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When a bright boy threatens to fail in school, a mother must go to extreme lengths to turn the tide
Mom’s Motivational Techniques

I dropped the heavy brass knocker on the thick oak door and listened to its dull thud reverberate in the silence of the cold, dark night. A minute later a soft glow lit up the hallway and I saw the silhouette of a man walk towards the door. I did not know why my heart was pounding the way it was. I wasn't in a habit of asking my big brother for help, but after all, that’s what family is for, right?

My brother was a little surprised, but pleased to see me and immediately asked me to come inside and out of the cold. He took my coat and walked me to the living room, or library, as he called it. We sat down by the fire and he poured us both a nice glass of brandy. I quickly took a big swig of the burning liquid, hoping it would help me find the words for what I was about to ask. My brother just looked at me, holding the glass in his hands and warming the brandy. I suddenly felt ashamed of how I almost emptied the glass in one gulp. Knowing my big brother, it was probably a very old and expensive bottle.
“It’s nice Ken... The brandy, I mean. And the fire” I babbled.
“Yes it is” he answered, swirling the golden brown fluid in the round glass. “It was a personal gift from the head of the institute in Bordeaux. It’s almost a hundred years old”
I nearly chocked. My brother wasn’t a wealthy man, preferring knowledge over possession, but what little he owned was nothing but the highest quality. I promised myself to fully enjoy the next sip and make sure he’d see it.
“Now, what is it you wanted to see me for? I mean, you’re always welcome and I do enjoy your company, but there is something that’s troubling you, and judging from the way you’re guzzling this very fine cognac, you really need to get it off your chest”
“I’m sorry... but you’re right, there is something. I know you’re buried with work already, with your book, lectures and research projects, but could you… can you help Jeff in school? Maybe tutor him?” I asked my brother.

Instead of directly answering my question, Ken got out of his club chair and stepped towards the fireplace. He tossed another log on the fire, used the poker to precisely arrange the wood and put the metal spark guard back in place. Without saying a single word he strode back to his chair and sat down again. Only then did he respond to my request.

“I could do that, but Jeff really doesn’t need any tutoring. He is a very bright boy” he said. It wasn’t exactly the answer I had been hoping for.
“I know he is, but if he doesn’t improve his scores he’ll have to repeat this grade”
Again my brother was silent for a while and just watched the wood being attacked by the flames.
“That once nearly happened to me too” he finally said.
“It did? But you had nothing but A’s” I exclaimed, surprised by Ken’s confession.
“Not always...” he said and took a small sip from his glass “When I was about Jeff’s age, there was a time that my grades were really poor and I almost did not make it. I only became an honor student because of mom’s.. er.. motivational techniques”

I was really dumbfounded. In my memory my older brother was nothing but a genius, the smartest boy in school. He graduated with the best scores of his class and in result he received offers from several prestigious universities. How could he almost have flunked, and what had our mother done to prevent it?
My beloved mother was in a home now, with a severe case of Alzheimer’s. The last time we visited she just sat in her chair and didn’t even recognize us. Whatever it was she did for my brother, she couldn’t help my son. I would have to do it myself.

“So what is it that mom did to turn you into the straight-A student I remember?”
My brother looked me straight in the eye and I could see he was very serious and a little reluctant. When he finally spoke, he didn’t tell right away, but asked another question in return
“Are you sure you want to know?”

An hour later I was back in my car, driving through snowy landscapes. I had taken the long way home and let my brother’s words replay in my mind in as the trees and houses passed by. My mind was whirling and my heart was pounding as millions of questions rolled in my head. Kenneth’s question if I was sure I wanted to know was echoing in my ears. Yes, I had wanted to know, but now that I knew, I could not believe it.

“You recall how mom was a bit of a ‘free spirit’, a typical child of the sixties?” my brother began his story.
“A hippie?”
“If you want to call her that, yes”
Although mom never talked much about the past, we both knew of her wild days, before she settled down, married and had us. Our mother had been part of a group of idealistic people who founded a community where private property was banned. Everything would be shared freely; food, clothes, housing, everything. There were all kinds of drugs and free love was everywhere. Although she had to give up most of those ideals when she grew older, she was definitely the coolest mom in school.

“What about it?” I asked.
“Well, she reckoned there is only one thing that could motivate a teenaged boy to study”
He paused a minute, as if he was waiting for me to give an answer. I was a total blank, however.
“Come on, don’t act so innocent” he said, smiling mischievously.
“S..Sex?” I stammered.
He nodded at me as if I was one of his students who just answered correctly.
“Mom took you to a hooker if you passed?” I asked surprised.
“Not quite.” he said, pausing again. “Here, let me refill your glass”

I knew I needed it and nodded as I sat down and mentally braced myself for what was about to come. Kenneth filled my glass and his own, put the stopper back on the bottle and sat down too.
“So one night, mom came to my room and said she needed to talk. She sat down on my bed and that’s when she told me about this A-B-C reward plan…”

It was an unusual plan to say the least, radical and dangerous. But I knew I had to do something, even if it was insane. There was no doubt about it; what mom had done had proved to be very effective and if I wanted Jeff to pass this year I had to at least consider it.
I had a really hard time deciding what to do. If I did nothing, Jeff would fail for sure, but every time I was about to decide to go through with the plan, a little voice inside me kept reminding me it was more likely it would scar my son for life than improve his grade. On the other hand, it obviously hadn’t traumatized Ken; he wouldn’t have brought it up if it had.

Oh, what should I do?

Snow began to fall again and as I carefully steered my car through an immaculate white world, I once more ran all the other options in my head. I came to the conclusion that there was really no feasible alternative. I was short on money already, and barring bribing the teachers or hiring a full-time and very expensive tutor, I had tried absolutely everything a mother could think of. Everything but this.

Before I could go through with the plan, I also had to ask myself if I was able do it. Could I use sex to motivate Jeff? Could I seduce my own son and do all those things to him? I had to be honest.
It was hard to admit, but more than once I had felt a decidedly inappropriate attraction to Jeff. I knew he was my son, but he’s also a very handsome young man. Looking at him, I recognized the things that made me fall for his father all those years ago. Giving in to that would not be too hard, now that I had a legitimate reason.

Yes, I was going to do it.

A few weeks later, I was sitting at the kitchen table, waiting. I had had plenty of time to make my decision, balancing the pros and cons and changing my mind almost every day. In front of me was Jeff’s latest report card and there wasn't a single good mark in it, except for PE. There was no way he’d pass with these grades, but even now, I was still very indecisive. There was no time to crawl back, as I could hear Jeff walk down the stairs.
As he walked into the kitchen, I finally decided to go through with the plan.

“Sit down, son” I said, trying to sound stern, but not so much it would frighten him.
I could see his eyes go from me to the report card, to me again, then to the vacant chair and the kitchen door before he sat down without saying anything. He knew what this was about and knew better than to protest.

“I've tried helping you, I've tried coaching you, even punishing you. You’ve switched schools and you’ve been to summer school. I know you’re smarter than this and you and I are going to prove that.”
Jeff shook his shoulders and nodded indifferently.
“There is something I want to try, one last thing. Are you interested?”
I unbuttoned the top buttons of my blouse. Jeff’s eyes immediate shot down and feasted on the cleavage I was showing. Oh yes, he was interested alright.

“On your next report card…” I started, and then paused to take a deep breath. “If you get a C, you’ll get to ‘See’ me naked”
His eyes opened wide.
“If you get a B, I will give you a Blowjob”
His jaw fell open.
“And if you get an A, we will go All the way”
He looked as if he could not believe his ears and it took quite a few moments for him to take in my proposition. I couldn’t see what was happening under the table, but I bet there was a huge lump growing in his pants if. Then I saw a twinkle in his eye and a sheepish grin formed on his lips.
“What are you thinking?” I asked.
“I was just wondering… What do I get for an F?” he said, while he held up a recent geography test.

It was a relief Jeff was able to crack a joke at a time like this; my proposition had not freaked him out too much. However, it was not time for a reward yet.
“An F means... you can go Fuck yourself” I chuckled while I buttoned up my blouse again, leaving one undone as a reminder of what could be his.
Jeff knew I was serious and knew better than to push his joke any further.
I patted his knee and said “Now, why don’t you get upstairs and get started with your homework, and I’ll make us a nice dinner.”

Throughout dinner and all evening I kept teasing him, jutting out my breast and wetting my lips. As he got up after the meal I could see he had a hard time trying to hide the swelling that had formed in his pants. It must have driven him mad, knowing I was there for him, ready and willing, just one good grade away. Finally the frustration got the best of him and he disappeared into his room. Hopefully to study, but probably just to beat his meat.

But, as I continued to tease the hell out of him over the next weeks, his grades slowly began to improve. F’s started to become D’s and in return I started to dress slutty for him. Sure enough, when the report cards were handed out, there wasn’t a single F on it. In fact, as Jeff pointed out, there were even a couple of C’s

It was time for me to hold on to my end of the bargain. It was a moment I had dreaded before, but over the last weeks had accepted and had even come to look forward to. I was never a slouch before, but an intensified workout program and a recent visit to the beauty salon meant I would probably look hotter than most of the girls at his school.
“Three C’s” I said proud. “So, would you like to ‘see’ me too?”
He nodded. “Yes please”
He nodded again.
I pushed back the chair so his view was not blocked by the table.
“You deserved it and I am so proud of you. I hope you enjoy the show” I said as I started to unbutton my blouse.
I had already seen some of his test results, so I knew there was a very real possibility that his grades would be high enough for me to reward him. In anticipation of undressing for my son I had put on some extra sexy lingerie. I knew he appreciated it, as I could hear Jeff gasp when I unveiled my firm breasts, clad in a black lace bra through which most of my hard pink nipples were visible. I let the blouse slide from my shoulders and fall on the kitchen floor.

Next to go were my jeans. I stood up and began to open the fly. Like my blouse, I slowly unbuttoned it one button at a time, bit by bit exposing the surprise I had on underneath. I had put on a black thong that left very little to the imagination. Pieces of string held up a tiny triangle of sheer material that did almost nothing to hide the hairless mound and top of my pussy.
I turned away from him as I peeled the denim off my hips and exposed my round ass. I bent over a little as I dropped the pants, giving him a tantalizing preview of all the goodies I would bare for him later. If the thong had been any other color but black, he would have seen a large dark spot where my wetness had soaked the fabric.
As the jeans slid down, they uncovered another surprise for him, my expensive black silk and lace stockings. I stepped out of the pants and slowly turned around, moving sensuously while showing off my well-toned body.

Teasingly slow I eased the straps from my shoulders and unfastened the front clasp of my sexy bra. Jeff was looking closely and was almost drooling as I pulled the cups away and exposed my breasts. They weren’t big breasts, but years of daily pushups and lifting weights meant they sagged only a little and stood round and firm.
The next item to remove was the little black thong. I hooked my thumbs behind the pieces of string and pushed them down over my hip. My heart was racing as I bared my pussy for my son. It was neatly waxed and ready for action; wet and swollen from arousal.
My son had forgotten all modesty and was openly ogling my almost naked body. Once more I turned around, dancing slow and proudly swaying my bare ass.

For the final part of my striptease, I sat down on the chair again. I lifted one leg high in the air and rolled down my stockings. I sat at a slight angle from my son, so my other leg was still blocking his view of my sex. I felt the coolness of the air on the moist lips of my naked pussy. I hadn’t been this aroused for years and I knew my son would be able to see it too. I bend my knee and pulled the silk stockings off my feet. With one kick of my foot it flew through the air and landed in front of Jeff.
Only one last piece of clothing remained. I lifted my other leg, the one closest to him, and started to peel off that stocking in the same teasing fashion. The big difference was that this time my pussy was spread open and in full view.

Suddenly I heard Jeff grunt a husky groan and a dark spot formed in his pants. Embarrassed by his body’s reaction he quickly excused himself and ran off to his room.
I couldn’t help but feel a little proud; I had just made my son cum in his pants! Mom’s plan was working better than I could have hoped.

It was almost half an hour later when he came back and I was in the kitchen, cooking dinner. Wearing nothing but high heels and a tiny black apron I gestured for him to sit down. I could feel his eyes burning on my ass as he tried to make small talk while I cooked. It was absurd how often I dropped a spoon or a knife and had to bend over to pick it up.

It was like there was something wrong with the cutlery that night, because during dinner it was Jeff’s knife and fork that ended on the ground repeatedly. Three times my son disappeared under the table to retrieve an item of silverware and every time I made sure I was sitting with my legs spread and fully exposed for him. We both knew what was going on and it was a game we both enjoyed.

Even though we spend more time teasing than eating, dinner was finished all too soon. As Jeff got up and started to make his way out of the kitchen, I quickly got behind him. He froze as he felt my naked body so close to him.
“Be sweet and put the dishes in the washer, while I go in the living room” I whispered in his ear while I let my erect nipples graze his arm. With barely any blood flowing to his brain, he was unable to resist my request.
“Sure mom, no problem” he murmured and actually started to clear the table.
I smiled at my newfound powers and walked into the living room where I lay down on the couch. Ten minutes later, Jeff also came in the living room.

I was still naked and lay stretched out on the couch while I watched TV. It was a comfortable pose that would also be enticing for my son to look at. Jeff stood still for a moment and looked at me before he sat down. I noticed he had not chosen his usual seat in front of the TV, but sat down opposite to me instead. Earlier he had changed his soiled jeans for a track suit and I could see his cock was already hard again and nicely pushing out the front of his pants. He no longer made any effort to hide his arousal, just like I shamelessly displayed my swollen, moist pussy.

As night fell, I told Jeff it was time to go to bed. He obeyed and when I kissed my son goodnight, I grabbed his waist and pulled him firmly against me. My bare breasts pressed against his chest and by rotating my pelvis, I teasingly rubbed my pussy against his crotch. He groaned softly and I felt his penis pulsate as he ejaculated in his pants for a second time.
“Sweet dreams, my love” I whispered as I kissed him on his lips.

As Jeff climbed the stairs, I noticed my son had left a small wet spot on my pubic mound. I wiped it up with my finger and felt the slipperiness of Jeff’s sperm that had seeped through the fabric of his pants. Acting on impulse, I lifted my finger to my mouth and tasted my son’s semen. It was only a tiny amount, but his juice tasted delightful and I couldn’t wait to sample more of it, right from the source.

So far my mother’s technique seemed to work beautifully. A few weeks had passed since he had earned the privilege of seeing me naked and his grades were still improving. He was a good boy and I decided he deserved something special tonight. I would give him a little taste of what was waiting for him if he continued his studies.

All right, I’m lying. I was horny. Exposing myself to my son had me crawling up the walls with arousal. My libido had skyrocketed and I was masturbating on a daily basis. Right now, my pussy was screaming for attention.

I lay naked on the couch, watching TV. I knew my son was looking at me, as he always was. My hand, which had been resting on my stomach slid down, over my smooth mound and between my slightly parted legs. Jeff’s eyes became big as saucers as he watched me casually rub my pussy. I smiled at him, acknowledging his gaze and circled my finger over my clit. I knew I was horny, but I was surprised at how hot and wet my pussy was.
Playing with my pussy felt really good and having Jeff watch me was an added bonus. I raised my knees and spread my legs, making sure my son could see everything I did. With two fingers I pulled my lips apart and showed him the bright pinkness inside. With my other hand I ran a finger from my swollen clit to my moist opening and dipped it inside.

Jeff was getting horny too. It was normal for him to have a hard-on as he watched me, but usually he’d try to keep his modesty and cover his erection up for me. Maybe it was because he didn’t care anymore or maybe it was because he was too excited, but he made no attempt to hide the tent in his pants.
I added a second finger, moving it in and out with the other one while my thumb rubbed my clit. If Jeff had not seen how wet I was before, the noises my fingers made would have told him by now.
A soft moan escaped from my lips. God this felt good.

Jeff was now rubbing his bulge as he watched me masturbate. I wanted to see him too.
“Show it to me” I said “I want to see your cock”
Without hesitating, Jeff opened his pants and pulled out his cock. It was the first time I saw his cock since I had bathed him as a child. Of course I had seen and felt the bulge in his pants and I had imagined what it would look like, but as I saw it in real life, I was stunned by its erotic beauty. It was bigger than I had thought it would be, easily as big as his father’s. It was thick and veined and with a plump pink head that I knew would feel delightfully plunging in my pussy. I really had to restrain myself from calling him over and let him ravish me with that wonderful tool.

I let out another moan as my son’s cock throbbed and a big clear drop of precum slowly oozed down the shaft.
“Stroke it for me” I whispered.
His hand closed around his shaft and he started moving it up and down. How I wanted to be that fist, wrapped around his big, juicy cock and feel it stretch my neglected pussy, to fuck me for hours and fill me up with thick incestuous seed.
Fucking myself with two fingers, I matched my movements to Jeff’s. It wasn’t long before his panting turned into gasping and his body tensed up.

“Are you going to cum Jeff?” I asked with a husky voice as I too was about to climax like I’d never climaxed before.
Even before my son could answer, the first jet of sperm erupted from his cock and splattered on his chest, followed by several more thick jets. I rubbed my clit even harder and as the last streams of Jeff’s sperm cascaded down his fingers, my muscles contracted and pure bliss filled my body.

It took a few minutes before I came down from my orgasmic high. As I opened my eyes, I saw Jeff was still watching me. I couldn’t suppress a little giggle when I saw the look of lustful satisfaction in his eyes. There was no doubt he had enjoyed it every bit as much as I had, and we both knew it was only going to get better.
“It’s late, I’m beat, and I’m going to bed” I said and got up. As I walked past my son, I took his hand and kissed his slimy fingers. The taste of his sperm was overwhelming.
“Sweet dreams” I whispered and walked out the living room.

At the end of that school year, his marks had improved enough for him to have a reasonable chance of making it to the next grade. We were both overjoyed when his teacher called us and told us they were impressed with the progress he made, and agreed to let him pass. But the real surprise came later that week when I came home from work and found Jeff waiting for me. He was very excited when he showed me his report card and pointed out the ‘B’ he had scored for history.
“Look mom” he said excited.
My heart skipped a beat and I swear my mouth began to water when I saw that letter. I had not expected Jeff to score a B this fast. It was not unwelcome, as I had been aching to make this next step and finally taste my son’s cock. I don’t know who wanted this to happen more, him or me.

“I guess you know what this means?” I asked seductively.
“Yes” he said. ”You have to… suck my…” he said softly, embarrassed to say it. I thought it was sweet.
“Say it, tell me what you want me to do” I urged him.
“Will you… suck my co...” he whispered.
“There’s no need to be shy about it. I just want to hear it”
“Suck my cock mom, I want you to suck my cock” he said in a high voice, cheeks all red.
“Yes, I’d love to suck your cock” I said and gave him a kiss. “But not yet”
I saw a look of utter disappointment creep over his face.
“Don’t worry honey; I won’t back out. Tonight, after dinner we will have all the time in the world”
the disappointment disappeared and was replaced by a look of relief.
“Do you want me to undress first?”
“No mom, just start cooking”
I chuckled and quickly unpacked the bags.

Dinner was exceptionally rushed that night. Jeff had emptied his plate in no time at all and I wasn't long behind him. Uncharacteristically, neither of us had any appetite left for desert. Jeff even offered me to help with the dishes and together we were finished in less than a minute.

I turned on the dishwasher and looked up to see Jeff looking at me, waiting.
“What is it?” I asked innocently
“Now, mom?”
“You’re right, you deserved it. But why don’t you take a shower first?”
He obeyed, albeit a bit reluctant, and ran upstairs and turned on the shower. As he was washing himself, I walked to the bathroom too. I undressed quickly, and stepped naked under the shower with my son.
Jeff was a bit surprised when he felt my hands on his back, but when he turned around, he was happy to see me and his cock began to rise immediately.
“Let me help you get clean” I said and grabbed the bottle of shower gel. I lathered up his chest and abdomen, moving slowly down as I washed him. My hands were going in circles over his flat stomach, moving ever closer to his groin.

It was time to take the big step. What my son and I had done thus far had been inappropriate to say the least, but now I was going to break all laws of morality, common sense and good parenting. With trembling hands I grabbed his cock and slowly slid my soapy hands up and down the steel hard haft. I could feel him throb in my hands as I washed, no, masturbated him.
His cock felt really nice in my hands. Not too big, but hard as rock and with a nice upward curve. I knew it was going to feel wonderful to have it in my pussy, but I had to remind myself that that would have to wait until he scored an A. At least I was allowed to feel him now and taste would finally him too.

Jeff’s breathing quickened and his hips began to thrust back and forth. I had to stop now, or else he’d cum all over my stomach instead of in my mouth, like I wanted him to.

“Turn around son, so I can wash your back” I said and got some more soap and lathered up his shoulders and back. Then I led him back under the cascading water and let the soapy suds wash from his body. My hands slid over his muscular upper body, back down to the fleshy pole that stuck out from his hips. Still standing behind him, I started masturbating him again, pressing my breasts against his chest.
“Let’s wait no longer. I want to do it right now” I whispered and turned him back around.

I got on my knees and prepared to commit this taboo act. His penis was right in front of me in all its majestic glory. The big, erect shaft was lightly bobbing with every beat of his heart and a little drop of precum welled up from its tiny eye. My heart was pounding and my head was spinning as I grabbed my son’s cock and bend it down so it was almost touching my lips.
I wanted to do this.

I gave a little kiss on the tip, followed by a second and a third. Then I opened my lips and let my tongue run down the shaft. I kissed his heavy balls and then all the way back to the tip of his cock before I opened my mouth and swallowed the bulbous head. It had been quite some time since I last orally pleased a guy, but it all came back to me quickly. It also helped that my son probably had no experience and did not know what to expect.
“Oh wow mom!” he groaned as I moved forward and took him in my throat until my lips touched his pubic bone. I let him fuck my throat a little, taking him in as deep as I could. Then I took him out of my mouth and jerked him off while I kissed the tip and licked off every sweet little droplet of slippery precum that leaked from his cock.
Jeff used one hand to steady himself on the slippery floor and his other hand was running through my hair, stroking it lovingly while at the same time preventing me from letting him slip away. Guided by his hand, I learned what brought him the most pleasure. As I sucked his cock, I bobbed my head and rubbed his shaft.
“Aw shit mom, that’s great” he groaned. “Suck it mom”

It turned me on to hear my boy clearly enjoy what I was doing. Determined to make him cum, I sucked him even harder and deeper. He loved it too, as I knew from the increased frequency and pitch of his groans.
I knew his orgasm wouldn’t be long now, as his hands firmly grabbed my hair and I felt his muscles contract. Moments later his penis pulsed and I felt the first jet blast against the roof of my mouth. I tasted his thick creamy sperm as it covered my tongue with more and more of its creamy goodness. I kept sucking and swallowed every drop he gave to me.
When his balls were fully drained, Jeff pulled me on my feet again and gave long, tender kiss. It wasn’t a motherly kiss, not by a long shot. Soon we were kissing with our mouths wide open and tongues playing. This was a kiss of lovers.

As we were kissing in the shower, our tongues battling and our bodies pressed together, his half-hard cock was nudging between my legs. I wanted to feel him inside me really bad; my pussy was already throbbing with anticipation. It was hard for me to deny us what we wanted so badly, but I had to. I had to be strong and wait for him to get an A.
“The water’s getting cold honey” I said when we finally broke our kiss. “Let’s put on a robe and watch a movie together.”

That night, I sucked my son’s cock twice more. Over the weeks and months that followed, I gave him blowjobs on a daily basis, sometimes even more than that. While he seemed to be satisfied with my oral skills, my body was craving a good fuck. Two months ago I had started taking the pill again, so there was absolutely nothing that would stop me from going all the way with my son when the time came. I was literally counting down the days until his next report cards. His grades improved all the time and the number of B’s steadily increased, but much to our dismay, there was never an A.
It was really hard for me not to cave in and let my son have his way with me. Often I’d finger my pussy while I sucked him off, timing my orgasm to coincide with his. I learned there’s no feeling like cumming while my son was feeding me his sperm. It always gave me the best climaxes.

But still my vibrator was working overtime. Every time I blew my son, I crawled into my bed and fucked myself with plastic toy, trying to satisfy my hunger for cock, but never feeling satisfied. I didn’t know how much longer I could deny my body’s needs. Maybe I should go to a bar, find a nice enough guy and give him the night of his life. That would surely sooth my craving... But it wouldn’t be fair to Jeff.
His next report was due in a few days and I would have to find a way to control my animal urges at least until then.

At last that day had come. Jeff was home early, even before me, and was waiting for me at the kitchen table when I came home. He was particularly excited when he handed me his report card.
“Look at the grade for Math” he added.
My heart skipped a beat and I almost dropped the bag of groceries I was carrying. Could it be that what I had hoped and prayed for all these months had finally happened? With trembling hands I took the piece of paper from my son. My pussy tingled as I scanned the grades, and sure enough; in black ink on a bluish grey background, there was the letter I had been waiting for for the last year. It was an A.
I threw myself into my son’s arms and covered him with kisses.
Jeff was too surprised too talk. I guess he didn’t know how much I longed to feel him inside me. He kissed me back and ground his cock against my cunt. He was already erect.
“I’m going to fuck you so hard” I whispered in his ear “Let’s go to my room. Dinner can wait”

I grabbed his hand and pulled him out of his chair. I made my way to my bedroom as fast as possible, shedding my clothes on the way. By the time I had reached my room I was fully naked. My son was not far behind me, struggling to take off his pants while running. I pulled the duvet off my bed and tossed it in a corner. Then I made my son lay down on the mattress, crawled over him and kissed him on the lips. He answered my kiss and let his tongue play with mine for a while. After a minute I broke off the kiss and slowly worked my way down his body. There really wasn’t any need for foreplay. After a year of teasing, all I wanted was to feel him deep inside me.
“Are you ready?” I asked as I straddled his hips.
He nodded and said “Yes”, his voice cracking from excitement.
I kissed him again, while I grabbed his stiff cock and pointed it up, towards my scalding pussy. His plump round head nuzzled between my slick lips and I lowered myself onto my lover. I groaned softly into my son’s mouth as his cock sank all the way into me.
My whole body rejoiced as my pussy was suddenly filled all the way with my son’s cock. It had been so long ago that I had felt a big, hard cock inside me; I couldn’t even remember when I was ever filled up this deliciously. Its big mushroom head pressed gently against my cervix and my lips stretched around the base while my clit rubbed against his pubic bone. With my son’s cock all the way inside me, I sat back up and rocked my hips back and forth.

“Oh fuck!” Jeff grunted as I slowly rode his cock.
I knew how he felt; having my son’s cock inside me was heavenly, but it was nothing compared to the sensations that arose when I started to move.
Instinctively, his hands grabbed my hips and he pushed up his pelvis to respond to my movements. We quickly found our rhythm and began to fuck for real. My son’s cock was sliding almost its full length in and out of my wet pussy, making soft squishy sounds with every thrust.
We had only been fucking for about a minute when I noticed that Jeff was going to cum already; by now I had sucked him off often enough to know the signs. I also knew he would easily get it up again for more illicit carnal pleasure.
“It’s okay Jeff, you can come inside me, if you want”
His eyes got big and he could only grunt a little. It was like a wet dream came true for him.
He firmly grabbed my ass and pushed me down on his cock even harder. I wanted to ride him a little longer, but only a few seconds later his body tensed up and he pulled me firmly against him, squeezing his cock into me as far as he could. Then he groaned deeply and I felt his cock swell even more.
“Oh mom! I’m cumming” he grunted. Deep inside me I felt his penis twitch and a warmth spread in my pussy. It was a wonderfully wicked thought that my own child was pumping his thick, potent sperm in my pussy.

He kept pumping his seed into my body for what felt like an eternity, before he finally relaxed and dropped back onto the mattress. I rolled off my son’s body and lay down next to him.
“That was awesome” he whispered between kisses. “I’ve never felt anything like that. I love you mom”
“I love you too son” I said as I brushed the hair from his face and planted another kiss on his lips.
We took a few minutes to regain our breath. I laid my head on his shoulder and stroked his smooth chest. As time passed, my wandering hand moved down over his abdomen and brushed against the tip of his flaccid cock. I could feel it react to my touch, slowly coming back to live. On my next stroke I moved even lower, stroking the full length of his shaft. On the way up I closed my fingers, grabbing his cock. It was all slippery from Jeff’s cum and my own wetness, and using our juices as lubricant I massaged him back to hardness.

“I can feel you getting hard again. Do you think you can do it again?”
“Definitely” he said with a cocky smile.
“Would you like to be on top this time?”
He nodded and, as I grabbed him, I rolled over so he was lying on top of me, between my widely spread legs. I grabbed his cock and aimed it at my opening. As soon as Jeff felt my lips round the tip of his cock, he pushed forward and with one thrust he pushed his slick cock all the way back in me. He remained motionless for a few seconds, as if he needed some time to process the sensations of having his cock fully embedded in his mother’s pussy again. He lifted himself off my chest and, supporting himself with his arms, ground his hips against mine. He was completely hard now and I could feel his head nudge my cervix with every push.
My pussy made wet, squishy noises as he began to move. Having spilled his load only minutes ago, he was able to restrain himself a bit and fucked me in a nice powerful rhythm. With every thrust of his mighty cock he filled me up completely. I had not cum during our first time, but now my orgasm was building strong.

He used one hand to steady himself on top of me, so the other was available for him to play with my breasts. I always loved it when my breasts were played with and my body started to tingle in anticipation of an enormous orgasm.
“Fuck me baby” I panted “Fuck me harder... I’m almost...”
A strong wave of pleasure broke free. Originating from the pit of my stomach, it washed over my body and left behind nothing but pure bliss.
“Cumming!” I screamed as my body started to shake.

“Don’t stop baby” I groaned.
Jeff resumed his movements, fucking my cumming pussy at an incredible pace. I don’t think I had ever orgasmed this hard or this long. Who would have thought that my own son was such an excellent lover!
He had not cum yet and was still fucking me slowly with shallow strokes as he lay on top of me. Silently I thanked my mother for her unconventional ways as I locked my boy in my arms and shared a long, passionate kiss.
“Get up and fuck me from behind” I whispered in his ear. “Do me doggy-style”

He pulled his dick out of my body and got on his knees. My pussy was feeling unpleasantly empty, but I knew it would be better soon as I kneeled on all fours in front of my son. Immediately I felt his hand grabbing my ass and his cock slide up and down my slit a few times, taking turns between rubbing my clit and fucking me with just the tip. He clearly enjoyed teasing me, driving me crazy with his cock.
The next time he nudged the tip between my lips, I pushed back, sliding his cock all the way home. Jeff finally gave in to my need and soon we were fucking again. I felt his cock deeper than ever before, bottoming out on every thrust and stretching me in a deliciously painful way.
“Fuck me Jeff, fuck me as hard as you can” I panted, almost cumming a second time.

Jeff eagerly gave in to my request and began banging his hips against my butt. My arms collapsed, leaving me slumped forward with my face in the pillow. I was powerless against my son’s ruthless assault on my pussy, unable to do anything but enjoy the fucking he was giving me from behind.
My ability to formulate words had completely gone as I just lay there, moaning and whimpering, fucked senseless by my son. His hands were firmly locked around my waist and he really slammed his hips against my butt. Loud slapping sounds filled the bedroom, accompanied by the sounds of my bed protesting and my nonstop moaning.

I knew Jeff was going to cum again soon. His thrusting became more shallow and irregular.
I reached behind my legs and rubbed my clit as fast as I could. Beating my son by a few seconds, I came. It was another good one. I had to bite my pillow to muffle my screams which would surely have alerted the neighbors.
Feeling and seeing me cum on his cock was too much for my son and he came too. He pressed his cock inside me as far as he could and let out a deep moan. Again I felt his penis start to throb, spitting out big globs of sperm deep in my vagina. I immediately came for a second time. My cumming pussy milked every drop of sperm from his balls.
All throughout his orgasm and long after, he stayed inside me, fucking me for as long as he could, until his wilting cock slipped from my lips and he fell forward, completely spent. He kissed me on the shoulder and the neck, whispering how much he loved me.
“I love you too, honey” I whispered, completely satisfied.

As I lay in my son’s arms, all sweaty and happy, feeling his semen slowly ooze out my pussy and trickle down between my legs, I thought of how people would think of me. I knew most would condemn me, have me arrested and burned on a stake, but I knew that what I did was right.
Behind me, Jeff was already snoring softly, exhausted from a year of studying hard and, finally, fucking me for hours. I closed my eyes and soon I was sleeping peacefully too. Dinner could wait.

After only a few hours of sleep I was awakened by my alarm clock. As I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was my son. His brain may still be sleeping, but his cock was already awake. Gently I stroked the young hard shaft that fucked me to countless orgasms throughout the night. Slowly Jeff’s eyes opened and as he saw me, a smile formed on his lips.
“Good morning mom” he said and bent over to give me a kiss. My nipples hardened as his lips touched mine and my pussy tingled. My body was already set for another fuck, but right now I had to act like a mother again.

“Get up boy, it’s time for school” I said, breaking off our kiss.
“Do I have to mom? Can’t we just stay in bed like this?”
“Get up Jeff; you wouldn’t want your grades to drop again, would you?”


2020-02-16 19:45:16
Hot stuff. I could have used amom like that. Push me through the A, B, C's

Dudley DowrongReport 

2020-01-18 05:36:13
nusual but delightful. Being told from the mother's perspective was the best way to present this situation. AWESOME! Like other stories of Urs I've read,good grammar, excellent plot & exciting intimate details.. THANK YOU again for sharing Ur fabilious talent with us


2019-04-13 12:56:36
Sorry, SquattingEagle. I meant to say that the "son" in this story is very likely to be thankful to his mom for what she did for him and will respect and love her even more. He is not going to think of her as immoral or sllutty.


2019-04-13 12:31:42
I love fucking my dear, sweet mom. I never regarded her as anything other than my "Mom with Benefits". Unlike some friends here I never thought of her as my lover, never call her by her madam name. And most of all, never ever thought of her as a slut. I do believe that the author of this story is a like minded "mother-fucker". He will love his mom, respect her and continue to thrill her like a son should.

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2016-11-24 15:07:19
So fucking hot

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