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A naïve girl comes home to an unexpected adventure.
Saving mommy’s marriage

I came home one day a few hours earlier than I normally would and was pleased to see my mother’s car in the driveway. Usually she’d come home about an hour after I would and It was nice I wouldn’t be alone all afternoon. Mom always made tea with cookies and she’d let me help her in the garden.
I loved working in the garden, watering the plants and the flowers. I had my own little piece of the garden where I grew my own flowers, although they almost always died because mom said I gave them too much water. Mom would always help me and always had new flowers for me from her own garden. She says that one day I’ll get the hang of it and I’ll have the most beautiful flower garden of the world. Although sometimes she suggests I should be planting water lilies instead.

Daydreaming of my beautiful flowery garden, I walked inside and looked for my mother but I couldn’t find her. She wasn’t in the kitchen or the garden, nor was she in her room or the living room. I guessed she was probably gone out for groceries or so and went back to the garden. Maybe my flowers needed some water.
In the garden it was nice and quiet and peaceful. I like it here when it’s quiet. My flowers were looking healthy and beautiful and their sweet smell wafted through the garden. Maybe I’d better get them a little more water. The ground did not seem to be dry, but you could never be sure. Just a little water. I walked to the shed to get my watering can.

As I entered the shed, I wasn’t alone. I heard shuffling feet, whispering and moaning. I decided I had to take a closer look. On my hands and knees I crawled behind the bales of straw that were stacked in the shed for the winter. The voices grew stronger. Three male voices I could discern now, very close by. I sneaked a quick look around the corner and what I saw made my heart almost stop.
There behind the bales I saw my mother. She sat on her knees in front of my brother’s friend Josh. His pants were around his ankles and she was sucking on his penis! Next to him were my nineteen year old brother Francis and our nephew Donny. They too had their pants around their ankles and were moving their hands up and down their stiff penises as they were waiting for my mother to suck them off.
I felt terrified; my wonderful mother was doing sex things with someone other than my dad! I got an ice-cold feeling in my stomach and my whole future seemed to crash around me while I kept watching my mom go on, unable to do or say anything.

Josh started moaning a little louder now and began pumping his hips back and forth.
“Ohh Mrs. Wallace, you suck it so goood... I’m gonna cum… I’m.. I’m… Oh yes!” Josh groaned, his face distorted into a painful grimace. His hands grabbed mom’s head, he pushed his penis deeper in her mouth as it started to pulse and began to spit out his heavy load of cum.
I could see my mother suck and swallow, which made me realize that Josh was actually shooting his sperm in mom’s mouth.
Though I had not done much sexually, I was a virgin and very inexperienced, I was aware of the mechanics and the various fluids involved. His penis was ejeculating his sperm, that wriggling bunch of invisible tiny tadpoles which, when combined with a human egg, would make a baby. My friend Alice told me that. She said she used rubber condoms to stop them from swimming to her eggs.

Mom kept sucking and bobbing until Josh’s wilting penis fell from her lips.
“Hmm Josh, that was nice. You taste good! Now, who is next” Mom asked after she licked the last pearly drops of sperm from her lips and swallowed them down.
“Come on mom, suck my cock” Francis urged, waving his penis at mom’s face.
“Now don’t be greedy Francis, I did you this morning already. Donny is our guest and it’s his first time, so he should come first” she lectured her eager son.
“And come he will!” laughed Josh “Goddamn, Mrs. Wallace, I never had a girl that could suck cock half as good as you”
“Thank you Josh, but please, watch the language. You know, every time you curse, an angel cries.” mom said. Mom hated cursing. It ‘wasn’t proper for a lady’. Apparently it wasn’t for boys either.
“Now come here Donny, ooh it’s so beautiful, so stiff and all juicy and wet hmmm… Just sit down over there and enjoy it”

My nervous nephew plunked himself on a bale of hay and mom settled down between his knees. She grabbed his penis and circled her tongue around its purple head, collecting every drop of precum that had oozed from the boy’s little pisshole. Then she sucked it all the way into her mouth, until her full red lips encircled its root. Donny groaned out loud, overcome with pleasure. Next she let him slip almost completely from her lips so only the head was still in her mouth. Her cheeks caved in as she applied maximum suction to the boy’s penis. Still sucking, she used one hand to massage his balls, while the she used the other to rub her thumb and first two fingers up and down his slippery shaft.
“Oh auntie that’s so good” he said with a husky voice as her head bobbed down again.
For a minute, she bobbed up and down while she kept massaging his balls. Then she let him out of her mouth and started sucking on his balls, while she let her fist rub around the head.
After a few rubs, Donny couldn’t last much longer. He started panting and shaking, so mom took his penis in her mouth again and a few sucks and bobs later, I saw my mother begin to swallow.
His handsome young face radiated with pure bliss, his eyes wide open, blindly staring at the stars beyond the ceiling as he emptied his balls in his aunt’s mouth. His toes curled upward and his hands moved on their own, grabbing thick strands of mom’s strawberry blond hair, as if he was afraid she’d let him go before he was completely done squirting his seed down her throat.
Only after another minute did his hands release her head and his eyes looked down again at his aunt who was still gently suckling on his penis.
“Wow, that was… I mean… You should get a ..Nobel prize for that.. or something” Donny began to babble. All these new sensations were too much for his brain.
Finally mom let his penis go and swallowed one last time.
“Glad you enjoyed it, so did I” she giggled. “This was your first time?”
He simply nodded, still unable to formulate coherent sentences.
Mom grinned, gave a final kiss on his spent penis, and then turned to her son.
“Come here Francis, now it’s your turn”

Immediately Francis stood up to take his nephew’s place. Of the three, I liked my brother’s penis the most. It was the biggest of the three, but not as big as those in the magazines Alice had shown me. It had a nice shape with a little upward curve and a pink head that was only slightly wider than the shaft. There seemed to be a bit more skin than Josh had, which made it look softer, less angry.
I have always really loved my older brother and I thought he was cute too. His betrayal certainly gave me some pretty mixed emotions.

Mom must have liked Francis’s penis as well, because she took it in her mouth without any hesitation and started bobbing and sucking.
In the meantime, Josh’s penis had regained its former size and stiffness. With his renewed energy came a new hunger for sex. He kicked off his pants and pulled his shirt over his head. Then he walked behind mom and sat down on his knees. He started to lift her dress a bit and rubbed his hands over her taut behind. She moaned softly and raised her butt in the air, pushing herself more against his hands.
Emboldened by her reaction to his hands, Josh pulled mom’s dress all the way up and pulled down her white panties. His hand slid between her firm, round buttocks and rubbed back and forth.
“Hmm, Mrs. Wallace I love your pussy. It is so wet and hot!” he said and licked his finger. “And tasty too! I wanna taste it some more”.
He dove in and kissed mom’s vagina. Mom giggled, muffled by my brother’s penis. Josh pulled her butt a little higher and pushed her legs a bit wider, then crawled between them and started to lick her vagina from below. Mom’s mouth fell open and she let a long moan escape around Francis’s penis. Josh’s tongue was going all the way from the back to top, paying extra attention to the little nubbin in the front. He sucked her fleshy lips into his mouth, gathering a nice mouthful of her slick juices.
I could see him bring his hand up to his mouth, suck his middle two fingers so they got wet and slide them smoothly into mom’s pussy. With increasing pace he began to move them in and out in a circular motion. Next he locked his lips around her little nubbin. I could not see exactly what he was doing, but I could clearly see how much mom was enjoying it. After a minute she was orgasming and moaning so hard, she couldn’t keep sucking off her son, much to his dismay. He could only stand by and slowly fist his cock while he watched his mother cum violently over and over again until she begged for mercy. It took another minute more before mom regained her composure and continued her blowjob
“Now stop fooling around, Josh,” Francis admonished his friend “that’s enough. Just get back up and fuck her! OUCH! Sorry mom.” Mom had bitten down on Francis’s shaft as she obviously did not approve of his language. She wasn’t mad however and started sucking her son again, while swaying her behind in the air to lure her young lover.
Steadying himself with one hand on her butt and the other hand guiding his penis, he stuck the slippery pink tip inside my mom. I gasped audibly; they were making love! This was so horrible, how could she do this to me!

Luckily, nobody had heard me. Josh did not hold back and pushed his penis in one stroke all the way in mom’s hole, until her firm buttocks were squashed against his hips and she bumped forward, nearly gagging on Francis’s penis. Then my brother’s friend began to slide in and out her vagina. They went on for a few minutes, in a perfect rhythm that combined Josh’s thrusting with mom’s bobbing. From my low vantage point, I had a great view of her big round breasts, swinging back and forth with Donny’s pushing. Mom had nice breasts, much bigger than mine, but I liked my small pink nipples better.

Mom was sucking his balls now, while she twisted her hand around his head. Francis started to groan now.
“Oh mom! Suck my cock! I’m gonna start shooting soon”
Like she had done with Donny before, she left only his pink tip in her mouth and started sucking as hard as she could. Her full hand closed around his shaft and started pumping up and down fast while her other hand gently squeezed his balls.
“Oh mommy, I’m cumming” he groaned and I could see the muscles in his butt contract. Mom kept sucking and pumping and rubbing for what seemed like over a minute while my brother was shooting his massive load of sperm in her mouth.
Mom sucked and swallowed down all he had to offer. Then she straightened herself a bit and pushed her behind back into Josh’s hips. Every time he bumped into her, she moved back, doubling the power of his thrusts.
Francis slid down the bale of hay, and crawled underneath mom. He started massaging and squeezing her breasts, kissing them and sucking on her big dark nipples. The he crawled even farther and let his tongue tickle mom’s nubbin.
Mom began to moan and whimper as Josh kept pumping her as her son licked her pussy. His lips locked around her little nubbin and he started to apply a bit of suction. This was more than mom could handle and she came, moaning loudly. Her vagina squeezed and milked Josh’s stroking penis, sucking the cum straight from his balls.
Josh’s penis began to twitch and to throb, and his balls began to pump his semen up his tubes.
“Oh Mrs. Wallace” Josh groaned and pushed in one violent last time before he slumped down on her back, still locked deep inside her. I saw the thick tube underneath his penis begin to throb, as he groaned he was cumming. Every throb meant another jet of hot wriggling sperm being shot into my mother’s adulterous vagina.

I was still horrified, but I felt my kitty getting warm and begin to tingle. I knew it meant I was getting wet. It always got wet when I played with my nubbin at night. Alice had told me it was so a penis would slip in more easily, but it was also really nice for my fingers. Pussies are funny that way.

Spent for the moment, Josh withdrew his rapidly deflating penis from my mother’s dripping hole and staggered towards the blocks of hay.
“Aren’t you forgetting something, Josh?” mom said, calling him back to her. “You know the rules: if you cum inside, you clean it up. Did you think I wouldn’t feel you shooting your stuff inside? Now get that tongue back here and make it nice and proper for Donny and Francis”
Obediently, Josh crawled beck between her legs and started licking mom’s vagina again. He pushed his tongue as deep as possible inside her and was rewarded with a big glob of pearly white sperm, which he sucked into his mouth and swallowed down. He kept sucking and swallowed twice more before her pussy was clean enough so he could go and regain his strength.

Donny was next, but before mom let him make love with her too, she took a moment to take off her summer dress. She was now completely naked to the eyes of the three horny boys and to me, who was still watching from behind the bales of hay.
Next, mom rested her elbows on the bales and bent her knees a little so her body was almost at a 90 degree angle, with her back arced and her butt pushed upwards. Donny needed no further invitation and aimed his throbbing penis at her pussy. Inexperienced as he was, his penis kept missing the spot. Anxiously he kept poking his stiffy at her vaginal opening but I could see his penis slipping out every time.
“Take it easy Donny, there’s no need to rush. Here, let me help you a little” mom said. She turned around and sat down on the hay. She spread her legs wide and beckoned her nephew to take his place between them. She pulled her inexperienced lover on top of her and reached between their legs, grabbing Donny’s stiff rod between two fingers and guided its pink head into her moist vagina.
“Oh auntie” Donny groaned as he felt the ring of muscles surround his shaft.
“Now slowly push in, Donny”
He began to push and his penis sank all the way into her pussy, forever ending his days as a virgin. With his cock pushed in as deep as it could, he tried to rub it up and down. Mom placed her hands on his hips and gently directed his movements into a more pleasurable in and out motion. Donny caught on quickly and soon he was, like Josh before him, pounding away at her. Quick slapping sounds filled the shed every time his hips hit my mother’s flat tummy.
“Easy boy, slow down and you’ll last longer so we’ll both enjoy it more”
With one hand on his butt, she controlled the speed and depth of his motions. The other one she used to push his face down, until his head was at a level with her breasts. His mouth latched automatically onto her big hard nipple and he started sucking while his butt continued its pumping motion.

Francis took this opportunity to have his cock sucked again. Mom had him back to full hardness in no time, alternately sucking on his cock and balls.

Donny had stopped sucking her nipples and his thrusting became more and more erratic. Even I could tell the boy was about to blow his first load.
“I’m gonna shoot again Aunt Margaret!” he squeaked
“Yes Donny, cum honey, I want to feel you shoot your hot cum deep inside me!”
“Oh auntie.. ohhh, I’m… yesss”
He pushed deep into her and I could see his butt clench and his body went rigid again as the boy climaxed, pumping fresh streams of seed into my mom’s vagina. Twice, three times more he did he thrust into her, then collapsed on top of his aunt, panting and shivering. His wilting cock slipped out of mom’s pussy, followed by a thin trickle of sperm.
Mom held her naked nephew in her arms and gently caressed the boy as he started to come by again.
“How did you like your first time honey?” she asked
“It was.. awesome” he panted, too spent to talk.
Mom giggled again in her very cute way.
“So did I honey, so did I”

They laid together like that for a minute before Donny began to stir again. He looked at her, a little hesitant.
“Do I have to, you know, clean you now?” he asked.
“Yes baby. You don’t leave your mess for someone else to clean up. Unless they want to.”
Donny looked at his older cousin, who was already waiting to take his turn on his mother’s pussy.
“Just try it, Donny; it’s not as bad as you think.” He said.
Donny slid down between her legs and got his first taste of pussy.

Suddenly I discovered my fingers were rubbing the front of my skirt. I felt dirty, betrayed by my own little kitty. How could it demand to be touched at a moment like this? This was not the time, or the place for that. I couldn’t help myself however and my hand slid under my skirt and into my panties. My soft curls were matted with my juices and my little lips were more slippery than ever before. They easily parted and I felt the incredible heat inside. My little nubbin was harder than ever before, pushing up, throbbing, trying to get as much attention as possible. It was hard to stifle a moan when my wet finger circled around it. It felt so good, I could not hold it back anymore. I had to keep fingering while I spied on my mom and Donny, who was still licking her.

“I think you’ve cleaned it all up now Donny. Come here, give me a kiss”
Donny crawled on the bale of hay next to his aunt. She embraced the no longer virgin boy and kissed him deeply. I could see his surprise when her tongue entered his mouth, but soon he was frenching her back.
“Hmm, I like the way we taste together” mom said when they finished.

Francis had already taken his cousin’s place between mom’s widely parted legs. The purple head found his mother’s slippery slot and his handsome cock slid all the way in her recently vacated vagina.
“Oh mom, your pussy’s the best” he groaned and began pumping in and out. Mom put her hands on his hips, pulling him into her every time he pushed.
“Harder honey, do me harder, I’m going to cum again soon” she whimpered.
His butt raised and fell and his penis slid in and out like a piston of a steam machine.
“Faster Francis, I’m nearly there. I’m going to cum all over your big hard cock Yes!!” she cried out ecstatically as her son kicked into high gear. His penis was almost in a blur now, pumping as fast as he could.
Her moans were increasingly louder and hoarser, until suddenly she locked her legs behind Francis’s back, and folded almost double. Her body went rigid, while violent shakes travelled through her body. Finally she fell back on the hay, smiling heavenly.
“hmmm, that was nice honey, mommy really needed that” she said and kissed Francis again.
She released his hips from her death grip and my brother started moving in her again.

“Let mommy be on top for once” mom said
“Ok mom” he said and laid down on his back in the hay. Mom climbed on top, facing away from him. She sat down again on his lap, her feet still on the bale of hay. Her legs were spread wide and I could clearly see she had no hair between her legs, which was odd, she should be old enough. Even I had a nice little patch of hair between my legs and I was by far the least developed of all my friends. Soon I realized she must shave it off, just like I did under my arms.

Mom spat in her hand and rubbed it between the lips of her pussy. Then she took Francis’s penis, pushed it in her hole and sat down again. Her son’s cock slid completely inside her. She leaned back and began to move her butt, sliding her pussy up and down my brother’s long hard shaft.
Josh walked up to the mating couple, his hand rubbing his hard cock again.
“You think there’s room for one more, Francis?” Josh asked.
“I don’t know buddy, but let’s find out” he said, moving his legs wider apart, making room for his friend. Josh bent his knees so he was at the correct height and pointed his penis next to Francis’s. He pushed in and the head popped into mom’s vagina. One more push, and the rest of his shaft quickly followed. Now mom was making love with two boys at once!
Donny crawled over to her face and presented her his still wet and semi-hard cock. She sucked the swollen tube of flesh into her mouth and frantically started sucking while she rode the two boys’ cocks.

All this time I was still rubbing my nubbin and probing my kitty. Now, I could no longer hold my orgasm back and let it wash over me as I watched my mom service three boys at once. I pushed my finger deep inside and came. Biting myself in my arm, I tried to stifle my moan as pure bliss took over.
I felt ashamed as I came again and again while spying on my mom and the three boys, but I couldn’t help it. It felt like my kitty had taken control of my body, commanded it to keep rubbing her little nubbin. Only after five or six more orgasms, my body could rub no longer and did she have enough.

I was pulled back to reality by my brother, who announced he was about to blow his load, followed by Josh.
“Hold on boys, I’m almost there! I want to feel you squirt while I cum too! Just a few… more… Aaah yes!!!” Mom yelled, slamming her butt down on Francis’s penis and pulling josh deeply into her as well. Almost at the same time, the boys let out a deep grunt and came in mom’s pussy. She swallowed up Donny’s penis and sucked extra it hard. Within seconds she was rewarded with a third load of sperm.

Only the three boys together were able to douse the fire that had been burning in my mom’s loins and after this final act of depravity, she was fully satisfied. And not one moment too soon, because the three boys were completely drained. They untangled themselves from her body and plummeted down in the hay, limp, but happy.
Basking in the afterglow of an afternoon of sex, mom held her lovers to her breast and softly stroked their hair. They laid like that for a few minutes before mom was the first to get up. A rivulet of cum trickled down her leg, which she wiped off with her dress.

“It’s already been three o’clock boys. You know what that means!” she announced.
Francis and Josh reluctantly got up and Donny followed.
“Donny I’ve got something for you. It’s a traditional gift for boys when they become men” she said and handed him a white piece of cloth.
Donny folded it open and recognized it as the panties Josh had removed from her earlier.
“Smell them, Donny”
Donny brought the panties to his nose and inhaled.
“Do you smell that? That’s the smell of your first pussy. That’s the smell of sex. Now it’s up to you to explore the other pussies in this world, but remember: No one can take away your first time. ” she gave him a tender kiss on his forehead, and then ceremoniously let him go.

The boys quickly gathered their clothing and put them on. A few seconds later they stormed out the shed, leaving mom behind, naked and alone. She turned around and picked up her dress. She picked off a few bits of hay and let it fall over her head.
She looked around if everything looked normal and that’s when she found me, crying.

“Amy, don’t cry sweety” I heard my mother’s voice.
“But you are going to get divorced and I’ll have a stupid new mommy and I love you” I bawled.
She sat down next to me and swept my long brown hair from my eyes.
“Sweety what are you talking about?”
“That’s what happened to Alice! Her mom was making love with two men and then her parents divorced and Alice got a horrible new mommy.” I managed to cry out between my sobs and tears.
“Oh but sweety, that’s not going to happen.” She said with her most soothing voice.
“That’s what Alice said. Her father said he could not stay married to someone who betrayed him like that.”
“I don’t think I betrayed daddy, I still love your father as much as when we got married, and he loves me too. This was just.. well, sex. You see, your daddy and I have a special-”
“But daddy doesn’t know that!” I interrupted yelling and started bawling again. My mother picked me up and held me close to her chest while I cried like a baby. She just hugged me and swayed me gently in her arms, trying to calm me down again. Mom took my hand and gave delicate little kisses on my fingers.

“I have an idea sweety. I know what we can do.” mom said with a peculiar smile I could not exactly explain.
“You do?” I asked hopeful.
“Yes. We can teach daddy that sex is sex and love is love” she declared.
“Ok, how?” I sniffled, not understanding her words at all.
“We make him do the same as I did” mom explained.
“Dad? With Francis, Josh and Donny?” I asked confused.
Mom laughed. “No sweety, he wouldn’t like that. What I mean is, you will have to do it. You and Alice. That way he has done the same thing Francis and I did, so he can’t get mad at us and there won’t be any divorce”
Gradually, mom’s words began to make some sense to me. And frankly, I would do anything to keep mom and dad together
“Ok mom, but how?”

Mom spent the next hour to explain her plan to me. She’d thought of everything. The only thing I had to do now was ask Alice to help us. It shouldn’t be too hard, not with her parents divorced already. Plus, she really liked making love, or “fucking” as she called it, and always said my father was cute.

The next day, I met with her during lunch break. I took her aside and told her about my parent’s doomed marriage and that we had to avert that doom. Alice completely agreed we had to do anything to keep my parent’s marriage intact. When I told her mom wanted her to have sex with my father too, she didn’t falter. In fact she became even more enthusiastic about the plan. Next I told her I would also be having sex with my dad. She thought it would be cool. I asked her why.
“I fuck my brothers, that’s almost the same” she explained.
“You do? I’d never guessed”
“Yes, and I do my nieces too” she giggled.

When I told my mother that Alice wanted to cooperate, she didn’t seem surprised. Even when I told her Alice made love with her brothers, she didn’t blink an eye, and when I told her about the nieces, she seemed even pleased.
“Have you two done anything together yet?”
I said I had seen Alice naked a few times but that was it. I did think she’s nice though.
“It can be awkward, your first time, especially with another girl. Maybe you two should, well …practice first. Have a sleepover or something. Here, I got you something, for …inspiration”
Mom gave me a flat packet the size of a DVD case. I opened it and my eyes grew big. It was a porno! My proper mom had bought me a copy of “Cheerleaders’ all-girl summer camp” to watch!
“Just don’t let Francis see it, or we’ll never find it back again” mom laughed.
Sometimes I could not understand my mother. Buying this DVD proved that she was serious about saving her marriage, but the next moment she was joking again.

That evening I watched the movie for the first time. All those girls were so pretty and the things they together did sure looked like fun. I felt my kitty tingle again, but this time I had no qualms in touching myself. As I watched the movie, I learned and tried lot of new things. I used both hands, to rub and finger at the same time. I tried sticking in two fingers and it started to feel better and better until I had another mind blowing orgasm.
While I watched those girls lick each other’s vagina’s I tasted the juice on my fingers and discovered my kitty actually tasted delicious. I’d always expected it to taste like piss and sweat, not sweet like sugar. It made me wonder if Alice’s pussy would also be this yummy. I fell asleep with a smile on my lips and woke up more rested than I could remember.

The next morning I had breakfast with my mother. Dad and Francis were off to a game or something, so we had the house to ourselves.
“Tell me sweety, did you watch the movie I gave you” mom asked, casually between two sips of tea.
I nodded, just having taken a huge bite of my croissant.
“And, did you like it” she went on
I swallowed and answered
“I liked it a lot, but..”
“But what? Tell me sweety, what bothered you?”
I took a big gulp of milk to wash down the crumbs and steel myself for my question.
“Mom, do you think I should shave it too, you know, down there?”
“I don’t know sweety, that’s up to you. It’s your body”
“Yes, but all those pretty girls were completely bald, and you are too. It looked good on them”
“Well, why don’t we go to my room? We can look at you in my big mirror”

Mom walked up the stairs and I followed close behind her. I looked up at her perfect round behind, swaying with every step. That same perfect round behind got us into this mess. It was a really lovely behind though. Once in her room, mom let her summer dress fall from her shoulders and dropped her panties. She was as naked again as she was that day in the shed.
A little bashful I started to take off my clothes too. I seemed to be wearing a lot more clothes than my mother, but in the end I stood next to her, naked as day I was born.

“My, you’re all grown up” my mother complimented. ”Look at those pretty firm breasts, I wish mine were still as perky” she pushed up her breasts and let them fall again. They barely sagged an inch.
“Aren’t they too small?” is asked
“No sweety, a lot of men like small breasts and yours are simply cute” she said.
“And what about my… pussy?”
Her hand went down to my bush, fluffing the little curls with her fingers.
“What do you think about it?” she asked.
“I think I like the way you can see your lips, it looks... neat. But I also like my little curls. I can’t decide”
“And you don’t have to. Suppose we only shave around the lips, and just groom the top a bit until it looks perfect.”
I was still very much in doubt, but then mom told me how much daddy loved her bald pussy and that made me decide to go through with it. It would always grow back anyway, right?

Mom took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom. There she took a wet washcloth and dabbed it around my kitty. Next she took a can of shaving cream and covered my entire genital area. I thought this must be what Santa clause would look like if he were a woman. Mom took her razor and began to carefully draw it over my outer lips. I could see more and more of the lather disappearing, revealing ever more of my tight vagina. After a while she took the washcloth again and rubbed the remaining cream away. Next she took the hair clipper and trimmed my curls into a nice triangle. She brushed away the fallen hairs and gave me a kiss on the belly.
“There sweety, I’m finished. I think you look beautiful, you’ll love it too. Come, let’s look at you in the mirror” she said and walked out the door.
I followed her into her bedroom and stood in front of the mirror. I looked good. I looked sexy.

That night I fingered my new naked kitty to at least a dozen orgasms. It felt so much softer and somehow more intense now. I came more quickly and harder than ever before. I put the DVD in the player again and watched the movie once more while I played with myself again and again.
Tomorrow, Alice would come over for a sleep-over. That night, we’d be playing together and next week would be the night we’d rescue my parent’s marriage. If only dad would find out nothing until then.

Alice came home with me that afternoon, ready for our sleepover. She was carrying a small backpack with her stuff and some fresh clothing. We spent our afternoon mostly in the garden; I was taking care of my flowers, while she was mostly tanning.
That evening we had a barbecue and we watched a movie. Then it was time for us to go to bed.

After the lights went out in the hallway, Alice came crawling in my bed. I could see she was already naked.
She laid next to me, face to face and whispered “I can’t believe you’re going to fuck your own daddy! You’re always acting so pure, like some ancient vestal virgin. Well, I’m sure you’re going to love it. I know I would; I’d fuck my daddy in a heartbeat, if only he wasn’t married to that uptight bitch!”
“Do you dad would let you?” I asked meekly.
She crawled closer to me until her body touched mine.
“Did you see your dad looking at me this afternoon? He totally wants me” she whispered.
“But that’s what you say about every boy” I answered, pained she would say something about my wonderful father.
“So, I’m right most of the time. Anyway, I got him an erection. He’s huge”
“He is?” I asked.
Her hands had been steadily lifting up my night shirt and had now reached my breasts. She cupped the firm globes in her hands and softly squeezed them
“Yeah, I could see it in his shorts. It’s at least a foot long”
“Stop exaggerating, I’m scared enough already” I begged.
Her fingers twirled around my nipples. She pinched the pink tips and pulled them a little.
“All right, maybe not that big, but don’t worry Amy, you’re gonna love it. I know I will”
“You think so?” I said weakly.
“I’m sure, 100 percent. You’ll love it. Hey, maybe we can go fuck my brothers together sometime too”
With those words her hands slid into my panties. I was a bit surprised by her action, but not as much as she was.

“Ooh you’ve shaven your pussy! I was afraid I’d be spitting hairs for a week! Let me kiss it” Alice said enthusiastically.
She threw back the sheets and dove between my legs. I lifted my butt of the mattress and let her peel down my panties. I felt her warm breath on my kitty and then her fingers, pulling me open. She moved closer and stuck out her tongue, teasing my nubbin with the tip of her tongue. The tickling sensation was so nice, my body wanted more. My kitty again took control of my body and my hips began to push up, bringing her closer to Alice’s mouth. Alice licked again, this time all the way from the back to my trimmed triangle. She moaned approvingly and closed her lips for a quick suck on my nubbin. I gasped for air as lightning bolts of pure pleasure shot from my kitty to my brain. This felt so good!
“You have a really nice pussy, so pretty and so delicious. Sweeter than any pussy I’ve ever tasted before” she said, smacking her lips.
Alice crawled back up again and kissed me on my lips. I tasted a sweet taste on her lips which I realized came from my kitty. We kissed for minutes. I felt her tongue snake into my mouth and play with my tongue. I loved it. I loved everything about it. I loved how her gorgeous body was on top of mine, how her beautiful breasts squeezed against me, her nipples poking me. I loved how her leg was between mine, rubbing against my kitty while her pussy rubbed against my leg, heightening our arousal with every move.
She dove down again and resumed licking. Pure pleasure arose from my kitty as she pushed in one finger and sucked my nubbin at the same time. Within a minute, she had me cumming, panting and moaning in my pillow. Before I could recover from that powerful orgasm, she had me cumming again and again, each orgasm more intense than the last.
Finally I could take it no more and pushed her face away from my sensitive little kitty. She came back up and kissed my lips. I opened my mouth and our tongues started wrestling, again tasting my juices in her mouth.
We rolled around on the bed, kissing and groping. Our bodies were entangled into one mass of legs and arms, but in the end I was on top. I raised my body so I was sitting up straight, straddling her hips. I admired her lush, curvy body and decided I wanted to lick her too. I started kissing my way down her body, down her neck and over her ample soft breasts. I sucked on her big rubbery nipples, all the way down to her baby smooth pussy. I inhaled her sexy scent and admired her sex. Her inner lips were bigger than mine, or even moms. They were big and dark and opened like a pretty pink butterfly. She was ready, she was positively dripping.
I stuck out my tongue and licked my very first pussy. I was instantly hooked. Whatever misgivings I might have had, they were completely gone now and I dove in for more. I licked and I fingered her like she had done to me and I also tried some of the things I had seen in the movie. It didn’t take too long before I felt Alice’s hands in my hair and a moment later I had her cumming in my mouth. I drank her copious and delicious juices while she had one orgasm after another.

Later that night, we laid in each other’s arms, cuddling in the serenity after hundreds of mind blowing orgasms. My eyes were getting heavy.
“Amy?” Alice asked
“Yes?” I answered lazily.
“You can’t sleep yet. We’re not finished”
“Oh, no I can’t do it anymore. My little kitty is tired and I want to sleep” I stated.
“Your mother asked me to”
“Mom? Mom asked you to lick me to death?”
Alice grinned “That would be a way to go!”
I laughed too.
“No, but your mom asked me to teach you something”
“Teach me? What then?”
She pulled her arm free from under me and started rummaging around in her backpack. When she came back, she had something in her hand. In the soft moonlight I could see what it was and my eyes got big and my mouth fell open.
It was a penis!
“I brought this dildo with me, because you will have to learn how to give a blowjob”
With those words, she handed the penis to me. It was surprisingly heavy and made of a soft rubber. It had attached its own rubber pair of balls and on the back was something like a suction cup.
“Here, let me show you. She took the rubber cock from me again and put the head in her mouth. It slid in about four inches before she took it out again and gave it back to me.
“The most important thing is not to let your teeth touch the head”
She watched and made me do it over and over again until she thought it was perfect. Next she taught me how to suck it and bob my head up and down. Only when Alice thought I could do that well enough, was I allowed to sleep.

The next morning I woke up in Alice’s arms. She was already awake.
“What are you looking at” I asked sleepy.
“You” she said
“I think you’re very beautiful” she said “and sexy.”
She kissed me and I kissed her back. It wasn’t long before she was again on top of me and feeding me her juices. She bent over, so her face was over my pussy while I still kept licking hers. We licked each other and came together.
“I’m sorry Amy” Alice said and I felt a sharp pain in my kitty.
I yelped in Alice’s pussy and almost threw her off the bed. At the height of my orgasm, Alice had jammed the dildo deep in my kitty. I quickly pulled it out again. It was streaked with blood.
“Ouch Alice! That hurts!” I cried.
“I know baby, that’s why it had to be done today” she explained “or else your father would have to do that. I’m so sorry, Amy”
It still stung a lot, and I understood that making love would be no fun that way. She did what had to be done, although it had definitely killed my mood.

Mom called from downstairs that breakfast was ready and a few minutes later we joined the rest of the family at the table. I carefully sat down on my tender kitty. Mom looked at me, but said nothing. Blowing over her hot cup of tea, mom asked if we had slept well.
“Yes mom” and “like a baby” were our answers.
“Did you have fun together?” she asked casually
I blushed and nodded, but Alice happily declared that I had been really sweet, which made me blush even more.
This remark remained unnoticed by Francis or dad, but mom perceived its double message.
“I bet she is” she grinned.

Now we had to wait for a whole week before the next part of the plan. I could not wait for next Friday, when Alice to sleep over again. I was hungry for her pussy and curious for more. She had lend me her dildo and I used it to stretch my kitty. I was happy to notice it did not hurt ever again like it did the first time.

Friday came and Alice and I came home again. Mom walked up to us, carrying her weekend bag.
“I’m sorry Amy, but Francis has a game in another town and his coach is ill, so I’m driving now. We’ll be gone all weekend, so it looks like you and Alice will be alone with daddy. I called him already, so he knows I’m not here. I have to go now. Have fun tonight!” mom said. I knew she had planned to go away tonight, but now she’d be gone all weekend. Well, at least daddy would be alone tonight.

That afternoon we had the house to ourselves. Alice licked my kitty and I licked her to a couple of orgasms too. At half pas five, daddy came home. We had pizza for dinner and watched a movie. Then it was time for us to go to bed.

According to the plan, Alice would sneak in to daddy’s bedroom and try to seduce him. She’d assured me she would succeed, as no man could resist her temptations. Sure enough, when I peeked into the bedroom, she was sucking his cock while dad was pumping his finger in and out her vagina.
She saw me enter the room and gave me a wink. Everything was going as planned.
“Mr. Wallace, you have such a beautiful cock! So big and hard and tasty. I love sucking your big cock” she said husky. “Do you like my little pussy too?”
“Oh yes Alice, I love your tight little pussy! Let me lick you while you suck my cock!”
He lifted her in the air and flipped her around so his face was buried in her juicy pussy.
She yelped loudly as daddy began to lick. Then she bent over again and resumed her blowjob.

I crawled onto the bed, my face next to Alice’s. She then shifted her position a bit and I knew this was my cue to take over. The entire future of my family depended on this moment. It was a tremendous pressure, but I succeeded. Without him noticing anything, dad’s penis was now in my mouth and I started giving him my first real blowjob. I avoided scraping my teeth on his head and took him deep in my mouth. Alice released dad’s cock and my hand took it over. I stroked up and down while I sucked its tip. A muffled moan sounded from between Alice’s legs and she gave me a thumbs up.
Alice’s hand had found my kitty and she started fingering me while I blew my dad. Confident our plan would work I started to bob and suck on dad’s penis and massaged his balls. I was beginning to enjoy myself more and more. Daddy’s tasty cock was a little smaller than the dildo, which made it easy for me to suck and I became more and more adventurous. I even licked his huge balls like I had seen my mother do with the boys.

Again dad moaned something in Alice’s pussy. She leaned a bit forward so he could speak while she still blocked his view
“Alice, you’ll have to stop now or I’ll cum in your mouth” he groaned.
Having heard what he had to say, Alice pushed her pussy back on his mouth and motioned me to carry on. Dad moaned again and a few bobs later he exploded in my mouth. A powerful blast of sperm coated the roof of my mouth. His sperm was hot and thick. It tasted sweet, salty and a little bitter. I swallowed quickly and kept sucking. Again he squirted, even more powerful than the first time. I coughed and a tiny bit leaked out my mouth but I kept in the most.
The spurts were not as big anymore and finally it stopped altogether. I was so absorbed by all this I had not noticed Alice had climbed off of dad’s face.
“Amy? Oohh baby, no!” Dad moaned.
I looked up and let his penis slip from my lips.
“Please daddy, let me join in with you and Alice” I said with the sweetest voice. “I want to make love with you”
I kissed his penis again and he did not stop me. I sucked him again. This time he pulled me up to his face and kissed me.
“Oh baby, you’re so beautiful” he sighed. “What am I going to do with you?”
“F.. fuck me daddy” I whispered.
I rolled off of him, spread my legs and raised my knees, so my kitty would be completely free and open for daddy. He crawled over me, his legs between mine. I felt his fleshy penis brush against my sensitive lips. A jolt of electricity shot through my body.
“Are you sure you want this?” he asked.
I nodded. Yes I wanted this. I wanted him deep inside me, to save my parent’s marriage, but even more I wanted him to make me a woman and make me cum on his cock “Yes daddy. I want you to make love with me”
He kissed me tenderly. Both like a father and like a lover. The pointed tip of his penis opened my virgin lips and with one long push he forced his way all the way in. It had not hurt at all when his penis sank into me. It felt really good to be filled completely with cock and when he started to move, it was like heaven. His lips found mine and we kissed again. Daddy was a really good kisser
“Oh Amy baby, you’re so tight and hot! I never had a pussy this good” he panted in my ear.
Daddy’s mouth was on my breasts now, kissing and biting softly. His thrusting began to feel better and better and I felt I was going to cum soon.
Dad seemed to sense this and began pumping with very fast short stabs. He kissed me again, long and hard and I came almost instantly. It was more intense and more powerful and lasted longer than ever before. I lay thrashing and convulsing while he kept plowing my kitty, stretching my orgasms into many minutes. After what felt like an hour I finished cumming and was back on earth, back in my dad’s bedroom.

I looked at Alice who was fingering herself while she was watching daddy and me. I beckoned her and she climbed over my face and hovered her pussy over my mouth. I pulled her down and started to lick her. Daddy took my legs and put them in the air, put himself in a more upright position and started to pump my kitty again, deeper this time and more slowly.
It felt like I had died and gone to heaven; my vagina was being pounded expertly by my daddy and I had my best friend’s yummy pussy on my mouth. It wasn’t long until both Alice and I were cumming again.

Suddenly, daddy lowered my legs again and pulled his penis out of my kitty, leaving an empty feeling and a yearning for more. He crawled up my body, so his knees were now next to my breasts. His big strong hands lifted Alice’s pussy from my lips and next I was treated to a close-up view of his penis entering her vagina from behind.
Alice whimpered as his penis sank in all the way, until his balls touched her clit. Then he slowly pulled back out again. Slowly he was pumping my friend. Alice moaned every time daddy pushed in and retreated again.
I had a tremendous view and rubbed my nubbin while I looked at my father’s swinging balls, his wet cock, or Alice’s stretched pussy and jiggling breasts. I raised my head a little and locked my lips again on her clit. It was a bit tricky now, with daddy pushing at her pussy, but it made her really howl with pleasure. Every now and then, daddy would pull his penis from her vagina and feed it to me. I sucked it clean of their juices and put it back in, to get me some more juice.
With my sucking and daddy’s pounding, it took only a few more minutes before Alice had an enormous orgasm. Her moans elongated and became louder, then with a series of yelps she came. Her pussy pulsed and squeezed and squirted sweet juice in my mouth. I drank it all, then locked my lips around her clit again. This heightened her orgasm even more. She came so hard, she actually passed out for a second and fell forward on the bed.
“Don’t worry, she’ll be all right in a minute” dad said. “In the meantime, come here and get on top of me .”
I obeyed eagerly and a moment later his cock was once again fathoming my boiling depths
Being on top now gave me much more freedom to move. At first I simply went up and down but then I got a little more creative. I rolled my butt back and forth as I rose and sank, twisted left and right and rubbed my little nubbin on daddy’s pubic bone by sinking down all the way and rocking back and forth. With every move I learned new pleasures, both for me and daddy.
I took his hands from my butt and put them on my breasts fir him to play with. He started fondling and squeezing and rocking my pelvis back and forth, I had another earth shattering orgasm.
I bend over and started kissing him again. He again grabbed my hips and began to powerfully thrust up into me while his tongue probed my mouth. I squealed in his mouth and came again on his massive cock. He kept thrusting all through my climax and just before I was finished, he groaned.
“I’m cumming baby, I’m cumminig in your little pussy!” and he pushed up into me again. I felt his penis throb, then squirt a huge load of sperm in my kitty, sending me off again too.
“Oh yes daddy me tooooo” I wailed as we came together. I grabbed his head and forcefully stuck my tongue back in his mouth. I wanted his body become one with mine, forever living this pleasure.
After a minute, our orgasms ebbed down and daddy’s pounding stopped. Slowly I lifted my lips from his and gazed lovingly in his eyes.
“Thank you Amy, I love you baby” he whispered and fell back on the mattress, completely spent.
“I love you too daddy” I said and laid my head on his hairy chest.
Alice crawled on daddy’s other side and laid her head on his shoulder. Dad put his arms around us and fell asleep like a log. A few seconds later, Alice was sleeping too

I closed my eyes too, happy and satisfied. My parents would not divorce now. As I felt daddy’s sperm leak from my kitty, sleep came over me too.

I woke up next morning from a moaning sound and a rocking motion next to me. Alice and daddy were already awake and she had his cock in her pussy again. She was laying on her back with her knees almost up to her ears while daddy was pumping her pussy.
My kitty started to moisten again and I began to rub its little nubbin while I watched my best friend have sex with my hunky dad. Their grunting and moaning increased. Daddy began to thrust faster and faster, until the entire bed shook and rattled. Then with one last powerful thrust, he came, filling Alice’s pussy with his thick creamy cum.
Daddy rolled off her luscious nubile body and she let her legs fall back on the mattress. I could see a trickle of daddy’s cum seep from her hairless lips. It looked so delicious and I owed her so much, I thought I should repay her. I knelt between her legs and started to clean her pussy with my tongue. The combination of her juices and dad’s sperm was really delicious and I licked as deep as possible, trying to get every single drop.
Suddenly, I felt daddy’s big strong hands lift my butt in the air. I let him pull me onto my knees while I kept licking and fingering Alice’s juicy pussy. Then I felt his massive penis split me open again and slide all the way inside. In this position I felt him deeper than before. He had his strong hands on my hips and pushed himself in and out. He varied his depth and tempo, moved around in circles so his penis touched each and every sensitive nerve in my vagina. He continued doing this for five more minutes before his rhythm became more irregular and I felt his penis begin to throb in my kitty.
“Oh Amy baby, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum in your beautiful pussy!”he groaned.
I felt his penis swell once more, then he began to spray my insides with his scalding hot sperm. He thrust a dozen times more, each time shooting another load deep inside me. Then he fell over and he kissed my neck and shoulder.

He swatted my butt and told us to take a shower. The three of us went into our large bathroom and stepped under the nice warm water. It was much fun to clean each other and soon Alice was fingering my kitty again, while I was fingering her pussy and rubbing daddy’s penis
I did not take long for daddy to get hard again. Alice pushed her butt back against his hips so his stiff penis rubbed between the firm round cheeks. She lifted herself on her toes and guided it back into her moist cavern. She steadied herself against the glass wall as daddy started to plow her pussy from behind until she came.

Now it was my turn again and I was presenting daddy my behind. He surprised me when he spun me around so I was facing him again. He put my arms around his shoulder and pulled me close. Then he lifted my leg high in the air and guided his cock in me. His strong arms held us steady as I balanced on one foot while he thrust all the way in. It was maybe not the simplest position for him or me, but this way I could face and kiss my daddy and have him play with my soapy breasts. The water made him extra slippery and this made it easier for him to push in and out .
Alice kneeled next to us and started licking daddy’s penis as he slid in and out of my kitty while she rubbed my nubbin with her finger. That pushed me over the edge and I came squealing on daddy’s cock. It was not long after that dad began to groan and quickly withdrew his penis
“Get down Amy, next to Alice, together” he grunted and began to pump his penis with his fist.

We sat both on our knees, our faces touching.
“Open your mouth baby” he groaned and aimed for me. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. A powerful blast of sperm flooded my mouth. Then he turned to Alice and shot an equally impressive blast in hers. He alternated between us, feeding us both a huge load of tasty cum. When he finished squirting, I locked my lips around the tip and sucked until he was totally drained.
Completely spent, he stepped back under the cascading water and rinsed off, then exited the shower. I Kissed Alice one last time, sharing the last bit of cum, then followed his example.

It was getting late, almost 12 o’clock and Alice said she really had to go home now. I gave her one more kiss, patted her cute butt and showed her the door. Dad stood behind me and kissed my neck. “Come baby, it’s time for breakfast”

As I walked into the kitchen, mom and Francis already sat at the table. I stopped dead in my tracks, pulled my robe extra tight and tried to remain casual.
“Wha.. what are you doing here?”
“Amy, I think I have to explain something” mom said with a serious face. “Sit down sweety”
I sat down on my chair.
“You see sweety, Daddy and I have a special sort of marriage. We love each other more than anything, but we are allowed to.. see other people. Do you understand what I mean?”
I thought I did. “You can make love with other men and daddy with other women?”
“Not exactly. I can have sex with other men, I only make love with your father. You see, he’s the only one I love”
I was confused.
“But what about Francis, you love him too”
“Yes, I love him very much, just like I love you very much. But only as a mother. When we have sex, it’s only lust, not love.”
I still did not understand it completely. Lust, love, having sex, making love; there wasn’t much difference to me.
“Just wait until you find that special person, the one you’ll really love. Then you’ll understand.”
Hmm. Maybe she made a bit of sense.
“But why didn’t you tell me then, in the shed? Why put me through this all?”
“I tried to. Remember, when I held you in my arms in the shed? But you were crying so much. I don’t know why I kissed your fingers, but when I did, I distinctly tasted your sweet pussy on them. You were masturbating while you were watching us, weren’t you?”
I felt my cheeks go red again. “Yes, I did” I murmured.
“That’s when I decided I wanted to include you in our family love-fest. Now we’re balanced at last, two penises and two vaginas”
“You mean, daddy knows about you and Francis?”
“Does he know? They’ve been plowing my pussy together for years!” she laughed.
I was shocked. They were doing it for years, and I had never noticed anything!
“But wait a minute. Does that mean I can have sex with Francis if I want to?”
“Yes baby, it means exactly that. And with me too” dad said, slipping his hand in my bathrobe, cupping and squeezing my right breast.
“And even together” Francis added, untying my robe and cupping my other breast.
“And I’ll clean up afterwards” mom added, pushing open my robe and rubbing her hand over my panty clad pussy.
“You know, I think I’d like that” I said as I rubbed my hands on dad’s and Francis’s crotches. Their cocks were already getting erect.

“Oh yeah, I think I’d like that a lot!”

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Good fantasy story but goes a bit too far...
I voted thumbs up although too far over the top...


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Another great story Squattingeagle. I admire the way you make a complicated act such as incest into a simple, entertaining story! A true talent.


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Great story. Id Love to be part of the family

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In some ways about what I expected, especially when Margret (Mpm) said "Dad & I have s special-" Amy cut her off. Also Mom's lack of surprise that Alice was as willing as she was & saying,"Your Mom wanted me to teach you something."Excelllent hints as to future. events. Very good writing; good plot, grammar,spelling, & intimate details (squirt by squirt (blow by blow).

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