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I extended this one and tried to work on formatting
As she told me to wait for my turn I turned and smiled. She grabbed my belt and slid down my jeans, I was already rock hard and ready to go. 

She slowly wrapped her delicate hand around my cock, now I'm no porn star, but I have a respectable 7 in cock, so I new she would have trouble taking it all. 

She started stroking me and it felt like pure bliss. She stroked and stroked and then finally kissed my cock and licked the underside of my tip. I had never found such an electric touch on my body before. She then sucked and I felt my cock touch her throat and I felt her start to try and take me a little more and said

"Sam oh my god, uhhhh yes, ohhhh ya,"

She then backed off and stroked my dick with her hand, and I warned her I was getting close, and as I did she took me in her mouth once more, and fondled my balls as I exploded in her mouth and pumped stream after stream, that she swallowed down and drained my cock completely, effectively sending me into the most blissful state I had ever felt.

"oh Sam I think I'll have to return the favor because that might have been twice as good," 

"believe me it was not even close, I've never gotten off that hard either"

"Well I'm free Saturday, want to go to a movie and maybe get a bite to eat?"

"JT, are you asking me out?" she said in a mocking tone.

"well of course I'd have to be stupid not to, especially after tonight," I said leaning in to kiss her.

So as I left her house it was close to 4 in the morning and I would need to get showered, changed, and well rested for my date tomorrow.

I woke up about noon, meaning I had to show and change, and get some cash from the ATM, so as I got back to my place it was about 4:30 so I called Sam about what time I should come get her to which she replied,

"Does 8 sound good, I wanted to see that new flick with Leo Decaprio."

So as I waited for the clock to reach 8 I turned on my computer I went to my favorite porn site and jerked off, the girl looked fairly similar to Sam but I just couldn't get off because it just wasn't the same, I just couldn't find that spark I had the night before, so as I sat I longed to see her again, I had never met such a sensual woman, someone who could get as riled up as her.

Has I drove up to her place I began to feel giddy, as I realized how much I just wanted to spend time with her.
I never quite met a man like JT he's some one I've always had a crush on but after last night I new I wanted to be with him, so I just waited for it to reach 8, I wanted to be next to him, to hold his strong body against mine, so I laid there anxious and bored. 

As I began to touch myself I thought back to last night. I rubbed my clot and felt jolts of electricity go up my spine. I knew I was getting closer has my breathing got sharper and quicker, and then I thought to how he so wanted to please me the night before, and I felt a powerful orgasm hit, that made me tingle and vibrate with pleasure. 
As I pulled up to her house I was really excited and ready to be with Sam. I knocked and she cam out in an amazingly tight pair of jeans that made her ass just pop, and a tight black t-shirt.

As we drove up to the theater I got two tickets, a large popcorn and two cokes. I think the movie was called Inception I didn't care for it, but being with Sam felt right. She leaned on my shoulder, as I wrapped my arm around her and as he movie ended she said she was having a great time, and so was I.

We went out to the mom and pop diner a few blocks away, it want fancy, but this date and our relationship thus far hadn't been, so I figured she'd be ok with it. 

As we finished up dinner she incited me back to her place which this time I quickly took her up on her offer. As we got back we sat down on her couch, and began to make out. I held her at her waist and moved up and cupped her breast. I pulled her short up, as she did the same to me. 

I fumbled with her bra, and finally got the clasp undone. I felt her nipples harden, and I rolled them in fingers. I moved my mouth from hers, and put it on her other nipple. I sucked her sweet tit, and began to unbutton her jeans. I slid my fingers down her satin panties and slid my finger into her pussy lips. As I thrust two fingers in an out of her pussy she went from being wet, to being sopping wet, so as I slid her jeans off completly I returned to kissing her and she slid her hand onto my rock hard cock. She undid my jeans, and stroked me before yanking my boxers down and having my cock spring out. As she stroked me, I continued to finger her as she moaned and exclaimed "I'm close".

I began to speed up my in and out motion and rubbed her clit with my thumb as she moaned and squealed as her orgasm hit, like a titlewave or being shocked with batteries all over her body. The pleasure was so amazing she shook. 

She asked if I had a condom, which I was smart enough to pick up when I stopped to get cash from the ATM.

As she slid the condom over my cock I asked if she was ready, which she was. I positioned over her and she lined me up as I slid half way in, then forced in the rest of the way and began a slow steady pace. As I was already built up from touching her and having her rub me off, I knew I wouldn't last long and slid in and out faster and faster as she moaned and finally as I came she shivered into a second orgasm squeezing my cock and milking me as I laid on her, I began to shrink and we just laid together in pure bliss only wondering what might happen next.

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I agree with what the other person wrote fully

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Proofread before submitting. Don't make readers have to figure out what you are trying to say. It throws off the cadence of the story, causing a loss of interest.

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