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Daddy's Naughty Daughters
by Worik_Brown

Chapter 1

Crissy Adams squirmed in bed and sighed. She opened her eyes and
squinted against the morning sun shining in through the curtains of her
bedroom window.

"Oooooh," she murmured softly, gliding her hands under the sheet. A hot
shiver swept over her hot virgin body as her hands settled on her small
plump tits.

Her nipples hardened and a tremor in her pussy made her hips jerk.
Eager and hot, she kicked off the sheet and pulled her pink baby-doll
nightie from her lithe virgin body.

Shaking, she caressed her bare tits, her breathing shallow, raspy. Her
smooth silky flesh felt as if it were on fire.

"Oh, damn," she muttered, writhing on her back. Her glassy blue eyes
stared down at her tits and massaging fingers. It was almost as if she
were watching someone else fondle her creamy tit mounds. She squeezed
them and moaned, her thighs clapping tightly together, the squishy
cream of her pussy soaking the crotch of her panties.

With one hand still caressing and massaging her plump tits, Crissy
moved her other hand to her pink bikini bottoms. Teasing herself, she
slipped her hand into her panties and played with the soft silky hair
of her blonde-thatched virgin pussy. Her breath caught in her throat
and she spread her legs.

"Mmmm," she purred, dipping one finger through the wet slippery gash of
her cunt. "Oooooh!" Her hips jerked up as the tip of her finger glided
over her blood-filled sensitive clit. "Unnnn!"

Trembling, she stroked her pussy, the tip of her tongue flicking over
her Parted lips to keep them moist as she gasped air into her lungs.
Warm pussy-cream drenched her urgent fingers and the sweet scent of her
turned-on pussy drifted up to make her head spin.

Panting, she tore off her panties, exposing her bare pussy. She closed
her eyes, pretending her father was at the foot of the bed watching
her. "Ooooh, Daddy. Look at me." It was a hoarse whisper of

She spread her legs wide, parted the satiny folds of her cunt and
rolled her hips. The red glistening slit of her virgin fuckhole was
completely displayed. "I'm so wet, Daddy," she whispered. She pinched
her clit and shuddered as tiny spasms rippled through her writhing

Whimpering, Crissy rolled over onto her belly. She pressed her tits
against the mattress, her nipples pleasurably sore as she rubbed them
against the sheet. "Un ... un ... un."

Keeping her legs spread, Crissy reached around, and she parted the
cheeks of her firm heart-shaped ass. "Look, Daddy," she moaned, her
words muffled against a pillow. She exposed her wrinkled pinkish-brown
asshole and squirmed.

"I'm so hot!" she gasped, writhing on her belly. She brought her hands
under her body, raking her nails over her clit. Spasms caromed through
her virgin fuckhole and warm sticky pussy-cream oozed out over her
frantic fingers.

Dizzy with lust, Crissy rolled out of bed, staggering on wobbly legs to
the closet door. From dilated blue eyes, she stared hotly at her slim
naked body. She pouted, wishing her tits were bigger, her hips more
round, and the silky blonde hair around her pussy were thicker. "Damn,"
she moaned, rubbing her body. She pushed her tits together, making them
appear larger.

"Unnnn." The heat in her pussy spread, exciting her in its sizzling

Quivering and panting, she staggered back to the bed, not wanting to
look at her slim body, knowing her father wouldn't be interested in
her. He would want a woman, she knew, and she was only a little girl.

Sprawled out on her back, she played with her wet seeping pussy. Her
body quaked as her fingers groped and massaged her hard pulsing clit.
"Oh ... oh ... oh," she panted, her innocent face flushed with

With her small plump tits jiggling, Crissy worked the juices of her
virgin pussy into a frothy lather. Cream soaked her fingers and oozed
down her cunt crack, staining the sheets. She gulped in air, her hips
jerking. "Oooh, I'm so hot."

Her writhing body began to twitch sporadically. The insides of her cunt
pulsed and oozed creamy juices into the empty channel of her virgin

With her legs slapping frantically up and down, Crissy raced wildly
toward her climax. She clawed her clit with one hand, scratched the
fingers of her other hand through her red sensitive pussy. Her nipples
swelled, jiggling on the peaks of her creamy tits. She humped up,
trembled, her orgasm a breath away.

"Oh, shit!" she gasped, her blue eyes widening. "Ooooh, I'm gonna ...

Gulping back her pounding heart, Crissy's fingers devastated her clit
and the opening of her virgin pussy. "I'm cumming," she moaned, trying
to keep her voice down. The last thing she wanted to do was wake her
sister in the other room. "Ooooh ... I'm ... cumming."

Hot spasmodic orgasms swept over Crissy's writhing twisting body. The
muscles inside her wet overheated cunt pulsed, gripping an imaginary
cock. "I'm cumming ... unnnn."

She bucked up from the bed, hot pussycream gushing from her climaxing
cunt. The frothy white cum flowed over her fingers, down her pussy
crack, and widened the dark stain on the sheet. "Ooooh, Daddy. I want

She thrashed on her back, her head snapping from side to side, her
blonde hair slashing across her face. She strained her neck and arched
her back as another orgasm tore through her pussy like a hot poker.
Tits flopping, hips jerking, she twisted and writhed on the bed, her
little body in the throes of another even more intense orgasm.

Clawing her clit and pussy, she jerked up and flipped over onto her
belly. "Unnnnn," she moaned, her cries lost in the pillow. She slammed
her hips forward, mangling her clit between her fingers. The sweet
tender meat of her asscheeks jiggled, the flesh stained with pussy-cum.

"Oh ... oh ... ahhhh!" She ground her climaxing body over the mattress,
crushing her tits beneath her. Legs flopping, clit mashed against her
fingers, she jerked up, crashed down, her screams lost in the pillow.

Gasping and drooling, Crissy humped her fingers, her ass jerking and
twisting wildly. Hot orgasms washed over her trembling body and she
rocked frantically, the bed squeaking beneath her.

"Ahhhh!" Her young body stiffened, quivered, then relaxed as she seemed
to melt into the bed. Panting, she lay there, tingling sensations
seeping over her as the intensity of her orgasms left her weak, yet

Chapter 2

Tammy, Crissy's older sister, stood in the doorway separating their two
rooms. She was wearing only a pair of panties. Her tits, larger and
fuller than Crissy's, were tingling. She swallowed the lump in her
throat and giggled.

Crissy lifted her head, her face filling with shock as she stared at
her sister. Quickly, she rolled over, a sheepish grin on her face. "How
long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to watch you cream all over the fuckin' bed," she said,
coming into Crissy's room. "Damn ... I heard the bed squeaking from my

"You gonna tell Daddy?" Crissy asked, a tinge of fear and excitement
skipping through her young body.

"Why should I tell Daddy?" Tammy said. She plopped on the bed, her
large tits bouncing erotically.

Crissy leered jealously at her sister's plump creamy tits. She began to
tingle all over. She also became aware of her own naked body and her
sister's leering looks.

"Is your pussy all wet?" Tammy asked, her voice husky, her bright green
eyes glassy and dilated.

"My pussy's always wet," Crissy giggled. She spread her legs. "See for

Tammy gasped as she leered hungrily at her sister's virgin pussy.

"How 'bout you?" Crissy asked boldly. "Is your pussy always wet?"

Tammy sighed and peeled off her panties. "I wake up the same way every
morning ... hot and wet."

Crissy sat up, her small firm tits jiggling. She licked her lips,
enjoying the sight of her sister's curly red cunt hair. "You still a

Tammy pouted. "I think I'll always be a virgin," she said. "I know you

Crissy stroked her fingers through her own wet steamy cunt slit,
coating her fingers with pussy-cream. "All I think about is getting
fucked," she admitted.

"Maybe if we make it together, we can have some fun."

Crissy sighed as a trickling spasm rippled through her pussy. "I'll
pretend I'm a boy."

Tammy crawled up beside her sister and wrapped her arms around her.
"God, this is going to be fun."

Crissy melted into her sister's arms. "You ever do this before?" she

"Never," Tammy said. She rubbed her body against Crissy's. "I'm

"Me, too!" Crissy gasped. She pressed her lips to her sister's mouth,
her tongue flicking out into Tammy's open mouth.

Tammy gulped, sucking on her sister's tongue. She squirmed, forcing her
thigh between Crissy's legs. Warm pussy-cream coated her skin.

"Unnnn," Crissy purred. She jerked her hips, gliding her cunt along her
sister's smooth silky thigh. Her mouth came away from Tammy's lips.
"Ooooh, Tammy. This is great."

"It's gonna get better, too!" Tammy gasped. "Christ, you're really
creaming my leg."

"Unnn, I know," Crissy moaned, the inside of her pussy bubbling with
warm sticky cunt cream. She shoved her thigh between Tammy's legs,
pressed it up against her cunt. "Ooooh, you're creaming, too."

They clung to each other, their tits, sensitive and ripe, mashed
against each other's. Their hips jerked and their cunts pulsed, oozing
Hot buttery cream. Their mouths locked and their tongues explored, the
Spit in their mouths drenching their faces.

Crissy pulled away from her sister. Panting, her blue eyes glowing, she
leered at Tammy's lush body sprawled out on the bed. "I'm tired of
kissing. I wanna do more."

Tammy caught her breath. "If you had a cock, you could break my

Crissy brought her mouth to her sister's plump ripe tits. She flashed
her tongue over one swollen nipple. "I don't have a prick, so my mouth
will have to do."

"Ahhhh!" Tammy gasped. She squirmed, waiting for Crissy to devour her
tits. "Suck 'em, Crissy. Suck 'em and bite them like a boy would do."

"I will," Crissy whispered. "I'm gonna suck every part of your body,
then you can do the same to me."

"Yes," Tammy moaned. She spread her legs and reached for Crissy's small
cherry-capped tits. She squeezed, making her younger sister moan. "Make
me crazy."

Crissy's head was spinning. She got comfortable on the bed, fondled her
older sister's tits, and her blue eyes fixed hungrily on the girl's
swollen pink nipples. In the next instant, she brought her mouth to one
jiggling tit and sucked.

"Ahhhh!" Tammy panted. "Bite! Bite!"

Crissy lost her mind. Gobbling on her sister's tits had her crazy. She
feasted on Tammy's cherry-red nipples, making the tips hard. She
slobbered her spit over the girl's soft creamy skin, her tongue working
over every warm inch of her sister's huge tits.

Tammy writhed on her back. Her red-fringed pussy was creaming, soaking
her ass-crack and thighs as she squeezed her legs together. "Ooooh,
bite me, Crissy. Bite my fuckin' tits."

Crissy, her face smeared with drool, used her teeth. She nipped at her
sister's nipples, biting and sucking her white silky skin, turning it
red. In seconds she had Tammy wailing in ecstasy.

"Ooooh, Crissy! Crissy!" Tammy forgot about mauling Crissy's tits. She
dropped her hands to claw the sheet. The inside of her pussy pulsed
each time Crissy took a deep suck on her tits. "I'm creaming ...

Crissy lifted her head and saw what she had done to her sister's tits.
Panting noisily, she climbed over Tammy's body, straddling one of
Tammy's long outstretched legs. She ground her cunt against Tammy's
knee and whimpered. "I'm so hot, Tammy!"

"Me, too," Tammy moaned, leering hotly at her sister.

Crissy's hips were jerking. Her small tits jiggled, her nipples feeling
as if they were going to burst. "I'm creaming ... Christ, Tammy. I'm
creaming your fuckin' knee."

"I feel it!" Tammy gasped. She jerked up her knee, smashing it against
Crissy's cunt, and watched her younger sister's face twist into a mask
of lust.

"Aghhh!" Crissy wailed, almost toppling off her sister's knee. "Jesus,
Tammy. I'm so fuckin' hot!"

"My pussy, Crissy. Eat my pussy." Tammy was shaking, the inside of her
virgin cunt on fire. "Eat my pussy. Make me cum!"

Drunk with desire, Crissy stared down between Tammy's parted legs,
gazing greedily at the red gash of her cunt. "Then you eat me ...
right?" The words came from her mouth in gasping pants.

"Yes ... yes," Tammy moaned. "Oh, God, get the hell off my leg and eat
my pussy. "

Douglas Adams, having heard noises coming from his daughter's bedroom,
had climbed the stairs. Curious, he peeked into Crissy's bedroom. A hot
jolt of passion churned his gut. He gulped and leered at his two naked
daughters. Instantly, he had a hard-on, a hard-on that ached painfully.
He stared, his gaze traveling over Crissy's lithe body as she climbed
off Tammy's knee.

"Shit," Crissy moaned. "I'm shaking all over."

"Eat me," Tammy begged. "Christ. Make me cum." She rubbed her own
swollen tits.

Crissy enjoyed the power she held over her older sister. "I'll eat your
pussy," she said.

She dragged a finger up through Tammy's wet seeping cunt. "When I'm

Hot spasms caromed through Tammy's twisting body. "You little bitch,"
she moaned. "Eat my cunt and stop teasing."

Crissy had no intention of stopping her erotic game. She pinched
Tammy's clit, making her sister writhe and scream. "You better stop
howling, or Daddy will hear you."

"You bitch!" Tammy gasped.

"I'm a bitch," Crissy tormented. "I'm the bitch who's gonna suck your
cunt and make you cream. You better be nice to me."

"I will," Tammy promised. "I'll do anything you want."

Crissy massaged her sister's cunt, pinching the girl's hard throbbing
clit and running her finger up and down her sopping cunt slit. "Will
you eat my asshole out with your tongue and suck it?"

"Yes," Tammy moaned. "Anything! Anything!"

Crissy twisted Tammy's clit with her fingers, then dropped onto her
belly. She licked the juice-stained flesh of Tammy's inner thighs, her
head spinning, her own cunt dripping. She sucked and chewed on Tammy's
thighs, her mouth getting closer and closer to her sister's overheated

Tammy writhed on her back, her tits flopping, her nails clawing the
sheet. She humped up, whimpering under her sister's mouth. "My pussy,"
she pleaded. "Eat me!"

For a second, Crissy stared at her sister's pussy. It was red, the
velvety folds swollen, glistening with a filmy cream that oozed from
the inside of her cunt. She swallowed hard, her blue eyes glazed with

"Eat me," Tammy howled. She humped up, her ass coming off the bed. She
twisted her hips, moaning, anxious for her sister's tongue to put out
the raging fire in her steamy pussy. "Eat me!"

Crissy scooted her hands under Tammy's jiggling ass, digging her nails
into the soft flesh. She fused her mouth to Tammy's pussy and sucked.

"Aghhhh!" Tammy wailed, her body trembling wildly. "Ooooh, Crissy!

Warm pussy-cream flowed over Crissy's face. She sucked, drawing sticky
cream into her mouth. The taste of her sister's pussy made her dizzy
and her cunt contracted sporadically, pulsing, gripping an imaginary

"Suck," Tammy moaned. "Ooooh, suck me, Crissy!" She thrashed on the
bed, her pussy flowing, her cunt feeling as if it was being sucked from
her body. "Oooh, Crissy!"

* * * * *

Douglas watched, not believing what his eyes were witnessing. His
children, both babies in his eyes, were acting and carrying on like two
oversexed whores. It blew his mind. He rubbed his cock through his
pants and pushed the door open another few inches to get a better view.

Crissy wormed her tongue between the velvety folds of her sister's hot
pussy. She lapped hungrily at the flowing juices, swallowing them as
her tongue penetrated the entrance to Tammy's virgin fuckhole. She
raked her sister's ass, making her howl and twist on the bed.

Tammy arched her back, jerked her hips and smashed her cunt into
Crissy's face. "My clit, Crissy! Chew my fuckin' clit!"

Crissy plastered her mouth tightly to her sister's pussy, chewed
sadistically on the loose folds and sucked warm cream into her mouth.
Her fingers scratched the sensitive flesh of her sister's ass as she
sought the crack and the tiny ring of her asshole.

Tammy squirmed, bucking her hips. Her mouth opened as Crissy's fingers
clawed her asshole. "Ooooh, no," she cried. "Don't!"

It was too late. Crissy's finger jabbed viciously into Tammy's asshole.
She twisted it, her sister's cries of anguish turning her on. She
jabbed another finger into her sister's asshole, finger-fucking her
tiny shitter as she gobbled hungrily on Tammy's overflowing pussy.

Tammy's eyes widened. The pain of Crissy's ass-stabbing fingers blended
with the pleasure of Crissy's cunt-sucking mouth. It drove Tammy wild
and she bucked and twisted maniacally on the bed.

Crissy darted her tongue into Tammy's fuckhole, felt the thin skin of
her cherry. Hot cream bathed her tongue as she licked quickly through
her sister's gaping cunt slit. Her own hips jerked, her clit brushing
against the sheet. Spasms rippled through her pussy, spasms that made
her eat her squealing sister at a more frenzied pace.

Tammy lurched up, then slammed down. Her hips rotated in tight quick
circles. "My clit! Make me cum!" She shoved forward, mangled her clit
against Crissy's teeth. "Aghhhh!"

Crissy's face was soaked with sticky cunt cream. She twisted her
fingers inside Tammy's asshole, jabbing them in and out quickly, her
sister's screams and twisting body telling her that she was having a
ball. She sucked hard, ready to give Tammy what she wanted--an orgasm.

"Yessss," Tammy hissed, sensing Crissy was ready to make her cum. "I'm
so close. Bite my clit! Make me cum!" She was delirious, her body
quaking, swirling at the peak, needing only Crissy's teeth to take her
over the edge.

Crissy latched her teeth into Tammy's blood-filled clit. With her
sister's clit a prisoner of her teeth, she lashed her tongue over the
ultra-sensitive tip. Cream gushed from Tammy's cunt.

Tammy wrenched her body, stiffened, then went into wild frantic
convulsions. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" she wailed, not caring who
heard her screams of lust. "I'm creaming, Crissy!"

Crissy knew it. Tammy's pussy-cum was drowning her. She held on tightly
to Tammy's clit, her tongue whipping back and forth over the tip. She
sucked, almost tearing Tammy's clit from her twisting body.

"Aghhhh! I'm cumming! I'm cum ... ing!" Tammy went insane. She pounded
the bed with her fists, lifted her legs, grabbed them by the ankles,
stretching them wide as she twisted her hips and ground her cunt into
her sister's mouth.

Crissy buried her face against Tammy's pussy. She chewed on her clit,
sucked it and whipped it with her tongue. Cum flowed into her mouth,
over her face and down her chin. She jabbed hard, stabbing her fingers
in and out of Tammy's shitter as her older sister thrashed and jerked
on the bed, a prisoner of her mouth and ass-ripping fingers.

Tammy arched her back, then dropped her legs. Her neck strained as her
head snapped from side to side. Her hips lurched up, twisted, then
slammed down, driving Crissy's fingers deeper into her asshole.
"Oooooh, Crissy! I can't stop! I can't stop!"

Crissy didn't want her sister to stop. For the first time in her life,
she was really enjoying sex. Even sucking her sister off was better
than playing with herself alone in bed. She ravaged her sister's pussy,
chewing madly on Tammy's throbbing clit, sucking hard and lashing her

Tammy ground her ass down onto Crissy's fingers and screamed as
Crissy's nails raked the walls of her tight shitter. She shoved
forward, mashed her clit into Crissy's chewing teeth. "Ooooh! Oooooh!"
She bucked up, grabbed her flopping tits and mauled them with her

Crissy chewed harder. She jabbed another finger into her sister's
asshole, making Tammy jerk up from the bed. Her free hand came out from
under Tammy's body and she used her nails on Tammy's sizzling flesh,
clawing it wildly, leaving red lines all over her creamy white skin.

Tammy's legs stiffened. A shuddering explosion ripped through her empty
cunt. She fell back on the bed, twitching, whimpering, her clit and
asshole still controlled by her lust-crazed younger sister. "No ...
more! No more," she begged.

Crissy released her sister's clit and sucked one last time, taking a
river of pussy-cum into her mouth. She yanked her fingers from Tammy's
asshole, then lifted her head from between her legs. Cunt-cum coated
her features, dripped from her chin. "Now, it's my turn," she panted.

Douglas watched it all as Tammy ate Crissy's asshole and pussy until
she climaxed. Slowly and quietly, he stepped away from the partially
open door and went back downstairs, his cock aching and his forehead
dotted with sweat.

"I never had so much fun in my life," Crissy moaned. "After breakfast I
wanna come back up here and do everything all over again."

"When Daddy goes out," Tammy said. "Shit, the way we were screaming, it
was a wonder he didn't come up and catch us."

Crissy giggled. "I wonder what he'd do?"

"Beat our asses," Tammy said, climbing out of bed.

Crissy thought about her father whipping her ass. She shivered,
imagining his big hand cracking her bare ass and turning it hot and
red. "Maybe it would be fun."

"You're crazy," Tammy said. "I'm goin' in my room and get dressed for
breakfast. You better get dressed, too."

"I will," Crissy said dreamily. She rolled out of bed, her thoughts on
her father as she dressed.

Chapter 3

Crissy lay quietly in bed, the curtains on the window parted, the moon
lighting the room in erotic shadows. Her legs were spread, the sheet
kicked off her slim body.

"Mmmmm," she purred, rubbing her hands over her nightie, squeezing her
tits through the thin sexy material. "Whatta day."

She slipped her hand into her bikini bottoms, stroking her pussy while
thinking of her sister's mouth sucking frantically at her cunt. "Ooooh,

It had been a fantastic day of sex with her sister. They had made it
together in every room in the house after their father had gone out.

Crissy squeezed her thighs together. Warm pussy-cream oozed from her
fuckhole, coating her fingers as she wondered if she should go into
Tammy's room and wake her up. She decided not to. Tomorrow would be
another day and their father would be gone again.

Douglas tiptoed down the hall, and he peeked into Crissy's room. His
gut churned as he watched his youngest teenaged daughter play with
herself. In seconds, his prick was throbbing, aching painfully in the
tight confines of his pants. He found that his breathing was raspy,
shallow. He fought his lust and hunger for his young daughter, but
couldn't tear himself away from the door. He had to watch.

Crissy squirmed on the bed, her hand caressing the velvety folds of her
sizzling pussy. Her eyes widened and she glimpsed the shadow of her
father in the hall. A gasp caught in her throat, and her first thought
was to cover herself up and feign sleep.

Instead, a hot smile spread over her full mouth. This was her chance.
If he was looking, maybe she could turn him on. Her innocent mind never
conceived anything else happening.

"Ooooh," she murmured softly, massaging her small plump tits through
her nightie. "I'm so hot." She spread her legs again and glided one
hand up through her seeping pussy. "Mmmmm."

Douglas almost choked. The palms of his hands were sweaty and his mouth
was dry. He couldn't stand it. All day the image of his two naked
daughters had haunted him, kept his head reeling.

He coughed loud enough for Crissy to hear, waited a few seconds, then
opened the door.

Crissy's breath caught in her throat. She pretended to be surprised and
quickly brought her hand out from her panties. "Is that you, Daddy?"
she whispered.

"Yes, Crissy," Douglas said hoarsely. "Just checking to see if you were
asleep." He started to go, the ache in his groin keeping him from
leaving his daughter's bedroom.

"Sit with me for a minute, Daddy," Crissy sighed. "Please."

Douglas sat on the edge of the bed. His gut was churning as he leered
at his daughter's small tits pressing against the top of her frilly
nightie. He could see the outline of her swollen nipples and the sight
sent a hot jolt of lust through his cum-crammed balls.

Crissy squirmed on her back and stretched. Her nightie slipped up,
baring her soft belly. Her bikini bottoms hugged her slim hips, leaving
an erotic display of creamy virgin flesh displayed for her father's

Douglas stared, his gaze roaming anxiously over Crissy's lithe body. He
stared at her crotch, where only a few minutes ago the child's hand had
been playing. His breath came out as if someone had kicked him in the

"I can't sleep, Daddy," she whispered hotly. "I feel all funny inside."
She squirmed, shivering under her father's leering glances.

She wriggled her hips, parted her legs and inched her nightie up
higher, exposing her rib cage. "Will you rub my belly for me? Maybe
it'll help me to relax."

Douglas groaned as he brought his hand to the silky flesh of his
daughter's stomach and began caressing her. Touching her sent a tremor
caroming through his balls, and it took all of his willpower to keep
from ripping her nightie off and raping her virgin body.

"Mmmmm. It feels good, Daddy," she sighed. She rested her hand on his
thigh and felt him stiffen. Hot spasms ripped through her pussy. She
placed her other hand on his as he moved his hand in wider bolder
strokes. "Nnnnn, I like it, Daddy."

As if he were hypnotized, Douglas watched his hand, covered with hers,
skim her sizzling smooth flesh. "Maybe I should let you get some
sleep." His voice was ragged, coated with desire for his virgin child.

"Oh, no, Daddy," she pouted. "Stay with me." She moved her hand slowly
up his thigh, her fingers an inch away from the bulging hard-on in his

"Rub me 'til I fall asleep." She inched his hand under her nightie,
causing his fingers to almost touch her small sensitive tits. A soft
sigh escaped her lips.

Douglas fought the urge to span the flesh of his daughter's tits. He
choked back a groan and eased his hand out from under her nightie.

"Oooh, Daddy." She licked her lips and sat up, making sure her hand
rubbed over the bulge in his pants. Touching him made her dizzy. "Give
me a kiss goodnight and you can go."

Douglas leaned forward, expecting to give her a peck on the cheek.
Instead, he found her quickly in his arms, her soft urgent lips parted,
then quickly pressed against his own.

Crissy was out of her mind. She had thrown her arms around him, her
lips fused to his. She darted her tongue into his mouth, whimpering as
she rubbed her body against his.

Douglas couldn't fight his desire any longer. He held her, felt her
tremble in his arms. He sucked on her tongue, roamed her squirming body
with his hands, exploring, sampling the silky flesh of her young body.

"Ooooh, Daddy," Crissy gasped, pulling her mouth from his. "Touch me.
Touch me." She threw herself onto her back, pulled off her nightie and
displayed the soft mounds of her small ripe tits.

"Unnnn," Douglas groaned, his jaw clenched, his eyes feasting hungrily
on his daughter's tits.

Crissy was trembling, waiting, praying her father would do what she
wanted. She arched her back, jutting out her tits. "Touch me, Daddy.

Douglas brought one large hand to his child's tits. The tip of her
nipple burned into the palm of his hand as he spanned her flesh and
began massaging the pliant meat of her tit. "Crissy," he moaned. "We

"Ooooh, Daddy," she pouted, writhing on her back. "I like it. Don't

Douglas couldn't stop. He no longer wanted to. He massaged both her
tits, his prick straining in his pants to be free. "Sweet Crissy," he
moaned huskily.

"Ummmm, Daddy." Her cunt was on fire. She rocked her hips gently,
wallowing in the pleasure of her father's massaging hands. "You're
making me so hot."

She brought her hands to his and made him squeeze her tits with more
urgency. "Are you hot, too, Daddy?" she purred.

"Yes, Crissy." He kneaded her small tits, his eyes devouring her body.

"Take off my panties," she cooed. "Touch my pussy."

Douglas' head was reeling. He squirmed on the bed, brought his hands
down to her wriggling hips and eased her panties down until the silky
blonde hair of her virgin cunt came into view. He choked, his prick
ready to burst in his pants. "Sweet Crissy."

Crissy was breathing hard. She lifted her ass and sighed as her father
whisked off her panties. Quickly, she spread her legs. "Touch my pussy,
Daddy. I'm all wet."

Douglas brought his hand to Crissy's cunt, cupped her moist pussy-mound
as she squirmed against his hand. Warm sticky cream soaked his palm.

"Unnnnn, Daddy." She lay completely naked, legs spread, tits jiggling,
hips rolling as her father fondled and caressed her virgin cunt. "Ooooh
... oooh ... aaaah!"

Douglas kneaded her tits and stroked her cunt. The sweet scent of her
pussy invaded his head, making him dizzy. "Baby," he rasped. "Sweet
innocent baby."

Crissy brought her hand to her father's bulging crotch. She rubbed it,
squeezed, then shuddered as his cock throbbed violently through his
pants. "Let me see your cock, Daddy," she whispered hotly. "I've never
seen a cock before."

Douglas was about to lose his mind. Hearing his daughter talk this way
drove him crazy. "You take it out, Crissy," he groaned.

"Mmmmm, Daddy." Reluctantly, she squirmed away from his hands. "Lay
back on the bed and I'll take off your pants."

Douglas dropped to the bed and stared at his naked daughter. He was
tense, a raging fire in his balls spreading through his body. He
gulped, leered, his gaze fixed on her tits as she quickly undid his
belt and pulled down his zipper.

Crissy was quivering. Without speaking, she pulled her father's pants
down. She sucked in her breath, her eyes widening as his cock seemed to
leap up and stab the air. A soft gasp escaped her parted lips.

Eagerly, she shoved his pants and shorts down around his ankles and
gazed hotly at his towering prick. "It's so big, Daddy," she sighed
breathlessly. "So big!"

"Hold it, Crissy," Douglas groaned. He swallowed, moistening his mouth
as his prick throbbed like a toothache. "Touch it like I touched you."

"Oooh, I will," she panted. "I wanna do everything with it." She licked
her lips and brought her small trembling hands to her father's cock.
Her fingers closed around his prick shaft. His cock twitched and

Searing flashes shot up her arm. It felt hot in her hand, making her

"Ahhhh," Douglas moaned, his hips jerking under his daughter's stroking

Crissy saw a white drop of jizz seep from his piss-slit. "Is that your
cum, Daddy?" she asked innocently.

"Yeah, baby," he groaned. He was no longer thinking of her as his
daughter. He was too hot. "My balls are filled with cum."

"Mmmm," Crissy sighed. She hefted his huge swollen ball-sac in her
hand. "God, they're heavy." She squeezed them gently, enjoying the
sound of her father's groans.

"Nnnn, baby," he rasped. The drop of cum became larger as more jizz
seeped from his piss-slit. He jerked up, driving his prick through her
fingers. His balls rumbled, swelling even larger as Crissy stroked his
cockshaft and fondled his balls.

"Can I lick your cock, Daddy?"

Douglas twisted on his back. His daughter's soft innocent voice rang in
his head. "Yeah, baby. Kiss it. Do anything you want to it."

Crissy was creaming. She brought her mouth to his bloated cockhead,
swiped her tongue over his pisser, scooping the thick white glob of cum
into her mouth. "Mmmm, it's delicious."

The touch of her tongue on his cock was like fire. He jammed up and
more cum seeped out. "Lick it, Crissy."

Crissy licked his cockhead again, savoring the taste of his cum. It was
like a whole new world, a hundred times better than what she had done
with her sister.

She wanted to gobble on his prick forever. She slapped out her tongue,
swirling it over his cockhead, soaking it with her spit. More cum
seeped out and she smeared the sticky ooze over her lips. Tremors swept
through her pussy and her entire body was quaking with lust.

"More, Crissy," Douglas groaned. "Lick it all over."

Crissy squirmed on the bed, the light from the window giving her a good
view of his long thick cock. "Ooooh, Daddy. It's beautiful." She
brought her mouth to it, kissed his cockshaft and enjoyed her father's
groans of pleasure.

"Don't talk, baby. Lick it."

Crissy parted her lips, then clamped them over his hard throbbing
cockshaft. She glided her lips up and down his long piece of hot
cockmeat, drenching it in spit. Her tongue flicked out, caressing his
cockshaft as her head moved up and down.

"Yeah, baby," Douglas rasped. "Lick it. Suck it!"

"Yes, Daddy," Crissy panted. She slobbered spit all over his fat prick
shaft, slapped her tongue over his balls and coated them with her
drool. The rough texture of his ball-sac excited her and she whimpered,
knowing that his balls were stuffed with the tangy tasting cum.

Douglas jerked up from the bed. "Your mouth, baby. Put it in your

Breathing hard, Crissy slurped her way up from his balls and over his
prick shaft. She reached his bloated cockhead and opened her mouth. In
a flash, she swallowed his cockhead into her mouth.

"Unnn, Crissy." He squirmed on his back, forcing himself not to lunge
up and rip into his daughter's tight throat with his prick. His gut
churned as the heat of her eager mouth invaded his cockshaft,
tantalized his swollen balls. "Crissy! Baby!"

Crissy inched his prick into her mouth, his cockhead grazing along the
roof of her mouth. She wiggled her tongue and heard her father gasp.
Turning him on and giving him pleasure made her feel like a woman.

"Try to get it all in your mouth, baby," Douglas pleaded. "Take it slow
and easy."

Crissy wanted to please her father more than anything else in the
world. She gripped his cockshaft at the base and sucked. She eased the
head of his prick into her throat, choking back a gag as she breathed
hard through her nose.

"Yeah, baby." He jerked his hips, the head of his prick penetrating her
throat. "Relax, baby. Relax."

Crissy listened. She wanted every inch of his prick in her mouth.
Gulping, she shoved her face forward. His cockhead speared her throat,
throbbing. Eyes bulging, she forced more of his prick into her throat
until her wet clinging lips touched her fingers.

Douglas' balls felt as if they would burst. He jabbed up, smashing her
lips into her fingers. "Baby! Suck! Suck!"

Greedily, Crissy sucked on his cock. It was stretching her throat,
making her hungry for every inch. She pulled her hand away and slammed
her head forward, taking his cock to the root. Gurgling, she mashed her
lips against his groin, his prick completely buried.

"Yeah," Douglas groaned. He stared down at his daughter. He jabbed up,
his cock skewering her mouth. He felt her teeth and tongue on his
prick. His face twisted in agony. His balls rumbled, ready to explode.
He fought his lust for the moment. There was plenty of time to cum.

Crissy loved what she was doing. It was better than eating Tammy's
pussy. She dragged her teeth along his cock as she came up for air.
When her teeth banged against the ridge of his bell-shaped cockhead,
she stopped. She took one hard deep suck, then popped her mouth off.
"Did I do good, Daddy?"

"Jesus, baby. You're a natural. You took it all on your first try."

"I loved it, Daddy. You taste so good." She licked her lips.

Not having his daughter's hot wet mouth on his prick was driving him
crazy. "Don't stop, Crissy. Suck me some more."

"Can I suck it until you cum?" she asked innocently.

He nodded, his spit-soaked cock stabbing the air. "Until you've sucked
out every drop."

"Ooooh, Daddy. Thinking about it makes me all mushy inside my pussy."
She dropped her head, her long blonde hair spraying out over her
father's groin.

"Don't stop until I tell you," he moaned, not wanting her to screw him
up. "You're gonna get an awful lot of cum in your mouth."

Her father's cum was exactly what Crissy wanted and she had no
intention of stopping until she drained his balls.

With her mouth filled with his cock, Douglas jerked up, fucking her
eager mouth with short punching stabs. He groaned as her teeth scraped
along his cockshaft, twisted as her quick tongue whipped over the
sensitive underside of his prick, and lunged up each time Crissy took a
deep hungry suck on his cockhead.

With her arms stiff, her palms flat against the mattress, Crissy held
her head steady, allowing her father to fuck her face. It had her
crazy. Gurgling noises came from her mouth, blending with her father's

She lashed her tongue over his cockshaft each time he jammed his cock
up into her mouth. When he jerked back, she sucked deep, making him
twist his hips and groan. She used her teeth, gnawing frantically each
time he fucked his cock into her face. Spit dribbled from her lips,
oozed down his throbbing prick shaft, soaked the thick hair that
surrounded his cock, and trickled down his balls.

Douglas' ass lurched up from the bed, his long thick cock stabbing into
her throat. "Baby," he growled hoarsely. "Ooooh, sweet baby!"

Crissy felt his prick swell in her mouth and sensed by his quickening
pace that he was getting ready to cum. The idea swam in her head and
made the inside of her cunt pulse jealously for her father's cock. She
took a deep suck, then whipped her tongue over his prick as he jabbed
it into her throat.

"I'm there, Crissy! Don't take your mouth away," Douglas was in a
frenzy. He lunged up, driving his prick in and out of her greedy mouth.
His balls rumbled, swelled, ready to explode. He balled his fists, his
body settling into a fast rhythmic pace. "I'm ready, Crissy! Jesus

Her father's lust excited the young virgin. She sucked deeper, chewed
harder, wanting him to cream her face as quickly as possible. One deep
suck had her father's growling voice filling the room, and in the back
of her lust-sopped brain, she wondered if Tammy had awakened and was

"I'm cumming, Crissy," Douglas roared, not caring if his other daughter
heard or not. "I'm cumming!"

Crissy choked as the first thick stringy wad of her father's cum
spurted into her mouth. She swallowed, gulping at his spewing cock.
More cum shot from his piss-slit, filled her cheeks and oozed down her
throat. She tried swallowing it as fast as it spurted from his

"Keep suckin'," Douglas bellowed. "Don't stop! Suck! Suck!" He was out
of his skull. His balls burst again and his prick jabbed her hot
sucking mouth.

Crissy began bobbing her head, giving her father more fantastic
pleasure as he fucked her throat with his climaxing cock. She slammed
her head down and met his upward lunge, her lips smashing into his
groin. A hot squirting wad of cum shot down her throat.

"Keep suckin'," Douglas growled, his hips drilling his prick up into
her gobbling mouth.

"Chew it! Suck!"

Crissy went insane. What she was doing to her father sent her soaring
into bliss. She sucked, chewed and beat his prick with her tongue. Cum
flooded her mouth, choked her, squirted down her gullet. It gushed from
her nose and mouth, drenched his groin, and drooled down his almost
empty balls.

Douglas arched his back and slammed up into his daughter's face. A jet
stream of cum gushed from his pisser, spurting down her throat.
"Aghhhh!" He dropped back to the bed, twisting as Crissy took the
attack to him.

Crissy slammed her face down, spearing her throat with her father's
squirting cock. She dragged her head back and gnawed at his cockshaft.
She sucked, bringing the cum up from his balls and into her hungry

Hissing through clenched teeth, Douglas ravaged his daughter's mouth.
He fucked her face, ripping into her throat, banging her lips each time
her face whacked into his groin. He stiffened, fell back, his balls
almost drained.

Crissy, out of her mind, continued to devour her father's cock. Her
head moved rapidly up and down his prick shaft, her lips gliding
effortlessly along his slippery prick.

Faster and faster, she bobbed her head, her blonde hair whipping across
his groin.

She gulped, his cock about empty. She sucked, wanting every drop.
Drawing in her cheeks, she sucked the last remaining drops of her
father's cum into her greedy mouth.

"Oooh, baby. Enough." Douglas groaned, jerking his hips, his cock
spent, his balls empty. "No more, baby!"

Crissy pulled her mouth off her father's cock and gazed up at him from
glazed blue eyes. "Let me lick you clean," she panted. "I don't want to
waste any of it. It's so delicious."

Douglas let out a groan. "Sure, baby. Just don't suck my cock. It's
sore from your mouth." His muscles relaxed and he leered down at his
naked daughter.

Crissy giggled and licked her lips. White globs of cum stuck in his
cock hair. Stringy wads coated his balls. Like a kitten lapping milk,
Crissy cleaned her father's prick and balls. She sucked the globs of
cum from his cock hair, then when he was clean, she lifted her head,
her innocent face flushed with lust. "Did I do good, Daddy?"

"Fantastic, Crissy. Fantastic."

Chapter 4

Crissy was thrilled. She crawled up into her father's arms, rubbing her
hot virgin body against his hard powerful frame. "Am I as good as Mommy
before she left us?" she asked.

"Better, baby," Douglas rasped, cradling his child in his arms.

"Oooh, Daddy." She tingled all over, found his mouth and gave him a wet
hungry kiss.

Douglas groaned and sucked on her tongue, his wet limp prick mashed
against her soft belly.

Crissy pulled her mouth away from her father's lips. "Suckin' your cock
was the greatest, but I'm so hot. Will you help me, Daddy?"

Douglas rubbed his child's lithe naked body. His hands cupped the firm
cheeks of her ass, kneading her pliant assmeat. He felt her small tits
mash against his chest, her nipples like hot pokers searing his skin.
"I'll take care of you, baby," he groaned.

"Oooh, Daddy," she sighed. She showered him with kisses, then dropped
her hand down to his limp prick. A hot shiver raced up her arm. "Will
you fuck me, Daddy? I wanna be fucked so bad."

Douglas' head was spinning. He fondled her young writhing body, his
mouth hungry, working frantically over his daughter's neck. He kneaded
her tits, his mouth working down her soft creamy body. "As soon as my
cock's hard again, Crissy," he said.

"Oh, Daddy! I'm burning up!" She lay on her back, her pussy on fire,
juices flowing, coating her cunt in filmy cream. "Suck my titties,
Daddy! Suck 'em!"

Douglas' urgent mouth found the small plump mounds of his daughter's
tits. He sucked hard, making Crissy whimper with glee. He chewed on her
nipples, working his tongue over the hard bullet tips.

Crissy squirmed on her back. She scratched her nails through her
father's hair, then pressed his mouth to her tits. "Ooooh, Daddy!

Douglas dined on her tits, his hands roaming down to her slim hips. He
dipped one hand between her parted legs, cupping the blonde mound of
her overheated pussy. Juice flowed into his hand.

"Unnnn Daddy!" she gasped, humping her hips and grinding her cunt
against his hand. "Lick me. Lick my pussy before you fuck me."

Douglas was drunk with passion. He chewed his way down his daughter's
virgin body, crawled between her long slender legs. "You a virgin,
baby?" he panted.

"Yes, Daddy. I want you to break my cherry." She squirmed her hips. "I
wanna feel your cock up inside my fuckhole."

Douglas groaned and stared at her pussy. It had been years since he had
broken a cherry and his cock throbbed, growing again, stiffening.

"Lick me, Daddy. Make me hotter." Crissy clawed her way down her slim
body, and she parted the velvety folds of her cunt, exposing her
fuckhole. "I wanna cum, Daddy. God, I'm so hot."

Douglas wanted to fuck her this instant. His cock was hard enough, but
he wasn't going to lose the chance of sucking out a virgin pussy. He
brought his mouth to his daughter's cunt, moaning as his lips clamped
to her wet seeping pussy. His cock, pressed against the mattress,
throbbed, anxious to fill Crissy's virgin fuckhole.

"Ooooh, Daddy!" She humped, twisting her hips, her cunt grinding
against her father's face. "Suck! Suck!" She was out of her skull.

Douglas sucked, using his tongue. She tasted sweet, innocent, and it
drove him crazy. He slipped his hands under her jiggling ass, cupped
her cheeks and squeezed. Warm cream flowed over his face.

Crissy was like a firecracker ready to go off. She whimpered, her hips
rolling, her hands skimming over her flesh. It was like a dream.

Her father was eating out her cunt and soon he would be shoving his
gorgeous cock up inside her virgin pussy. She would truly be a woman.

With her father licking her cunt, and her mind spinning with thoughts
of being fucked, Crissy's pussy exploded. "I'm creaming, Daddy. Ooooh,
I'm cumming!"

Crissy humped up, rolling her hips. Her small creamy tits jiggled.
"Ooooh, Daddy. I'm cumming! Lick me! Lick me!"

Douglas slapped his tongue up through her cunt. Hot virgin pussy-cum
flowed over his face. Hearing his daughter squeal with pleasure drove
him wild. She was delicious and he sucked deeper, drawing her cuntlips
into his mouth.

Orgasms swept through Crissy's writhing body. Her cunt muscles pulsed
against an empty channel. She shoved down and ground her cunt into her
father's mouth. "I'm creaming you, Daddy! Ooooh, God!"

Douglas held onto her ass and feasted on her virgin pussy. Twisted and
bent, his cock ached. He gobbled on her pussy, found her clit and
captured it between his teeth.

Crissy arched her back, slamming her pussy into her father's mouth.
"Bite. Daddy! Make me cum again!"

Spit drooled from her open mouth. Cum gushed from her cunt, drenched
her father's face and soaked the cheeks of her ass.

Douglas chewed, sucked and used his tongue. He nipped her clit with his
teeth, made Crissy screech with joy. His own hips were jerking, his
cock jabbing into the mattress.

Crissy stiffened and fell back to the bed, a quivering mass of flesh.
"Oooooh, Daddy!" She squirmed. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Douglas came up from between his daughter's legs. He was crazed with a
desire to ravage his child's body. He pulled his powerful frame up over
Crissy's slim figure and stared down at her flushed passion-filled
face. "Did I eat you as good as Tammy?" he asked with a grin.

"Oh, Daddy!" she gasped. "You know?"

"Yeah, baby. I saw the whole thing this morning."

She felt his cockhead against her stomach. "You mad?"

"No," he panted, his prick throbbing, ready to rip into his daughter's
virgin pussy.

She was too hot to talk about her sister. "Stick it in me, Daddy," she
panted. She humped up and rocked her hips as his cock pressed against
her stomach. "Oooooh, fuck me!"

Douglas brought his lust under control. "It'll hurt, baby."

"I don't care!" she gasped. "I want your cock." She raked his thick
arms with her nails. "Fuck me. Make me a woman."

Douglas eased the bloated head of his cock between the puffy folds of
his daughter's pussy. Hot buttery pussy-cream flowed over his cockhead,
making him groan. He pushed, the head of his prick pressing against the
thin skin of his daughter's cherry.

"Ooooh, Daddy! I feel it. Fuck me. Take my cherry!" She was delirious,
screaming at the top of her lungs.

Douglas stared at her contorted face. He jabbed forward, the head of
his prick ripping through her cherry as if it were tissue paper.
"Baby," he roared, plunging through her virgin fuckhole until his cock
was buried to the hilt. "Sweet, baby!"

"Ayieeee!" Crissy screamed. "Daddy!" She bucked up, twisting, her
teenaged body impaled on her father's stiff cock. "It hurts so bad!"

Hissing through his teeth, he kept his prick buried. The muscles of her
cunt were tightly wrapped around his cockshaft, pulsing, milking his
prick instinctively. "Relax," he whispered. "Relax."

Crissy bucked like a wildcat under her father's cunt-splitting prick.
She twisted her hips, squirmed, but couldn't get free. Her father was
too strong and his cock was too deep. "Take it out!" she cried in a
moment of terror. "Oooooh, please!"

Douglas ignored her pleas, knowing the pain would go away. He moved his
hips slowly, allowing her pussy to adjust to having it stuffed with his
prick. "Easy, baby," he soothed, keeping his raging passion in check.
"The pain will go away."

Crissy thrashed beneath her father, whimpering, the pain unbearable.
She bucked up, jerking her hips. She clawed his arms, her blue eyes
bulging. "Daddy ... it hurts!"

Douglas eased back, pushed forward, his cock slipping easily into her
pussy. "Unnn, baby."

"Aghhhh!" Crissy wailed. She twisted her hips as her father stuffed her
cunt. This time when he stabbed into her cunt, the pain disappeared and
a hot sizzling warmth took its place. Pain gone, her passion quickly
returned, turning her back into a hot crazed sex kitten. "Daddy!

"Yeah, baby!" He grinned. "I told you." He eased back, leaving only the
head of his bloated cock buried inside his daughter's pussy. "Ride it,

"Yes, Daddy," she panted. Crissy lifted her hips, her stretched cunt
gliding wetly over her father's buried prick. "Unnnn. Oooooh, it feels
so good! So damn fuckin' good!"

Douglas' balls swelled. He leered down, watched as his lust-crazed
teenaged daughter fucked herself madly on his stiff prick. "Enjoy,
baby. Fuck yourself blind."

"I am," she squealed. "Ooooh, Daddy. It's the best feeling in the
world." Crissy bucked up. The syrupy juice in her pussy bathed his fat
cockshaft. Her muscles pulsed rapidly against his prick. She twisted
her hips and ground her clit against his hard groin. "Ooooh, Christ,
I'm goin' crazy."

"Not yet, baby," he assured her. "It gets even better." To give her an
example, he drove his hips forward, pounding her wriggling body back
into the mattress. He eased back, lunged again, then twisted his hips,
his cockhead gouging the tight wet walls of her sizzling cunt.

"Ahhhh! Yessss!" She bucked up and met his thrusting stabs, her clit
mashed by his groin. "Aghhhhh! Don't stop! Keep fuckin' me, Daddy!"

Douglas fucked hard, smashing his daughter's body between his hard
driving fame and mattress. With his cock buried, he jerked his hips,
twisting his long fat prick inside her fuckhole. His teeth clenched,
his jaw tight, his cock throbbed inside her tight steamy pussy. "Baby."

With her pussy filled with her father's prick, Crissy went wild. She
thrashed beneath him, her tits jiggling, her fingers kneading his stiff
muscled arms. "I'm in heaven, Daddy. Make me cum."

"Soon, baby," he rasped, stabbing her gulping cunt with long teasingly
slow strokes. "When you can't stand the pleasure anymore."

Tammy opened the door and stared into Crissy's bedroom. A gasp caught
in her throat and her knees went weak. "Oh, God," she whispered,
watching her father slam his cock into Crissy's pussy. "Ooooh, God."

Neither Crissy nor her father heard or saw Tammy. They were too busy

Crissy trembled. Hot spasms rippled through her pussy each time her
father plunged his cock into her sopping-wet hole. She quivered, using
her cunt muscles every time her father eased back and dragged his cock
from her cunt hole. "Faster, Daddy! I'm going crazy."

Douglas was going crazy, too. Fucking his daughter's tight wet pussy
had his balls rumbling and his cockshaft thickening with blood. "How's
this, baby?" he growled, shortening his strokes and adding more power
behind the quickening thrusts.

"Oooooh, my God! Yes! Yes!" She felt his fat throbbing cock inside her
cunt. Her hips bucked and she thrust her cunt forward. "You're so deep,

With the next plunge, Douglas smacked his groin against her trembling
body. The head of his cock stabbed deep. "Unnn, Crissy!"

"Fuck me, Daddy!" she wailed, her cunt gliding wetly along his cum-
swelled hard-on. Her hips came ramming up, her pussy gobbling on his
buried cockshaft. Her ass crashed back to the bed as her father pounded
her into the mattress. She moaned, matching his quick stabbing thrusts
with her own jerky moves.

Douglas fucked into her juicy pussy with fast-paced lunges. "Baby." His
broad chest heaved as his breathing grew more intense. Hard jabs drove
his cock into her squiggling body. He drilled her pussy, fucking the
entire length of his prick into her frothy cunt.

"Daddy! I'm so close!" She lunged up, twisting her hips.

Douglas rammed back, his cock slicing through her mushy fuckhole. He
felt her gripping cunt muscles squeeze his stabbing cockshaft. "Baby
... you're dynamite!"

"Ooooh, Daddy!" His words made her head spin. She banged her cunt onto
his cock and ground her clit against his hard groin. "I feel so full!"
Her slim sizzling body wiggled frantically on the bed as whimpering
sobs escaped her drooling mouth.

"Daddy!" The last hard driving fuck-thrust triggered her orgasm. She
began to shake. Her legs came around his back and locked, her heels
digging into his hips.

"I'm cumming! I'm ... cumming!" Orgasms ripped through her pussy. Her
cunt flooded with her pussy-cum, bathing her father's stabbing prick.
Her pussy pulsed rapidly, eager for the load of cum buried in her
father's swinging balls.

"I'm cumming, Daddy. I'm creaming all the fuck over!" Crissy went

Douglas saw his daughter's face twist into an expression of lust. He
knew she was creaming, felt the orgasms in her pussy attack his cock.
It blew his mind. He fucked her harder, making her scream.

"Cum, Daddy!" she squealed. "Cum! Cum!"

With his next stabbing thrust, Douglas' balls erupted. Hot thick cum
shot up through his pounding prick, spewing from his pisser. Thick
globs of cum whitewashed his daughter's tight cunt. "I'm cumming, baby!
Jesus Christ. I'm cumming!"

Crissy arched her back. The hot squirting cum from her father's prick
sent her screaming into another series of fantastic orgasms. She lunged
up, rocking her hips, craving more of his spewing prick. "I feel your
cum, Daddy! Oooooh, keep cumming! Fuck me!"

Hot sticky cum poured from her pussy each time her father rammed his
cock into her wiggling body. She felt his cum fill her body and it
drove her mad. "Harder, Daddy! Faster!"

Her ass hammered the bed. Her tits shook, the nipples sore and swollen.
"I'm still cumming!" She bucked up, twisting her clit against his groin
as he slammed her back to the bed.

Douglas pounded her violently. His hips jabbed forward at blinding
speed, driving his cock to the root each time. "Baby," he roared, his
muscles straining, his arms weakening.

Crissy's cum greased her father's drilling cockshaft. It mixed with his
cum inside her fuckhole, gushed out down her cunt crack and formed a
puddle on the sheet. A gurgling moan escaped her mouth. It was as if
her father's cock had stabbed into her throat. "Your ... cock ...
ooooh, Daddy! I ..." She was delirious.

Douglas stared from glazed eyes at his daughter's beautiful face. In
the throes of passion, her face had lost its innocence. His gut knotted
as his cum-stained balls slapped against her quivering body with each
stab into her squishy cunt.

Crissy was in bliss. Her hips moved at the same frantic pace her father
had set. Her ass came off the bed, her hips bucked, and she moaned when
he drove her squirming twisting body back onto the bed. "Ooooh, Daddy!"
She stiffened, raking his chest. "Ahhhh!"

Douglas fucked hard, his balls about drained. His arms crumbled and he
crushed her beneath him, his hips still stabbing, slicing his cock in
and out of her climaxing pussy.

Crissy found his neck with her mouth and chewed. Her arms circled his
back, and she held him tight. She lunged up, moaning, her tits crushed
against his chest. "Ooooh, Daddy!"

Douglas ground her back onto the bed, his hands skimming under her
body, clutching the cheeks of her jiggling ass. Panting, his groans
lost in her throat, he fucked her maniacally until she lay limp and
weak beneath him.

Crissy purred like a contented cat. She stroked his back lovingly. Her
hips twitched and her legs fell away from his body. She lay there,
savoring her cum-stuffed cunt. "I'm a woman, Daddy," she whispered.

Douglas rolled off his daughter's body and panted as he caught his
breath, his prick limp, sticky, lying like a slab of meat against his
thigh. "You're better than your mother ever was."

"Mmmm, Daddy," she cooed, rolling into his arms. It was then that she
spotted Tammy standing at the door. "Tammy!"

Douglas lifted his head. "How ... long have you been there?"

"Long enough to want you to do the same thing to me," Tammy sighed. She
ran into the bedroom and joined them on the bed.

"I'll never make it through the night," Douglas groaned happily.

"I think you will," Tammy said, scampering down to his limp cock.

Crissy licked his chest. "I know you will."

Chapter 5

Tammy licked her father's prick, tasting the juices of Crissy's pussy.
"You gonna break my cherry, too, Daddy?" she cooed.

"When you get me hard," he groaned. He stroked Crissy's hair as she
nibbled on his chest.

"Ooooh, I'll get you hard," Tammy giggled. She wanted her father's cock
as badly as Crissy had wanted it. She crawled between his legs, then
lapped her tongue over his balls. She was trembling, knowing once his
prick was hard, her father would rip away her cherry.

"You want any help?" Crissy sighed. She nibbled her way across her
father's chest. She licked him, her tongue burning a path to his groin.

"Sure," Tammy said. "We'll make him crazy and then he can bust me open
like he busted you."

Crissy giggled. It was the first time in her life she had beaten her
older sister at anything. "You'll love it, Tammy," she said, bragging.
"It hurts, but, oh, does it feel good."

Douglas moaned under the hot licking mouths of his two daughters. He
heaved a sigh, knowing it would be a long night. "Have fun, kids."

"We will, Daddy!" Crissy giggled. She joined her sister at her father's
limp prick. "He sucked my cunt, too," she boasted.

Tammy contained her jealousy. They had all night and she was sure that
whatever their father did to Crissy, he would do to her. She licked her
tongue up over his balls.

Crissy sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. She swirled her
tongue over his prick-head, skimming into his pisser.

"Jesus," Douglas groaned, wondering if he would survive the night.

"I sucked him off first," Crissy continued to taunt. "His cum was

Tammy ignored her and licked her father's balls.

"Get on your side, Daddy," Crissy said. "I'll lick your ass while Tammy
sucks you hard again." She winked at her sister.

Douglas did as his daughter asked, eager to feel Crissy's mouth on his
ass. "Ream me, baby."

"Mmmmm, you look great, Daddy," she mewled. She licked his hips, then
slithered her tongue over his ass. "Mmmmm."

Tammy feasted on her father's limp cock. She brought his meaty prick
into her mouth and gently chewed, enjoying his moans of pleasure. She
had to admit, even to herself, that Crissy's boldness and oversexed
personality was making this all possible. She didn't know how it had
happened, she only cared that it did.

Douglas jerked his hips, his cock filling Tammy's mouth. He jerked
back, slammed his ass against Crissy's face. "God, I must be the
luckiest man alive," he moaned.

Crissy plunged her tongue into his ass, working her spit into his
shitter. Already, the passion her father's cock had satisfied her with
earlier began to tickle her again deep in her pussy. She sucked hard,
snaking her tongue deep, her hands clawing his back.

Tammy felt the strength return to her father's cock. It spurred her on.
She chewed hungrily, feeling it begin to throb in her mouth.

"Keep suckin', Tammy," Douglas groaned. His gut churned and his balls
began to swell with a new load of jizz.

Crissy pulled her tongue from her father's asshole. She sucked on his
asscheeks, turning his flesh red and blotchy. Moaning, she writhed on
the bed, her hot little pussy getting all creamy. She rubbed her body
against the back of his legs, mashing her tits against him. "Ooooh,
Daddy. I love sucking your ass."

Douglas groaned, thrashing between his two sex-crazed daughters. "I'm
getting hard, Crissy. Tammy's good."

Tammy swelled with pride. She popped her mouth off his cock and chewed
his prick shaft. Warm spit soaked his cockshaft, dribbled to the sheet.

Crissy didn't care that Tammy could suck cock. She knew she was
terrific and she had been to her father's prick first, had her cherry
busted first, and now she was sucking on his ass. Another first. It was
all that mattered.

Tammy fondled his balls and, slipping her hand between his legs, she
played with Crissy's tits. Her virgin pussy was soaked, pulsing, greedy
for her father's cock. She lathered his prick with spit, trembling as
it grew thicker and longer.

Crissy gasped under her sister's manipulating fingers. She spread the
cheeks of her father's ass, buried her face, and plunged her tongue
back into his asshole. She reached around, her fingers finding Tammy's
pussy. She stroked her virgin cunt slit, enjoying the sticky warmth of
her sister's cream as it flowed over her fingers.

Tammy moaned, humping her sister's fingers as she gobbled hungrily on
her father's almost stiff cock.

Douglas was sandwiched between them, Tammy on his prick, Crissy on his
ass. He jerked, slamming his prick into Tammy's mouth.

Tammy gagged, pulled her mouth away. Panting, she stared at his prick.
It was jutting out from his groin stiff as a board. "It's hard."

Crissy came away from her father's ass, rolled him onto his back and
stared at his prick. "Let's share him for awhile," she panted.

Tammy, greedy for it all, gobbled his cock into her mouth. She wasn't
going to give up his cock unless she had to. She plunged her head down,
forcing the entire length into her throat. She sucked, her head bobbing
up and down.

Crissy watched. "I can do that, too," she said smugly.

Douglas could only groan. He slammed up into Tammy's mouth and looked
at Crissy. "For once, Baby ... no fighting."

Crissy giggled. "There's only one of you. What else can we do?" She
joined her sister, chewing on the base of his prick as Tammy gobbled
greedily on his bloated cockhead.

Both girls licked, sucked, and nibbled on their father's cock. Their
lips met and they kissed each other, their tongues swirling around
their father's throbbing hard-on. Up and down his cock, their hot
greedy mouths worked their magic, meeting at his bell-shaped pricktip,
where they kissed again, their spit dribbling down all over his balls.

"Jesus Christ," Douglas groaned. His hairy balls ached. He jerked up,
writhing in the hot sucking mouths of his two sex-crazed daughters.
"You two little bitches are fabulous."

Crissy, having sucked her father off before, relinquished his cock to
Tammy. "You suck him," she purred. "I'll take care of the rest of his
body." She nibbled her hungry mouth all over his groin, worked her way
up to his chest. Her hot mouth slobbered over his heavy chest, chewed
and sucked on his nipples.

With Crissy gone, Tammy feasted on her father's cock. She sucked it
into her mouth, whipped her tongue over his bloated prick-head, then
gobbled it into her throat. Cock hair tickled her nose as his prick
throbbed deep in her gullet. Her pussy, virgin and wet, pulsed as she
realized that soon his cock would be ripping through her cherry and
making her a woman like Crissy. It drove her wild. "Unnnnn," she
moaned, her throat stuffed with his cock.

Crissy was panting, her young body on fire. She writhed, rubbing her
soft flesh against her father's hard frame. "Ooooh, Daddy. Everything
is so wonderful."

"I know, baby," Douglas groaned. He caressed Crissy, his hips jerking,
driving his cock in and out of Tammy's hot sucking mouth.

Crissy fused her mouth to her father's, plunged her tongue and
explored. Her tits mashed against his chest, and she pressed her cunt
against his jerking hips, enjoying the friction against her clit.

Douglas sucked his daughter's invading tongue. He squirmed against her
young soft body. His hips lunged up, his cock slamming into Tammy's
throat as he enjoyed both his children to the fullest.

Crissy pulled her mouth from her father's. "Fuck Tammy now," she
panted. "Let me watch you rip out her cherry." She was trembling,
overheated and eager to watch Tammy get fucked.

Douglas groaned. Two cherries in one night. He jerked as Tammy's mouth
gnawed on his hard throbbing cock. "I'm ready. Jesus, am I ready."

Tammy dragged her teeth up the length of her father's cock. "So am I,
Daddy," she whimpered. She looked at his prick and shivered. It would
soon be buried in her pussy. "Ooooh, shit, I'm creaming already."

"So am I," Crissy purred.

Tammy threw herself on her back, spread her legs and moaned. "Fuck me,
Daddy. Make me a woman, like Crissy." She brought her fingers down to
her virgin cunt and parted the slippery folds of her turned-on pussy.
"Rip me open."

Douglas stared at Tammy's red silky pussy hair. Frothy white cunt-cream
oozed from her virgin pussy. "You're sopping wet, baby."

"Stick it in me, Daddy!" she gasped, trembling with anticipation. "Fuck
me!" Her hips wiggled frantically as she stroked her own cunt.

Crissy stared at her sister, remembering how great she had tasted. She
licked her lips. "Not that way, Tammy. Get on your hands and knees."
She giggled. "Pretend you're a dog."

"Yeah," Tammy moaned. She scrambled onto her hands and knees, wiggling
her ass. "Fuck me, Daddy."

Crissy crawled over in front of her sister, got on her hands and knees,
and shook her ass. "You can lick my cunt hole while Daddy fucks you."

Tammy swooned, her head reeling. She looked back at her father,
wondering if he minded.

"He knows, Tammy," Crissy giggled. "He watched us today when we were
fuckin' around together."

Douglas leered at his two children. It was wild. His gaze fell to
Tammy's virgin cunt and his prick seemed to grow another two inches. He
rubbed her ass, his fingers gliding down between her creamy asscheeks.

"Ooooh, Daddy," Tammy sighed. The inside of her cunt contracted. "Stick
it in me."

Crissy crawled around behind her sister. She gripped her father's huge
cock. "Let me put it in, Daddy."

Douglas groaned, jerking his cock through Crissy's fingers. His fingers
still caressed the tiny wrinkled crack of Tammy's shitter. He looked at
Crissy and saw the lust in her innocent blue eyes, then stared at
Tammy's virgin fuckhole. "Whewww, whatta night this is goin' to be."

Crissy tugged on his cock, pulling him closer to Tammy's jiggling ass.
Douglas stroked his cock across her virgin pussyslit, watching as hot
buttery cunt-cream coated the head of his cock. "God, Tammy's really

"Ooooh, Daddy!" Tammy wailed. "Don't tease me." She was shaking,
anxious for her father to fuck her.

Douglas ignored his daughter's pleas and continued to torture her. He
reached under, grabbed one of Tammy's large tits and squeezed. "You'll
get it, Tammy."

He was seething with desire. "No more fooling around, Tammy," he
grunted, taking his hand off his prick. He stroked his cock through
Tammy's puffy cuntlips while Crissy pulled on Tammy's tits. "You ready,

"Yes, Daddy!" Tammy squealed. "Fuck me!"

Douglas pushed the head of his cock into his daughter's cunt. His
prick-head pressed against her cherry and he paused, savoring the

"Ooooh, Crissy, I feel it!" Tammy began to tremble.

"Hard, Daddy," Crissy urged. "Ram it in her!"

Douglas groaned, the heat of his daughter's cunt sending hot jolts of
passion through his cock shaft. He held her hips, bringing Tammy to a
feverish pitch before ripping his cock through the thin skin of her

"Do it, Daddy!" Tammy screeched. She shoved back, moaning as the
pressure on her cherry increased.

Douglas held his lust in check, the hot fire in Tammy's pussy driving
him wild.

Crissy stared, first at Tammy's flushed face, then at her father. "Fuck
her, Daddy. Make her howl."

Douglas couldn't take the strain any longer. Like an enraged lion, he
slammed forward,his cock cutting through her cherry. He didn't stop
until his groin was flush with her quivering asscheeks.

Tammy's eyes bulged and her face twisted in agony. "Ayyieeee!" she
screeched, thrashing her hips in a desperate effort to free her body of
the terrible pain that her father's cock was causing.

Crissy saw the pain on her sister's face. "Fuck her, Daddy!" she
shrieked. Seeing her sister thrashing in agony turned her on. "Fuck her

Douglas ignored Crissy's shouts. He held his cock deep in Tammy's
pussy, feeling the muscles of her cunt trying to dislodge his prick.
"Easy, Tammy. Easy!"

Tammy jerked, her eyes filling with tears. Her mouth twisted, and she
began to pant like a puppy, hoping the horrible pain would go away. "It
hurts, Daddy!"

Crissy giggled. She grabbed her sister's tits, squeezed them hard,
adding to Tammy's pain. "You'll be begging for his cock in a minute,"
she moaned.

Tammy jerked forward, twisting her shoulders. The pain in her pussy and
the pain in her tits had her head spinning. She screamed and jerked her
hips, but her father's cock stayed buried to the hilt.

Douglas eased back, then pushed slowly forward, allowing his screaming
daughter to adjust to his thick prick. He fucked her slow and felt the
juices in her pussy begin to flow again. A grin of triumph spread over
his face. Tammy was just like Crissy. They were both hot for cock.

Tammy's pain-racked face changed to a mask of lust. "Ooooh, Daddy!" she
wailed, feeling his cock begin to glide painlessly in and out of her
pussy. "I like it. Oooooh, Daddy!"

Crissy creamed as she watched Tammy enjoy their father's prick. "Fuck
him back, Tammy. Ride his cock."

Tammy rocked on her hands and knees. The pleasure in her pussy was
mounting. "Ooooh, it feels so good!" She jerked back, her now-drenched
pussy gobbling hungrily on her father's prick each time he eased it
into her pussy.

Douglas felt the muscles of her cunt clamp around his thrusting
cockshaft. His balls ached, slapping against the backs of her thighs.
He filled her cunt with his cock and moaned. "You're tight, baby. Nice
and tight. Just like Crissy."

"Ooooh, Daddy," she crooned, swaying back and forth. "I never knew it
could feel so good."

Crissy felt a tinge of jealousy, but quickly erased it. She was going
to have to share her father and there was nothing she could do about
it. "Make her cum, Daddy!"

"Not yet!" Tammy cried out. "Let me enjoy my first fuck!" She rotated
her hips and the hungry muscles of her cunt pulsed against the stiff
bloated meat of her father's cock.

Crissy crawled back in front of her sister's face and presented her
with the cheeks of her ass. "You can start licking my asshole anytime
you want, Tammy." She wiggled her ass, her body tingling.

Tammy stared at her sister's ass. When her sister's cunt was stuffed
full of her father's prick, Crissy's fuckhole looked even more
delicious than it had this morning. She flicked out her tongue,
slapping it over the creamy flesh of Crissy's ass. She soaked it with
spit, then began to chew on the sweet meat of her asscheeks.

"Oooooh, Tammy," Crissy moaned, wiggling her hips. "Go in my asshole.
Ream me, Tammy! Tongue my shitter."

Tammy was in bliss. She thrived on her father's groans as she massaged
his slowly pumping cock with her cunt. She used her tongue on Crissy's
ass, enjoying her sister's whimpering sighs of joy. Everything was

Douglas explored Tammy's body with his hands, his gaze flowing over her
asscheeks, up her smooth back, over her head to Crissy's ass. "Jesus,
whatta sight." He jabbed, twisting his hips, his cock gouging at the
spongy walls of his daughter's sopping wet pussy.

"Fuck her, Daddy!" Crissy shouted as she mashed her ass onto Tammy's
face. Her head snapped back. Tammy's tongue had plunged deep in her
asshole. "Oooooh, Tammy!"

Tammy was out of her mind. She was getting fucked by her father, and at
the same time, she was eating her sister's asshole. Things couldn't be

Crissy collapsed on the bed, her ass high in the air, Tammy's exploring
tongue driving her wild. Spittle drooled from her panting mouth and she
clawed the sheets, whimpering and writhing in bliss. "Ooooh, Tammy. I'm
creaming." She struggled, reached under, grabbed her own pussy and
began to fondle it roughly.

Douglas eased his cock from Tammy's tight pussy. He felt the tremendous
pressure of her wet grease-lined cunt hole try to keep him captive.
With only the head of his prick inside Tammy's cunt, he slammed
forward, drilling his prick to the root. He fucked her over and over

"Baby," he groaned, each time he whacked his cock into her cunt.
"Unnnn, Tammy!"

Each slamming thrust of her father's cock made Tammy howl. At the same
time, it drove her face against the cheeks of Crissy's ass and her
tongue into her asshole. Both Crissy's screams and her father's grunts
had her swirling on a cloud of lust.

Douglas held his daughter's hips in his big hands, his fingers sinking
into her pliant assmeat. He moved slowly, with long powerful strokes,
stuffing her cunt with his cock, then pulling out, torturing Tammy
until she was sobbing hysterically for him to quicken his pace.

Tammy's screams were muffled against Crissy's ass. Lights flashed
behind her fluttering eyelids. Her father's cock was the most wonderful
thing in the world and he was driving her insane. His expert jabs were
keeping her head spinning and she was glad that she had never given a
boy her cherry. It would not have been as exciting.

Crissy was writhing maniacally on the bed, her ass plastered against
Tammy's face and her own fingers pulling and clawing at her own clit.
She jerked, gasping for air as she strained her neck to lift her head.
"Deeper, Tammy! Go deeper!"

Tammy gobbled hungrily on Crissy's ass, her tongue plunging deep each
time her father stabbed his cock into her pussy. She shuddered, waiting
for each thrust of her father's cock. The agony between each stab felt
like an eternity and she wanted it faster.

She pulled her face from Crissy's ass. "Faster, Daddy! Please!" She
rocked her hips, lunging back, using her natural instincts to drive her
father crazy.

Douglas, his lust boiling in his balls, picked up the pace, stabbing
his cock faster into Tammy's spongy wet cunt. He was greeted with more
soupy cunt-cream. It bathed his prick, oozed out from between her
cuntlips and ran down his swinging balls.

"Yeses, Daddy!" Tammy screamed, thrilled with the quickening pace.
"Oooooh, harder, Daddy! Harder!"

Douglas obliged his screaming child. He fucked her with hard lightning
jabs. His cock skewered her cunt deeply. Muscles tugged rapidly on his
pounding cockshaft. "Baby," he grunted, his balls rumbling in agony.

With her father fucking her the way she wanted, Tammy went back to
gobbling Crissy's asshole. She reamed her sister's shitter with her
tongue and chewed viciously on her soft tender asscheeks, repaying her
sister for mauling her tits so roughly. Spit slobbered from her mouth
each time she licked and chewed Crissy's asscrack.

Crissy moaned and slammed back, her own fingers urgently pulling and
rubbing her pulsing clit. She jabbed a finger into her pussy, smeared
the creamy juice over her clit and sobbed with passion.

Tammy was being battered by them both. Douglas was pounding her pussy
and Crissy was mashing her face. She rocked on her hands and knees,
drowning in the pleasure of her father's jabbing prick. Her huge tits
swelled, hanging like heavy weights, ready to explode. She bit Crissy's
ass and enjoyed her sister's screams.

Douglas watched the fantastic sight of his two naked daughters. His
balls rumbled, aching to be rid of the thick cum that churned like
lava. He brought his gaze back to Tammy's jiggling ass, spread her
cheeks and gazed hotly at her wrinkled asshole. "Soon, baby," he
groaned, his cock swelling, ready to burst.

Douglas' ears were bombarded by the screams and moans of his two lust-
crazed children. He stared at his cock, enjoying the sight of his prick
shaft skewering her tight pussy. Warm sudsy cream clung to his jabbing
cockshaft. The squishing sounds of her pussy blended with his
daughter's wails of pleasure. He groaned and jabbed faster, his groin
whacking against the cheeks of her ass.

Tammy went insane. Never in her young life had she expected this. She
swooned, her young mind conjuring up an image of what she looked like
with her father fucking her pussy and her mouth plastered to Crissy's
ass. It overwhelmed her.

"Unnnn," she moaned, the garbled sound of her voice lost in Crissy's
asshole. Her body responded to her erotic image. She jerked, twisted,
and bucked under her father's driving cock. Spasms rippled through her
body. Spit gurgled in her throat. She choked, forcing her spit into
Crissy's asshole. Her hips matched her father's pace as she climbed
toward a mind-blowing orgasm.

Douglas slammed his prick into her pussy, his groin slapping noisily
against the cheeks of her jiggling ass. Each thrust sliced his cock
through the buttery ooze of her cream as it flowed from her pulsing
cunt walls. His balls ached, each slap against her body reminding him
that his cum needed to be released. He groaned and bit his bottom lip,
fighting the urge to empty his balls.

"Cum, Tammy," he groaned, wanting his child to cream first. "Cum!"

Tammy pulled her drooling mouth from Crissy's asshole. The room was
spinning, her body felt as if it were on fire. "I'm ready, Daddy. I'm

Crissy wasn't going to miss the best part. She rolled away and watched
as her father fucked Tammy with hard demanding thrusts. Each stab
brought a tremor to her pussy and she writhed and whimpered frantically
on the bed, slobber oozing from her mouth.

"Fuck her, Daddy! Make her cream!" Crissy was insane. "Cream him,
Tammy. Drown his fuckin' cock!" She sat up and stared at them both, her
tits jiggling as she wiggled her ass on the bed.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Tammy went into spasm. "I'm cumming! Oooooh, I'm

Her orgasm gripped her, sent her swirling into a screaming twisting
fit. Hot orgasms ravaged her pussy, making her screech at the top of
her lungs.

Douglas slammed into her climaxing pussy. The hot pulsing muscles on
his jabbing cockshaft made the cum rumble in his balls. He could no
longer hold back the fire in his prick. His jabbing hips became a blur.

"I'm cumming," he roared. Hard demonic fuck-stabs forced the cum from
his balls. Thick globs of white jizz sprayed from his cock head,
spurting into the bubbling furnace of Tammy's climaxing cunt.

"I'm cumming," he bellowed. "I'm creaming you, baby!" His cock swelled,
his pricktip spewing out great globs of jism. It gushed into her
exploding cunt. "Aghhhh ... baby!"

Crissy watched. It was like seeing herself. She felt each stab of her
father's cock as it cut into Tammy's climaxing cunt. She licked her
lips, feeding on the lust created by her father and sister. "Fuck her,
Daddy! Harder!"

Douglas fucked Tammy with vicious jabs. His cock, still spurting jizz,
reached deep inside Tammy's cunt hole, stretching it, flooding it. He
looked at Crissy, a lewd grin on his lust-contorted face.

Crissy pawed her own clit, sending hot orgasms through her empty pussy.
She rocked on her ass and watched Tammy cream. "Cream Daddy, Tammy.
Milk his fuckin' cock."

Tammy was out of her head. She met each pounding thrust, absorbed it,
shuddering and squealing as their bodies clashed. "I'm still cumming,
Daddy! Oooooh, God!"

Tammy twisted her head around saw her father behind her. It sent her
reeling and another orgasm shot through her cunt like a red-hot bullet.
Her head dropped, snapping from side to side, her red hair lashing
across her twisted face.

Hot cum spurted from Douglas' dilated pisser. Cum flooded her pussy,
greased her cunt hole, his cock fucking faster and faster through the
soupy mixture of both their juices. He mauled her hips, every muscle in
his body straining, bulging as he fucked his squealing daughter

Tammy battled back as Crissy cheered, her voice blending with their
screams and howls. She felt each squirt of her father's cum. Each wad
ignited another orgasm in her pussy. She tossed her head around, stared
at Crissy. "Ooooh, Crissy. I'm in heaven."

She shoved back, almost collapsing. "More, Daddy! More!" She was as
greedy as Crissy had been. She wanted every drop. "Harder! Harder!"

Her green eyes floated in her head. "He's creaming me, Crissy. I'm
drowning!" Tammy was hysterical. Her arms crumbled and her face crashed
onto the mattress, her pussy still impaled on her father's drilling
cock. She raked the sheets, stretching, twisting, wrenching her body
maniacally as her father pounded her.

Douglas was just about drained. His stabbing thrusts slowed, his balls
just about empty. The last few squirts oozed from his piss-hole without
any power. He groaned and stopped, his chest heaving as he caught his

"Enough, baby," he rasped. His prick was still trapped inside Tammy's
pussy. It began to shrink, the muscles of her cunt refusing to let it
go. He groaned again and rode the last of Tammy's orgasms, then fell
back, his prick popping from her body.

"Ahhhhh!" Tammy cried, her body empty. She fell to the bed, whimpering
and writhing in ecstasy. She was exhausted, sated like never before in
her life. "Ooooh, Daddy. It was fantastic!"

Crissy, crazed with passion after seeing Tammy cream, crawled over to
her father. She licked his balls, her tongue swiping off gobs of cum.
She sucked on his limp prick, cleaning it with her sucking lips and
swishing tongue.

Douglas groaned, finally pushing his daughter away. "No more, Crissy.

Crissy giggled and attacked Tammy. She rolled her sister over and
stared at her fucked-out pussy. Cum oozed freely from her cunt hole.
"Oooooh, are you gonna taste good now."

"No, Crissy," Tammy protested. "I couldn't take it!"

Crissy didn't care. She forced her sister's legs apart and plastered
her mouth to the girl's pussy. She sucked, getting great thick globs of
cum into her mouth. She swallowed the cum greedily, then reamed Tammy's
pussy, searching for more delicious cum. If Tammy tasted good this
morning, she was fabulous tonight with cum oozing from her cunt hole.

Tammy screamed as another orgasm almost made her faint.

Crissy feasted for what seemed like an hour, but was only minutes. With
her face covered with cum, she sat up, looked at them both. "We're
gonna have more fun together than anybody else in the world."

Douglas hauled his two daughters into his arms. "You two kids are

"We know, Daddy," Crissy said, giggling.

Douglas cradled their heads. In minutes they were all asleep.

Chapter 6

Douglas opened his eyes, and he felt his two naked daughters' warm
bodies next to his. He heaved a sigh. It had been quite a day. Except
for eating, they had spent the whole day in bed. He rolled over and
looked at the clock. "Your Uncle Harry will be here soon," he said.

Crissy lifted her head and smiled. She rubbed her hand down over her
father's hard frame and found his cock. "He'd shit a brick if he found
us all in bed like this." She stroked her father's prick.

Douglas moaned. His kids were sex-crazy and he wondered how long he
would be able to handle all of their passion.

Tammy, awakened by their talk, cuddled closer to her father, her mouth
already licking at his chest while her hand joined Crissy's at his
cock. "Maybe he'll go away if nobody answers the door."

Douglas lay on his back, savoring the light caresses of his daughters'
hands and their warm urgent mouths. "Maybe it would be a good idea if
we did invite him to join us," he suggested. "You two little nymphos
are going to kill me."

Crissy giggled, slipped down under the covers and gobbled her father's
limp prick into her mouth. She sucked, lathered his cock with her spit.

"Baby," Douglas groaned. "God, don't you get enough?"

"Never," Crissy giggled, coming up from under the sheets. "Maybe I
should go down and entertain Uncle Harry."

Douglas grinned while he fondled Tammy's large creamy tits. "Harry
always has had a thing for you, Crissy. I think he'd love sticking his
cock in you."

"Ohhh, shit," Crissy sighed. She scrambled out of bed, her small tits
jiggling. "You two play. When I'm done getting Uncle Harry to fuck me,
I'll bring him up here for a party."

Tammy kicked the sheets off, exposing her naked body. She scrambled
into her father's arms. "Now, I've got you all to myself."

Douglas held her, the ache in groin returning. "Put on something real
sexy, Crissy. Blow his mind."

Crissy tingled. Her whole life had changed since yesterday morning. She
grabbed a pair of tight shorts and slipped them on. The cheeks of her
ass peeked out and the crotch dug erotically into the gash of her
pussy. "God. I'm creaming already."

Douglas, his hand cupping Tammy's wet pussy, watched as Crissy slipped
on a skimpy halter. "Your uncle will have an instant hard-on when he
sees you."

Crissy looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. Quickly,
she combed her hair, sweeping it into a long ponytail. "I hope Uncle
Harry likes 'em young, hot and willing."

"You described my brother perfectly," Douglas said, his cock throbbing
under Tammy's manipulating hands. "Tease him good and proper, baby."

"I will, Daddy." She glanced back over her shoulder and saw Tammy
feasting on her father's cock, her pussy directly over her father's
face. "Chew her up, Daddy."

Douglas groaned, pulled Tammy's pussy to his mouth and sucked.

Crissy left the bedroom. Her sister and father were too busy eating
each other to talk. She hurried downstairs to wait for her uncle, her
young body sizzling, eager to sample another cock.

Crissy was sitting on the couch when the doorbell rang. She almost
jumped out of her skin. "Oooooh, shit," she sighed, bouncing up from
the couch and hurrying to the door.

"Hi, honey," Harry said when Crissy opened the door. His breath caught
in his chest as he leered hotly at his young sexy niece. "Your father's
expecting me."

"Come on in, Uncle Harry," Crissy purred, tingling under his hot
glances. She went into his arms, rubbing her body against his, her lips
grazing wetly over his open mouth. "You haven't been around in weeks."

Harry's groin turned to cement and he held her for a moment, aware of
her soft young body pressed against his. He forced her out of his arms,
his face flushed, his cock growing rapidly in his pants.

Crissy took his hand, and she pulled him toward the couch. "You get
comfortable. I'll make you a drink."

Harry plopped on the couch and leered at his niece's ass as she
strolled over to the bar. "Whewww. I wonder how Doug manages to keep
his hands off her," he mumbled under his breath.

"Did you say something?" Crissy cooed.

"Nothin', honey." He stared at her ass as the soft creamy flesh of her
asscheeks peeked out from under the tight-fitting shorts. His cock had
stiffened into a raging hard-on. It happened every time he came over to
visit his brother, but today, his hot sexy little niece seemed to be
even sexier than ever.

Crissy felt his stare on her ass. She bent over, gave him a good view
as she picked up a piece of lint from the rug. She heard his breath
suck in, and it turned her on.

"Here's your drink, Uncle Harry," she said, walking toward him, her
small tits jiggling under the loose skimpy halter.

Harry devoured her with his eyes. "Where's your father?"

"He'll be home in a few hours. He said to wait, and for me to keep you
comfortable." She licked her lips and winked. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Not at all, honey," Harry said, his voice raspy.

"I'm glad," Crissy mewled, cuddling up against him on the couch. "I
know I'm only a teenager, but maybe we can find some things to do while
we wait for Daddy."

Harry's cock ached in his pants. He felt the pressure of her tit
against his arm and the sweet scent of her perfume invaded his head.
The things he wanted to do, he knew for sure Douglas wouldn't like at
all. He took a large gulp of his drink.

"Can I have some?" Crissy asked, rubbing her tit against his arm.

"Aren't you a little young to be drinking?" he said as Crissy took the
glass from his hand.

"I've been drunk before," she purred, gulping down the drink. "Mmmmm,
tastes good."

"You better be careful who you get drunk with," Harry said, watching
her go to the bar to make another drink. "Some boy might take advantage
of you."

"Oooooh, I don't like boys," Crissy said, bringing him a much stronger
drink. She stood in front of him. "I like men."

Harry's eyes focused on her crotch and the seam of her shorts cutting
into her pussy. He took the drink, then swallowed half of it. It was
going to be a long two hours.

Crissy glanced down at his crotch and saw the bulge. It turned her on,
knowing she could make a man hot. "Do you like young girls, Uncle
Harry?" She took his half empty glass and drained it.

Harry stared, his mouth drying up and the bulge in his pants growing
larger. "Every man likes young girls," Harry said, his voice husky, his
gaze riveted to Crissy's plump tits straining against her sexy halter.

"As young as me?" she purred, taking a deep breath, her nipples
swelling, outlined erotically against the pink material of her top.

"You're just a baby," Harry said, a lump growing in his throat.

She spun around, and swinging her ass, went back to the bar and made
another drink. "The boys don't think I'm a baby," she said, handing him
another drink. "They're always trying to get fresh with me."

"Do you let them?" he asked hoarsely, gulping thirstily on the fresh

"Never," she said, enjoying her teasing game. "I don't want some dumb
boy pawing at my tits." Her blue eyes brightened. "They're always
trying to stick their hands down my shorts and touch my pussy, too,"
she added breathlessly.

Harry's mind filled with an image of Crissy naked. "You can't blame
them," he said. "You're a very sexy girl."

She leaned over, planting a wet kiss on her uncle's mouth. "Thank you,
Uncle Harry."

Harry's eyes gazed into the top of her halter and saw the plump creamy
flesh of her tits. It took all of his willpower not to grab her and
haul her into his arms.

Crissy knew where he was looking and she stayed bent over, giving him a
real good look.

"Maybe I should go," Harry said, finding it difficult to keep his hands
off his young niece. "I'll come back when Doug's here."

"No," she pouted. She moved his arms and plopped on his lap. "Daddy
would never forgive me if I didn't keep you entertained while he was

The entertainment Harry had in mind, he was sure, Doug would never
approve of. He tried getting her off his lap, but she locked her arms
around his neck.

"Am I too young for you, Uncle Harry?" She brought her mouth to his ear
and flicked out her tongue.

"Jesus, Crissy," Harry moaned. She was squirming on his cock and the
pain filled his groin.

"Drinking all that whiskey made me high."

"Come on, honey," Harry rasped, the temptation to rape his hot sexy
niece growing stronger.

She rubbed against him and wiggled her ass. "I think your cock is
sticking me in the ass," she giggled. "I think you have a hard-on."

She grabbed his drink, stood up, and gulped it down. "Did I get you all
hot and bothered, Uncle Harry?"

Harry leered hungrily at his niece. His cock was throbbing and the
taste of her warm wet lips lingered in his mind.

"You didn't answer me," she teased. "Am I too young for you?"

"You're a baby," he said, his voice low, laced with desire for his sexy
blonde niece.

"Oooooh, Uncle Harry." She smoothed her hands over her tits, her hips
rocking gently from side to side. "I'll bet we could have a lot of fun
together before Daddy gets home."

"You better stop fucking around, honey," he warned. "I'm not some punk
kid you can tease."

"I don't wanna tease you," she said. "I want to make love to you, like
a woman."

He stared, watched her fondle her tits through her halter. "You're a
virgin, Crissy. Jesus Christ! I'm your uncle."

"I'm not a virgin," she said, licking her lips. In the next instant,
she whisked off her halter, bared her tits proudly, and enjoyed the
shocked expression of lust on her uncle's face.

"God, Crissy. I can't take much more of this." He ogled her tits. They
were beautiful, creamy, capped with pink rosy nipples.

"You like looking at them?" she asked breathlessly. She hefted them in
her hands. "Not as big as Tammy's, but nice enough, huh?"

The palms of Harry's hands were sweaty. He reached for his niece, his
lust raging like a fire in his balls. He spanned her creamy tits as she
stepped eagerly toward him. "Unnnn, Crissy!"

"Aaaaah!" she gasped, her knees buckling as she allowed her uncle to
fondle her tits. "Ooooh, Uncle Harry. You're making me cream."

Harry didn't believe what was happening. He was playing with his
brother's young teenaged daughter and he couldn't stop himself.
"Crissy," he groaned, his fingers sinking into the pliant meat of her
sweet succulent tits. "We gotta stop."

"Noooo, Uncle Harry. I don't wanna stop. It feels too good." She
stepped back out of his grasping hands. "You want me to take off my

Harry could do nothing but nod his head in agreement.

"Then you can prove it to yourself that I lost my cherry." She peeled
off her shorts, kicked them across the room, then displayed her young
naked body blatantly for her uncle's delight.

"Jesus, honey. You're gorgeous."

She stood close, legs spread, her breathing shallow. Her blue eyes
glowed with the passion that raged in her hot moist pussy. "Touch my
pussy, Uncle Harry. Stick in your finger."

"Unnn, Crissy." He brought his hands to his niece's lithe naked body.
He caressed her hips, her slim narrow waist, and her silky thighs. His
cock felt as if it were going to bust. "Crissy. We gotta stop."

"No, Uncle Harry," she cooed, knowing he was only talking. "Stick your
finger in my pussy." She wiggled her hips. "I'm all gooey inside."

Harry cupped the cheeks of her ass with one hand and slipped his other
hand between her legs. The sweet scent of her overheated pussy met his
nostrils as he stroked his finger through her wet sticky cunt gash.

"Inside!" she gasped. "Finger-fuck my pussy." She jerked, pulling his
head to her stomach. "Finger my pussy."

Harry jabbed a finger deep into Crissy's cunt. Nothing blocked his way.
"Damn," he muttered under his breath as her hot spongy cunt muscles
began to pulse and contract around his buried finger.

"Oooooh! I told you!" she cried. "Finger me. Do it fast and make me
cream. I'm ready to explode." Teasing her uncle, and knowing they would
end up fucking on the living room floor, had her crazy hot.

Harry jabbed his fingers in and out of her fuckhole. Warm squishy cunt-
cream coated his fingers. Her cushiony pussy muscles gripped tightly
around his fingers. He kneaded the cheeks of her ass, his head reeling.
"Goddamn, you're a hot little bitch."

"Yessss," she hissed through clenched teeth. "Hot for cock. Your cock,
Uncle Harry!" She jerked her hips, rotating them, and ground her cunt
down on her uncle's jabbing fingers.

"My asshole, too," she moaned, then realized what she had said.
"Finger-fuck my asshole, too."

Harry didn't believe it. His baby niece was creaming his fingers,
begging to have her asshole fingered. It blew his mind.

"Please, Uncle Harry. Finger my asshole while I cum."

Harry obliged his horny niece. He jabbed one finger into her asshole,
twisting it. At the same time, he jabbed another finger into her pussy.

"Ahhhh!" she wailed, jerking and thrashing on her uncle's stabbing
fingers. "Ooooh, I love it!"

An explosive climax ripped through her pussy. Her head jerked back,
snapping from side to side, her ponytail swishing across her crimson
face. Her knees buckled and she almost collapsed.

"I'm cumming, Uncle Harry. I'm creaming your fuckin' fingers." She
humped forward, driving his fingers into her pussy. Her ass rotated
frantically, her uncle's finger in her asshole, sending her squealing
into another mind-bending orgasm.

"Ooooh, I'm cumming. Oooooh, shit! I can't stand up." She fell against
her uncle, clawing her nails through his hair.

Harry kept her from falling. He fucked her pussy with his fingers, fed
her tight narrow shitter with another finger. The child's screams had
him crazy and he thought for sure he was going to cream his pants like
some damn kid. "Crissy," he groaned as hot frothy pussy-cum oozed from
her cunt and dribbled down his hand and wrist. "Sweet little Crissy."

Crissy grabbed him as her legs turned to rubber. She swayed, a high-
pitched scream rushing from her mouth. "I'm falling. Ooooh, Christ!"

With Crissy thrashing and twisting in his arms, Harry did his best to
keep her on her feet, but she was wiggling and twisting too much even
for him. "Jesus Fucking Christ!"

A shuddering spasm ripped through her cunt. Her back stiffened, then
her entire body went into spastic twitches and she seemed to melt to
the floor, Harry's fingers popping from her hot sizzling body.

Harry stared down at his young niece writhing on her back. He wanted to
tear off his clothes and rape her, but he controlled himself. She was
his brother's daughter and only a baby. His cock thought differently.
It throbbed for the heat of Crissy's pussy, making him groan in agony.

Crissy writhed lewdly on the rug, her glassy blue eyes staring up at
her uncle. She knew he was fighting the urge to fuck her. She also knew
he wouldn't be able to control his desire much longer. Knowing this
made her cream again, and she let out a low moaning rasp as another
orgasm caromed through her cunt.

"You're something, honey," Harry mouthed. Unconsciously, he rubbed his
cock through his pants.

"Let me do that, Uncle Harry," she whispered. "I love playing with
cocks." She pulled herself up, crawling over between his legs. "I love
sucking cocks, too."

Harry groaned and allowed his niece to attack his zipper. "Do whatever
you want, honey." He decided that if he were going to lose his battle
with his conscience, he might as well enjoy it.

Crissy pulled down his zipper and she fished inside his pants. Her hot
anxious fingers gripped the thick stem of his throbbing cock. She
pulled it out and stared wide-eyed at his long fat throbbing cock.
"Oooooh, Uncle Harry. It's gorgeous."

"Maybe too big for you," he said, figuring it was some kid who popped
her cherry.

"Oh, no," she sighed. "It's perfect." She held his cock in her hands
and looked up at his lust-crazed face. "It was a man who broke my
cherry, Uncle Harry." She licked her lips, smiled. "His cock was just
as big as yours."

"Christ!" Harry gasped, wondering what man had been lucky enough to get
between Crissy's beautiful legs and make her a woman. He stroked her
flushed face with his fingers. "Let me see how good you are with your
mouth, honey."

"I'm real good," she boasted. "I can take it all." She opened her
mouth, then closed it over the bloated head of her uncle's cock.

"Ahhhhh, Crissy," Harry groaned. The heat of her wet mouth shot down
through his prick shaft and churned the cum rumbling in his balls.
"Suck it, honey. Suck it all!" He no longer cared that she was his
brother's child. All that mattered was that the hot little bitch suck
him off.

With the head of his cock against the roof of her mouth, Crissy stroked
his fat veiny prick shaft with her hands. She sucked, getting a tasty
drop of cum in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his pisser and warm
drooling spit oozed from her mouth, drenching his cock shaft and her
stroking fingers.

Harry jerked his ass up from the couch, driving the head of his cock
into her throat. He groaned, his chest heaving as Crissy's teeth
clamped into his thick prick shaft. He dropped back, grunting as she
released her viselike grip. "Christ, Crissy, don't bite it off."

"Oooh, I won't bite it off," she giggled, popping her mouth off his
prick. "If I did that, you wouldn't be able to fuck me."

Harry moaned as he imagined himself between his niece's legs, ramming
home his cock. "Give it a good suck and I'll give you good fuck."


He reached down, placed the palms of his hands on her innocent face and
brought her mouth to his prick. "Stop talking and suck."

Crissy closed her lips around his prick. She sucked hard, drawing in
her cheeks. She used her tongue, whipping it across the underside of
his prick as she eased his meaty cock into her throat.

"Unnnn, Crissy!" He squirmed on the couch, his prick swelling inside
his niece's mouth. "Suck it, honey. Chew your uncle up real good."

Crissy gurgled, stifling a gag as the head of her uncle's prick
stretched her throat. She used her teeth, scraping them along his
sensitive prick shaft as she gobbled every hard inch of his cock into
her gullet.

Her mouth and throat stuffed with cockmeat, she slammed her face
forward, mashing her lips against his zipper. His hard thick cock
throbbed and she felt as if it had stabbed into her belly. Eyes bulging
and breathing hard through her nose, she kept his prick buried in her
throat, wallowing in the strength of his throbbing prick and the joy
she experienced in giving her uncle pleasure.

Harry looked down and groaned deep in his throat. She had gobbled his
entire cock into her mouth. It was unbelievable. He couldn't wait until
he fucked her pussy. He had found in his young niece a hot lustful
woman, and he intended to make the most of it before Douglas found out
and busted his head open.

Crissy gulped and eased back, her teeth dragging along the length of
his cock shaft. She gasped, spittle drooling from her clinging lips.
She stopped, only the head of his prick in her mouth.

She pulled off for a second. "Fuck my face!" she gasped, then plunged
her mouth back down over his cockhead.

Harry lunged up, driving his prick into her face. His cock fucked her
gullet, his groin whacking against her lips. He lunged up again,
slamming his prick over and over again into his niece's gobbling wet

Crissy savored each thrust of his cock, shuddering each time his prick
stretched and filled her throat. She used her tongue like a wet whip,
lashing it over his cock shaft as he plowed her face with hard
lightning fuck-stabs.

"Crissy," Harry growled, drilling her sucking mouth with his cock.
"Jesus ... Christ!" He jerked his ass off the couch and twisted his
hips. His cock skewered her throat. "Aghhh!"

Crissy sucked. Her uncle's prick was delicious. Her young mind swirled
with lust. She felt each fuck-stab, loving it when his zipper scraped
against her wet clinging lips. Gurgling, she felt his cock grow thicker
in her mouth and she knew it wouldn't be long before hot cum flooded
her throat.

"Unnn, Crissy," Harry groaned deep in his throat. He battled her
sucking mouth, not wanting to cream his niece's face. He didn't want it
to end in her mouth. Her pussy was where his cock belonged. He jerked
on the couch, holding the rumbling cum in his balls in check.

Crissy was out of her mind--first her father, now her uncle. She sucked
wildly, taking his long thick cock into her throat. Her head started to
bob up and down, matching her uncle's pace. She pulled at his pants,
clawing his hard groin with her nails.

Harry's balls began to rumble. His face twisted in agony. "Crissy," he
rasped. His back stiffened and his muscles tensed as he found it almost
impossible to stop his balls from erupting.

Crissy, sensing his reluctance to cream her face, pulled her mouth off
his cock. "Cum in my mouth, Uncle Harry. I'll suck you hard again so
you can fuck me." She licked her lips. "I love cum."

Harry nodded, knowing his little niece could do what she said. "Then
eat it, honey, and I'll give you every fuckin' drop I have."

"Ooooh, sounds good." Like a vulture, she brought her lips back to his
prick and gobbled it into her mouth. She took his prick to his balls,
his cock hair now tickling her nose. She felt his prick swell in her
throat and knew it wouldn't be long now. Swooning, she jerked her head
up and down, her sucking mouth churning the cum in her uncle's balls.

"Un ... un ... un!" Harry grunted, his ass humping up and down. He
fucked her face, his balls ready to burst.

With her mouth covering his prick, Crissy used her tongue and licked
his jabbing cock shaft. She sucked hard, her cheeks drawing in as she
urged the cum in his balls to erupt. Her teeth gnawed, her jaw working
rhythmically from side to side. She felt her uncle tense and she went

"I'm cumming," Harry roared, his voice filling the living room. He
slammed up into her mouth. "Aghhhh! I'm cumming!" His balls burst,
shooting a blast of thick white cum into his niece's tight wet throat.
It squirted deep. "Aghhh, Crissy!"

Crissy gulped the first thick wad. Her eyes bulged and she used her
mouth, meeting his upward thrusts, slamming her mouth down over the
length of his cock. She gulped, taking the steady squirting stream of
thick cum into her mouth and throat. It flooded her cheeks and she
gagged, but never stopped. She was hungry, needing it all to satisfy
her passion until he fucked her.

Harry fucked her throat, his hips jerking, his balls churning out cum
as fast as Crissy sucked it into her mouth. "Crissy!" he howled,
lunging up, his cock fucking deep into her throat. "Aghhh!" His balls
ached, the suction from his niece's mouth draining them.

Cum gushed from Crissy's clinging lips and her nose. It poured down her
throat and made her gag. Her nails raked the thick wrinkled skin of his
balls, making him roar like a lion.

She sucked maniacally, wanting every drop of her uncle's cum. Her head
bobbed up and down at a faster pace. She used her teeth, her tongue and
her lips. One deep suck filled her cheeks with a thick load.

Harry's slamming thrusts slowed as his balls emptied. He grunted, his
ass jerking, his prick still spurting, but with less force.

Crissy wouldn't stop. She grabbed the base of his prick shaft. It was
sticky with cum and spit. She jerked her fist up and down, her mouth
meeting her lips. Moaning, she sucked and jerked his cock until he
howled for her to stop.

Harry plunged up one last time, smashing his prick into her mouth. "No
more, Crissy." He dropped back to the couch, groaning, his prick still
trapped in his niece's mouth.

Crissy sucked the last few drops from his spent prick and she pulled
her mouth off. Cum dribbled from her lips and down her chin. A thin
stringy gob dropped to her nipple. "How did you like that, Uncle
Harry?" she panted as she licked her lips clean.

Harry rubbed his cock. "You're better than any woman I've ever had."

"I'm even better with a cock up my pussy."

"I'm counting on it, honey," he said. "I'm counting on it."

Chapter 7

Seething with lust, Crissy pulled her uncle down to the floor. Her
breathing was noisy and rapid, like a bitch in heat. She pulled at his
clothes, stripping him completely. Her hot glassy blue eyes devoured
her uncle's naked body. "I'm gonna get you hard again," she panted.

Harry ogled his lust-crazed naked niece. Her face was {rushed, eyes
bright, spit dribbling from the corners of her panting mouth. He rubbed
his limp sticky prick. "I'm sure you can."

Crissy straddled his thick hairy leg. She pressed her cunt down on his
thigh, soaking his skin with warm pussy-cream. "Oooooh, Uncle Harry.
I'm burning up inside."

Harry moaned. The heat of her cunt-cream seared through his thigh and
attacked his balls. The little sex maniac would have him hard in record
time. He was positive.

Gasping, Crissy glided her wet seeping cunt over her uncle's thigh and
down across his knee. She paused, ground her hips, and mangled her clit
against his knee. Her head snapped back as she screamed. "Ahhhhh!"

Harry jerked his knee and watched her face contort in bliss. He rubbed
his prick. It was beginning to grow. Just looking at the wild teenager
was enough to give any man a hard-on, no matter how many times he had
been fucked.

"It's getting hard," she moaned, delighted with the sexual power she
possessed. "God, it'll be stiff as hell any minute."

"I know," Harry grunted, jabbing his knee into her sopping-wet pussy.

"Oooooh, Uncle Harry!" she wailed, twisting her hips and mangling her
cunt against his knee. "Holy Christ!"

Crissy greased his shin and banged the cheeks of her ass against his
foot. With a glazed drunken expression on her flushed excited face, she
lifted her cunt. "Watch!" she gasped.

Harry groaned, his eyes fixed on his horny niece.

"Mmmmm," she hummed, trembling as she thought about what she was going
to do. In the next instant, she slammed her pussy down, driving her
uncle's foot into her cunt. "Aghhhh!"

"Jesus Christ, Crissy!" Harry growled.

Gasping, Crissy rotated her hips. Hot buttery pussy-cream coated his
toes and drooled down his foot. "It feels fantastic. Wiggle your toes."

Harry grunted and did what she wanted. "You hot little bitch."

"Oooooh, I'm creaming!" Her head snapped back, her blue eyes floating.
"I feel your fuckin' toes!"

Jerking and twisting, Crissy fucked herself on her uncle's foot. Tits
bouncing, her nipples ready to burst, she slammed her pussy up and
down, her uncle's toes jabbing deeper with each downward plunge.

A spasm ripped through her cunt. She shuddered and stiffened, then
toppled off her uncle's foot. "I'm so hot, Uncle Harry," she babbled as
she squirmed on the floor. "So fuckin' hot."

She reached for his cock. It was thick, yet still not rock-hard the way
she wanted it. Moaning like a bitch in heat, she pushed her hands
against her uncle's hips. "Roll over. I wanna eat your ass."

Harry rolled over willingly. It wasn't everyday that hot some nympho
wanted to chew on his ass. The fact that it was his teenaged niece made
it that much more exciting.

Drooling, her blue eyes flickering with the lust raging in her pussy,
Crissy crawled over her uncle. She attacked him like a wild tigress,
nipping her way down his back to the cheeks of his ass.

"Jesus, Crissy," he groaned, his cock mashed into the carpet. He jerked
his hips, twisted and groaned under her attacking mouth.

Crissy reached his ass and chewed. She crawled between his legs, gnawed
on his thighs, and licked the back of his thick-skinned ball-sac. She
coated his balls with warm spit, soaked his thighs, then whimpering,
she chewed hungrily on his asscheeks.

"Honey," he groaned, jerking under Crissy's hard snipping bites. "Easy,
for Christ's sake!"

Crissy was too involved and hot to hear her uncle's groans. She spread
the cheeks of his ass, slapped her tongue up through his crack and
soaked his wrinkled shitter with her spit. "Mmmmm, it looks so

"Honey ... suck it ... out!" He jerked his hips, smashing his ass
against her face.

"Unnnnnn," she moaned as her uncle smashed her face. She reached under,
grabbed his cock with both hands and squeezed.

"Aghhhh," Harry growled, his prick a prisoner of his niece's gripping
fingers. He thrashed on the floor, jabbing his thickening cock through
Crissy's hands. He slammed back, bucking his hips as Crissy's tongue
tormented his asshole.

Crissy chewed greedily on the soft flesh around his asshole, then
plunged her tongue into his shitter. She reamed his asshole, her
fingers mauling his cock. Her own body writhed, her tits scraping
against the carpet. Her clit, swollen with blood, scratched against the
nap of the rug.

She jammed her hips forward, mashing her clit into the rug and moaned,
her cries of lust lost in the flesh of her uncle's ass. She wormed her
tongue deep, slobbering spit into his shitter, and roughly played with
his prick.

Harry's cock stiffened into a rigid beam. He jerked back, whacking his
ass against his niece's face. "Honey," he groaned. "I'm ready! Christ!"

Panting and gasping for air, she pulled her face away from her uncle's
ass. She released his cock and scrambled up onto her haunches, waiting
like an insane animal for her uncle to roll over onto his back.

"Get on your back, Crissy," Harry said. "I'm goin' to fuck the shit out
of you."

Dazed, her head reeling, she laughed lewdly. "You'd have to fuck my
asshole if you want my shit." She stared at his prick stabbing the air.
"I need it in my pussy."

She scrambled over her uncle's body, straddling his hips. His cock
jutted up hard and inviting. She squiggled her hips, rubbing his hard-
on against her belly. "Oooooh, I think I'm crazy, Uncle Harry."

"I know you are," he rumbled, his voice deep, coated with lust. "Stick
it the fuck in."

Lewd animal sounds escaped her drooling mouth. Crissy leered hotly at
her uncle. She released his prick, jerked her hips, then slammed down,
pressing his cock against his groin. The puffy lips of her overheated
pussy wrapped around his cock shaft and warm sudsy pussy-cream flowed
out, drenching him in its sticky heat.

"Oooooh, it's throbbing. I feel it." She glided her cunt back and forth
over his prick, soaking it in pussy-cream. She lowered her head,
watched her tits jiggle and saw Harry's cockhead peek out as she jerked
her hips back.

"Unnnnn." She moved forward and felt his cock slide through her cunt
gash. "Oooooh, I'm ready for it!" she squealed. "Ready to be fucked!"

So was Harry. His niece had turned his balls into hot coals. His prick,
engorged with blood, ached to be buried up inside her teenaged pussy.
"Me, too, Crissy. Climb on and fuck yourself to death."

Trembling, her tits shaking, her mouth open, her eyes wide and glassy,
Crissy lifted her pussy from her uncle's cock. His prick twitched and
stabbed the air. "Oooooh, here I come!"

Harry stiffened, his body rigid as he waited for his niece to plunge
herself down onto his cock.

Crissy slammed down, impaling herself on his prick. "Ahhhhh!" Her head
snapped back and her face turned beet-red. "It's in me! Oooooh, Christ
in heaven! It's in me!"

Harry groaned. Her hot pussy muscles surrounded his prick, clutching
and pulsing against his cock shaft. Warm cream oozed out, flowing over
his cum-stuffed balls. "Crissy!" He jerked up, then dropped back, his
cock buried to the hilt.

Crissy twisted and screamed as she fucked herself blind on her uncle's
prick. Swaying, she leaned back, balancing herself on stiff arms as she
rotated her hips. "It's gonna rip through my belly!" she cried out.
"Oooooh, God. I'm going crazy!"

With Crissy wriggling her hips, Harry felt as if his cock were going to
break inside her pussy. He lunged up, jabbing his cock hard into her
cunt. Her screams drove him on and he lunged up again, drilling his
bent prick into the cushiony walls of her oozing cunt. She was

"Crissy," he groaned, slicing up into her pussy. "Gimme your tits." He
jabbed up again, stabbing her fuck hole.

Crissy struggled, brought herself up and ground her cunt down on his
cock. She jutted out her tits and leered at her uncle. "Pull 'em.
Squeeze 'em. Make 'em hurt." She lifted up, then slammed down, a lewd
expression on her face as she made her uncle grunt.

If she wanted it rough, Harry wanted to please her. He grabbed her tits
in his big hands and twisted the soft flesh until Crissy screamed in
pain. "Enough?" he rasped.

"Noooo!" she screeched. "More!" She slammed down on his prick again,
jerking her hips and tugging on his cock shaft with the greedy muscles
of her cunt.

Harry mauled her tits and humped up with his hips, his cock piercing
her spongy wet pussy. He yanked on her tits and felt her nipples burn
into his palms. His cock was throbbing, the steamy juice of her cunt
greasing his prick shaft, oozing out and coating his balls.

Crissy went wild on her uncle's cock. She leaned forward, mangling her
clit against his hard groin. "Oooooh, shit!" she squealed.

"You're rippin' my fuckin' tits off!" She slammed down, making her
uncle groan.

Harry released her tits, and he kneaded her quivering body until his
big hands spanned her wiggling hips. He jerked her back and forth, his
cock gliding in and out of her wet pulsing cunt. "Cream, honey. Cream
my fuckin' prick."

"Yessss, Uncle Harry!" she wailed, swinging her tits back and forth.
She dangled her small fleshy tits over his mouth and twisted her hips.
"Bite! Bite off my fuckin' nipples."

Harry lifted his head, latched his teeth sadistically onto one swollen
nipple and chewed. Crissy screamed. He lifted his ass from the rug,
fucking his cock into her cunt. Crissy howled.

"Yeahhhhh!" she cried out, the pain from Harry's chewing teeth fanning
the flames of passion raging in her cock-stuffed pussy. "I love it.
Oooooh, holy Jesus! I love it!"

Harry turned Crissy's creamy tits to a glistening red. Teeth marks
blotched her flesh. He sucked one nipple, chewing the tip, his hands
mauling her jiggling hips. His cock felt as if it were going to burst.
"Crissy," he groaned. "Cream!"

Crissy was bouncing crazily on her uncle's cock. Each fuck-stab felt as
if he were ripping into her belly. She jerked her shoulders and
screamed as Harry's teeth sunk into her sensitive nipple.

Harry grabbed his niece, held her lithe trembling body and rolled her
over onto her back. Grinning, he stared down at her face. "Now, you're
gonna cum, you crazy little bitch."

"Fuck me," she whimpered. "Fuck me." She lunged up and ground her clit
against his groin. "Make me cum all over your cock."

Harry eased his cock from her pussy, then jabbed forward, the head of
his prick spearing the hot scalding depths of her pussy. He did it
again, watching his niece writhe in ecstasy beneath him. "How's that,
Crissy?" he rasped, his voice ragged.

"Unnnn, more!" She clawed his shoulders and chest, her hips grinding
her clit against his groin. "Fuck me!"

Harry slammed her back onto the carpet. Crissy's screams followed each
vicious jab. Lust ate away at his brain and he fucked her young body
blindly, carrying them both to the peak.

"Harder! Harder!" she shrieked, battling her uncle, meeting his thrusts
with upward humps. "Oooooh, Uncle Harry!"

Crissy twisted and squirmed, her ass scraping against the nap of the
rug. She caught his rhythm, fucking herself insanely on his skewering
prick. Her small tits, still red and sore, jiggled with each gasping
breath she took. "I'm almost there!"

Harry obliged his niece's shrieking cries. He fucked into her pussy,
his cock a battering ram, slamming her twisting hot sizzling body back
onto the rug. "Crissy," he grunted. "Sweet ... Crissy!"

His cock swelled, ready to burst. It throbbed, the blood surging
through his prick shaft at the boiling point. His balls rumbled, ached
with the heavy load of cum that churned inside. "Cum!"

Twisting and squirming her hips, she clawed her uncle's arms. For a
second, she seemed to freeze, then went into her orgasm. "I'm cumming!
I'm creamin' ... Uncle Harry!"

Her climax ripped through her cunt as she slammed up against her
uncle's pounding groin. Cum gushed from the pulsing walls of her
exploding pussy, bathing Harry's hard throbbing cock. "I'm cumming!
Oooooh, keep fuckin' me!"

Harry rode the fury of his teenaged niece's orgasm. He fucked her, his
cock keeping her in a wild state of screaming bliss. The hot cum of her
pussy and the pulsing muscles that attacked his stabbing cock shaft
brought him to the edge. His balls erupted.

"I'm cumming," he roared, his deep ragged voice filling the room. "I'm
cumming!" Hot white cum spewed from his pisser, splattering the steamy
depths of Crissy's climaxing cunt. He jabbed, grinding her into the
carpet as another hot spraying stream of cum shot from his cock and
flooded his niece's fuck hole.

They slammed against each other, their pounding bodies slapping noisily
together each time Crissy lunged up and Harry slammed her back. Harry's
deep grunts blended with Crissy's wailing screams. His cum squirted
into her cunt, mixing with the gushing cum from her pulsing pussy

"Oooooh, I'm still cumming!" Crissy cried. The hot sticky mixture of
their cum gushed from her pussy. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Harry drove her twisting body back onto the floor. His cock sliced
through the oozing goo, fucking deep, his balls still churning out more
of his white thick jizz.

"Ooooh, I feel your cum!" she screamed. "I'm so full!" She went insane.
Her young lithe body wrenched and twisted beneath her uncle's powerful
frame. She clung to him with her arms, wrapped her legs around his
jabbing hips, and pounded his back with her heels.

"Keep making me cream!" She jerked up, slamming her young body against
his hard frame. Her hips bucked and rolled while her cunt exploded
again. "I'm still cumming!"

Harry's balls rumbled, his grunts turning to gasps as the child beneath
him tried to drain his body. His hips lunged forward and his arms gave
out. He crushed her beneath him, his cock fucking violently in and out
of her cunt. "Crissy! Crissy!"

Crissy threw herself against his pounding body. Another jolt of passion
caromed through her pussy. She stiffened and trembled, her entire body
feeling as if it were going to break. Her mouth opened, but nothing
came out except garbled gasps of joy. "Aghhh!"

Harry groaned, his prick and balls empty. His hot sexy niece had
drained him completely. He rolled off, his chest heaving as he sucked
air into his lungs.

"Ooooh, Uncle Harry," she purred. She squeezed her thighs together and
felt the cum squish inside her pussy.

"We better get dressed," Harry said. He sat up, reaching for his
clothes. "Your father will be home soon."

Crissy giggled. "We have plenty of time." She scrambled to her feet,
spread her legs and offered her uncle her hand. "Come on up to my
bedroom. I got a surprise for you."

"Better make it quick," Harry said, getting to his feet. "Your father
will bust my head open if he catches us."

Crissy took his hand, and she led him to the stairs. "I think you're
going to like my surprise."

Harry nodded, his gaze glued to her small wiggling ass as they climbed
the stairs. "Just make it quick, honey."

Crissy threw open the door to the bedroom, then led her uncle inside.
"Say hello to Daddy, Uncle Harry." She giggled and stepped aside.

"Holy Christ!" Harry groaned. He stood dead in his tracks, staring at
his brother, who lay on the bed between Tammy's parted thighs.

Tammy waved, her face flushed and her tits jiggling. "Hi, Uncle Harry,"
she cooed, her hips squirming as her father licked his tongue up
through her pussy.

Douglas pulled his head out from between Tammy's long parted legs. He
leered at his brother, a wide lewd grin on his juice-stained face.
"Glad you could join us, Harry. These two hot little nymphos are too
much for just one man."

Harry groaned, his head reeling as he plopped into a chair. "I always
wondered if you were making it with your kids."

"We just started last night," Crissy giggled, dropping into her uncle's
lap. She rubbed her bare ass against his limp prick. "Let's watch. When
Daddy's done, you can fuck Tammy."

"Mmmmm, I'd love that," Tammy purred, her tongue flicking out over her

Douglas stroked his fingers through Tammy's wet pussy. Hot cream coated
his fingers. "How did you like making it with Crissy?" Douglas asked.

Harry fondled Crissy's small plump tits. "She's fantastic." He dropped
his hand between her thighs. "I sure would have liked bustin' her

Douglas grinned. "No more cherries in this house. I took care of them
last night."

"Ooooh, Daddy," Tammy moaned. "Lick me off while I look at Uncle
Harry." She squirmed on the bed. "You wanna watch me cum, Uncle Harry?"

"I sure do, Tammy," he said, ogling the teenager's large tits. "Then
I'll fuck you."

"Ooooh, Uncle Harry," Tammy crooned. She humped up, her pussy pulsing
against her father's jabbing fingers. "Eat me, Daddy."

"Eat her, Doug," Harry groaned. "Prime her pussy for my cock."

Crissy squirmed on her uncle's lap and rubbed her tits against his
chest, her mouth showering his face with kisses. "Eat her, Daddy, then
I'll suck you off."

Douglas pulled his fingers from his daughter's cunt. "I'll make the
little nympho scream her fuckin' head off." "Yes, Daddy. Make me
crazy!" Tammy writhed on her back, her pussy dripping, overheated and
pulsing for her father's tongue.

Douglas forgot about Harry and Crissy. He turned around and stared at
Tammy's cunt. "Now where was I?"

"You had your mouth on my cunt and your tongue in my fuck hole," Tammy

"Ummmm, I remember now." He dropped his head back between Tammy's
juice-stained thighs. The sweet succulent scent of her pussy attacked
his nostrils. "Nice tender cuntmeat."

"Ooooh, stop teasing me, Daddy," Tammy moaned. "Eat me!" Her green eyes
flashed, leering at her uncle. "I'm so hot for your cock, Uncle Harry."

Douglas plunged his tongue into his daughter's pussy, sucking the puffy
folds into his mouth and chewed. Warm sudsy pussycream flowed over his
face and into his mouth. He chewed harder, making his daughter wail
with pleasure.

"I'm creaming, Daddy!" Tammy wailed, her eyes fixed on her uncle. "I'm
creaming!" She humped, her tits jiggling, her ass squiggling on the
bed. "Ooooh, Daddy! You're chewing me up!"

Douglas' tongue flashed up through Tammy's wet seeping cunt gash. A
glistening flow of pussy-cream drenched his tongue, his face, and
dribbled down his neck. He swirled the buttery ooze around Tammy's
swollen cuntlips, then sucked deep. She was delicious. It wasn't every
man who had two young girls to fuck and suck.

Orgasms skimmed through Tammy's pussy. The inside of her cunt
contracted, gripping an imaginary cock. She rotated her hips and ground
her cunt into her father's mouth. "Ooooh, Daddy! I'm cumming all over
your face."

Douglas whipped his tongue over her clit, then sucked it into his
mouth. As he chewed, Tammy's squeals of pleasure grew louder. Holding
her clit with his teeth, he lashed the tip with his tongue.

Tammy was out of her skull. Having an audience drove her wild. "I'm
creaming!" she screamed. "Watch me!"

Douglas slipped his hands under Tammy's jiggling ass. He mauled her
flesh and chomped on her pussy. Cum flowed over his face, into his
mouth. He chewed harder, his head shaking from side to side, her clit
trapped between his teeth.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Tammy's big creamy tits were flopping. She grabbed
them, squeezed, then screamed as her father's teeth sunk into her
pulsing blood-engorged clit. "Aghhhh! Don't stop now, Daddy!"

Saliva drooled from her panting mouth. Her green eyes stared at Crissy
and her uncle. Her hips twisted, her ass humped, and she clawed the
sheet with her nails. "Oooooh, don't ever stop, Daddy!"

Douglas gnawed roughly on her clit. The taste of his daughter's pussy
was fantastic. He sucked her clit, plunged his tongue into her fuck
hole and felt her muscles try to capture him. He dug his blunt fingers
into the cheeks of her ass, found her crack and shoved one finger in.

"Aghhhhh, Daddy!" Humping wildly, Tammy bucked her hips, mashing her
cunt into her father's mouth as she jerked back and twisted on his ass-
stabbing finger. "I'm cumming, Daddy! Oooooh, I'm so fuckin' hot!"

She arched her back and shuddered. "Ahhh!" Another spasm racked her
young overheated body. She lifted her ass, jerked, then crashed back to
the bed. "Now, Uncle Harry."

Douglas pulled his cum-stained face away from his daughter's pussy.
"She's all yours, Harry. Fuck her to death."

Crissy leaped off her uncle's lap, and Harry hurried to the bed, his
cock stiff, throbbing for the hot red-haired cunt of his niece.

Douglas sat in the chair, allowing Crissy to lick his face clean.

Ten minutes later, Tammy and her uncle screamed as their bodies
exploded in orgasm. Douglas' voice joined in the chorus as Crissy's
gobbling mouth sucked his cum from his balls.

The two men spent the day in bed, sharing and enjoying Crissy and her
sister, Tammy.

Chapter 8

Crissy tingled with excitement as she stood in the shower, the hot
water beating against her tits. She lathered her pussy and ass with
sweet-smelling soap. "Ooooh, shit!" she gasped, the rough washcloth
rubbing against her sensitive clit.

She soaped her tits, sighing as her nipples swelled and ached for her
father's mouth. Leaning back against the tiled shower stall, she rinsed
her tits. Spasms rippled through her hot young body as she rinsed her
cunt and ass.

By the time she had stepped out of the shower and dried herself, she
was sizzling hot, her pussy frothy with juice. She padded into the
bedroom and looked at her naked body in the mirror.

Five days ago she had thought no man would want a child. She had
learned differently. Her father and uncle were crazy about her body and
couldn't get enough of it. "Mmmm," she purred. "Today, I'll have them
all to myself."

"Ooooh, God," she sighed. It was what she had wanted since recruiting
her uncle into the sex games with her father and sister. Tammy, she
knew, would be gone all day and her father and uncle were downstairs
waiting. It blew her mind.

She fluffed her blonde hair, then slipped a pair of black-lace
crotchless panties on. The lace tickled her exposed clit, sending goose
bumps up and down her spine. She slipped on the matching bra, the front
cut out so that her pink nipples could peek out erotically. She had
bought the sexy things yesterday, knowing she would have her father and
uncle to herself today.

To keep her surprise a secret, she pulled a robe on and left the
bedroom, tying the sash tightly around her slim waist as she hurried
down the stairs for an afternoon of fantastic sex.

Douglas was at the bar, sipping beer. Harry was on the couch, a drink
in his hand. Both turned to face Crissy as she strolled into the living

"What took you so long?" Doug asked, leering hotly at his young

"Yeah, honey," Harry said. "You getting yourself off in the shower?"

Crissy giggled, shivering under the ogling gazes of her father and
uncle. "I was washing my pussy and asshole," she said with a wink. She
joined her father at the bar, poured herself a stiff drink, then gulped
down half of it.

"Don't get drunk, baby," Douglas said. "It dulls the senses." He leaned
over and kissed his little daughter on the mouth.

Crissy sucked his tongue, then pulled away. "Just a little buzz," she
giggled. "It makes fuckin' around more fun."

"You hiding anything under that robe?" Harry asked, his hand on his

"A surprise," she cooed, finishing her drink. She rubbed her father's
crotch. "Mmmm, you're hard already."

"I get hard every time you come into the room," Doug said. He finished
his beer and joined Harry on the couch.

"You hard, too, Uncle Harry?" Crissy purred. She stood in the center of
the living room, both men giving her their undivided attention.

"Hard as a rock, honey," he said. "You can check anytime you want."

"I will," she giggled. "Soon." Crissy swooned. Today was going to be
the best day of her life.

She parted her robe, giving the two horny men a peek at what was
underneath. Her heart was pounding and her pussy was on fire.

Doug gulped back the lump in his throat, his eyes fixed on his luscious
daughter as the robe opened completely. "Crissy. God, you're gorgeous."

Crissy licked her lips and slipped the robe off her shoulders. It
melted to the floor and she shuddered as tiny orgasms rippled through
her cunt.

"Damn," Harry groaned. "You're better than any woman, Crissy." His eyes
bugged out as he leered at his young sexy niece.

Crissy paraded around the room, modeling for her father and uncle.
"There's no crotch," she said, parting her legs. "You can fuck me with
my panties on if you want."

"My cock feels like a rock," Harry said, his eyes devouring his niece.

"Mine, too," Doug said, enjoying the sight of his beautiful daughter.

"I'm creaming," Crissy moaned. "God, the way you two are looking at me,
I can't help but cream."

She walked over to them. "Rip off my bra, Daddy." She took a deep
breath and waited.

Douglas grabbed the flimsy material and yanked. It came away in his
hand, baring her plump creamy tits. "Baby," he rasped.

She shook her tits and rubbed them against her father's hand. "Play
with 'em," she moaned, enjoying the attention of both men. "Pinch 'em."

Her father pinched her nipple. He grabbed her creamy flesh, pawing her
as his cock throbbed in his pants.

"You, too, Uncle Harry." She trembled as her uncle mauled her other
tit. It was great not having to share her father and uncle with Tammy.

She wiggled her hips, her blonde hair swishing across her face. "Make
me hot!" she gasped, tingling under the pawing hands of her father and
uncle. "Make me cream."

Harry kneaded one plump tit, his cock aching. "Come on, honey. Let's
get down to some action."

"Yeah, baby," Douglas said. He grabbed her panties in a fit of passion,
tearing them from her hot little body. The sight of her blonde-haired
pussy made his balls rumble.

"Ooooh, Daddy," she giggled, stepping back out of their pawing hands.
"Look what you've done." She turned around, jiggling the cheeks of her

Harry reached out, mauling her ass, his finger teasing at the crack of
her asshole. "I'm gonna fuck your ass today, Crissy."

Crissy gasped and shoved back, allowing her uncle's finger to invade
the tight narrow canal of her shitter. "Oooooh, I know! I know!"

She moved away and faced them. "Take off your clothes," she squealed.

Quickly, both men stripped, their long thick cocks stabbing out from
their hairy groins.

Crissy gasped, feasting her eyes on their cocks. Today, they both
belonged to her and she intended to savor every minute of it. She was
in her glory.

"I'm gonna suck you both off," she said, her blue eyes glowing with
passion. Crissy dropped to her knees, and she crawled to her father and
uncle. She straightened up, grabbed both pricks, one in each hand, and
stroked them. "Ooooh, so much cockmeat for me to eat."

Harry groaned as he felt her hot breath on the head of his bloated
cock. "Suck it, Crissy. Get it nice and hard for your asshole."

"Me, too," Douglas groaned, his hips jerking his prick through his
daughter's fist.

Crissy brought her mouth to her uncle's cock, closed her lips around
his bloated prick head and sucked. A thick drop of precum oozed into
her mouth and she smeared it over her lips and the head of her uncle's
prick. "You're seeping, Uncle Harry," she cooed, after taking her mouth
off his prick.

She brought her mouth back to her uncle's prick, then sucked deep,
enjoying his groans of pleasure. She squeezed her father's prick,
jerking his cockshaft with long sensuous strokes.

Douglas looked down at his daughter as she sucked his brother's prick.
It seemed like only yesterday that she was an innocent baby. Now she
was more of a woman than anyone he had ever known. "My turn," he
rasped. "Don't forget me."

Crissy popped her mouth off her uncle's prick. "I could never forget
you, Daddy." She tugged on both pricks, then squiggled over to her
father's cock and soaked it with her tongue. "Mmmm, delicious."

Douglas jerked, driving his prick into her mouth, his cockhead spearing
her throat.

Crissy sunk her teeth into his cockshaft. She pulled back, dragging her
teeth along his prick. "Get on the floor. It'll be easier for me."

Douglas dropped to the floor on his back, his prick stabbing the air.
"Come and get it, baby."

Crissy crawled over between his legs. She looked back at her uncle.
"Play with my pussy and ass," she purred, "while I suck Daddy."

"Whatever you want, honey. It's your party." Harry got down on the
floor, fondled his niece's ass and slim hips. He smoothed his hands
over her back and watched as she lowered her head to his brother's

Crissy gobbled the head of her father's cock into her mouth. One deep
noisy suck brought his bell-shaped cockhead into her throat. She didn't
stop. Gobbling voraciously, she took his prick to the root, stopping
only when her lips were mashed against the hair of his groin.

"Ahhh, baby," Douglas groaned. He lunged up, stabbing his prick into
her gullet. Each jab mashed his daughter's lips onto his groin.

Crissy scratched her nails like a cat over her father's hairy stomach.
She gulped on his lunging prick, breathing hard through her nose each
time he pierced her throat. She used her teeth and gnawed on his
drilling cockshaft.

Harry dipped his hands between Crissy's thighs, stroking his fingers
along the wet puffy gash of her pussy. Warm sticky cunt-cream flowed
over his hand. "She's soaked, Doug," he groaned. "A fuckin' furnace
ready to be fucked."

Crissy popped her mouth off her father's prick. "Not yet, Uncle Harry.
Finger me first. Make me crazy!" She tilted her head and gobbled on the
length of her father's prick.

Harry jabbed three fingers into his niece's cunt, then twisted his
fingers, the blunt tips gouging at the spongy walls of her fuckhole.

"Ahhhh!" Crissy gasped, her head snapping back. "Keep fingering me! My
asshole, too!"

Harry grinned and shook his head in amazement as he watched her writhe
under his jabbing fingers. "You got a great daughter, Doug." He jabbed
the sopping walls of her cunt, his prick aching to be in her ass.

Crissy was in heaven. "Ooooh, Daddy. Uncle Harry is making me crazy!"
She wiggled her hips and jammed back. "Tell him to finger my ass! Get
it ready for your cock, Uncle Harry!"

Doug reached down, grabbed her thick blonde hair and forced his prick
into her mouth. "Eat it, baby. Make me harder." He lunged up, fucking
her throat. Groaning, he collapsed back on the floor, twitching as her
teeth gnawed away at his throbbing cockshaft.

Crissy sucked, gnawed and whipped her tongue over and around his
cockshaft. She was in bliss as she enjoyed both her father and uncle.

Working her ass in tight jerky circles, she ground back at her uncle's
plunging fingers. She feasted on her father's prick, eager for her
uncle to ream her ass and prime it for his cock.

Harry jabbed a finger into Crissy's tight asshole. He twisted his
finger, gouging at the dry walls of her narrow shitter. He raked both
his niece's fuckholes, watching her hips jerk and twist as his cock
throbbed to take the place of his fingers.

Doug humped up, blindly fucking his prick in and out of his daughter's
throat. "Baby," he groaned. "Chew me! Aghhh!"

Crissy lost her mind. She sucked, sinking her teeth into her father's
cockshaft, shoved back and massaged her uncle's buried fingers with her
pussy and asshole muscles. Gasping moans gurgled deep in her throat.
Spittle dribbled from her mouth, down her father's prickshaft as she
bobbed her head rapidly up and down.

Harry pulled his fingers from her body and watched as she went into
spasms. Grinning lewdly, he took his juice-stained fingers and rammed
them into her ass, stretching her shitter wide, preparing it for his
long thick cock.

With three fingers stuffed in her ass, Crissy snapped her head away
from her father's cock. "Ayieeee!" she squealed. She stared at her
father, her face red with passion, her blue eyes glassy and dilated.
"He's fingering my asshole, Daddy!"

"Chew me, baby. Get me ready for your pussy."

"I'll prime her, Doug," Harry groaned. With his fingers still buried in
Crissy's asshole, he aimed his throbbing cock at her pussy. "Here,
Crissy, feed on this awhile." He jabbed, stabbing his prick in to the
root with one fast lunge.

Crissy almost collapsed. She dropped her head, swallowing her father's
prick into her mouth. She chewed, pulled back and gasped for air.
"Ooooh, Daddy. He's fuckin' me! He's fuckin' me!" She swooned, her blue
eyes glazed.

Harry ripped into her pussy, cunt juice greasing his prickshaft. It
flowed over his jabbing cock, bathing it, greasing it for her asshole.
"I think she's ready," he grunted, fucking his prick in and out of her
cunthole, his fingers plunging into her ass.

"I am ready!" Crissy gasped. "Ready for both your cocks." Dazed,
passion bubbling in her veins, she jerked forward, forcing her uncle's
cock and fingers to pop out of her cunt and asshole. "A double fuck!"
she cried. "Ooooh, God!"

Crissy began to shake. She stared first at her father's spit-soaked
prick, then at her uncle's cream-coated cock. She straddled her father,
then plunged down, burying his cock to the root. "Ahhhh!" Her cunt
contracted, gripping her father's prick. "Ooooh, Daddy! Daddy!"

Douglas grabbed his daughter's plump tits and squeezed. He pulled her
forward, his cock throbbing inside her steamy pussy. "Now, baby. It's
time you really learned what it's like to be a woman."

Crissy's eyes popped. Her mouth dropped open. "Yessss!" she wailed.
"Ooooh, yesss!"

Harry crawled behind his niece, his prick swinging, coated in the soupy
froth of her pussy. He grabbed her jerking hips and saw the base of his
brother's cock, the rest buried up inside her pussy. Warm cream oozed
out from her clinging cuntlips, down over Doug's balls.

"Hurry, Uncle Harry!" she sobbed drunkenly. She wriggled her ass, the
frantic action grinding her clit against her father's hard groin.

"Ooooh, Daddy! Make him hurry!" She rolled her hips from side to side,
twisting her clit against his groin. "Make him hurry!"

"Stop jerkin' your fuckin' ass," Harry groaned, his prick throbbing,
his cockhead seeping.

"Ooooh, Uncle Harry," she moaned. "I can't stop. Daddy's cock feels too
good!" She humped on her father's cock, her cunt muscles twitching
around his buried hard-on.

Harry pawed her hips, gripping them tightly in his hands, holding her
steady for a second. He jabbed, the head of his cock slicing through
the tight wrinkled crack of her asshole. He stabbed again, burying half
his cock in her shitter.

"Aghhhh!" Crissy jerked like a wildcat. "All of it! Every fuckin'
inch!" She shoved back, trying to capture his prick.

Harry slammed in again. The juicy cream of Crissy's pussy had done the
trick. His entire cock ripped into her asshole, his groin now flush
with her creamy asscheeks. He eased back, then drove forward again, his
cock fucking easily through the tight ring of her ass.

Crissy leered at her father's face. "Ooooh, Daddy! He's so deep! Ooooh,
it feels so good." She was drunk with passion, reeling under the double
pleasure of having both her uncle's and father's cocks buried up inside
her scalding body. "Oooooh! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Doug mauled her tits, his cock throbbing up inside her pussy. "We're
gonna cream you, baby."

"I know, Daddy!" she gasped. "I know!" She was delirious. Spit drooled
from her mouth. "I love it!" It was fantastic and she couldn't wait
until their hot cum flooded her body.

Harry's head was spinning. His cock was buried to the hilt, the muscles
of her ass clutching his prickshaft like a hot vise. He parted her
creamy asscheeks and leered at his buried prick and the tight muscle of
her asshole wrapped around his cockshaft. He jerked back and felt her
muscles tug greedily to keep him buried.

"Put it back!" Crissy wailed hysterically. She worked her hips in a
flurry of frenzied circles. "Rip open my ass!"

Harry glanced down at his brother and nodded. He lunged forward,
driving his cock deep into her ass. At the same time, Douglas slammed
up, ramming his prick deep into her pussy. The two vicious jabs almost
split the screaming teenager in two. They fucked her violently, her
screams of joy filling the living room.

Crissy snapped her head from side to side, her blonde hair whipping
across her crimson face. "Ooooh, Daddy! Uncle Harry!" She absorbed
their hard punishing jabs, thrived on them, battled back, squeezing
every ounce of pleasure from her first double fuck. "Faster, Daddy!
Harder, Uncle Harry! Fuck me! Oooooh, God, I'm goin' crazy!"

Harry ravaged his niece's asshole with hard stabbing thrusts. His
balls, crammed with cum, slapped painfully against her quivering body.
He growled, his face twisting into a mask of sheer lust. He gritted his
teeth, his lips drawing back, giving his face a maniacal look. Harder
and harder, he plunged his prick in and out of her tight gripping
shitter, grunting with each powerful fuck-stab.

Douglas lunged up, slamming his prick into her hot pulsing pussy. With
his brother's prick jabbing her asshole, it made his daughter's pussy
that much tighter. His ass lifted off the floor as he groaned, then
thudded back as Crissy ground her clit against his groin. "Baby. Sweet
... Crissy!" He drilled his prick into her pussy as hot sudsy cream
greased his cockshaft and soaked his balls.

Crissy twisted and churned, bucking like a crazed animal between them.
She saw the passion in her father's face, then turned her head and saw
the same lust in her uncle's eyes. "Oooooh, God!" she cried, knowing
she was turning them both into madmen bent on ripping her apart.
"Ooooh, God in heaven!"

"Harder! Harder!" she screamed as they fucked her with fast demanding
thrusts. She went wild, her body jerking frantically under the
devastating attack. "Oooooh, Christ! I'm goin' out of my fuckin' mind!"

At the mercy of their stabbing cocks, Crissy found their rhythm, caught
the demanding pace and climbed screaming to the peak. "Ooooh, I'm
getting close! So damn fuckin' close!"

Douglas fucked his prick into her pussy, slamming in and out of her
gripping cunthole, his ass whacking into the carpet each time she
slammed back down on his cock. He held her tits, twisted them and made
her scream. He watched her face contort with lust. It swelled his cock,
rumbled the cum in his balls.

Harry thrust forward, driving Crissy against Douglas' lunging body,
mashing her clit on his groin. Each jab brought him closer to emptying
his balls. "Soon, my hot little bitch!" he roared, his prick engorged
with blood and throbbing in the narrow hole of her shitter. "Soon!"

Crissy was swooning. She felt the pressure of her climax mount in her
cunt. She felt each fuck-stab of their cocks. She felt them swell
inside her holes, stretching her beyond anything she had ever dreamed
of. It was going to happen and it blew her mind. "Oooooh, cream me!
Cream me!"

She stared at her father as his hands kneaded her tits. "Uncle Harry's
gonna cum, Daddy! He's ready to cream my ass!"

Harry let out a deep roar. His balls rumbled, then exploded. The hot
cum churning in his balls shot through his bloated cockshaft. It
squirted from his pisser like a hot geyser, flooding the narrow canal
of Crissy's shitter. "I'm cumming! Aghhhh, Crissy!"

"He's creaming me, Daddy! He's creaming my asshole!" Her virgin asshole
gulped at Harry's squirting cock. "He's squirting me, Daddy! Ahhhh ...
a ... hot ... enema!"

She bucked under her uncle's spurting cock, using her muscles to milk
his plowing prick. "More! More!" she screamed greedily. "Drown me!"

Harry was out of his skull. He pounded his niece with hard blind fuck-
stabs. His balls rumbled, then erupted again, spewing thick stringy
wads of jizz into her asshole. "Crissy!" he bellowed, his cum greasing
her shitter for faster speed. "I'm creaming!"

Harry lashed at her twisting body, his balls sore as they whacked her
ass. He went faster, his cum keeping her asshole slippery. He held her
hips and fucked, his prick constantly squirting her ass as he grunted.

Crissy crashed forward, her clit a mangled mass of raw meat. She
twisted and ground her clit against her father's groin. Spasms racked
her body. "Cum, Daddy! Cream my pussy!"

She worked her ass in quick frenzied jerks, keeping her uncle's cock
buried and squirting hot cum into her asshole. She used her cunt
muscles to make her father cream her pussy. Hot contractions swept
through her cunt and she felt her father's body stiffen and knew he was
ready. She was, too.

"Daddy! Daddy!" An orgasm erupted deep in her cunt. "I'm cumming!
Creaming!" She bucked as her orgasm caromed through her cock-stuffed
cunthole. "Cum! Cum!"

Douglas saw the lust twist his daughter's face. He felt the fury of her
climaxing cunt against his fucking prick. He glanced at his brother
fucking her ass and enjoyed the shuddering spasms that shook his

Douglas lunged up. His cock exploded. Hot cum spewed from his pisser.
Thick globs flooded her cunt. "I'm cumming, baby! I'm cumming!"

"Ahhhh!" she wailed, her cunt filling with cum, mixing with her own hot
creamy juices. His cum squirted into her pussy, triggering another
explosive orgasm in her. Thrashing and screaming, she climaxed again.

"I'm cumming all over your cock, Daddy!" She bucked. "Oooooh, I'm

Douglas' cock blasted out thick wads of cum. He flooded her overheated
pussy, mixing his sticky cum with her bubbling juices. Squishy noises
blended with her cries of joy each time he fucked his cock through her
cum-stuffed cunt.

Their thick spurting cocks slammed into Crissy's climaxing body. They
fucked her, grunting and panting as she creamed. Two thick cocks
sprayed her fuckholes with cum. Jizz oozed from her pussy and seeped
from her jiggling ass. Cum trickled down her crack, coated both sets of
thick-skinned balls.

"I can't stop cumming, Daddy," she shrieked at the top of her lungs.
"Oooooh, I can't stop!" Her head snapped from side to side, her blonde
hair lashing across her father's face and her own. She twisted her
shoulders. Her father's hands pulled and mauled her tits. Her clit,
mashed against her father's groin, was raw and pulsing, sending hot
spasms through her cunt.

Harry matched his niece's bucking jerks. He lunged hard, fucking his
prick into her ass at a reckless pace. His balls rumbled, their spewing
load of jizz almost gone. He mangled the soft flesh of her hips and
plowed her hot body with all the strength he possessed.

Harry's back stiffened. He shuddered, gulping for air, his chest
heaving. His cock was buried to the hilt, her ass keeping him a

"Don't take it out!" she screeched, her hips rotating frantically. She
wrenched her body and slammed her pussy down on her father's cock,
grinding her clit on his groin. Another orgasm rifled through her

Harry was exhausted. He dropped back, his cum-coated cock popping from
her tight ass. He saw his cum dribbling from her ass. "Jesus," he
rasped, falling back on the floor to watch her ride her father.

With her asshole empty, Crissy rode her father's cunt-splitting cock
with wild abandonment. Quick jerks and frenzied twists had her howling
as Douglas spurted wad after wad of cum into her pussy. Her head
twisted, her eyes glazed, she stared at her uncle while she continued
to grind her clit on her father's groin.

Tammy came in the door and froze in her tracks. Her eyes took in the
scene at a glance. It blew her mind. "Jesus," she mumbled, stripping
off her clothes as quickly as possible. She joined her uncle on the
floor, saw his spent cock, knew where it had been, and gobbled it into
her mouth.

Crissy was too busy cumming to notice. She pounded her body against her
father's, almost tearing her tits from her chest in her crazed wild
contortions. "Daddy! Daddy!" she wailed.

Douglas arched his back. "Baby!" His hands slipped to her gyrating
hips. He drove his hips up, fucking her cunt as his strength began to
ebb. "Ooooh, baby!"

Cum gushed from her cushiony pussy walls. It drenched his prick.
"Daddy!" She hammered her body onto his, then collapsed, panting and
drooling, her mouth fused to his neck.

Douglas held his daughter as she trembled in his arms. "You're a woman
now," he whispered, stroking her back.

Tammy pulled her mouth from her uncle's cock and she crawled over to
Crissy and her father. She pushed Crissy off and attacked her father's
cock, sucking him clean.

Crissy fell back onto the floor, cum oozing from both her fuck holes.
She sighed, stared blankly up at the ceiling.

Tammy finished with her father, then turned her attention to Crissy.
"Now you!" she gasped.

"Oooh, no," Crissy moaned, but it was too late. Tammy was already
between her legs, sucking her father's cum from her pussy.

Tammy's mouth gobbled hungrily, drawing out every wad of her father's
cum from Crissy's pussy. Crazed with what she had seen, she rolled
Crissy over, attacked her ass and feasted on her uncle's cum as it
oozed from Crissy's ass.

Finished with them all, she sat up. "Now, it's my turn."

Both men groaned.

Crissy staggered to her feet. The day had been perfect. She didn't care
if Tammy enjoyed the same pleasures. She giggled, blew them all a kiss
and left. Today, she had really become a woman.

The End

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A very satisfying story, in fact I was satisfied 14 times before I finished it.


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Sammy I like them and no lower limits for me


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