plunge into it. I think you should see how it's done first."

"See how it's done?" She was confused. "How can I?"

"I have some films at my house," he told her. "I've been thinking, maybe you should come over some evening and watch a few. Just so you can see how animals fuck women."

"Tonight!" Linda squealed with excitement, her eyes lighting up.

Chet swallowed hard and fought back his urge to grab the cute little bitch and suck her tits right there. He pretended calmness, friendliness and the willingness to help.

"Okay, tonight," he said. "I'll have to tell a white lie to your mom."

"So will I!" Linda laughed. "But here's another secret for you. Eat my mom's cunt, then do a sixty-nine so she can get horny with your prick. And then fuck her pussy with your finger moving in and out of her ass. After that she won't mind if you take the night off! The only reason she fucks around with so many guys is that none of those drunks know how to make love to a woman. I've heard her say so. So she brings one guy home and maybe gets him to eat her box, then she fucks him. The next guy she sucks off, then fucks him. You see what I mean? She'd love to get all that with just one guy. It would have to be a helluva special guy. I think you're it."

"You're a remarkable girl," Chet said, sighing.

"Sexy, too, huh?" she giggled. "I know what you're thinking, but I know you're not the kind of man who takes advantage of a little girl. I feel safe with you. I don't even mind the way you look at me. There's something nice about you."

Chet could contain himself no longer.

"Let me see your tits," he said, lust deepening his voice.

Linda smiled at him. His urgent request made her feel grown-up and proud of her tits. She straightened her shoulders and made her tits thrust out.

"Really?" she cooed. "You want to look at them?"

"Yes," he gulped. "I won't touch them... unless you want me to."

"I've never shown them to anybody," she purred. "Not even the boys in school. Only Rex and King have seen them naked."

"I'd love to see them."

"Won't that just make you hornier?" Linda asked. "You have an awfully big cock already!"

"All the better for your mom," Chet grinned handsomely. "You'll be helping her by getting me real hot."

"I never thought of that," Linda cooed, giggling. "To tell you the truth, I like to cocktease. It's fun and exciting. Do you really want me to cocktease you?"

"Sure," Chet said, leaning back in his chair as if it didn't matter. "Go ahead."

Linda giggled and lifted her hands to the low neckline of her dress. She peered intently at the man as her fingers curled inside and gently lowered the dress down. More and more of her perfectly round tits came into his view and his cock pounded viciously in his denims.

Linda felt warm doing this and the warm feeling made her want to go through with it. She smiled sexily at Chet and peeled her dress down the way she had for the dogs. Her luscious tits lifted up and out, tipped by her mouth-watering pink nipples.

"Christ, they're gorgeous!" Chet rasped hotly, his horny eyes burning into them.

Linda could almost feel his lust from across the table and her nipples spiked beneath his hungry gaze. By habit, any time she bared her tits it was to have them licked by her pet dog.

She rose to her feet and her tits thrust up tightly before Chet's hot eyes. A shudder ran through Linda as she stepped closer to the man.

"You... you can suck them if you promise not to touch me," she stammered hotly.

Chet grinned in victory. It was perfectly clear that this young chick loved to have her tits licked and sucked. He glanced down at her dog, Rex, and immediately thought of the fact that a dog can't suck. It can only lick.

"Come here," he said hornily.

"Promise you won't touch me," Linda panted for breath, holding back.

"Promise," Chet said hornily.

Linda watched him put his hands behind his head and wait for her to move toward him. That gave her a sense of security that she needed.

She leaned down and fed her ripe, jutting tits to his mouth. First one, then the other. One at a time, he sucked her nipples. He pulled first one tit into his mouth and lashed it hornily with his big tongue as he sucked on it hard.

Linda quivered and moaned and her pussy got all wet.

"Ohhh! Here, do the other one!" she gasped.

She yanked her aching tit out of his mouth. Before he could say a word, she stuffed his mouth with her other tit. Chet chuckled to himself and sucked the hell out of her tit, chewing a little on her nipple.

"Oh!" Linda gasped, shivering. "What are you doing? Ohhh! Is this how boys suck tits? Oh, golly! Do more! Eww! Oh! Ohhh! I'm. I'm cummiiinnnggg!"

Chet sure didn't expect that. Shocked out of his wits, he tugged at her tit and nibbled her pink nipple wildly. He clutched the back of his head tensely to keep from tearing her dress off and with his mouth, lips, tongue and teeth, turned her luscious, aching tits on.

Linda quivered excitedly as great washes of creamy cum cascaded through her pussy-channel. Her whole cunt squirmed as she gyrated her cute ass.

"It's making me cum!" she squealed. "I didn't know it would feel like this! Ohhh! If only Rex could suck my tits like this!"

In that moment, Chet knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this horny teen was thoroughly hooked on her dog.

'But, so what?' he wondered. 'Why not? The kid had to have some sex pleasure, didn't she? Why not with her favorite pet. The animal she loved and trusted.'

He could understand that. Someday, when she was ready and ripe, she'd probably be fucking like crazy, just like her raunchy mom.

He wasn't aware of it but his horny tit-sucking was quickly getting Linda ripe and ready for some hot cunt-sucking. Her feverish young mind was already busy with urges to climb up on his chair, lift her dress way up, and mash her hot pussy down on his wonderful mouth.

But just then the front door opened.

"Oh!" Linda gasped.

She quickly jerked away from the hot man and quickly covered her thrusting tits. She plopped into her chair and fought to catch her breath. She squeezed her thighs tightly together against her creaming cunt and got good feelings in her cunt as her mom came into the kitchen.

"Oh, hello, sweetheart," her mother greeted, setting a pack of groceries on the table.

"Here, let me help you," Chet said quickly.

Her helped her unpack and put the groceries away, thus hiding his huge, throbbing cock. By the time the chore was done, he had managed to reduce the size of his hard-on.

"So, you two have met," Myra remarked.

"Uhh, yes, we have," Chet said, moving closer to her so she couldn't spot the wetness of his denims. "And we've been getting along just fine."

That statement made Myra look at her little girl. Linda smiled sweetly at her mother, then lowered her eyes. Myra's tits and cunt tingled.

'Linda liked him!' she thought. 'Marvelous!'

"How about a drink?" Myra said, turning to the counter next to the sink.

Linda's eyes met Chet's. He smiled and winked at her.

"No, thanks," he said.

He moved up behind Myra and slipped his arms around her slender waist.

"I think I'd like some ice cream or something," he whispered against her ear.

Myra whirled in his arms and snaked hers around his neck.

"Really?" she exclaimed, her eyes lighting up. "You want some ice cream? Oh, that's wonderful, Chet. I love ice cream! Now go sit down, you masher. I'll fix you something terrific. I make a wicked banana split."

"One for me, too!" Linda yelled.

"For the three of us," Myra said breathlessly.

As she fixed the goodies, Chet sat and lusted after Linda's goodies. Since her mom's back was turned, she decided to give the nice man a treat. She boldly and wickedly bared one of her firm, round tits and showed it to him. It was a promise of things to come.


Linda took a shower after dinner and got into her sexy halter and tight, little shorts. When she emerged from her room, she found her mother lounging on the sofa, watching TV.

"Where's Chet?" she asked.

"He had some business to take care of this evening," Myra explained. "But he'll be by around midnight."

"Good," Linda said with a bright smile.

Myra peered at her little girl's sparkling eyes. She smiled.

"You really like Chet, don't you?" she queried.

"Yes," Linda said, sitting on the edge of the sofa. "He's much nicer than those men you meet in the bars."

Myra heaved a sigh and her lush, ripe tits rose up like live things in her negligee.

"I know," Myra sighed. "I've been looking for a guy like him for a long time. I guess I've been looking in the wrong places."

She reached over and touched Linda's naked thigh.

"You don't think I'm wicked, do you?" she said, gazing into her daughter's blue eyes.

"Wicked!" Linda sounded surprised. "Why would I think that?"

"Well, by some standards, I haven't been a very good mom," Myra said sullenly. "I mean, I've been drinking a lot... and bringing men home. Oh, Linda, I've tried to fool myself. I wanted to believe that you were just a naive little kid and couldn't possibly know what I was doing in the bedroom with those men. But you do know, don't you?"

"Sure, Mom."

"And you don't hate me?"

"Mom!" Linda cried.

She threw herself on top of her mother's thrusting tits and crushed her own to them as she hugged and kissed the suddenly tearful woman.

"I love you, Mom," Linda said. "I understand. Golly, don't you think I get lonely sometimes? Don't you think I'd like to do something reckless once in a while, just to forget what dad did to us?"

"My baby, my baby," Myra sobbed.

Linda sat up and wiped the tears away from her mom's face.

"Don't cry," she said. "Please, don't cry. There's nothing to cry about. Heck, you're a beautiful woman. And you're human. You have needs, too. Why shouldn't you get some fun out of life?"

Myra's eyes widened and she looked at her little girl with new understanding.

"How adult you sound!" she gasped.

Her eyes dropped to Linda's jutting young tits.

"Linda... you. I mean."

"I'm still a virgin," Linda smiled.

Myra suddenly turned her face away.

"I'm not one to talk, am I?" she murmured and sniffled. "I'm in my bedroom having sex every night and here I am cross-examining you!"

"That's okay, Mom," Linda said soothingly.

"No, it isn't!" her mother countered. "It's hypocritical! You have never questioned me about my behavior. I know that you probably heard me in there. I'm so ashamed! Never once did you point a finger at me."

"But I love you!"

"And I love you," Myra said with determination. "From now one I'm going to be your friend," she said, looking directly into Linda's moist eyes. "I promise you that, Linda. No more momism. I'd rather be your friend than your mother anyway. Mothers are too heavy. You're not a little girl anymore, so what right do I have to treat you like one?"

Linda brightened visibly.

"God, Mom, that's super!" she exclaimed happily.

But Myra's eyes suddenly took on a different luster and a certain curiosity burned in them.

"A few minutes ago you said something about human needs," Myra started nervously. "Uhhh, do you... well... do you have needs, Linda?"

"Didn't you when you were my age?" Linda asked.

Myra suddenly burst into relieving laughter. Of course she'd had sex-needs as a kid. And her daughter's forthright question made her recall all the times she had snuggled up in bed with her favorite banana, which she kept concealed beneath her mattress.

"What do you do about your needs?" she murmured, bracing herself for the coming answer.

Linda laughed.

"Don't be so cagey," she giggled. "If we're gonna be friends, we have to talk openly. When I get horny, I finger it. You know, I stick my fingers up me and push them in and out like a prick."

"But you've never." Myra blushed but fought it back.

"Been fucked!" Linda finished her mom's thought. "No."

"For some reason, I've never worried about you," Myra sighed. "I've never seen you date. You seem to know how to handle the boys. I guess I rested with that. You've been such a good girl. But, well, why is that, Linda? Why do you refuse dates? You're a very sexy girl and the boys must be aching to get at you. Other girls can't wait to fuck, but you seem... older somehow."

Linda entertained the thought of telling her mom the complete, unadulterated truth. But at the last moment, she hesitated. Her mother had come a long way in the last few minutes but it might have been too much for her to take if she knew Linda liked to have sex with dogs.

"I just don't like the way boys treat girls," she said as innocently as she could. "I'd much rather play with my tits myself. And I love to stick things up my pussy with I'm hot."

"Okay, darling," Myra rasped. "Spare me the details. I don't think I can handle it right now."

"Okay, Mom," Linda said, getting to her feet. "I'm going out for a while. Enjoy your TV."

She pranced to the door, her faithful Rex right at her heels. Her watched her daughter's ass swing as she walked away from her.

"Jesus!" she muttered.

"What does that mean?" Linda asked as she turned back and laughed.

"I don't know how you keep from getting raped," her mother cooed as her eyes ran up and down Linda's curvy young body.

Linda giggled at that and went out the door feeling good. She hurried around the block and headed for Chet Maddox's house with her pet dog.

Chet was delighted to see her, especially in her teeny halter and cute shorts. He didn't look bad himself in jogging shorts and a terrycloth jacket. He was smoking a pipe when Linda arrived and the mere image of a hairy-chested, pipe smoking man made her pussy quiver. She tried not to stare at him, just as he tried not to stare at her.

When they were both seated on the leather couch with coffees, they burst into laughter, realizing that they were both guilty of the same nonsense.

"This is ridiculous," Chet said. "I want to look at you. You look almost naked in those little things."

"That's why I wore them," Linda rasped hotly. "Look at me. I want to look at you. I'm always afraid to look at me."

"Look all you want," Chet said kindly. "I'll never touch you without your permission."

Linda sighed and her lovely tits rose and fell with each breath.

"You're nice," she whispered, letting her eyes roam over his broad, hairy chest and down to his chunky crotch. "You're awfully big," she said.

"You've seen it, huh?"

"When you were fucking my mom."

"Did it scare you?"

Linda hesitated for a moment, torn between bullshit and truth.

"Yes," she murmured, opting for the truth. "I don't think I'd want such a huge thing pushing into my pussy."

"I understand," Chet said with a grin. "You're young yet. But you're built like a woman."

Hearing that delighted the young girl.

"Oh, do you really think so?" she squealed happily.

She sat up straight so he could see just how curvy she was. Her tits thrust hard in the small triangles of her halter and her nipples stop up against the fabric.

Chet's eyes raped her hotly and it made Linda feel warm and sexy. It was a marvelous treat to be sitting alone with a grown man this way, unashamed and unafraid. It was nice for her to be able to look directly at an obvious hard-on and watch it throb against the material of Chet's shorts. It looked terribly large.

Chet's eyes roamed over her heaving young tits, slim waist, and lovely thighs. Her cute little crotch in the tight shorts plainly showed the outline of her delightful young pussy. Her pussylips were pushing at the cloth, as if they had swelled up since her arrival.

"I can't take any more of this," he admitted. "You're much to juicy a morsel for me to just look at. What do you say we get to the movie? You should see how a dog fucks a woman before you go trying it."

"Oh, yes, let's!" Linda exclaimed.

She looked around the room, searching for a movie screen. It rather surprised her when Chet got up and went to the TV. Then it dawned on her.

"Oh!" she gasped, "you have one of those new things! You can see films on your TV! Oh, do you have 'Gone With the Wind' or 'Death Wish' or 'The Wizard of Oz'."

Chet laughed deeply and picked up three large cassettes.

"No," he chuckled, peering at the titles. "I have 'Lust in the Afternoon', 'Big Tits and Giant Pricks' and 'A Girl's Best Friend Is Her Dog'."

"Gosh!" Linda gasped and blushed profusely.

She swallowed hard and watched Chet insert a cassette into the machine.

"Are we... am I gonna see the one about the dog?"

"You bet," Chet grinned and turned the TV on. "Do you mind if I sit next to you?" he said as he walked over to the couch.

Linda's eyes were already nailed to the screen.

"No," she muttered. "I wish you would. I'd be embarrassed to watch something like this by myself."

Chet turned the lights real low and settled on the couch close to the wide-eyed, staring girl.

"If you want anything," he said, glancing at her heaving tits. "Snacks or soda pop, just tell me."

Linda didn't hear him. Her lips fell open as she ogled the TV screen and watched the drama unfold before her very eyes.

After a few screen credits, Linda saw a luscious brunette enter an apartment. The girl looked weary, as if she had just come home from work... she locked the door behind herself and went into her bedroom where she quickly disrobed and stretched out on her bed. She closed her eyes and let her slender hands caress her jutting tits.

As the brunette started to doze off, a huge brown dog entered the room. He padded over to the bed and got his front paws up on the edge of the mattress. The brunette became aware of his presence and smiled at him. His big tongue was hanging out of his mouth.

The naked girl said something with a smile on her lips and the dog leapt up onto the bed. He paced back and forth on the bed and the brunette's eyes took on an interested luster.

Her sexy mouth moved and whatever she said to the animal got him excited. He jumped at the girl's face and licked it with his tongue, making her twist and laugh. Then the action really started.

The gorgeous brunette cupped her tits firmly and thrust them upward. She murmured something to the panting dog and he dropped his snout to her offered tits. His huge tongue started lapping and licking her tits wildly and the girl made sure her spiking pink nipples got plenty of his tongue.

Lind gasped and her cunt got wet as she watched the action unfold before her eyes.

The big dog moved his tongue down the brunette's squirming, writhing body and Linda watched as she stretched her lovely legs real wide for him, just like she herself had done for Rex.

The dog on the screen buried his head between the brunette's trembling thighs and lashed her bushy, black-haired cunt with his tongue. The girl went crazy on the bed. She humped and thrashed and jerked violently. It was clear to Linda that the animal was getting her off.

"Oh, wow," she gasped, staring hotly at the movie.

Chet grinned and got another eyeful of her luscious young tits and firm thighs.

The brunette rolled away from her dog's fantastic tongue and rolled onto her lush tits. She hefted herself onto her hands and knees. She then twisted her head around, she said something to her pet.

The big dog panted hotly for a moment, drooling saliva onto the bed. He then suddenly jumped on top of her body. He mounted her brutally, leaping right on her and pushing his thick, rigid cock at her.

The girl reached down between her shaky thighs and gasped for breath as she grasped the dog-cock and guided it to her cunt.

"Oh! She's gonna do it!" Linda gasped. "She's gonna fuck him!"

A moment later, as the dog's thick cock disappeared again and again up into the brunette's squirmy cunt.

"Oh, look!" Linda squealed. "He's fucking her!"

Overcome by the sight of a big dog fucking a pretty girl, Linda sagged on the couch and her hand flew to her crotch. She opened her legs and started rubbing her pussy through her moist shorts.

"I'll do that for you," Chet said softly and hotly.

"Okay," Linda breathed, without taking her eyes from the screen.

Chet reached over and replaced her hand with his own. He wasted no time in rubbing her cunt, slowly easing the crotch of her little shorts aside and worming his big finger up into Linda's wet pussy.

"Ohhh," she moaned, humping her pussy slowly on the man's delightful finger as she watched the big dog fucking the hell out of his mistress.

When Chet too the time to massage her clit and make her cum crazily, Linda looked at him.

"You're awfully nice to me," she gasped.

"I've wanted to play with your pussy ever since I met you," he rasped hotly.

"I mean it, it's nice of you to do this for me while I enjoy the movie."

Her eyes dropped to the huge bulge in his shorts and Chet thought she was worried about it.

"You don't have to do anything for me," he said. "I just want to finger-fuck your sweet cunt."

"But doesn't it hurt?" she asked breathlessly.

"That's all right," Chet said generously. "Myra will take care of it later."

"But it isn't fair," Linda whispered. "The least I can do is hold it for you."

With that, she opened his shorts and pulled out his swollen wet cock. She riveted her eyes on the screen and used her hand to explore the great length and thickness of the man's enormous cock. Her fingers danced and stroked and ran up and down between his hot nuts and powerful cockhead.

She moaned every so often as she slowly jerked his prick. Chet didn't know what made her so hot, his big prick or the sight of a dog fucking a girl.

As far as Linda was concerned, it was the combination of both that took her breath away and made her cunt so juicy. Never in her life had she whacked such a mighty cock and never had she seen a big dog like that fuck his horny prick in and out of such a delightful young cunt.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God!" she panted as her pussy started creaming again on Chet's marvelous fingers.

Her heavy-lidded eyes burned into the TV screen as the massive animal continued to fuck his thick prick into the obviously whimpering brunette.

The hot bestial scenes before her eyes and the feeling of the massive cock in her fist combined to boggle Linda's mind.

"It's so big," she rasped hotly, suddenly staring at Chet's throbbing, dripping prick.

Before he could say anything appropriate, he lost his voice. Pretty Linda, completely out of her head with burning lust, suddenly rolled from the couch, onto her knees, and grasped his jerking cock between her hands. Her sexy lips parted and she lowered her face to his prick and took his cock up into her softly sucking mouth.

"Linda, you don't have to do that," Chet gasped, groaning at the same time.

Linda gripped his cockshaft tensely and held onto it tightly as she pushed her mouth way down on his prick. The she lifted, pushed again, up and down, up and down.

It took Chet several moments to realize that the teenaged girl couldn't really help herself. She just had to suck his cock.

At that moment, Rex came up behind Linda's squirmy ass and nudged his snout between her thighs.

Chet stared hotly, but not at the movie on the TV screen as Linda thrust a hand behind her and opened her pussy so her dog could lick his tongue into it as she sucked Chet's prick.

This was all too much for the overheated man.

"Linda," he rasped, shuddering. "Jesus! I'm gonna bust my nuts! Be careful, kid! Baby! I'm gonna shoot!"

"God, I want you to!" Linda lifted her head and rasped to his amazement. "Cum in my mouth Chet! Please!"

Her mouth devoured his cock again. She took all of his prick into her throat and fucked her mouth up and down fast on it as if she loved it. His massive prick stretched her cute mouth into a big "O" and jerked.

Linda's mind was aflame with lust. Recalling how her mom cocksucked men, she quickly pressed her fingertips between Chet's big, hot nuts and made them vibrate.

"Holly shit!" Chet yelped.

His big balls snuggled up against the base of his thick cockshaft. They grew tighter and tighter by the minute as the girl's luscious, hot mouth sucked his prick hornily. Then they squeezed in a way that made Chet groan loudly and shove his cock up into Linda's sucking mouth.

His balls jerked once against her fingers and discharged a huge wad of thick cockcream. The torpedo of jism streaked through Chet's swollen cockpipe and blasted out of his pisshole into Linda's hotly sucking mouth.

Then his cock pumped wildly, violently and obscenely. Driven out of his skull by sheer pleasure, Chet threw his head back and fucked his massive cock into the girl's gulping, leeching throat. Great gobs of thick goo gushed out of his powerful cock and filled her mouth.

Jism squirted from the corners of her lips back onto his cockshaft. Linda moaned and smeared her hand around in the stuff and milked his prick, soaking his whole cock.

Her fist and mouth continued to ride furiously on his jerking, pumping cock. Linda swallowed faster to keep up with his furious supply of jism. Her mouth filled again and again and she drank his cum down, relishing it.

She sucked him until his poor nuts sagged wearily beneath his dry, spent prick, then she licked her saucy little tongue all over his balls and cock, moaning.

"Ummmm!" she moaned. "That's the first human prick I ever blew."

"Have you sucked your dog's cock?" Chet gasped.

"Mm-hmm," she replied, licking his cockhead clean. "And King's, too."

"Jesus Christ!" Chet groaned.

Linda wasn't interested in his reactions right then. Her cunt was burning up.

"Chet," she panted, sitting back on her heels, depriving Rex of her drenched cunt. "You and Rex have got my pussy so horny I wanna fuck. Not you. God, I don't want a cock like that up me. I want a dog to fuck me. Help me, please!"

"Sure! Sure!" Chet rasped. "Come here, Rex."

"Not Rex," Linda whimpered hotly. "He can fuck me anytime. King, I want your dog to be the first to fuck my cunt. His cock is so nice!"

Chet jumped to his feet, only to eager to please. His prick dangled loosely as he prepared the girl for her first fucking. He cleared off the coffee table and showed Linda how to drape her body over it so her pussy was high and open for the dog.

"And hold onto the edges of the table for dear life," he instructed her. "When King's cock is stuffed up your cunt, it's going to get thicker and thicker as he fucks you."

Linda was so pleased with Chet for showing her how to position herself for a doggie-prick that she gave him a little treat.

She sat on the floor and removed her halter. With her delicious young tits high and taut, she rolled onto her back and smiled winsomely at the admiring male. She then lifted her cute ass up off the floor.

"Take my shorts off me," she rasped.

Chet went to her immediately and dropped to his knees between her feet. He reached forward and unzipped her little shorts, then hooked his fingers into the waistband and tugged at them.

Linda's shorts got hung up for a second, but Chet hotly tugged at them until they slipped down her creamy thighs.

Linda smiled sexily as the shorts passed her pussy-hair and she giggled when her pussy was stark naked and peering right at Chet.

"This is fun, Chet," she teased. "I've never had a man take my pants off."

Chet pulled the shorts away from her feet and Linda deliberately set her knees apart and let the man stare right into her furry, wet cunt. She smiled at him as he lusted after her pussy and tits.

"Am I pretty, Chet?" she wanted to know.

"Delicious!" he rasped.

"Is my cunt sexy?"

"It's driving me crazy," he replied. "It's so cute and wet. I'd love to shove my stiff cock in there!"

"Ohhh! I knew you'd say that," Linda cooed, cupping and caressing her tits. "I hope you don't mind, but I've always wanted to hear a man say something like that to me."

She saw the burning lust in his eyes.

"Do you think King will like fucking me?" she murmured.

Chet got the hint and suppressed his urge to fuck the life out of her virginal little pussy.

"Come on," he said like a big brother taking his sister somewhere. "I'll position you for what you want."


Linda literally hugged the coffee table and squashed her tight young tits on the top of it as Chet positioned her knees apart so that her cunt was open and pink and ready for cock.

Then he called King, who came bounding into the room like an anxious stallion.

Linda moaned when she saw the large German Shepherd. Just remembering how his prick had filled her mouth made her whimper for his cock up her cunt.

"Hurry, Chet! Hurry!" she breathed hornily, wiggling her eager ass.

She was heady with fuck-desires. She wanted to feel the extreme pleasures her mom enjoyed as big pricks raped her pussy. She wanted a cock of her own up her cunt so she could cum and cum and cum.

With Chet's help and guidance, the huge canine mounted Linda's willing young body as Rex looked on, drooling.

The German Shepherd's rushed out of its sheath long before it had to. King fucked his haunches vibrantly and his cock stabbed the air, the backs of Linda's thighs, her pussy and asscheeks.

"Give it to me!" Linda cried hotly. "Ohhh! Chet, I want it! I want it! Get it into me!"

"God damn it, King!" Chet growled. "Hold still a minute! Jesus, he sure wants to fuck your cunt!"

"I'm glad!" Linda squealed. "I want him, too."

Finally, Chet knelt behind his dog and reached around him to guide his massive cock up into Linda's hungry little cunt.

"I know how you feel, boy," he said hornily as his own cock got stiff behind his dog. "I'd feel the same way if she was wanting me to fuck her. Easy now, King. Here it is! Here it is! Easy, boy. Get in there."

"Oh!" Linda shrieked, feeling the dog's cockhead lodge at the entrance of her hot pussy-mouth. "It's getting in me! More! More! Ewww! It's getting in me. He's pushing! Oh! Ohhh! Ohhh! He's fucking meeeeee!"

Chet sat back wide-eyed and gasping for breath after the excited effort of getting the girl was she craved for. He swallowed hard to see his big dog fuck the teenaged chick.

King's enormously thick cock drilled faster right up into Linda's open, pink pussy. She squealed with pleasure as she felt all of his cock plunge into her cunt.

She squealed with pleasure as she felt all of his cock plunge into her cunt. From the very start, Linda screwed her pussy back at the animal like a real pro. As she felt his knobby prick lock into the depths of her cunt, she lunged her hips back and forth in a natural fucking rhythm, wanting his cock up her.

King reached out and stretched his paws against her quivering shoulders. As the helplessly horny girl shook and trembled with rising passion, the dog pressed onward and drilled his hot cock deeply into her sucking pussy.

The huge animal fucked her brutally, like the dog in the fuck-film. He rammed his horny cock into her nice fuckhole and pumped it and out with savage fury.

"Ohhh! I'm getting fucked!" Linda cried out in lust and excitement. "Ohhh! Ohhh! It feels so gooood! Ummm! No wonder my mom likes to fuck so much! His cock is so big! It fucks me so deep! Ewww! Ewww! Ewww! Ohhhhh! I'm cumming so much! I'm cummmiiinnnggg! Give it to me. Fuck me, King! Ohhh! Fuck me a lot!"

As is natural to animals, the longer King fucked his prick into her twisty little cunt, the more brutal he became. Re-adjusting his front paws around her neck, he re-positioned his hindlegs on the carpet for leverage, and slammed all of his wet cock into her juicy cunt.

Her pussy quivered vibrantly, more vibrantly than ever before. As she mewled and whimpered with lust, fucking back on his cock with delight.

At first, Linda felt quivers of pleasure up her fucked cunt, but soon the sharp, rapid-fire thrusts of the relentless doggie-prick had turned her quivers into violent spasms of joy.

She finally succumbed to the mind-boggling fuck-feelings and her lithe young hips started swiveling hotly. She wiggled her hot ass and churned her fiery pussy to help the horny animal fuck her even better.

"Give it to meeeee!" she shrieked with delight, cumming wetly all over the huge animal-cock. "Keep fucking my cunt! Ohhh! My pussy feels so good! Yes! Yessss! Fuck your cock in me! Keep pushing it in! Ohhh! How he fucks! It's so nice! It's so good! It's good! Ewww! Pump it into mmeeee! I love it! I love it!"

"Jesus!" she heard Chet gasp, although she couldn't see him.

She didn't know that he was sitting behind her on the floor with his massive hard-on in his fist, pumping it up and down as he watched King fuck her pussy.

"He wants to cum in me!" she rasped. "I just know it! He's gonna! Ohhh! Chet, he's getting so big up me! His cock is growing bigger! He's gonna shoot his cum in my pussy!"

Chet fell back on an elbow and panted for breath as he whacked his swollen cock and stared hotly at the dog fucking the girl's tight pussy.

Rex could watch no longer. He moved up behind the fucking couple and whined with neglect. He pushed his great head under both of them and lashed his thick tongue at Linda's squirming cunt as King's stiff prick rushed in and out of it.

"Chet!" Linda squealed. "Oh, my God! Rex is licking my clit! And King is fucking me! Oh! Ohhh! Mammmmmaaaaa! I feel so horny! My tits'll burst! My cunt is cumming! My ass is so hot! Ohhh! Chet! Chet! Let me suck your cock!"

Chet gasped as he made his way across the carpet on his hands and knees. Just watching this young girl succumb to the two dogs had weakened him with overpowering lust. Linda's horny plea for his cock was enough to drive him crazy.

He struggled up onto his knees and gripped his thick prick in his fist. Linda's pretty face was covered with a fine film of perspiration. Her lips looked swollen for sex. Chet inched his big, wet prick toward her mouth.

Linda whimpered, seeing his red, swollen cock coming at her. She reached out and grasped it for him, pulling at him and opening her mouth for his massive cockhead. Whimpering with desire, she pulled his cock into her mouth and sucked on it feverishly as the dogs licked and fucked her horny cunt.

The doggie-tongue licking her clit and the dog-cock drilling her fuckhole made her give Chet a wonderful blowjob. She couldn't get enough of his thick prick into her mouth, that's how insanely horny the dogs made her.

She clutched at his powerful cock and sucked on it hotly, lashing it constantly with her saucy little tongue as she blew him.

The hot room filled with wants, human and animal. Chet wanted to blow his nuts into the teenager's sucking, young mouth. King wanted to get his rocks off in the sexiest little pussy he had ever fucked.

Rex wanted more jism and licked all over Linda's twitching pussy and King's ramming prick. And Linda wanted to go over the edge of female joy.

Reaching for the ultimate pleasure, Linda opened her mouth wide. By signs with her frantic hands she got Chet to stop being gentle with her mouth.

Getting her horny signal, he grabbed her pretty head and mashed it against the tabletop as he brutally fucked all of his cock in and out of her sweetly sucking mouth.

Grunting with extreme pleasure, he drilled his prick into her gulping throat. Moving ever closer to the table, he fucked his horny cockhead in and out of her tight throat as if it were her cunt, and Linda took it... his big, hot balls slapped against her chin as he fucked her throat deeply.

King let out a growl that prepared Linda for his jism. Hearing it, she whimpered around Chet's prick and fucked her pussy viciously on the doggie-dick. Her pussy-muscles clamped and clenched tightly around King's massive cock and her pussy sucked him off like her mouth sucked Chet off.

Both her mouth and her pussy became clenching, sucking things. Hot little holes, all juicy and vacuuming.

King's prick exploded deep in her pussy. Chet's cock erupted deep in her gulping throat. His prick gushed so wickedly and violently that for a moment Linda wondered if all the liquid pouring down her throat wasn't blood instead of cum. The wild thought subsided after a second when she backed her throat off a little and tasted the stuff shooting out of his pumping prick.

She moaned hotly, drinking his jism, and fucked her hot cunt hornily on King's spitting prick.

The dog-cock gushed longer than Chet's and after Linda ate the man's cum, her burning pussy was still fucking wildly on the spitting animal-prick. She whimpered with heady pleasure when Chet removed his spent dock from her gasping mouth and she gave herself up totally to the animal who was still brutally fucking her defenseless little pussy.

Linda pressed her taut nipples hard against the coffee table and held on the way Chet had told her to. Her nipples flamed and tingled intensely as she churned her hips and fucked her hot cunt viciously on the marvelous dog-dick. She cried out wit joy, letting Chet know that she was the happiest girl in the world right then.

Like an animal will do, King stopped fucking her cunt once his cock emptied itself of all its thick jism. He dismounted, pulling his cock out of her hungry little pussy and Linda whimpered with disappointment.

"Chet!" she gasped, panting for breath. "He stopped! Ohhh! Don't let him stop fucking me!"

"I can't force him," Chet rasped hotly, wishing he could help the horny girl.

"Rex, then!" Linda squealed. "He's never fucked my cunt! Ohhh! Chet, please! Get Rex on me! Make him fuck me!"

Rex was not as intelligent as King so it required a little more time to get him into the proper position to fuck the girl. But Chet managed, for the girl's sake. And then Rex was humping like crazy and his massive cock drilled into her horny cunt with a vengeance. Linda howled with pleasure.

Chet couldn't believe his eyes. It was one thing to watch a paid actress take on a mutt, but it was quite another to watch a sexy young teenager fuck a dog, then another, right in his own home. It was too good to miss, too good to waste.

He staggered to his feet and rushed into his bedroom. He emerged moments later, grasping a Polaroid camera. His shaky hands pushed a cartridge of film into it. Then, to Linda's surprise, he circled the table a number of times, clicking the camera frequently.

He knelt down behind them and aimed the camera lens at Linda's pretty young pussy as Rex's big cock was lunging and plunging. Snap!

Then he took a picture of Linda's face, now a beautiful mask of raw, female lust, with Rex hanging over her. He took shots of her writhing, humping ass as the dog fucked her into a tizzy.

Then Rex came. His paws scratched Linda's smooth creamy flesh and his hindlegs danced nervously between her trembling thighs as his massive cock gushed wetly into her sucking cunt.

She squealed and shrieked as he came, driven wild by his shooting prick. It made her terribly hot and she fucked her pussy round and round on his spurting prick. Great spasms of delicious pleasure washed through her tight little cunt as she came all over his shooting cock. Her pussy-juice leaked around his plunging prick and dribbled down her shaky thighs.

Like King, Rex dismounted her right after he had shot his wad. He slipped his bony cock out of her twisty cunt-hole and padded to the other side of the room to lick his cock dry, like King was doing.

Linda whimpered low and quivered from head to toe, still sprawled across the table.

"Are you all right?" Chet asked, worried.

Linda looked like she could pass out at any minute. But she rolled off the table and fell onto her back on the floor laughing.

"Yes! Yes! Yesss!" she giggled as if she were drunk. "I'm marvelous! I'm wonderful! I'm delicious! I'm. I'm... ohhh! I'm fucked!"

Chet could not resist her gorgeous, young body any longer. Her rushed to her side and kissed her like she'd never been kissed before. He mauled her ripe, jutting tits. Then after wetly kissing her sucking mouth, dropped his head to her tits and sucked the life out of them.

Panting hornily, he raised up an elbow and kissed her pretty mouth again.

"Linda," he whispered hotly as his big prick throbbed against the flesh of her thigh. "You know I want to fuck you. Your cunt is so pretty. I'd love to shove my cock up into you and make you whimper for more. Just promise one thing, baby."

"What? What?" Linda gasped as she fed him her tits.

"Just promise me that when you're ready to be fucked by a man, you'll let it be me," he said. "Don't give your sweet cunt to some punk kid who doesn't know what to do to it... come to me when you're ripe for cock and I'll make you feel real good."

Linda threw her slender arms around his neck and gave him a nice, big kiss.

"Yes! Yess! Oh, yes, Chet!" she rasped, grabbing his cock and squeezing it. "I promise! Oh! I promise! I will! I will! The minute I want to fuck a cock. I'll get yours! I swear! I won't let any boy fuck me."

"That's beautiful," Chet said, smiling handsomely as his cock jolted in her tight little fist.


"Yeah, kitten?" He looked into her eyes.

"I got you terribly horny, huh?"

"Well, I've never seen a girl fuck two dogs before," he grinned at her. "Not in real life. It's enough to drive a guy out of his mind!"

"I know," Linda said softly, licking her lips and pumping his cock. "I got awfully horny just watching you fuck Mom."

"And now you don't have to go around horny all the time," Chet laughed. "You can just fuck your dog."

"Yeah! Thanks to you!" she laughed back. "Ohhh! It's gonna be so good from now on! I always sleep with Rex, you know. But now he can fuck me every night before I go to sleep! Just think of it!"

"I am! I am!" Chet laughed, rubbing her wet cunt with two fingers. "Lucky fucking dog!"

"Tonight when you fuck Mom, I can fuck Rex," Linda daydreamed aloud.

"What if your mother hears you?" Chet asked.

"Hmmm! I didn't think of that," Linda said thoughtfully. "And we just had a nice talk today, too. I wouldn't want to shock her."

Chet's middle finger inched up into her furry cunt and she milked his mighty prick slowly and lovingly. She was beginning to like the feel of his thick cock in her soft hand. But she didn't fool herself. This was her mom's favorite cock. Linda would have to stick with Rex's prick.

An idea suddenly came to her, like a bolt out of the blue.

"Chet!" she gasped. "I've got it!"

"Got what?"

"The answer!" she said. "I can't peek anymore. I mean, I told Mom that I peeked into her room when you were fucking. We had a good talk today, really. But I won't be able to do that anymore. It would make her self-conscious and I want her to have lots of fun with you. She's looking forward to seeing you at midnight. And, like you said, what if she saw me fucking Rex? So, I'll stay right here with Rex and King while you go over there and fuck her."

"Stay here?" Chet questioned.

"Yes! You tell Mom that you asked to dog-sit for you!" she said excitedly. "Don't you see? It's perfect! I have to watch King for you so you can go out on a date. You go over to my house and give Mom your gorgeous cock and I'll stay here and let Rex and King fuck the hell out of my horny cunt."

"You're a wicked little girl, Linda Preston," Chet teased, finger-fucking her cunt.

"Yeah, ain't I?" Linda giggled.

"And that's a great idea," Chet said seriously. "It'll work, too... that way we all get what we want... almost."


"Yeah! I would still like to fuck you, you horny little bitch."

Linda was deeply touched by his sentiment.

"Ohhh! Chet," she purred, patting his cheek. "You're so nice. Please be patient with me. Just as soon as I want to get fucked by a guy, I'll give you my ass. I mean it. You can fuck me in the asshole, too, when we start fucking."

"Christ! Linda," he groaned, and his cock jolting in her hand.

"Ohhh! There I go again," Linda sighed. "I'm cockteasing you, huh?"

Chet didn't answer. Instead, he dropped his mouth to her firm, jutting tits and sucked and licked them as he drilled his finger in and out of her tight little cunt. His prick throbbed menacingly in her hand and Linda caressed it lovingly.

"Chet," she whispered hotly. "There is something we can do. I saw it in a book once. It looked awfully nice. If you want to, I think I'd like it."

"What is it?" Chet asked, raising his head and peering curiously at her.

Linda lifter her head and peered curiously at the couch.

"Get me one of those pillows," she murmured.

Chet dragged a small stuffed pillow from the couch and passed it to her. Linda placed it beneath her head and tested it for height.

"Another one," she rasped.

Two pillows together placed her head at just the upward angle she wanted. She hadn't seen it in a book, however. She had seen her own mom do this for a guy once. But she didn't want to mention her mother's many lovers to Chet. That just wouldn't be very nice.

"There," she cooed, smiling. "Now you can fuck me between my tits and I'll suck your cockhead at the same time. Neat, huh?"

Chet groaned and threw one hairy leg over her body. He settled his ass on her ribcage and quickly got his horny prick moving between her luscious young tits. In no time at all his pre-cum had soaked her flesh, allowing his prick slid back and forth easily.

"Ummmm! I didn't know it would feel so good," Linda confessed.

She caressed his prick as he moved it between her tight tits. She fingered and teased the cockhead until it was bulging menacingly. Then she gripped his prick and worked her head until she could get her pretty mouth on it.

Squeezing her tits hard against his fucking cockshaft, she took his bulging cockhead into her mouth and sucked him off until he shot a fantastic load of jism down her throat.


The minute Chet left the house, Linda locked all the doors. She wanted to feel safe and secure with her pets. She wanted to feel free to let her hair down. She wanted to cum a lot.

Rex and King watched her prance from door to door, their tongues hanging out. Linda saw them and giggled sensuously.

"You little demons," she laughed. "You can't wait to get at me, can you? You're as bad as those horny boys at school, drooling and panting all the time."

The two dogs got up and padded to her. They sniffed and snuffled around her ass and cunt. Their cold, we noses made Linda horny. She wanted her body licked.

She moaned softly as Rex and King familiarized themselves with her lusty, female scent. Then King's big tongue lashed out and slapped wetly at her feet and ankles. A shiver ran through her. Rex lapped at her thighs. A tongue tickled her knee, another suddenly licked her navel.

"Ohhh! I can't stand this," Linda whimpered, rocking on her heels.

Her cunt was anxious and there was a new tingling sensation in her asshole. Deep in her belly, her new fuck-urge began to erupt and she became terribly upset with horny feelings.

She stroked and caressed her body with her smooth hands as the two dogs continued to take swipes at her flesh with their scrapy tongues. Her pretty head rocked to and fro as her breathing grew rapid. Her tits got tighter and harder and her cunt squirmed. The doggie-tongues made her go lax and weak.

Grasping her tits tensely, she peered down between them and watched the two animals lick and lap at her body. Rex's tongue finding its way slowly toward her aching cunt.

Panting softly, she slowly rolled her hips with a sensuous, grown-up movement that would have told any male that she was ready for cock.

When Rex's careless tongue finally slapped against her furry cunt-mound, her hands flew to her hips and she scratched her firm flesh as the doggie-tongue drove her wild.

King ambled around in front of her writhing body rather casually. He sniffed the air and smelled the pussy-heat that Rex had fanned with his tongue. The hot pungent aroma of her beautiful pussy aroused the canine, and he shoved against Rex and licked his thick tongue against the girl's cunt also.

Linda gasped and shivered at their double assault. She set her feet apart and clutched nervously at her hips. She pushed her hot cunt forward and her pussyhole gaped with wetness.

King slopped his big, thick tongue into it. When his sandpapery tongue contacted Linda's quivery little clit, she choked and trembled. Her knees turned to water and her belly quivered like jello. She sank to the floor in a heap of writhing female flesh.

Her long blonde hair fell loosely around her creamy, white shoulders and her eyes rolled in her head, finally closing rapturously as the two dogs licked her body up and down as if it were the tastiest thing ever.

Doggie-tongues lapped her tits and nipples, her thighs, her cunt, her belly, her face... everywhere.

She no longer knew who was doing what, nor did she care. She surrendered to the luscious feelings coursing through her young, burgeoning body.

It was Rex standing over her heaving tits and it was his tongue that lapped furiously at her spiking pink nipples. And it was King's mighty tongue licking so wildly at her furry pussy.

Linda moaned hornily and stretched her legs wide open for his tongue.

"Ohh! Ohhh! Ohhhhh!" she moaned passionately.

She humped her pussy at King's snout and thumped her clit on his wet nose as he licked her. The sensations got so wonderful that she thrust her cunt up in the air so the dog could really go at it.

That attracted Rex to the lower part of her body. She felt another tongue swiping her asscheeks as King drilled his tongue up into her horny fuckhole.

Gyrating her hot ass in an erotic circle, she writhed on the canine tongues. Her lovely legs trembled fitfully and she mauled her ripe tits as the dogs lashed her cunt and asshole.

Reaching for the ultimate pleasure, she thrust her hands down and pulled her asscheeks apart so a dog could get his tongue into her asshole and make her feel real good. She was frantic, trying to get the most out of this forbidden, luscious delight.

Linda gasped hornily and quivered from head to toe. She couldn't get her eyes open as the doggie-tongues worked her into a lather of heat. She rolled onto her side and stretched one leg way up in the air.

The dogs attacked her crotch with their tongues, one at her soaked pussy, and the other at her squirmy asshole. She was completely at their mercy, moaning and panting hotly and weakly.

Grunting like an animal herself, she rolled onto her back and clutched at her pussylips as she pried them open. She needed a tongue up her fuckhole, deep inside there where it felt special.

As if she were in a drunken stupor, she struggled to lift her head. Her eyelids fluttered and she peered beyond her heaving tits. Through glazed eyes, Linda watched the two animals shove and growl at each other ass they attacked her cunt and ass.

King won the prize of her drenched pussy. Rex yielded and licked his way up her belly toward her tits and face. Under his belly, his prick emerged from its sheath, wet, long and think.

The smell and taste of his mistress had aroused his cock to a feverish pitch. The memory of fucking a human female's cunt made him want to bury his throbbing cock somewhere. Grunting and growling, Rex licked Linda's aching tits until she whimpered with need.

She mewled helplessly and twisted on the floor as King tongued her cunt and Rex lapped her tits. The incredible sex-thrills and erotic shivers passing through her rendered her helpless with fuck-needs, cunt-needs and cock-needs.

Her burning eyes moved along Rex's body as he licked her nipples. She saw his cock. It was huge, red, soaked and deliciously wet. Her mouth watered.

King's viciously licking tongue drove her cunt wild and the sight of Rex's enormous prick so close to her overwhelmed her mind. She grew dizzy with desires. Raunchy, lustful, obscene desires.

Linda slid her trembling hand along Rex's coat and dipped under his belly. Her fingers shook anxiously as they curled around his rigid fuck-pole.

"Oh God!" she breathed. "It's so big!"

She twisted her cunt against his snout, and squeezed on Rex's stiff prick. She wanted to suck it.

She rolled shakily on the floor, always keeping her wet cunt open for King. Knowing that she was going to suck off Rex's big dick mad her super-horny. She was drowning in her own lust, a lust the mindless dogs had aroused in her youthful body.

"Rex, Rex," she panted. "Come here, boy. Come to Linda. Let me suck your doggie-prick."

Impassioned beyond the capacity of a teenager. She whimpered helplessly as she struggled to get at the dog's huge, plunging cock.

"Down, Rex! Down!" she gasped.

Rex obeyed instantly, perhaps sensing that the girl wanted to get him off. Perhaps he knew that with Linda around he was sure to get his rocks off one way or the other. He was fast becoming adjusted to the fact that he shot a lot of jism whenever he was around this girl.

Linda saw his big red cock fully extended out of its protective sheath and almost swooned to see it in all its glory. No amount of cumming seemed to dampen her lust and enthusiasm for dog-cock. The more she played with the doggie-prick, the more she wanted. She was becoming a sex-hungry as her mom.

Rex's enormous cock loomed larger before her lusty eyes as she crawled to it... she dragged her writhing body across the carpet like a person after water in a desert.

"Good boy, Rex," she panted thirstily.

She stroked his belly to let him know that she liked the way he was behaving. Rex relished the attention and affection, and groaned with pleasure as her hands attacked his cock.

Pressing her pretty face close to her pet, she flicked her tongue out of her mouth like a snake. Her fuck-urge deep in her belly fluttered like a caged bird. She hungered for this dog-cock and wanted to be thoroughly sexy with it.

Moaning softly, she pressed her luscious young lips to the bulging doggie-prick and licked the tip of her tongue over his pisshole.

Rex quivered when he felt that and his cock jolted in her fist. The horny movement of the dog's prick only made Linda hornier.

She took the hot end of his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue round and round. Rex whimpered like a hurt puppy.

Linda clenched her soft lips around the thickness of his cock and started moving her mouth up and down, fucking it. More and more of his prick disappeared into her lovely mouth with each push of her head. She was adjusting her mouth to the size of his cock.

As she had so diligently learned to do, she relaxed the tightness of her throat and inched the dog-cock down into her tonsils. Just the feeling of a big, stiff prick in her throat thrilled the hell out of her and she held Rex's prick there for a while, breathing heavily through her flared nostrils. She closed her eyes and moaned, relishing the sensations in her mouth and throat. Rex's cock was throbbing so hotly.

"I want you to shoot your load," she said to her dog in her horny, boggled state of mind. "I'm gonna suck you off like you've never been sucked off. Ohhh! Rex, blast my mouth with your hot cum!"

Her horny thoughts reflected her spirit of lust. Raunchy, obscene, thrilling ideas burned her young brain as she held the doggie-prick prisoner in her clenching throat. Her mind filled with visions of dogs fucking her asshole and her pussy and her mouth. When she started sliding her mouth up and down on Rex's stout cock again, she saw a mental picture of dozens of animals shooting their cum all over her writhing, twisting body.

These sensual, erotic thoughts fanned her fiery lust. Impelled by them, she slammed her pretty face again and again on Rex's stiff prick, sucking it into her throat with each horny plunge.

She felt his nuts tighten up beneath her playful fingers and somehow sensed that it was a lot like the way her tits got harder when she was about to cum herself.

'He's gonna cum in my mouth,' she thought feverishly. 'I'm gonna drink his jism like milk!'

She pumped his prick in her fist, sucked it harder, fucking her juicing pussy viciously on King's relentless tongue. Cumming wetly, shivering with spasmic orgasm, she lifted her face an inch from Rex's throbbing prick and whipped her wet tongue up and down the length of it, moaning hornily. She licked his hot nuts and drew her juicy tongue all the way up to his bulging cockhead, which she lapped hungrily. She slurped on his wet prick and licked it crazily, soaking it with her saliva.

With a strange whimper of raw lust, she attacked his balls with her tongue and licked his hairy nuts until Rex howled with animal-desire. Suddenly, lewdly, she took his balls into her mouth and, and as her pussy creamed violently for King's thirsty tongue, she sucked Rex's nuts hotly.

Driven to extremes by her tremendous climax, Linda fucked her cunt-mouth on King's big tongue and pushed a finger into Rex's asshole as she took his cock back into her mouth. She knew she was a slave to King's pussy-pleasing tongue, but she relished the power she had over Rex's big, throbbing prick.

Exercising her newly discovered power, she slid her dog's rigid fuck-pole into her mouth until his cockhead kissed the roof of her mouth. She closed her lips around his cockshaft then, gently but firmly, clamped it between her teeth, defying the animal to move.

Linda moaned with heady power, her young mind burning with lust as she readied herself to suck the dog-cock off. With a giggle and a moan, she unclamped her teeth and started sucking furiously up and down on him. She was driven now, not jut by the desire to suck cock, but the lewd, wild lust to eat male cum, even a dog's.

Jism, hot rich jism, was going to gush out of this bolting, jerking cock into her hotly sucking mouth. What a thrill. Anxious to have it, dying to eat it, Linda worked her pretty, sexy mouth faster on his bulging, pulsing prick.

Rex's horny cock swelled up fiercely on her hot tongue. When Linda felt that happen, it spun her into a tizzy of lust and passion. She swirled her horny mouth in a blurring frenzy up and down his fuck-pole, yearning to suck the cum up out of his tightened nuts.

Her pretty head plunged faster and faster as she ate him with her lips, tongue, teeth and mouth all at once. She sucked and licked and nibbled and chewed on his cock, driving Rex insane. His legs flailed the air and carpet. His tail thumped wildly on the floor. His tongue hung out of his mouth and frothed as if he were having a fit. But he fucked his burgeoning prick in and out of the teenager's sucking young mouth as it if were a tight cunt.

Rex went into convulsions. His whole body jerked and thrashed and his huge cock slammed viciously into Linda's little mouth. He howled as if at the moon. His pisshole stretched wide like a mouth and one second later a huge wad of thick cockcream gushed out and filled Linda's mouth.

She quivered with passionate excitement to feel his prick explode and she sucked wildly on his pumping prick to make him cum lots and lots. She gulped and gulped as her lovely mouth refilled many times with the dog's thick, rich cum. The hot creaminess sliding down her throat delighted her and she sucked for more of it.

Rex howled and slammed his pumping cock into her mouth. His whole body forcing his cock into her. Great gushes of creamy jism squirted out of his piss-slot and Linda moaned hornily as she drank and drank.

Her entire being was turned over to performing a beautiful, sexy blowjob. In those raunchy moments as the doggie-prick jerked and twisted and fucked and came. The only important thing to the girl was to be a good cocksucker.

Her hot, leeching mouth sucked all the jism up out of his quivering nuts. She wouldn't release him until she had eaten all the cum he could provide her with.

Even as she lifted her mouth from his spent cock, she fell back, licking the rest of his jism from her lips and wiping her chin with her hand.

Rex backed off right away, eager to retreat and lick his wound. Linda had all but chewed his prick off his body. He curled up in the middle of the floor and licked his cock slowly and gently as the horny girl rolled around, still moaning.

The cocksucking had only made Linda hungry for more sex. Her pussy thoroughly drenched with juices and King was still trying to get at it.

"No! Noooo!" she whimpered, shivering from head to toe. "I'm so fucking hot now. Wait, King! Wait! Fuck me! Ohhh! I want you to fuck me!"

She staggered to her hands and knees and started to crawl toward the coffee table and resume the position Chet had taught her. But she never made it.

To her surprise and delight, King was as horny for fucking as she was. He mounted her before she ever reached the table and, with nothing to hold onto but the carpet, she felt his rigid fuck-pole push into her squishy cunt and start fucking her.

"Ohhh! Mama!" Linda squealed as his thick cock entered her tight little fuckhole.

His prick expanded her pussy-mouth in an exciting way and Linda humped furiously as his dick drilled right up into her body.

Her forehead fell forward onto her crossed arms and she surrendered her ass to the vicious dog. She shook and vibrated hornily as the dog fucked the sweetness out of her pussy. Her cunt-muscles clenched like a mouth around his thick prick and pumped it like a fist as he fucked her.

His hindlegs pranced nervously between her knees and he drooled constantly onto her smooth, white back as he rammed all of his thick cock up into her fuckhole.

Linda squealed several times and fucked back on his marvelous prick. Panting and moaning hornily, she twisted her cunt round and round on his driving, plunging prick, getting off many times.

His cock enlarged in her heaving belly and she felt his prick discharging great quantities of jism into her fuckhole. She shrieked with new pleasure as she came on his spitting cock.

Not to be cut short on her newfound joy, she forced Rex to fuck her after King got finished. Rex was reluctant at first, but Linda was so hot she knew what do do. She floored the poor animal and sucked on his cock until it was once again a rigid fuck-pole.

"There," she cooed sexily, eyeing his massive prick. "Now you can fuck me. Come one, Rex, don't be so selfish. You've had that prick all your life, now share it with me! I share my pussy with you, don't I?"

With the logic of a youngster impelling her, she coaxed the dog to mount her and dig his prick into her pussy. Once Rex's prickhead felt her hot pussy, his animal instincts took over and ruled his body with an iron will.

Panting and grunting hornily, he fucked all of his long, thick prick into Linda's sweetly twitching pussy-hole. Her fuck-channel took every inch of his big cock and sucked it off.

His balls exploded and whopped wetly against her clit as his enormous cock gushed wildly in her twisting pussy. His cum splashed and squirted and gushed wildly, driving Linda up the wall with pleasure.

She fucked hotly on his plunging cock and her pussy sucked the cum out of him just like her sexy mouth had earlier.

After shooting two loads of jism so close together, Rex was a bundle of nerves when he stopped fucking the horny girl. He pulled his spent prick out of her churning pussy and ran away from her. Even though in a strange house, he made a beeline for another room where he could escape Linda's incredible lust for animal-dick.

Linda naturally turned to King for help. He'd had a rest, she reasoned. So she pulled him on top of her writhing young body and made him lick her tits as she humped her pussy upward against his thick, wet cock.

When she heard Chet unlocking the front door, she pushed the dog off of her body. She wanted to look all sexy and creamy-dreamy for the man. She wanted to thank him profusely for being so good to her.

But the minute she saw Chet, her heart dropped behind her taut, heaving tits. She sat up and gazed sadly at the man's crestfallen expression.

"Chet!" she panted. "What is it?"

He stood just inside the door and looked at her as if she were a fully clothed virgin not to be touched by a man.

"You'd better talk it over with your mother," he said depressingly.

"What?" Linda asked, getting to her feet. "Talk what over? I don't understand. I thought."

"You'd better go home, Linda," Chet murmured.

He stopped and gathered up her shorts and halter.

"Here, put this on," he said as he pushed the clothes at her.

Linda wanted to question him, but bit her tongue. She covered her ripe, jutting tits with the halter as Chet knelt down and helped her get back into her tight little shorts.

He turned away when she was dressed and lit a cigarette in silence. Deadly silence.

Linda nibbled her lower lip, resisted the urge to cross-examine him, and went to the door. She didn't even say goodnight as she left.


Linda found her mother in her room, on her bed, sobbing. Linda rushed to her side and took her hand in hers.

"Mom, what's the matter?" she asked. "What happened? I thought you and Chet were having a wonderful time."

"We were!" Myra cried.

Then no words would come, so she turned her face away from her daughter and wept.

"I'll get you some coffee," Linda said.

"No. No, stay here," her mother said. "We might as well talk about it now and get it out of the way."

Myra sat up and fluffed her pillows behind her. She wiped the tears from her beautiful face and gazed at her little girl. Her eyes danced over Linda's ripe, jutting tits in the small halters.

"I can see why Chet is attracted to you," she muttered.

"Chet? Attracted to me?" Linda's mouth fell open. "I. I don't understand."

"He happened to mention it," Myra said coldly, heaving a sigh before continuing. "Maybe it was my fault. We were necking. You know, we were... do you know what foreplay is? Yes, of course you do. Well, that's what we were doing. We were here on my bed, just laughing and playing, warming up, you know? I happened to mention your name. I said something about you growing up so fast. Then he said something. It was rather nice, but at the moment it disturbed me."

"Go on, Mom," Linda pressed her.

"When a woman has a big finger stuck up her," Myra said as she licked her tongue across her lips. "She doesn't want to hear a guy talking about another pretty girl. Not even her own daughter."

"You got jealous?" Linda squealed. "But. I wouldn't do anything with a man!"

"Oh, I know that, darling," her mother said. "It wasn't that. It was just the idea of Chet mentioning your perfect little body at a time like that. I was just edging toward a juicy orgasm!"

"Oh, Mom!" Linda replied. "Did you get mad at him?"

"It wasn't just that, Linda," Myra went on. "He said something jokingly about you and Rex."

Linda's pretty face flushed deep red, but she held her tongue.

"Can you imagine a man saying something like that?" Myra said, disgust in her voice. "That's just like a man for you. Always thinking raunchy things."

Myra's eyes darted to Rex, who had followed Linda into the room and sat beside her feet. In that moment, Linda understood what had really disturbed her mother. Myra had reason to believe the Chet might have been right.

Linda wanted to escape, but there was no escape. The subject was out and she was stuck with it. She could almost see the wheels turning in her mom's head. That darned Chet!

Myra's eyes met her daughter's. She swallowed nervously and licked her lips again. Then she asked the big question.

"Linda," she gulped. "There isn't anything between you and that dog, is there?"


"Oh, darling, try to understand why I'm asking," her mother said soothingly. "I don't know what to think. I. I've seen Rex in your bed in the mornings. Under normal circumstances I would have put a stop to that. But I thought, well, you must miss your dad very much. Maybe you needed companionship, too... like I do. But I never dreamed."

There was no getting away from it and Linda knew that. Then, all of a sudden, she didn't want to run from the truth. Why should she?

But she didn't want to hurt her mother either. So she choose her words carefully, and cleverly. Sticking with half-truths and white lies, Linda began.

"There is something between me and Rex," she said. "Please try to understand, Mom. I have been lonely, like you, but not only that. Boys have been hounding me, trying to feel me up and get into my pants. And then there were those many nights when I watched you making it with horny men. All of it got me wonderfully horny. At first, I was afraid to be horny, but I got over my fear. Then horny started to feel good."

"Oh, my poor baby!"

"I'm not your poor baby!" Linda objected. "You said we could be friends now. Look at me, Mom. Really look at me. Don't you think my tits get just as hot as yours? Don't you think I feel the same things you do? God, Mom, this is a modern age. I know more about sex than you think! But I don't want to make it with boys. They paw a girl too much. And then they think they own you!"

"But... a dog!" Myra gasped.

"Oh, Mom, don't be so old-fashioned," Linda replied. "What's wrong with a girl having a dog as a friend?"

"Well, nothing," Myra was getting flustered with the discussion. "I mean, if that's all there is to it. Please tell me that's all there is to it."

"I can't, Mom. I have to be honest with you now or I never will." Then she tossed in the biggest half-truth. "I let Rex lick me."

Myra let that sink in, then sighed with relief.

"My God," she gushed. "I thought you were going to tell me that... well, never mind. Oh, thank God!"

Linda was sure that she had done the right thing. If she had told her mother that Rex had actually fucked her pussy, there would have been hell to pay. As it was, her mom didn't seem to mind if a dog licked her a little.

But the subject made Myra rather curious now.

"Do... do you let him lick your pussy?" she asked, peering into her little girl's eyes.

"My tits, too," Linda said.

Myra glanced at the dog, then back at her daughter.

"He'll do that?" she wanted to know. "I mean, he'll just stand there and lick your tits?"

"Sure," Linda cooed, smiling. "He loves to."

"Does he do it a lot?"

"For hours!"

"But... doesn't that drive you crazy?"

"No. It makes me cum a lot."

"Do you like to cum, Linda?"

"Heck, yeah! Don't you?"

"Well, it's not the same thing. After all, I'm... oh, never mind! We shouldn't be talking this way!"

Her eyes, slightly glazed, peered over at Rex.

"It's hard to believe that he would do that for you," Myra commented.

For a moment Linda thought her mother was going to request a demonstration.

"Let's not talk anymore about it right now," Myra said, acting like a typical mother. "It's late, darling. You should be in bed."

Linda started to protest, but changed her mind. Maybe that was enough for one day. She got to her feet and kissed her mother goodnight. Myra watched, fascinated, as the big dog followed Linda out of the room.

Myra turned her light off and settled into bed to think. She caressed her tits and fingered her cunt as she played with the idea of calling Chet and apologizing for her behavior. But her pride wouldn't let her. Besides, she thought, if the guy really liked fucking her, wouldn't he come back in spite of the argument?

She got herself off with her rampaging fingers. When her pussy was nice and drenched with her cum, she curled up to go to sleep. Then a sound made her frown with curiosity. Linda's bed was squeaking.

Myra fought the childish urge to peek into her daughter's bedroom, but in the end she couldn't resist.

Was Linda awake? Was that mongrel dog licking her pussy? What did Linda look like all naked and writhing as an animal licked her cunt? These were the questions that invaded her thoughts.

Myra slipped out of bed and padded naked into the bathroom. She inched the other door open and peered into her little girl's room. Her hand flew to her mouth to smother a gasp.

Linda was not only naked on the bed, she was arched like a bow. Her pretty pussy high in the air. And between her quivering white thighs was Rex, busily lapping his big, sloppy tongue up and down her cunt.

To Myra's surprise, the erotic scene did not repulse her as she had expected. It pleased her. Never had she seen her little girl look more beautiful than she did at that very moment as she twisted and humped hotly, cumming wetly for the licking dog.

The bedsprings squeaked and Myra understood the earlier squeaks. Linda's bed creaked noisily every time her daughter came from the dog's licking.

Myra's cunt creamed as she watched the lusty animal lick his fat tongue into her daughter's cute, furry pussy. She riveted her gaze on Linda's pussy and liked what she saw.

Every mother likes to know that her daughter is pretty and Myra was no different. It made her feel good to know that Linda's cunt was cute and orgasmic. How violently her daughter came.

Myra watched until Linda collapsed breathlessly on her bed, gripping her aching tits.

"Okay, Rex," the girl rasped. "That's enough for now. Golly, you made me cum five times!"

'Five times!' Myra thought feverishly. 'Five times in such a short time? Christ, what a horny little bitch Linda has become!'

She watched her little girl turn onto her side and curl up in sleep. Rex settled down behind her and gave her naked little ass a lick every now and then. Myra tore her eyes away and returned to her own room.

She lit up a cigarette and paced the floor around her bed for a long time, thinking deeply. By the time she put the cigarette out, she knew what she had to do.

She went back to the door to Linda's room and listened. Linda was fast asleep and looking like a child of pure sweetness. Myra poked her head inside the room and hissed.

"Rex! Rex!" she whispered, not wanting to wake her daughter. "Come here, boy!"

The dog snapped awake and jumped off the bed. Myra led him into her room and up onto her own bed. She spread her naked body out and cupped her tits, eyeing the big dog.

"Okay," she sighed. "Let's see just what you can do for a woman. Come here, Rex. Lick Myra's tits. Come on, boy, lick!"

Rex got the picture quickly. He'd had a lot of practice with Linda. He moved up to Myra's lush tits and laved his thick tongue all over them. Myra was shocked and pleased at the same time. A dog's tongue was so rough! And so delicious!

Panting hotly, she fed her taut nipples to his wet snout and gasped as his scrapy tongue delighted them. He was so good at licking that Myra couldn't help but think of his tongue on her pussy.

With that thought uppermost in her burning mind, she writhed on the bed and stretched her luscious legs wide.

"Down here now," she panted hotly, twisting her wet cunt around. "Come here, Rex. Lick my pussy. Lick it, boy."

Rex sniffed the air and one whiff of her hot cunt attracted him to it... he didn't really need her horny commands, the aroma of her beautiful, churning pussy was enough incentive.

He buried his long snout between her trembling thighs and went at her cunt with a hunger that drove her out of her mind. She couldn't believe the way a dog could get her off! Rex positively loved sucking cunt!

She surrendered herself completely to this new thrill and her hot cunt creamed continuously as Rex busily lapped it for her. She got to enthused about it all that her hot ass started bouncing on the bed as sharp thrills shot through her fuck-channel. The noise of her bed awakened Linda.

The teenager came awake slowly, frowning, wondering why her mom's bed would be making fucking sounds. Curious, she stole into the bathroom and took a peek into her mother's bedroom.

It delighted her to see her pet licking her mom's hot pussy. To Linda, her mother looked absolutely beautiful.

As Rex licked his sandpapery tongue up into Myra's humping cunt, Linda watched hornily and finger-fucked her own pussy and asshole. Wedging two fingers into herself, one up her cunt, and the other in her tight little asshole. She got herself off numerous times as her mom came and came and came on the doggie-tongue.

Smiling contentedly, Linda slipped back to her bed and rocked there for a long time, teasing her nipples and fingering her fuckhole and asshole. At the last, she stuck a slender finger into her asshole and fucked it in and out slowly and pleasurably for a long time, just diddling her ass and not her pussy.

It surprised her when she came wetly just from finger-fucking her asshole. It made her hunch her hips up and lift her ass in the air. With her tongue hanging loosely from her mouth, she reamed her asshole with her naughty finger and came again.

My, meanwhile, had had enough of cuntlapping. Unlike her little girl who would automatically think about getting fucked by the who had eater her cunt, Myra thought about a big, stiff man-cock. Chet's huge prick jumped into her head.

"Rex," she gasped hotly, pushing him away. "Down, boy. Go away... go on now!"

Rex dropped down onto the floor, glanced back once longingly, then made his way to Linda's room.

Linda was more than glad to see him. She almost squealed with joy when he jumped up onto her bed. Delighted out of her mind, she thrust her ass high, pulled her asscheeks apart and fed the licking dog her asshole.

After licking her there, he attacked her sweet little cunt and brutally licked that, too. Linda whimpered and almost passed out from the joy of it.

Myra twisted on her bed as soon as Rex was gone. She dialed the phone and after four rings, the connection was made.

"Chet?" she purred. "You awake?"

"Huh? Myra?" he replied groggily. "Uhh! Yeah! I'm awake! I had to answer the Goddamn phone, didn't I!"

"Would you like some breakfast?" Myra cooed.

"At three in the morning?" Chet rasped after a moment of silence.

"Sure," she said sexily. "I'll give you something special."

"Like what?"

"Like my horny cunt!"

"I'll be right over."

Linda never even heard the man arrive and steal his way into her mother's bedroom. The teenager was too busy cumming. Her pretty head was spinning as she fucked her hot cunt on the rampaging doggie-tongue. In fact, it wasn't until almost five in the morning when she realized her mom wasn't alone in her bed.

She had just finished sucking Rex's cock to a fantastic cum. As she drank down the last of his thick, wet jism, she heard the familiar sound of a bed creaking under the weight of two fucking people.

"Well, I'll be!" she gasped.

She escaped from Rex's anxious, ever-ready tongue and hurried to her viewing post. She peeked into her mom's room and immediately saw that she was in for a terrific show.

She quietly got Rex into the bathroom with her. Then she placed one foot up on the toilet in a position she liked especially well.

As Rex busily licked her asshole and cunt, she ogled her mom and Chet.

She watched the horny couple go into a delightful sixty-nine and saw her mom's pussy churn wildly against the man's mouth. And she saw his enormous prick sliding in and out of her mother's lewd mouth.

Afterwards, she watched them fuck. Chet knocked off a piece of pussy until Myra was thoroughly rocking with orgasm. Then he flipped her lithe body over and rammed his still stiff cock into her asshole.

The sight of his prick drilling into her mom's tight ass made Linda want her dog to fuck her asshole. Could it be done? She would have to get Chet to help her again.

She padded back to her bed and got on all fours. Rex knew what she wanted and he gave it to her. He leapt up onto the bed with a boldness that took Linda's breath away. He was so sure of himself now.

He mounted her as if she were his bitch in heat. With no trouble at all, thanks to all Linda's practice, he got his stiff prick right into her juicy pussy and started fucking her for all he was worth.

His forepaws clamped around her narrow neck and his powerful haunches humped furiously. The power of his hips sent his thick cock ramming up into her fuckhole.

Every solid inch of his prick fucked into her pussy and Linda went out of her mind with orgasmic pleasure. She squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples roughly as the dog-dick, feeling like a telephone pole, ripped into her squishy cunt.

As girls will do, Linda got so carried away by the rushing of her cunt-waters that she tossed all care to the winds. The sexy sounds she made throughout her violent climax reached the ears of her mother.

"Chet," Myra rasped hotly as she churned her pussy on the man's buried cock. "Listen! It's Linda. My God, why is she. Oh! She's cumming! But why so loudly? I've never heard her get so wild!"

"It's nothing," Chet quickly said, suspecting what was happening with Linda. "You two had a good talk. You know all about her and Rex. She's just getting off."

"No, no," Myra said slowly. "This is different. I know my own little girl. I've her cum before. There's something... oh! My God! Chet! She's getting fucked! But, by who?"

"Myra," Chet said hotly. "Forget it!"

She gazed into his eyes and she saw knowledge there. Chet knew something she didn't know, yet.

"Oh, no!" she panted, fucking her wet cunt on Chet's stiff prick. "Is it true? Chet, tell it isn't true! Ohhhh! My little girl, Linda. Ohhhh! Noooo! She's fucking Rex!"


"Please let me up, Chet!"

Her tone of voice told him there was no arguing with her about this. He pulled his soaked cock out of her tight wet cunt and stood up.

Myra rolled off the bed and Chet followed her into the bathroom. He stood behind her and poked his wet cock at her curvy ass as they both peered into Linda's room.

Chet saw the lovely young girl on all fours, fucking her pussy hornily on the stiff doggie-cock. He didn't know how Myra was going to stand up under it... when she started breathing awfully fast, Chet didn't know if she was dealing with her mounting anger or what.

"My God!" Myra rasped just when he expected the worst. "What a beautiful, horny scene!"

To his complete amazement, Myra leaned forward and tilted her pussy into an angle that could accommodate his cock from behind.

She reached behind her and grasped his stony prick. She milked his cock slowly, then whispered back to him.

"Give it to me, Chet," she said. "Push your wonderful prick up my cunt and fuck me to death while I watch my pretty little girl with her dog."

Chet watched Linda, too, over Myra's quivering shoulder as he fucked his powerfully large prick in and out of her wet, fucking cunt.

As Myra started at her pretty daughter getting fucked furiously by a vicious animal, her own cunt creamed violently on Chet's magnificent cock.

She came and came, almost as much as her little girl who was jouncing like crazy on her bed as Rex pumped her belly full of jism.


Linda became highly concerned about her mother's affair with Chet over the next few weeks. Contrary to her expectations, her mom did not latch onto Chet as the most wonderful cock she'd ever had.

At first, Linda was disappointed. Her disappointment deepened until one day she just had to ask her mother about it.

"Is Chet coming over tonight?" she asked, bringing her mother a cup of coffee.

She sat down with her mom on the sofa in front of the TV.

"No, darling," Myra murmured, watching the screen.

"Oh," Linda said absently. "I thought you two were getting along great."

Myra looked at her daughter and studied her pretty face for a moment.

"Linda, there's nothing wrong between me and Chet," she said. "We're just not seeing each other as frequently."

"Because of me?" Linda asked.

"So that's what's bothering you," Myra sighed.

She got up and turned off the TV. Sitting again, she turned to her little girl and held her hand.

"Listen to me, darling," she told her. "Let's have an understanding. I admit that in the beginning, when Chet mentioned his attraction to you, I was jealous and afraid that he could sweep you off your feet with his smooth talk. I was afraid that if you weakened and gave him your sweet little pussy, he wouldn't want mine. I admit it... but I don't feel that way any longer. I know you won't fuck Chet."

"Do you mean that, Mom?" Linda wanted to believe her and feel relieved.

"Yes," her mother reassured her. "I know you don't want to fuck him."

"But, how do you know?" Linda asked. "How do you know you can trust me? I don't want to be a source of worry to you."

"You aren't, Linda," her mom said. "Not at all. I'm not seeing Chet every night for my own reasons, not because I think you might give him your cute ass."

"What changed your mind about me?" Linda asked, frowning curiously. "I mean, if you thought I could spread my legs for him, why do you think differently now?"

Myra heaved a sigh and squeezed her daughter's hand affectionately.

"Just believe me," she said softly. "I don't want to upset you."

"Upset me?" Linda wondered. "How can you upset me because you trust me with your man? I don't understand."

Myra worried her lower lip for a moment, then spilled it.

"I know why you won't fuck Chet... or any other of my boyfriends."

She couldn't look Linda straight in the eyes at the moment, but she braced herself before going on.

"You used to peek at me when I was fucking guys," she told her daughter. "So I guess I shouldn't be embarrassed about telling you that I peeked at you."

"You did?" Linda gasped.

Her blue eyes went wide and her sexy mouth fell open as she wondered just what her mom had seen her do.

"Yes," Myra said. "The other night I peeked into your bedroom and saw you on the bed with Rex."

"You mean."

"Yes. I saw you fucking your dog."

"Oh, Mom!" Linda breathed out. "God, I've been so afraid to tell you! I was afraid you'd have a fit if you found out!"

Myra smiled and hugged her child to her tits.

"Thank you for considering my feelings, Linda," she said. "You're such a good girl," she chuckled and added. "Now I understand why you haven't been fucking around like some of those girlfriends of yours. I've never had to worry about you with boys. Now I know the real reason why. To tell you the truth, I'm relieved. For one thing, when I saw you fucking so hotly on Rex's big cock, it was the sweetest thing I'd seen you do in years. I don't know why it struck me that way, but it did."

"I'm glad!" Linda exclaimed, hugging her mom in return.

"For another thing," her mom went on. "I still don't have to worry about you with boys. I can't begin to tell you what a relief that is to me. I've been on the phone with some of the mothers in the neighborhood and I mean to tell you, Linda, thinks are not going well around here. Do you know that the Simpson girl is pregnant."

"Huh!" Linda gasped. "Tina Simpson? But she's still in junior high!"

"It just goes to show you," her mother replied. "That's why I'm glad you like to fuck around with Rex. A dog can't get you pregnant and ruin your life."

"Oh! Mom," Linda cried, touched to her heart. "I love you!"

They embraced and kissed and laughed a little together.

"As for Chet, I'd like you to know the real reason that I don't see him every night," Myra said. "You're right when you say he likes my cunt a lot, but I've decided that he likes it too much. Do you understand? A man can get possessive, then bossy, like your dad. That's one of the benefits of fucking dogs, I should think. A dog can't own you. You always own the dog."

"I didn't know Chet was getting bossy," Linda said.

"Just a little," her mom replied. "Just beginning to. Besides, I've decided that a woman as sexy and luscious as I am ought to play the field more. I'm a liberated lady now and I want to enjoy my freedom."

"Gooly, Mom," Linda giggled. "That's super! But, you're not mad at Chet."

"No, no, not at all, darling," Myra reassured her daughter. "Perish the thought! I adore his magnificent cock and I'll be fucking it from time to time, you'll see. It's just that I don't feel like confining myself to just one steady prick. Why not fuck as many as I can?"

Linda thought about that for a moment, then a bright smile lit up her face.

"I understand, Mom," she said. "That's how I feel about Rex."

"Have you had sex with other dogs?"

"Only King."

"You fucked Chet's German Shepherd?" her mother sounded surprised. "Wasn't his cock awfully big for your pussy?"

"Oh, Mom, my cunt isn't that little!" Linda laughed, acting grown-up. "Actually, King's prick fits me real nice. I just use Rex at night in my bed because he's handy."

Linda looked at her mom's eyes for a second.

"Mom, can I fuck Rex in front of you?" she asked. "Do I have to always hide it?"

Myra stroked her daughter's long blonde hair and, as if giving her permission to smoke cigarettes in her presence, smiled.

"You can fuck your dog anywhere you want to," she said.

"And anytime I want to?" Linda pressed.

Myra looked quizzical, but nodded her head in agreement.

"Even now?" Linda giggled.

"Why, you horny little bitch!" her mom laughed. "So that's what you're getting at. Yes, all right, if you want to."

Linda laughed happily and called out to Rex, who bounded into the room and loped up to his favorite teenager.

Linda quickly hiked her dress up onto her flat belly and spread her lovely legs wide. Exposing all of her furry cunt, she offered it openly to the thirsty dog.

Rex growled with lust and poked his wet snout into her cunt. His thick red tongue went right to work on her pussylips, clit and cunt-mouth. Myra stared hotly from the sofa.

"You... you don't mind me watching?" she queried.

"Heck, no," Linda cooed, massaging her aching tits. "I feel more like a friend than your daughter when we share things like this."

Myra eventually felt that way, too. And she was able to relax in the presence of the dog-girl sex act. She rested back on the sofa and stared hotly as her little girl panted and humped her pussy viciously at the lapping doggie-tongue. It was a great thrill for her to watch her how daughter go through all the stages of orgasmic bliss, from the sexy build-up to the volcanic climax itself.

Toward the end, Linda grasped her jutting tits and squeezed them tightly as she squirmed her hot pussy round and round on Rex's snuffling, drilling snout. Her whole pussy got soaked with cum-juice and her mom watched hornily as the animal licked the little girl's sweet cunt dry.

The more Rex lapped, the hotter Linda got. And the hotter she got, the more beautiful she looked to her proud mother.

The cunt lapping got Myra terribly hot for cock. After Linda finished humping and quivering with orgasm, she told her daughter how she felt.

"I'm going to call Chet right now!" she said hornily, getting to her feet. "Watching you and Rex has got my pussy so wet I need a big, stiff prick right now!"

She went to the phone and as she dialed Chet's number, a new thought entered her head. She looked at Linda and smiled sexily.

"I think we should give the nice man a treat tonight," she purred.

"Like what?" Linda wanted to know.

"Like seeing you with his dog," her mother grinned. "Let's get rid of all this sneaking around and secrecy. I'll have Chet bring King over with him and you can fuck him while I fuck Chet!"

"Oh, Mother!" Linda squealed. "You're wonderful!"

Chet had no idea why Myra requested the dog's presence until after he got to her house. When he rang the doorbell he received a sing-song female voice that chimed back to him.

"Come in, Chet."

He discovered the gorgeous mother and daughter team in Myra's bedroom, both of them stark naked and smiling lewdly. Myra on her bed, spread out and ready for fucking. Pretty Linda was sitting on the floor with her legs apart, slowly rubbing her wet cunt.

"What the."

"Come on in, Chet," Myra cooed.

He stepped into the room with his trained dog at his heels and he looked from one female to the other. His cock erected mightily in his pants and created a huge bulge for both females to admire.

"What are you two up to?" he wanted to know.

"Oh, nothing," Linda laughed, her cute tits jiggling deliciously. "Mom and me just became very good friends, that's all."

"So I see," Chet said. "But what's that got to do with me and King? Or is that the point?"

"That's the point," Myra giggled like a happy little girl. "Come here and fuck me, you big-cocked stud! And turn your dog loose on Linda."

Chet was more than glad to strip naked and jump onto Myra's fabulous body. With his prick stony-hard, he crawled between her welcoming thighs and shoved his cock up into her horny cunt.

Myra groaned as his enormous hard-on drilled into her twisting pussy. She clung to him hornily and gave him a damned good piece of ass.

For his part, King was more than glad to attack the pretty teenager sitting on the floor playing with her pussy. He smelled her pussy-juice the moment he entered the bedroom and the minute his master commanded him to go to Linda, his prick was stiff.

As his master fucked into Myra's wet pussy, King shoved his wet snout into Linda's open and willing young cunt.

The girl stretched out beautifully on the soft carpet and threw her hands above her head. She peered down over her heaving young tits and watched the groveling animal going to town on her horny pussy. She lifted her ass up off the floor and made her cunt totally available to the foraging beast. She moaned as loudly as her mom.

Watching King at Linda's sweet, squirming pussy was pure delight to Chet, who watched the hot action with increasing lust.

But Myra got the best of it. The hotter Chet got from watching Linda hump the dog's tongue, the harder he fucked her. Getting the picture, Myra laughed sensuously.

"Linda," she panted, fucking her drenched cunt on Chet's rampaging cock. "Turn this way a little more. Let Chet see your pussy cumming. It gets him so stiff! Ohhhh! Yesss, darling, thank you. Mmmm! If you only know how horny your young body gets him."

Linda smiled up at Chet and he winked at her... she removed her hands from her lush little tits and let him lust after them as he continued fucking his rigid cock into Myra's twisting, fucking pussy.

"She's adorable," he rasped hotly to Myra.

Linda overheard the compliment and blew him a kiss with her sexy lips.

Myra's eyes rolled in her head and she humped her hot ass wildly as the aroused male fucked her pussy. Little did she know that her little girl was equally aroused by the sight of her mom getting fucked by such a handsome, well-hung stud.

Linda was as hot as a firecracker as she gazed up at the fucking duo. Her mom looked so beautiful, all hot and horny, shoving her hungry pussy up at the fucking man. Chet looked so sexy fucking his stiff cock brutally into Myra's cunt.

Watching passionately, Linda fucked her own cunt round and round on King's licking, lapping tongue. She came three times in rapid succession until, at the last, she needed a cock up her cunt as badly as her mom did.

With a breathless gasp and a whimper of lust, Linda suddenly pushed at King's big head and wriggled around onto all fours. Panting and moaning, she opened her knees and finger-fucked her cunthole to the excited animal.

"Here, King," she rasped. "Get it, boy! Oh, push your prick in me! Fuck me, King!"

King jumped her, but his long, thick prick probed around her crotch too awkwardly to suit her. She whimpered with hopeless need.

"I think your little girl needs some help," Chet said with a groan of lust.

"Fuck me first," Myra panted, thrusting her pussy up at him. "Cum in me first. Give it to me! Pump your hot load of jism up my pussy! Ohhh! I need that! I need to feel your big cock spit into me!"

Chet gripped her twisty asscheeks and squeezed them tightly as he rammed all of his large cock into her wet cunt. He shoved a big finger up into her squirming asshole and fucked her with it until she was screaming with release.

Her whole body shook and quaked as he fucked her with his finger and his cock. Her pussyhole and her asshole both twisted and humped and screwed hotly.

He buried all of his stiff finger into her ass and reamed her out with it as he drilled all of his prick into her pussy and poured his jism into her. His cock erupted with volcanic fury and spit savage amounts of hot cum into her heaving, fucking cunt.

He left Myra gasping for breath and squeezing the hell out of her tits. He dropped to the floor and crawled over to the troubled teenager. Kneeling behind his dog, Chet reached around and guided the huge dog-cock into Linda's horny, twisty cunt.

"Ohhh! Chet!" Linda shrieked as the doggie-prick invaded the privacy of her hot pussy. "That feelssoooogooooooooodddddd!"

"Jesus!" her mom muttered, getting up on one elbow to watch her pretty daughter fuck an animal.

"Mom, Mommmmmm," Linda gasped, wriggling her cute ass hotly as the dog fucked into her pussy. "Can... can Chet... suck my tits? Please, Mom, please! I just want him to suck them! I won't fuck him! Ohhh! Let him suck my tits!"

Chet looked up at Myra and grinned, obviously prepared to go one way or the other, depending on Myra's decision.

"Sure, go ahead," she said generously and smiled. "Help her get off."

There was method to Myra's madness. The minute Chet stretched out on his back on got his face under Linda's fucking body to suck on her tits, Myra slithered off the bed and leaned over his crotch. She lifted his spent prick and licked her tongue up and down its length.

It stiffened immediately under her tender, loving care, and she took every solid inch of it into her sexy mouth.

As Linda fucked the drooling, fucking dog and got her ripe tits sucked by Chet, Myra blew his cock for him. She teased his nuts until they, too, started tightening up with passion. She moaned hornily and let the man's prick grow and grow in her hot mouth as she lashed it continually with her saucy pink tongue.

She fingered his asshole and sucked his cock faster and harder, until Chet was groaning wildly and biting at Linda's pretty tits.

Linda didn't mind at all when Chet went crazy. She pushed her tits down into his mouth and moaned hotly as she fucked her tight little cunt round and round on the dog's pistoning prick.

King planted his hind paws in the carpet for leverage and humped his hips furiously. With machinelike force, he pumped his thick cock in and out of the girl's juicy, horny cunt. His prick grew longer and thickened in her pussy and Linda liked that, too. She shrieked to feel his enormous cock grow even more enormous and probe into the hot depths of her belly and womb.

Squealing like an excited teen who had just gotten a very nice gift, Linda tightened her fists and grit her teeth as the man sucked her tits and the dog fucked her pussy.

After a tremendous orgasm that shook her body to its foundation, Linda forced her eyes open and took a look at her mom as she sucked Chet's cock. The vision excited and pleased her.

Love and lust filled the room and Linda felt bathed in it as she watched Myra suck Chet's magnificent, wet prick.

Myra pumped her head up and down rapidly and her fist jacked Chet's cockshaft with a fury.

Linda could see that the man was about to gush his cum into her mom's mouth and the thought of it thrilled Linda to her little toes.

"Mom, Mom," she whimpered helplessly. "You look so beautiful when you're sucking a prick. It looks so big and juicy in your mouth. How lovely you are!"

Myra's hand suddenly reached toward her daughter and trembled in mid-air. Linda understood the silent invitation, and she squirmed around on the floor, moving nearer.

Chet lost her tits, but he gained the world. Linda twisted around and King moved with her, ramming his horny animal-cock up into her squishy cunt.

"Darling," Myra panted hotly.

She eased her soaked mouth off of Chet's bulging cock and licked her pink tongue around his cockhead. Without a word, Linda leaned forward and licked his prick with her tongue, too.

Chet howled like a dog as both mother and daughter went at his cock with a passion.

Myra and Linda shared his cock and his cum. When his prick exploded and gushed wildly with great shots of thick jism, it amazed hi how the two females licked and lapped and sucked so that not a drop was lost. They took turns catching his bolting prick in their mouths and swallowing his cum until his nuts were empty.

Then Linda cried loudly as King came in her cunt. Her pussy clenched on the big, spitting doggie-prick and she came ferociously on his pumping cock.

Myra and Chet watched her as she came. It was a beautiful sight.

Linda hugged both of them and giggled excitedly as she shivered with orgasm. These moments had been very precious to her, marvelous.

"You look delightful when you get fucked by a dog," her mom told her, kissing her sweetly.

After Chet and King were gone, mother and daughter went to bed together and talked for hours about fucking and sucking.

Linda revealed all of her secrets about her lust for handsome dogs. The sharing and caring brought mother and daughter very close together for all time.

As Linda slowly discovered over the following months, their new closeness had its supreme rewards. It began one day when her mother arrived back from a store, with a man.

"Linda, honey," she smiled sexily, for the man's sake. "This is Mr. Montgomery. I met him at the library. He'd like me to go to lunch with him, but he has his dog with him. I told him you would dog-sit while we went out."

Linda looked behind the man at a large Great Dane.

"Oh! I'd love to!" she exclaimed.

Mr. Montgomery was impressed by the young girl's willingness.

"Now that's rare," he stated. "I thought surely she would refuse to stay home."

"Well, if you had kids and asked her to baby-sit," Myra said, laughing. "I think she'd react like any normal teenager and refuse to do it. But Linda just loves animals."

Linda laughed as she squatted near the big dog. She stroked him and talked softly to him.

And when the man and her mom were gone, she quickly stripped naked and took the dog's gigantic prick in her hand. As she worked it up into a fantastic hard-on, she really loved her mom for thinking of her like this.

As the Great Dane fucked her hot pussy with his newly aroused cock, Linda knew that this was to be the first of many dogs for her, thanks to her mom.

She was right.



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Annie sucked on Trebbie’s cock with practiced passion. Usually she would be getting her preteen cunt licked by the black lab at the same time, but tonight it was my turn. My daughter moaned as she sucked her dog’s dick as deeply into her mouth and throat as she could. And she moaned because my tongue was buried in her pussy while I tickled her clit from behind. Finally, she slid her mouth off Trebbie’s cock long enough to tell me - Papa, put your cock in me now! Never one to ignore my daughter’s sexual commands, I slowly slid my stiff cock into her tight, warm pussy and began to pump in and out of her. I held onto her narrow hips while she continued giving the dog a delicious blowjob. He couldn’t hold back and jetted a load into her mouth which she swallowed joyfully. I sped up my thrusts and came deep inside her moments later. We rested awhile and then switched places on Annie’s beautiful, loving body. A normal night for our little family.


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I felt as if I was there watching it myself. Very well written. I would love to see any or all of this story in person!!!


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I felt as if I was there watching it myself. Very well written. I would love to see any or all of this story in person!!!

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OMG .. what a story .... very amazing


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A beautiful story! Long, lush, very juicy and Absolutely FANTASTIC!

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