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Its all about what a woman wants, her need can be just as Strong as a Man in uniform.
After down on her knees 3 times this day, she came home to find her next victim moving into the apartment at the end of the hall. She is known as dirty Diana at Fedex north working the office building from the top to the bottom on any given day. MaryJo, thou many just call her MJ it caused Dave in receiving to pen her with the name Dirty Diana cause his first encounter with her left him with very little power for the remainder of the day. It was her first trip to receiving after her employee tour – Dave had no idea that she was already plotting against him. She stalked for the perfect moment only one other person around. She led him to a dead spot, camera free and wouldn’t let him see the work order. The walk teased him; her eyes lead him to the understanding. When in perfect location she fell to her knees and Dave sprang to immediate attention-it wasn’t a matter of size but perfect planning the nice purple head popped as she spit and jerked this 21 year old kid- every time he thought to exploded she held his balls tight with a slight twist. 12 mins into this and the sweat was pouring down on her as his hair got wet from forehead to sideburns, he’s holding her head and fucking her throat its loud and wet. When he lets go to painful grasp a tall shelf, it shakes to her violent pursuit, the slight knocking noise has the other guy calling out to him.

She ends him with a tug of his cock then back down to his very core holds him in tight to push his testicles, her hand grasping his flat ass no room to move - he melted into her hot larynx jerking she swallowed every drop. So quick was her descent that it left his mind twisted for the remanding day, that sticky sweet lingers in his pants til she returned at 5:45 before shift change. She caught his eye and he darned to follow, think at this point he would get some answers. She still hungered to make him a fateful follower, crossed his rambling mouth with her finger the scent of fresh women juice still loitered there, hopefulness pressed strong on his face. The 39 year old vixen took her place on the floor his bulged cock sprang from the navy blue uniform the excitement of several people rushing by kept her hot and heavy and the purple knob so intent the young boy busted in 7 minutes to her delight. But this time working her tonsils like a dog in heat she spilled his steaming semen to the floor and forced his rock hard cock back into his loose boxers, then pushed him away still dripping.

MJ watched from her vantage point, his fresh red face telling the tale that he did not dare to speak in words. She roamed the area for another 15 minutes, allowing the PM staff to gather and fawn over the amazing body that kept her looking 28 or so. Her position at the company allowed her access to stock a variety of misfits. Able to explore ethic types she had hunting dreams of during sleepless nights. As she watched the flow of fresh young manhood walk thru the door, she took note of those boasting loudly and those that seemed meek and mild. So her plan to keep boys at play from different parts of the building a smart move. She took this late night to stroll the employee lounge and cafeteria the PM supervisor was tall, heavy, strong the football player whose shirt rang tight around his big biceps, the shirt holding back the body that she needed to explore. With watchful eyes she played the game, thus waiting for him to play or participate. She wanted to be on her back so this was going to take a little effort.

Unseen, moving like a black cat on the prowl she went thru the building for a week as she serviced some standing appointments that kept her pockets lined with cash. Dave was strictly on the case since having his mind blown the first day. Ray caught her eye as she hurried by, but had not been taken yet and poor Dave walked around with a constant hard on from her motion and eye fucking, belonging to the same office. Back to business she spent her time eating late night meals a little something before she went home at 8:30/9 o’clock. Slowly moving up to Ray she said I want some meat, you can keep the bread I only eat that in the early morning time, if ever. He was in tears holding back everything he wanted to say, but asked if she was on some special diet. She was all smiles and head nods, eyes and hips, taking a seat of playful distance. As Ray fell like melting snow, only 7 minutes would pass before he came around the counter to check things out. He stood within 2 feet without looking up she said can you handle this understanding, I want… is not on the menu. In quick reply, is that going to be… I like a little danger it heightens the sexual experience.

It was quick and she was deliberate- 3rd floor women’s bathroom 23 minutes from now. At the scene of the crime he worried, but meet her anyway to voice his concern she was not one for talking. There in the lounge before the bathroom sat two soda machines inside men to the right and women adjacent. He walked inside as MJ stood outside the door, he was shaking his head-this is no good, she stood I need you to hear my request; I would never put your job in jeopardy. Taking his hand of long strong fingers she ran it between her legs to the absence of panties and moist folds of wet flesh. At his ear he was told of a place nearby, something to do on his way home. Turning pushed him against the door and bent over in front of him, to expose the round tight ass and moist fragrant pussy doggie style. Her wrap around dress pulled back in place, his hard dick fighting to emerge from his pants. She rushed across to the ladies room and made ready to go home. With drink in hand she waited for his arrival unsure, the small coffee house doubled as a hostel for interns always has a room available. He had a coffee, something sweet and then to the room. He was inside of her by 9:40 a demanding woman at only 5’4 her petit body had a way of commanding a str8 boy.
A wild ride sparks a man and keeps him in place with his noise wide open, he will always come when she holla’s pussy. She was now firm with her plan sex at hand when ever and where every she needed cause it took the 3 amigos to reach her desire on any given week. But this new guy in the building posed a problem, as he lived there and her motto never to have any one in the neighborhood but his body and strong legs where making her want to break all the rules. She had never been with a Latin guy fulfilling her dream a problem cause she only knew them to be violent from girlfriends who dared to date one in the past. So over the years the dreams where mounting in number but she never take the chance. His sweaty body nearly knocked her over when the door open to quickly and with his back turned they cashed together. The large tattoo of Fatima coved his right shoulder, the nugg pusher her over the edge and for the first time she willing wet her pants in climax. They stood locked in motion and stare, no words just raw passion moved over his face. He mentioned that he was sweating from playing basketball, coaching some n’hood kids she didn’t hear a word that fell out of this mouth, loss in emotion. Heat rising from his shiny skin, awkward smile on her face – she bit her upper lip when she asked if there was any way she could do something to help.

A bit confused he now led her further into frenzy, help with what? Do you wish to play or you just wanta watch. Snapping back she released her month and her body had been moving in ways she had no control. Standing in your way she said dazed and confused my entire fault and I see your racing to your apartment to wash all those muscles. As he laughed she pushed by him brushing her ass into the well bending long silky basketball shorts, then over her right shoulder she mentioned that the balls in your court. When night fell she wanted there to be a knock on the door, but it never came. Sunday morning quite with the respect of the day, she could hear the coming and going of people on the floor and looked to her back window often. By chance she saw him return in a white church van late in the day. So thought to give up this unattainable feat, strike 2 he was community minded a kid from the streets that was giving back, in everything that she could see. It remained quite for 2 weeks or more no site of him, but she had the daily at work to quench her appetite. It was the bright light that blazed through her window at nearly three in the morning turning to Saturday.

The sound of strong manly voices and heavy duffel bags dropping to the floor just at her door, peering out the shade she saw a very tall brother and Ezekiel dressed in full army gear as they said goodbye. At the door hair in bright red silk warp she waited when he climbed the last step. The long bag strapped to his back, attention to the ice cold beer in his left hand. Now with his full consideration and eyes clearly set on her awkward form, she said you woke me up!
She pointed out the lights that dangled from the side of his back pack that for the past 15 minutes had remained on. She had not said a word, eyes doing all the work, he spoke again reaching around for the light; let me help you inside so I can get some restful sleep. She pulled on the extra heavy bag just at her door to drag it to the other end of the hallway-one pull of the cold beer then lifted the other 75lbs bag with no effort with his free right hand. With a smirk he watched her tug her way to his door, dropping the shoulder of her soft cotton sweats bare her skin. She took the remaining inch of cold beer from his hand, down quickly, twisting her back she said goodnight.

That knock at her door came 6 weeks in the making, as he tapped unsure but wanting at the door, it pushed open. He said into the semi darkness well you never let me say thank you. A match lit a candle he stepped inside to fumble across the open flat to find her standing against the wall. She lit another candle the scent of jasmine now filled the room and the light perfect as it shined on his well-built torso. He grabbed her hard knowing somehow the long hair needed to be pulled. With her head pulled back by the tension he ran his tongue over her collar bone and kept her in a strange grasp just below her rib cage. She pushed back he fell inches from her allowing her to gaze at his 5 foot 10 body thick and heavy in tone. Watching her eyes he said thank you, slowly removing the forest green t-shirt that held back his breast plate. She fell to her knees as to worship, both hands molding his round ass, she licked his belly button, as if it were and ice cream treat. He moved to the floor to match her size, lifting her shirt and fondling her breast to hard peaks of red flesh. He pulls her to her feet to drop back down quickly between her legs, 1st building a fire which was causing her to want to pull off her boy shorts but at every try Ezekiel stopped her hand and pushed them back into place.

Penetration with his tongue and nibbly bread, teeth rough against the silky fabric – soon as she ached for more he slowly pull them down to the scent of fresh wet mounds, the dusted playground was a welcoming site. Holding her place firm, his hands stretching her ass far his strong grip he began the assault on her frontal folds. The cold brick wall began to warm from the friction of her back to the wall. His tongue wetter and stronger as the 17 minutes of pressure came to an abrupt stop, he rose up to his feet she flung spent over his broad round shoulders. Over to the bed he drops her slowly, spread her legs wide and just stood before her God this moment is real, as he bent down to blow hot air over her fluffy hot spot.

He reached out for her hand pulling her body up, so sure that she had already cum, he placed his cock, MJ awoke with delight. No longer sluggish she pulled on his lack of foreskin with all her might trying to take more than three inches. But this dick was unlike any she had in the past and it answered all the questions she formulated every time she ran into him. It had to be 5 even 6 inches thick, the head was slit to none existence it just morphed into thick round flesh. She tried her eyes watered her mouth weaken, she pulled it closer to her breast and rubbed, “how I’m really hard”. Holding it in her hands it felt like a round cucumber that she couldn’t close her hand around and the weight heavy like a bag of sugar. He slammed into her hard and fast, she was grasping for air and fighting to find comfort, not allowing him the satisfaction of discomfort to slow on her dimly lit face. Repeating the mantra to herself, warm blanket warm blanket comfort and joy, as her month betrayed her and let out a shriek of pain and joy as he was pushing forward. Her walls were clasping around his girth and yet only half of his average length dick was inside of her, and at her ear side ride me take this the way you want it, my gift to you.

Rolling over she straddled up for the thick voyage, pussy so wet, as she jerked him slowly before her first attempt, body was shacking a slight tremble. It was already too late and for the first time she would have to claim defeat and let go. Knowing now that this would be more than satisfaction thus the reason why she was so intense on having him. As she held on to the raw iron post that framed her bed, she could feel the pussy expanding, filling her until she touched the sweaty pubic hairs of his inner thighs-he murdered that pussy rubbing down a wall with every push of his powerful slug hammer. So wet was she that the sound was as a child clapping her small feet in a puddle of rain water. With the bed banging to squeak and become loss, he could not feel the difference between the tears slowly as they rolled down the side of her cheek bones to the sweaty folds of her red man handled breast. She was riding and the pains given her body high and low – he beat the pussy for unending time allowing her to lead the way. His name Ezekiel, the boys called him eazy in the streets, but there was nothing easy about the sex he was giving and where he was taking me.

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