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So Jacob decided to live in apartment cause he works and he's 19 and Shelby is 19
I was only 19 at High School. French Class ended 3:00p.m, the bell rung. I got out of class and went to the hall. There 100 or 500 students rushing from their classes. I went to the parking lot and went to my car. “What the fuck the engine won’t start” I was so mad at the car. Then the car started and drove to my apartment which I rented. “Ok now what” I asked myself. I did have homework which is simple. Next 1 hour, BAM! I’m done. My phone was ringing cause someone calling me. “Hello” Jacob answered. “O hey Jacob” Shelby replied. “I need help with my homework can you help me?” said Shelby. No way had Shelby never ever said to help her with her homework. “Sure, why not” Jacob answered her back. “Good be at 3:45p.m” “Well I never knew this day will come” I said to myself. Min passed by it was 3:40p.m. I had to lock my apartment just in case of intruders. I had they key of my apartment in my pockets and went to Shelby’s house. “Not a long drive” Jacob said. I already knew where Shelby lives. I honked my horn. BEEP, BEEP!! Shelby was on her to my car. “Nice car” she commented. “Thanks it’s a Porsche GT2” Jacob told her. Jacob leaded her to his apartment. “You live in an apartment?” she asked Jacob. “Yep” Jacob answered. I lead her to my apartment. “So where’s your homework that you need help?” Jacob asked her. “No you silly I tricked. You thought that I need homework help? The reason I’m here cause I like you Jacob” I can’t believe this. Shelby the hot girl likes me. “What are you going to do with me?” Jacob said but even for confusing. She was looking at my pants. Wait a sec she’s looking at dick. “And I told my parents I need help with my homework but I lied to them. Instead I’m going to fuck you.” She’d immediately grabbed my pants. “Oh god Shelby first time fucking you” Jacob said and not quite ready yet. “Hold on Shelby I’ll take off my pants off” Jacob said because she doesn’t have to take them off. I took off my pants and there was my dick. “Man you have a big dick. Can I suck it?” she asked me. “Of course you can” Jacob replied. When she began sucking it, god I knew felt good. “Shelby let me sit on the couch” Jacob said. I sat in the couch and Shelby resumed suck my cock. Jacob knew she’d liked it. “Look I’m going to lick your dick like a lollipop” She said. She licked Jacob’s dick. She’d licked top of his dick. “Yum” she said. Then she shoved Jacob’s cock in Shelby’s mouth. Then she’d tried to shove it down her throat. She took out his dick and coughed. She’d tried it 3 times. “Hey Jacob take of your shirt” she said in happy voice. “Ok” Jacob said. He took off his shirt. Luckily he wasn’t fat. Shelby kissed and licked his chest. “Hey Shelby, can you strip down naked?” Jacob asked her. “Ok” she said. It took her seconds to get herself naked. Then Jacob and Shelby were kissing. “Shelby lay down in couch” Jacob asked her in a friendly way. She’d laid down on couch. Jacob put his dick up her vagina. “Oh yes!” Shelby said. Then the fucking began. Jacob’s top of dick could fell the end of her pussy. She was screaming like giving her 10,000$. Time to speed things up. Jacob fucked her and fast. After 1min, Jacob dick went up her buthole. And started having anal sex. Her ass was so tight. Jacob knew that he needs to go slow. “Jacob why are you fucking me slow?” she said. “Your ass is tight” Jacob told her. He’d know that he’ll cum in min. Her big tits were bouncing. Jacob took out his dick and placed it in the middle of Shelby’s tits. “Ok Shelby place your right hand on your right tits and your left hand on your left tits. Then hold them” Jacob said. Shelby did follow these orders. Then he began fucking her tits like fucking her pussy. 1 min later Jacob feels like he’s going to cum. ‘I’m Cuming!” Jacob yelled. Then Jacob cumed on Shelby’s face. “Man I love your cum it tasted yummy” Shelby said. “Ok eat all the cum on your face and get dressed meanwhile I get dressed” Jacob told her. Jacob got dressed, so did Shelby. Then they kissed and kissed. “Oh Jacob I want to marry you and have kids” Shelby said and talked bout the future they have. “But are you going to college?” Jacob asked her. “I’m going to college to” she replied. “Which college?”Jacob asked her. “Purdue” she answered. “That where I’m going too” Jacob said. “Look at the time it time to take you back home” Jacob added. Jacob is suppose to take her back. Jacob got in the car with Shelby and took her back. Jacob went back to his apartment and Slept at 8:45p.m. New day tomorrow and time to sleep.


2021-07-01 05:18:06
this is amazing. i ironically love it

Anonymous readerReport 

2016-11-16 03:04:26
Got to say back to the drawing board this one read like a freshmen in highschool wrote it

Anonymous readerReport 

2016-06-19 20:56:24
i read it when i was sobber.. Didnt make sense
i read it while i was drunk, all i could remember is that it didnt make sense
i read it with a clear mind.. Still didnt work... Maybe when im high this wil bring me back to earth then maybe.. Justt maybe it wil make sense

Anonymous readerReport 

2016-03-25 03:19:07
19 still in high school can't spell worth a shit but have an apartment and a Porsche/cell phone okay dreamer.............

Anonymous readerReport 

2015-12-26 22:53:49
ahaha i guess were all perverts x3

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