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forgive any grammer or punctuation i am not aiming for perfection and other people on here do worse a lot worse
after locking up the house and making the usual checks just to be sure the house will be safe we climb into the car after placing the luggage into the boot (trunk for the Americans out there), i look to my sister and simple say

"are you ready? "

she nod's impatiently before demanding we get going so that she can get a window seat at it is our 1st holiday together since the tragedy that fell upon our parents.

starting the ignition i slowly pull out of the drive just to annoy the person that for many years has remained the most important person to me, finally on the road heading towards the air port i notice that Nicky is practically shacking from pure excitement, glancing over at her

"you need to calm down sis if you don't you might explode and then you wont get on the flight" laughing as i say this.

"but big bro the place looks amazing it will be the best holiday ever and the size of the shopping mall's on the island well lets just say watch your bank balance"

grinning away at me and smiling back at her, about half hour later we arrive at the airport both climbing out i go to get the luggage from the boot (trunk) handing the tickets and passports to Nicky i drag the luggage to the entrance after locking the car, just after walking through the entrance she notices that our check in line is short because of how early we arrived with the excitement building further she turns to me then dashes for the desk slamming the documents down and calling for me to hurry up so the lady at the desk can get us checked in.

"all right all right i'm coming we have so much time the plan will not leave with out us"

finally arriving at the desk my self the lady goes through the documents and finally stating to Nicky that the flight will leave as soon as we are both ready, walkin through the air port and its many vast shop's Nicky get curious and ask me

"what did the lady at the desk mean the flight will leave as soon as we are ready, will we not be on a flight like everybody else"

"all i will tell you at this point that when we arrive home the house will be different and as for the flight you will have to wait and find out"

"aww tell me Rick please, how will the house be different your starting to confuse me now and what is so special about this flight if it is ready when we are instead of every body else"

just simply looking at her and hugging her with a single arm then releasing her.
basically ignoring the shop's and all its many offers we arrive at the departure gate, still extremely excited and her excite seems to have no end to its limit she hands over the boarding passes over we continue to the plan down the seemingly never ending walkway,

"good morning sir and madam i hope you will enjoy your flight, we will arrive in about 12hours so please relax and feel free to ask the hostesses for any think you may desire"

greeted by the captain on a medium sized plan but yet some how seeming bigger, taking our seats and buckling up

"why was we greeted by the captain and why are there only a few seats on this plan Rick"

"well sis you no that promotion i got the other day well this is just part of it's many benefits that have opened up to me, this is one of the companies private jets and the captain is doing his job by welcoming one of the companies most important new higher up's, so now we can both get some sleep and let them wake us up for dinner in a few hours or you can watch the HD television that pulls up from under your feet, right now im getting some sleep to make the journey seem to end faster"

leaning my chair back and pressing the button so it slowly becomes a bed i give the hostess a messege to tell the pilot that we are ready if he is ready and happy.

fiddling about in her chair as the pilot get permission from air control to take flight Nicky becomes to exhausted from all her burnt energy focused into excitement so she also finally decides to rest aswell.

hours pass and we are woken up by the crew telling us we will go through some heavy turbulence so please do not worry shortly after the hostesses took their seats the plan began to shake violently coursing the pilot to purposely go off course and slightly lower than normal altitude. Nicky takes my hand and looks relieved that the turbulence has been avoided and that the pilot is bringing us back on course, the hostesses also relieved and askin if we would like our meals served now both nod'ing for our meals unable to speak briefly before being able to relaxe again.

only 2hours before we are due to land and finishing off our meal that looked fit for only the wealthiest people would be presented with. the pilot announces that due to the unforeseen event that coursed to flight to change course we will be arriving unexpectedly sooner than estimated following with please enjoy you holiday and do not hold back on fun times to be had.

"well sis are you ready to spend my money"

"Rick the question is are you ready for me to spend your money cos do not expect me to be left if i seen any think i like"

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