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that little shit!!!
.....It started when some girlfriends told her in confidence that they were having sex play with their daddy’s. Their dad’s, supposedly, were feeling them up, fingering them, licking their pussy and letting them jack them off and…., the girl were giving them blow jobs. They said they weren’t having sex with them….but in private whispers to Darby, they said they really were. True or not, Darby was envious and wanted the same sex thrills as they were getting.

They told her how it all started with them crawling in bed with their dads and started feeling them up. Sometimes with their moms asleep right beside them. A sleeping dad gets sleep hardons and if they were lucky, he would have one and they would slowly jack or even suck on them. After that, it was sneaking sex play behind moms back.

Darby told me all this to try and get me aroused so we could have some sex play. I had no wife now, so there was no sneaking around. I had told her I didn’t want to get into having sex with her, that she would be getting boyfriends and I would supply the birth control pills. Darby wasn’t in the mood to except that and kept on trying to get me to have sex play with her.

Darby thought up a plan. One night she snuggled up to me and said: “Daddy, what about having sex play with a girl like me….. that’s not your daughter? You two could have a great time and I….well….I would just kind of ’watch’?”

I told her to go to bed, but I’d think about it tomorrow.


If daddy won’t play sex with me, I’ll get one of my girlfriends to play sex with him. They all like him and on a sleepover no one will know. I’ll ask Morgan first, she’s hot for my daddy and has been for a long time. Daddy once held her across his lap and told her a story during a storm when the lights went out. She said that’s when she fell ’in love’ with my daddy.

I could see enough that night, sitting on the side with my daddy to watch him play with her long hair. As he talked low I could tell she was getting turned on. Her pajama top was part open and she felt her own tits. Daddy kept on talking but I watched is eyes looking down her top. She told me she felt him getting a hardon and it was big against her back. She slipped her hand down her pajama bottoms and rubbed her slit. He noticed it and began to feel her face gently as he told her a story. The story was kinda sexy about a man getting with a young girl. I was getting turned on myself.

She does a lot of sleepovers here. We’ve snuck in daddy’s bed before and he woke up with us snuggled up to him. He told Morgan that would be kept secret between all of us. She said one night he put his arm over her and snuggled up tight to her. She was in heaven and said he had a hardon. She pretended like they were having sex and pushed her pussy up against his hardon over and over. I envied her so bad.

I didn’t wait for daddy’s answer because he might take a long time to decide. I ask Morgan to sleepover that night. I told her what was going on and she got all excited. We planned an invasion of daddy’s bed that night.


I put off thinking about messing with some girl Darby would pick out for me. The only one that I ever got a rise out of me was that…Morgan girl. She had no daddy and got her brother to feel her up once, according to Darby. She was a very advanced girl. Nice tits, ass and so cute when she smiled all sexy at me. I had a dream about her one night and I was holding her and we were about ready to fuck, when I semi-woke up, there she was snuggled up to me. I had a big hardon and she was gently pushing her pussy up against it over and over. What a hot night that was.

I see Morgan is sleeping over again tonight. I wonder if Darby will pick her out for me to have sex play with. That would be very tempting. All I needed was for someone to find out and blab what was going on. ’If’…I decide to get into this I better have solid talk with the girl. Morgan can keep her mouth shut. I’ve met her mom and she’s happy that Morgan had a daddy figure to be with. She told me Morgan really likes me and to feel free to be her ’stand in’ daddy if I want. I got the feeling as we talked her mom was coming on to me herself. She stood so close to me and that smile of hers. Morgan sure got her good looks from her sexy mom.

I watched the girls that night whisper and giggle and I knew something was up. They were clever little shits, and both hung on me on the couch. They had on skimpy little nighties and Morgan….damn she was sexy looking with barely nothing on.

Bedtime came and lots of giggles and whispers from Darby’s bedroom. I figured I would find them both in my bed in the morning. I fell asleep hoping for a dream about Morgan.


I was really turned on thinking about what might happen tonight. I told Darby how excited I was. I whispered: (“…Darby, I’ve never been this sexually turned on before. Doesn’t it feel good!”) She agreed and hoped her daddy would let her do hot things with her. I took Darby’s hand and I said: (“…feel this.”) I took her finger and slipped in in my wet slit. She was a little shocked as she said she had never felt another girls slit before.

I said: (“Oh I have, it’s fun to do. Feel my clit and rub it. Then put your finger inside and feel how warm and slick it is. I reached over and felt her slit. This was our first time to feel each others slits. She began to breath heavy and said she liked the feeling we both were getting. We talked about fingering and how to get an orgasm if you do it just right. I said how I hoped I could get her daddy’s finger in me and more.


I became fixated on feeling Morgan’s slit. We laid down and she let me play with her slit all I wanted. Her finger in me was making me very horny. I ask her if I could feel her tits too. She said, sure and started feeling mine too. This was all new to me and she ask me If I want to orgasm with her. I whispered ’oh yes’. It was our first fingering together. She turned and put our pussy up to our faces. I felt so hot and nervous as she put her finger in me. I got to look close at her pussy in person. I played with her clit and rubbed it all around. She said: (“keep doing that daddy.”) and giggled. (“…lick your finger to make it all slick”)

I had never had a girl warm breath on my pussy before, and it was awesome.

Something just make my pussy tingle real good. I looked. It wasn’t her finger, it was her tongue. Oh my god…she was licking my pussy and it felt so good.

I had to try it. I gave her clit a lick. She jumped and said: (“…oh daddy…do that some more.”) She was pretending I was my daddy licking her pussy. I started doing the same. I said: (“…lick me daddy, it feels so good.”). We played sex with each other but now we wanted to go sneak in daddy’s bed.


I love to lick first time girls and get them all hot. Darby was so turned on now, I love the feel of a girls wet pussy.

Now on to her daddy. We quietly snuck in his bedroom. He was lying on his side. My heart was pounding with the kind of sexual excitement I liked. I carefully crawled in bed with him….oooo he was so warm. I snuggled up to him and stuck my finger in my wet pussy and got it all wet.

I held it under his nose. I rubbed it on his lips. His tongue came out to taste it. I snuggled closer. I felt his hardon growing between my legs. I gently put his hand on my tits. He slowly started feeling them. I started kissing him on his face.

Darby was watching all this and rubbing her slit. I reached down and gently felt his hardon. He made a soft ’mmmm’ sound. I gently put my hand in his pajama bottoms and started stroking his big hardon. His arm slowly went around me and gently pulled me to him. I now kissed around his lips. I let my tongue trace his lips. We slowly started tongue kissing.

He started moving his hips as I pulled his pajamas down and let his hardon out. I could hear him and Darby breathing hard. I started kissing slowly down on him. I kissed my way down and started gently kissing his hardon. Darby was all excited and fingering her self real good. I slowly turned and put my wet pussy by her daddy’s face. I lifted one leg and inched my pussy closer to his face. I felt his hand feeling my ass. I pushed my pussy to his lips. I waited.

I felt his tongue enter my wet pussy. That’s just what I wanted. As he began to lick me real good I put my lips over the head of his hardon. I was so hot for this I sucked him real good as he moaned along with me. His warm hands on my butt cheeks were awesome and I let my hips move my pussy on his tongue. Now for what I wanted next. I started jacking and sucking on his hardon. I see Darby’s hand reach over and touch her daddy’s hardon as I sucked it. She felt my lips moving up and down on it and now she began to quietly moan.

I had never sucked a guy before and it was making my pussy tingle along with her daddy’s tongue. I wanted his cum to shoot out like in the porn movies. I jack him and licked the head of his hardon. I started to orgasm big when I felt a big shot of cum land on my lips, then more and more in my open mouth.

I put my lips over it and still more shot in my mouth. It was hot and slick. My orgasm went way beyond like never before and my pussy twitched on his tongue. Darby was having an orgasm and we all moaned as it happened. Darby leaned over and put her mouth on her daddy’s hardon too. Her hands were now jacking him as she sucked and licked him. We had done it. A daddy to play sex with finally.

In the morning Darby and I were snuggled up to ’daddy’ as he began to wake up. He lay there and then began to smile. He put his arms around us and pulled us to him tight,…. then he mumbled:

“ Girls, I just had the best dream of my whole life.”

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2023-03-14 13:55:43
Oh to have an experience like that!


2022-11-17 03:19:04
Really like this. It's so raw and (innocently) dirty.

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2015-03-19 16:18:21
is there a part 2

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