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After holiday and delay I present chapter 3, there was a repeated request that made it's way in here so enjoy.
Stuart: Wednesday after the meeting

“Seriously Stuart what are you studying in college,” Candice asks me for the second time tonight and I relent and answer her.

“Technological Applications in the Corporate World,” I reply and she looks at me confused,” Physical hardware and security for businesses.”

“Is that an actual thing,” Candice asks and I nod,” Well you must be smart then.”

Here I am Wednesday evening out on a date with Candice, why? Because she showed up and asked me if I was busy so now we’re in a chain restaurant that serves mostly a simple list of burgers, fries, steaks and salads. We’ve ordered and in the getting to know each other phase which feels nice and a lot less awkward. Problem is like all women around me currently Candice can read my mind.

“So it’s not as weird now as it would be if we hadn’t spent a night covered in each other’s juices,” Candice brazenly whispers and I nearly choke on my soda.

We laugh and it’s a good feeling, granted I’ve spent the past few days going over sparring with Guy and Mrs. Katy while spending my afternoons to evenings just generally helping out and listening to the advice Mrs. Kori and Mrs. Rachael have for me. Mrs. Mathilda had to go back on the road but will be back on and off since her season is still going on. Back to the present I’m recovering from my near death by soda experience and Candice is laughing a little as we both smile. Our meal arrives and we keep it simple with basic conversation and eating before I pay the tab, Guy insisted that I pay the tab and it feels good to pay it. We’re heading to her car when she stops and looks like she can’t decide on something.

“I think we need to see a movie,” She informs me and we’re in her small compact car and off to the nearest theater.

Well I thought it was the nearest theater, actually it’s her favorite theater and when we get to the window I find that I’m not allowed a say in what movie as she’s selected one that reeks of super mushy romance and goofy comedic attempts to make situations awkward. Now I’m not a big fan of situations where simply talking could save everyone the time and heart ache but it’s a date and I haven’t had one in well ever. We don’t get anything from the concession stands and get a decent pair of seats and settle in to ninety plus minutes of rom-com. Now I’m a decent sort of person and I keep to myself, Candice on the other hand about twenty minutes in pulls the armrest between us up, I didn’t know they moved, and moving my arm around her cuddles into me to continue enjoying the film now resting against me. Movie, what movie, I have a nice curvy woman under my arm and don’t know what to do. Do I start to fool around? Do I keep to myself and try to watch? Do I see if she’s in a playful mood? I sadly decide to just sit and do nothing which I pray goes unnoticed by Candice as the movie drones on. Credits roll and we exit the theater heading to her car. The ride back to Guy’s home is nice and I note it’s late as we pull into the driveway.

“I had a really good time tonight Stuart, should we do this again,” Candice asks and I almost burst with an answer.

“Yes, I’d like to, I don’t date often so I guess I’d at least like to go out with you more,” I tell her and she smiles lightly.

And there we are again, we’re sitting but nothing is happening. I must have sat there for a minute before saying good night and exiting the car. What is wrong with me? I had a wonderful night but I don’t want to ruin it by asking her in because of what? I must have stood by her car for another few minutes before I walk around the front of her car, away from where I go to enter the house and watch as she rolls down her window.

“Do you want to come in,” I ask nervously.

“After this date tonight, dinner and a movie I chose? Yes Stuart, I’d love to come inside,” Candice replies and I feel my limbs come back to life.

I get the door to her car as she shuts it off and we enter the house to find it quiet and dark. Shoes come off and we cross the entry way heading down the hall and enter my room closing the door. It takes me a minute to find the lamp next to my bed and turn it on filling the room with a dim yellow light.

“Stuart you know that I’m not here to help you with anything tonight right? I asked you out and this whole night you’ve been really nice. I got to pick where I wanted to go, you paid, I got to pick the activity a movie I wanted to see and you didn’t complain. I know you’d have preferred something not so sappy but you didn’t say a word now let me show you something,” Candice explains as she sits me down on my bed.

She’s standing in front of me in pair of loose slacks and button up women’s top as I watch her undo her pants and pull them down off of her hips and to her ankles kicking them to the side. Her panties aren’t anything fancy but right now the simple silk smooth look of them is enough to have me getting hard in my pants. I watch still as she hooks her thumbs in the waist band of the panties and pulls them off slowly only keeping a hold of them before taking my hand in her empty one and placing them inside it. They are smooth and glossy but something else, damp. They are damp panties and I wonder when she starts talking again.

“I’m not working Stuart but you need this. I’ve been warm and ready for you since dinner but you were being a gentleman and taking your time with me. It makes me feel better about myself but now I need you to figure out what to do next because I can’t show you what to do next,” Candice says softly.

Now I’m standing or at least I think it was me who stood up and I turn us around to put her on the bed letting her sit. Candice is watching me as I pull my shirt off and follow it with my pants and lastly my underwear which leaves me naked as I note Candice has stripped down and thrown her own clothing to the floor. I crawl up her body as we shift putting her head on the pillow and I note her hand reaching over to kill the light in the room bathing us in the dark. Our lips find each other and as I press against her lightly Candice wraps her arms around me softly. It takes a little bit of prodding to find the right spot and Candice giggles until I find the right spot and press in lightly. She stiffens and I push a little more only finding there is n resistance and end up burying myself in her. I’m keeping my weight off her with my elbows as we rock back and forth. Candice is kissing me lightly and holding me with her arms but not really doing much but like this I guess she doesn’t need to. I feel warm and I am not even thinking about what we’re doing I’m just going with the flow. Candice’s face is that in between of relaxed and concentrating as we keep rocking back and forth.

I feel her legs pull up giving me deeper access and become acutely aware that I have nowhere to go as they lock around me. I don’t move harder but I do speed up a little and see Candice begin to bite her lip and surprise her with a kiss that only lasts a second when I feel her clamp down on me and pull my face to hers as she wants more kiss. I’m pressing and she’s gripping me as my orgasm takes over and I grunt as Candice holds me inside her while I finish. I feel her still gripping me and we’re both sweaty and breathing heavy but still in each other’s arms. Finally after what feels like eternity I roll off of Candice and we both start to relax a little as she gets up and starts cleaning up before beginning to dress. I’m looking at her funny when she notices.

“I have an early morning and I need to get back to my place,” Candice explains as I start to counter her she cuts me off,” I’d love to stay too but I have to get back so I can be up early tomorrow.”

“Is it work,” I ask curious and hoping it is work and not something else.

“Yes, more of a meeting with the boss and people who might be clients, all the girls will be there to go over the files and see who will be working with who,” Candice explains as she finishes dressing.

I pull on some shorts and we sneak out of my room and the house as I walk her to her car. I get a warm kiss before Candice is in her car and down the road towards her home. I get back inside and am almost to my room when I notice Natsuko watching me from her door way, she has a look on her face of amusement and I figure she wants to say something but I’m not interested and enter my room closing the door.

The next morning comes early and Guy’s running is kicking my ass and the whole Thursday continues to as he works my cardio. I am given some time to think on last night as Mrs. Kori and Mrs. Rachael spend at least an hour having me go over the what’s and how’s. They are approving of my being a gentleman and are glad I took the initiative.

“Biggest thing to understand is that early on all men have confidence problems, hell I nearly raped Guy our first time,” Kori explains being open about my mentor.

“I have a hard time picturing that,” I tell her and she smiles lightly.

“Well I say nearly but he was pretty shot emotionally and I’d like to think I kicked off this wonderful life we’re living by telling myself ‘Oh my god he’s so depressed I don’t care what Liz will say’,” Mrs. Kori informs me with a content smile.

“I’m sorry but I have trouble seeing Guy, your husband and my mentor, emotionally out of control or distraught,” I tell the ladies and they all pause for a second.

I can tell they’re debating something as they end my counseling session and resume their motherly duties with the children. I spend a little more time in the gym with the weights, mostly just doing little things to pass the time since I still don’t have a phone and they don’t let me use the one computer I’ve seen in the house. I know there are more rooms here but I don’t dare go looking for trouble considering Guy and his family have made me feel like one of the family. Guy returns home with Mrs. Imelda and Mrs. Katy about an hour before dinner and after everyone eats, the children are done with their reading and put to bed the adults including Natsuko have gathered in the living room. I take a seat next to Mrs. Katy on the small couch while everyone else is spread around the room on couches or in chairs with Guy sitting by himself in what I can only imagine is his chair.

“So honey Stuart wants a story, he seems to believe that you never lose your cool or become emotionally stressed,” Mrs. Rachael says to her husband getting a snorting reaction from Mrs. Katy and Mrs. Imelda.

“Guy doesn’t lose his shit?! More like when Guy loses his shit it’s an event to take note because someone is getting fucked up in a biblical fashion,” Mrs. Imelda says laughing lightly.

“So we should pick the story,” Mrs. Kori says as the women look in between themselves.

“How about when Guy went ape shit on Greg and his buddy,” Mrs. Katy asks.

“Better than that, Taylor in the front yard? There’s a nightmare and change,” Mrs. Rachael says and I can see moods darken a little.

“You want the two most emotionally nerve wracking I can think of I’ll make it easy because they are the ends of the same story,” Guy says finally ending the debate as all of us lean in.

Guy: Years Earlier in College

Third year of college and I’m living the easy life. Classes are a cake walk and going for a double major is easy when you have five women at home that keep you focused, grounded and make sure that when you need to relax you can relax. I get in from classes on a Friday to our house, it’s not what I’d prefer for a home but it works for now since we only need the one bedroom for all of us and the second one is a great changing room and wardrobe area. Loretta aka Mom has been taking care of things bill wise and even though Mr. Delauter has had me come down on break to swing the stick for him once or twice he’s never had a negative thing to say about it. My folks in Washington are happy and we speak once a week on video call, still amazed Jun got my father to use the thing but I love being able to see him. We’re all done eating dinner and while it’s not super filling Kori is calling a family meeting in the living room. We’re all settled in and that’s when I start to get that feeling something is wrong, it’s not difficult to feel that when all my wives are looking at me and not Kori till she starts to speak standing in front of the group.

“So I called this family meeting, I love that term everyone,” Kori starts as we all chuckle,” because we have a problem. There is a plan in place and one of us decided to break up the plan and go their own way on the subject of children.”

“I blame Katy,” Rachael says quickly with a smirk.

“Hey I’m really not ready to have a kid yet thank you little Mrs. ‘I’m shorter and lighter so we can fuck in the shower’,” Katy snaps back.

“Easy both of you Kori you seem to know more than most here what’s going on,” I ask and she looks more nervous now than ever.

“I stopped taking birth control a couple months ago,” my first wife says and now the room is quiet.

“You what,” I ask now in a state of disbelief.

“I stopped taking it a couple months ago and let my cycle run its course, I haven’t had a period in a while,” Kori explains and I feel like I could take a shit right now.

“How long is a while baby girl,” Imelda asks getting up and becoming very reassuring to her fellow wife.

“About three months,” Kori tells us and now I’m up.

“Wait I said, let’s get through college and we’ll start a family then. We all agreed,” I tell Kori and the rest of them shocked and feeling like shit.

“Guy baby it’s going to be fine we’ll figure something out,” Rachael says trying to reassure and I step back.

There they are, five women, all my wives are staring at me with a level of worry I’ve never seen before and what is my response? Walk out. I don’t realize I’ve done it, hell I’m pretty sure it’s a first but since it’s not the only one tonight I’ll take the bump to my relationships later. I don’t know how far I’ve been walking and I don’t really know where I’m at but what I did figure out is that Matty has been pacing me this entire time. She’s taller by a bit and in great shape so keeping up with me is easy for her. I finally stop and my mind catches up with me when my Amazon wraps her arms around me from behind.

“You’re pissed off with Kori,” Matty says and I shake my head.

“No I’m scared shitless,” I tell her and she moves me to a bench, I discover we’re in a park and we sit down.

“What scares you so bad about Kori being pregnant,” Matty asks with her arm around my shoulder.

“Look at me; I’m a ball of violence and destruction on a bad day. I have no job; I don’t even have my business up and running so I’m going to have to live off of whatever we can find. God for-fucking-bid I live off my Mother or Mom and Dad because I’m not letting everyone else do my job for me,” I explain finding my fire again.

“Baby what job is that,” my Amazon asks concerned.

“Father and provider, I’m going to be a Dad soon and I don’t know if I’m ready for that. I have to quit college now and get a job fast, one that pays well,” I tell her in an anxious voice.

“Whoa when did you quitting college have to do with Kori getting pregnant? Yeah it’s rushed but we can ask for some help with your family,” Matty starts and I cut her off.

“More help, we’d have to ask for MORE help. I’m living off of everyone else’s work and now instead of trying to cut back on depending on everyone else to bail my ass out you want me to just keep asking for more,” I tell her standing up and facing a sitting Amazon.

“Yes, they’re family and it’s not like you’re a walking shitbag. You need to accept the fact that this is happening and you’re a part of it just like the rest of us. Now as for the money shit are you really sure you’re not ready to be a father because the rest of us are pretty sure you’re the only one who is worried about that point,” Matty tells me standing up and taking me by the shoulders.

Yeah me a dad, now well I got six months to figure that one out. Speaking with my parents had one major outcome, we had to move and my mother and Mom have been by more than once to be all sorts of motherly. Best thing to happen during this massive transition of back aches, cravings that make no sense and constant doctor visits is my Dad and Mr. Delauter joining Mother and Mom on the trips. The two of them started with helping me cope at first and then moved me into the getting ready stage so that I’d be prepared mentally. My social life outside of my wives was kind of light and sporadic so as I’m sitting in my criminology class listening to a lecture on ‘who knows what but it’s on the test’ I get a phone call that blows up my phone in the middle of class.

“Mr. Donnelly bring me the phone and put it on speaker so we all can hear what is so important that it broke into my lecture,” my professor, Mrs. Garcia, orders and everyone chuckles as I accept the call while walking up to the front.

“Guy its Imelda. Boy you need to get to the hospital Kori is in labor right now,” my Latina fire goddess says excitedly into the phone.

“Wow, thanks for making that awkward Mrs. Garcia,” I tell her before rushing back to my seat and grabbing my coat and book.

I took Black Sunshine with me to school today and I’m grateful I did because I arrived at the nearest hospital to Kori, the one across town damn near in enough time to find out that my wife, my first wife, hasn’t delivered yet. She has however started contractions and when I take her hand to hold it and reassure her she damn near breaks mine. I remain standing and prevent as much damage as possible as I try to remind her of her breathing.

“Baby remember the breaths,” I say before mimicking the coaches we had.

“You do that shit again I swear to god I will yank out an IV and stab you somewhere vital,” Kori growls and I feel a little afraid for once.

After that contraction she apologizes and we go through the basic checks and I take in that this is really happening. Kori is starting to sweat from strain after the first half hour and I discover that while she got here with Imelda our fellow wife is gathering the troops and making calls before returning to us. I hold her hand and the doctors keep doing checks when one of them leaves the room suddenly and I start to take notice. Not two minutes later I’m being ushered out of the room and Kori is trying to ask them what is going on when I hear the words ‘Erratic Fetal Heartbeat’ and my own heart stops. They have to do something with Kori, they have to make a decision, they have to do a half dozen things but I’m being lead away from the room and find myself walking aimlessly down the halls going nowhere and find myself at a chapel. I thought they only had them in hospitals on TV and in movies but apparently they exist in real life and now I’m sitting by myself on a bench or a pew or whatever they call this thing wondering how do I pray. I never really did it before and I don’t even know if there is a god but I just want my wife and child to be alright. As I’m sitting there with my head bowed, trying to find a way to fix this when I hear an all too familiar voice next to me.

“He’s probably a little too busy to fix the problem there asshole,” the voice says and I immediately grimace.

“Derek this isn’t the time or the place shouldn’t you off somewhere haunting a college locker room,” I reply not looking up.

“Hey the asshole comment was me just trying to get you to lighten up,” I feel his hand on my shoulder and it’s creepy,” This may suck or it may work out but right now I’m just trying to talk with an old friend and let him know that he’ll get past this no matter what.”

“Old friend, you tried to kill me,” I reply quietly.

“And you killed me but I fucked up first. I should never have gone around and messed it up with a good friend like you but now because of me and Heather you’re living the dream. Current problems being excluded of course,” Derek tells me as sincerely as he can muster.

“I didn’t want you to die, I wanted to talk but I wanted to fight you and get it over with. Why did you have to bring the knife,” I ask quietly crying in my seat.

“Hey you planned to survive the fight, I planned to kill you. You were always the smart one, I was the good looking one,” Derek jokes and I laugh despite my mood,” Guy
someone is going to come for you soon, these things never take long you know that. Let yourself feel it and try to survive it like you do everything else.”

“Why do you keep coming back here Derek,” I ask finally looking up to the sight of no one next to me.

I am really fucking confused and now I’m wondering what the hell is happening with me. I try to pull everything together in my head and in my heart before standing up and making my way back to Kori’s room. I don’t know how long I’ve been gone or even if I need to call her family but what I do know is that if one motherfucker from this hospital tries to keep me out of Kori’s room I will make sure that an emergency room will not be enough to save them. I can hear women talking, it sounds like my women and finally one pokes their head out of the room and its Rachael who the ‘found him’ calls that brings my wives out.

“Guy I want you to breathe okay. The doctor said you wandered off when she sent you to the waiting room and there is something you should brace yourself for,” Imelda is getting me ready for the worst and slowly I am lead into Kori’s room.

First thought, where did the extra baby come from. That is what takes me the longest to get through. Second thought is Kori is looking at me and I heard people talk about a woman glowing after delivering a child but I need sunglasses. She’s worn out, sweating with her hair matted to her head and honestly she’s never looked so beautiful. She smiles at me as I see the two babies in little blue blankets, one in each arm, and Kori starts talking to them.

“Hey boys, your daddy is here. He wanders off sometimes but he always comes back,” Kori says in her first motherly tone before turning to me,” Honey would you like to hold your sons?”

Not two minutes later I’m sitting down in a chair with my sons, twin sons, and I honestly couldn’t be happier than I am right now. Apparently the doctors during all their tests couldn’t figure out that my wife was having twins, I guess that’s why they call it a practicing medicine the dumbasses. And if you ever want to see someone fist fight an orderly watch what happens when a nurse wants to take the babies away while I’m holding them after the fright I had. It took all my wives to get me to calm down and even then Katy and Imelda followed the boys through the hospital to make sure they were alright. I named the boys in the room right there, Connor and Murphy. Two little Irish twins who I expect will need five mothers just to keep them from burning down the neighborhood. One of the best days of my life that almost wasn’t.

Guy: Present

You want to see people you know in a new light? Hold in one of the most painful times of your life and move past it on your own while never showing them that you were in pain and watch their reactions when you recall the event for them. I have four out of my five wives present and one Asian assistant looking at me like I’m all broken and I need fixing. Stuart on the other hand has the best ‘that’s fucking nuts’ expression on his face.

“So Stuart I’m not made of granite and I’m not some emotional void. Does that help humanize me enough,” I ask my protégé calmly.

I get a nod in response and watch as he wishes us goodnight before turning in early to his room. My wives and friend however are still staring at me in shock.

“Baby why didn’t you say anything,” Kori finally asks.

“I did, to the doctor as I was about to rip his damn throat out. He calmed me down and explained that she was not a specialist nor did she have the credentials she was called in because they needed a second opinion. After he was done talking I let his neck go and apologized before getting all the paperwork taken care of for the boys and sending a million pictures out to our family and friends,” I explain and all of them look relieved except one, Imelda.

“Do you often have conversations with dead people honey,” my Latina fire goddess asks concerned.

“No that’s just something that has happened in my life and I don’t know what it means honestly. Maybe it’s just my brain but both times it happened it was to prepare me for what came next and both turned out for the better,” I tell her in a calm tone.

Yeah the day sucked but it got better and every day since I’ve made it a point to never let anyone push me out of the room. I regret not being there and holding Kori’s hand during the birth or seeing my boys right as they came into the world but every day since has been me and my family first, and to me that’s the best thing.

The wives settle in to bed for the night as Katy and I talk a little down stairs. Mostly we’re going over the P.I. and his client that is hunting for me. She’s not happy either and wants to go back to beat his ass but I keep that in check, may need someone fumbling around in the future and it’s better to keep useful yet useless people around for those things.

“Oh baby on a side note they got in tonight,” Katy tells me and I turn my attentions back to Stuart.

“Really, why don’t they just message me for a change,” I ask a little confused.

“Because if she has any contact with you that I don’t permit I’ll rip her clit piecing out and forbid her to have her first child next year,” Katy tells me with a firm tone and a wicked grin.

I chuckle and she does as well, Stuart’s training is off and we’re running out of time as far as I’m concerned when it comes to him fighting. His form is fine but he’s practicing like he never plans to use it and sooner or later he needs to stop holding back. Thank god I have someone on payroll that is more than happy to come by and help out.


That last night talking with Guy and hearing about his boys was nuts, nobody should have to do anything like that. I actually spend part of my free time that Friday watching the children while the adults spend time taking care of a business client or something. I get into Saturday and for once I’m not woken up alone and made to go running. What does confuse me is that someone brought out the full body padding and it has a sign that says ‘wear me’. I get all of it on and find myself having some stiffness with my movements but once I get to the living room Guy is standing there with Mrs. Katy waiting expectantly.

“Stuart you are about to learn two of the most important lessons in fighting. Downstairs is your test, pass and you’ll be fine,” Guy tells me before Mrs. Katy adds to it.

“Fail and you’ll probably need surgery to get your head out of your own ass,” She tells me with no humor in her voice.

Guy opens the door and I slowly make my way down the stairs to the basement gym. There are a few lights on and I don’t notice anything at first but when I see ‘it’ I can honestly say I nearly shit my pants. He’s as big as Devin only this mountain is built more like Guy. Almost no fat, ripped muscle and only hand tape and jean shorts on the shaved headed mountain that is leaning against the far wall staring at me.

“You must be Stuart,” the big man says moving off the wall.

“Yeah, and I’m guessing you’re my test opponent,” I ask and he nods.

“That would be me, listen I just want you to understand that being a little bitch all of your life is okay. I’ll tell them you did good but you gotta suck my dick first,” the giant tells me and I’m stupefied.

“I gotta what,” my only response.

“Suck my dick, no teeth and I’ll only knock you around a little bit. Deal,” He asks and now I’m coming to the reality of my very bad situation.

I start to back up to head up the stairs when he moves in and hits me so hard in the gut I’m on my knees gasping for air. I feel hands grabbing my head piece helping me stand up before I’m being run in a direction and flung against a wall. My shoulder hurts and I’m still having trouble breathing.

“Are you still too proud to suck my dick or would you prefer if I fucked you in the ass. You seem to get off on other people fucking you so why not me,” He asks and now I’m scrambling to my feet weakly.

I have just enough time to get upright when his knee collides with my chest putting me into the wall again. No air, serious pain throughout my chest and back and he’s still standing there waiting for me.

“Just crawl over and open your mouth little bitch, I’ll do the rest,” he tells me and I push myself up to my feet,” And we’re back to the hard way.”

I’ve never been kicked by a horse but the leg that just connected with my ribs gave me a good idea of what it would be like. I think he broke my ribs, possibly bleeding on the inside and he’s not even sweating. I watch him turn around and start looking around for something. I can barely move and start quietly pulling off my protective gear; it’s doing a shit job anyway.

“Now where did I put that lube, need to get something down here for your ass fucking,” the big man says before turning around.

I have just enough time to cover the space between us and grabbing him around the waist lift the big man up and slam his head into the ceiling before shifting my hips like Mrs. Katy showed me and trying to drive the wind out of him against the floor. He’s bleeding a little but I don’t care as I hop onto him and start hammering down on him with everything I have. I am feeling a rush that I’ve never had before and as I rain destruction down on the big man’s head as he covers up I feel angrier now than I ever have in my life. I’m swearing and yelling as I continue my onslaught when I hear a voice calling to me but fuck that I have an ass to beat and somehow the big man flings me off of him before moving to a crouching position to face me. I’m not super agile with my roll to my feet but I don’t let up as I tackle him back to the ground. He’s got me on my back but he’s not trying to hit me as much as hold me down when it occurs to me, he’s going to fuck me here and now. I don’t know what comes over me but I watch his eyes widen and I repeat my action again realizing that I just kneed him in the balls twice. Fuck moral compass or fighting rules because I’m ending his idea date night. I get a leg up and shove him off me before rolling to my feet. He’s hurt and holding his crotch and bleeding from two spots on his head. I rush him again and this time he grabs me hard and spins me into a choke hold before settling us down.

“Easy Stuart, ease down it’s over man,” the big man tells me trying to calm me down.

I fight and struggle as my limbs are looking for a point to break the hold, if I live with my ass intact I need Guy and Katy to show me how to do that. It must have been a couple minutes of him not trying to hurt me or rape me that I realize it’s actually over. I nod and he looses the choke hold and I scramble away from him.

“You have a headache yet? Feel nauseous,” He asks and I shake my head watching him warily,” You will soon.”

I watch him get up slowly and yell upstairs that it’s over and finally move to sit down on the mat a little close to me. Guy and Katy come down first aid kit in hand followed by a woman with short cropped black hair.

“Big brother are you alright, what did he do,” she asks the giant.

“He just kneed me in the balls a couple times,” He tells her and she looks at me with a pissed off expression,” It’s fine Wilma I’ll be alright I and I’ll recover.”

Guy and Katy check me with a light in my eyes; go over the bruising that’s forming on my side back and chest. Katy is the first to spot the head shaped dent in the ceiling and when she points it out to Guy he chuckles.

“Hey Des, your too tall for the gym,” Guy jokes and they both laugh.

“He lifted me, I take back everything I ever said about working a farm,” Desmond the giant replies,” Can we have a minute alone ladies, its man talk time.”

I watch Katy and the Wilma woman leave, the latter burning a hole through me with her eyes before she leaves. All three of us are sitting, Desmond and I leaning against the walls while Guy sits in the middle of the mat.

“He’s pissed off and he’s got a lot of it to spare,” Desmond tells Guy obviously talking about me.

“What did you tell him to get him to finally let go,” Guy asks in response.

“Insults didn’t seem to faze him like you said so I scared him with something from my jail days,” the big man says in a neutral voice.

“He said I had to suck his dick and he was going to fuck my ass,” I state for the record with disgust.

“Seriously Desmond, you were going to fuck his ass,” Guy asks and Desmond shakes his head.

“Fuck no, when I got into my first fight in jail that’s what the other inmate wanted to do to me so I bashed his head into the tile floor. Stuart seemed to take abuse for fun so I had to make him fight back, having someone as big as me tell you they’re going to resize your asshole is a pretty good motivator to fight back,” Desmond explains matter of factly.

“So wait you weren’t going to fuck me,” I ask a little relived.

“Jesus kid I’m not gay and you’re not pretty enough to pass for a woman, get over that and look at what you did. You picked me up and slammed me around the room. Granted I let you have the first one and paid for that shit,” Desmond says looking at the ceiling before looking back at me,” but I was trying to see if you’d decide to be the aggressor as opposed to someone’s bitch. Maybe we got you past the being a bitch phase?”

I nod and realize he was right, my head is killing me. Both men help me up and with Guy bringing up the rear we make our way up the stairs to get better medical attention. Its a couple hours later that I’m back in the gym with Guy and Desmond going over what I did right and how it felt. The two of them are very big on focusing on the hurt and not stopping till you feel done, not when people say you should. I have to state a word of reservation on that point.

“You mean kill the guy if that’s what it takes,” I ask and Desmond laughs.

“Or get down on your knees and suck his cock,” the big man tells me and Guy grimaces.

“It’s about survival, you came down here to fight thinking it was a test till you were put into a no win situation. Fighting is not about winning or losing it’s about being the one who didn’t get beaten so bad the other person took a piss on him for good measure. The biggest lesson to learn other than to let your rage out and use it is that every fight hurts. Even the ones you win you will still feel the pain of it later and once you accept the pain you have to take as a price you stop being afraid of what you can do and that’s when you cross into a new way of thinking,” Guy explains putting new light on the situation.

“And what way of thinking is that,” I ask and they both stare at me.

“Like a warrior, like something man forgot,” Desmond says with pride,” If I was gay would that have made a difference since I could have beaten you down?”

“Not really actually,” I reply quietly.

“It’s a kill or be kill world. If you taste it and don’t run away from it then you are stronger, harder and more dangerous that ninety nine percent of the sheep out there. You were a sheep now we figure out what you really are and you find your fucking teeth,” Guy says proudly slapping me on the back.

I do feel better about myself, he wouldn’t have fucked me or anything but I didn’t know that. Desmond is huge and hits like a fucking horse on steroids and I figure he probably could have fucked me if he was inclined to do it but I fought him back and he even said I hurt him though he could have hurt me worse. I keep hold of those thoughts after dinner as I’m lying in bed that night; I can fight back and should be fighting back. Let Richard have his money and looks, I can rip his fucking heart out if I need to. Okay maybe not that extreme but hell this is how men, real men did shit and it works. Guy has five wives and a beautiful family. He fought for it and now it’s all his because he destroyed people that stood in his way.

Sunday morning and I feel wonderful, granted I’m out running but I’m not trying to catch up I’m fighting to stay with Guy and the difference feels great. Desmond joins us on the run and for once I don’t come back inside and want to take a few to rest before we hit the gym. Desmond takes over a lot of my training working on my raw power and showing me how to fold people up like a notebook when you hit them. We work through lunch time and I decide to ask for something.

“Guy I want in, I know you’ve been talking about a client and a new job but I want to help. I don’t know what it is you do really but if you’ll let me I want to fuck someone up,” I tell him as we’re heading up stairs.

“Stuart I have to make sure we have a job first but if we do you will come with us and you will take an active role, agreed,” Guy says and I nod.

One of the team, fight like a man, I need to see Candice because I need a woman sooner than later. Granted I have no way to contact her but I ask Kori and Rachael about it and they both tell me they’ll see what they can do. As the day winds on I learn that Guy will be leaving with Desmond and Wilma on business to see a client and while I want to be a part Guy assures me that my turn is coming soon and to keep working out till he gets back with something real for me to do. I turn in to my room that night and find a Smartphone sitting there waiting for me. I want to say about fucking time but I didn’t deserve shit yet, I earned it.

Guy: Monday morning in Oregon

So here I am in the middle of a housing development in Oregon sitting across the street from Mrs. Claire Montgomery’s duplex that she shares with her boys and some possible crack dealer next door. Now I’m not saying they actually deal crack but if I get asked for money one more time someone is going to the hospital. I don’t look too out of place in my old leather jacket and jeans with black t shirt, it feels good to wear them again as I watch a very curvy and soft black woman usher two teen or near teen boys into her car that mercifully starts before rushing down the road towards some appointment. I send a text to my people on my phone and in less than a minute Isaac has me inside and we’re taking note of the full décor. I should say lack of décor considering the mess in the living room, the kitchen isn’t much better and I take my time looking through some of the possibly stolen files about Mrs. Montgomery’s old business. I hand each one off to Isaac and Wilma who take pictures of each page quickly and as everyone starts to exit I see the dog, a cute little corgi puppy sitting on the couch staring at me funny. I send everyone away and tell them to post up for eyes on site as I find a leash and a plastic bag not holding some form of trash and take the dog outside to do his, sorry her business. I bring the little dog back in and sit down at the cluttered dining room table as Ben comes over the ear piece.

“Sir the dog has done its business where are you,” my best look out asks.

“I’m sitting down at the table playing with,” I check the name tag on the dog,” ‘Cute Bitch’.”

“Sir you should be out of there right now, longer you’re there the better chance of you getting caught by the woman,” Ben states and I smile.

“I am very aware of that now let me know when she’s coming,” I reply still playing with a very happy puppy.

“Sir I have to advise against this, it’s really insane to be waiting in her house for her sir,” he tells me when our conversation is joined.

“The insane is why women want to fuck him silly. I’d fuck him if Mistress would allow it,” Wilma adds and I can almost hear her salivating.

“Sister calm yourself and focus please we’re here to do a job,” I hear Desmond admonish his sibling along with something in the background that sounds like physical violence.

“Desmond are you beating up someone,” I ask chuckling.

“Sir he was trying to take an old lady’s mail,” the giant explains quietly.

“I understand but what do you plan to do with the man,” I ask as I can hear Isaac chuckling.

We go into radio silence for a while and I’m a little bored waiting for Mrs. Montgomery to come back but playing with Cutie, I hate the tag name, is kind of fun and I think about getting the kids a pet when I remember Christy’s methods of affection for animals, that poor goldfish. I must be sitting around for an hour when I get a heads up from Ben and it’s confirmed that Mrs. Montgomery is heading my way. I continue to pet the dog as I hear her talking on the phone and heading my way.

“I know the board meeting is in two weeks but I need to get in and show them what Stanley is doing…. Yes I know they barred me but you can get me put back in…. I understand…. I understand Ma’am…. Ma’am I need you to see reason….,” I can hear her talking in the living room.

I let her have her conversation and wait as she comes into the kitchen and fails to notice the man in the leather jacket and hood sitting at her table.

“I have files…. Unaltered files that show the money moving and prove my point ma’am…. I can’t meet in three weeks the meeting is in two…. Dammit,” She exclaims as her call ends then turns to see me and jumps dropping her phone,” What the fuck!?”

“Well hello to you too Mrs. Montgomery,” I greet her with a simple smile on my face.

I watch her grab a dirty kitchen knife and brandish it in my direction threatening and scared.

“What the fuck do you want and who the fuck sent you,” She yells at me and I remain perfectly calm.

“Well first of you sent for me and second I want you to put that knife down,” I tell her and now she’s confused.

“I don’t know you so I didn’t send for you now get the fuck out of my house,” She tells me gesturing towards the door with the knife.

“You mean you didn’t send Mr. Barton, a private investigator, to come find me and take pictures of my house and family so you could try to gain some sort of advantage or leverage on me,” I state and now she’s thinking.

“Wait you’re him, you’re the one,” She says lowering the knife.

“The one what,” I ask confused but smiling.

“I have an old college friend who was getting screwed out of her marriage by a gold digging cunt when someone she wouldn’t name came in and proceeded to destroy the bitch’s life and put the husband on his knees in front of her to apologize,” Mrs. Montgomery informs me and I remember.

“Actually he got on his knees to beg her to take him back and now I know who told you about me,” I state standing up and I start to step towards the front door.

“Wait I need your help,” She says trying to stop me with a hand.

“That’s not how I work; I come to you and offer help. You don’t send people to MY house and take pictures of MY family then expect me to take time to fix your bullshit,” I state snapping at her and looking at the knife in her other hand.

I watch as she realizes she still has the knife and quickly sets it down before rushing to her kitchen table and grabbing files.

“A lot of people are going to lose their jobs if you don’t help me with this,” She tries to explain and I just stare at her.

“Then get them better jobs,” I reply, yeah it’s cold but I’m not in a good mood when people start breaking contracts.

“Listen my friend didn’t tell me who you were, all she said was there was a guardian angel and he was in my area. Some PI in Arkansas had some evidence on you that I paid for and a general location. The rest I did on my own with some help from Mr. Barton,” Mrs. Montgomery tries to explain as I reach the front door.

“Congratulations you decided to piss up a tree and found an angry fucking animal up the first branch,” I state turning to face her,” Do yourself a favor, move, get a new job and put your kids up somewhere nice. And for fuck’s sake change the dog’s name, Cute Bitch isn’t funny.”

“Change the what?! Mister…. I don’t even know what your name is? I need your help and I need it soon, in two weeks five hundred working men and women will be out of career lumber jobs because my former friend and co worker wants to make money and retire at thirty. He’s going to butcher a company that my family has worked for now in two generations with my father and mother then me. These people are good workers and they’re going to get screwed because of Stanley,” She says trying to show me some file and dropping two more.

I stand there watching her scramble to present herself and despite her mishaps she’s trying her best. I watch her struggle to get everything together and finally hold my hand up to tell her to stop before starting a new conversation over my earpiece.

“Are we online,” I ask Jun over the ear piece.

“Loud and secure, I’m running the paper work now and Lilly is taking a look with me. She’s got a point sir and while I understand the protocol since I helped write it I’d like us to take a crack at this guy,” Jun says and I can hear the argument going on before it ever happens.

“Before we start the debate on who did what and why let me see what we’re working with on my end,” I tell my crew before turning back to Mrs. Montgomery,” Let’s talk payment.”

“I can’t afford anything really,” She says a little beaten.

“Her employer, well former employer, could pay us for stopping the slaughter if we can get her reinstated,” Jun chimes in and now I’m getting somewhere positive.

“Here’s the problem, you came at me and I can’t let that abide. I don’t do big jobs like this pro bono so I need money to pay my employees to work. Can your bosses pay,” I ask getting a nod,” Will they pay?”

“If I can get back in and show them the truth? I think they will, yes,” She tells me with some fear but she’s steady in her words.

“See I’m sensing a lot of ‘if’ and were I to commit my resources to your lofty endeavor of saving a bunch of people’s jobs there is a good chance I’m left out of pocket. Sorry but unless there is some real pay day involved I’m not interested,” I tell her and start to grab the door knob.

“You don’t understand, Stanley Weisner railroaded me out so he could do this. He took my whole career away from me just so he could ruin more people’s lives,” I hear her say and now I’m feeling the rage.

“And that means you want what? Fuck the company and fuck the workers, tell me what you want,” I ask her turning away from the door.

I see her face contort from anger to confusion. Noble people hate selfish questions and more so hate having to answer honestly because it makes them feel like bad people. Problem is when you want to hire bad people you need to have bad reasons. Granted I do a lot of good but that’s because revenge isn’t something good people want.

“I want Stan out and to pay for what he did, I don’t want him hurt unless that’s the last option but I want him to hurt and I want my bosses to fucking be grateful for me doing the right fucking thing when they kicked my ass out without a single question as to what I was accused of,” Mrs. Montgomery says and now I see that burning rage.

“Wonderful, everyone get in here we got shit to do and I’m not basing my work place out of this messy house. J get me a cleaning service here in record setting time since Mrs. Montgomery’s skill set is more business and less homemaker,” I say letting my crew know we are getting ourselves up and running.

I back Mrs. Montgomery up as my crew files in bringing very little hardware with them; we’ll get to that when we need it. I start in on jobs and assignments as Jun starts going over the basics. The whole time we’re listening on ear pieces Ben and Isaac are setting up the gear for ID’s and communications so we can be more secure, Desmond is playing neighborhood watch as he keeps an eye on our vehicles out front and Wilma is in the kitchen cleaning out more of the refrigerator than you’d expect needed cleaning. Jun and Lilly are running full analysis for an hour and I put them online with Claire, the new client, as the cleaning service sends four women to clean the place. I watch them stare at the mess as I begin to speak.

“Alright I know you work by the hour and I know that it’s a flat rate. Here’s my deal, I will pay each of you five hundred dollars to haul ass and clean this place top to bottom while working around my team of people. If you need them to move they will but if you can’t do it say so now and I’ll get someone else,” I state and one woman raises her hand.

“We have our driver outside and he cleans too,” the little Asian lady says and I smile.

“Get his ass in here for a pay day then,” I reply and watch as they start their work on the house.

Three dedicated cleaners going from room to room while one does laundry and helps out and the man does trash, a lot of trash. Claire is dumbfounded and I’m simply taking a moment to appreciate the information as its being laid out. Stanley is an easy enough target but I need the one who doctored the files, it takes a couple hours and Mrs. Montgomery leaves to retrieve her children while the cleaners clean and we work up our information so I can plan something appropriate for Mr. Weisner. As soon as Claire is home with her boys I go into ‘Uncle Guy’ mode.

“Hey boys, listen up and pay attention to what I’m saying because I will only say it once and I will answer no questions. What is this,” I state holding up a hundred dollar bill.

“That’s money,” the oldest says eyes wide.

“Good now I have one of these for each of you but that means you gotta get your asses up those stairs and clean your own fucking room right now. Put laundry aside for one of the nice ladies who are taking care of it but everything else will be clean, neat and organized,” I state as they nod while looking between my eyes and the money,” Now go.”

You’d think I lit them on fire and the upstairs was the only water we had with the way they ran but they are up and moving as Mrs. Montgomery stands there shocked.

“Mrs. Montgomery the price for this when completed with Mr. Weisner and anyone who helped him is a quarter of a million dollars,” I state and while she nods stoically I hear Jun cough over my earpiece.

“Boss are you fucking kidding me, a quarter of a million,” He says as he stops choking.

“Too low,” I ask in response.

“This isn’t a quarter of a million dollar piece of work,” Jun replies and now my crew is watching me.

“No but this business is bigger than anything we’ve had to pay us and let’s not forget the payment for breach in protocol. Claire has already accepted the deal and we’re moving forward now if any of you have objections to this please state them now,” I ask and who raises their hand to speak, Desmond.

“Sir I think we can afford to bring the new guy in on this. He’s raw but if you’re grooming him this is the perfect thing, big money and big responsibility,” Desmond tells me and I nod in agreement.

“We will bring him down soon, we have time and I want a proper plan for a proper pay out. Mrs. Montgomery when was the last time you ate,” I ask her and she gives me a shocked look.

“This morning I had some toast and coffee,” she answers back and I shake my head.

“Isaac take me back to my hotel room I need to change and so does Mrs. Montgomery. Wilma,” I call out as she comes in from the bathroom fast,” Wilma my dear find something upscale and presentable for Mrs. Montgomery in her wardrobe.”

“Dinner meeting sir,” She asks quickly.

“Yes and a bit of getting to know each other meeting,” I reply as Isaac and I head out the door.

We’re in the car and down the road towards my hotel room. The town the company is based out of is small enough that finding a good restaurant will take a serious drive to another town unless you want to look out of place in a nice suit. I am still brain storming as I get ready and thinking of what to do with Stuart. Desmond is right to bring him in, it’s time but where is the question. I just hope he’s doing alright at home.

Stuart: Afternoon of the same Monday

I’m in the gym leveling the heavy bag with singular hard shots. Desmond showed me that combination punches are good for faster people but if you are accurate you can with the by knocking around the internal organs. Not his exact words mind you but I’ve discovered his education didn’t include a lot of high school. Guy left for business and he said I’d be included and I want to be, I just can’t figure out if it’s because I feel like I owe him or what he’s doing could be a lot cooler than working in a tech room all day and smelling like disinfectant. I know it’s the afternoon and I’m a little tired when I notice the room is a bit more occupied and I turn to see something lovely, Candice with her blonde hair in a hip hugging pair of jeans and a button up shirt with a denim jacket.

“Wow, Stuart you’re really taking that bag down,” Candice says as I stop hitting the bag.

“I had to, I’m tired of being shoved around all the time and not doing what I know I can do,” I reply hand guards off.

I’ve got on a simple t shirt and loose shorts and Candice is watching me oddly, I guess I’m not the same guy from last week. I’m hoping that is a good thing, me being different. I take a drink of water and stare at her, she’s curvy and soft. I really like her curvy and softness, it’s almost my favorite thing.

“Like something you see mister,” Candice asks looking at the workout equipment.

“Someone not something,” I correct her and get a smile.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t come over sooner, apparently you were pretty anxious to get me over here,” She says keeping her eyes off me.

“Yes I am, not was. And I like you, also I think I figured it out,” I tell her and watch her turn to address me.

Word time is over as I move in and pick Candice up by her ass pressing her against me and kissing her deep. She’s surprised, I mean wide eyed surprised but she’s not struggling against me, more just trying to hold on. I get us over the mat and lay Candice down on her back continuing our kiss as I start to pull my clothes off. Candice pushes me off and starts stripping herself down for me but I stop her at the panties. I am pretty strong now, working the farm and working out so grabbing the crotch of her panties in both hands and ripping them apart isn’t easy but I do it and she yelps in surprise. I move back in and kiss her before trailing my lips and tongue down her body taking the time to stop at her breasts and squeeze one in my hand while sucking on the other ones nipple. Candice for her part is moaning and pretty much enjoying herself as I work my way down her body and finally in between her legs I start to kiss everything in front of my nose. Her inner thighs, her lips, the little nub clit I take kiss it all softly at first before moving more aggressive and using my tongue to get more than a taste. Candice stiffens and allows me to please her and while I would give her an orgasm first I’m just trying to make sure she’s interested and wet.

“Not going any further,” Candice giggles as I stop and move my face away from her pussy.

I grunt a response moving up from her hips and move mine up sitting on my knees; I hook Candice’s lets under my arms and lean forward bending her knees up by her chest. I watch her hand go down between her own legs and grab hold of my cock, I can feel my head rubbing against her slit and when she gets me to the hole I’m not very gently as I slam my length into her causing us both to groan in shock and pleasure. I back up half way and slam back into Candice again hard setting my pace for a good fucking. As I’m pounding her I watch her breasts bounce with each thrust and Candice has he eyes closed and is moaning lightly. I slow down a little to let her adjust and taking long slow thrusts causes her eyes to open and focus on me. Her hands reach up and pull my face down as she checks my tonsil scars with her tongue. I feel like the gates are open and resume my pounding harder and deeper feeling Candice clamp down on me a little. I feel her chest press up into mine and notice she’s trying to sit me up. I break our kiss and sitting my ass on my heels hold her hips with my hands and fuck her faster.

“More Stuart, faster faster faster,” Candice encourages me and I follow her encouragement.

I’m bucking into her fast and deep when I watch her push her back up off the mat with her elbows and with me holding her hips her legs wrap around my back and start pulling me into her harder. We’re slamming into each other when she begins to lose her balance on her elbows. I let go of her hips and stop thrusting to reach under her back and pull her completely only my lap. We’re almost eye to eyes as she presses down against my hips with me inside her. We take a few slow hard strokes before Candice begins to bounce on my lap hard and fast. I can see us in the wall mirrors, her blonde dyed hair bouncing, and her meaty ass in my hand and she bounds harder against me. I start to lose my focus and I feel Candice’s teeth on my earlobe.

“You want to fuck a girl you better give her a damn orgasm,” She growls and I almost lose it all right there.

I keep from blowing my load but I’m close and Candice isn’t letting up. I back up my face from her a little and quickly use my hand to push one of her big breasts up to my lips sucking hard on her nipple.

“Ohhhhhh fuck, fuck I’m gonna cummmmmm,” Candice groans and we speed up against each other.

I can feel her clamp down on me as I start to cum inside her hard. I let her nipple go from my mouth as we clench our bodies together. I move down to the mat letting her be on top of me and I’m kissed nicely before she rolls off and fixes herself up. I watch as destroyed panties are now a rag for cleaning me up and quietly she dresses back up before tossing me my own clothes.

“I don’t know what part of I’m not working when I come to see you that you didn’t catch but I’m also not a whore. You can’t just tell me to come over so you can fuck me and be done,” Candice says coldly to me and now I’m confused.

“Wait a minute I never said you were a whore or thought of you that way ever. I have needed to be with you, not a woman, just you. I like you alright and I don’t want to go screwing up anything so I’m sorry if you thought I was being an asshole,” I retort pulling my underwear and shorts on.

“No you called me over here days ago for a booty call, plain and simple,” Candice says with a little hurt and anger in her voice.

“No I called you over here because you’re the only woman that I can be around where I feel confident enough to take my clothes off and she won’t laugh at me. And yes I wanted to have sex with you, you’re fucking sexy damn it,” I growl before punching the heavy bag hard.

“Hey, easy okay? I misread and got the wrong idea if that’s the case. It’s not easy being friends with benefits with someone when you train people to have sex and I thought you were taking me for granted. I was way off base okay,” Candice says back pedaling.

“Well I like you and maybe if things ever settle down for me and you we could try something but you’re fun and I’m available. Aside from that being some of the best sex I’ve had and pretty much all the good sex I’ve had has been with you I can guarantee you I’m not taking you for granted alright,” I tell her and Candice moves inside my arms holding me.

“Okay, we’re okay alright,” She says giving me a light kiss,” Next time I want dinner or something before you ruin my panties.”

We both chuckle a little as I walk her out, she came over to see what I needed initially and now needs to head home. I see her off and head back into the house to see Mrs. Katy and Mrs. Imelda staring at me both with a stern look on their faces. I’m lead back down to the gym and handed a sponge and bucket with warm water and some cleaner. It’s not a big mess we made but Mrs. Katy is watching me the whole time as I clean.

“Had to get the fucking out of your system,” She asks as I work.

“I really needed to get a woman fast and she’s top of my list,” I tell her scrubbing the cum stain off the mat.

“Well what about Natsuko,” Katy asks and I scoff,” Seriously what is wrong with little Japanese hotness?”

“She’s a bitch, always staring at me funny when I’m with Candice or making sure I can see into her room while she’s changing or playing with herself it’s aggravating,” I tell her stopping to look in her direction,” Did you know she considered me a ‘fun toy’ for her to play with?”

“Really, well maybe you should find the time to do something about that, just not during the day time with the kids awake. Even the Mommies and Daddies learned that lesson,” Katy tells me with a grin before leaving me to my scrubbing.

I’m done after about a half hour of work and decide on a shower before dinner. I dress in my room but find clothes are missing and Katy comes in without knocking to find me.

“Hey Imelda’s loaded your shit in the SUV and is waiting, you need to get your shoes on and get out there now,” Katy tells me in a rush.

I throw on my running shoes and hop into the SUV with Imelda who as soon as my belt is buckled starts backing out of the driveway. I know that all of Guy’s wives are so off limits that I can lose my fingers from talking about touching them in a way that could remotely be considered sexual but its Mrs. Imelda that makes sure I know she’d take the fingers herself. We sit in silence when I finally decide to talk after an hour on the road.

“So do you know what Guy is bringing me in on,” I ask and she remains silent,” I mean I want to help out but I’m just curious what he’ll need me to do.”

“He’ll probably need you to do everything he says and not ask questions,” she replies coldly.

“Well yeah but…,” I start as she cuts me off.

“Alright listen up Stuart because I’m going to say this once. Yes I with my sister wives and husband want to help you but I’m tired of all this fucking hand holding and hoping you feel better bullshit. Now we’re in MY world, MY husband’s world. There is a reason our children are kept safe and hidden from this shit. You do anything and I mean ANYTHING to jeopardize that and you won’t have to worry about what Guy will do,” Mrs. Imelda says with cold fury.

“Yes Ma’am, I just want to….,” I try but she cuts me off.

“You give me more fucking lip service and you’re going to be explaining to the doctors that you stabbed yourself in the gut and hurled your ass out of the SUV, are we clear,” She growls staring at me and not the traffic on the freeway.

“Yes Mrs. Imelda,” I reply quietly afraid.

I don’t know what I did to piss her off but I decide that a several hour drive to where I’m actually going to be working with no conversation is a great idea. Hell best idea I’ve had all day.

Guy: That Evening

If you’ve never eaten at a Steak and Ale restaurant I recommend it. The food and environment are upscale enough that you can feel like a person much richer than you are currently but still enjoy good simple food. I’ve been seated for about twenty minutes and have given my people more than enough time to help Mrs. Montgomery get ready for our dinner meeting when finally I see her at the front. I wager her height is about 5’0” tall but with her heels on she’s got to be 5’4” and probably in the 130 pound range, she is a mother of two. Add to that some D cup breasts and the ass that black women get that can make men lust after them and you have Mrs. Claire Montgomery. Granted she’s dressed in a curve hugging Chinese style dress that is white with green dragons on it, must explain to Wilma the point of a dinner meeting. I watch her get lead over and stand to get the chair as the waiter simply stands and does his job, he waits. After taking her drink order and leaving I note her nicely done hair pulled back and some wonderful makeup work, again must explain dinner meeting to Wilma.

“This is kind of expensive isn’t it,” Claire asks and I nod,” Well if you can do what you say you can then I guess you can afford it.”

“I can do what you asked. I can get you in and I can get you heard but if you want me to guarantee you’re position then you’re shit out of luck,” I tell her as I lean back and relax.

“Well do I get to know who you are,” She replies trying to bridge a very impersonal gap.

“First we have to get the formalities out of the way,” I tell her pulling up my briefcase, the only one I have and use just for this occasion and remove the documents I need,” These are for you to read and sign, if you decline signing them we stop all work right now and I walk out.”

I watch as she produces a small pair of reading glasses and thumbs through the papers taking her time. I actually have to wave off the waiter twice when she gets to the same part everyone stops on.

“Wait you mean this is what you meant by privacy,” Claire asks and I nod,” That’s insane.”

“You’d do anything within reason to protect your children, I’d do anything period. You’re friend that I helped with her marriage agreed to it and clearly broke the agreement when she turned you onto me instead of contacting me through various channels and asking me to look into it,” I explain as she stops me.

“You’re saying that I acknowledge that not only will you go out of your way to ruin my life if I tell anyone about you but you’ll destroy the lives of my next of kin,” She asks and I nod,” See that’s insane.”

“Well Claire let me explain to you why it’s written this way. People who assist me and have called upon me for assistance free of charge are not the little people in the world. They use me to do things they don’t want found, if I need to call in their favor then they require protection should you learn about them. Now when I say destroy your life or your son’s lives in this case I want to make it clear that I’m not talking about physical harm per se,” I explain and she stops me for a moment.

“You’re telling me that if I talk my children will be in danger,” She says and I nod before continuing.

“Yes they will, in danger of never having a dream come true. Scholarships will fade into the distance, good paying jobs will turn away from them, and law enforcement will know them intimately. These are things at my disposal,” I state before taking my tone down a couple notches,” Now I’ve never had to use any of them but I do like people to know that I’m not someone who advertises on billboards and commercials for a reason.”

“And if I don’t agree and sign you walk away right now,” She asks and I nod.

I watch as she finishes signing the forms and take them back and tuck them into my briefcase before watching as she takes a long drink of her white wine. I smile and wave the waiter over so we can order. Orders placed and I decide to give her the speech.

“Now that you understand what my ‘friendship’ entails let’s get to know each other. My name is Guy and you’ll learn my employee’s names over the coming two weeks. I want you to know that this contract is basically our friendship. I will care about you and your family because that is my job till I get our friend at your old employer taken care of, even after I’m done I will be there if you need me,” I explain and again this woman stops me.

“Friends? You show up out of nowhere in my home to question me on how I found out about you then you try to turn what I’m doing to save others into some selfish and personal vendetta,” Claire says a little upset.

“Yes, I need to trust my friends and as with everything else I do I hope there will come a day where I send you this contract and you can burn it because we trust each other,” I tell her and watch as she calms,” I don’t work to help everyone, you were vetted as a decent person before I set foot in your house.”

“Okay but why can’t you just do the good thing and help out people,” She asks as we wait for our food.

“Wise man once said that if you’re good at something you never do it for free,” I tell her and she smiles a little.

“So you’re good at what, ruining people’s lives,” she says as our appetizers arrive.

“I’m good at revenge, it’s like a calling for me,” I say as she starts to laugh.

We eat and talk, her boys Thomas and Michael are a handful but good. I learn she was the finance and expenditures manager when Mr. Weisner set her up to take a fall. I learn the intimate details as to him constantly trying to get close to her only to find she was being played. I can almost taste her anger and it’s intoxicating, familiar and I’m used to it but a vengeful woman is like good aged alcohol. We are sipping after dinner drinks when she finally starts to ask business questions.

“So how in control are you of this situation,” she asks setting down her wine glass.

“You want an example or a general idea,” I ask with a smirk.

“I’d like an example if you’re up to a performance,” Claire says with a big smile and I smirk as her phone goes off in her purse.

I watch her answer it and listen in quietly before her eyes widen and finally she starts to laugh a little. I wait for her call to end and ask.

“So was that good enough or do you require more,” my question hangs in the balance.

“You have had people listening this whole time and had my children call me,” She asks and I smile.

“I’ve also had you watched since this morning and neither of us has been truly alone since you came home and found me with Cutie,” I tell her and she smiles shaking her head.

“And you set all this up in a day,” again she asks questions.

“Mrs. Montgomery I am a professional in a field that I built. I can easily take Mr. Weisner to a field and bury him alive but you don’t want him to suffer like that. You want him to lose what he has, to feel what you felt when he took that from you,” I state and she sighs before nodding,” Now unless we’re getting a desert I think we should call it a night.”

“Oh no, no sex for me tonight especially not with you. No offense but I have bigger things on my mind then being your booty call,” Claire says waving me off and I smirk.

“Actually I was talking about actual dessert,” I tell her motioning to the arriving dessert cart.

And we laugh, it’s good for her to laugh and while she’s probably easily persuaded and I could bed her tonight I hold off. Not sure why because it’s been a while with someone outside my standard friends with benefits and wives but I choose to let it stay professional, for now. Isaac brings one of the cars to take Mrs. Montgomery home and we part with a friendly handshake which turns into a kiss on my cheek. I wait for her to be out of sight before I hold up my hand and Ben brings the car for me so we can return to the hotel.

“You know I’m your friend right,” Ben says as we pull into the parking lot.

“Of course, and I’m yours despite boss/employee relations,” I tell him as we exit the vehicle.

“Good, so can you talk to Heather about holding off on us having children,” He asks and I nearly lose it in shock.

“Wait what? I am not getting between you and your wife when it comes to the subject of when to start a family,” I tell him as we enter the elevator,” Besides I think you should get Heather pregnant.”

“Sir it’s not that simple,” Ben says and I laugh.

“I have four, it is that simple,” I say chuckling.

“No, Guy it’s not simple for me. I’m still not well from my service,” Ben says as we exit the elevator.

“Bullshit, you sleeping on the floor and not having sex with Heather is you being afraid of the next step. Put your chute on and jump out the damn plane Ben. As soon as you see that little face you’ll realize that everything is worth it and you’ll have trouble remembering when you thought it was a bad idea,” I tell him as I head towards my room.

I leave him to his room for the evening; I know Wilma will be back with Isaac and all my people have their own rooms save for Desmond. My heavy hitter is sleeping in the living room of our client’s house as a safeguard. Thing I learned quickly is when new players start making moves in someone’s game they can panic and try to hurt people. Desmond is good about removing that problem before it starts. I settle into bed and allow my minor amount of alcohol and major amount of good food to lull me to sleep.

Sleep is good, or it would be if someone wasn’t trying my door. I wake but don’t move much as I hear someone trying a card key in the lock. I know my new client doesn’t know where I’m staying so this could be interesting to say the least. I continue to lie in bed but my hand is on the 9mm pistol that was on my nightstand but is now under my pillow. I watch the door come open and feign sleeping as the form shuffles in lightly closing the door and I hear clothing being removed. It’s a female form stripping and I smile, tonight is a good night. I feign rousing from my slumber and put the pistol back on the night stand as my ‘guest’ watches me move.

“Well I think I’m going to be lying here alone all night and what happens? Someone ordered sexy Mexican wife,” I joke and I can see Imelda’s smile in the dark.

I pull blankets back and for once in a rare while Imelda removes her ponytail, she usually keeps it up unless she’s showering or sleeping but tonight must be special. Imelda leans me back down to the bed so my head is resting before I feel her well toned form slide down the bed. There are soft kisses placed on my hips as I feel Imelda’s firm hand take hold of me and start stroking me to a respectable hardness. It’s not long before her hand isn’t enough and I feel her lips wrap around my member and with practiced skill my Latina wife takes me into her mouth to the base. I haven’t had Imelda hard like this in a while so when I feel her working me over harder with her mouth and her hands guide mine to her head I smile at the remembered fun of our younger days and make her take me at my own faster and harder pace. I can hear her gag a little but she doesn’t attempt to stop me as we shake the bed a little with her oral play. I pull her mouth off of me quickly before pulling her up to my face. I kiss her lips, neck and breasts and she straddles me and with little effort I slide into my wife.

“Mami missed her Papi,” Imelda moans leaning forward so I can continue to kiss her breasts.

I thought we would go slowly at first but my wife is of a different mindset as she rocks her hips back and forth hard while I’m inside her. The pressure makes it tighter than normal and I focus on three things, her breasts, her moaning and finally me not orgasming too soon. I wrap my arms around Imelda and pull her closer letting her move up and down my shaft by rocking back and forth on the bed. I refuse to move allowing her to do all the work and that helps with my own control of the situation. I finally stop kissing all over my hot wife’s neck and breasts allowing her to move up a little and ride me at a faster and much harder pace. It doesn’t last long before she’s sitting upright from me on the bed and bouncing harder and faster as she’s trying to force me to cum with her. I don’t know what got into my wife but I missed it, home loving is good but hot wife is a great change of pace. The harder faster riding has me gripping Imelda’s hips with my hands and watching her black hair bounce around her shoulders and she starts to sweat from our work out. I start to tense and hold back when Imelda starts speaking to me in Spanish.

“You need to cum now baby, Mami wants to see if you can make her want more babies,” Imelda teases gasping and smiling.

I growl a little, playfully but growl never the less, and holding her hips begin hammering up into her. I’m grunting and Imelda is moaning and screaming fuck me over and over when I cum in her hard slamming my cock home and flooding her inside. I’m mid orgasm when my Latina fire goddess kisses me with hard passion as her womanhood milks me for every drop during her own orgasm. Minutes, hours or days it doesn’t matter as we lie there in bed and only when she shifts because her knees are not comfortable do I pop out of her and we both groan disappointedly. I watch as she lays on the bed with me her breasts heaving with deep labored breaths, I’m doing it too but she looks better when she does it. I watch as Imelda rolls off the bed and staggers to the bathroom to clean up, I want to stop her and say fuck it but she has her ways and I’m not one to tell her to change them. When she finally comes back with a pair of panties on and I pull my boxer briefs back on we settle in for some sleep when conversation pops up.

“I’m so glad I came down this time,” She tells me in a happy tone.

“Me too, it’s always a nice surprise to have my wives visit on the job,” I tell her and feel her smile against my chest.

“We want more Guy,” She tells me quietly.

“More loving,” I ask playfully and he pokes my side to get me serious.

“Children, Kori, Rachael and I want more children. Kori wants one girl and Rachael and I both want a boy,” She tells me and I start to worry.

“Okay but what about Katy and Matty? Matty still wants at least one child of her own but she doesn’t want to rush it,” I state and feel her grimace,” And Katy is scared but she deserves one sooner than later.”

“Katy is scared of becoming her mother and while she gets past that Matty is going to put her career first. The rest of us want a family meeting and three of us don’t want to wait much longer,” Imelda tells me letting me know that decisions are being made and I might not get a say.

“Are we making demands here wife? I understand wanting more, I kind of perfected the concept with five wives,” I try joking but she’s not taking it,” I want everyone to have a child first before we start down the seconds path, it’s fair.”

“Us waiting isn’t fair. We took the chance and we are fine, now we want more. Is that so wrong,” Imelda asks looking up at me from my chest.

“No but I am not hurting anyone by changing my rules, rules that some of you ignored but I put in place to keep things fair and even,” I explain and she nods but I know she’s going to fight it soon.

I relax onto bed and feel her warm up to me cuddling in for sleep. She’s not one to do things solo like approach the more babies subject so it must be something I’m not hearing at home. There will be a family meeting and I’m going to have to be on my A game to keep the peace and make sure all wives are fine with whatever decision we come to. I’m just glad I want more kids with all my wives but first things first; tomorrow we start recon of targets and begin to drop the hammer.


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