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To begin this is a true story! This is when I was 13 and includes 3 other 13 year olds.
Isabelle was a cute brown haired girl from chile with c cup boobs and sexy smooth legs and a tight shaved pussy. Zoe was a sexy red head with small tits and big sexy hips. Hamish was a hot boy with a tight ass
and a small tasty cock. Michael who is me had brown hair a well used ass and a 7 inch cock. Which was big for my age ( not trying to show off)
So anyway to the story...
After English class one day we where all sat down eating lunch and I noticed a tent in hamish's pants. I couldn't help but stare at his beautiful ass and tent. Isabelle caught me staring. Michael why are you staring at hamish's pants? I just looked away and continued eating. But now I had my own tent. I saw Zoe staring at my tent and Isabelle staring at hamish's.

We decided to play truth or dare. Truth or dare asked Zoe to me. Dare I say. Ok I dare you to... Kiss hamish! Ok I say and kiss him straight on the lips. He looks shocked but doesn't struggle. Isabel truth or dare? Truth. Ok are you a virgin? No. I begin to get exited I want to take her virginity right now! I almost come in my pants. Isabel asks hamish truth or dare. Dare he says. I dare you to lick michaels nipples! Hamish leans over, pulls up my top and licks and sucks my nipples. I start to get really horny.

Oh fuck it I yell and grab the bottom of Isabelle's skirt and tug it straight Down. She squeals and tries to cover up but soon realises and get horny. I pull if her bra and suck her tits. Hamish pulls out his cock and lays down. I lay on top of him and his cock goes up my loose ass without any lubing. Isabelle parts her cute panties and reveals her cute shaved pussy. Zoe also strips and she pulls of her panties exposing her hairy cunt.

Isabelle lowers herself onto my cock until she reaches her hymen. With a push from hamish's cock in my ass I thrust up and my cock is buried in her pussy. She moans. Zoe sits down on my face. Her golden pubic locks tickle my chin and her juices enter my waiting mouth. She grinds into my face and I drink her moisture.

Hamish is about to cum so I get off and he comes into a cup and so do I. Isabelle knocks back the glass and the sperm drains into her mouth. She spits it into Zoe's mouth and Zoe gargles it and gives it to hamish. Hamish sticks his tongue in my mouth and gives me the cum back. I swallow.

Pt 2
All three come to my house in the weekend for some fun.

I lay down and hamish Isabelle and Zoe stand above me naked. Isabelle is the first to squat down and piss on my face and in my mouth. She giggles kisses me and moves to the back of the lines. Hamish and Zoe both repeat this tasty process.

All of us shit on a tarp and lay it out on the grass. I go first and run and slide down the shit slide. All three follow. The shit covered people follow me onto the tarp where we all make out in a big shitty mess.





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