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Shelly is a teen tart
As we walked to the park I made no shame in looking up and down Shelly's young body. She had pretty green eyes and a cute young face which was styled like a whore I liked her style I liked young whore looking teen girls. I said to her "do you like Billy ""not really he's a bit of a prick", she replied” you been with him two weeks" I said" yeh" she replied" Fuck him your with me now " I said” good” she said Lets go to the shop and get some drinks what you two drinking? Bacardi breezer tropical flavour "cool” I Said.
I went into the shop and got 8 Bacardi breezers and 4 cans of Stella to go on top of the 4 I had already necked down me. I also bought 40 malbourgh lights and gave those 20 between them. I also got some fag papers as I had about £10 bag of weed left super skunk from earlier on. I was feeling pretty good about myself the weather was great and here's me good old Joe got myself a new hot young piece of teen ass into the mix and had a few hundred in my pocket and Shelly and Gina seen this too , gold digging little bitches I knew this type all so well !
We made our way to the secluded area of the park, Shelly and Gina going to the toilet and returning with freshly applied red lipstick. This is my type of girl she had nice juicy lips my cock sprung to attention inside my shorts as I looked at her bright red lips and thought of her sucking my cock I bet she was a little porn star sucking cock bet she’s sucked a good few in her young life. We sat down next to some trees and bushes strategically placed I knew once she had a few joints inside her mixed with the alcohol that I’d be taking the young nymph in there for some privacy ." So your 16 right " I said to Shelly” she’s 16 I told you " piped up Gina” I’m not fucking asking you Gina " I said to Gina"yeh I'm 16 it was my birthday few weeks ago " said Shelly” Happy Birthday , what did you get for your birthday ? "I said" Thanks, just some clothes and some perfume off of my Foster carers " she said” You in foster care then? " I said"Yeh , but I’m moving into my own bed and breakfast in two days my social worker is sorting it out for me" she said” sounds good " I said In my head I knew she was 16 now you couldn't be living alone in a bed and breakfast under 16 on your own in the UK. I already knew this would be my sex nest with her and I'd be moving right in with this little just turned sweet 16 fox pot.
"Lucky bitch, I wish I was getting my own fucking place I hate living at my house it drives me mad” said Gina. “How long you been in foster care “I said “I’ve been in care since I was 10 years old “she said. “OK” I said. The small talk chit chat continued and the alcohol and joints got drunk and passed around and we all got higher Gina was a pain in the ass when she was drunk really loud and brash. I sat next to Shelly and I put my arm around her and looked into her lovely cute face deep into her green eye and moved to kiss her long and hard our tongues exploring each others mouths, she had a hot little mouth and a sluttish tongue darting inside my mouth. I was raging hard my boner was bursting against the material of my shorts my hand was rubbing the top of her thigh I moved it between her legs I felt a silky thong as I rubbed her cunt through her pants , she responded by putting her hand inside my shorts and she grabbed my dick . “ ouch be careful , your false nails nipped me “ I laughed “ sorry I didn’t mean to these nails are long “ she said “ its ok it was an accident “ I said . “ I need the toilet “Gina said “me to” said Shelly “wipe your face you got red lipstick all over it “laughed Gina. “Ok cool “I said.
Shelly and Gina went not to the toilet but to the nearest bushes to go to the toilet to pee classy I thought to myself me to relieve myself of my beer filled bladder. The girls came back and Gina said” im going to leave you to lovebirds alone now im going home now “Shelly said “let’s walk her home” “ok “I said. We were all pretty high and drunk and the sun was beginning to set, I new of a cheap hotel where I and Shelly could spend the night and a good night it would be for sure. I was also going to phone my dealer and get some crack for our little session back in the cheap hotel some more drink for us and some more weed for the comedown after our little party we were going to have just me and sexy little Shelly. As Shelly approached Ginas house I told them I was going to make a phonecall my dealer was there within 10 minutes he was quick that’s why I liked him he also had good quality stuff. We made off to the cheap hotel stopping to buy more drink and fags before we got there. My heart was racing in anticipation of the crack and the sex with Shelly she was looking sexier and sexier as the night was going on the sex would be enhanced by the crack it makes you so horny . I quickly booked us in the hotel the old bitch at the front desk she was Italian was buzy watching some shit on the t.v as long as we gave her the money she didn't give a shit .


2012-12-12 11:34:03
Ok. I'm going to give you a positive for trying.
But. A few pieces of advice to remember in the future. Use paragraphs. If you write in it word and copy and paste it here, double enter for paragraphs.

Also, do a spell and grammar check on word before you post your next story.

And lastly, when you write dialogue, remember that each line of dialouge should start in a new line to avoid confusion of who is talking.

Keep writing. Just try to make it as easy as possible for your readers to read - not all of them are rocket scientist, so try to think logical and find practical ways to make it easy to read - like paragraphs at the start of a new section or thought and so on.

Don't give up. You actually have potential, I think.

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سكس مشترك مع حيوان وانسان

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do the words 'crap' describe this crap?

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بحب سكس

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