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First story, revised
"O Mary" revised

How did I get here? Six hours ago I was relaxing with a drink at home, and now I'm leaned back on my best friends sofa with her eighteen year old son sucking my left nipple while his nineteen year old friend mauling my right tit with his lips and hand
It started when my best friend Sue called me from Atlanta asking for help, her plane was delayed due to weather and she wouldn't make it home tonight. I don't know if I was really supposed to check on her boys or make sure their house would survive them. I said it wasn't a problem, did she need me to check on them, spend the night,or what?

"If you don't mind make sure they eat something and they're OK, Lou's old enough to take care of things, I just want them to know someone's available. Maybe check in the morning if you don't mind" I agreed, took a deep breath and got ready to go.

I arrived wearing a bright yellow halter top, cut low in the front with a single button at the back of my neck holding it together, and loose black silky running shorts. The top complimented my summer tan quite well and my tits pushed out against the cups of the halter top, nipples standing slightly, hopefully making me look hot. I was thinking the boys were sure to have good dreams tonight if nothing more.

Knowing they were members of a swimming club and had practiced after school I had stopped and bought a chicken dinner and a twelve pack of soda for their dinner, I got out of my Mustang and carried it to the door. As I knocked I could hear laughter and noise in the house, the boys joking with each other and seemed to really be getting into it. The door opened and Andy (Lou's best friend) was standing in front of me a little red faced with a smile on his face and sparkly cat eyes looking first at my face, then down to my tits. I noticed his eyebrows go up a little and felt the tingle a forty year old feels when noticed by a teenager. "Hey guys, what's so funny" I chuckled as I walked in. Lou was sitting at the breakfast bar with his back to me wearing a sleeveless T shirt and swim trunks. He was chuckling and said, "Andy's girl told him he doesn't kiss for shit." he laughed " I'd like to help but I'm sure not gonna show him how!" "Well I would hope not!" I joked

Andy turned a deeper red and was grinning shyly, trading looking between the floor and then my chest. I felt sorry for him but at the same time had to admit it was funny. I had to smile and wink at him.

"Where's your little brother?" I asked while setting their dinner on the counter. "He's spending the night with Andy's little brother at their house", "when Mom called she said it was ok." Lou turned and caught sight of me "Wow Mary" he said, "What are you up to tonight?" "You really look good." "You should wear yellow all the time." "Who's the lucky man?"

I joked "I put this on for you guys" I stood away from the bar turning slowly for them to see. "How do I look?" My legs are long, muscled and tan. My calf's are nice and shaped from running and my thighs fill the leg openings of my short gym shorts.

"Hot" said Lou "Too good to be setting here" he laughed "Lets go dancing, I can show you some hot moves." he flirted "You could get me in a regular nightclub."

I've known him since he was born. He's turned into a handsome athletic teaser with sandy hair and soft brown eyes, a small nose and wide soft looking lips. He's about six foot one with a swimmers body, very wide shoulders, very thin hips. With strong muscular thighs, big arms and those relaxed movements good swimmers get as they move. God knows what he'll be like in three or four years.

"Hey! Don't go dancing with Lou and leave me alone and sad" burst in Andy. I had been around Andy a little since Lou had joined the swim club but didn't really know a lot about him. But he was a handsome young man.

"Stay here and teach Andy how to kiss the way his girl wants him too!" laughed Lou" "You can give me some pointers too if you want." There was a challenge in his eyes that led my mind down a dark path. To be honest it had been there before with thoughts of Lou.

That brought a moment of silence then we all laughed. Andy was about five feet nine inches tall with strait blond hair, brown eyes, and a dark tan like Lou. Unlike Lou he's muscular but rail thin with each muscle on his frame standing out proudly. His eyes are his outstanding feature though. they always remind me of a content cat, confident and penetrating, brown and slightly slanted. His shoulders were muscled and smooth, his chest well defined. I could see the wheels turning after he laughed. I could also see the bulge in his trunks I have to admit I took a couple short breaths myself.

"That's a good idea" Andy said grinning while looking in my eyes. "I think I could use the help."

"I can't imagine anyone I'd rather have show me how." "It may take a few months though to get good." "I may need refreshers from time to time too." That brought some Oo's and Ahhhs!

"Lets eat dinner I said and talk about it later" I was trying to make up my mind if I should. I felt bad for what his girl had said, but this was outside my area of responsibility. But the clumsy flirting and attention was so intoxicating. I knew I should leave but didn't want to.

"Lou, why don't you pour the drinks, I'll put dinner on the plates and lets eat" I was dishing out the chicken, not paying attention till Lou handed my a glass. His hand rested on my shoulder, warm in the air conditioned room and sent a tingle of electricity thru my entire body. "Here ya go Mary, "Ya know you always look nice but today I think you're more attractive than I've ever seen you." Lou invited. I was still buzzing from the drinks at home and really didn't need anything more to churn my inner desires. But it sounded good and I took it.

We were all sitting at the breakfast bar eating and making small talk when Andy who's a mischievous light hearted clown started in again. "Come on Mary, teach us to kiss like hotties." "I wanna impress the girls." He was joking but there was a tone in his voice that sent tremors thru my panties.

"What girls?" Andy laughed, "You still have Moms milk dripping off your chin." Eddy turned red but as always kept his smile and took the jokes in stride. Those calm cat like eyes staring into mine. "What makes you think I'm a good kisser?" I teased", I was enjoying this

"You're so pretty" Andy said seriously. "I've fantasized about it."

Everyone laughed again and I finished the first wine cooler and took another from Lou

The room was dimly lit, the television was turned to MTV playing music with the volume down low, I could hear ice rattling in the glasses as we teased back and forth and ate, it was relaxing, I felt powerful and wanted. The attempts at flirting were putting a burning feeling in my chest and my pussy was pulsing. I thought what the hell and I gave in. Lets see where this leads.

"OK guys, but you can't tell your Mom Lou!","She'd never forgive me" I looked at Andy "Come here sweety" Andy approached, I put my hands on his upper arms and pulled him toward me. When he was close enough I put my lips to his expecting him to pucker like a child. I was wrong, he pushed towards me roughly putting an arm around my neck and pulling me to him. He was trying to force his tounge into my throat while turning his head back and forth wildly. Was it inexperience or his nature?

I pulled back laughing and a little shaken. "Hold on Tiger, its not supposed to be a wrestling match". Andy was smiling shyly looking deep into my eyes and turning red again, Lou began howling, enjoying Andy's embarrassment like only boys can. I felt a little sorry for Andy and told myself I wanted to make him feel special. "Like this to start" I said and leaned into him softly putting my lips against his and leaning my tits into his chest. "Soften your lips baby " I whispered, taking one lip then the other and softly sucking it between mine. He caught on quickly, and though still a little rough had it down in a couple kisses. "Start slow and don't get rough sweety. If a girl wants that, let her tell you."

"God Mary, that's so hot!" Andy said with his arm still holding mine. I have to admit I was already feeling heat in my chest and stomach and enjoying this far too much and unable to stop myself. I should have wanted to leave, but all I could get out was "Did you like that baby?". "I'm sure you wont have any more trouble, you are a good looking young man". He kept his arm on my shoulder holding me. I could feel his cock hard on my hip.

Teach Lou" Andy whispered. "I don't want girls makin fun of him! "We both giggled softly. "O" Your a good friend" I said" "I don't think Lou needs any help from me" Lou started chuckling and said "It wouldn't hurt to check would it Mary?" he was smiling slyly and I knew he wasn't interested in seeing how his kisses rated but was too far gone to care. I had butterflies in my stomach and my heart was racing. I was hoping they couldn't see it pounding at my tits. I was planning to be showing them pretty soon.

I moved to the sofa and sat down close to the end with no arm, the material of the low back was cool and I could feel the top edge of the sofa back at my shoulder blades and my hot skin beginning to burn above that. I spread my arms along the back to show my cleavage "Tell you what guys, lets have a contest." "Yea" they chimed with sly grins looking at each other knowingly

I positioned myself so the end of the sofa left room for one of the boys on the end "OK" "Lou you sit here" I suggested patting the end edge sofa without an arm "And Andy can sit on this side." I looked across the room smiling at them and sticking my chest out. In my mind I had accepted I would fuck them both, I was past caring about tomorrow or the future. I wanted a young hard cock inside me.

Lou was on my left side and Andy on my right. When I first arrived at the house this would have felt uncomfortable, but now it seemed so right. My pussy was throbbing, my nipples were standing visibly thru my top and I could feel my juices on my panties "Andy, you're first", "Its best out of three" Both boys were quiet, the bantering was gone and they were looking at each other strangely and I noticed they were breathing a little faster than normal. I think they were beginning to understand where we were going. For that matter, so was I. In fact I was beginning to feel like a true slut.

I turned to Andy and we leaned into each other. His breath was fresh, lips came to mine warm and softly, he was a fast learner. We lingered for a few moments, Sucking on his lips one at a time and rimming his inner lip with my tounge I had my hand on his bicep feeling his temperature rise as he kissed me, I could feel his chest moving against my tits with each deep breath. Then we came apart and I forced myself to smile and keep it light, "O honey you were perfect" I whispered. He was making no attempt to hide what he felt and kept his arm around my shoulder.

I put my arm around his shoulder on the sofa's back and turned to Lou. It was me leaning into him, opening my mouth slightly and rimming his lips with my tounge. I put my other arm around his shoulder so my top was spread both directions. The swimsuit tan line was visible, dark tan against baby white skin. Then the bright yellow material of my Halter at my cleavage.

Lou leaned against me twisting to get over my tits, pressing his young hard body. He kissed me once on the lips He was strong but not aggressive. soft but firm, he was definitely not new to this. He smelled like a man, not a boy. He was confident and in charge when my tit brushed his chest and I felt my nipple tingle. His hand wrapped my ribcage pulling me slowly to him. He began massaging my tit through my top. He slowly moved and kissed my neck nibbling lightly at my throat. He pulled away looking at me with his eyes half closed and put his arm around my back. "O yea, do you like that?" he asked. "Don't stop." I replied softly, feeling my tits getting harder

I slumped against the low back of the sofa, pushing my tits out provocatively. I felt Lou slipping my halter top's button from the loop. He was pulling the strap down on one side while Andy began pulling the other. I looked down and saw my tan line, white firm tits standing with my halter tied around my torso and turned upside down laying on my stomach while Lou confidently squeezed my left tit and Andy roughly squeezed the right.

"O Yea,Suck my tits , suck um." They both lowered their heads and placed lips on both tits while they kept squeezing, slurping noises and my moans intermingled. "Fuck that's so hot! "I whispered " Someone kiss me" they both rose, Andy on my lips and Lou on my neck, bumping heads they were so close to one another

Andy rose up with those big calm eyes "Look at her tits man. Wow look at those tits". I turned to look at Andy while Lou lowered his mouth back to my nipple and began chewing lightly. I heaved forward slightly presenting my tits for them and Andy was rubbing my right side and giving it short somewhat rough kisses.

My tits have never been really sensitive but this was so hot. I could feel the blood pulsing through the areolas and nipples, I felt like the hair on head was standing strait out. I wrapped my arms around their shoulders holding their necks, pulling them to my nipples, pushing their mouths into me harder. Their hands were rubbing my stomach. Lou was squeezing first my stomach, then my thigh. I was breathing hard and could feel sweat beginning to drip from my hairline. I looked down toward my feet and saw their two heads rolling back and forth while sucking my tits. Soft slurping sounds rising up.

I looked at the ceiling rolling my eyes back. I thought I would be ashamed but it seemed so right. Lou had let his hand drop to my pant line and was tickling my waist, Andy was slurping and sucking my tit and his other hand in my hair. I couldn't stop, I began slowly thrusting my hips toward the ceiling.

"O God. Someone rub my pussy." I spread legs, Lou started forward but Andy beat him to

it. He squeezed my pants and began to rub, not my clit but the entire pussy. Again he was a little rough whether from inexperience or lust but God it felt good! I put my hand on his and guided him to my clit, humping his hand while I did. ""God, right there Andy", "right there." "Rub it baby"My hips were pushing into his hand faster and with purpose. I was looking over my tan line between kisses at his muscular for arm, watching my lovers, my tits were swaying with the movements, my stomach flat, my pussy sloppy wet. I wanted more. Lou seemed mesmerized by my tits jiggling and swaying in time with my pussy thrusts. "Shit, look at her tits"

I whispered "Pull my pants off" I said "O God take my shorts off". Andy slid from the sofa and stepped in between my legs and bent over to reach my waistband. Lou leaned back and gave him my nipple to kiss or suck by squeezing it and pointing it strait into Andy's direction. "O Fuck" "O yea"was all I could make myself say. I put my feet flat and raised my hips taking the weight off my ass. Andy had the waste band in his hands and when he released my breast from his mouth slowly slid them down taking my panties with them. I lowered myself back to the sofa watching Andy's hand squeeze and pull at my pussy, learning how it felt and locateing my hole. I spread my legs even wider inviting him.

"Put something in me" I pleaded "put something in me." I was humping slow and strong. Lou's hand slid down my stomach onto my mound pushing Andy's hand away. He slipped his middle finger inside me and began finger fucking my pussy moving in and out with the juices making slurping sounds. "OOO" "Ahh" came out of my mouth and my hips were humping his hand. "Ah Fuck Me, O Fuck" came out" Andy moved, placing himself between my knees and dropped his trunks. Lou had stopped fingering meand was watching as Andy began trying to place his fat cock in me. "I'm right here for you baby. Come fuck me." "Suck my tit baby". As I pulled Lou to my nipple. I moved my hand and wrapped my first two fingers around Andy's shaft. Hard as steel and thick. I could feel where he had already been leaking pre cum, I pulled him to my hole and wiggled his cock to start it in my hole.

Andy was working into a better position and I slid alittle lower on the sofa so my pussy was hanging over the edge ,at a good angle, sloppy wet, dripping on the sofa. It was obviously his first time and he kept having trouble finding my pussy hole each time we moved alittle, I kept my hand down to guide him in and was surprised by his cock, it felt so thick, I couldn't see how long but could feel the girth, I had to work it in to get started again. "Ahhhhhh" was all I could get out. He gasped as if he had seen a ghost and shoved as hard as he could "Fuck yea", O fuck!" "O Mary" he started pounding as fast and hard as he could, all his muscles were standing out strained to the max.

"Taste me Lou, make me yours" I groaned. "Suck me baby"Andy was thrusting in me so hard I couldn't keep stable, he was driving me up against the back of the sofa, my tits swaying to the rhythm of the thrusts. but I kept watching Lou as he lowered his lips to my nipple again. He had to grasp my tit to stop it's gyrating and sucked my nipple in his mouth. He was chewing softly at the same time, between the two of them they were driving me over the edge.

I focused on Andy,he was shoving his cock in me driving my head against the back of the sofa, Lou let go of my chest I felt the back of the sofa move. My eyes were half closed feeling the sensations of being wanted. Humping my hips uncontrollably

I turned and looked toward Lou, He was standing with one leg on the seat, his other knee bent and resting on the sofa's back and pushing his cock at my face.

I opened my mouth willingly and he slid in me, it was a little awkward from Andy's thrusts forcing my body to move, Lou slid in my mouth, not just the head but a good portion of his long shaft. I wrapped my lips around him and pushed his cock against the roof of my mouth with my tounge as he put his hand on the top of my head and adjusted me so my throat could accept his entire cock. I could feel the head of his cock bumping the back of my mouth at the throat and hear his moans and noises. I was gargling and making breathing noises when his cock came out of my throat, Andy was grunting louder with each stroke now. Low had his hand pulling my hair pulling my head into hid stomach. He wanted all of his cock in my mouth.

When his hips pulled his hard cock out again I opened my mouth wide while Andy watched and he slid the entire length of his cock into my throat blocking the air. Andy stopped fucking me for a second, frozen by the sight of it as he watched Lou jam his cock to his balls stopping my breath. Then he began fucking me even harder. "Fuck yea." "Give it up Mary" "Give it to us."

Lou wasn't being particularly gentle any longer either but I was past caring, in fact enjoying it. He was holding my hair in his fist forcing his cock in and out of my throat while I had tears running down my cheeks and making gagging noises. At the same time Andy was pushing my pelvis like a machine and squeezing my right tit's nipple. I had to breathe between strokes, one hand on Andy's right arm.

Andy exploded in my pussy. His thrusts became stronger, he let go of my tit and grabbed my hips with both hands pulling me to him, "I'm coming" he yelled "Here it comes"and began groaning wildly. It was obviously his first fuck, I was glad to share it.His thrusts became very hard and he was holding pressure for two or three seconds between thrusts and then another very hard thrust and moaning while his cock filled me with his cum."Thats it baby give my your cum." He bent forward and kissed me, then wilted and moved away, still watching intintly.

As soon as he moved Lou dropped down to fuck me. He started slow, thinner but longer than his friend, and purposeful. Except when kissing, He kept his face far enough away he could watch me please him. His knees on the floor, He had one hand on my shoulder , the other keeping his weight off me. Holding his body's weight while piercing eyes were watching my body move, areolas swaying with the motions. God what an evening, I was exhilarated and exhausted already. I was the most wanted woman on earth.

Lou began to thrust and to my surprise began loosing control. He dropped his full weight on me wrapped his arms around me and began squeezing so hard I couldn't breath. I pulled my knees up and wrapped his waist with my legs.His breath was short and he began moaning "Ah baby, Ah Baby! His cock was jamming in me feeling like it was further inside me than I had ever felt. I pulled my knees up as far as I could and spread my thighs to make sure he would be satisfied. He shoved hard, squeezing my shoulders and began to convulse. I was wishing he would have cum while I sucked him but this was still two good to be true.

Lou's cock erupted like a cannon I could actually feel his baby seed hitting my insides and he was grunting like a wild boar. Unlike Andy when done he laid on me for a minute and lifted off me with a long tender kiss. I was in heaven.

"Come over to me boys" I said "Rub me "Rub my pussy, "I want you inside me". I laid down flat on the sofa with one foot on the floor and the other resting on the sofa back. Andy dropped to the floor at my head and pulled me to the edge. I turned my head to the side. His thick cock slid in my mouth forcing it open wide. I could taste my juices mixed with cum and began sucking to gather the juices Lou slipped between my legs and entered me. It was like starting over but he was very tender. I told him "Today I'm not your Momma's friend, I'm your lover." "Fuck me baby." "Be alittle rough"

He shoved his cock in me as deep as He could. Body fluids and cum made my pussy slippery and I was thrusting into him and moaning each time he pushed into my pelvis.

I spread my legs as wide as I could and started thrusting my pussy at his cock, I could feel his cock in me and felt the pressure of his waist each time it slammed into my crotch. His face was serious, teeth clenched and expression anxious.

It just took just a few seconds and Lou sent baby juice in my pussy. Surprising since he had just released less than three or four minutes ago. His eyes were squeezed shut and he was moaning "O", "O"

I pulled my mouth from Andy's cock and whispered "Fuck me baby" Jam your cock in me" "Don't be afraid" "Ah" " That's it" "Make me cum baby" "Make me cum." And shoved Andy's cock back between my lips. I put my hand on his ass and started shoving him into my throat. I held the base of his dick and pushed him out of my head long enough to say "Mouth fuck me baby," "Come in my head" He arranged himself like Lou had, one foot on the floor, his knee on the sofa. He grabbed my hair with one hand and his cock with the other and shoved it in my open mouth. He was rough, hard fast and each stroke as deep as I could take.

Lou moved back down between my legs and kneeled there watching Andy force feeding me his thick

cock shaft. As he became more exited he got rougher. I was squinting my eyes and gagging having a hard time breathing because he wouldn't pull out far enough. I could feel my tits bouncing up and down with his pumping and had to push him away long enough to get a breath. I opened wide and he shoved his cock back into my throat.

Suddenly his strokes became fast and strong with a one or two second pause between. I Knew he was going to shoot his load so I pushed him away far enough it wouldn't choke me. "mmm" "mmmm", "Gaaarg." I still wanted his cum in my mouth.

Just as he started to release Lou slid his Cock back in my pussy, I was dripping wet and filled with their cum. He put his hand on my tit squeezing, pulling, pinching. As he pushed in he pulled my tit, he was shoving hard, his cock was long and moved my hips so it would slide over my G spot. I pulled Andy's dripping cock from my mouth to say "O God" I whispered, "I'm gonna cum" "Ahhh" "Ahhh" "O fuck!" "Fuck me you bastard" "Fuck me" I pulled Andy back into my throat in time for him to lose his load, almost choking me.

I began to spasm as the waves of relief took me. My back arched and my hips rolled up and down uncontrollably. Lou exploded in my cunt shoving so hard I thought the sofa would turn over gripping my hips and pulling me to his cock. He kept groaning "Fuck me Mary" "O" "Fuck me".

When Andy pulled his dick away I grabbed the base and held it , kissing the dripping head before I let it go. Lou collapsed on me again with his head on my tits slowly kissing and massaging them.

My legs were cramping from the exercise and positions, my neck was already sore, my arms were trembling. I had to admit I couldn't take any more. I stood up slowly trying to straiten my hair while looking down at the cum smeared over my tits and stomach, my white tits and dark nipples in contrast to the dark tan of my stomach. "That's it guys", I laughed "I'm done". I expected an argument but was surprised at their response. Lou said "Lets all rinse off and cool off in the pool."

We showered at the pool shower, they jumped and dove in while I slid down the steps. "I'm full of your cum I giggled" "I Hope there's not enough to clog the filter." We all had a quiet laugh over that. I leaned back against the pool edge. and they surrounded me kissing my neck.

Sue had said to check the boys in the morning, I was sure I'd still be here to do that.

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